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Beyond - Legends Tales of the New Jedi Order [Jaina Solo/Jag Fel]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by windu4, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    No, the agrument was pretty good, just a tad confusing at first. This is what I took away from the Old Man: the Jedi already know how to resist pain; Jacen learned to accept pain via his time with the Vong and the Old Man was trying to get him to channel it. Is this correct?
  2. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    Yes. That is correct. I was worried I couldn't convey that properly.
  3. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    SiouxFan Jade_eyes

    Chapter 9

    The sound of water crashing into the Nawataa river made it somewhat difficult for Luke to focus. He knew that it was somewhat unbecoming of a Jedi Grandmaster to have difficulty focusing because of a little noise but it was true. There were too many thoughts swirling through his mind right now and the waterfall wasn’t making it any better. The first major point of worry for Luke was Ben. When they had landed Lowbacca had offered to take Ben with him but the child had staunchly refused. He had insisted on coming with his mother and father. As touching as this was Luke feared taking his son with him.

    Mara Jade had deduced that Palpatine had most likely killed her parents and taken her from her home when she was a child. If her parents were Force-Sensitive then there was a strong chance that there would be some type of wound in the Force near her old home. A gaping sore where Mara would be able to sense the suffering and pain her parents had forced before their untimely death. Luke knew that Mara could handle it and he also knew that if she couldn’t he could always lend his strength and support. Yet Ben was a sensitive boy who had just begun to open himself up in the Force again. How would he react if he suddenly found himself sensing the very same pain and suffering that had resulted in him closing himself off from the Force in the first place.

    Luke had chosen not to argue with Mara or Ben. She had insisted on Ben coming along and even if neither of them wanted to admit he knew that they were both emotionally compromised right now. Ben was missing his cousin. Mara was about to discover the identify of her parents for the first time. It wasn’t something that could be taken lightly either. “I think we’re here.” Luke finally announced as the trail they had been walking on led them to a clearing in the forest. A single hut was erected in the center of the clearing and it reminded Luke of Old Ben’s home. It was roughly the same size and while it wasn’t modeled like a Tantooine home it radiated the same humble yet comforting environment. As Luke looked around he saw a garden and on the other side of the clearing there was a grave with two tombstones. Mara gripped his hand even tighter and Luke felt Ben withdraw in the Force.

    Luke’s eyes flickered shut and instead of reaching out to the Force he let it reach out to him. As he did brief images, scents and sounds assaulted him. The smell of cooking flesh, dark blue lightning stretching through the air and two people cowering on the ground as the raw energy burned their flesh alive. Luke winced as he also felt the slightest twinge of pain from these artificial memories. However, that wasn’t what stood out to him the most. It wasn’t the fear that was undoubtedly radiating across time from a younger Mara or even the presence of another child. Instead it was the love and adoration of the mother and father who were allowing themselves to be struck down just to allow their children a little more time.

    Luke opened his eyes and sighed as he glanced at Mara. She was staring wordlessly at the tomb. Luke cleared his throat awkwardly as he realized that Mara didn’t need to be with her husband. Right now she needed to be alone to process exactly what had happened. “C’mon Ben. Let’s explore the hut. We can see if there are any pictures of your grandfather.” Mara gave him a fleeting yet grateful look before she turned and strode across the path towards her parent’s grave. Luke was guessing that the grave had been the work of the Wookiees who lived nearby. “Come on, kid.” Luke said with a soft smile.

    “Don’t call me kid!” Ben said in a nearly horrified tone. Luke’s smile broadened. His son at the age of 9 was already reaching the stage where he considered himself a grown man. Luke ruffled his left hand through his son’s hair and then shrugged.


    As Ben turned and sprinted towards the hut Luke paused and reached through the Force. He gently probed his son’s aura. Ben was scared and he felt alone due to being abandoned by Jacen. Yet he knew that his parents loved him and the ability to explore an old, decaying hut was more than enough to take the distraction off of his mind. Luke raised his hood and pulled it over his head before he turned and followed Ben. The child bounded up the steps and disappeared inside. Luke followed him. He stepped inside and watched as Ben vanished into the dining room. As Luke walked through what could only be described as the livingroom he spotted a holo-picture that had somehow managed to stay activated throughout the decades. He picked it up and smiled at the image.

    In the background was a strong and heavily muscled man. A cascade of dreadlocks fell over his shoulders. His skin was brazen brown and a yellow tattoo was streaked over the bridge of his nose. Next to him was a fierce looking woman with bright pink hair. Luke could almost see the resemblance. In front of them was a child who couldn’t be any older than Ben with dark brown hair; a yellow tattoo running over the bridge of his nose too. Luke frowned. Was that the presence he had sensed in that memory? He shifted his attention to a little girl who couldn’t be older than 5 or 6. She was scowling at the camera. Fire-red hair and a sense of defiance that seemed to radiate out the picture? It had to be Mara.

    Luke smiled at the picture and was preparing to slip it in his belt when he felt a sudden sense of warning. The aging Jedi Master spun to his right and got a glimpse into the dining room. There he saw Ben grasping what looked like a totem. It was faced like a wooden rod and fit perfectly in his hands like a miniature lightsaber. Luke immediately knew that it was dangerous. “Ben...” He began to say as a smoky black substance slowly began to slither from the totem. “Let that go.” Ben backed away slowly; his freckled face pale as the black smoke slowly began to assemble itself into a hooded figure. A hooded figure with thin and bony hands and a face with sickly yellow eyes and wrinkled skin. Luke didn’t even bother to ignite his lightsaber as the man slowly raised his hands towards Ben. Instead he raised his left hand and summoned a telekinetic blast that was specifically aimed towards the faux-Palpatine.

    The deceased Sith Lord cackled as he spun to face Luke and absorbed the powerful blast with both hands. Ben turned and darted out of the dining room and into the kitchen. The Sith Lord now seemed solely interested in Luke. The Jedi Master could only guess that it was because he was the strongest beacon of Force energy. As the Sith Lord raised his hooked fingers and stretched them outwards that’s when Luke went for his lightsaber. He ignited is lightsaber with his right hand as he suddenly found himself absorbing a salvo of Force Lightning. “Get mom!” Luke yelled as he enhanced his voice with the Force. Even as he said this he felt Ben brush against him as he sprinted outside hollering for Mara.

    The salvo of lightning vanished into Luke’s palm as he raised his lightsaber in a defensive stance. “You’re not real.” He said.

    Palpatine too lowered his hand as he did a weapon sprung from his cloak and into his right hand. “There are many ways to cheat death, young Skywalker.” Palpatine hissed. “Clones and immortality didn’t seem to work. I was thwarted by you again and again. Yet...possession? That seems ideal. I have wasted years trapped waiting for the first foolhardy Jedi to arrive and find me. It is ironic that it was you. But you are the most ideal host, it would seem. Or you wouldn’t be here.”

    Luke sighed. He was getting too old for this shavit. “Not quite so young anymore, Palpatine.” Luke said with a smile. “And I think that you’ve found yourself in the wrong hut.”

    “We shall see.” Palpatine hissed and he threw up his left hand in a sudden gesture. Luke was unable to prevent the attack wholly and found himself flying through the air. He crashed through a wooden door, through a glass window and soon found himself staring up at the sky as he was sent spinning through the air. Pain radiated across his back but he ignored it. Instead he awkwardly twisted his body and landed on the ground; hard. He glanced around quickly and saw that Ben and Mara were nowhere to be seen.

    Luke turned his attention to the gaping hole he saw in the hut and watched as Palpatine floated out of it, his arms extended as if they were wings. His lightsaber still gripped in his hand. Luke’s mind cycled through everything he had learned in the past thirty years for an explanation. This Palpatine wasn’t real. He was a spirit of some sort. A manifestation of the Dark Side that had been feeding off of the pain and suffering of that Jedi’s death. If anything it was the totem that needed to be destroyed. Not the dark side manifestation in front of him. Yet last Luke had seen Ben was the one with the totem. Luke would just have to settle for the second-best. Kill this false Palpatine and then destroy the totem.

    As Palpatine sprinted towards Luke he idly reflected that this would be easier said than done. Palpatine raised his blade and slashed down towards Luke’s head. Luke raised his green blade and blocked the blow almost effortlessly. Yet he quickly realized this was a distraction as Palpatine raised his left hand and jabbed it at Luke’s face. It looked as if the Sith Lord was taken advantage of his claw-like nails. Luke darted his head to the side and let go of his lightsaber with his right hand and grabbed his enemy's hand hand. He then squeezed and took full advantage of his robotic appendage. Palpatine’s hand crumpled like sandpaper. The Sith Lord wheezed and Luke whipped his lightsaber back with his left hand (while letting go of Palpatine’s other hand with his right) and aimed a furious two handled slash at Palpatine’s waist.

    Palpatine swung his lightsaber down and blocked before he again raised his withered left hand. Luke was too busy attempting to bisect the ghost in half and was unable to avoid the second telekinetic attack that sent him flying across the clearing. This time he landed on his back and his lightsaber tumbled from his fingers. Luke blinked in surprise. Palpatine was running off an awful lot of energy right now. Luke pushed himself to his feet and summoned his lightsaber to his hand. Palpatine walked towards him slowly; his weathered face stretching into a decayed smile. “Do you not understand, Skywalker? Her hatred, her fear. It’s mine. She will always be mine. She was made to serve me. Her anger is nothing but something I feed off to destroy you. Even after all these years she will still help me kill you. Just like I’ve forseen.”

    Luke’s eyes flickered over Palpatine’s shoulders. “Right.” Was all he said.

    “Palpatine?” Mara Jade spoke up as she raised her blaster and pointed it to the back of his head. Luke had seen her coming.

    “What?” The creature snarled; surprise creeping into his tone.

    “Feed on this.” Mara pulled the trigger and the blast of energy tore through Palpatine’s head. The Sith Lord screamed and then exploded in a sudden poof of oily smoke. Luke hooked his lightsaber to his belt. His bloodlust and battlemind fading away as suddenly as it had come.


    “I hid him.” Mara said. “I was afraid that he was targeting him looks as if after all these years he still envies you.”

    “Perhaps.” Luke said evenly. “The totem?”

    Mara held it up and tossed it at him. Luke caught it. “We need to get back to Ossus as soon as we can and see if Ben is alright. The last thing we need is a possessed child on our hands...and when we get there we can see if Tionne can learn more about your family.”

    “That might not be necessary.” Mara said and she held up a pyramid shaped holocron. “This explains everything.”
    “Who was he?” Luke questioned softly.

    “Quinlan Vos. Jedi Master. He...died to protect me.” Mara said. “There’s more.”

    “What else?” Luke questioned.

    “I have a brother. His name is Korto Vos. I...I didn’t know he existed but maybe Tionne can help me with that.”

    Luke smiled. “We can talk about this on the way Ben with Lowbacca?”

    “Of course.” Mara said. “You really think I’d abandon my kid in some type of forest without a Wookiee to guide him back?”

    “I suppose not.” Luke said. “What do you think we should do with this totem?”

    “Burn it.” Mara said.
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    :D =D= =D= Nice discoveries for Mara, and ouch! Palps is like an immortal slug that you keep squishing but it never expires :p Need some Raid! [face_laugh]
  5. ginchy

    ginchy Jedi Master star 4

    May 25, 2005
    This looks interesting. I will have to catch up. Is the first chapter available anywhere or is it lost to the ages??
  6. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    Unfortunately it's lost to the ages. Not a lot happened. Kyp Durron was kidnapped by renegade Vong who didn't know that the war had ended. I'll be publishing more stories with Kyp Durron soon. Can I start tagging you?

    DARTH_MU Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 9, 2005
    I don't know if this is supposed to be humorous, but when I read the line FEED on this, and pulling the trigger,
    I just lost it and started guffawing.
  8. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    I pulled right out of the Matrix. Give credit where credit is due I guess. But the dialogue is definitely cheesy. Something I should work on. :p
  9. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    Jade_eyes SiouxFan ginchy

    Chapter 10

    The chambers for the Jedi High Council were located deep within a forest only a few klicks away from the Jedi Temple on Ossus. The Council had agreed to create to create the small amphitheater in a small clearing in the forest; surrounded by the natural flora and fauna of the planet. The amphitheater wasn’t very large. It held a meditation room, a communications station that could send transmissions halfway across the galaxy and the Jedi Council chamber itself. It was a place of meditation, contemplation and occasionally held Council meetings of high importance. This was one of those times.

    “Why did Knight Korr demand an emergency meeting with the High Council, Kyle?” Luke was dressed in his customary dark Jedi robes and despite the lateness of the hour he was awake and alert. Part of that reason had been because he had been spending the majority of the evening teaching his son how to play Dejarik. He rarely got to spend time with Ben and the fact that their time together had been interrupted because of his duties had bothered him. Seeing the disappointment on his son’s face was never fun. Luke knew that this feeling of annoyance and anxiety were not becoming of a leader but he felt them anyway.

    “I am not certain.” Kyle said with a frown as he straightened in his seat. “As you know Jaden has been undercover in the Black Sun for the past seven months operating under the name ‘Ferus Olin’” Kyle was the Chief of Intelligence for the Jedi Order. He was responsible for keeping the Jedi Order up to date on the latest news on the state of the galaxy, coordinate missions with Kenth and help plan undercover missions for Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters in the Order. Jaden Korr was one of Kyle’s chief operatives.

    “From what I understand he was partnered with the a Galactic Alliance agent by the name of Tinkle. I believe he’s a Chandra-Fan.” Kenth Hamner spoke up. Kenth had been named the official liaison between the New Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance military. As a result he often worked with Kyle on missions such as these.

    “Tinkle?” Kyp snorted.

    “It’s a codename.” Kenth said with a shrug.

    Kyp snorted again and Luke knew why. The Chadra-Fan weren’t exactly known as being the most intimidating species of the galaxy. It made sense for a Chadra-Fan to assume such an immature sounding nickname. That being said Luke didn’t necessarily approve of Kyp’s tone. He knew that Cighal didn’t either but the Jedi Master chose not to respond. As a result Luke didn’t either. He knew Kyp didn’t necessarily mean any harm. The word “Tinkle” did have some odd connotations in Basic.

    “What’s his real name?” Mara-Jade questioned as she frowned down at the datapad in her lap. “I don’t see any records regarding someone by the name of Tinkle or his real identity in our mission report.”

    “The…” Kyle grimaced. “The GA didn’t think the Order needed this information…something about trying to tie down leaks in the intelligence division.”

    Kyp snorted. “3PO, let the record show that the Galactic Alliance still doesn’t trust us.”

    Luke’s eyes flickered towards the protocol droid standing in the corner of the room. When he had promoted Leia to the rank of Jedi Master [more semantics than anything else] she and Han had decided to take up residence on Ossus. Leia served as a teacher and occasional ambassador. Han helped with flight instructions. They often found themselves off-world to deal with various diplomatic crises and this was one of those times. Since she had joined the High Council she had brought C-3PO on as the official scribe and translator for the Council Meetings.

    “Most certainly, sir.” The droid paused for a fraction of a second. “But may I add that Leia Organa-Solo is taking tremendous strides in improving relations betw-“

    “Transmission coming in.” Kenth said as he glanced down at a blinking light on his armrest. “Patch it through, C-3PO.”

    “Certainly, sir.” Threepio said in a polite, if not miffed tone.

    A blue hologram of Jaden Korr flickered in the center of the room; facing Luke. It appeared as if he was sitting down and Luke deduced that he was probably in his Z-95 Headhunter. Like Mara he insisted on flying the outdated ship. Whenever Mara or Jaden were on-planet they spent time in the hangar bay swapping tips on their own snub-nosed fighters on how to keep them relevant and up-to-speed. Jaden Korr was a tall and well-built black man. He was clean-shaven and his hair was shaved close to his scalp. One couldn’t tell through the hologram but he had unique green eyes. However, what Luke could tell from the hologram was that Jaden had been through some sort of fight. There was a gash on the lower right portion of his chest that exposed his ribs. A diagonal gash had been slashed from his right ear down to the corner of his lip. It was shallow but it looked painful.

    “Masters.” Jaden inclined his head politely as he grimaced in pain.

    “Jaden!” Luke leaned forward. “Are you alright?”

    “That’s not the issue.” Jaden said. “The Black Sun. They’re behind it all. The Peace Brigade, betraying the Hutts, everything. The…” His hologram flickered off than back on.

    “Do you have proof?” Corran Horn was currently on Corellia but he had been able to attend the meeting through hologram.

    “Thrackan.” Jaden said. “He had a NOC List in case he was ever blackmailed by Black Sun. I had a connection through one of his people. He was personally responsible for leading the Peace Brigade. Black Sun gave him the men, the money and the resources. Tinkle got his hands on the NOC List and we arranged for it to be sent to Joola the Hutt…she should be forwarding the list to you now...”

    Kyle picked up his comm unit. “Get me a line to Joola immediately.” He barked before slipping it back into his belt.

    “Assuming this is true.” Kyp began. “We need to act immediately.

    “No!” Kam sat up in his seat, his face lined with anger. “We need to get Jaden out of there. That’s the first priority. We take care of our own, Durron.”

    Kyp’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not sure I like what you’re implying.”

    “Enough, both of you.” Mara snapped. “You’d think the Council was led by bickering children.” She muttered to Luke.

    “Jaden, where are you?” Tionne questioned.

    Jaden winced and a bright light flashed across the hologram, distorting the image for a second. Luke recognized that as blaster fire. “Just got out of Ord Mantel’s gravity range…my hyperdrive is spooling up but there all over me. I can avoid them for a few hours but I have a feeling this whole sector is tied down tight with Black Sun operatives.”

    “Master Hamner,” Tionne turned to her right. “Can you request aid from Colonel Darklighter and his Rogues to draw up a plan for immediate extraction?”

    Kenth stood to his feet. “I’ll take care of that transmission immediately. May the Force be with you, Jaden. Help is on the way.” With that he turned and briskly exited the room.

    “What happened to Tinkle?” Kyp asked.


    Kyp stared down at his boots.

    “Confirmed.” Kyle suddenly said as he scanned his datapad. “Joola sent us the list. I’m getting names, figures and spacelines. Just at a glance it looks like he was right.” Kyle glanced up at Mara. “Mara, can you get a hold of Kaarde? I need him to confirm whether this NOC List is accurate or not.”

    Mara nodded. “Knowing Kaarde he probably has the list already. He’s pretty close with Joola’s people. Send the list here and I’ll send a message to him.”

    “Masters….I have a location on my hyperdrive. I can’t feed the coordinates or else it’ll get intercepted but…I have to jump now. I don’t have a long-range comm unit for hyperspace but-“

    “Go.” Luke said. “The Rogues and Wraiths are specialists in tracking down people who want to disappear. They’ll find you. May the Force be with you, Jaden. Your help has been invaluable.”

    “There’s one last thing…Xantos is just a figurehead. He’s not the leader of Black Sun. A human male is…and he’s Force-Sensitive…I think…I think he might be a Sith. I engaged him and he’s the most powerful man I’ve met…we have to act…now.”

    “What’s his name?” Luke questioned.

    “Jinn…Jinn Vos…”

    The transmission flickered out and Luke glanced at Mara. “I have a bad feeling about this.” He muttered.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great post. Love Mara's focusing presence :) Hope they can get both tasks done: rescue Jaden and begin strategizing to fight off this new threat. [face_thinking] Jaden's information was vital and will come in very handy.
  11. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Nice way of presenting the sniping on the Jedi Council that has seemed to be in place ever since the end of NJO; they act worse than the Senate! Although, I'm a bit confused as to what Kam was alluding to. Kyp wasn't saying that they leave Jaden to his fate, only that they needed to do something about the information presented. Surely the assembled Masters can do both.

    On a slightly political note, ***pauses as Jade rolls eyes at me...again*** should the Jedi really be going on 'undercover' missions? Shouldn't the Jedi be more above-board with their aims?
  12. windu4

    windu4 Jedi Master star 4

    May 15, 2008
    Kyle and Jaden had their own video games dedicated to them specifically where they went undercover in criminal organizations and what not. I think it's logical to assume they'd still have missions like these after the war.
  13. SiouxFan

    SiouxFan Jedi Master star 3

    Mar 6, 2012
    ***shakes head at own stupidity*** My bad. For some reason, I saw them going undercover to try go overthrow a government or something. Never mind!
  14. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    Jade_eyes SiouxFan ginchy

    Chapter 11

    After the war had ended Jaina had been exhausted, mentally drained and ready for some peace in her life. Once the final negotiations were over she had been more than happy to rest on Ossus and help Uncle Luke with running some training programs with the padawan learners of the New Jedi Order. After Jacen had abandoned them for his sudden need to learn more about the Force she had felt the need to fulfill the role that Luke had wanted Jacen to hold. Yet she had quickly realized that she wasn’t Jacen. She belonged on the battlefield and in space; taking down the bad guys and saving those who couldn’t save themselves. She was no philosopher or teacher.

    So when Mara and Luke had approached her with the seemingly impossible mission of locating and saving Jaden Korr she had leaped at the opportunity. Jaina had immediately recruited a group of her former flying partners to recreate a wing of the Twin Suns Squadron. Master Kenth Hamner had also coordinated with Rogue Squadron to help with the rescue effort. When she had met with Colonel Darklighter and then with Kyle Katarn in an effort to figure out where Jaden was the answer had not been good.

    Somehow the Jedi Knight had figured that Centerpoint Station would be the safest place to go. Unfortunately Black Sun had found him. In their strongest act of aggression in nearly a century the Black Sun was occupying Corellian and Galactic Alliance airspace with two Dreadnaught cruisers and a ridiculous amount of tie-fighters. It had taken all of her mother’s negotiation skills to convince Corellia not to get involved and blow everyone to hell. In 24 hours Jaina had managed to come up with a strategy. The Galactic Alliance’s fleet was greatly strained but they had managed to offer a Star Destroyer and both Rogue and Wraith Squadron to help. They would be the distraction that would engage the Dreadnaughts and Tie-Fighters.

    Jaina’s wing would slip past the defenses and recover Jaden Korr. Somehow the automated defenses of Centerpoint had been deactivated. Jaina was hoping that they could reactivate these defenses. Jaina wasn’t sure exactly what Centerpoint would do with so many hostile ships surrounding it but hopefully the resulting effects would drive Black Sun out of Corellia. The Galactic Alliance had all but declared war on the massive criminal syndicate and Jaina knew that this would be the last straw.

    Currently four Stealth Xs, a single Chiss Clawcraft and a modified Y-Wing hovered on the dark side of the moon of Gus Talon. They were waiting for Colonel Darklighter to arrive with his forces. They had been doing so for the past four hours and during that time all anyone could think about was the sheer improbability of being able to pull this off. All Jaina could think about was the last time she was here. With a brother who had died to save the galaxy. It felt odd thinking about Anakin because when she did she compared him with Jacen. Somehow their bond had frayed over the course of the war and Jaina couldn’t help but assume that his decision to leave had partially been her fault.

    <I’m picking up a signal.> Jagged suddenly interrupted her thoughts. <Our backup is coming in.>

    Jaina inhaled slowly to calm her breathing before she punched a button on her console and opened up her console with her fellow fighters. <All wings report in.> She ordered. <This is Twin Leader>

    <Twin 2, standing by.> Jagged said.

    <Twin 3, standing by.> Zekk volunteered; a hint of slight grumpiness in his tone.

    <Twin 4, ssssstanding by.> Hissed Tesar.

    Lowbacca roared over the speakers and Jaina recognized that he too was standing by. Instead of flying a Stealth X he had opted for a two-seater Y-Wing. He’d be responsible for getting Jaden out of Centerpoint.

    <Twin 6, standing by.> Octa Ramis reported.

    <Alright.> Jagged said. <They’re coming in….3….2….1!?

    Almost immediately a massive Star Destroyer materialized between Gus Talon and Centerpoint Station. The Dreadnaughts hovering in front of the ship slowly began to turn and rotate to greet the Star Destroyer. Yet the larger ship came in primed and ready. Two squadrons of X-Wings immediately emptied from the Star Destroyer’s cargo bays and the Star Destroyer opened fire on the Dreadnaughts. Jaina knew that the Black Sun had decided to unpack such heavy firepower in preparation for an attack. Yet she wondered if this meant that there was a search party on Centerpoint with a vastly superior force. Could five Jedi and an Imp really board the space station and find Jaden before Black Sun did?

    <Lock S-Foils into attack position; move in!> Jaina rammed her throttle into full speed and her whole squadron began to move in with her.

    <Twin Leader, I’ve got a problem!> Jagged said suddenly as they began to descend into the fight.

    <What is it?> Jaina craned her neck and stared to her left at the cockpit, staring at Jagged’s ship with alarm. She reached through their Force-Bond and noted that she really didn’t sense anything.

    <…My ship doesn’t have any S-Foils.>

    Lowbacca began to chortle and Jaine leaned back in her seat and exhaled loudly over the comm. “Very funny, Fel.”

    <Can you two cut the chatter? I’m trying to focus on not getting blasted to hell here.> Zekk said.

    <My apologies, Jedi.> Jag said with derision in his tone.

    <Alright, if we’re going to want to avoid getting caught in a three-way dogfight between Wraiths, Rogues and Eyeballs than we’re going to have to….> Octa began to speak and then her voice trailed off.

    <Thissss one thinksss the only safe path is between the Dreadnaughts.> Tesar said.

    <That’s ironic.> Zekk chimed in. <To avoid a three-way dogfight we’ll have to fly through two Dreadnaughts exchanging turbo blasts bigger than our own ships.>

    <That means we’ll see them coming.> Jaina said as the six ships flew across the top of the Star Destroyer. < Alright, we all give each other space to maneuver but don’t get dragged into a dogfight. The whole point of this mission is so that they don’t know we’re here. If we stick close to the Dreadnaughts they won’t even be able to sense us. They’ll be too busy engaging the Rogues.>

    As she said this a concussion missile that had been meant for the Star Destroyer’s bridge somehow managed to lock onto her ship. Klaxons blared on her control panel and Jaina noted that she didn’t have much time to avoid the attack. “Kriff!” She muttered as she quickly activated her weapons. As the concussion missile hurtled towards her she squeezed the trigger. Orange blaster fire streaked through the vacuum of space and struck the missile just as it fully entered into her line of sight. The concussion missile exploded and her cockpit was battered with the debris. Jaina winced reflexively as the plexiglass in the upper right corner of her cockpit cracked as a result. Almost immediately she heard air leaking out of the fighter.

    <Jaina! You alright?!> Zekk questioned over their comm link.

    <I’m fine…just glad I decided to wear a pressurized suit.> Jaina pulled her joystick up a fraction of a centimeter and watched as they began to approach the Dreadnaughts. <Alright; radio silence. We don’t want any chances.>

    Jaina inhaled as she shut off her comm unit and reached for her companions through the Force. The one skill that had given them a major edge during their battles was their ability to meld through the Force. She couldn’t help but remember the first time she had used such a tactic with her brothers. It hadn’t taken long before they had become overwhelmed and distracted by the sheer amount of mental activity that followed such a power. Yet Jaina had refined that skill. She reached through the Force and sent feelings of assurance to Jag.

    Then they flew right into the targeting patterns of the Dreadnaughts. Red laser bolts as large as tie-fighters flew through the air and Jaina gripped her control stick suddenly aware of the increased hissing from her cockpit. It would shatter any moment now and when it did she wasn’t entirely sure what she would do. As they flew right through the crowd of blaster fire and concussive missiles she realized it wasn’t getting hit that was the danger. The after burns from the turbo blasts and concussive missiles were making it nearly impossible to see. She sincerely hoped that Jag could hold his own. She found it difficult without using the Force to navigate, let alone find the docking station to Centerpoint!

    Her ship shuddered as it flew a little too close to a concussive missile that had prematurely exploded…and then she was free! Jaina sensed that Jag and the others had escaped but not without injuries. The top right laser canon on Tesar’s fighter had been destroyed. Octa had lost her dorsal engine and was lagging behind and Jag had lost his shields. Still, Jaina could see the docking station to Centerpoint and it was wide open. She closed her eyes and reached through the Force and sensed exactly what she had feared. There were men already inside and they were searching for Jaden.

    Jaina opened up radio contact again. “We’re going in hot, guys! We have plenty of bogies in there.”

    Jaina angled her ship down towards the entrance of Centerpoint and just as she entered the hangar bay she was met with blaster fire. Her cockpit exploded and plexiglass sprayed across her helmet. Jaina quickly disconnected her crash webbing and jumped out of her starfighter. As she did she ignited her lightsaber. She landed on her feet and used the excess momentum to turn her landing into a frontward roll. She brought her blade slashing against the chest of one human male before he decapitated a Twi’Lek. As the rest of the starfighters landed into the hangar bay the fight turned into real chaos. As Jaina batted her lightsaber left and right in a frenzied attempt to defend herself.

    I have a bad feeling about this.” She muttered.
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    Sadly, destroying Centerpoint just caused more problems... Great story and I can't wait to see more! Why couldn't you have been the one writing the new EU books? One question - how is Korto Vos human? Because Quinlan was a Kiffar... so wouldn't Korto and Mara be half-human only?