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Talon Intelligence Squad - Chapter 4 in the exciting series!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Aug 13, 1999.

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  1. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    <<Uh, great party, really, but I feel the urge to make a grand exit.>>
    Darth Agent Mulder was a Sith. Sith use the Dark Side. The Dark Side is more powerful than the Light Side. The Dark Side is more powerful than 5000 ysalamiri chewing on my flesh!!!
    Trika still sat, watching. Using the same technique as the last time he was in this predicament, Mulder swallowed the Dark Side, filling his entire being with it and basically destroying the cell and the ysalamiri.
    Mulder opened the cell, grabbing the astonished Trika by the neck, lifting her into the air and slamming her into the wall, holding her there.
    Mulder just smiled. "I will be more fun killing you later on." He dropped her to the floor, starting into a jog to his ship, Piper Maru.
    Once inside, the Dark Lord of the Sith took off, heading for hyperspace.
  2. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    <<I can't believe I just stood there and watched it happen, Mulder. That's okay, I suppose. >>

    Trika got up from where Mulder had dropped her, clearly dazed. What in the name of the Empire had just happened??!!
    She reached for her comlink. "General Ski?"
    "Mulder," she swallowed hard, "he's," she wiped the sweat out of her eyes, "gotten away."
    "What? How did he manage that?"
    Trika turned to the camera and winked at the lens. "He posted all of my actions, and I had no part in it."
    "I don't know, sir," Trika spoke into the comlink.
    General Ski started to run to the hanger bay. "Hanger operator? Shut down all ships in port immediately," he gave the order over the comlink.
    Darth Agent Mulder was already gone.
  3. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    <<NOTE: I still like my old character, Mara Jade, but I've decided I need an evil character to balance out the mix. Thus, I introduce to you Sondara Carre...>>

    A thin smile played on Sondara Carre's full lips as she surveyed the bridge of her flagship, the Griffin. Perfect order and organization. How very Imperial. Nice to know that her inferiors could, at least, follow orders and maintain a semblance of competance.

    The smile morphed into a snarl as she thought of the disorder caused by the insurrection that called itself the New Republic. Such a mess... and one she intended to clean up.

    But first she would need allies. This did not please her; Sondara was not a team player. But it was the way things had to be.

    "Captain, are we ready to transmit?" Her soprano voice always held a hint of steel, but right now it was not pronounced. It was still enough to make Captain Belacqua shiver slightly.

    "Yes, my Lady Carre," he stammered.

    "Good." Sondara smiled, a tight, mirthless expression that did not touch her beautiful silver eyes. Idly, she ran one slender hand through her long, void black hair and began to transmit the message.

    "Darth Agent Mulder. I am the Lady Sondara Carre, leader of two dozen loyal Imperial worlds in the Unknown Regions. These worlds' resources could be at your disposal, should you form an alliance with my group. Our cause is the same... the elimination of Rebel scum from the galaxy. We would be even more efficient if we worked together at it." She allowed herself another tight smile. "Please consider my offer and contact me with your answer. Farewell."

    She terminated the communication.
  4. Darth McClain

    Darth McClain Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2000
    <<This might not make sence now, but it will later! See forum9/HTML/ >>

    Caboco Oord's YT-2000, the Punished landed on Tion, the planet of his prey's birth.

    Curse you, Dix! Curse you! Oord thought. Dix had evaded him for four years, ever since Zattal the Hutt had put a bounty on Dix' head. 25 thousand credits , Oord thought. just for your average rebel scum!

    He walked into the bristiling city of Gantio, the capital of Tion.

    Using the Force, Oord senced two people that could help him find Dix.

    "You will come here," Oord said.
    The two humans came.
    "What is your name?" Oord asked.
    "I am Jarib Starflare. This is Etha, my brother," Jarib Starflare said.
    "Where is Darth Mulder?" Oord asked.
    "How should I know?" Etha said.
    Oord began choking him.
    "I dont know!" he cried out with pain.
    Oord tightened his invisuble grip, eventully killing Starflare.
    "Where is he?" Oord asked.
    "He's on one of his Executor-class Command Ships." the other Starflare said.
    "What?" Caboco Oord asked.
    "He's on a Super Star Destroyer."

    They've told me enough info. Time to kill Jarib!, Oord thought.

    He ignited his blue lightsaber and imeadatly stabbed it into Jarib's gut, and then turned the saber off.
    The Piper Maru, Oord thought. Mulder's on the Piper Maru! Cobra Dix-your days are numbered!
  5. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Sorry I have'nt posted in a while- I'm really behind, but I'll post tonight! A long one!
  6. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Mekial's back, thought Kaiba as she walked down the halls, a newspaper in her hand. She looked up- Kevin Ski was running down the hall. He looked frantic. What's going on-

    " Mulder has escaped!" He said, reading her thoughts. She looked at him.

    " Should we try to find him?" Kaiba said. They looked at each other for a minute, thinking.

    " Yes- we must go quick! There's no time to sound the alarm, you and I'll go after him. We'll contact the others later, but we have to act fast!"

    They ran down the halls, jumped into the Hawk, and flew off. General Ski used his modified Comm to contact the base.

    " Attention all Talons! Mulder had escaped and Luitenient Kaibav and I have flown off after him! We did not alert you because he might have made the jump to lightspeed before we got to him. Talon Lead out."

    They left Coruscant's atmosphere after checking out with the control tower. Soon, they spotted a small speck in space.

    " No, wait-" Kaiba began, " It's only a cargo ship. We'd better-" before they could finish, they heard the comm crackle.

    " Hey, guys! Whats up?" came Jaren Kai's voice.

    " Oh, not much- just scouting the area for one of most dangerous Sith Lords in the galaxy. You?"

    He chuckled, " Same here. Me and Telia will help you. We'll scout the other side of the planet while you look over there."

    " Thanks," said General Ski.

    " May the Force be with you, guys," Telia said.

    " You, too," said Kaiba and Kevin signed off.

    " I hope we find him- I'd hate for him to wreck the wedding."

    Kaiba patted his shoulder and gave him a long kiss on the cheek.

    " What matters most is that we're together- but I'll make sure he doesn't interferre with out special day. I promise."

  7. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder was well out of the system. He had made the jump to lightspeed, and if any rebels had followed, they'd have more than and adequate amount of Imperial Star Destroyers and other ships to deal with.
    The Piper Maru had been defaced severely. He would probably get another one. A Super Star Destroyer just doesn't fall into rebel hands and come back out perfectly fine. He'd get another one.
    He was approaching the Star Destroyer En Ami. Once inside, Mulder ordered the destruction of the Piper Maru. Who knew how bad it was bugged?
    His beloved apprentice, Darth Shely Draven was dead. His best commander since Scynof, Donnie Pfaster was dead. If it weren't for clones he might have cried.
    "Scyynof, I'm glad you could join us. You don't know how much the Empire suffered from your death."
    "My untimely death was completely out of my control. It will not happen as long as I am in control," a completely sane Syynof said.
    "Excellent," Mulder nodded. "I want you to start training a new legion of stormtroopers, a new command staff for several SSDs, and pilots. We will restore the glory to the Empire!"
    "Sir, we're receiving a transmission from the Griffen. Should we accept?"
    "Yes, accept transmission."
    The transmission started to play, and once it was finished, Mulder smiled. "Prepare to send a message back.
    "Tell her that Darth Agent Mulder would be ecstatic if we met privately to discuss terms of alliance," Mulder shivered at the word that had been his enemy during the rebels' infant stages, the Alliance. "The more we have at this party, the better."
  8. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    Reyanna was suprised to hear that Lord Mulder had escaped so quickly, but it had been expected. Foolish Rebels...several Talons had gone out in search of the Piper Maru, but it would be too late. Lord Mulder would be well out of range by now. With that, a big smile crossed Reyanna face.

    Meanwhile, on the En Ami, Mulder was preparing for a meeting with supporters of the Empire.
    "My Lord, Carre has accepted your request for a meeting" Syynof reported.
    Mulder nodded, "Inform Reyanna of our plans, she will still be of use to us. If she can get away unnoticed, I want her to attend the meeting as well."
    "Yes, My Lord."

    Suddenly Reyannas comlink, which was stored in her backback, began to pulsate. The message was encoded so it could not be interputed if it was to fall into the wrong hands.
    Mulder was safe, the Empire had not yet faded away.

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  9. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    "My lady... how could you do this without consulting me? Such a decision should have been discussed with me before you acted upon it..."

    Sondara Carre gave Ashrael a scowl that made the elderly advisor visibly quiver. She didn't bother to hide her impatience in her tone of voice. "You have an overblown sense of your own importance, Ashrael. Perhaps you've forgotten who's actually in charge around these parts." Out of the shadows of her private quarters, four heavily-armed guards appeared, flanking the beautiful young woman protectively. She crossed her arms and tilted her chin. "But these gentlemen know... and they'd be happy to remind you. Tell me, is that necessary?" Carre gave him her iciest smile.

    She relished the expression on Ashrael's face. He opened and closed his mouth several times, his entire fat face going simultaneously pale with fear and red with anger, creating a strange spotty pattern. It was almost comical.

    "Why... you ungrateful little..." Anger flashed in his blue eyes as he realized that he could say no more without digging his own grave. He shut his mouth.

    "Much better." Carre made a mental note to discreetly pick off Ashrael sometime in the near future. He had been useful ten years back, when as a child of twelve she'd inherited her father's position. He'd probably thought he'd be able to put himself in control of the mini-empire out here on the edge of the Unknown Regions, manipulating the young Sondara to get what he wanted.

    Well, he had been wrong. Even as a child, Carre had never had much respect for authority.

    She nodded to her guards. "Please escort our esteemed Minister Ashrael to his quarters." She turned to the fat man and spoke in a low, menacing voice. "And as for you... I don't want to see your face again today. If you're wise, you'll respect that wish."

    Carre turned away without another word and walked over to her personal comm unit. "Captain Belacqua... what's our status?"

    "Ready to make the jump to lightspeed, my lady."

    "Good. Then do so. The sooner we rendevous with Darth Agent Mulder, the sooner we destroy the pathetic Rebel scum."

    "Yes, my lady. I look forward to it."

    Carre smiled, exposing pearly white teeth in a grin that was frighteningly predatory. "So do I, Captain. So do I."
  10. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika sat in the lounge, utterly depressed about the day's events. She had let the squad down by letting Mulder get away.
    She remembered it so well...Mulder using the ysalamiri to draw on the Dark Side...breaking out...and she just stood there, paralyzed. What had happened?
    Trika rubbed her face with her hands. I don't know...
    All she wanted to do was forget about it. She should have accepted the General's offer of a substitute. She had been there way too long.
    You didn't want to appear weak.
    She knew. Now she knew better.
    He's going to kill all the Force-sensitive people in Talon Squadron. Great. It wasn't necessarily her life she was worried about. Certain aspects of life were just accepted by Trika. She was worried about her squadron members.
    It was something she needed to talk to Ski about when he got back.

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  11. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder was preparing for the meeting betwen two of his future allies. They had landed inside the En Ami's hanger bay and were on their way. The ones named Reyanna and Carre entered.
    Mulder stood from his seat at the head of the table. "Welcome, ladies. It is an honor to see others so passionate about the detruction of the New Republic."
    Carre flashed a smile she was so well known for. "The pleasure is ours, Lord Mulder."
    "Please, have a seat."
    The two took a seat and Mulder followed. "I guess I should begin with a brief summary of the remnants of the once glorious Empire. I am the only Sith Lord left. My apprentice was killed by foolish rebel scum only a week or so ago. I-"
    "Rebels. I depise the scum!" Reyanna spat the words.
    Such a brave soul for interrupting him. Such hatred. Such devotion.
    "What's our target, Lord Mulder?" Carre was eager to ask.
    "Quite simple, really. Talon Intelligence Squadron. If you want to know more, I must have complete and absolute devotion from the both of you."
    The two women seemed to nod in unison.
    "Excellent," Mulder smiled. "Walk this way."
  12. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    Sondara Carre listened attentively to Darth Agent Mulder's little speech. Complete and absolute devotion, eh? Well, she should hope so! She nodded, then stood to follow the Sith Lord.

    How lucky that she had been able to leave that incompetant nincompoop Ashrael behind! Even more forunate that she'd managed to arrange for a little... accident to befall the minister during her brief absence. He'd be dead before she returned.

    Unbidden, her lips curled into what many considered her trademark smile. Life was good... already she had arranged for the death of the man who had most seriously compromised her rule over the Unknown Regions Remnant. Now she would arrange an alliance to bring the death of the traitorous scum that had caused the destruction of her beloved Empire.

    Yes, life was very, very good.
  13. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    After Mulder had finished his speech on the glory days of the Empire, Reyanna could do nothing to supress the pride that was growing inside her. Mulder read her thoughts...
    "You are living at the wrong time, young Reyanna. The Empire once ruled the Galaxy...and it will again. It is so close, I can almost reach out and cluth hold of it in my hands. You ladies will help me get there".

    "It is our pleasure, Lord Mulder", Carre said confidently.
    Reyanna smiled at the woman, whom she knew would become a valuable asset to them. She could feel the strengh raidiating from her.

    "Lord Mulder" Reyanna added, "I will do all that I can to serve you and the Empire. As you know, I have successfully made my way into Talon Squad and I am quickly becoming a trusted member of the group. I will feed you any information I can get my hands on...and there is the upcomming wedding, My Lord."

    "Yes,of course" Mulder replied, "many of our ememies gathered in one place, the opportunity is tempting...but it may be too soon. You should return to Talon Base Camp...I will keep you informed. Carre, I wish for you to stay with me."

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  14. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren and Telia brought their ship, the Jade's Talon, to a soft landing and decended the landing ramp. The bright silver ship had been a wedding gift from Ty-gon.

    Jaren was disappointed that Mulder had gotten away but there was nothing he could do at the moment. And ss a sniper he knew how to be patient. Besides he had a wedding to plan with his fiance and two of his friends.

    A few meters away, the Hawk landed and General Ski and Kaiba emerged from within. Kaiba gave a wave and she and Kevin walked over.

    The General wiped a tired hand over his face. He looked about as weary as Jaren felt. This whole Darth Mulder thing was starting to wear on the entire squad. "I don't know how it happened, but Mulder is long gone. We found no traces of him or his ship. I've alerted New Republic Intelligence but it will be some time before they can track him down." Kaiba touched Kevin's arm as if sensing his feelings.

    "Mulder will need to recouperate and rebuild," Telia said. "We should move ahead with the wedding plans." The suggestion seemed to lighten everyone's spirits a little. Mulder was, at least temporarily, forgotten in favor of more joyful thoughts.

    "Speaking of the wedding," Jaren began, reaching into a pocket in his jacket. He pulled out a small box and opened the lid. Inside was a ring. "With all the excitement the last few days I completely forgot to give this to you, Telia. I want you to have it now." He took the ring and gently placed it on her finger. "I had the ring lathed out of a piece of Star Destroyer hull and engraved with the unit crests of our first squad and Talon squad."

    Telia said...

    *snore* <<the Idiots Array has fallen asleep at his keyboard. He will probably have 'qwerty' imprinted on his face in the morning. Wait, it's already morning. Oh well.>>
  15. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika Kenobi was working with several computers in her lap. No messages.
    Not that she cared at the present moment.
    No messages. Please, no messages.
    She had turned off all communications with this computer, but couldn't be certain that she had hit all communications. She was up to cracking codes again, hoping, praying, that nothing would mess up her a message from anybody.
    No messages...
    The last code was the hardest encrypted. It was timed, too. You didn't know the code in a matter of a minute, it would terminate.
    15 seconds...
    No messages...
    Beep? What the-?
    "You've got mail!"
    "What?!!!?" Trika screamed at the worthless piece of AOL spam. "No!!!! Do you realize what your spam has caused?! An Imperial code is now lost, forever never to be decoded again!!!!"
    Jedi training was so hard to grasp, but it was the only thing that had kept her from throwing the computer across the room.
  16. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    Kevin and Kaiba walked away from Telia and Jaren. It seemed they wanted to be alone, and Kevin motioned for Kaiba to be quiet as they walked away. He could here the faint hum as several Republic techs started to refuel his ship, the Hawk.

    Kaiba grabbed Kevin's arm, wrapping herself around him. He smiled and led her to his office. H-9 and Stumpy were waiting for them. H-9 seemed to perk up as Kevin walked in. "Sir, Lieutenant Callisto made me come down here to personally give you a message."

    "Shoot," Kevin said. He stood still while Kaiba plopped down in his chair and twirled playfully around.

    "He just recieved a message via commlink that-uh," the droid shuddered from apparent fear, "Lieutenant Kaiba's dress has been-"

    Kaiba was up in an instant. She jumped on top of Kevin's desk and drew her holdout blaster, and took it off its safety switch. "What has happened to my dress?" Her voice was calm, yet dangerously smooth and deep.

    "It seems that your dress had been permanently liquified and it cannot be replaced."

    "What?" Kevin and Kaiba screamed at the same time.

    "There, uhhh, was a freak accident when my counterpart and I were transporting the dress back here-"

    "And now it is ruined?" Kaiba asked not waiting for the details of H-9's accident
    "It seems that way, sir. Sir, are you all right? Sir?"

    Kevin was looking at H-9 and didn't realize Kaiba wasn't answering. He had lost all train of thought as H-9 was talking and as he awoke from his enchangment, he realized he was too late. Kaiba began to swoon back and forth on the desk, lost her balance and fainted dead away, right into Kevin's chair.

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  17. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Reyanna was gone. She had left to go back to Talon Squadron. Darth Agent Mulder was quite eager to hear any information she collected. Especially about the weddings. Mulder could care less. Let the rebels have their fun for now. They'd all be dead anyway.
    Carre had retired some time ago. Understandable. All humans were that way. Humans had to sleep.
    The rebels' undoing...
    Mulder grinned. Good thing he wasn't human.
    "Spooky" sat down at the head of his commitee's table. The room was empty. The meeting had adjourned a few hours ago. Most of his better command staff were asleep.
    "Such a weak species," Mulder thought.
    The Sith Lord was tired. But it was a different kind of tired. Not physical tired. His unknown species never got tired. He was mentally tired. Was it all just some little petty game of trying to kill rebels? The stresses of weak-minded command staff were too much.
    "This alliance with the other two will help. The rebels will be destroyed once and for all.
  18. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    Reyanna ship touched down at Talon Base to find the platform empty. Things had been quiet around here lately...she thought to herself.
    She made her way to the mess hall and was suprised to find Mara sitting alone at one of the corner tables. Reyanna fixed herself a blue robato to try and keep herself awake and seated herself across from Mara.

    "How are you feeling Mara?" Reyanna asked "Guess this wedding has got everyone's a big job being the Maid of Honor."

    Mara smiled, "Yes, it seems nothing is going right either...Kaiba just found out her dress was ruined and it is only a few days until the wedding. We actually have rehersal tomorrow night!"

    "Everything will work itself out, it always does." Reyanna reached over and squeezed her hand for encouragement. She knows this has been tough for Mara.

    With that Reyanna retired to here quarters - tomorrow was going to be a busy day for Talon Squad.

  19. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika was sitting in the lounge.
    Trika got up.
    Trika slapped her money in the machine and got a Coca-Cola Classic.
    Trika sat back down.
    Trika took a sip of her drink.
    Trika thought of other things to do while she waited for the weddings to start.
    Trika had already thrown her computer across the room.
    Trika was simply waiting.
    Trika was waiting for someone in the weddings to get to it!
    Trika exited the lounge.
    Trika crashed onto her cot.
    Trika fell asleep.
    Thus the end of Trika's boring post...thank you, and tune in next time for another episode of "Trika's Life Waiting for the Weddings." I honestly can't keep posting about nothing. I don't feel right about posting about the weddings because I'm not in them either. So, until then...
  20. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    <<Theta Kappa, read on and see if you really like the story. You see, we have had some new members join but they hardly ever post. Can we be assured that you will be an often poster? Visit the Official Talon Squad EZ Board. See if you really like this FanFic. If so, yes. LeiaB and the others will handle orientation. I will add you to the roster then. So it's your choice. Thanks. >>
  21. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    Telia didn't have to say a word. The ring was perfect. All she did was lean into Jarens strong loving embrace, thanking him with just a simple gesture.

    "Jaren," she said into his shoulder. "This is perfect. I don't care if Mulder ruins the wedding, you and I will be together, and that is all that really matters to me."

    Jaren pulled her closer, and breathed in her perfume. Telia always had a way of looking at bad situations in a lighter view. "I don't care what the situation is. As long as I am with you, I know everything will be alright."

    The atmosphere around the two seemed to disapear. Until they both heard a yelp coming from General Skis office. Telia and Jaren ran to see what the problem was. As they entered the room, they discovered an unconcious Kaiba, and a frantic looking Kevin.

    Telia bent down to Kaibas' side. "What happened?"

    "We just got word that...that..."

    "What is it General." Jaren braced himself for the worse.

    "We got word that Kaibas' dress is destroyed!"

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  22. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder yawned as he waited. And waited. And waited.
    "We've been talking about the weddings on the EZBoard for 8 months now. Let's seriously get this wedding on so I can start killing more rebels!"
  23. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Mulder, I'm sorry. I couldn't get on for a week, so I didn't see your complaint until now, and I'm sorry.
    Ty-gon Jinn pulled out from the new ship he was building. Jaren and Telia got an N1, the General and his bride-to-be had to get something, too. Now he looked back at what would be his pride and joy if he were to keep it. It was a J-type 327 Nubian, restored all the way to its silver finished.
    Obi-wan walked in.
    "Woah, that's a nice ship."
    "Thanks, Obi-wan. It's General Ski's and Kaiba's wedding present."
    Obi-wan looked at it for several minutes. He then struck up conversation again. "People have been going kind of crazy today."
    "Yes, Darth Mulder escaped."
    "Why didn't you go after him?"
    Ty-gon looked at Obi-wan. "You were shot in the back. Mekial doesn't remember anything- I was here taking care of you two."
    "Oh." Obi-wan looked back up at the ship, then remembered. "Oh, Mekial- that reminds me. She wants to see you."

    Ty-gon went in to Mekial's quarters. She had posted the poster on her wall. Right now she was staring at an old photo of Talon Squad that General Ski had given her.
    "Hi, Ty-gon."
    "Hi, Mekial. Is everything okay?"
    "Yeah, it's just," She stopped and pointed to the photo. "I can't find this person on the poster. I want to know who she is."
    Ty-gon looked. "That's Jane Jinn," he said. "She worked for us for a while, then clones of her worked against us for Darth Mulder."
    "Oh." //This was so hard to absorb!//"And who's this?"
    Ty-gon swallowed hard. He was afraid she would ask. "That's Captain Kithera. She was second in command around here."
    "Then how come she's not on the poster? And why is Cobra Dix second in command now?"
    "I hate to tell you this Mekial, but she died, by Darth Mulder, while you were Agent Scully."
    In that instant, Mekial had a memory flash of Kithera- no, she was called Kit.
    She began to cry.
    "Mekial, it's not your fault."
    "I know, it's just... the squad changed so much while I was gone, and I don't even remember the old one."
    "Here, Mekial. I'll take you down to Bullwinkle's kitchen, we can get some Eani Burgers and a Coke, okay? I'll tell you more about the old squad."
    "Sounds good," Mekial said, smiling again. "I'm famished."

    Obi-wan walked into the Talon Squad headquarters gym, and sat down at a weight machine. He heard a crashing noise, and looked over to see Stone with a lightsaber. As he began to exercise, he asked. "What are you doing?"
    "Training with this thing," Stone replied, pointing to the droid.
    "With a lightsaber? I thought you were Force-blind."
    "I am. It was left to me through me family's legacy."
    "I guess we're kind of in the same boat then."
    "How do you mean?" Stone wasn't sure what he meant.
    "I mean that if someone, Mulder for instance, came in here on an anti-Jedi campaign, he'd probably mistake us for Force-sensitive people."
    "I guess you're right."
    They carried on the coversation for a while, becoming good friends.
    Obi-wan finally stood up, and said, "I better get back to my quarters." He took a final look around, then suddenly sat down, and took off his shoes and shirt.
    "I though you were going back to your quarters," Stone reminded.
    "No way," Obi-wan replied. "I'm getting in the pool."
    It was then that Stone noticed that Mara, Trika and Reyanna were getting into the pool to go for a swim- all in tight swimsuits. He decided to get into that pool himself.

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  24. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    How 'bout we get this wedding starting some time today?
  25. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Obi-wan Jinn sat down, finally dried off. As soon as he had gotten out of the pool, he saw Mekial and his brother walking by- Mekial pushed him back in.
    Once he spat out about half a gallon of water and dried off again, he was ready. Now he was wearing a grey suit, pale yellow shirt, and crimson tie, as was Ty-gon. They came to sit in the seats provided at the Grand Ballroom, which was now turned into a chapel for the wedding.
    "I'm surprised it took this long to get the plans all together," Obi-wan said.
    "Just relax," Ty-gon said.
    He looked around. All the other members of Talon Squad were seated around him, all anticipating the big moment of the double wedding. They all were dressed up- the men in suits and the women in exquisite dresses. The only thing missing was the actual wedding party.
    The music began to play, and everybody in the audience shut up.
    Stumpy rolled down the aisle, spurting out flower petals every few feet- their makeshift flower girl.
    The wedding had started.

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