SW Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Literature' started by RebelJoseWales, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Ulicus Lapsed Moderator

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    I don't know, set it in 25,000 ABY and I don't think people would mind a 'Post-Apocalypic Galaxy'.

    Then we can have... "Mad Maxx: The Sky Walker"

    I think by that point we'd be safe from the idea that "Luke's legacy" had been tarnished. :p
  2. DarthBoba Manager Emeritus

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    The Vong were about as close as we got to genuinely galaxy-ending, I think. Their goal wasn't occupation; it was complete repopulation, with all native species either bio-engineered to fit the Vong or completely exterminated.

    Palpatine's Dark Empire theocracy might have meant the eventual end of the universe, in terms of just how horrifically unbalanced the Force probably would have gotten from all life everywhere existing solely to sustain one individual. It wouldn't have just been the Dark Side overshadowing the light; it would have been just the Dark Side.
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    I always thought the Sith had great potential to be an apocalyptic force. Part of me is thinking about Cronal from LSatSoM and all his musings on the Dark, or the destructive power of the Force. Palpatine certainly had the potential to be this in his rise as Sidious and later on with his Dark Empire.

    Once, I had an idea for a fan fiction, set thousands of years into the future, where the Sith made one last resurgence, but their intent was not to conquer, but to devastate every single world they could find. Not even Korriban or Ziost would be safe. The Jedi would have to strive very hard to not sink into that same darkness in fighting these new Sith, and ultimately, they would have had to sacrifice themselves entirely to ensure the Sith never returned (much like Brand's sacrifice to forever entrap the spirit of Palpatine).
  4. RebelJoseWales Jedi Knight

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    Would that mean a Skywalker stand-in for Mad Max, or Mad Max fighting a Skywalker? We could call him the Lord Self-Righteous!
  5. DarthUr Jedi Padawan

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    Well, would 25,000 ABY be far enough in the future -- with the events of the OT sufficiently "a long time ago" -- that the story could be set on present-day Earth?
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