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Star Wars Tales of the ABYverse

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. s65horsey

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    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Micah

    Micah watched with rapt attention as the duel came to a head. His master ordered him to come watch the duel and be prepared to give a full report on the powers of the Sith in the ring. His eyes were wide to take in as much as possible. An apprentice needed to be able to learn from all avenues, especially if he intended his skills to be of deception in the way that his master's were.

    Were was a hard word for him to swallow. His master had been totally honest with him as of late. This was rare in Master/Apprentice relationships given what Micah knew of the other apprentices on the ship. Ardeur had not been around for as long as she had without some sense of self preservation. She did not intend for her apprentice to destroy her. His destiny was to destroy another if Micah were to interpret his training correctly.

    The battle finally escalated to epic proportions. Derkomai was decapitated causing a shout of glee to come from his friend Sinestr. The shout was cut off from Micah's ears by another sound. An explosion from the ring. Dark energy flooded the area causing most of the inhabitants to flee from their places. Micah was no exception. He ran. He knew deep down that Ardeur would hurt him for running from the scene where he should still be gathering information, but he couldn't help himself. The fifteen year old did not understand what had happened. He only knew that he felt fear and the entire area was shuddering from the impact of whatever had happened.

    Micah became separated from Sinestr as the sea of people flowed in different directions and Micah found himself taken to the path that would lead him to his master. He took a few deep breaths but could not calm the fear that he felt. What had he gotten himself into?

    The door to Ardeur's room opened as he approached. She knew he was coming.

    "My apprentice I can taste your fear. What has happened my dear?" She purred at him as he entered the room.

    He shakingly gave her a report of what he had seen.

    "He exploded?" She asked. Then she turned from him and tapped away at the computer to hack into the video system. She pulled up the footage and watch in silence. It drove Micah crazy that he could not read her in the force as he could read others.

    "I see you are still not able to multitask with your senses, my apprentice." Ardeur finally said. "Come. Watch again."

    She replayed the video and this time Micah was able to see without fear as Darth Strages did not in fact explode, but almost seemed with wink out as the storm was released.

    "He can teleport?" Micah asked stupidly.

    Ardeur backhanded him without even looking causing Micah to fly across the room. Despite her ailing powers, she still had enough to toss him around. "Look again." she ordered.

    Micah got up and walked warily back to the video. His left eye was now watering where she hit him and he was angry. He fed off this anger as she taught him and sent all the energy into his right eye to heighten his senses. This time, as if the video was happening in slow motion, Micah was able to see Darth Strages move. He could not see all of it, but he could tell that the Sith had used his speed to escape and in fact had not teleported.

    "Speed." Micah said with astonishment.

    "Yes." Ardeur answered, finally satisfied that Micah was using techniques she had taught him. Her features softened slightly. Micah thought she still looked mean enough to scare the hair off a rancor and he tensed under her gaze.

    "Most Sith focus on one thing to perfect and be the best at. Someone like us, we must perfect everything." Her voice dropped eerily as she spoke the last word. "Given how long it took you to reach me you have not yet worked on your speed. Go and train. Use your power to feed your muscles as you did when you worked in the mines on Adumar. But it is not enough just to feed them. You need to learn to harness the power that you feed them or this type of power," She gestured at the paused screen, "Will likely destroy you."

    "Yes Master." Micah replied and pra
  2. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003

    ~ Character Sheet ~
    Name of Choice: Lord Kye'El
    Sith Title: Darth Lledrith
    Core Name: Kye'El
    Birth Name: Kye'eldes'tann
    Age: *File Deleted*
    Gender: Male
    Species: Chiss
    Planet of Birth: Sharb

    Appearance -
    Outergarments: Sith Robes (imbued with Sith Alchemy to cloak his force ability)
    Clothing: Formfitting [link=]T295xe7[/link] Chiss Stealth Armor
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 205lbs
    Build: Athletic Muscular

    Affiliation: Self
    Rank: High Sorcerer
    Weapons: [link=]Lightsaber Guantlets[/link] x2, two basic red lightsabers, and a combination [link=]Blaster/Dart Launcher[/link]
    Pets: Three Pet Vornskrs altered by Sith Alchemy. Caedus, Kol'El, and Thok
    Skills: Sword Master, Marksmanship, Acrobatics.
    Force Powers: Sith Magic, and Core Abilities.

    Born Prince Kye'eldes'tann of the Royal House Tann in the Chiss Ascendancy.

    In Approximately 1,400 BBY a Chiss colony ship was taken by Darth Rivan to be used in his experiments. Though he eventually ceased his experiments on the Chiss colonists, considering it a dead end in his research to which he might later return. He abandoned them on the planet he named Sharin in hopes that the seeds he planted would grow for him to collect at a later date. Darth Rivan though, died before he could return to collect. The colonists were found and returned to the Ascendancy in 862 BBY when another colony ship landed on a planet they thought had yet to be colonized. Instead they found a population of some 15,000+ Chiss. By now the inhabitants had come to call the planet Sharb, and readily reentered the Ascendancy. Differences were quickly noted in the inhabitants of Sharb though, namely that most were able to use the force. It is unknown if this was the goal of Rivan's experiments, or just a side effect. But it has been noted that a coupling between a Sharb born Chiss and a Csilla born Chiss cancels out whatever it was that Rivan changed in the colonists.

    Kye'El departed from his brethren on Sharb in 96ABY to expand his knowledge and power of the Force. He was supposed to return in 136ABY, but was trapped with the Dominion and unable to escape. He now seeks to return to Chiss Space by any means.

  3. darthhelinith

    darthhelinith Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 10, 2009
    [hl=firebrick]~*~ 145ABY ~*~[/hl]
    IC: Darth Helinith
    Location: Some force-forsaken coordinate in the Unknown regions.

    ?Do you have a better plan for hunting down the Dominion? Chasing breadcrumbs is simply going to result in us being lured into a trap.?

    Darth Helinith grimaced softly and dangerously at this statement from the holographic underling. A force choke was out of the question? not that she couldn?t reach him from here, no she could just reach out and his neck would be no more than a smashed pulp. But she needed those who could feel the force in charge of her ships. Risky though it was, she had to keep all her captains alive. For now.
    And then there was the thing that was little more than a personal channel to Insipid standing next to her? Spying on her every move?
    "Defiance does not become you, Tesca... If you have a better alternative, please, confer.?
    She looked around at the assembled sith, both flesh and holographic.
    "And that goes for any of you. The way I see it, we have next to no information on where our prey are headed. We are already persuading at a close to maximum speed, slowed only by the engines of your older ships. "

    She thought aside to herself.
    It would be nice to capture the stolen ships 'intact', but there is next to no way it can be done. We can out-manuver and out-fire them, but it would be a wasteful risk to try to land boarding parties. A cornered cat always turns to fight fiercely.... and traps.... As soon as they know they are being perused surely they will set a trap?

    Studying the holographic charts in front of her, her brow creased in concentration.
    Damn it Mal, where are you when I need you? You're so much better at this sort of thing than me.

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  4. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    145 ABY
    Darth Bursyrkyr

    The Pit

    [link=]Beautiful Death[/link]
    [blockquote]Bursyrkyr thought it unwise to savor his victory when there was another competitor in the arena, but really, doing just that might have been the better option. When Strages had called the storm to the arena, Bursyrkyr was already headed straight towards him, still accelerated by the earlier burst of speed from the Force. He had foolishly underestimated his opponent, perhaps from losing all judgment and perhaps sanity due to his unquenchable thirst for blood.

    There was only a few seconds before he met his doom, in which he screamed out his last words. "No! I wasn't prepared for this! I'm not ready to die!"

    He was then hit head on by the burst of energy, which coursed through his veins and sent him flying across the arena. His internal organs were literally fried from the inside as he died a painful death. What remained of his body now laid convulsing against the arena wall, his now deactivated lightsaber falling to the ground and rolled a few inches before coming to a stop.[/blockquote]
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    OOC: And that concludes, the story of Darth Bursyrkyr.
  5. Mister_Master

    Mister_Master Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 17, 2007
    IC: Zurron/Torturous
    The Scourge

    Zurron consider his aides proposal. His aide was a slippery one. Zurron never knew what to expect from him. Zurron hit the mute button on his hologram feed so the rest of the Sith couldn't hear him. "Hmm, we should look into this lead of yours."

    Zurron switched the hologram back on, and rejoined the conversation. "And that goes for any of you. The way I see it, we have next to no information on where our prey are headed. We are already persuading at a close to maximum speed, slowed only by the engines of your older ships." Boomed the voice of Darth Helinith.

    "Then allow me to take my ship and go off on a possible lead I have discovered. My vessel is the oldest, and slowest of them all. It would be beneficial to catching them. If we can only go as fast as our slowest vessel, then remove the slowest vessel all together. Without us you can catch them much faster." Zurron didn't know how well this idea would work but it was worth a try.

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  6. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    145 ABY

    IC: Kye'eldes'tann(Darth Lledrith)
    Arena Box, above the Staging Area
    Ten minutes before the explosion...

    Kye'El despised the pit. It was a waste of resources, and a waste of time. But still he watched; for he saw potential in a few of the combatants, but some could not be saved from this life of pointless battles. Two he watched today, the boy and the man. The boy seemed to have a few abilities beyond his years; this could be promising. The man looked as if he were carved from granite, and yet moved like a falcon on the wind. Years of intense training had gone into this one, Kye'El was certain of it.

    "Master," sent Caedus through their bond "there is one nearby who is somewhat like us, yet not the same." These were of course not really words in his mind, more feelings and pictures. Kye'El had captured the three Vornskr as pups, and subjected them to hundreds of experiments with his Sith Magic. Each beast was easily the match of any five Voxyn; the beasts created from the same stock by the Yuuzhan Vong during their invasion of the galaxy. Intelligence was something he had given to them early on in his endeavors, for it was necessary to gauge the reactions on a higher level than a Vornskr was capable of.

    "Watch him, but do not let him sense you." he sent back "Run if he does." He knew they would not like it, and yet... he had a feeling that this thing might overcome them if confronted this day.

    The pit called for attention, the fight was about to begin.

    It was glorious, if you could call an arena match by that name. The man was clearly the most skilled combatant in the fight; his control over lightning was especially exquisite. The boy showed potential as well, unleashing a ball of pure destruction at the female combatant. It was over almost a quickly as it began. The boy moved in for the kill, and obtained it. Though it would appear that the man would not give up the win that easily, as an enormous energy was unleashed inside the arena. This was it, the one he had been waiting for... if he survived. The man seemed to disappear from the arena, almost as if consumed by the storm he had unleashed. Kye'El knew this to be false though, for he now felt him just below him. It was faint; he could still sense life in the man, but it was quickly draining. He could save this man, if he was quick.

    Kye'El drew on the energy of the oncoming storm, using it to destroy the wall behind him. This would have been no easy feat had he used his own power; the bulkheads around the arena were thick. The wall now opened up two meters above the top of a ladderwell. Kye'El jumped, and floated down with a word. Sith Magic for some reason, relied on incantations to access the force... or something like the force. Though he had studied it for years, he was still not absolutely sure on this point. He bolted forward with a small boost of speed. It was nothing compared to what the man in the arena was capable of, but it sufficed for his purposes. He saw the man as he came around the corner, a string of words in the ancient sith language already streaming from his mouth. The magic began to take hold of the fallen man, taking hold of what life remained and stilling his convulsing, electrified body. He had to relocate the body before anyone could walk in on them. Carefully picking the man up, Kye'El became shadow. His armor would protect him from the lightning for the most part, but the journey back to his chambers would not be a pleasant one.

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  7. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010

    Unusual, Sol'aar pondered, that my Force call has had no impact on the movements of the Dominion fleet.

    He had expected a dozen warships to surround him and his ion bomb the moment he had revealed his presence. What could be the reason?

    Were the Dominion Lords more dangerous than he thought? Had they sensed his presence long ago, and were letting him run through space in some plan? Surely, no... this ran contrary to the assurances of his god.

    A cold enveloped him, bringing with it the familiar touch of that great power, and the whisper of a thought. Dreadwar had vaguely sensed Sol'aar's unease and through the bond amplified by the Sith talismans' power came assurances that this was NOT the cause and that Sol'aar had done well... and a rush of energy that felt as if he had been touched by Dreadwar's cold hand... Sol'aar's only warmth.

    Feeling confident he had been blessed, the bone-white alchemically altered agent of the Sith Lord swiftly devised a new plan, on the assurance that it was something else, perhaps a separate burst of energy, that had masked his call.

    Delving into the complex controls of his vessel, he located a signal bond with the ion bomb. While the bomb was not designed to be controlled as a missile, Sol'aar knew the necessary codes and programs that comprised the bomb's internal systems, so hacking in was surprisingly easy... if not disturbingly easy, considering he was floating in the middle of enemy territory.

    Grinning, he let those ancient skills he had learned when scraping for a living in the slums on Indix, those skills of engineering and computing, to rise. Instinct and memory guided his fingers as he modified the bomb's systems. Several calculations and inputs later, the bomb was moving towards the nearest spaceship, which the Deimos' interface identified as the Praxis.

    A minute later, the hangar bay shields of the Praxis flickered, allowing the Deimos to glide in to settle on the bay floor.

    Necro Sol'aar had an unusual gift, aside from his sensitivity to the FOrce and his holy attunement to his god. It was the ability to recognize an imbecile on sight, and distinguish one from a sapient with a complex brain make-up that was known as common sense.

    Necro Sol'aar instantly recognized the young off-duty soldier tentatively stepping towards his vessel, without even glancing at the com-link that could notify his superiors an alien vessel had just boarded, as an imbecile.

    Smiling with pleasure, Sol'aar rose from his seat as he swiped at the lever that lowered the boarding ramp of his small, cramped ship, and took his first steps aboard the Praxis, his future home.

    The soldier stopped as soon as he glanced at Sol'aar's frightening visage. Sol'aar simply walked towards him, a smile plastered on his face and a greeting on his lips, until he was within range of the soldier. Raising a hand, he commanded the bio-spray launcher wired into his brain to fire.

    What was released could easily have been mistaken for water spraying from a child's water toy gun, for it was clear liquid. It was also highly toxic, and it didn't take 10 steps away from the soldier towards a nearby turbolift for the thump of a dead body hitting the ground to be heard.

    Sol'aar's face and body may not have been adorned with ritual tattoos and red paint, but he knew many Dragons didn't like Sith tattoos anyway as they considered themselves superior to other One Sith. Thus, Sol'aar's unusual appearance was, in this setting, not unusual at all.

    He nodded at a passing by warrior as he exited the turbolift.

    Necro Sol'aar's infiltration of the Dominion of Darkness was as simple as that.

    A whispered thought swept over him before the bond with his master flared and dimmed into silence. This is where the fun begins.

    Sol'aar's white hand dropped to his lightsaber.



    Even the primitive mind of the Hound of Dreadwar knew, that had not gone well.

    His discussion with the Dark Lord of the Dominion had been
  8. darthhelinith

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    Feb 10, 2009
    [hl=firebrick]~*~ 145ABY ~*~[/hl]
    IC: Darth Helinith
    Location: Some force-forsaken coordinate in the Unknown regions.

    "Then allow me to take my ship and go off on a possible lead I have discovered. My vessel is the oldest, and slowest of them all. It would be beneficial to catching them. If we can only go as fast as our slowest vessel, then remove the slowest vessel all together. Without us you can catch them much faster."

    Helinith raised her eyebrows at this. The prospect was immediatly tempting. By losing their slowest ship they would be able to accelerate to a maximum speed that could potentially cut the chase by up to a week. This was very interesting prospect. And even if such a lead got the older ship there first, there wouldn't be much it could do... Would there? Helinith wasn't sure.
    "What is the nature of this lead?"
    She began thinking quickly. She could potentially send one of the other ships with Zurron but Tesca and Vesca's only alignment was eachother and if they had themselves in both places it could lead to some sort of plot as the twins tried to grasp their dark fingers higher up the chain of command. But then again, wouldn't it do them good to be split up? She didn't want them both behind her, warheads potentially trainned on the command deck of her ship as she continued her search.
    Again she genuinly wasn't sure. All this commanding stuff felt out of her league and she missed Mal more than ever. It made all those days spent back at the temple in the company of a friend feel like years and years ago. Maybe it was, she often lost track of time in space. Worst of all she was dreading reporting back to Insipid yet again.
    She glanced tiredly at the nearest officer.

    "Have we finished scanning the system yet? Where does the trail pick up?"

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    OC: sorry, I'll try not to leave it so long next time.
  9. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    145 ABY

    IC: Kye'eldes'tann(Darth Lledrith)
    Arena Box, above the Staging Area
    Aftermath of the explosion...

    Chaos surged through the ship as people clamored to escape the devastation of the arena providing perfect cover for the Chiss who carried the dying god on his back, or rather a would be god. It still remained to be seen if he would even survive. Flowing with the crowd, Lledrith made surprisingly good time on the route to his chambers. A quick spell blurred any security camera he passed after departing the crowd. His goal was reached minutes later.

    Slipping into his chambers with the body, he quickly made preparations for the alchemical procedures he had perfected on his hounds many years previous. His incantations started with a low rumble from his throat. "Hezur hau'ek higatuak..." he begin in the ancient sith language as he begin to focus his energy into the body of the broken man. "dute fal'ta dira bi'zitzan harag'i." The body that lay before him begin to convulse as if the mind was rejecting what he was trying to do. But the will of Lledrith would not be rejected. He begin once more with the incantation, pouring more energy into the man. "Hezur hau'ek higatuak, dute fal'ta dira bi'zitzan harag'i!" The body calmed as it was forced to accept power being bestowed upon it. The incantation continued. "Heriotza trai'zioar'en; gorri'aren dis'tira ez. Od'ola coursing aurrera; eta urdina zen est'alpearen." The eyes on the body opened and shone with a piercing red light, it's back arched as it begin to float above the table. Red aura begin to surround it as lightning begin to course once again along the body. "Begien Iraungitu ko gai'nean, Marraztu balioak duten mundu'a eta mozor'rotzeko dio." The skin began to darken to a bronze as the lightning trickled over it. Two dark lines formed crawling vertically down the sides of the face, bursting with red light as if it was tearing it's way out. Three small vertical lines formed on the bottom of the chin as the two large ones neared completion. "Zer nire sakon'ena pentsamendu'ak izan dira. Baina orain ik'usi ditut egiten." The red light intensified for a moment, and then dissipated in a sudden flash as the body hit the floor with a thud.

    "Zhol kash dinora..." Lledrith said in a hushed tone as he saw the completion of his work. The body would need rest before he called the owner back into consciousness. Now he could only watch and wait.

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