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  1. Admiral_Solo Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2002
    Jeg selger og bytter disse kortene. Ta kontakt også hvis det er noe du lurer på!
    Vennlig hilsen

    WANTS at end of list.


    PREMIERE (bb)

    light side:
    biggs darklighter
    cantina brawl (wb)
    demotion x4 (bb & wb)
    dice ibegon x3
    full throttle x5 (bb & wb)
    hans heavy blaster pistol
    into the garbage shute flyboy x3 (bb & wb)
    jedi presence*
    kal'faln c'ndros x2 (bb & wb)
    kessel run x3 (bb & wb)
    krayt dragon howl (wb)
    leesub sirln x3 (bb & wb)
    leia organa x2 (wb)
    lightsaber proficiency (wb)
    luke skywalker (wb)
    mantellian savrip x3 (bb & wb)
    noble sacrifice (wb)
    obi-wans hut x2 (bb & wb)
    obi-wan kenobi x2 (wb)
    obi-wans lightsaber
    rebel planners
    sandcrawler x3 (bb & wb)
    solo han
    tagge seeker x3 (bb & wb)
    tarkin seeker x3 (bb & wb)
    tatooine: Cantina x2 (wb)
    thank the maker x2
    the force is strong with this one x5 (bb & wb)
    warrior´s courage (wb)
    wed-9-mi bantha droid x3 (bb & wb)

    dark side:
    admiral Motti x2 (bb & wb)
    assault rifle x2 (bb & wb)
    black 2
    charming to the last x2 (bb & wb)
    dark jedi presence*
    darth vader x2 (bb* & wb)
    devastator x2 (bb & wb)
    djas puhr x3 (bb & wb)
    doctor evazan x2
    expand the empire (wb)
    fear will keep them in line x4 (bb & wb)
    garindan x2 (wb)
    general tagge x3
    grand moff tarkin (wb)
    han seeker x2 (bb & wb)
    I have you now
    juri juice (wb)
    labria x2
    lateral damage x2 (bb & wb)
    light repeating blaster rifle x2 (bb & wb)
    look sir droids (wb)
    molator (wb)
    moment of triumph x2 (wb)
    myo x3 (bb & wb)
    never yalnal x3 (bb & wb)
    presence of the force x2 (bb & wb)*
    sandcrawler x5 (bb & wb)
    tactical re-call x2 (bb & wb)
    tatooine: cantina x3 (bb & wb)
    tonnika sisters
    turbolaserbattery x5 (bb & wb)
    wed15-1662 x3 (bb & wb)
    we`re all gonna be a lot thinner x2 (wb)
    your powers are week old man (wb)

    NEW HOPE (bb)

    light side:
    attack run x2
    clak'dor 7
    motti seeker
    r2-d2 x2

    dark side:
    commence primary ignition (wb)
    dark waters x3 (bb & wb)
    death star
    ds-61-4 x2 (bb & wb)
    leia seeker (wb)

    HOTH (bb)

    light side:
    anakin's lightsaber x2
    bacta tank
    general carlist rieekan x3 (bb & wb)
    major bren derlin x2 (bb & wb)
    rug hug (wb)*
    r-3po x2 (misprint)* & (wb).
    wes janson (wb)

    dark side:
    blizzard 1 (wb)
    blizzard scout 1
    blizzard 2 x2 (bb & wb)
    captain piett
    debris zone
    image of the dark lord x2
    scruffy-looking nerf herder x2
    target the main generator x3
    trample x2 (wb)*
    wampa (wb)

    DAGOBAH (bb)

    light side:
    dagobah: yoda's hut*
    descent into the dark x2
    I have a bad feeling about this
    it is the future you see*
    landing claw
    size matters not*
    son of skywalker (nm)
    tight squeeze
    this is more like it

    dark side:
    executor: holotheatre


    light side:
    advantage x2
    all my urchins x2
    artoo, come back at once!
    bionic hand
    bright hope
    captain han solo x2
    courage of a skywalker
    frozen assets
    gamblers luck x2
    hopping mad x3
    i dont need their scum either x2
    impressive most... x3
    into the ventilation shaft, lefty x2
    lando calrissian x2
    leia of alderaan
    luke's blaster pistol
    nooooooooo! x4
    old pirates x2
    princess leia
    rendezvous point on tatooine
    smoke screen x2
    surreptilous glance x2
    this is even better x2
    uncontrollable fury x2
    we'll find han x2

    dark side:
    boba fett x2
    brief loss of control
    captain bewil
    cloud city: dining room
    end this destructive conflict
    e-3po x2
    flight escort
    forced landing x5
    I am your father x2
    I had no choice
    lando calrissian x3
    lieutenant sheckil
    mostly armless
    obsidian 8
    release your anger
    slave 1 x2
    the emperor's prize
    this is still wrong
    ugloste x3
    vaders cape
    why didn't you tell me x2


    light side:
    8d8 x2
    ardon "vapor" crell
    aved luun
    bg-j38 x2
    blaster deflection
    droopy mccool x3
    garon nas tal
    jedi mind trick
    jess x4
    kirdo 3 x2
    leslomy tacema x2
    life debt*
    loje nella
    max rebo
  2. Gimmer-Stick Jedi Youngling

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    May 4, 2002
    JEg kunne vært interessert i å bytte bort Qui-Gon Jin AI i Darth Vader BB, hvis du vil.

    Hvor i landet bor du?

  3. Admiral_Solo Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2002
    Hei og takk for tilbudet!
    Jeg bor i Trondheim, men jeg vil ikke bytte DV i Qu-gon Al, Vader er mye mer verdt. Er det noe annet du har lyst på? Jeg kan sende hvis du bor utenfor Trondheim.
  4. Gimmer-Stick Jedi Youngling

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    May 4, 2002
    Jeg kunne jo slengt på et par kort til eller en sum penger. Jeg bor i Oslo, så det kan jo bli litt vanskelig å få bytta.
  5. Admiral_Solo Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2002
    Hei igjen! Vil ikke involverer DV bb i et bytte mot qui-gon, men wb-versjonen kan jeg godt bytte bort. Ikke noe problem å sende, jeg bytter ukentlig med folk over hele verden via brev. Har du en liste over hvilke kort du trenger og har? Er det noen andre kort du ønsker fra meg istedetfor Dv?
  6. Gimmer-Stick Jedi Youngling

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    May 4, 2002
    Flagship Executor foil.

    Du kan jo si hva du ville byttet mot det da.
  7. Admiral_Solo Jedi Youngling

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    May 8, 2002
    Vil du bytte din qui-gon jinn AL for min flagship executor foil så er det greit for meg?
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