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SW TV Show

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by Revolver86, Feb 23, 2003.

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  1. The2ndQuest

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    Jan 27, 2000
    >> Hey Quest, are you the same as QUEST32681 from the old days of AOL? This is JediCS. Dunno if you remember me. Anyway, long time no see.<<

    Dude, hola! ::)

    >>Budget: Look at every Sci Fi TV show (Babylon 5, Star Trek, StarGate SGI). The special effects, props, and costuming aren't nearly as great as what we see in the SW movies. Somebody really slick with getting the most out of a television budget would have to work very hard at maintaining Star Wars quality<<

    Not necessarily- take a look at the later seasons of SG-1, Farscape and, in B5's case, Crusade or Legend of the Rangers. They were able to do ALOT in terms of special FX, costumes, creature FX/makeup, and production values- hell the most recent episodes of, say, SG-1 were basicly feature films in terms of scale and, almost, in appearance.

    All those shows had budgets under 2 million an episode, most weren't much above 1 million an episode. If they were able to maintain that quality at that price, LFL could easily bump the cost up to an even 2 mil an episode, because they'd reap profit on a DVD release. And, if they go with a premium-cable outlet like HBO, they could probably even afford a larger budget.

    Also, don't forget that Lucas get's a discount at ILM [face_batting]

    And, if they were in fact doing a well-planned-out adaptation of the various EU materials, they would have agreat advantage in that they would know exactly what sets, what actors, effects, etc they would need for any given season. They could then severely reduce costs by filming all scenes for a given set at once, so that they wouldn't need to reconstruct it or leave it standing, not to mention they'd know which sets they'd need for future seasons, so they'd know what sets to keep in storage, and so on and so forth.
Thread Status:
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