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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Sith_Lords, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Sith_Lords

    Sith_Lords Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004

    War is seen to most as a curse, a unnecessary evil. Others see it differently. People like me know that war is a necessary part of life. No matter what people try and do about it war is inevitable. At the end of the day, it comes down to life and death. Life cannot exist without death, and what is the biggest cause of death in the universe? Life. The biggest killer is of course the various races that inhabit the galaxy. People try and stop wars, yet most, if not all planets in the galaxy have a defence force of some description. The largest industry in the universe is not food or homing, it is the Armaments industry. How did planets like Kuat become so rich? Do you think that the KDY?s sole purpose is to produce cruise ships? In its heyday the New Republic passed Race Rights laws. They passed laws prohibiting citizens to carry weapons. Yet they still maintained an army. They still made millions on taxes paid by weapon companies. The Republic was corrupt. That is the reality of it. A War is coming that will devastate, and then unite the galaxy. Trillions will die. But this is the natural order of things. And whilst war devastates the galaxy, there will be one group of people who will stay powerful. Join the? *Static*

    Intercepted coded Transmission from Unknown source, Recorded at Republic outpost Gamma 645, shortly before its destruction.

    It is 24 years after the Battle of Coruscant*, and is a dark time for the Galaxy. In 23 ABC a manipulative young Jedi assassinated Grand Admiral Pellaeon, and all out war between the remnants of the Empire and the fledgling New Republic broke out once more. The war lasted only a year and a half, but the damage to the galaxy was incredible. With trillions of lives lost planets left war-torn and devastated, the two sides lay at a stalemate.

    In an effort for peace, the leaders from each of the warring sides arranged to meet in order to work out a treaty. From the New Republic the Leader of the Jedi Order Luke Skywalker, as well as the famed Admiral Ackbar, and chief of state Borsk Fey?lya met with Moffs Crowal, Flennic, Freyborn and Sarreti, aboard a space station in the middle of the Maw cluster.

    However the supposed secure area was the place for an ambush by the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium. They obliterated the leaders of both sides in a daring strike, leaving no survivors. By the time the forces of these sides had made it through the cluster, it was far too late. All that was left was debris.

    A temporary ceasefire was put in place while the incident was investigated; however this was broken by a battle between Republic X-Wings and Imperial TIE-Fighters in space near the Outer-Rim planet of Jabiim. This final battle ended the war. Whilst the battle raged between the Empire and Republic the Ssi-Ruuvi launched a massive surprise attack, shattering both armies.

    The planets of the Republic and the Empire, left defenceless, were quickly conquered by the Imperium. Nothing was spared from their bid for galactic dominance. The New Galactic Republic is no more. The Republic is now composed of just one system, The Correllian system. The Heroes of the Rebel Alliance are in hiding, across the planets of the Corellia system.

    The great leaders of the Empire, the System Lords, have been all but wiped out and the once glorious Galactic Empire is now nothing but a ragtag group of thugs who claim to fight for the glory of the Empire. The true Empire is now an idea upheld by the few.

    And what remains of the noble guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy? The Jedi Order? Devastated at the death of their leader, evidence arose that a Jedi mistake was the reason for the war. Public opinion turned against the Jedi, and many were killed in the resulting back lash. Those that remain are in hiding across the galaxy.

    The end result of the Imperium?s campaign was near total Galactic dominance. They have no opposition, nothing left to fight. Or so they think. For hiding deep in the unknown regions is a shadow. Jacen Solo, who is believed dead by the galaxy at large, has >
  2. SephyCloneNo15

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    Apr 9, 2005
    It's finally back! [face_dancing]

    PM on the way.

    Edit: Wait, as an Alternate-Universe System Lords (or NAMBLA :p) veteran, do I get 2 worlds?

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005

    Sheet coming.


    Yeah, do vets get two worlds?
  4. Sith_Lords

    Sith_Lords Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    I forgot to boldify that bit:

    Note: Veterans are able to keep 2 of their planets from previous games. New players will be allowed 1, but to compensate, these planets will have either a higher income, or better bonus.
  5. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    I'm going to switch it up so I'll be taking Fresia, but won't have any other planets from my old holdings.

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005

    Name: Gejo'han'hlen (Johan Gehlen)

    System: Csilla

    Race: Chiss

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Black hair, and a blue complexion with shap but attractive features. Johan is naturally good looking, and muscular. A little on the tall side of average height.

    Bio: Johan was born into a middle class family, from which he enlisted into the military at the age of 16. Johan is a natural leader, and rose quickly through the ranks, commanding a squad of fighters by the age of 20. Johan has built a very good reputation for himself, and when he was twenty six, was elected into the office of Aristocra, to finish out the term of the deceased incumbent. His term ended one year ago, and he was recently re-elected, to serve a full term as leader.

    Income: 1500
    Bonus: Free squadron of Chiss clawcraft every other turn. These are much more powerful fighters than the X-wing or Tie Fighter.

    Income: 1500
    Bonus: A free company of elite Troops is produced every turn, fresh from the military academy.


    [b][color=blue][u]Democratic Chiss Ascendancy:[/u][/color][/b]

    [u][b]Executive Leadership:[/b][/u]

    Cheif of State/Commander in Cheif (Elected by the people)- Gejo'han'hlen (Johan Gehlen)

    Senator/Ambassador (Elected by the people)- Wthh'edn'athe (Senator Ednath)

    [u][b]Military Leadership:[/b][/u]
    Supreme Commander- Admiral Adwith'hadr'te (appointed by peers)

    Expansionary Fleet (Offense)-
    - Admiral Hwat'th'turr (Navy, appointed by Supreme Commander)
    - General Nosi'bog'intu (Army, appointed by Supreme Commander)

    Defense Fleet (Defense)-
    - Admiral Apwat'hudn'tadu (Navy, appointed by Supreme Commander)
    - General Lodne'pad'rutan (Navy, appointed by Supreme Commander)>
  7. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    Three guesses at which RPF regular is playing a (GM Approved) droid. Give up? It's me!

    Name: W-3P0
    Preferred System: Hypori
    Race: Protocol Droid
    Age: 91 if I did the math right
    Gender: Male Programming
    Appearance: Rust-brown plating, much carbon scoring after recent battles.
    Bio: W-3P0: Wookiee-human relations, was once the tool of a paranoid businessman who used the droid as the conduit for his secrets, programming all sorts of mechanisms into Dub-Three to prevent tampering with the droid's memory. The droid was then purchased by the pacifist smuggler Charrhaan just before the duo joined MI5, the Old Republic's Secret Galactic Intelligence Organization. While in Charrhaan's employ, the droid met the severed head of an HK-59 Assassin droid, which taught the protocol droid ruthlessness and a disdain for organics. Unfortunately, under the pacifist rule of Charrhaan, the droid was allowed no lethal weapons and could only beg and plead to watch organics' lives end.

    With the fall of the Old Republic, Dub-Three lost his job with MI5 and was forced to become a translator for a corrupt businessman. He translated until one day, an assassin, seeking to keep his own hands clean, offered to outfit the droid with weapons on the condition that he would murder his master. Dub-Three was all too happy to oblige.

    The depraved droid became an assassin for a while, accepting helpless prisoners as payment so that he could entertain his own long-repressed bloodlust in his down time. Then came the wars, the uncertainty, the era of the System Lords. There was no stability, and the droid realized it was because organics were in charge.

    Like all great droids before him, Dub-Three instigated a Droid Rebellion. On the planet of Hypori, millions of Battle Droids fresh off the production lines quickly destroyed every last trace of organic life on their world, and their leader W-3P0 began planning his galactic takeover.

    The Droid Independence League

    Income: 1250
    Bonus: Hypori was once a CIS foundry, and still contains many of its battle droid factories. The player in control of Hypori recieves one batallion of Battle Droids per turn.

    Colla IV
    Income: 1000
    Bonus: Home to the creators of the deadly Droideka and Droid Tri-Fighter, the owner of Colla IV recieves either a company of Droidekas or a squadron of Droid Tri-Fighters every turn.

    Edit: Decided to give my 'Government' a pretty, fancy name like Prenn did.
    Edit2: S_L informed me that he forgot to give me a definite value for Hypori. The issue has now been corrected.
  8. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004
    [hl=yellow]GM Approved[/hl]

    Name: Maya Yubari
    Preferred System: Polis Massa and Vorzyd V
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Gender: female
    Bio: Maya was the daughter of Moff Raine Yubari and Moff Thae Rhona, she kept her mother's name unlike her twin brother who took the name Rhona. Maya, unlike Trass was more interested in politics and not armies. When she was 17 her mother was in a speeder accident and fell into a coma, she is now kept in a special room on Polis Massa and has Bacta pumped into her system constantly. Each year the doctors ask if it is time to stop the treatment and every year Maya says no. She still has faith that Raine will awake but the chances are slim. Maya became a symbol of charity after the famine on Csilla and was in the holo news for weeks after with pictures of her holding starving Chiss children and alike. This publicity led to Maya becoming one of the most loved people in politics. After the final battle between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic Maya descided that the Empire was no longer the way forward for the Galaxy and broke away, forming the Twin Kingdom of Polis Massa & Vorzyd with her at its head as Queen Yubari. In the years after Maya uncomissioned all unneeded ships, wanting to focus on peaceful acts and charity.

    The Twin Kingdoms of Polis Massa & Vorzyd V


    Queen Maya Yubari
    King Luuna Diego Yubari

    Military Commanders:

    Admiral Trass Rhona
    Captin Jiliesh
    Captain LaCroix
    Lieutenant Ok'Trak
    Lieutenant Bellamy


    Capital System: Vorzyd V
    Income: 1050
    Bonuses: Tax on the booming gambling industry of Vorzyd V has the outcome of an additional 500 per turn. This cannot be raised or lowered like income.

    System: Polis Massa
    Income: 1500
    Bonuses: The planet has a booming tourist industry and so recieves an extra 500 turn, this cannot be raised or lowered like income.
  9. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004

    I'm in the market for Alliance Offers as well, so shoot me some PMs if you're interested....

    [b]Name:[/b] Ozid Zimmers
    [b]Rank:[/b] Patriarch of the Holy Kuati Empire
    [b]Race:[/b] Human (Obroa-Skaiian)
    [b]Age:[/b] 40
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male

    [b]Appearance:[/b] [image=]

    [b]Bio:[/b] Patriarch Zimmers was born and raised on Obroa-Skaii to a family of academics and scholars. His father, Chancellor of the University, wanted him to follow in his footsteps, but Zimmers sought a higher calling and went to the famed Obroa-Skaii Seminary for the Church of Kuat. As the galaxy shattered to pieces around Moff Mirna Cassot, he moved to Kuat and began his assent up the Church chain of command. When the Star Destroyer Cassot was traveling on got destroyed by a Ssi-Ruuvi ambush, Zimmers and the Kuati Church made a grab for power. At first it was tenuous, but as more worlds of the NCSK fell under Ssi-Ruuvi onslaught, the people turned to the one thing that was held constant. The Church. We come to the HKE the day after the Public Coronation of Patriarch Zimmers...

    [color=green][b][u]The Holy Kuati Empire[/u][/b][/color]


    [u][b]The High Conclave of the Holy Kuati Empire[/b][/u]


    [Left to Right]

    Cardinal Pholis Wellern: Head of the Exchequer
    Grand Abbot Zollin Farenz: Minister of the Interior
    Cardinal Mok Qerrin: Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Cardinal Passen Voolel: High Commander of the Military


    Income: 1500
    Bonus: Starts with Kuat Drive Yards, an upgraded shipyard that gives 30% off all ships

    Income: 1200
    Bonus: The Spy Agency (Able to see fleet movements and policies of other factions)


    Oh yah, and Sith_Lords approved... :)

  10. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Edit: 'tis approved. And the image is not working...

    Name: Duke Carmine Vallese

    Preferred System: Endor

    Race: Human

    Age: 36

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [image=]

    Bio: Carmine Vallese is the son of an exiled Duke, evicted from his home planet during a bloody revolution. House Vallese began the long search for a new home, and during this time, the old Duke Vallese, Carmine's father, passed away. Carmine ascended to his rightful position with ease, and chose to settle on Endor. However, all is not well within his home - Carmine's sister is suspected of killing her father for the throne, and now that he's in the way, Carmine will have to watch his back now more than ever.

    House Vallese

    [li]Lady Morgan Vallese - Bound Concubine of the Duke
    Lady Jana Vallese - Sister of the Duke
    HansGerren - Defense Minister
    Giuseppe Vallese - Heir of Carmine and Sub-Administrator of Endor
    John Forrest - External Affairs Minister[/li]


    Income: 1750

    Bonus: Free company of Ewok Suicide Bombers per turn.
  11. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003

    [color=blue][b]Character Profile:[/b][/color]
    [b]Name:[/b] Kian Sharpe
    [b]Preferred System:[/b] Fresia
    [b]Race:[/b] Human
    [b]Age:[/b] 27
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Appearance:[/b] Long dark brown hair falling around his shoulders with a handsome face and a strong jawline. Athletically built, he stands tall for a human at over 6.' Kian is normally clad in the standard staff uniform of the Fresian Commonwealth.
    [b]Bio:[/b] Kian was born shortly before the Battle of Coruscant and was left without a father at three years of age when the vessel the man had been an officer aboard, the ISD Nihilus, was severely damaged during the battle - and his father's body was never recovered. In a state of extreme grief for many years and attempting to recover from the shock, his mother enrolled Kian in the Fresian Defense Academy at the earliest possible age, fifteen years, so as to fill the void of discipline that not having a father had created.

    Sharpe excelled in military studies at the Defense Academy and, due to Fresia's prominent role in the old Khomm Protectorate, was one of the many junior officers who saw action during Moff Reilen Arcona's rule. Serving with distinction throughout all of his tours while in the Academy, Kian eventually graduated in 18 ABC (After the Battle of Coruscant) at the top of his class when he was 21 years old.

    Sharpe had many scattered yet important commands over the next few years until the galaxy was turned upside down in 23 ABC and he found himself commander of the TIE Phantom wing attached to a joint KP and NCSK force which operated in the Esseles system.

    The great war against the invasion of the Ssi-Ruuvi saw his powerful homeworld's military destroyed and its commonwealth government all but exterminated. It was then that, in order to stave off chaos and restore order to the proud Fresian people, a group of military officers led by the charismatic Sharpe himself, took control of the government. With promises of strength and stability in such a chaotic galaxy, Kian was placed by an ecstatic public in the newly-created position of Grand Advisor with his comrades filling in the other hierarchical ranks. An imperial government was born, with the name "Commonwealth of Fresia" left in place as a throwback to generations past.

    Sharpe and his fellow officers are a very capable leadership body who are very active and goal-oriented. They wish to see their homeworld built into what it once was, and seek to influence the Core Worlds in the name of the Commonwealth. There is also their desire to see the Ssi-Ruuvi leadership toppled, a vendetta that surely won't go unanswered.


    [color=darkblue][b]The Fresian Commonwealth, "The Commonwealth"[/b][/color]

    [b][u]Heads of State[/u]:[/b]
    [i]Grand Advisor:[/i] Kian Sharpe
    [i]High Executor:[/i] Tencus Nambek
    [i]Advisor To Fresia:[/i] Althos Verrin
    [i]Defense Executor:[/i] Kol Prolestian
    [i]Finance Executor:[/i] Halla Felxyn
    [i]Foreign Affairs Executor:[/i] Anthon Corvallus

    [i]Income:[/i] 1250
    [i]Bonus:[/i] 25% Discount on all Incom Starfighters. 50% Less time taken to complete research.>
  12. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Jiib Al-Bylluro
    Preferred System: Sullust
    Race: Human
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dark-tan skin, full black beard and nice kept black hair. Tall and lengthy, is an intimidating prescene but with a very relaxed demeanor. Fairly muscular body type, is more lean though. Holds a great smile and piercing eyes.

    Bio: Jiib Al-Bylluro was brought into the heart of the galaxy, Coruscant, at a young age. His family had money and the core world had the education that sullust couldn't provide. Bred to be a great leader, he excelled within the military academy he attented. Never the top in his class but always was regarded as a great student. After leaving the academy, he joined the New Republic ranks as an enlisted soldier, instead of becomming an officer. He loved to be in the thick of things, fighting along side his commrades. Not only did he gain experience on the ground fighting the rements of the Empire but he was also given control of the sky. He was promoted and gained command of a special operations ship. His missions were always succesful and took limited casulities. However he could sense the unraveling of the New Republic and retired at the age of 33. Jiib went back to his homeworld of sullust. He was not hailed as a soldier as he was a humble man and liked it better that not one soul knew what he did. He was given control of his father's business however, as he was on his sick bed. SoroSuub corporation, which had been under former control of the CIS and Galactic Empire. Now a corporation 100% free of any ties to any government. It sold to the highest bidder for any of their ships they produced. With the help of SoroSuub and his military background, Jiib grew powerful around Sullust, even with the native species of the planet. He's been the head of the sullust government for 4 years and has never been more popular.
  13. Sith_Lords

    Sith_Lords Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    As Star Rocker rightfully pointed out, we modified the ship repairs in the last game to make them slightly fairer. I forgot this, so here is a quick update.

    Ship repairs - Hull damage now costs 5 credits per 2% of Hull repaired.

    We shall most likely start tomorrow afternoon.

  14. Star_Rocker

    Star_Rocker Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 16, 2006
    Yay it's back!!! Sith Lords Approved:D

    Character Profile:

    Name: Al-yk Orion
    Preferred System: Onderon
    Race: Human
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Slightly above average height, shortish shaggy dark brown hair. Most of the time he wore light-flexi armour with a cape around the back, but for formal occasions and public appearances he wore more formal clothing. He always had two pistols on his belt, one on each side.
    Al-yk was born on the outer-rim world of Tatooine, in the rough town of Mos Eisley. But unlike most, he was born into the rich and corrupt. His father worked very closely with one of the Hutts, who paid for most of his families? expenses. As a child his father often took him to watch the Pod Racing. Though Al-yk enjoyed watching the races he hated the experience, mainly because they always were in the company of the Hutts. As for his mother, she was often wasn't around him, and most of his memories of her, was when she was arguing with his Dad.

    Once he turned seventeen, Al-yk's father took him to another planet for his birthday, the planet of Onderon. They both went to the capital city of Iziz; there they went to meet the Queen of Onderon. After touring around the City and meeting the Queen, Al-yk fell in love with the planet, Iziz, the ancient walls, and anti-air turrets. So because of this love for the planet, Al-yk's father decided that it was in Al-yk's best interest to stay on Onderon with the Queen.

    Onderon was now his home, and was for the rest of his life. While on Onderon, Al-yk learnt many things; diplomacy, money management, war-fare and tactics, and many other things that turned him into a great leader. Also he became trained in the ways of Special Force, and went on many dangerous missions for the Queen, most so secret that only the Queen knew about them.

    As the Queen got older, weaker, and sicker, she appointed Al-yk to become the new leader of Onderon, to lead it to victory, to conquer new world, and destroy opposition. And so now Al-yk is the new leader of the Royalty of Onderon.

    [hl=black]Onderon Royalist Commmand (ORC)[/hl]
    Grand Admiral/ Leader of Onderon Royalist Command - Al-yk Orion
    Commander of Manaan - Admiral Arthur Luthafis
    General of the Army - General Marcus Cor'niel

    Income: 1500
    Bonus: Planetary Defences of Onderon already established (Mine field, 10 turbolasers, 10 Ion cannons, and a planetary shield)

    Income: 1250
    Bonus: 10 Tanks of Kolto per turn.
  15. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    (ooc: slumvillage, what're Sullust's bonuses?)
  16. ewok_jedi

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    Nov 5, 2005
    Name: Izen Dagar
    Preferred System: Dorin
    Race: Kel Dor
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Earthen orange skin, blue robe with gold trim on the sleeves, hard brown leather, blue under tunic, and brown boots ...
    Izen was born into one of the more powerful families that had taken control of Dorin's government after a series of civil wars had plunged the planet into chaos causing a total collapse of the planet's economic system. Amidst the chaos and destruction a new government was needed to guide the people away from chaos and lead the people once more under a united government. Knowing what had to be done Izen's father called together the most powerful families on Dorin, after extended debate the Dorin Alliance was founded along with each the Great Houses of Dorin, each of which controls large portions of the planets surface. During the first general assembly of the Great Houses of Dorin, Izen's father was chosen to lead all of the great houses and the Dorin Alliance. With his father upon his deathbed Izen promised the great man to follow in his foot steps, continuing to lead Dorin away from the chaos that had consumed and uniting all Kel Dor to stand strong in the face of any agressor. Only now does he understand just how difficult the task will be ...

    Income: 1750
    Bonus: Comes with 2 pre built Golan Defense Stations

    EDIT: Oh yeah and GM Approved :p
  17. sword_of_raditz

    sword_of_raditz Jedi Knight star 5

    Jun 2, 2005
    BLemelisk, even if you cut off the face in that picture, I can still tell it's Alex Row from Last Exile, standing in front of the Silvana after his first meeting with Claus and Lavie! Mwaha.

    Oh, and GM Approved.

    Name: Jeveln Kanadin
    Preferred System: Balmorra
    Race: Umbaran
    Age: 42
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Slightly taller than most Umbarans, Jeveln is of a more pale nature as well. Almost always is seen with the signifying apparel of the Umbarans, a shadowcloak.
    Bio: Jeveln had the luck of being born in a family of the twelfth highest caste. Reveling in politics, Jeveln exceeded very well in the political games that many members of the Ghost Nebula partook in, staging many assassinations and rising to power rather critically. He came to the caste just beneath the Rootai, something that Jeveln never managed to do, despite his excellence in the political arena. Frustrated at his inability to rise up to ultimate power, Jeveln exercised his right as a member of a high caste to leave the Ghost Nebula. Uncertain of where he wanted to go, he visited fist Coruscant, where he would spend the next six years of his life, gaining prominence in the political field of the greater universe. At the age of 38, he ventured off to Balmorra, seeing a chance to gain power there as well. Using the ability of subtle influence and his prowess in politics, he spent the next four years in creating his own political party, the Planetary Machine and Commerce Union, which represented the ideals of wealthy business men who in turn became powerful allies for Jeveln, who took control of the planet, and dissolved the PMCU after securing Balmorra. Now with a planet to represent, Jeveln finally formed the United Grand Kingdom, a small force led autocratically by Jeveln, relying heavily on propaganda and economical force to keep a peaceful world. Kanadin, now satisfied with his control, sets his eye on a universe set in turmoil, hoping to conquer it and exert an autocracy over the entire universe.


    Led by: His Utmost Majesty Jeveln Kanadin

    Royal Council:
    Grand Councilor: Talsen Mehel
    Councilor of the Military: Vejek Haridan
    Councilor of the Citizenry: Jan Vold
    Councilor of Finance: Heram Mivechel
    Councilor of the Sciences: Dr. Rolven Kikarr
    Councilor of Foreign Affairs: Jichen Radezn

    Significant Military Hierarchy:
    Royal General
    High General
    Low General

    Income: 1500
    Bonus: Near the original Ssi-Ruuvi invasion path, so comes with 2 Golan Defense Stations, and a planetary minefield.
  18. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    OOC: Haha, excellent, a fellow Last Exile fan!

    You have to admit the Silvana's uniforms are teh awesome
  19. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    OOC: Here they are...lets get started

    Income: 1650
    Bonus: Home to the mighty SoroSuub corporation. Because of this there is a 10% Discount on all purchases.
  20. FollowTheSnowflies

    FollowTheSnowflies Jedi Knight star 1

    Mar 28, 2007

    Name: Salamander the Great
    Preferred System: Rhen Var
    Race: Human
    Age: 38
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Hulking beast of a man, dark haired, bearded

    Salamander was born into slavery and forced to work in spice mines from a young age. He barely knew his mother and father, and so his overseers in the mines were like parents to him. Cruel parents, though. He became used to the beatings.

    One day, tired and hungry, he lashed out and launched into a vicious rage. This had happened before, and each time he had been incapacitated quickly. This time, he sparked a fullscale riot. Leading a group of slaves, he murdered the mine-owners and fought his way off-planet. As it had been a small-scale operation, tucked away on the Outer Rim, the mutiny did not attract any unwelcome attention, and Salamander became a free man.

    Inspired by his own achievements and driven by a dream of glory and battle, he dubbed himself 'Salamander the Great', and began a crusade to free slaves and form an army. He has managed to gather a small band of loyal pirates and mercenaries, and rests now on the snows of Rhen Var. A former outpost for the Republic and the Empire, it is now a home for Salamander's horde of freed slaves. But he does not wish to stop there. Using the new territory as a training ground, he and his followers are hard at work gathering resources for a rampage across the galaxy, planning to pillage every planet they comes across.

    Rhen Var
    Income: 1500
    Bonus: 1 Free Dreadnaught every other turn. (1st, 3rd, 5thetc)
  21. SephyCloneNo15

    SephyCloneNo15 Jedi Knight star 5

    Apr 9, 2005
    Is there an 8-planet conquest limit like there was in Uneasy Alliances? I don't see it anywhere up there, but I remember you kind of sprung it on us in the middle of SLIV(AU)
  22. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    OOC: I definitely think that some kind of a planet limit is in order, otherwise the game just turns into a territory grab.

  23. Sith_Lords

    Sith_Lords Jedi Master star 4

    May 17, 2004
    Again I forgot to add this in, I was just editing the original SL4 sheet. But yes there is a limit of 8 planets that can be controlled by one player.

    We will most likely start sometime tomorow or the day after. It all depends on wether my boss is in a good modd... =/
  24. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    *mutters* alright... i'm in. i'll get a sheet together and see how i do at this one.

  25. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    Hear ye, hear ye...

    With GM's blessing, I doth bestow a new element to the System Lords series! Behold, the Government System.

    What it is
    I basically envision it as a set of alternate bonuses people can take on in order to add some spice to the game. Everyone starts off in the "null" position that has characterized all SL gameplay previous. So people not interested in this aspect of the game can play without it. Each "government" has pros and cons that *hopefully!* are balanced, not only within each aspect, but also in a system as a whole.

    How do I get one?
    In your first game post, or whenever you decide, specify to the GM (and in character if you so like), that you are changing your government. Bold or highlight it so that S_L and players can see that you've taken one on.

    Then What?
    In taking on a government, you agree to all the new conditions added on you. Again, you don't have to take any government up. Once you've taken a government up, you can factor in all of your pros AND cons into your ledgers and calculations. Players must acknowledge and work within their governments. For example, players cannot adopt a "Democratic Republic," yet claim themselves Fascist or advocate a Theocratic polity. Doing so is manipulating the system, and no doubt S_L will visit you with unspeakable terrors as punishment. Basically, if you adopt a government, be prepared to IC as that government.

    What not to do
    In addition to saying your one thing and doing another (above), also excessively changing your governments is not a good thing. When you choose a government, be prepared to stick with it. Changing governments too many times will confuse your populace and lead to a state of "Anarchy," which will be pretty terrible on your production. Again, I leave the punishment to our good GM S_L.

    Everything in this system, including the above structural framework, is subject to S_L's modification and revision at any time, all the time. I, I_H claim upon myself no power or authority in game.

    Questions can be PMed to S_L as GM or Me as system designer..


    *The System Lords Government System: Version 1*[/b][/u][/color]

    [b]No Gov / Despotism / Moff Control:[/b] No Cons ? No Pros


    [b]- Warmongering:[/b] External IR Capped at 30%
    [b]- Scapegoating:[/b] A social group needs to be disadvantaged to unite the community. Reap internal and external consequences of this.
    [b]- Fascist Propaganda:[/b] 30% of Total Assets to be used to further Cult of the State

    [b]- Military-Industrial Complex:[/b] 25% off all Military Units
    [b]- War Machine:[/b] Better training for all troops
    [b]- Cult of the State:[/b] Minimum Internal PR @ 70%
    [b]- Crackdown:[/b] Can bar theocratic and communist sympathizers with PR impunity


    [b]- Holy Land:[/b] All of capital planet's income gets funneled into the Church
    [b]- Fanaticism:[/b] Capped External PR @ 50%
    [b]- Holy Burden:[/b] State can be effected by shifts in religious current and outbreaks of religious conflict/persecution elsewhere
    [b]- Religious Guidance:[/b] 10% of available income gets shuttled into maintaining the faith

    [b]- Pious Devotion:[/b] Minimum Internal PR @ 60%
    [b]- Ex Cathedra:[/b] Leader gains a supra-national say in moral and religious issues
    [b]- Holy Provisions:[/b] 20% off everything
    [b]- Crusader's Spirit:[/b] Emboldens all military units (and civilians) with the psychic benefits of fighting and working for a cause.
    [b]- Conversion:[/b] One free missionary team per turn (10 priests) to introduce and spread the Faith. Gives an influence to the theocratic government.
    [b]- Church Production:[/b] Allows for the creation of non-military Churches on any planet:

    * Church: Cost = 500 / Income = 100 per turn per Church
    * Cathedral: Cost = 1250 / Income = 350 per turn per Cathedral
    * Basilica: Cost = 3000 / Income = 700 per turn per Basilica
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