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    Tales from the ABYverse

    The ABYverse covers RPGs that run as far back as 200 BBY, referencing games and events as far back as 30,000 BBY, and as far forward as 600 ABY. The continuity is immense. But the sandbox does not make for easy playing. Many games find themselves dipping heavily into the past, be it a few decades earlier, or even a few millennia.

    This thread is designed to enable players to knit together offshoot plotlines, dabble in backstories, and maybe even add a few pages to the overall story. The intention is to enable users and posters to go further than the main plotline may allow for, and to even throw together their own direction apart from the larger games such as 128 ABY and 129 ABY, or the more focused stories such as those set in 41 ABY and 133 ABY. If a player wanted to roleplay out a scene between their character and another in 145 ABY, but none of the current games covered that era, or play around with some ancestors set in 188 BBY which they couldn?t include in the main story too well? this is the place for you.

    There will be no overall GM of the thread, just co-GMs, running their various sections and games. The thread belongs to the franchise, the body corporate, of which the leading directors could be said to be various ever-changing individuals. The administrator is the Executive Co-GM, which itself has his/her/its headquarters in the resource thread dedicated to the ABYverse.

    A few important rules to the Tales thread.

    1. The ToS still applies, no matter what.

    2. The Executive Co-GM does not control the thread, their role is largely to administrate, and to make sure that issues and plotlines stay distinct. PM them to request an entry into the Tales thread. It is largely down to them as to whether the thread can take anymore weight.

    3. An addition to the posting precedent, beyond the IC, TAG and other obvious pieces, is the year of your entry, or, where possible, a story tag. For example, a story/entry entitled ?Death Duel? should be referred to by each of the posters taking part in it, so as to avoid confusion.

    4. While this thread will not obvious count towards the Co-GMs total of running games, it is advisable not to overtax yourselves, Co-GMs. The thread is designed to alleviate the desire to take a plot idea and turn it into a short-lived thread which doesn?t have the infrastructure to support it.

    5. Original Characters that have been created by other players are off-limits to other players unless their approval has been given to the Executive Co-GM via PM from the original creator. Canon characters are not influenced by this restriction, but note continuity concerns will be strictly enforced so as to note cause issues in the overall series.

    6. And most importantly; have fun.
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    Current Games

    - 145 ABY - Shadow Trials
    - 100 ABY - The Destruction of Nyssa
    - 135 ABY - The Witch and the Dragon

    [link=]The ABYverse Resource Discussion Thread[/link]
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    Shadow Trials

    The year is 145 ABY.

    The One Sith War is long behind the members of the Dominion of Darkness,

    The Shadow War has left their numbers depleted, their leadership in disarray,

    They flee through the uncharted depths of the Unknown Regions from Lehon,

    But where lies the greatest danger? The enemies they could come across...

    Or the ones that they carry among the Sith fleet?


    Welcome to the Shadow Trials. The Dominion of Darkness is fleeing deeper into the Unknown Regions in search of themselves. There are largely split into myriad factions, all focused around the Pit. Enacted by the surviving Sith, the Pit is an arena designed to wean out weak Sith and give birth to a new generation of Sith leaders that can resurrect the order. The Pit is hosted upon the Sith flagship, the battered wreck of a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer rechristened the Dark Renewal, surrounded by smaller Sith vessels, and filled with intrigue and mayhem. Apart from this internal effort are the Aggressors, the scouts of the Dominion, who seek to be above the disaster and focus on the survival of the order. The Aggressors are a neutral faction, running parallel to the Dark Masters and the other factions of the Dominion; be they traitors, spies, former One Sith Dragons, or old-die-hard Dominion Sith.


    The Dark Masters

    The Dominions reformists, they pressure the machinations of the Pit hard, intending to force a solution out of the chaos - not that they can agree, often, how this should be done. Champions arise and fall, at their whim. Paranoia, deceit, betrayal - poisoning, torturing, murder - nothing is beyond this new generation of Lords and Masters.


    Former members of the One Sith, who defected not a few months ago following the revelation of Darth Krayts untimely demise and abandonment of the Dragons on Lehon for years. The Dragons have joined the Dominion in body but not necessarily soul. They have their own opinions as to how the Dominion should recover from the disasters that have befell the Sith as a body.


    The scouts of the Dominion, independent of the order and focused upon scouting the way into the dark. They answer to the Dark Masters, nominally, but are often beyond their reach, and often act on their own instincts in the field - regardless of their orders. There is quiet friction between the Aggressors and Dark Masters, but both factions are busy with their own responsibilities.

    Character Sheets

    You may submit a character sheet of your design, but, bare minimum, it must include this;

    Sith Name:

    Personal effects:



    Beyond the rules of the thread (see first post), generally, be good. Oh, and don't forget to put '145 ABY' before all your posts so that everyone knows whose story is whose. CSes to the Dark Lord i.e. Sinrebirth! Note, that faction leaders will have a chunk of responsibility for plotlines as much as the Dark Lord. Many of you are adept roleplayers, and do not require hand-holding - you're Sith!
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    [hl=black]Sinre Approved[/hl]

    Sith Name: Darth Sicarius
    Name: Baka Uragiru
    Age: 836
    Species: Anzati
    Homeworld: Anzat
    Appearance: In a word, unkept. His skin is dry and cracked, his hair unwashed. The clothing he wears is ragged and dingy. Usually smells of decay and mold.
    Personality: Knows nothing of true loyalty, friendship or trust. Will follow others if he feels it will benefit him, but will not hesitate to betray if he sees gain in it. Is cruel and cold hearted, others are but tools for him to use or lowly nerfs for him to feed upon. Unpredictable.
    Personal effects:
    Skills: Sith Sorcery and Alchemy. A master in the art of creating poisons and toxins. Espionage. Torture.
    Weapons: Red bladed lightsaber with a yorik coral-hilt, [link=]concealed dart launcher[/link].
    Vessel: Modified [link=]Sigma-class long-range shuttle[/link]
    Cargo capacity: 20 tons; Current Cargo: 3 Predator-class starfighters; 3
    [link=]FEG-series pilot droids[/link], 3 [link=]IX-6 heavy combat droids[/link]; 1 [link=]3Z3 medical droid[/link], Crew: 1 Passenger limit: 10

    Biography: Who Darth Sicarius really is and where he came from is a mystery to most, if not all, who know him. He was brought to the One Sith through what seemed like random chance only a few years after the Second Galactic Civil War, and immediately Lord Krayt and the original Darth Wyyrlok recognized his potential. At the time they suspected him to have some connection to the Assassin Kell Douro, though that suspicion was only due to them both being Anzati, but no undeniable evidence was ever revealed nor has Baka himself ever confirmed that.

    Regardless of the truth about his life prior to joining the Sith Baka has been a member of the One Sith for over 10 decades, though for much of that time he was content to stay in the background and hone his natural ability to inflict torture on others and learn as much about ancient Sith Magic that he could. Having the benefit of a life that could potentially last for millennia he had the ability to wait, and learn, and plot. While other lesser species raced about in a hurry to achieve their dreams and ambitions, Baka could sit in the shadows and watch them to fight for the scraps of Krayt's elite.

    About 30 years ago Baka began a gradual but noticeable decline into madness, at times he can appear to be fully aware of conscious of his actions?at others he mumbles to himself and seems to have no direction or purpose.

    Many have written him off as a lunatic too dangerous to keep around, others have tried to utilize his skills at torture and unlock his vast wealth of knowledge in both Alchemy and Sorcery. Almost all give him a wide berth for their own safety, as well as to keep clear of his smell.

    After learning of Darth Krayt's death Baka saw no reason to stay with the One Sith, he feels that he was able to learn all that he could from them and now looks to new sources of knowledge and fresh soup to feed upon. His desires are not yet known, possibly even to himself, but regardless he has chosen to throw his lot in with the Dominion.

    "I am that which grips the heart in fright,
    Harkens night and silences the light."
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    ~ Character Sheet ~
    Sith Title: Darth Strages(stray-jis)
    Name: Lucian Sal
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Procopia

    Appearance -
    Armor: Black, and inlaid with a cortosis weave to protect the wearer from saber damage.
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 270lbs
    Build: Athletic Muscular

    Affiliation: The Dragons
    Rank: Lord
    Weapon Description: A Lightspear. The blade is adjustable with a maximum length of six feet, though some substances are harder to cut through at that setting, and the color fades to a silvery pink. The color of the blade is red, the hilt is silver with a counter weight on the bottom.

    Force Powers: Only two, Lightning, and Speed.

    Biography: He was born the son of a Mecrosa Assassin in service of House Mecetti, and begin training at the age of five. As is with most of the Assassins in order, he neglected all but two force powers. Their thoughts were that you could be more skilled with less variety. This is partly true, as most can never match one trained exclusively in a skill. He was recruited by Krayt when he was twenty-three and assigned to the dragons. He has slowly climbed their ranks since his inception into the group, and is now the second-in-command.

    Upon learning of Krayt's demise Strages defected to the Dominion, taking a most of the Dragons' with him. Politics not being his game, he fights in the arena to gain power. Despite having been an enemy of the Dominion, he has become a crowd favorite during his short time in the ring.

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    Sinre Approved!

    Sith Name: Darth Bursyrkr
    Name: Piotir Derridd
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Kuan

    Personality: Quick to anger and short tempered. Has a strong thirst for power and enjoys the thrill of battle. He doesn?t appreciate being looked down upon in any way.
    Personal effects:
    Weapons: Crimson bladed lightsaber, with a dark gunmetal, straight, slightly compact hilt, repeating blaster pistol.
    Vessel: Heavily modified [link=]Starlight-class freighter[/link]

    Biography: Piotir Derridd lived a life of relative hardship. He was conceived after his mother was raped, by the man who would ironically raise him through most of his life. His mother died in childbirth, and he was thus orphaned from birth, eventually picked up by his biological father ten years later.

    His childhood was all but gone at that point however, his father having only adopted him so he could do manual labor for him on his Nerf Ranch, essentially being enslaved. To top it all off, he was abused. Whenever he didn't do something right, he was whipped with a nerf prod, contributing to the many scars on his back.

    However, by the time he was 17 years old, Piotir had enough. In a confrontation with his father, he accidentally force pushed him onto the top of the Ranch's fence, which was electrically shielded, thus electrocuting his father to death. Piotir, finally free, ran away from home, in his father's freighter, vowing to never return again.

    Eventually, Piotir came across an unknown pyramid shaped artifact, that somehow he was drawn to. This was a Sith Holocron. Upon activating the holocron, the sith spirit who created the holocron appeared before him, who not only sensed his force ability, but his and anger and suffering. This spirit, was Darth Insipid, who saw great potential for him as a Sith, and took him as his apprentice, under one condition. Piotir was to help Insipid with the process of returning to a corporeal body.

    In 133 ABY, Insipid entered a body "made available" by Piotir, and then the two of them, Master and Apprentice, joined the Dominion of Darkness.

    After a while, Insipid helped Piotir come to realize what power he had, but deep down inside, he craved more.

    Eventually, two years later, the Dominion came under attack by the One Sith. In the fighting, Piotir proved himself to be quite the formidable warrior, even for an apprentice. It wasn't long before he was made a Marauder, in 140 ABY, at the age of 25.

    After the Shadow War, Piotir was forced to do battle against other Sith once more, in the pit, and he?s certainly not prepared to die.
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    Sith Name: Darth Ventris
    Name: Tantric Vos
    Age: 77
    Species: Kiffar
    Homeworld: Kiffu
    Faction: The Dark Masters
    Appearance: Tantric stood just taller than six feet and weighed roughly eighty-four kilograms. He had olive-hued skin and wore a matted head of dreadlocks. His eyes were the bright orange-red of the corrupted, but that was the only feature that gave his nature away. Tantric took terrific care of his body; making sure his nails and toes were cleaned and cut, and keeping his teeth a brilliant pearly white. He wore all colors of jumpsuits beneath old armor of black Sullust leather, now imbued with the resistant power of the Force. His ankles, legs and feet were wrapped in a canvas-like material. Tantric used the same material to wrap his wrists and hands, as well. In order to give himself the appearance of an aging man, Tantric took to wearing a patchy black cloak. Tantric had the Vos family tattoos on his face and arm.
    Personality: Much can be said about Tantric Vos. He is of a puzzling sort. His speech is often ambiguous and circular. He is eccentric and, yet still very charming. He does not share the same lust and desire for power as many Sith. He is much more of an idealist. He had cunning enough to double-cross his Masters, leading to his rise to Dark Lord. And, when marooned on Lehon, he used his resources to allow them to escape the planet.
    Personal effects: A holo of his mother and his first lightsaber.
    Weapons: None
    Vessel: None

    Biography: Ventris is the son of Isis Stele and the Sheyf of Kiffu. Because of his father?s status on the planet, and previous affiliations, Ventris?s mother took him from Kiffu and trained him until he had learned everything he thought he could. He joined the Dominion as a boy an experienced swift success, though he was always something of a maverick. During his life, Ventris worked for Darth Insipid, who served as his main antagonist and rival. He worked for him until the Dominion suffered an agonizing defeat and was forced to retreat to Lehon. On planet, Ventris took power from the reigning Dark Lord and prepared the planet for an inevitable assault by the One Sith. Following the war on the planet and after flight capabilities were rediscovered, Ventris stepped down as Dark Lord, to allow the more ambitious Insipid his old seat. Ventris serves as the Dark Lord?s advisor. The Pit, the arena used to wean the Sith out of their weakened state, comes from one of Ventris?s many ideals about the philosophy of the Dark Side.

    Sith Name: Darth Mesiac
    Name: Artemis Stele
    Age: 25
    Species: Mixed specie
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Faction: The Aggressors
    Appearance: Artemis is breathtakingly beautiful, a trait that she took from her grandmother. She has a pale olive skin hue, with a clear, soft texture. Her body is tight, lithe and streamlined, indicating a life of training. She has clean teeth and nails, but her hair falls all over her head in bunches and dreads. Despite this, Artemis smells of black lilies. Artemis wears skintight two-piece jumpsuits; the top is cut off just below her elbow and the bottom stops mid-thigh. Artemis often doesn?t wear shoes.
    Personality: Artemis is dedicated and calm. She is organized and studious. At times, she can be intense, but she can also be very sweet. Artemis is cunning, manipulative and deceptive.
    Personal effects: None
    Weapons: Reverse-hilt red lightsaber.
    Vessel: None

    Biography: Artemis Stele is the result of around a hundred years of planning. She represents the efforts of three generations. Her entire life has been to train for one moment. She has never known a friend, but was taught manners, both formal and social. Artemis is the daughter of Horus Stele, who in turn, is the son of Isis Stele. One day in her past, Isis caught a glimpse of the future, which set this plan into motion. Artemis has been trained, in a variety of arts, with both Sith and Jedi origins, as well as other martial and Force techniques. Artemis was born as and trained to be an unstoppable force, a feat that she has managed to accomplish, thus f
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    Name: Darth Ardeur
    Age: 28 for this body (chronologically much older)
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Middle height, short brown hair, brown eyes, slim muscular build, tattoo on her right arm is the Sith symbol for ?Betrayal?
    Allegiance: Sith
    Weapons: Red lightsaber
    Affiliation: The Dark Masters
    Ship: [link=]Horizon-class Star Yacht[/link] with a starfighter in the hold

    Unknown home planet, Ardeur was found by the Sith at a young age. She was raised on Korriban at the Sith academy and thus Ardeur knows only how to fight and be a Sith. She trained next to Darth Insipid as they were growing up frequently sparring against him and conspiring their takeover of the Sith together. A bond formed between the two and he could not resist her beauty and ability to draw men to her. The two were lovers until after Insipid?s plan to put them in stasis and appear later in time when the Sith were more powerful. Ardeur was put in stasis against her will, resenting Insipid?s selfishness to keep her at his side.

    Ardeur stepped into leadership roles after the last major universe battle. She led both the Acolytes and the Dominion of Darkness, using her ruthless and cunning to maintain control of two of the most powerful force factions to ever exist. However, leading both has taken a toll on her, force-wise. She is weaker than before so she willingly stepped aside to allow the orders to remain and to preserve herself. She switched bodies to a younger one in the hopes that the other Sith wouldn?t notice her power weakening. Ardeur intends to find something to return her to her previous level of power or more.
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    Sinre Approved

    Character Sheet

    Sith Name: Darth Mystique
    Name: Rane?wen Nightcaster
    Age: 38 (chronologically older)
    Species: Morganian
    Homeworld: Onderon
    Faction: Dark Masters

    Height: 5?11
    Weight: 125
    Build: Athletic, Muscular but Feminine
    Hair: Dark Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: fair
    Markings: Sith Tattoo around her belly button, Corusci Gem belly button ring. Red Diamond tattoo in middle of her forehead

    Personality: Conniving, Secretive, Ambitious, and Vain. She is sarcastic with a razor sharp tongue in which she uses to insult all when she feels like it.

    Personal effects: R9 Astromech Droid named [link=]Gambit[/link]

    Weapons:[link=] Green Sabre,[/link] [link=] Red Sabre,[/link] [link=] Red Samurai - In Gambit[/link]

    Vessel:[link=] Serpent?s Tail Alias: Moon Sage[/link]


    After years of successfully leading the Dominion, her reign fell when infighting erupted in the Council of Lords. She was accused of taking control of the Sith and negating the Council. Outnumbered she fled to start anew. She watched from the shadows as the Sith Masters destroyed the very structure that she had build to preserve for the Sith. From there the Acolytes scattered to different factions of Sith. Mystique, herself waited before joining another faction.

    She placed herself among a smaller faction playing the role of an acolyte. This was only façade for intel was the true purpose of the mission. When Mystique gathered all the info that she needed she left the small band of Sith to carry on her own mission.

    In a secret location she used her mastery of Alchemy to create several creatures mixed with sub human DNA. After brainstorming for more ideas, one came to her. She used her own eggs from her ovaries and mixed them with a force sensitive species of unknown decent. Adding Alchemy to the mix it created a special type of sub-human. A strong force sensitive female with far more enhanced strength than an average sub-human. The female retained a sub-human form, which was to the liking of the Dark Lady.

    The female was her own pet. One that was completely loyal to her. Mystique continued to use alchemy on the child enhancing her body, making it stronger than normal. The female who was named Cree became more than a pet project for Mystique. She became her secret apprentice. She would use this apprentice to help her regain control of the Sith once more. Mystique stays in the shadows of the Dark Masters. No one knows of her apprentice and her plans.


    Character Sheet

    Sith Name: Darth Lilith
    Name: Cree
    Age: 19
    Species: Alchemy altered Sub-Human
    Homeworld: Unknown
    Faction: Aggressors

    Height: 5?10
    Weight: 120
    Build: Athletic, Muscular but Feminine
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: fair
    Markings: Thin chain tattoos on her left wrist saying Demon of the night.

    Personality: She is quiet, yet very observant. She is loyal to her creator and no one else. Suspicious of everyone around her. She is quick to take advantage of ones weaknesses. She is highly intelligent.

    Personal effects:
    Weapons: A red bladed shoto. An orange dual phase light saber.
    Vessel: [link=] "Lilith's Eve" Alias: Phantom[/link]


    She was created as a experiment from the secret labs of Darth Mystique. An egg taken from the dark lady herself and mixed with an unknown DNA. Adding the elements of a highly mastered sith alchemy, Cree was born. As a baby sh
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    Dominion Approved!

    Sith Name: Darth Insipid
    Name: Aden Kya
    Age: Chronologically 138, in reality, early twenties
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Created
    Appearance: [image=]

    Personality: Aden Kya - An independently minded Sith, ordinarily manipulative, inherently suspicious and things lowly of all things - himself especially, however these are just ancillary parts of his personality - he is deeply melancholy, afraid of the world at large... not that he would reveal that to anyone.
    Personal effects: None
    Skills: A master of telekinesis, mastering projected fighting and other mind-related feats.
    Weapons: Single crimson lightsaber, concealed holdout blaster and emerald shoto.
    Vessel: Modified [link=]AEG-77 Vigo-class gunboat[/link], modified with slave-rig and thus pilotable by one crew with 13 passengers.
    Cargo capacity: 25 tons; current cargo; three [link=]'Blur'-class TIEs[/link]
    Crew: 1 Passenger limit: 13; currently made up of 13 assassin droids, include YVH-1s, Human Replica Droids and Synthdroids.

    Biography: The tale of Darth Insipid runs from 7 ABY onwards. He has been many things; a boy, alone, a slave, a teen, a prisoner... and, finally, a Sith. But even then, he has been not just a Sith. He was a One Sith, and then a Dominion Sith... and then an Acolyte, and a Vapid... he has ruled cults, sprawling organisations, systems, sectors, regions, empires. He has loved, and been betrayed. And betrayed in return, of course, with spells in stasis and even a death spreading his schemes and efforts across the decades and the regions ? culminating in him learning how to hop between the anchors he had placed in his numerous bodies, leading several Sith cults which he wove into a Sith Imperium, cutting the Unknown Regions off from the main galaxy?

    That tale no longer holds true.

    At Lehon, Darth Ardeur severed this body from his master, and the sentient being within awoke, left with a mass of knowledge and power, and used it to save the Dominion of Darkness? unifying the elements that were loyal and disloyal, Dominion and Dragon, he now acts as Dark Lord, elected so by the masses.

    His name is still Darth Insipid, but he is someone truly new? and truly terrifying, to himself and to the Sith. Not quite a messianic figure, not quite a monster? what he is now, is unknown. But, for now, Darth Insipid will do.
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    IC: Darth Insipid
    Ready Room

    [blockquote]Darth Insipid looked quite different. With a tight fitting Imperial uniform on, less the khaki and entirely in black, he had his hands folded behind the small of his back and his hair cropped short, and, equally, dyed black. His one concession to being a Sith was that his sleeves were loose fitting, to best conceal his holdout blaster and lightsaber hilt. Otherwise he appeared an impeccably dressed Grand Admiral ? as the rank bars on his chest indicated.

    He was Dark Lord of the Sith again, but this was a spell different. He had never been Dark Lord of the Dominion of Darkness, not even as a maniac. And now this? doppelganger who was more comfortable responding to ?Kya? than Insipid, if a name was absolutely necessary, was such a rank. Standing in the ready room of the Dark Renewal and staring at the stars as they rolled passed, Kya reflected upon how he was unafraid of his peers. He acutely remembered how Insipid had constantly planned and feared and schemed and plotted?

    He turned back to Darth Ardeur and Darth Ventris, two of his closest advisors ? formerly members of the Lords, that eclectic group of Lords and Ladies. Now there was just the Advisors. He hated to start things off with a chat, but he had to do so, didn?t he? He was Dark Lord, and he had to keep an eye on such things. Darth Rellius was in charge of the bridge, though in all likelihood he was in the engineering chambers tweaking something or other.

    Insipid shook his sleeve, depositing his lightsaber in his hand, and calmly tossed it into the middle of the table. It was more than symbolism. It was truth. ?I?m not here to maintain my position as Dark Lord. I have been elected by the masses. I redeemed myself in fighting against the collapse we have so recently suffered.?

    He referred to the dismal end to the Battle of Lehon. After years of holding off the trapped Dragons, the fate of Darth Krayt had been revealed, and the jamming field was sabotaged, allowing the fleet of the original Darth Insipid to come. The subsequent events; the coup within the Dragons, Darth Ardeur?s success in severing Insipid from his clone, the capture and rehabilitation of the wreck of a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer and their escape, had been close to disastrous, but not impossibly so. Now they were on the run, and they had to make up their mind where to go next.

    Insipid snapped his fingers, and a recording was evident, projected from the centre of the table. It showed a star system they had passed through not two days ago, from a probe droid they had left behind to monitor their backs. A trio of angular Star Destroyers emerged from hyperspace ? roughly the same size as the Dark Renewal but shaped more like cones than arrows ? the modified Chiss-class Star Destroyers that were the signature vessels of the ?Sith Imperium?, the force which had struck at Lehon. The probe droid deftly sought to avoid turbolaser fire, but quickly fell to Sith-accurate fire.

    ?So our foes are not far behind us. The Aggressors are yet to report in from their scouting run rimward, but generally, we know that the Chiss are to the north of us, and the Ssi-Ruuvi, far to the south. There are other threats in the Unknown Regions, but we do not know them. Because of the presence of Chiss technology, we cannot be sure that the Chiss are potential foes or not, and we know the Ssi-Ruuk will take advantage of us if they can.?

    ?We have several options ahead of us, and we may have more when the Aggressors report in. But our options are limited for now. I expect that you two will have opinions for us. Do we proceed rimward, hoping to find a system which we can colonise? Do we seek allies? Do we study the Chiss? Do we flee coreward, and risk being discovered by the Jedi or Sith ? or whoever rules the galaxy now? Or do we keep going, until the Pit gives us the strength to stand and fight??

    Insipid scowled. There was very little more he could say. He needed advice; he had formed the Advisors not to consol
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    Sinrapproved! :D


    Sith Name: Darth Dreadwar
    Name: Azgath N'Dul
    Age: Chronologically, 110
    Species: Human, originally
    Homeworld: Utapau
    Affiliation: The Dark Masters




    A view of Indix's sun, orbital space stations and Darth Dreadwar.

    To describe Dreadwar as anything human is impossible; long ago, Dreadwar used Sith magic to separate his essence from his body, achieving a form of immortality. Dreadwar is nothing but a vast and awe-inspiring storm of whirling dark side energies; he, if he can be called a man any longer, has been described as looking like a hyperspace wormhole, or the funnel of a Force storm. Within the center of red energies is a dark void, blacker than the gap between galaxies, where no stars shine, and where the heart of his darkness resides.

    Personality: To assign a description of personality to what would seem to be nothing but a vast storm of energy in the midst of deep space would seem impossible to some. However, the truth is Dreadwar is a spirit, and not as totally separated from humanity and mortality as many might think. He is supremely arrogant due to his immortality, and uncaring about everything overall. His energies frequently ravage the planet which he is above, and consumes life. However, Dreadwar has insecurities, knowing that his influence in his form is vastly limited, and knowing that if it actually came to a fight with a fellow Sith, he would not be able to defeat them. He greatly fears knowledge of the anchor that his terrible essence is bound to, and knowledge of how to destroy him. Dreadwar is cold, inhuman, and nihilistic. His energy form dwells in space always and such a cold, lonely and impersonal existence has done nothing to improve his nihilistic tendencies. When he watches the stars, his thoughts are not of how beautiful the pinpricks of light are, but of how that even the stars are dying...
    Personal effects: None.
    Skills: Force Drain. This is the weapon he employs, and he pursues the pinnacle of this ability's power almost above all else.
    Weapons: None.
    Vessel: None.


    110 years ago, a baby was born of the N'Dul family, in the deepest, darkest sinkhole on Utapau. He was named Azgath; meaning, "cascading," "flowing," or "infinite" in the native tongue. The N'Dul family was of the Core of Power, an organization of dark side adepts, all descendants of Darth Ramage, a Sith Lord of Bane's Order. However, a Jedi Seeker came to the world, and took Azgath away for training. Azgath was trained in relative isolation. He came to not care for the Jedi way, instead wishing to pursue his own goals, of absolute knowledge of the Force and of the universe itself. Believing the Jedi ways were restricting such pursuit of knowledge, he abandoned his master, and searched for knowledge in the teachings of the Sith. Following the Force visions he frequently received, he came to Korriban, and visited the Valley of Golg. He faced days of trial as he encountered the undead tomb guardians, and then found a crystal. He reached into the crystal with the Force, and sensed a presence lurking... a presence that revealed itself to be the spirit of Sith King Dathka Graush. N'Dul received training from Graush, but then when he saw several men enter the Valley. He met them, and found they were a scouting party of a newfound Sith Order on Korriban: the One Sith. N'Dul rejected joining the Sith, and then what followed was a day of pursuit, ambush and fighting in the Valley as N'Dul fled the small party of Sith. N'Dul led Sith into various crypts and ambushed them with an old Sith sword and booby traps. Finally, after being stabbed in the gut and suffering thousands of minor injuries, N'Dul left the Valley. He encountered the last survivor of the Sit
  14. Darth Dreadwar

    Darth Dreadwar Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 26, 2010
    Alright, here's the three NPCs I'll be using in the game.

    Approved by Sinrebirth of course...

    Name: Necro Sol'aar
    Age: 50
    Species: Alchemy altered human
    Homeworld: Indix



    Height: 6'
    Weight: 190 approx.
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Pale gray/white
    Skin: White
    Markings: Some Sith tattoos on face, neck and arms

    Personality: Colder than the interstellar void, Sol'aar is cunning, determine and ruthless. Despite his exterior he is deeply religious; of course, his god being Darth Dreadwar. Sol'aar is an agent of chaos, and the only form of order he believes in is his unquestioning loyalty to his Lord.
    Personal Effects: None.
    Skills: Force lightning. The only Force power Sol'aar knows bar rudimentary sense, telekinesis and telepathy, he has mastered this ability.
    Weapons: A small flak gun and bio-spray launcher on each wrist, wired directly into the brain, a Sith amulet on his right hand and a single dual-phased purple lightsaber
    Vessel: Deimos, a custom-built, one-man stealth ship, built through Sith alchemy



    Necro Sol'aar was born on the planet Indix in 95 ABY, and was abandoned by his parents, who he never knew. He was born in darkness, when all hope and freedom on the planet was lost to the tyranny of Darth Dreadwar, who had became an immortal being dwelling in space above the planet. Sol'aar was born in the swamps that could be found in the low levels of the ecumenopolis, yet he rose quickly, for his incredible Force sensitivity allowed him to survive the underbelly, and scrape out a living in the main city. His potential was sensed by an agent of the Core of Power, who brought him to the orbital stations that orbited Indix, near Dreadwar.

    The dark side adepts, empowered by Dreadwar, then began transforming Sol'aar using Sith alchemy. By the end of the transformation, Sol'aar was something very different; his skin white, his blood black, and faster and stronger than ever. Sol'aar underwent specialist training, becoming a powerful dark side adept over the decades, and in 142 ABY became one of three members that formed the Axis, the leadership of the Core of Power under Dreadwar, the others being Thannis Phayder and the Hound of Dreadwar.

    Now, the new agent of the Core of Power is watching the progress of the Dominion of Darkness, planning to infiltrate the Dragons, and help Dreadwar rise to power among the Dark Masters.


    Name: Thannis Phayder
    Age: 166
    Species: Garthan (large carnivorous lizardoid humanoid)
    Homeworld: Karzorg



    Height: 6' 10"
    Weight: 200 approx.
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin: Brown
    Markings: None

    Personality: Cold-blooded, ruthless, and cunning. He is a skilled manipulator, yet can be as brutal as an Iridonian warrior.
    Personal Effects: None.
    Skills: Force Fear, Sith illusions and mind tricks.
    Weapons: A single red lightsaber, and a Sith amulet.
    Vessel: Phobos, a custom-built large stealth ship built through Sith alchemy.



    Thannis Phayder was born on Karzorg, a jungle world in Deep Space, home to the Garthans, a race of omnivorous bipedal lizardoid humanoids with a reputation for terror and cunning. Phayder lived as a pirate for decades, raiding lost spaceships. In 10 ABY, Phayder encountered the Core of Power on Utapau. Sallacine, the leader among the dark siders, sensed Phayder's potential, and opened him up to the power of the Force. Phayder accept
  15. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    [hl=black]~145 ABY~[/hl]

    Darth Mystique
    The Box / The Dark Renewal

    [ul]The sound of various cheering could be heard throughout the top hull of the Dark Renewal. Even up in the box where the view was prevalent. You would think that with all the noise and excitement it would fray any distractions from one?s mind. Nevertheless, sat a tall woman with a red diamond tattoo on her forehead and long dark blonde hair that barely covered up the pointy elvin type ears of her Morganian ancestry. Her long black form fitting dress bared her back and belly button, which revealed her Corusci gem belly button ring surrounded by a Sith tattoo. Darth Mystique showed no interest to the event that was below her. With her arms folded and her legs crossed, she stared upward toward the debris that was left from the escape of Lehon.

    Her blue eyes shifted back and forth from the damage of the hull to the pit, which stood a couple of Sith who were fighting. A smirk came across her alchemy altered youthful face as she thought of what the Sith has become without the leadership she once provided. In the glory days of Lehon, they were a strong force to be reckoned with. Even though at that time the Council of Darkness were the body of government. It was Mystique, who was truly in charge. She never cared for a Council for the bickering was endless. It weakened them, so she quietly and purposely took more control. It proved to be quit successful until those members of the council decided to betray her. Her reign as Dark Lady came to an end, but that was then.

    Now things are different. The Sith are completely divided in to several sects though some say they are loyal to the Dominion, Mystique knows very well that is false. Leadership is in disarray and the Sith are nothing of their former selves. It would take a proven strength to regain what was lost. She would have to be patient, which for her was very easy. She must act as if the past has not affected her to the point of betrayal. She is a Sith and expects that there is known animosity, especially toward Insipid and her former apprentice Adeur. Still, she has played the role of almost non regression to pacify the masses.

    They must think she is a fool to not know that she has been left out of their little meeting. But this may just work out to her advantage for she is not the only one that was left out. Next to her was someone she has known about, but never worked with before. A possible ally for the moment, for Sith are never truly aligned together unless they are bred to do so. In the case of her secret apprentice that is unknown to all, she has just that - complete loyalty.

    Without turning her head she whispers almost inaudible to Darth Sicarius,

    ?A puzzle is never complete if your leaving the important pieces out. The picture is never clear and becomes disregarded like bantha fodder. The pieces should not be disregarded, but highlighted as the important aspects they are. Therefore a union may just be advisable for this situation.?[/ul]

    Tag: D1


    Darth Lilith
    The Phantom / Inner Planets

    [ul]On the edge of a system roughly seventeen light-years from the current position of the Sith Armada was the YT 2400 ship called the Phantom. It?s true name is Lilith?s Eve, but the alias was used just in case some one tried to trace the transponder code. At the helm of the Phantom was a young woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a red leather outfit with red leather sleeves that looked almost like badly wrapped bandages up her arms. There was just enough of an opening on her wrist revealing a chain tattoo on her left wrist inked Demon of the Night.

    Despite the rough looking nature of the young lady, she was very quiet and dutiful. Her mind was on her mission at hand. She was sent out to do a simple scouting report of the inner planets along with a fellow Aggressors named Darth Mesiac and Darth Sinn.

    It was fair to say that conversation was going to be left to
  16. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    145 ABY
    IC: Darth Strages
    The Pit

    Twenty years. Years that Darth Strages did not care to recall. Now, though. Now was his chance to put an end to the servitude imposed by Krayt to that backstabbing witch Darth Derkomai. A servitude he had only tolerated because his master demanded it. That master was dead now, and the witch would soon follow in his footsteps. This he swore.

    Strages now stood in The Pit, a place only the most courageous dared enter willingly. But some never had the choice to avoid it. Two opponents he faced this day. His former Commander, and a young Sith announced as Darth Bursyrkr. Best not to take his eyes off of the young one for too long. he thought, He has a wild sense about him. Suddenly there was a low whistle, then a snap as the witch threw a net now charged with lightning at him. He had no time to think, reaction was his only recourse. Small tendrils of lightning burst forth from his left hand, reaching for the oncoming net. The electrically charged net picked up speed, seeming to wrap itself around him before shooting from his right side as his right hand now charged with lightning shot both nets toward Darth Derkomai. The net now moved twice as fast as it had coming towards him, though it was now followed by a powerful stream of lightning and another net. A nasty surprise for the witch that would hopefully ensnare her. If only life were so simple...

    TAG: Sinre, Kev, TEE, Despised

    OOC: Sorry, I'm a bit rusty. :(
  17. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    Darth Avarice
    Deep aboard the Dark Renewal, prison cell 74

    It occurred to Avarice that in the past he had long held to the concept that nothing he could ever endure in life would be as grating, stressful, or down right annoying as his time with Lolarus as a partner. However he knew much better now, the recent things that he had endured in the service of his master were now weighing on his mind.

    It wasn?t that he was humiliated and beaten, no that was simple and easy to endure. It wasn?t the lack of modesty of the clothes - or lack there of - that he now wore, he was beyond modesty. It was not even the Shi?ido who constantly visited and made attempts to interrogate him, no that brought him much entertainment.

    No it was that while he was here, Insipid was elsewhere, lounging about in luxury, taking Avarice?s own plans and using them to his advantage. It was an insult, and injury the likes of which the century old Sith Lord had never had to endure before. It was why as Avarice watched the projection of his Master, he not only relished in the thought of breaking the mind, body and spirit of his Shi?ido captor, but also those of his Master.

    ?Ready to talk about the Imperium yet, little one?? Avarice?s eyes rolled, the voice had become such a common sound that he knew who it was long before he saw its owners face, which itself was capable of constant change. Avarice raised his head to look up at the Shi?ido, Darth Vivis, and withheld a smile, wondering if the Shi?ido realised that by simply looking at him he dropped hints that the gravity locks holding him down were of little actual use. Avarice doubted it, so blinded by his own arrogance was Vivis that he tended to miss subtle hints.

    ?You are a persistent monkey-lizard Vivis,? Avarice quipped as he laid his head back down against the cold cell floor with a lack of interest. ?It must be such an annoyance. Having such amateurish interrogation skills. Are the Lords so short on help that they have to send a child to do a mans job? Mmm, then again, nobody was ever so good at interrogation as Me. A shame, I could have taught you so much, but your potential is now just a waste.?

    Closing his eyes Avarice took a deep breath, felt the air flowing into him. Soon would be the time to remove himself from this situation.


    Tag: Sinrebirth

    OOC: I realize I've not posted a CS yet. *points to Sinre* I blame him :p
  18. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur

    Minutes had ticked past since Insipid had summoned her to the ready room of the Dark Renewal . Ardeur stood patiently waiting for him to speak. She knew this Insipid was different from the ones in the past, just as she was different. Ardeur had led the Dominion for a time and had chosen to step down when she felt her powers weaken. She was not sure what the cause of her weakened powers, only that she was attempting to hide this fact from her fellow Sith. Insipid would know though, somehow he always knew.

    She watched him, his backside to them. She took in his close cropped hair and Admiral?s uniform. Ardeur almost snorted in disgust. It didn?t matter what body she was in, she never felt comfortable in anything but a close fitting body suit. The clothing was like a second skin and left her free to move about quickly.

    Insipid finally turned and addressed them. His grandstanding of tossing his lightsaber onto the table and practically challenging them to challenge him was almost too much for her. Ardeur rolled her eyes and shifted her weight to show her displeasure at his insecurity. Before she could voice her displeasure he spoke.

    ?We have several options ahead of us, and we may have more when the Aggressors report in. But our options are limited for now. I expect that you two will have opinions for us. Do we proceed rimward, hoping to find a system which we can colonise? Do we seek allies? Do we study the Chiss? Do we flee coreward, and risk being discovered by the Jedi or Sith ? or whoever rules the galaxy now? Or do we keep going, until the Pit gives us the strength to stand and fight??

    ?I am curious about the Chiss. I feel there is perhaps something we can learn from them. They?ve held a position near the outer edge of the galaxy for some time now and tell great tales of fighting foes supposedly more powerful than ourselves. If they have the ability to do this, I?d bet we can learn something from them.?

    Ardeur paused there for a moment.

    ?I do think,? she added tapping her finger to her chin. ?I do think the Chiss would not want to work with us and teach us their ways. Do we have anyone available to go undercover? Is it even worth it? I?m not sure. I don?t think the Jedi will stand for us being still alive. It might benefit us to just move on and attempt to find a planet to colonize.?

    She tossed a brief smile at Insipid, an old smile only meant for him.

    ?I know you?re looking for answers and I feel like I only have more questions. What is it that the Sith need most right now? Stability? Conquests? Information??

    Tag: Nick and Sinre
  19. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Aboard the Dark Renewal, ready room

    [blockquote]Insipid saw Ardeur shift, disapproving, and, despite powering through her display, he did wonder why she was so defensive. He was still trying to work out how a proven traitor's copy - he could not say clone without feeling a bit sick - was Dark Lord when she was clearly better for the job. He planned to dedicate a certain amount of time to finding out why, when things calmed down.

    Her replies were well reasoned, as ever, if a bit short. Insipid nodded, responding before their colleague could add anything, striding forward and leaning on the table. "We need something even the Sith need; direction. With direction will come stability. If we reinforce our position on a world, we may very well be able to rebuff the Imperium forces chasing us, but otherwise we need something."

    He mused over the Chiss, and continued. "We do have a Chiss on board, recall - Lord Kye'El." He was of course referring to the red-tattooed Chiss who had been an important part of the Dominion for some time. "I will speak to him after this meeting and see if he is still in contact with enough of his former associates that he may report to the Council."

    A thought occurred to him, and he produced a datapad, tapping away some additional notes which he would send to the other two. It was not relevant and would distract them from this meetings focus, at this point, and he would send it over to these two Dark Masters shortly. While he clicked the 'pad, he continued to speak. "Should we intend to settle down on a planet, it would give those colonising the best chance if the Armada continues on, drawing the Imperium rimward until we discover exactly how they are tracking us, be it via some beacon we missed or otherwise." Otherwise being 'traitor', here, he thought, and knew the others would also be thinking. "So one of you two will have to stay behind and lead the Dominion in their efforts. Hopefully it will be a civilised world, but one which we can isolate from the rest of the Unknown Regions."

    It was a thought. It also meant one Dark Master would have an inordinate amount of power, assuming enough Sith volunteered to go colonise a world. Insipid equally had to make sure a certain amount stayed with the Armada, and managing the Sith would be enough work without traitors and prisoners and an Imperium to worry about.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sey, Nick
  20. dragonsith13

    dragonsith13 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 3, 2005
    Sith Name:Darth Spion

    Personality: With her body scarred and distorted from decades of darkside abuse Isa is quiet and reserved in her old age, but quick to interject with her thoughts on the matter. She seems cranky and irritable at times though her focus is always strong.
    Personal effects: Dark purple robes, tattered from a life of travel and wilderness.
    Weapons:Altered long dagger, black staff with metal carved skull as a head piece. (Not really a weapon but can be used for defense.)

    Biography:With a very primitive, tribal background Isa grew up in the dark mucky forests of her home world. She showed affinity as a shawoman and witch in her tribe and quickly rose in prominence among her tribes. Her affinity with the force provided her much in her early life, to where as a young woman she was a dominant figure among her people.

    Isa grew beyond her roots, her skills coupled with her knowledge of magic and mysticism quickly combined with her power in the force driving her to manipulate and twist her tribe. Isa was soon surrounded by deceit, blood, and savagery as she grew in power as her people fell. Having exhausted her tribe turning it against itself. Isa was outcast and force to leave her home world, leaving her people in ruin. Isa soon began to answer the call within her to seek out more knowledge of the darkside. Isa left her home taking up the life of a wanderer. She spent the majority of her life obsessed with the dark magic and alchemy of the darkside. Twisted and distorted by decades of darkside use Isa's features show signs of a once beautiful temptress, that for a time had command of everything she had ever needed or wanted. Those years have past and given way now to a seemingly old woman. Manipulation, illusion and the shadows are where Isa resides calling upon her deep knowledge of the darkside to keep her going in search of a glimpse of the life she once had.
  21. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    145 ABY

    IC: Darth Bursyrkyr
    The Pit

    [blockquote]Bursyrkyr stood back at the start of the match, waiting for the opportune moment to strike, not rushing in carelessly like so many have done so in the past, which inevitably led to their downfall. When he saw the initial attack on Strages, he was going to attack him while he was ensnared, but just as quickly, he turned the tables on Darth Derkomai.

    So, within a moments notice, he changed his tactics, and focused his attention on Derkomai, and latched on with the force to Drain the life out of the now ensnared and distracted witch, in order to gain more strength to fight Strages. Darth Bursyrkr already had a plan, a plan that he just knew would lead him to victory.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Evil_King_Wiggins, Sinrebirth

    OOC: I'm a bit rusty as well... >.<
  22. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Tantric Vos
    Ready Room

    Tantric was growing increasingly tired of this game that he was stuck in. Tantric had been insatiable since the hundred tenth year after Yavin. He no longer sought rich foods or drink. No amount of women could slake his lust. No connections could satisfy his desire for companionship. Not that many were interested in such things in this order. They were supremely focused on their infinitesimal existences in and out of the Pit. The Pit that drove them, that guided them. These Sith were weak. They needed the guidance of an aging fanatic, who himself needed the advice of two more well passed their prime. It was the young that this Order needed. But not the brainless, angry husks of beings that inhabited this ship. They needed flare and intelligence. They needed people like Tantric and Aden, from their younger days. Tantric could hardly bear seeing the group that he had brought up from the ashes with Aden and Ardeur be defiled by the dull and lifeless so-called Sith. Tantric longed to be rid of this world that had done him no favors. Tantric longed to see what awaited a sinner such as he when he perished.

    Now, Aden was speaking. Asking, more accurately. Always asking.

    ?We have several options ahead of us, and we may have more when the Aggressors report in. But our options are limited for now. I expect that you two will have opinions for us. Do we proceed rimward, hoping to find a system which we can colonise? Do we seek allies? Do we study the Chiss? Do we flee coreward, and risk being discovered by the Jedi or Sith ? or whoever rules the galaxy now? Or do we keep going, until the Pit gives us the strength to stand and fight??

    Tantric laid his forehead in his palms. This was such an infuriating series of questions. It was as if Aden had succumbed to the power vacuum that was the Pit. Tantric would have responded to all of Aden's questions, if not for Ardeur's interruption. Tantric listened wearily to her wonderings. Insipid's response was inspirational to Tantric. He spoke of direction, stability and colonization. Tantric spoke in his quiet voice.

    "I agree with you that we need direction, but even if we find it, we are not strong enough to pursue it with vehemence. We need a stronghold to train, to grow and to protect our secrets. I would volunteer to lead that party."

    Tag: Sinre and Sey
  23. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Ardeur

    "We do have a Chiss on board, recall - Lord Kye'El.I will speak to him after this meeting and see if he is still in contact with enough of his former associates that he may report to the Council." Insipid responded to her musings.

    "Ahh yes. I had forgotten about him. Good. Good." Mentally kicking herself for doing so and also shrugging it off. So memory loss also was a symptom of whatever was plaguing her force abilities.

    "So one of you two will have to stay behind and lead the Dominion in their efforts. Hopefully it will be a civilised world, but one which we can isolate from the rest of the Unknown Regions." Insipid continued as Ardeur was musing over her own problems.

    Ugh. That was the last thing Ardeur wanted to do right now. Build a stronghold and have to train Sith when her own powers are weak. While these thoughts were going through her head Tantric interrupted.

    "I agree with you that we need direction, but even if we find it, we are not strong enough to pursue it with vehemence. We need a stronghold to train, to grow and to protect our secrets. I would volunteer to lead that party."

    "Excellent idea, my Lord. I do not feel any great pull to train others right now. I feel like my skills could be put to better use." She offered a half smile to Tantric. "It's all yours."

    "Lord Insipid, I am willing to take a ship and explore further into the galaxy or work on relations with the Chiss if Kye'El feels he needs more help. Unless you have another job for me..." She left the opening for him knowing that he was in charge and could send her wherever he saw fit.

    Tag: Nick, Sinre
  24. Dinkus_Mayhem

    Dinkus_Mayhem Jedi Master star 3

    May 4, 2006
    145 ABY

    Darth Sicarius
    The Box / The Dark Renewal

    The Box, to a Sith such as Sicarius being there was a waste of time. He had no interest in the pety power struggles of his fellow Sith, his only concern was for his own studies and on which morsel he would next feed.

    The only benefit to him now was the inevitable suffering of the beings in the pit, soon enough at least one of them would be injured and he would feel their pain and savor it like a fine meal. As his hands ran through his greasy hair the Sith sharing the box whispered to him...

    ?A puzzle is never complete if your leaving the important pieces out. The picture is never clear and becomes disregarded like bantha fodder. The pieces should not be disregarded, but highlighted as the important aspects they are. Therefore a union may just be advisable for this situation.?

    Sicarius sneered with disgust. He had no desire for a union with anyone, they were but nerfs to be fed upon. He was the predator, he was the top of the food chain. All the others meant nothing to him, and sooner or later they all would realize the danger they were in.

    For now however, no matter how distasteful the proposition though he had to admit to himself that this Sith, Darth Mystique, was more powerful than he. Perhaps a "union" with her would allow him to learn more, or allow him to feed upon their enemies. Together they could bring more powerful Sith to their doom, and feeding upon them would only serve to make him stronger.

    "What's in it for me?" He finally asked. His long stringy hair hung over his face, covering his eyes from being seen. He still feigned focus on the fight, but once in a while he would glance at the Dark Lady from out of the corners of his eyes.

    Tag: TEE, Wiggins, Sinre if needed

    PS: As with many of you, it has been while since I have done this.
  25. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    [hl=black]~145 ABY~[/hl]

    Darth Mystique
    The Box / The Dark Renewal

    [ul]Mystique's face looked down as if she was paying attention to the fight below. She could careless what was happening in the match. Her mind drifted on her future conquests and the Sith next to her. She knew that no Sith would trust another. Betrayal was a part of the Sith culture much like one's very own skin.

    No it wasn't trust that she offered. She believed in the philosophy of keeping your enemies close and use all who maybe of use to her. This Darth Sicarius character could be a tool for her to exact the revenge on her enemies.

    She sensed that collaborating was not an idea Sicarius liked. Still she knew that it would be far more beneficiary for him to accept.

    "What's in it for me?" Sicarius finally said.

    Mystique smiled inside her dark heart. {Yes, he will do nicely.} One must give in order to get. She would expect no less from a Sith.

    In a continued whisper she replied back to the Sith.

    "Do you have a goal? a possible revenge perhaps? Or maybe you just want to cause mayhem. Either way I think you will find that your opportunities would be far greater with an alliance with me." [/ul]

    Tag: D1, Wiggins, Kev, Sinre

    OOC: Mayhem - Pun intended.:p
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