"Tales of the Jedi (Redemption)" [Dark Horse Comics, 1998]

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"Tales of the Jedi (Redemption)" [Dark Horse Comics, 1998]

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  1. Genghis12 Manager Emeritus

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    Nov 18, 1999
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  2. Genghis12 Manager Emeritus

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    Nov 18, 1999
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    Tales of the Jedi - Redemption
    by Kevin Anderson, Chris Gossett, Andrew Pepoy, Dave Nestelle, and Willie Schubert (with Collecion cover artist, Alexander McDaniel)

      "Acclaimed Star Wars novelist Kevin J. Anderson continues his fan-favorite comic series Tales of the Jedi with a riveting and emotional story of confrontation, regret, and ultimate redemption.
      Ulic Qel-Droma was a revered Jedi and valuable member of the resistance against the Sith Empire until his attempt to infiltrate the enemy camp led to his seduction by the dark side. By the end of the Sith War, Ulic had killed his own brother, shamed the Jedi tradition, and had his powers revoked by Nomi Sunrider. Ten years later, Ulic is searching for isolation in a galaxy awash with painful memories, and he wishes only to remain hidden from the Republic he betrayed. In his search for solitude, however, he comes across an opportunity to gain something that once seemed forever out of reach -- redemption."
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  3. Ender Sai Chosen One

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    This is a very fitting end to the TOTJ story line. The art in this is actually one of the best, I've found, and it remains one of my favourite EU titles.

    I gave it a 10.

  4. Excellence Jedi Knight

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    Jul 28, 2002
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    A fitting end to the series.

    Redemption is the last of the Tales of the Jedi comics, a series that recounted the events during the Great Sith War 4,000yrs ago. Redemption is better read after at least reading Dark Lord of the Sith and The Sith War. The conflicts here are on a personal and emotional level, not another interstellar battle.

    A decade after the Jedi defeated the Sith reemergence, a fallen Jedi wonders the galaxy for solitude, blind to the Force and searching for absolution for past crimes. But when a young girl decides he's the ideal candidate to tutor the Force to her, and a bitter Jedi wants to hand justice to an unpunsihed war criminal, they find they all have much to learn from each other on a frozen world.

    The quality of art is much better than the horrible fare Tales of the Jedi is renoun for. While the superb art and vibrant colours inherent in current Star Wars comcis was not available at the time of the TOTJ series, that Redemption was clearly better could have said more for its earlier siblings. Here, you won't find salivating mouths, half-rendered illustrations, or simplistic dialogue. The primary characters have defined roles, where age and events have changed appearances, and an ending that will touch your heart.

    However, at times there are just too many single, even double, page shots. This flows the pages to the end way too fast. Some panels and scenes were a bit absurd, but the overall quality of this story balances things up. Qel-Droma genuinely looks grey, as though the price of his actions have drained all colour from his features; while young Vima is bright and chirpy, the vengeful Silvar predatory and relentless.

    I'll never understand why Nomi is half bald for a human woman.

    Overall, if you've suffered through the earlier comics, this one is a fitting end to the series. And even if further fault is found within, solace can be taken in the fact that we are shown places we rarely have seen, and not yet another Tatooine visit for the twentieth time.
  5. lord-darkhelmet Jedi Youngling

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    This is really an epilogue to the TotJ series. It takes place ten years after The Sith War, and Ulic Qel-Droma is in self-imposed exile from the Republic. Nomi Sunrider is now a highly respected Jedi and involves herself with the politics of the Republic; to the frustration of her daughter. Vima, now fourteen years old, is eager to learn the skills of a Jedi, searches for a teacher, and finds Ulic. Although he no longer has any Force abilities, he reluctantly agrees to teach the young girl in secret. When Nomi and Sylvar discover what is going on, they search for Ulic and Vima; Nomi to reclaim her daughter and Sylvar to exact revenge on Ulic for his crimes during the Sith War. This is a great ending to a fantasically fun series of stories. The characters aren't very complex, but they don't need to be for the story to work, and work it does. In the end, we feel something for each of the main characters, each finding his or her own form of redemption.

    Chris Gossett returns to the pages of TotJ for the final chapter in the series. If I were to describe his work on this series in one word it would be "Wow!" It's very clear that Gossett has developed tremendously since the first TotJ story; which, while good, was no where near the quality he shows here. I can say without hesitation that this is the best illustrating that any Star Wars comic has seen anywhere or anytime - including the current, excellent work done by Jan Duursema. There is so much to look at in each panel, the details are fantastic, the emotion is expressive, and the movement is fluid. If you only read one Star Wars comic story, let it be this one.

    Clearly deserving of a 10/10.
  6. crestfallen Jedi Knight

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    8 I gave it. I remember liking it pretty good.
  7. neeldawg66 Jedi Master

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    Wow, great ending to the Tales of the Jedi series. Story and artwork were excellent.
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