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SWP General Assembly Episode IV

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by StompboXX, Oct 7, 2002.

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  1. StompboXX

    StompboXX Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 13, 2002
    SWP General Assembly Episode IV - October 5, 2002

    Venue: Starbuck's Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


    1. Membership fees - for fundraising purposes, the implementation of a membership fee ( P150) was proposed. The fee will come with certain privileges will be decided upon in due time. Suggested initial giveaways include an official SWP shirt, stickers, button, and membership card.

    2. SWP in the 1st Philippine Toys and Collectibles Convention
    a. Raffle items for members and new recruits who will pay the membership fee
    b. SWP Booth --
    --booth design c/o Aids
    --Yoda painting c/o Aids
    --small display table c/o Auey
    --SWP LP c/o Cholo
    --mounted posters c/o Cholo
    --Vader helmet c/o Cholo
    --Yoda costume c/o Aids
    2)Viewing of SWP site
    Needed: computer to check out website
    internet connection for easy subscription to Yahoogroups
    3)Promotion & Gimmicks
    TV, DVD player (SW movies playback) - c/o Oneal
    Aids the Roving Yoda, giving out flyers
    <<--from Aids: i just heard all Yoda costumes in Funtasmic have been sold out. I'll find a way.
    Human Bulletin Boards, with mask, advertising membership
    Lady Jedi - c/o Pow
    Jango Fett - c/o Pow and Armand
    Guy Jedi - c/o Aids
    Darth Vader helmet c/o Cholo (someone has to wear black for it)
    c. SWP T-Shirt - c/o Aids and/or Auey (for quotation)
    d. Shifting
    9am-12pm >>Cholo, Aids, Auey, Oneal
    12 - 3 >> Ian, Rachel, Patrick, Aids
    3 - 6 >> Ginny, Aids
    6 - 9 >> Aids, Cholo, Ginny
    *official photog - Auey

    *Booth Fee due on October 12
    Ginny to give out advance money (P1500)

    * Pre-convention meeting: October 19, 2002

    e. Launching of SWP website ( on Convention day itself
    f. Newsletter by Ian and Ginny
    g. Sign-up form prints by Ginny

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