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SW Meets Fantasy Earth

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Amidolee, Jun 30, 2000.

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  1. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Chapter One

    The thundering of hoofbeats shattered the stillness of the woods at night. Animals and small critters scattered in fright, some losing their dinner, others gaining another night of life. The horse and cloaked rider galloped by, a mere shadow disappearing into the darkness of the trees. The following echo kept the creatures in hiding moments longer than necessary. Then they crept out and continued their hunt or flee from predators.

    Karigan Gif?ten urged her steed on faster, leaning low over his sweaty neck. She ducked under a low branch, not slowing or changing the young white stallion?s course. The forest cleared into cultivated pasture and fields, the road widening and stretching out before her. She slowed her mount down to a canter, her eyes scanning the land around her. The hard-packed dirt road was silver in the light of the moon, seeming to become a stilled stream of fairy tales. Stretching on either side of the King?s Road was rolling pastures and fields. About a league west was a stone farmer?s stead house.

    Turning her eyes ahead of her, Karigan knew just beyond the bend of the road was the City of G?ladheon, the heart of G?ladheon. The fortress city would be asleep, this time between night and morning. She slowed her horse down to a trot, not wanting to rush the six leagues to the city. The stallion seemed to agree with her, settling down to a sedate beat.

    Just feet ahead, a shadow moved at the side of the road. The horse came to a halt, snorting and rolling his eyes. ?Easy, Raven,? she soothed, unsheathing her saber. She nudged the stallion a step forward. ?Who?s there?? she demanded, her voice strong and ringing.

    The shadow was a pile of rags hanging off a skeleton of a man. His face was grimy and a white beard grew down to almost his knees. He watched the rider under the purple cloak, dropping to his knees. ?I-I didn?t mean to startle you, Miss! Could I be so bold as to ask for a copper??

    Karigan sheathed her saber and reached into her waist pouch. She urged Raven passed the man, dropping five metals into his grimy hand.

    ?Five silvers!? the beggar cried, his voice cracking. ?Oh, may the gods bless you!?

    Karigan didn?t reply, urging Raven into a canter. The rounded the road and the City of G?ladheon came into view. The tall, stone wall surrounded the city, a silver shadow under the night sky. Behind another wall, on the crest of a hill, was the king?s castle. It?s towers were like fingers reaching to the heavens to touch the gods. Not to the young woman?s surprise, one tower was ablaze of light. No doubt the royal family was awake.

    Raven snorted and pranced in place, his ears falling flat against his white mane and forelock. Karigan looked ahead, seeing shadows emerging from the city?s gates. They galloped up the road towards her, seven of them. She sighed and clucked Raven into a walk. The King?s Riders, no doubt looking for her. She was surprised they had even bothered. The last time she had taken a leave of absence they had simply waited for her to come home, learning from past experiences. Karigan smiled smugly as the seven Riders approached. Raven chopped at the bit, straining to flee. She held him in check with one hand, her right hand settling on her hip.

    The Riders soon reached her, surrounding her as if by simple routine. The lead Rider moved his horse alongside hers. His reddish beard moved as he spoke. ?We are relieved to see you are safe, Your Highness,? Captain Malowe said dutifully. ?May we have the honor of escorting you home??

    Karigan smirked and raised an eyebrow. ?I will make a note to tell my father of your . . . way with wording things. Something learned from him, no doubt.?

    ?Yes, Your Highness,? Malowe said, bowing his head. ?Of course.?

    The Captain Rider signaled to the others, and they rode to the city at a trot. Karigan pressed Raven alongside the captain, not allowing the Rider?s hostage formation to prevail. They rode into the city, the horses? hooves clattering on the cob
  2. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Good, that all posted.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    The small starship Nebula came out of hyperspace, coming into a large solar system. Obi-Wan Kenobi glanced over to the tall figure sitting in the co-pilot?s chair. Qui-Gon Jinn?s eyes were riveted to the viewport, watching the large sphere in the corner of the view port. Just beyond the planet was an asteroid belt. Obi-Wan kicked in the sublight engines, setting a course that missed the field and brought the Nebula close to the small, red planet beyond.

    ?Nine planets in this system,? Qui-Gon Jinn murmured. ?And only one is inhabitable. Not to mention the enormous amount of moons.?

    Obi-Wan nodded, remembering the information he had learned for this mission. Their destination was the third planet from the system?s sun, known as Earth. The peculiar thing about the planet was that it?s people were unaware of what lay beyond their planet. They had no advanced technology and didn?t even know of the farthest planet from their planet. This mission was going to be different than the past. There was no invasion or diplomatic troubles to worry about?no involvement with the Republic whatsoever.

    Their contact on Earth, a Jedi woman called Anel?de. A Jedi Master three decades ago had discovered the system, exploring Earth extensively. Information had been brought back, speaking of Force-sensitive humans that feared their talents. The Force was view as magic, or the Curse. The planet was sparsely populated, some regions only inhabited by animals. The climates ranged from arctic cold to deserts. Earth had become a retreat for some Jedi, and also a training center in the Living Force.

    Which was why Obi-Wan was here. The Jedi apprentice smiled slightly, sensing his Master?s resolve. Qui-Gon was always emphasizing that he needed to listen to the living Force more often. On Earth, the Unifying Force was not as strong. Here, he would have to use the Living Force and gain strength from it.

    They cleared the asteroid field, the sphere of the red planet coming to view. Obi-Wan re-set another course, bringing the Nebula into a short orbit around the planet before swinging off towards the blue planet beyond. Earth was a half-sphere, the horizon line covering the other hemisphere. From what he could tell, the planet was mostly blue ocean, with brown and green continents under a swirling cloud bank. It was a beautiful planet, reminding him of Corellia.

    ?Looks nice enough,? Obi-Wan commented.

    Qui-Gon nodded. ?Anel?de instructed us to land in the shadow. Are the coordinates in the navi computer??

    ?Yes, Master,? Obi-Wan said, double checking and nodding. They had cleared the red planet and were now simply approaching the planet a light year away. A small, gray moon orbited the planet. The planet was growing steadily larger, beginning to completely fill the viewport. Obi-Wan steered the ship into the planet?s shadow. The navi computer went to work, bringing the ship into a steady course planetward.

    Hitting atmosphere was barely a strain on the shield and Obi-Wan was soon easing the ship down, soaring over snowy mountain peaks. He followed the coordinates, bringing the small ship between two peaks, searching for the cave that the Jedi woman had described. The ship?s sensors beeped and he soon spotted it, swooping down and easing into the large cavern. The running lights glowed against the walls, exposing long dead stalactites. It appeared empty. They were well below the snowy peaks and the forest beyond covered the entrance. Obi-Wan only spotted it with the help of ship?s sensors.

    ?Are we to wait in here?? Obi-Wan asked, getting up from the pilot seat. The ship finished running through the shutdown procedures.

    ?Anel?de will be here,? Qui-Gon said. ?In fact, she is here now.?

    Obi-Wan peered into the cave, but saw no one. He shrugged and followed his Master out of the pilot?s cabin. The ship was small, built for speed. Each Jedi had brought a small satchel pack for the mission, only carrying a change of clothes and
  3. I love Sci Fi

    I love Sci Fi Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 21, 2000
    Good. Keep it up.
  4. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Oh, I forgot to say that I stole some of these names from a book called "Green Rider".


    Karigan awoke with the sun. She glowered at it for a moment, then swung out of bed. Her long, golden hair spilled to her waist, full of curls and waves. She tossed the mass over her shoulder and crossed the chilly chamber, rubbing her forearms. Her gown for the day was hanging from the wardrobe, awaiting her. How she hated wearing such confining dresses. Leggings and tunics were much more comfortable.

    ?Oh, Mistress,? Lnora greeted, coming in from the bathing chamber. ?Good morning!?

    ?It would be,? Karigan agreed. ?If my father decided to let me free.?

    ?But you are no prisoner, Princess!?

    Karigan smiled wryly. ?Oh, yes, Lnora, I am. A prisoner in a nice cell.? She pulled on her undergarments, Lnora assisting her with the gown. It was of green and gold, bringing Karigan?s brilliant green eyes to an even more brilliant shade. Lnora gathered her long hair up, fastening it with a shell comb. Karigan selected a diamond locket to adorn her bare neck. She pulled her knee-high boots on, taking some pleasure in not wearing the matching slippers.

    ?I overheard that Lord Amilton is present, Mistress,? Lnora said as she and Karigan walked down the wing towards the castle?s dining hall.

    ?It is a pity,? Karigan said loftily.

    ?He is handsome.?

    ?He is a pig.? They reached the dining chambers. The guards stationed there opened the door for her, and Karigan walked in, her maiden in tow. The Dining Hall was a cavernous chamber, the walls line with tapestries and murals. A long, wooden table took up the center. Seated at the head was King Andres. Three gentlemen sat further down, feasting on the fresh bread and gravy being served. A large bowel of fruits was also set out, along with the elaborate dishes.

    ?Aw, my daughter,? Andres announced, waving a hand towards the door. The three gentlemen stood up and bowed as she came forth. King Andres smiled. ?Please, my dear, let me introduce our guests.?

    Karigan stood beside her father, eyeing the gentlemen coolly. Andres continued, oblivious. ?The nobleman on my right is Frahn Coblebay. He is governor of Bastion Province.? Karigan nodded to the elder man, whom had gained considerable weight. Then she was re-introduced to Lorence Greenwood, another nobleman, also twice her age.

    ?And you already know Lord Amilton,? Andres smiled.

    Karigan turned her eyes to the younger man. He was a good ten years her senior, in his prime and considered handsome. He had aristocrat features and dark hair, startling blue eyes, and a killer smile. Amilton stepped up and bowed, a charming smile on his lips. ?What a pleasure to be in your presence, Princess Karigan,? he said in his smooth voice. He took her hand and kissed it.

    ?I wish I could say the same for you,? Karigan replied coolly. His touch sent an icy shiver up her spine, and not one of pleasure.

    Amilton chuckled, not letting go of her hand. He gestured to her seat at the table. ?Please, allow me.?

    Karigan permitted him to lead her to her place and help her into the chair. She didn?t return a courteous thank you and didn?t give him a second glance. It wasn?t until he had rounded the table and sat down in his own spot that she realized he was directly across from him. He smiled again at her and she only turned up her nose.

    ?I must say, Princess,? Amilton said. ?That you are more beautiful than a thousand sunrises.?

    ?I wouldn?t even begin to compare you to anything so full of warmth,? Karigan retorted, taking a piece of fruit from the platter. She gazed at him coldly, then turned her attention to her plate. She ignored her father?s glare and ate her breakfast.

    The talk turned to politics and endless debates. She tuned the men out, letting her mind drift. The servants cleared the food away, bringing drinks for the men. Karigan stood up. ?Excuse me, gentlemen,? she said. Frahn Coblebay made a move to assist her, but she p
  5. Sith Vegeta

    Sith Vegeta Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 2, 1999
    This is very good Amidolee. Keep up the good work.
  6. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000

    Karigan walked through the palace garden, her mind drifting back to her latest adventure in the Wild Kingdoms. How she missed the wilderness! If she had been given the choice, she would have rather become a fisherman or woodcutter than a Princess.

    Two robins chattered at each other, their wings flapping as they hopped after one another. She watched them wistfully, wishing she could spread wings and fly beyond the stone walls. Maybe she could fly to Estoriah and never return. The thought was foolish and she laughed bitterly at herself.

    Footsteps caused her to look up. She scowled as she saw Lord Amilton approach. His black cape billowed behind him, his midnight blue robes giving him a sensual aura. He smiled and paused beside her. ?You are a beautiful bloom, Princess.?

    Karigan smirked at him. ?There is a difference between me and the flowers, Amilton. A rose may prick you, but I will do far worse.? She stepped away.

    Amilton chuckled and reached out to touch her cheek. ?I do most enjoy your spirit, Princess.?

    Her green eyes shot daggers at him. ?You will retain your distance, sir. Unless you wish for an early death.?

    The lord smiled and let his finger trail down her neck before dropping his hand. ?It is no secret that I have requested to marry you.?

    ?It is no secret that I am appalled by your touch.?

    Amilton chuckled, then moved on by her, his stride confident and sure. She glared at his departing back, wishing she could slit his throat. But no, revealing her hidden dagger would only jeopardize a time when she would need the element of surprise.

    Karigan returned to the castle, completely bored. She was lounging in the library when Lnora came in. ?Your Highness!? she cried. ?Your father request your presence at once!?

    She sighed and put the book down, following the flushed maiden to the throne room. She entered, seeing the long chamber only filled with guards and her father. Another figure stood beside the throne. She froze, staring at the other, wishing she had lightning in her fingers like the long dead Sahtanh.

    King Andres spotted her at the head of the room. He shouted a greeting and stepped off his dais to come down and greet her. Lord Amilton strode after him, a smug smile on his handsome face. ?Kari, Kari!? Andres called. ?I have wonderful news!?

    ?You decided to let me go?? she asked sarcastically.

    ?Even more pleasing,? Andres said. He placed a hand on Amilton?s shoulder and took hold of his daughter?s hand. ?My dear, I have consented to the marriage between you and Lord Amilton.?

    Karigan stared at her father, feeling another icy chill race up her as Amilton took her hand. ?Father! I refuse to marry him!?

    ?Nonsense, child,? Andres admonished. ?You will come to understand. I know that you have true feelings deep down. What a handsome couple you will make!?

    ?Father,? Karigan pleaded. ?You cannot do this to me!?

    Andres was already moving away. ?I will hear no argument from you, young lady. What I say is law.?

    Amilton smiled, a cold smile. ?You see, Karigan, your spoiled brat tricks do not help you.? His tone was low and the King did not hear.

    Karigan stared at him, yanking her hand free. ?I would rather die than be married to you.? Something had always bothered her about the young lord, and now she was sure he was evil.

    Amilton just grinned a feline grin. His eyes darkened as he caressed her cheek. ?You will soon change your mind, my sweet.?

    Karigan?s hand flew to her dagger, bringing it out. With lightning quick speed, Amilton caught it and yanked it from her, pinching her wrist until she cried out in pain. She stared at him, stared into the cold eyes as his hand folded over the metal. It simply melted at his touch. ?The Curse,? she whispered. ?You have the Curse.?

    ?It is The Gift,? Amilton corrected, his voice husky.

    Fear crept into her. Karigan yanked free, turning around and picking up her skirts, racing for her chamber. She didn?t slow her dash, not until she slamm
  7. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Want some Jedi in this story???

    It was about mid-day, Obi-Wan estimated as he gazed up at the clear sky. They had been riding almost non-stop since the cave, pausing only to water the horses. They had ridden down the mountain and around another, through a forest of pines, and down a road that was almost too overgrown for travel. Anel?de kept up a light chattered, explaining various animals and plant life. She had also informed them of the countries?or rather, ruling kingdoms of the land. The Jedi had given tale about different tribes and clans, and also giving an extensive tutorial of the planet?s climate regions.

    Obi-Wan had listened intently, knowing much of the information would prove most useful. But at the moment, he was more concerned with trying to stay comfortable in the saddle. Bluebird had dumped him twice more?as if to prove she could. He couldn?t let his guard down with her, and he was sure she was making the ride as bumpy as possible.

    ?How much farther?? Obi-Wan asked after a bit.

    Qui-Gon glanced at him in amusement. His horse had behaved perfectly. ?Sore, my apprentice??

    ?You can?t tell me that you aren?t,? he remarked.

    Qui-Gon grimaced as he shifted in his saddle. ?Maybe a little,? he hedged.

    Obi-Wan chuckled and felt a little better. Anel?de glanced back at him. She sat easily in the saddle, relaxed and comfortable. ?We?re almost there, boys. Then you can rest your sorry rears on a cushion.?

    The Jedi shared a wry glance.

    True to her word, Anel?de brought them to a halt. Obi-Wan dismounted and groaned as his knees threatened to buckle. He leaned against Bluebird, half expecting her to move away. She didn?t and he patted her warm neck. Qui-Gon grunted. Anel?de smiled as she dismounted. ?Good to be home.?

    Obi-Wan looked around. A small corral had been constructed out of tree trunks. A cave with a wood door caught his eye. Trees grew all around, as they were on the edge of a wood. Anel?de?s horse, Gift, whinnied and blew a hot breath towards the corral. A small shed was nestled between to boulders. Anel?de led her horse to the fence and untacked him. The horse shook himself, grunted in pleasure. The Jedi followed her example, watching carefully as she unfastened the girth and bridle.

    Bluebird scratched her head against the fence, whickering and licking it. He watched her, not sure whether to laugh at her antics or not. He set the saddle and packs on the fence like the woman did, then led his mare into the paddock. She kicked up her heals and trotted to the middle, finding a good spot and rolling in it.

    ?Let?s grain ?em and then we can feed ourselves,? Anel?de said, picking her tack up. ?You always see t your mount first. Always.?

    She led them to the boulder shed, showing them where to set their saddles. Then she grabbed a wood bucket and filled it with grain. After the horses were fed, she led them into the cave. Both Jedi sighed in relief in the cool interior. The walls and floor were clean and hard-packed. A hearth sat in one corner, wood piled in another, a bed against one wall, and another chamber beyond.

    ?This,? the woman said, sweeping her hand grandly around the cave. ?Is my Jedi Temple. I find my peace here, away from the rest of the galaxy.? She took their satchels and set them on a chest. ?I?ll get some water boiling and a fire going. You may rest or bathe in the other chamber. You will have to fetch water from the creek and I?ve got soap for you.?

    Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow at Qui-Gon, hoping to find some sort of reaction. The Jedi Master was calm, but his eyes roamed the place with curiosity. ?Do you want to wash first, Master??

    Qui-Gon smiled. ?And figure everything out before you??

    ?You are too kind,? Obi-Wan scowled, stepping into the other chamber. It appeared to be a cool storage room. A large basin and towel rag sat on a small table. Obi-Wan picked it up and took it back, hoping for an explanation.

    Anel?de smiled at him. ?You will have to wash in the creek. Don?t worr
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    padawan3 Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 20, 1999
    This is good. This is very good.
  9. JediKnight-Obi-Wan

    JediKnight-Obi-Wan Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 13, 2000
    Hmmm is Amilton Xanatos in hiding???? Or is he not in this story? Just a suspicion of mine.
  10. Sith Vegeta

    Sith Vegeta Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 2, 1999
    This keeps getting better. Keep it up!!
  11. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Chapter Two

    When Karigan came to, she was first aware of the plodding of hooves and the dust kicked up from those hooves. She opened her eyes to discover the rough material of the grain sack. She was bagged and slung over a horse?s back, tied down like a pack. Her head throbbed and her feet and hands were numb. A gagged dug into her mouth, making her parched tongue and throat sore. She was so thirsty and so hungry.

    The Princess strained to see through the tiny holes in the sack?s weave. It was daylight and hot. Sweat trickled from her temple and stung her eyes. She closed them, willing this awful nightmare to go away. It didn?t. She heard the call of a rider and the horses picked up to a trot. She was jostled and jarred until her bones seemed to snap. The horse she was tied down to was smooth, but her awkward position didn?t help. She bit down on the gag, willing herself to be calm.

    She heard laughter and vulgar jokes. Clearly her kidnappers were not of the courteous sort. There were times when she heard others, farmers and traders. Her kidnappers took the role of a traveling clan, cheerful and hospitable to others. At one point, another halt was caused and she breathed easier, thanking the gods for letting her body take a break.

    ?That?s a mighty fine stallion there,? a man remarked. Karigan heard footsteps near her. She tried to squirm and call out, but she was tied down too securely and her throat was too dry.

    ?Yup,? another agreed.

    ?Pretty white thing,? the first said. ?Awfully nice.?


    Karigan felt hope rise in her. She was on Raven! Then she heard the call to ride on, and she concentrated on riding smoothly. Soon, the light faded and the air cooled and she shivered. The ropes that bound her rubbed her skin raw. Her bones and muscles ached and her head continued to throb. When the final stop came for the night, she slumped in relief.

    Then hands were untying the pack and hauling her off the horse?s back. She was set on the ground and the grain sack came off. She was hauled to her feet, carried, and set in front of a camp fire. Eight men surrounded it, resting after a hard day?s ride. She glowered at them, noting their greasy hair and grimy clothing. A few told jokes, many of them about her.

    The smell of roasting meat caused her stomach to growl and she watched the bird roasting over the fire.

    ?Hungry, Princess?? a man asked.

    Karigan lifted her eyes to a man sitting directly across the fire from her. She gazed at him. He was built strong, aged, and sturdy. He wore a black mustache and beard, his grin full of rotting teeth. His dark, beady eyes traveled over her in a greedy manner. She didn?t answer him.

    He smiled. ?You must be. Your last meal was lunch in the palace. Two days ago, I believe.?

    She made a gagging sound in her throat.

    ?Let me introduce myself,? the man said. ?I am Stave Talon. How embarrassing that I didn?t introduce myself sooner. Forgive my lack of proper etiquette.? The others leered. Stave got up and sat himself down beside Karigan. She squirmed away, but he grabbed her arm, applying mild pressure. ?If your promise not to bite, I will remove this gag.?

    Karigan didn?t give him a nod, but the lifted the gag from her mouth. Immediately, she began to scream. The others laughed as she continued to screech. Confused, she paused, gasping for breath.

    ?There is no one around for leagues to hear you,? Stave said, touching her cheek. Karigan turned her head and bit down hard. He growled and smacked her across the face. She fell to the ground, fighting back tears. Stave hauled her back up, glowering at her. ?I promised to deliver you alive, girl, but that does not mean I can?t have my way with you.?

    Karigan tried to swallow the lump in her throat. She lifted her chin and turned her eyes to the campfire. Stave offered her hard bread and a canteen. She refused it, turning her nose away from the tempting scents. The man grabbed her and pried her jaw open, shoving bread down h
  12. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    No, Xanatos is not in this story, but Amilton is merely a reflection of him, in looks and powers. And his cruelty.
  13. The Musical Jedi

    The Musical Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 13, 1999
    I really like it, Amidolee! It's a good premise, and wonderful characterization. Where are our boys in brown? Karigan obviously needs the help.
  14. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    Where are they? Coming right up!

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    Obi-Wan stretched on the feather mattress, letting alertness come slowly. Today would be the day he started out, and he wasn?t in much of a rush. The Jedi woman had told him not to race to find them. This was also a mission for him to find the living Force and his place in it. It had been relaxing enough to have the cave home to himself for three days. It had been nice to have a little freedom and independence.

    Yawning, Obi-Wan got out of bed, folding the quilt. He pulled on a fresh shirt and leggings, frowning a pit as he pulled the new clothes on. The shirt was white cotton (a fabric he wasn?t familiar with) and the leggings were a mahogany. The vest was a faded green. His other two shirts were packed in the small bedroll. The saddlebags were filled with something called jerky, dried bread, and a knife. Anel?de had given him some coppers to purchase items if necessary.

    Once dressed, Obi-Wan headed outside to feed the mare. She greeted him with a whinny, pacing the fence line as he got her grain from the shed. Bluebird pushed right past him to the grain bucket, making happy little sounds as she devoured her breakfast. Using the tools Anel?de had given him, he groomed her and cleaned her hooves free of pebbles. Then he headed back to get her tack. When he emerged, he discovered the mare rolling happily in the dirt.

    ?You are pure Sith,? Obi-Wan muttered, setting the saddle on the fence. Bluebird got to her feet, shaking herself off. She raised her head at him, arching her neck proudly and swishing her tail. The horse snorted and pranced up to the gate, seeming to preen in front of him. Her once shiny chestnut coat as dull and dusty. Obi-Wan caught her by the halter and tied her to a post. Then he groomed her again and then quickly tacked her up. His saddlebags fastened on either side and his bedroll was strapped to the back of the saddle.

    He mounted and moved out of the corral. He rode her around the perimeter, trying to get a sense of where the other two Jedi would have gone. They had left towards the west, but they could have easily switched directions. The Padawan was almost positive they did.

    Bluebird halted and stretched her nose to the ground, sniffing and blowing. Obi-Wan was about to pull her head up, then thought the better of it. Animals could usually find their friends by following a scent. A few moments later, Bluebird was setting off at a walk, following the creek bed. She would halt and sniff again, then continue on.

    ?This isn?t too hard,? Obi-Wan said cheerfully. ?I just have to let you do all the work.?

    Bluebird came to a halt, her nose pushing frantically about. Her head came up and she pranced in place. Obi-Wan gathered up the reins, stretching out with the Force to see what had alerted her. The horse shook her head and snorted. That?s when it hit him. They had known that the mare would follow a scent. Anel?de and Qui-Gon had ridden up the creek. Their scent was lost.

    Which meant they could have back-tracked. Which meant he was clueless as to where to start. Obi-Wan closed his eyes and stretched out with the Force, searching for a clue or hint. The Force was there, but it wasn?t telling him anything. Then, there is was, a whisper in the living Force. Obi-Wan opened his eyes and clucked to the mare.

    She splashed into the creek, then jumped up the bank. If Obi-Wan had read the Force correctly, there would be a road somewhere up ahead. He trotted the mare, weaving through trees and brush. Then, the woods cleared to a dirt road. It looked fairly well-traveled and worn. Obi-Wan drew to a halt, trying to decide which way to go. Bluebird waited, nose flared, her head to the wind. Then the horse stepped forward onto the rode. Having no better idea, he let her pick the direction. She had been right before.

    Obi-Wan tapped his heels lightly, urging her into a canter. It was comfortable gait, easy to ride and quick. One side of the road was a river, the other the wo
  15. Sith Vegeta

    Sith Vegeta Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 2, 1999
    This is so good Amidolee, keep up the good work and please keep posting!! :)
  16. Amidolee

    Amidolee Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2000
    @ @ @

    Dawn came with little comfort to Karigan. She was once again placed in the grain sack and tied to Raven?s back. Then she was bounced around all day until her teeth seemed to shatter. They passed through several villages, but no one came to her rescue. She dozed off from time to time, the bounce of the trot and jar of the canter waking her up before she fell back to sleep. When her captors and rested, eating and drinking, she was left tied up.

    When night came, she was untied from her horse?s back and fed. This time she took the ration willingly, not wanting to experience Stave?s grimy fingers in her mouth again.

    ?My father will send all of his Riders after you,? Karigan told him after he had given her a long drink from the canteen.

    Stave smiled, revealing his black teeth. ?Your father thinks you ran off, child. As you did, until we assisted you.?

    ?Horse fodder!? Karigan cried. ?He will know something is up. You are as good as dead.?

    Stave smiled, then grabbed her chin, cupping her face and kissing her on the mouth. Karigan nearly vomited her only meal that day. She yanked her head ahead, sputtering and gagging. Stave chuckled and left her near the tree, returning to the campfire. The princess watched the men, watched as they feasted and then snuggled into their bedrolls. She watched as the moon came out, along with the stars. They were a small comfort to her as the night breeze blew goose bumps up her arms and legs. She had nothing to keep her warm. Her tunic and leggings were hardly sufficient.

    Leaning against the tree, she tried to make herself comfortable. The cold breeze told of rain on its way. Hopefully it would wait another night. As she huddled, shivering and cold, a ghostly shadow floated towards her. She gasped and blinked her eyes, realizing she had been crying. There was a soft snort, and Raven stretched his white nose to her. He rubbed his head against her chest, whuffling softly. Then he laid down and tucked his legs up under him. Karigan scooted over to him, leaning against his warm body. Soon, his heat warmed her and she fell asleep, knowing at least she had one friend in the world.


    more later :)
  17. The Musical Jedi

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    Dec 13, 1999
    Hmmmm, things go from bad to worse for our heroine. C'mon, Obi-Wan, stop flirting with the locals and find your princess! (Out of curiousity, I wonder how many relationships he's been through due to all the fan fic! ;)
  18. Amidolee

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    Jan 8, 2000
    Let's see Jemmiah, Sabe, Cali, probably a dozen others!! :)

    ?Relax, Qui-Gon,? Anel?de chided the Jedi Master. The Jedi woman was curled up in her bedroll. They had holed up for the night in an old barn. The farmer was an old friend of hers, forever grateful for when she had saved his daughter?s life. Qui-Gon hadn?t learned the story behind it, but he was too weary to ask.

    The Jedi Master was too busy worrying about his Padawan out alone on his first night. What if Obi-Wan hadn?t followed the road, or if he had, did he go the right way? What if he was lost, or had been attacked by raiders? Obi-Wan was twenty-four and fit, intelligent, and resourceful, but it didn?t ease his worry.

    ?If he knows how to build a fire,? Anel?de said. ?He will be fine.?

    Qui-Gon sat up in alarm. ?I don?t know it he does.?

    ?Of course he does,? Anel?de said. ?It was a course at the Temple. All about burning things . . .?

    ?Funny,? Qui-Gon muttered, shifting in his bedroll.

    ?He will be fine,? Anel?de said. ?Otherwise I would know. The Force would tell me.?

    Qui-Gon believed her, but he still slept restlessly.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    Obi-Wan watched the fire die down and he fed a few more sticks in. Then, he snuggled back into his warm bedroll. He was sore and tired from his day, but it was the good kind of tired. So far, this mission had been relaxing. Maybe it would stay this way and he would find Qui-Gon soon.

    The Jedi apprentice glanced over at the large shadow looming over him. The deadly hooves stood only inches from his head, but he was not afraid. Bluebird seemed to playing sentry over him, watching the road from where they were tucked back in the woods. She would snort every so often, them snuffle Obi-Wan, then return to her guard.

    ?Good night, Bluebird,? Obi-Wan whispered before closing his eyes. Moments later he was asleep.

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    I think the kinks in this board are being worked out. I've only been logged off once today. I don't even have to log off, just go to the board and I'm logged on. Much better when opposed to getting kicked off every 6 seconds!!! :)

    Now, all we need are smilies and italics, and we've got a wonderful board!!!
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    I meant to get to this sooner, but I am glad I found it. This is even better than I expected. I wasn't sure how to make Earth work into the Star Wars universe; however, you were most successful. I'm looking forward to reading more of "Dying Embers" and this story. Keep up the good work!
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    Chapter Three

    Something wet slopped over his face. He groaned and swatted blindly at the source. It snorted and nudged him with its wet nose. Obi-Wan opened his eyes, looking straight up into a pair of flared nostrils. The creature snorted, blowing the scent of grass all over the Jedi?s face. Obi-Wan brought his hand up to push the creature away. He sat up and glanced around at the forest. Ash left from the campfire and his saddle sat nearby. Sunlight trickled in from the trees.

    ?What in the Force??

    Where was he? Obi-Wan stood up, looking down and startling at his attire. Where were his lightsaber and Jedi tunics? It took him several seconds to fully recall the past four days? events. Bluebird snorted, looking up at him from where she grazed. The Padawan went to his saddlebags and pulled out some jerky. The dried meat was tough, but it was satisfactory. He quickly rolled up his bedroll and saddled the horse. He checked on bag to make sure his lightsaber was still there. It was.

    The morning was a bit chilly, so Obi-Wan donned his robe before mounting. He left the hood down and urged Bluebird out of the woods. He kept her at a walk until he became reacquainted with the saddle, then he urged her into a trot. Logic told him to follow the road again. He passed people on the road, mostly farmers and a few merchants. The river turned away at one point, and he debated whether to follow it or keep going on the road. Bluebird opted for the latter.

    The sun was high in the sky when Obi-Wan came to a fork in the road. He drew Bluebird to a halt, debating which of the three ways he could take. The horse didn?t offer any help this time. Obi-Wan dismounted and led her off into the grass. He took another slab of jerky and chewed thoughtfully, taking sips from his canteen between bites. Bluebird chopped at the grass, swishing at insects and occasionally stomping a hoof.

    There weren?t any signs, not obvious ones. Obi-Wan circled around, hoping for a clue of some sort. A farmer?s house could be seen down on road, but the other roads seemed to stretch forever. Sitting down on the ground, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and stretched out with the Force.
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    *sigh* Today has been boring for me. Saw Shaft, hated it, and our town had fireworks over the weekend, so there's nothing to do . . .

    my writer's brain is a noodle right now, and get the gumption to write. *double sigh* maybe I'll post later for amusement.
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    I guess I'll post.

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    The day began like the other, she was tied up and jostled. Except this day, she was taken off the horse mid day and dropped down to the ground. Then Karigan was hauled up and carried a ways before being dropped again. She became aware of not quite stable footing. Then she heard shouts and suddenly her bag was being ripped open. The grimy face of Stave greeted her.

    ?It is clear sailing from here, Princess,? Stave leered.

    Karigan blinked her eyes against the sun. Once adjusted, she gasped in shock at where she was. A sailing barge traveling upstream. A merchant?s barge; large, flat, and able to hold livestock and large shipments. She was seated up against the cabin wall and her captors were busy navigating the wide river. Stave was standing with his hands on his hips, looking confident and undisturbed.

    ?My ankles hurt,? Karigan said.

    Stave turned to her. ?You want the rope off??


    ?Promise not to run away??


    Stave chuckled and stepped up to her, knife held out. ?Then why should I untie your rope??

    Karigan scowled at him. ?Do you think I could swim away? My arms are tied. I would drown.?

    The ugly man laughed harder. ?That you would, that you would.? He bent down and loosened the rope, but did not free her. Her circulation was no longer cut off, but it still wasn?t to her liking. Stave pressed the dull end of the knife to her cheek, snickering as she flinched. ?I could kill you now, if you annoy me enough. But Amilton would rather have you delivered alive.?

    ?Seems kind of desperate to me,? Karigan scoffed. ?Amilton isn?t one to take rejection lightly.?

    Stave chuckled and pulled a barrel up and sat down in front of her. ?Do you honestly believe the lord wants you for your beauty??

    ?No,? Karigan snorted. ?He wants to be king.?

    ?That?s just a bonus,? Stave sneered.

    ?I don?t understand.?

    ?Nor you wouldn?t,? Stave agreed. ?The people of G?ladheon view his talents as the Curse. But in Torneh, it is the Gift.? When Karigan didn?t respond, he tapped her booted ankles. ?You will make him even more powerful.?

    Karigan stared at him, unable to decipher what he meant. How could she make Amilton more powerful? Besides becoming Queen and he the King? Then she remembered the cold tremors he had sent through her and she shivered. Stave snarled again, then left her be. No, she was not possessed with the evil Curse. No Gif?ten had ever possessed it, and G?ladheon was free of evil.

    The wind picked up and blew cold across the river. The sky was darkening with clouds and there was the distant rumble of thunder. Karigan heard a few horses whinny from their livestock ties. It wasn?t long before it began to rain. Most of the men headed inside of the cabin, leaving her out on deck to suffer. She was soon soaked and numb from the cold.

    Alone and hungry, cold and wet, Karigan began to cry. She sobbed and closed her eyes, drawing inside herself, looking for a place where there was no feeling or pain. She sank to the wet wood, her tears blending with the icy rain. It was absurd, but somehow, she was sure that if she cried for help in silence, someone would hear her.
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    Yes, Karigan, and his name is Obi-Wan. ;) Hey, does HE fall in love this time? *shakes her head* It'll just be like Cali all over again.... you think he'd learn.... ;)
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    Don't know if it'll turn into a love story yet or not. There WILL be obi-torture!!!! The rack maybe???? Hehehe . . .

    @ @ @
    @ @ @

    Obi-Wan?s eyes flew open. Someone had called through the Force, and it wasn?t Qui-Gon. Their fear and pleading came through, actual words lost from the faint connection. It lasted less than second, but it felt like a small eternity. The cry died away, leaving only the whisper of wind and rustle of grass. The Jedi Padawan shook his head. The Force told him that the call had come from the north road, but he also knew for certain that Qui-Gon had taken the south road.

    But he could not ignore a call for help, especially through the Force. Obi-Wan mounted Bluebird and set off down the road at a gallop, stretching out with the Force. There was no immediate danger, but the whispering voice of the Force spoke louder than the usual caress. He leaned low into the horse?s straining neck, expecting to face some peril or another. Bluebird galloped doggedly, stretching flat out at her rider?s urging. Her hoof beats thundered on the turf and her snorts echoed as they flew by.

    The sight of riders ahead caused Obi-Wan to rein Bluebird into a canter. The horse shook her head and crow-hopped, trying to break back into her mad run. The approaching caravan was clearly a farming family coming back from a market. The Jedi slowed his horse down to a walk to pass. He sensed nothing out of ordinary from them. They had made a good sell that day and were pleased.

    Bluebird pawed the ground, her ears flicking down the road. Obi-Wan looked up at the sky, seeing the low cloud bank coming in from the west. Rain and possibly a lightning. Just what he needed. No forest was near him, and even then, that wasn?t the greatest of cover. He was about two kilometers from the fork. There was nothing there for him. The mare shifted and tossed her head, growing nervous from the distant rumble of thunder. The storm was still a ways off, but Obi-Wan didn?t want to get caught in it. Anel?de had warned that many storms at this time of years were severe and dangerous.

    ?Know any caves, horse?? Obi-Wan asked, searching the horizon for any sign of shelter. He was in a sort of prairie. ?I guess not.? He urged the horse into a canter, hoping to find a better answer over the next hill. When he topped the crest, he just found an open stretch of road for kilometers and kilometers. Another farm sat as a speck on the horizon. Obi-Wan urged Bluebird into a gallop, groaning as the wind began to pick up. The storm would be coming in fast and strong.

    Bluebird sensed his urgency and picked up the gallop. Perhaps she sensed that shelter was their destination and wanted to find it as soon as possible. The covered road quickly, but the wind was beginning to tire the mare. Obi-Wan felt her stride lag as the covered half the distance. He pulled her to a halt and reached back to the saddlebags and withdrew his robe. Almost as soon as he had put it on, the rain began. It simply poured. Bluebird whinnied her distress and stepped off again, her canter labored as she fought the wind. Obi-Wan let her go, knowing the mare would find the farm.

    Thunder began to roll, closer and more ominous than before. The wind howled and blew gusts of wind into them. The horse slowed to a walk and plowed through, head low as she fought against nature. Obi-Wan dismounted and led her, trying to ease her burden. The dirt road turned to pure mud and his boots sucked as he walked. The rain came in sheets, blinding him until he was stumbling along in the blue darkness. Lightning split the sky and Bluebird shrilled.

    A distant light flickered in the distance and relief flooded into him. The Force gathered in strength and the mud wasn?t quiet so excruciatingly deep. They met up with a stone fence and a gate. Obi-Wan went through, finding wet grass and stone. The stone farmhouse buffeted the wind and Obi-Wan could walk easier. Bluebird raised her head and whinnied, her ears pricked towards the barn.
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