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[SW] Rogue Squadron: Book I - DEFECTION

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Icebreaker, Feb 14, 2003.

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  1. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [color=336699]Eh...thanks for checking out this story. Before you begin to read 'DEFECTION' I would like to make somewhat of a disclaimer: The story you are about to read is of course Fan-Fiction, it was the first 'book' I wrote for a Rogue Squadron Fan-Fiction series on another site. I tried to remain as true to the original characters as possible, but you will note that some might have slightly different physcial features or personalities. Nothing is drastic, I can assure you of that.

    Also, I would like to note that this story really doesnt fit in with any particular EU timeline...I found that it would have been far to difficult to address every issue of time in this story, so I set it only a few years after ROTJ and just may not even tie in directly with the OFFICIAL Rogue Squadron novels at times. Like I said though, I did my best to be somewhat accurate and I hope there arent any glaring plot/timeline problems.

    Now...that being said I hope you really enjoy the story and if the feedback is good, I will post the second book sometime in the future! Thanks![/color]

    The New Fan-Fiction Series?
    Written by:

    Rogue Squadron ? Defection

    [hl=black]Rogue Squadron[/hl]
    COMMANDER WEDGE ANTILLES (human male from Corellia)
    CAPTIAN TYCHO CELCHU (human male from Alderaan)
    LIEUTENANT CORRAN HORN (human male from Corellia)
    GAVIN DARKLIGHTER (human male from Tatooine)

    [hl=black]Imperial Forces[/hl]
    TERHIK SZUN (humanoid male from Bimmiel)
    ADMIRAL CODEW CHOUT (human male from Coruscant)

    WHISTLER (Corran?s astromech droid)

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

    [hl=gray]STAR WARS
    Expanded Universe

    It has been nearly three years since the victory at Endor for
    the Rebel Alliance against the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE
    and now comes a chance for them to permanently dissolve
    the Empire and restore freedom to all the galaxy with the
    birth of a NEW REPUBLIC

    Commander Wedge Antilles is now head of his rebuilt
    ROGUE SQUADRON made up of the cockiest and boldest
    pilots in all the galaxy. The very name of this squadron
    strikes fear into the hearts of its enemy

    With this new squadron led by Wedge Antilles, Imperial scum
    have no chance even in there own systems against the egos
    and confidence of the young starpilots. The BATTLE of the
    GALAXY is coming to a close and only the warriors with the
    most WILL to SURVIVE will prevail?

    [Fondor ? One of the few Core systems loyal to the Rebellions cause]


    Corran Horn spun the X-Wing fighter into a 90 degree nose-dive and then pulled back on the control stick sending it into a wide turn. Behind him green lasers ripped through the vacuum of space as a TIE fighter swooped down in hot pursuit behind the ship, its pilot wasted no time releasing another burst of green laser fire as he waited for the targeting computer to get a lock?

    Inside his cockpit Corran heard the screaming of his warning system alerting him to the fact that his enemy was about to lock on?With tremendously quick reflexes he cut the throttle and pulled back on the stick causing the X-Wing to die fast and then swoop back over and behind the TIE putting him in the position to get the kill. His fingers worked quickly over several control buttons and soon he received the sound of his targeting computer getting a lock on the fighter. He softly squeezed the trigger on his control stick and red beams of light tore through the fuselage of the TIE causing it to vaporize right before his eyes.

    The X-Wing sped through the flames and debris and behind him, Corran heard the tooting laughter of his R2 unit, Whistler. He smiled, over the past few y
  2. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [Corellia ? Located in the Core of the galaxy and home to some of the most infamous smugglers the galaxy has ever seen]


    Commander Wedge Antilles sat in his office overlooking the bustling Corellian traffic as it stretched across the skyline. It looked eerily familiar to the skyline of the Imperial controlled planet of Coruscant, the central system of the galaxy. Wedge guessed that a third of the freighters flying that evening were on there way to and from illegal smuggling activities which was primarily run by the Hutts on Nal Hutta. High in the nights sky was the smugglers moon, Nar Shadda, its glow illuminated the Corellian planet that hung below its orbit.

    A knock came from the door to his office and with a touch of a button it slid open allowing his visitors to enter. Gavin Darklighter and Corran Horn?two of the best pilots in Rogue Squadron?if not the galaxy, stepped inside his office and saluted him, remaining at an attention. Gavin looked exactly like his late older brother, Biggs, with dark black hair and steel blue eyes whereas Corran was quite the opposite with hair the shade of Tatooine?s never ending deserts and more aqua colored eyes. Corran, in fact, was born and raised on Corellia?

    ?You may rest easy?why don?t you take a seat. We have a lot to discuss,? Wedge said calmly reclining a bit in his chair.

    Gavin and Corran took there place across from Wedge?s desk and waited patiently, from where they were seated they could view the nights skyline just as Antilles had done only a few moments earlier?it was a sight to behold.

    ?First off I would like to congratulate you two on your work at the battle of Fondor. Our victory there insured us that several more systems will join our cause within this standard month and we even managed to salvage the remains of that Star Destroyer you two were able to bring down?its being fixed up at the ship yards on Kuat and should be available for our use by the time we prepare our strike at the Core to claim the Imperials territory,? Wedge saw both men?s eyes light up with his approval.

    ?Thank you sir,? replied Corran and Gavin nodded in agreement.

    ?However, that?s not what I called you here for,? Wedge continued, ?I am actually putting you on an assignment?just the two of you. Rebel intelligence has gotten a lead suggesting that the Imperials are nearly completed with a new advanced TIE fighter with a full life support system, hyperdrive generator, and advanced shields. These babies could give our X-Wing?s a run for there credits?? he smiled, ??and your job is to steal the plans and bring them back here to Corellia.?

    ?Sir,? Gavin interjected, ?I don?t mean to question your judgment but how are we suppose to even infiltrate an Imperial testing ground let alone steal top secret plans?.and escape??

    Wedge chuckled, ?No need to worry Darklighter, everything is in place. One of the Imperial engineers who is working on the project is planning to defect to the Alliance and he is securing false identities for the both of you. In turn he will be taken along with the two of you back to Corellia to complete his defection?Once you arrive at Sullust, where this operation is taking place, he will help you steal the main copy of the plans, destroy the remaining evidence and then assist in your escape.?

    ?Can we trust him?? asked Corran who seemed a bit doubtful if this could work.

    Wedge sighed and scratched his chin, ?No,? he said bluntly, ?but that?s why I have you two on this assignment. You always seem to be up to an impossible challenge.?

    Corran and Gavin both grinned for a moment and it was Corran who stood first, ?Is that all Commander??

    ?Yes, that will be all for tonight,? replied Wedge, ?You two go ahead and get some sleep, but I want you to report back here tomorrow morning for the final instructions before your flight to Sullust. We still have a lot of things to discuss??

    Both men saluted once more before turning and heading back out of Wedge?s office. As they exited, the door s
  3. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [Sullust ? Located just outside the galactic core and one of the main shipyards belonging to the Imperial Navy]


    The Imperial shuttle burst back into real space amidst the Imperial shipyards of Sullust, dozens of Star Destroyers hung in orbit around the planet and hundreds of small fighters buzzed around either on security or test runs. High above all ships in orbit was a Super class Star Destroyer, tremendous in size?

    ?Emperor?s black bones,? said Corran in awe, ?This fleet is as large as the one they dispatched on Endor few years back!?

    Gavin nodded and looked down at the control panel, the COM warning was blinking, ??and they mean business! We?ve already got an incoming message.? He pressed the blinking button and a small holo image appeared in front of him.

    ?Unidentified shuttle please present identification?? said the man in the image.

    ?Identification sent,? replied Corran coolly, ?Waiting for permission to dock??

    The holo imaged fizzled out and both Gavin and Corran waited for the clearance response. It took a while but finally the holo image appeared again, this time though a different man stood before them. He had light brown hair (or that?s what it seemed from the image) and dark eyes?

    ?Imperial Shuttle 1138, welcome to Sullust. I am Terhik Szun?chief engineer in advanced ship testing. You are here to sample the new TIE advanced correct?? Corran smiled inwardly, this man was good?playing everything off like a routine arrival.

    Gavin beat Corran to the response, ?Yes are we clear to dock??

    Terhik smiled broadly, ?Of course?coordinates are being sent as we speak. I will greet you when you make your arrival. Until then?? the image broke off and Gavin looked at Corran.

    ?I have a bad feeling about this??

    Corran Horn stepped off the landing ramp dressed in Imperial fatigues to see an assembly of Stormtroopers aligned awaiting his arrival, behind him Gavin slipped on his Imperial Navy cap as he joined Corran. Terhik Szun stood alone amidst the troopers?hands clasped behind his back. Corran glanced back at Gavin and then stepped down onto the hanger floor of the Super Star Destroyer.

    The hanger bay was humongous with speeders bustling around back and forth between starfighters carrying pilots and officers to there destinations. Corran was in awe as he stepped forward and saluted Terhik.

    Szun returned the salute and then repeated the action to Gavin, ?Welcome aboard gentlemen, we already have another shuttle waiting for you just over there,? he pointed towards an Imperial Shuttle a hundred meters or so away, ?If you would follow me??

    Gavin and Corran fell in line with the man as he headed towards the shuttle, he was doing an excellent job staying calm?there cover was secured. Terhik turned towards Corran and whispered just under his breath, ?Lieutenant Corran Horn of the Rebel Alliance, correct?? Corran nodded briefly, ?and your associate, Officer Gavin Darklighter of the elite Rogue Squadron??

    ?That?s correct Terhik, you seem to be very professional regarding your defection,? Corran said quietly as they approached the landing ramp of the Imperial Shuttle that was ready to take them to the engineering facilities on Sullust, ?Is everything prepared??

    Terhik looked around just to make sure that no one was near him, ?Yes, everything is running smoothly but unfortunately we have minimal time to complete our task, you will be given your weapons aboard this shuttle on our brief trek to the engineering facilities. All I need is for you and Officer Gavin to hold my back as I record the files and then permanently delete them from Imperial records??

    Szun and the Rogue Squadron pilots boarded the shuttle and moved up into the cockpit and finally Szun raised his voice so that Gavin could hear him as well, ?This is my personal shuttle so I can guarantee no listening devices aboard. We are free to speak about anything we wish?now as I was saying, as soon as th
  4. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001


    Warning sirens blared all around the Rebel base located on Corellia as Gavin Darklighter slipped on his flight suit while looking out of his apartments window. Outside along the skyline he could see local security ships scrambling to intercept the incoming threat.

    It had only been a few days since Gavin and his good friend Corran had arrived back on Corellia after there daring escape from Sullust and now they were already being called to duty. He took a deep breath, his back and head ached each, it was probably just another smuggler that was running from local police, he thought. Across the room his COM unit bleeped and he walked over and picked it up.

    ?Gavin here,? he said with a frustrated voice.

    ?Gavin, this is Captain Celchu. Can you come up to my office we need to discuss something real fast,? came the voice of one of his commanders.

    ?Yes sir, I will be up in a few moments Captain.?

    Gavin set down the COM and looked out the window again?Maybe some WAS wrong?

    Corran Horn greeted Gavin as he entered Captain Celchu?s office high above the cityscape of Corellia. Gavin saw that Terhik Szun and Commander Wedge Antilles were also present in the room, they were all dressed in flight suits.

    ?Thank you for joining us Gavin,? Tycho Celchu said as he ran his hands along the sides of his desk, ?We have a problem that needs to be solved??

    Gavin looked suspiciously at Terhik, ?I don?t follow sir, have I done something wrong??

    Tycho laughed, ?No of course not. Why don?t you focus your attention on that Holo projector over there and I will show you what I am talking about,? he pressed a button on his desk and a scaled image of the planet Corellia appeared rotating. Around the planet hundreds of Imperial Ships from small fighters to Super Class Star Destroyers appeared from nowhere, ?This is a recent satellite transmission we have received. An entire Imperial Fleet has blockaded our planet?I have already sent Rogue Squadron to join the battle but I called you and Corran up here because??

    ?The plans,? Gavin interjected. ?They are here for the plans!? he turned to Terhik and eyed him suspiciously while taking a step forward, ?But you told us they were nothing more then TIE advanced blue-prints??

    Terhik nodded his head gravely, ?Yes I?m afraid I have lied about some minor details. I apologize but I feared that had I told you the complete truth you would have not added in my defection?You see, I am not only Chief Engineer of the testing on Sullust but I am also the Admiral of the 325th fleet,? he paused to let everyone catch there breath, ?that of course explains the ?ease? of our escape and even access of the computer files??

    Corran put his head in his hands, ?Things just got a whole lot worse?what exactly ARE those plans??

    Szun slowly drew in a breath, ?Those plans, which I believe your analysis droids are inspecting, contain the Top Secret plans to the Empires newest super weapon. It?s a Super Class Star Destroyer that uses natural energy from nearby stars to fuel its fire-power and also has the ability to create enough gravity force to crush a sun??

    ?Hide of a Sith Witch!? shouted Wedge, ?That?s why they are blockading the system! Those plans could turn the tide of this war, we can?t afford to loose it.?

    Tycho nodded his head, ?Commander do you suggest we take them to battle then? Right now we don?t have enough ships to counter assault this blockade?there are just too many Imperial Ships.?

    Wedge thought it over for a moment, ?Eventually we are going to have to abide to there wishes. I have an idea?? he turned and looked out across the skyline, ?We need to make a copy of those plans as quickly as possible. I will take Terhik to Gyndine where we will deliver the plans to Mon Mothma, in the meanwhile I need you and Rogue Squadron to put up a strong enough fight to get us out of the system. As soon as we have jumped into hyperspace give them back th
  5. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [Gyndine ? Headquarters to the Rebel Alliance and location of copied Imperial Plans]


    Corran stood with Wedge Antilles on a balcony overlooking the beautiful ocean of Gyndine. Its water was green and its sky pink, it was a sight to behold. Gavin Darklighter was downstairs with the rest of Rogue Squadron ?celebrating? the ?defeat? of the Imperial Fleet at Corellia.

    ?You know Wedge, I wanted to put the fight to the Imperials at Corellia. I can?t help but feel cowardly backing out the way we did,? commented Corran.

    ?I understand your feelings Corran, but you have to realize how much of an advantage we have now?because of our ploy at Corellia we have copies of those plans still in our hands,? replied Wedge, ?Don?t worry soon we will have no choice but to take our fight to the Empire?things are changing, the balance is shifting?we need to act now if we want to topple them forever??

    Corran nodded and gazed across the ocean watching its waves lap up against the shoreline. It was so much different then the city world of Corellia on which he had grown up? ?Wedge??

    ?Yeah Corran??

    ?How about we go down and get a drink to celebrate?? he laughed, ?because I have a feeling its going to be a while before we get the chance to relax and enjoy ourselves again.?

    Wedge laughed and threw his arm around Corran and give him a slight slug to the chest, ?You got it, but in the end?it will all be worth while??

  6. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [color=336699]So...thats it! Thanks for reading and I truely hope you enjoyed it, cause I had a fun time writing it. As I stated before, I look forward to comments (why else would I have posted it)

    If the comments are on the positive side, I will soon post BOOK II in the series, which I consider to be hands down better then this one! Once again...Thank You for Reading!

    [link=supz]He has never been cooler...[/link]
  7. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
  8. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 20, 2001
    [color=336699]Dang...these threads can stay on the mainpage for only a few minutes before they are bumped all the way back down

    [link=supz]He has never been cooler...[/link]
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