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    Woot! Great update! I love this story so much. :)

    Bravo! =D=
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    You arent going to make us wait a month are you?
    please say no.... please say no.....[face_praying]
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    Yay for new post! Well- a month ago, but still...yay new to me post!

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    Happy Valentine?s Day?. ? *drops a box of chocolates and flees*

    Chapter 27 ? The Crest

    ?Does anyone have any clue what?s going on here?? Luke sat stunned in front of the holo receiver, his sister on the other end.

    ?Other than the mass, organized, riots?? Leia raised her eyebrow and gave him a soured look.

    ?Well, other than that? yeah,? he bit his tongue. He wasn?t completely ignorant of politics thanks to his mother? but this was something new, for everyone. With so much unrest in the past several months he almost felt bad about hiding out in the empty space of the Tion Cluster, but what could he do? He and Mara already tried but their own governments turned their backs on them and their people. Short of a full scale revolt against the Empire and New Republic, there was nothing they could do. They made it quite clear though that they would not be involved in the violence, it was not the answer.

    ?We?re not entirely sure,? Leia moved slightly out of frame as she reached for a datapad. ?It seems it started on Corellia??

    ?That doesn?t surprise me,? considering he had fair experience with Corellians and they were a passionate, no-nonsense bunch.

    ?A few port labor unions went on strike, there was an altercation and people got hurt,? Leia scanned the document, ?and the resulting protests gave rise to the first recorded images. From there it spread across the galactic data holonetwork and picked up. Now every planet has large groups of protestors using it as their insignia.?

    Luke mulled that over, in the five months since he and Mara went on ?extended leave?, this was the first he was hearing the emblem but apparently it had popped up almost immediately after the labor strike which was only weeks after their departure. ?Is there a leader, an instigator??

    ?None that we can find,? Leia sighed, sitting back in her chair, ?and trust me, both sides are looking. We can trace it back to the first upload of the image but by all accounts that person is as shocked as the rest of us that it has been used this way.?

    ?Who is he?? was the next logical question.

    ?Just some student at one of Corellia?s major universities,? Leia went back to the datapad. ?His brother was hurt in the strike and he expressed his opinion the only way he knew how, he drew it. But this wasn?t what he meant by it.?

    That surprised Luke, ?What was it meant to symbolize then??

    ?A unified galaxy,? she shrugged, ?a working treaty where all person?s rights were protected, Republican and Imperial. He never considered it to symbolize you two, that seemed to come out of nowhere.?

    Luke sat back in his chair, trying to make sense of it all. The symbol was popping up everywhere across the data network, in graffiti, on protest signs. Most didn?t know when or where they saw it first, but they knew what it meant to them.

    It started with the Imperial Crest which was taken from the Emblem of the Galactic Republic. When it was the Emblem, it stood for unity. When it was repurposed for the Empire by Palpatine it was changed, and became a symbol of strength. Interwoven in the cog-like design was the Insignia of the Alliance, a symbol both of community and rebirth. Placed together they stood for Unity, Strength, Community and Rebirth. Everything that the people of the galaxy desired in this time of unrest?

    Everything that Luke and Mara stood for? apparently.

    ?No one knows how it got linked to us?? Luke asked again, it was a question he had repeated several times since learning of the new crest.

    ?Not as so far,? Leia shrugged. ?It started to be used almost immediately once the student put it up on the holonetwork. It started to be used in conjunction with your speech and next thing it?s being used in place of the speech.?

    Luke kind of saw the train of logic there, but then masses of people don?t move or think the same way an individual would. ?How wide spread is it, surely the holonews is exaggerating.?

    Leia shook her head, ?Not this time brother.?

    That gave Luke a lot
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    Yay! An update!!! I like the idea of the new government and I LOVE how Luke and Mara are so comfortable around each other.

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    What a fantastic Valentine's Day gift! *throws confetti* Mara is very in-character here and I thought all the discussion on politics and the galaxy worked well between the characters. Thank you for updating!
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    Get back here.

    Nah, just kidding. Fantastic update, an a rather practical idea. Although i am still fond of the more practical Imperial Senate, maybe, with elected officials here, but still with an Emperor/Empress and also an advising ruling council.....but this is not a bad idea, although i do not know how it will work....looking forwrd to more.
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    Woot! Oh yeah, oh yeah! Welcome back RedGold! Awesome update. I'm glad you described the symbol to represent L/M because I was visualizing something completely different...and more NC-17. Well, I'm glad I got something nice for Valentine's Day.
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    Fantab post =D= and idea. I love the way L/M bounce ideas off each other and how Luke gets Mara to ... unwind


    Their idea sounds a very plausible compromise/ blend - better than starting completely from scratch :p

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    squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! You don't know how much I needed this today!!!

    Remember how I squealed happily (in the graveyard) when you told me this idea?? [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    I think in this case politics makes for... excellent bedfellows. [face_mischief]

    LOVE it, lady!!! [:D]
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    Happy Valentine's Day to ALL OF US!!!

    Great update! Their idea is a great one, and I love seeing L/M work together. Disregarding all the romantic stuff between them, they just make a fantastic team!

    Love it!!! [:D]
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    BEST VALENTIENS DAY PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Great post Redgold.
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    Yeah, babee! Love the update and the political intrigue. I'd vote for the pair of them!

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    Yay! UPDATE! Very nice. Ah, the differences between Imperial and Republic. Explosive. Haha, this is not quite what they had in mind. Anakin's kinda ticked. How much should I bet that this Mallo dude (union politician) is saying it all his idea, or that it's Luke and Mara's idea?
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    Yay! An update!!!!

    So many problems with stupid governments. They either have to come up with a plan soon or everything will just explode into a HUGE war. Personally I'm going for the huge war. :)
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    Rulers accident are sometimes the best... I loved the student designed logo as the symbol of the Galaxy's people! Don't keep us waiting too long for the next chapter! ;)
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    I like the idea of a huge war, or at least the beginnings of one, which is instead stopped by the supporters of Luke and mara who stage a coup and they create a new government out of can hope at least, even though thats not going to happen.
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    Happy Valentine?s Day?. ? *drops a box of chocolates and flees*

    Happy V-Day to you, too, Redgold!!!!! [:D]

    Mass riots? Organized, mass riots? Ack!!!

    His wife melted against him, the reports forgotten for the moment.


    So... a GFFA govermental proposal... right... that could work if they had the right motivation...

    ?And,? the Jedi continued, ?they are voting for you two to be that council.?

    Ah. Now they're being comedians, yes?

    Good update. :)
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    Oops, I misread that last sentence! I thought it said that they voted for Luke and Mara to be "in that council," not to be the council!

    It could get interesting. I'm not so sure they should be the only council, and I have a feeling it would get ugly if one side or the other didn't like what's going on. Still, the idea of having local governments decide local issues, then a larger council for regions, etc. and with a small group deciding the really big issues is somewhat sound. It's sort of like a diamond shape, and we know that diamonds are pretty much the hardest substance known. Certainly the council should not be very big, or it would once again get unwieldy.
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    Beautiful story, RedGold! =D=
    I've been away from SW fanfiction, but boy did I miss your stories!
    I'm looking forward to reading more. Please add me to the pm list [face_praying]
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    Finally an update! It was really interesting to see what Luke and Mara's thoughts about this 'crisis' was!!!!

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    Briannakin - Luke and Mara are going to have something of a road ahead of them so it's good they can get along with each other right now. ;)

    LVB - Thanks! Politics is always a bit tough for me to write, especially since I'm so pro-Imperial. ;) :D

    Phoenix5 - I'm always an Imperial at heart, but hey, what can you do? :D ;)

    Jedi_Lover - LOL, of course you did, but just to let you know, ginchy promised to shine the last chapter for me... ;)

    Jade_eyes - Luke can unwind Mara any time.. huh? ;)

    ginchy - Yet again with the graveyard... I'm beginning to think you've got a plot picked out for me don't ya... [face_worried]

    JediMara77 - Too true, L/M make a great team. ;)

    the-Naboo-council - glad you liked! :D [:D]

    Jade_Pilot - I'd vote for them as well! :D ;)

    CurtisZidaneZiraa - Anakin just wants to know what the heck is going on, I think they all do. And yes, like Luke and Mara, the govs are two different kinds of beings but they work so well together given the opportunity.

    PadmeSkywalkerSHM - Why does everyone want a big war? :( [face_worried]

    Mondra - I got some inspiration from recent events, i will admit. :D

    Phoenix5 - How do you know I'm not going to plung the galaxy into darkness??? [face_devil] Oh, right... :D

    DaenaBenjen42 - I do like making a joke out of serious situations, don't I. 8-}

    dm1 - It's amazing what a little shift in the phrasing can do, huh. ;) And exactly, couldn't have described it better myself. :D

    MaraJade4S - Missed you too! [:D]

    Jedi_QueenBee - L/M have their own opinion on the situation, but it's something different to find people acting on those ideas. :( ;)
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    This story is coming to an end and I?d like to take this moment to plug another fan fic I?m writing here on JC Forums. [link=]X-Men: Among Thieves[/link]. I know, it seems out of my wheel house of SW fan fiction but the story is about Gambit and Rogue who have just as romantic, angsty, sexual tension-filled, complicated relationship as L/M and I think those of you who read my L/M stuff for that kind of thing will find G/R to be just as enticing. Don?t worry if you don?t know much about X-Men, I wrote it as an Origin story so it fills in all the blanks. It's also ginchy-approved!

    Now, without further ado, here is the second to last chapter of Symbols.


    Chapter 28 ? One Choice.

    ?Does anyone know what?s going on?? Mara sounded impatient, really impatient, and that was never a good sign. ?Anyone?!?

    ?Your guess is as good as ours,? Mothma called from across the room, the Alliance?s little corner.

    The whole audience chamber was self-segregated, Alliance, Empire, Luke and Mara, and several high ranking members of some of the biggest unions from both sides of the divide all had unconsciously created their own areas.

    Ithor, the place where it all started. Where Luke first met his future wife, the woman he?d fall in love with, run away with, and where?d he now face down anyone who matters, politically wise, in the galaxy. The Jedi often talked of the Force brining everything full circle, you end where you start, which is why you should always follow the path of light else you may never stumble out of the darkness. Luke had an uncanny feeling that a circle was closing for good? and considering the whole situation started out as a forced mess?

    ?I don?t know why a traitor such as yourself would be invited to a summit,? Beddine spoke loudly from the Imperial section.

    ?Shove it out an airlock,? Luke?s wife shouted back. She hated the word traitor, it riled her unlike anything else and he understood why.

    However, ?Mara, he?s not worth the loss of oxygen an airlock release would seep into the vacuum.?

    She glanced back at Luke, then Beddine, and snorted, ?You?re right.?

    Another council member, Doruk, smirked, ?Looks like someone was finally able to put a leash on Jade after all.?

    If only they knew exactly how wrong of an assessment that was, he could no more control Mara?s actions than he could make Master Yoda speak a sentence correctly. Luke simply knew his wife and all her quirks.

    ?Skewer them with a lightsaber,? he suggested instead, ?quick, clean, no waste.?

    Mara thought that over, Doruk going a bit pale, but Luke could see the inching grin on her face.

    ?Gentlemen, ladies,? the union leader, Terran Mallo, walked into the room with one of the Ithorian high chancellors at his side, ?I apologize for keeping you waiting.?

    ?I thought the Ithorian Council called this meeting?? bel Ibis asked the question on everyone?s mind. The Ithorians, being a neutral planet, had been known to ask two opposing factions to their peaceful homeworld in hopes of coming to a solution. It worked because the Ithorians never? ever? took sides.

    ?I did,? said Taroo Madon, a high standing member of the Ithorian Council of Elders, ?but I did seek advice both from Leader Mallo and others.?

    ?Whatever the unions are selling,? Mara was the first to respond, ?we?re not buying.?

    There was a general murmur of agreement but Taroo let out a large waning holler from two of his four throats silencing them all. ?I ask you to listen, that is all.?

    It was highly rude to turn your back on an Ithorian who is attempting to broker peace and no one wanted to break that taboo. Satisfied, the tall alien directed the floor to Mallo who bowed and stepped forward.

    ?It?s become painfully obvious to all of us,? the man started out, projecting his voice clean and clear, ?that a successful treaty between the governments is highly beneficial to all of us, but that this will simply not happen
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    You've wonderfully shown her pain and fear... but she still will do best for people - and Luke will help her. [face_love]

    Ahem... May ask about "Burn Notice" fate? [face_blush]
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