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Talon Intelligence Squad - Chapter 6 The Regrouping

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Apr 7, 2000.

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  1. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    I made a new thread for several reasons, the foremost being that some people have trouble downloading a large thread with 150+ posts. So I will end each chapter when it nears 140-150 posts.

    The battle will continue as it has.
    Admiril Secrof Kard and the Corellian Brandy will continue on without Talon Squad. The new base is on board the Heron. We will continue with the info we got from the last mission and continue on the Mulder and the New Empire's trail.

    We have two open positions on the Talon Squad Roster. Here is the current roster:

    Talon Intelligence Squadron
    Talon Leader -General Kevin Ski - pilot
    Talon 2 - Captain Deli "Cobra" Dix - mechanic, weapons - Assistant Executive Officer
    Talon 3- Lt. Mara Jade - hacker
    Talon 4- Flt Officer Ric Ski - mechanical prodigy
    Talon 5- Lt. Kaiba Cloudrifter Ski - hacker
    Talon 6- Captain Jaren Kai - sniper
    Talon 7- Lt. Quis Heartilly - weapons
    Talon 8- Lt. Trika Kenobi - hacker
    Talon 9- Captain Kendrick Quinn - pilot Executive Officer
    Talon 10- open
    Talon 11- Lt. Mekial - technical spy
    Talon 12- Lt. Stone - corspman
    Talon 13- Lt. Telia Aris - sniper
    Talon 14- open
    Talon 15- Captain Ty-gon Jinn - pilot
    Talon 16- Lt. Obi-Wan Jinn - hacker
    Talon 17- Lt. Major. Melarnn Tecc - biker scout
    Talon 18- Lt. CiCi Draven - weapons expert
    Talon 19- Lt. Callisto - communications officer
    Talon 20- Commander Marhl Kahn - highest in rank but needs some more experience until scond-in-command leadership can be established.

    Leaders of the New Empire
    Dark Sith Lords: Darth Agent Mulder and
    Darth Lord Greywolfe
    Dark Sith: Agent Carre and Agent Reyanna

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  2. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    <<Come on, Cherise. Don't tell me you're that stupid. [Darth Vader]Cherise, I am your brother.[/Darth Vader] Safi's back!>>
    Darth Agent Mulder had decided that enough was enough. He was headed away from the fleet to think.
    He was still in close contact with Darth Greywolfe and the Ladies Carre and Reyanna, but something he had to do was of the essence. He had to go back to Samantha. It was something he had needed to do since he had left her. Samantha had no clue where he was.
    It was all for the better, Mulder thought, standing on the bridge of the Sixth Extinction. He needed time to collect himself, build up a vengence for Talon Intelligence Squadron, and play football and basketball.
    The SSD was capable of landing on the terrain of his home planet, so it wasn't a problem to land near his home. The rest of his crew had taken command of the planet Scynof, (named in honor of the slain), where legions of stormtroopers were being trained to their greatest ability.
    Samantha had come outside to see what all the commotion was. She saw the SSD and immediately ran to meet her brother.
    "Fox!" she yelled as she did so, ignoring the obvious dangers of getting close to the Destroyer.
    Darth Agent Mulder stepped off the landing ramp and embraced his sister.
    "Are you back for good, Fox?"
    Mulder supressed a sigh. "Not for good, but for now," he said as they both returned to the house.
    <<Just thought I'd get things started for the "separation".>>
  3. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    <I've been asked to do a quick summary to get us all on track here...and this will be brief - thanks>

    Sadly, the Nest had been completely destroyed. The good news was, no Talons has lost their lives...and the vehicles and most of the equipment had been saved.

    The General quickly gathered the squad and confidence was once again high. As the Talons boarded their ships to prepare to join up with Kard Secrof and his fleet, there was an earie silence. Saying goodbye to their home was not an easy task...there were a lot of memories here.

    "Don't look back Talons," The General spoke up, "It is time to rebuild and regroup. We can do it - together."

    With that, the entire Talon Intelligence Squadron headed to their new home.

    Meanwhile, far across the galaxy...the Empire was regrouping as well. Lord Mulder had decided to go off on his own. His Ship had already departed. Lord Greywolfe, Lady Carre and Reyanna were aboard a SSD that was just about to make a jump into hyperspace. Reyanna had decided to let Ty-Gon go...she had gotten her revenge and he would suffer soon enough. She had placed him on a shuttle to nowhere, but somehow he would find his way to the Talons, she was sure of that.

    With that, the SSD lunged ahead in a streak of white. Time was on the Empires side - and they would return, stonger than ever.

    <Let the new chapter begin!>

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  4. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    <<Few days later, onboard the Correllian Brandy.>>

    Ric Ski worked on his brother's A-wing, the Eaglet. The work was hard. Carbon scoring on the side and ruin some crucial sensor packages and one missile port was blocked. His brother walked up and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder. Ric didn't have a place in Talon Squad, but he at least was the personal mechanic for Kevin. He looked up and smiled at his brother. He then continued on with his work.


    General Kevin Ski sat in the briefing room of the Corellian Brandy, his new commissioned personal Strike Cruiser. In front of him was a holo of Admiral Secrof Kard, the Intel Fleet Commander.

    The Admiral had gone on about the missijon and stuff, but Kevin was getting tired. It was time for him to go DownTime and see what was happening there.


    All Talons and some mechanics were in the DownTime Hall playing one very large and disorganized game of Sabaac. Kevin laughed as he joined his wife.

    "What do you have?" he asked as he approached her and grabbed a chair.

    She looked at him with and innocent face. "None of your business, General. Lt's just say that I have this hand. And will continue to win all of the other hands."

    Kevin immediately caught on, or so he thought. He spoke up real loud, "Kaiba, you know it is wrong to cheat. The Force is not meant for Sabaac games."

    Meanwhile, all of the Talons and techs withdrew from the game, each going to their own little groups, talking and mingling.

    "Kevin, I wasn't cheating. I was just glancing at their cards every once a while. Just lucky, I guess. You owe me drink now, and a dance."

    "Fine then, let us dance. And then you can buy the drink. In fact, you won enough credits to buy the whole squad drinks." He dipped her in traditions old Correllian waltz.

    "Gee, thanks," was all she could mutter as they kissed.

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  5. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Even though the base was gone, Kaiba was relaxed as ever, just kicking back. This was how she hoped it would be for a long time.
  6. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Even though the base was gone, Kaiba was relaxed as ever, just kicking back. This was how she hoped it would be for a long time.
  7. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Safi, I'm going to kill you, I swear it!
    Trika Kenobi was sitting in her new room, doing what she so many times did.
    Worked on equations.
    All of the above.
    Math and science had never been too difficult for her, so she enjoyed getting little error messages and correcting them. It was her job after all.
    She had just gotten back from the lounge, where she was playing a round of sabacc, that is, until General Ski came along and blurted something about Kaiba cheating. Trika had quickly dealt out and flipped around in her chair to whistle quietly to herself. No sense in loosing all of her paycheck...
    But now, she was back to what she enjoyed doing.
    Darth Agent Mulder had decided to leave them alone for the meantime. Which was just fine with her.
    The computer slapped another error message, to which she just smacked in a disk and began the readout of several directories and files, decrypts and encrypted files.
    Life was good.
  8. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    When the door had exploded, Ty-gon got away and managed to get to a shuttle.
    Reyanna apparently decided to let him go for the time being.
    He was now building a new lightsaber. His had been demolished in the fire, his great-uncle's in the shuttle explosion.
    He sat back in his chair, and looked around. He was in one of the crew quarters of the Corellian Brandy, and under the desk was- linoleum. Whew. No varnish and now carpet. He was probably pyrophobic now.

    Obi-wan was still in the bacta tank suffering from burns and a leg that had eventually broken.
    He looked outside the tank- he could see into the lounge. Kaiba had gone to dance, and Trika went back to her room. He decided he had had enough, and he pulled out. He put his pants and vest back on, and limped into the lounge, where a few people were still playing sabacc. "Deal me in," he said.

    Darth Greywolfe stood on the bridge of the Coyote.
    Mulder had left. He was right- this competition between Sith was ridiculous.
    All his fighters, shuttles, and transports had docked inside the Victory Star Destroyers, and his Victory Star Destroyers had docked inside the Star Destroyers, which were inside the SSDs- the SSDs which had been reduced to the Coyote after an unfortunate accident in an asteroid field.
    And the Jackal had gotten into the Coyote's special landing bay.
    His fleet was not quite as impressive. His initial attack on Talon Squad, and Lady Reyanna had let the Jedi go. He needed to restrategize, reformulate.
    "Lady Reyanna," he asked, holding out his hand.
    She gave back Darth Vader's lightsaber, and she and Carre once again departed for the Dark Star Squadron.
    Now the Coyote, Greywolfe's fleet inside, set out for hyperspace.
    It was a rebuilding year.
  9. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    <<Ah, sure you will, Trika. You know, this could make for an interesting plot twist. Think about it.>>
    Darth Agent Mulder sat down to the table, sipping on a drink and thoroughly enjoying the ambiance. It was so traquil. It was somewhere where he could think and not be distracted, be around his sister, and forget about life in general. The wars between Sith Lords had gotten out of hand.
    Samantha was sitting across from him, also doing the same. "You've changed, Fox."
    Mulder looked up from his cup and met her gaze. "How so?"
    Samantha took a while to digest that one. "I-I don't know. You just seem different."
    Mulder gently placed his cup down. "I've been thinking lately, that's all."
    Samantha nodded, trying someway to agree that that was the answer she had wanted to hear.
    "I guess you didn't want to hear that," Mulder guessed by her quiet reaction. "I'm a Sith Lord, Samantha."
    The demure eighteen-year-old stiffened in her seat. "What did you say?"
    "I'm a Sith Lord."
    Samantha recoiled automatically. "No, Fox. Your brother. Your brother is a Sith Lord."
    "No," Mulder shook his head. "I am the Sith Lord."
    Samantha stood up. "Excuse me."
    Mulder nodded, watching her walk into the next room.
    A blood-curdling shriek was all Mulder had to hear before he unconsciously ran into the bedroom... find her own purple lightsaber run through her chest.
    "No!!" Mulder cried out as she fell onto the bed, the lightsaber turning off. The Dark Lord of the Sith stood in a paralyzed shock, watching his own sister fall, dead. He ran to her side, cradling her body and wishing it all a dream.
    Mulder ran out of the house. The stress was too much. This was his brother's job. His brother was the Sith Lord.
    A light rain began to fall, turning into a massive downpour. Mulder dropped to his knees, sinking in the newly formed mud, raising his bloody hands to the sky with a curse.

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  10. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    Telia liked to keep Jaren waiting. He had surprised her ealier, by informing her, he had a whole evening planed out for the two of them.

    So she wanted to make this night special. The whole group had lost a lot from the fire, but Telia felt that it was a good thing in the long run. It was a new begining for everyone. She had gone shoping ealier in the day, and had spent the last couple of hours gettting ready. She had sent Jaren into the living area, while she occupied the bedroom they shared.

    She smiled at the thought of her husband, who had been ready an hour ago, pacing around the room. He hated not doing anything, so making him wait in his nice clothes for more time than needed too, was torture.

    "Telia? You almost ready?" Jarens voice came through the door. "Honey, we're going to be late if we don't get going soon."

    "Jaren, if you would tell me where we're going, maybe I would have more reason to hurry up."

    "Nope, not going to work. As much as I hate sitting around here, I am not going to tell you what my plans are. This is going to be a complete surprise."

    Telia smiled again. Her husband always liked to surprise her. She sliped on the dress and gave herself a final look in the mirror. "O.k., I'm ready." The door to their room slid open. Jaren stood in front of her looking handsome and strong, wearing a stunned expression on his face.

    "Well," Telia smiled. "How do I look?"
  11. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Only now was Darth Greywolfe getting the whole report on the damage from the asteroid field accident- his fleet had been decimated.
    His Super Star Destroyers had been reduced to the Coyote.
    His Imperial Star Destroyers down to three- the Dingo, the Grey Fox, and the Cape Hunting Dog.
    Only one Victory Star Destroyer- the Red Wolf remained.
    His snub fighters had the worst of, from guarding the fleet. He was down to only three TIE/ls's, one TIE/rc, one TIE/fc, and one TIE/gt. He had one squadron of TIE defenders, one squadron of TIE Advanceds, one squadron of TIE Interceptors, and one squadron of TIE Bombers. He was left with only one wing of plain old TIE fighters, and one squadron of droid fighters. He had one stormtrooper transport left, and one dropship, with three AT-ATs and one AT-ST. He was down to only five probe droids. He had ten Lambada class shuttles, and two heavy class. He had a dozen Imperial Speeder Bikes on the few remaining ships. His Interdictor, his Strike-Class cruiser, and the World Devastator they were picking up were totally demolished. His Jackal and Sith Speeder, on the other hand, having stayed behind, were spared.
    He looked at the bright lights of hyperspace from the bridge of the Coyote.
    Yes, this was definately a rebuilding year.
    That was why he was returning to Tatooine- his home planet. He would relax, catch a podrace, maybe. His family's old home, still in his name, was in Anchorhead. He'd spend a few days there, go to Mos Eisley a couple times, and go to Mos Epsa once before he left.

    Obi-wan Jinn looked down at his hand. He had a ten, a five, and an idiot face card.
    He had bluffed well so far, and had one maybe five credits. It would be useless going for an Idiot's Array here, but...
    The cards were changing again, so he put the five and the ten in the interference field.
    The idiot face card started changing. It stopped on- the eight of sabers. Trying to keep his glee in check, he raised the bet, and moved all of his hand into the interference field.
    Cobra called, and Obi-wan's pure sabacc got him another ten credits.
    As time went on, he accumulated another fifteen, but lost five when Jaren actually did pull off an Idiot's Array.
    He walked back to the bacta tank, twenty-five fresh credits in his pocket, took off his vest and pants, and hopped back in the tank. He was about to fall asleep- he might as well heal some burns while he was at it.

    Ty-gon was in one of the docking bays of the Corellian Brandy, servicing his A-wing. Stumpy had volunteered to help, and he sat in the droid socket, working on the top of the ship, while Jinn worked underneath.
    A man entered the room, and bent down under the A-wing. "You need a hand?"
    Jinn crawled out to shake the man's hand. "Sure, thanks. I'm Ty-gon Jinn."
    "Ric Ski."
    "The General's brother?" Jinn asked.
    "Yeah. It's nice tro meet you."
    "You too."
    Ty-gon scooted back under. Stumpy whistled hello, and both began working again. Ric moved behing the vehicle to clean the engine.
    "Thanks again for your help," came the Jedi's voice.
    "No problem," Ric replied.
  12. Mekial

    Mekial Jedi Master star 1

    Dec 9, 1999
    Mekial sighed as she settled down in the chair in her hotel room. She took a sip of her drink and started the movie. It was an old movie, but she found it strangly calming. She munched her Snickers bar as she watched John Wayne shoot down a theif.

    Haha. That's what you get for trying to rob a bank.

    An annoying buzz interrupted the movie. She paused the film and moved for her commlink. But it wasn't buzzing. She stopped for a moment. It was coming from the table. She reached over and found it was her old commlink, the one she had gotten before she came to Talon Squad. Who could be calling her on that?

    She activated it.

    "Hey lil sis, whats up."

    It took her a moment, but she remembered the voice easily. Her brother."Nicae! How are you?"

    "Fine. I'm in Coruscant on business. I hear your not far from here. Wanna come down and see your brothers this weekend?"

    She raised her eyebrow. "Brothers?"

    He laughed. "Akan and Zac are here with me. Jode stayed on Dubrillion to keep things running."

    Her brothers on a thriving business on Dubrillion, and since she was rarely in the Outer Rim, getting to see them was rare. She was about to agree when a thought hit her. "I'm not sure. I'll have to ask the General if I can have the weekend off. But I don't know. Our base was just destroyed."

    "Oh. I see."

    "Just a second."

    She used her other comlink to call the General, who was in the middle of a Sabaac game.

    "Permission to have the weekend off?"

    "Um, yeah sure. Have fun."

    She clicked off her comlink and chuckled. He was concentrating a little too hard.

    "I'll be there. Where should I meet you?"

    "Under the Oak tree in Jade Park."

    "I'll see you there."

    She returned to her movie. Tomorrow she would leave for Coruscant for a family reunion. It woyld be fun, even though it was only for two days. She fell asleep peacefully for the first time in a long while.
  13. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    Your turn Idiots Array!
  14. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Something in the back of Jaren's mind reminded him that breathing was a necessary part of life. It was a good thing too, because in a few more seconds he would have passed out from lack of oxygen.

    Telia stood in the doorway of the bedroom smiling seductively. She was draped in a long, black dress that shimmered like the night sky. If examined closely, the luminous gown was an acurate representation of the entire galaxy, down to the smallest quasar, and probably cost an entire cycle's pay. It was worth it.

    "So, where are we going?" Telia asked for the tenth time, but Jaren remained tight-lipped.

    "I'm not going to tell you," he said as he put his arm around her waist and planted a kiss on her lips. "But you are more than welcome to guess."

    The two moved to the outer door. The stars on Telia's dress seemed to shift and shimmer hypnotically as she moved. "I know," Telia mused. "You are going to get outragiously drunk and fall prey to male hormones, insulting a bar full of New Republic Marines. When the ensuing fight dies down, I will drag your battered body home and let you try out the new bacta tanks that Stone gave us."

    "Close," Jaren said as they walked down the halls of the temporary Talon base. They seemed to be attracting a large number of stares as they passed. It was no wonder, considering who Jaren was with. "I was seriously considering that one, but I figured beating up on me would look bad on the Marines' records."

    Actually," Jaren continued. "One of the Talon members has been captured again and we have to rush off and rescue them. I just thought that this time we should rescue our squadmates in style. That's the reason we got dressed up."

    Telia looked a bit surprised. "That's the only reason we got dressed up?"

    Jaren looked thoughtful. "Well, that and you look gorgeous in black."

    Jaren led Telia to a waiting repulsorlimo and opened the door so she could get in. In a few moments they arrived at a glamourous skyhook.

    Since the name of the place was only pronouncable in Bothan, it had to be one of the most expensive restaurants on Coruscant.

    <<Hope you like it Jedi-Jade. >>

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  15. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Yeah, I'm thinking about it. Doesn't mean it will happen, Mulder...
    The persistant beeping didn't stop.
    "I said no."
    Beep. Bwoop.
    Trika threw a disk down and gave a sharp look at the droid. "No."
    The little R2 unit rolled past her and did something to the effect of pulling the covers off her bed.
    "William George Robert Samuel Thompson IV!" she screamed at the droid. "What do you think you're doing?"
    He seemed to laugh at that one.
    "Very funny," she replied sarcastically, extending her hand and using the Force to lift him into the air. The droid squealed.
    "Now Will, I want you to be a nice little droid and go do something useful, like cleaning something up, okay?"
    Will rolled his wheels until he was wore out, obviously not getting anywhere.
    Will beeped and Trika let him down. "Stupid droid," Trika muttered, turning back to her computer.

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  16. Laguna

    Laguna Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2000
    Quis Heartilly was beginning to regret her choice of dress. The shorter they were the more she felt uncomfortable, and she'd picked one of the shortest in the store. As she stood outside the quarters of Kendrick Quinn, trying desperately to keep her fidgeting under control, she wondered if this was such a good idea.

    She knocked twice, a visibly on-edge Kendrick appearing in formal wear at the door.

    "Hey Ken, looking pretty good."

    "Thanks," he said, trying to fix his suit. "You look really... pretty."

    Quis couldn't help the smile. "Thanks," she said.

    "So, where are we going?" Kendrick asked.

    "To take you up on an offer you almost made me a long time ago."

    Kendrick's eyes narrowed. Quis took him by the hand and lead him down the corridor.

    * * * * * * *

    The bulding was richly furnished inside, very classical in feel. Quis could hear the orchestral group playing down the corridor.

    "Dancing?" Kendrick looked about as they entered the hall.

    "That's right. You ready?"

    "I'm ready. It's your feet I'm worried about."

    Quis smiled again, squeezing his hand. "Let's go."

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  17. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Jeremiah Smith was more than a little nervous by the sudden communication with Lord Mulder. In fact, he was petrified.
    "Why, yes, my Lord. Everything's running smoothly with the training. We've more stormtroopers than the Old Empire had and they're better trained than ever before."
    "Excellent," Mulder nodded. "I'll be making a trip there sometime in the near future."
    "Yes, my Lord," Smith saluted as the image fizzled and disappeared.
  18. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    CiCi wasn't having any trouble adjusting to her new accomodations...she hadn't had long to get settled in before the nest was destroyed. But then, she was also very accustomed to moving around.

    The Talons seems like a close knit group, kind of like a family. A family, that word was foreign to her.
    It had been so long since she had been a part of anything that special.

    Her thought went back to Mara. They still had not had a chance to talk. Mara was actually the closest thing to family CiCi had known besides her parents...and when they died, CiCi left Sector V Squadron - with stangers - and had not seen Mara since...until she arrived at Talon Base.

    CiCi finished arranging her belongings in her room and was about to take a quick nap when she heard laughter coming from the corridors. Instead, she decided to go out and see if she could meet some of her new squadmates. She pulled her long hair back into a pony tail, grabed her jacket and set out to start this new chapter in her life.

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  19. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika Kenobi fell asleep.
  20. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    "General, the crisis is becoming urgent."

    Kevin looked up from his work. Filing papers and what not was, at best, just something to keep his mind off the impending mission. He looked into the worried eyes of one Admiral Secrof Kard.

    "What do you mean, Admiral?"

    "Your They are having to much fun. They need to train. Get better. They need to be pilots."

    "Do you have sims, Admiral?"

    "Yessir, twenty of them. Most are unoccupied at the current time."

    "What craft do you recommend for the mission? X-wings, A-wings, TIE?s?"

    The Admiral drew himself up for what Kevin anticipated to be bad news. "You?re to use Y-wings, sir."

    "Why the flying Wishbones? They used to be the mainstay of the fleet, but they have been replaced by the K-wings."

    "Because the mission statement implies that your squad is to become a pirate group. Most pirates either use Uglies or cheap fighters. Y-wings are your best bet right now. The Longprobe model can hold two, a pilot and a gunner. Ion cannons and lasers make an effective combination, General. Some your soon to be pilots can fly one of your transports. You establish a base and start acting like pirates. Gather intel through this. The situation in the target system is becoming critical. Our intervention is needed. Social unrest due to these rebels is becoming widespread. Soon I suspect those Sith enemies of yours will take an interest into this and...well, you know what they would do."

    Kevin sat back and sighed. "I guess if Wraith Squadron can do it..."

    The Admiral laughed. His behemoth belly bounced up and down without control. "Your damn right Wraith Squadron did it. And they performed their duty too well. But you know what, General?"


    The Admiral sat down and whispered into Kevin?s ear his plan.
  21. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    I gotta really good question. Some of the original Talons haven't posted in a while, right? Since none of the regular posters obviously don't want to die, why not let me kill the non-posters in a later scene? I'd give them ample time to respond by e-mail, etc. Pretty please? Look at my cute, evil little smile. How can you resist such a face? I'm practically begging here.

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  22. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Darth Agent Mulder had arrived only a day ago on the planet Scynof, but he was already making changes.
    "Make sure that they understand about errors. There will be none, Smith."
    "Yes, my Lord," Smith replied confidently. "Our stormtroopers have been trained through various sims and understand different situations so well that errors will not be a factor in your next mission."
    "I hope so for their sake and yours, Commander."
    Smith gulped visibly. "Yes, my Lord."
    "What of the other rebel bases?"
    Smith hesitated. "We've destroyed all known New Republic bases on the Outer Rims and most in the inner sectors of Tunguska and Terma. The rest remain hidden."
    Mulder mused on the thought for a moment. "And who better to know of their locations than Rebel Intel Officers?"
    "Would you like me to gather our stormtroopers?"
    "No," Mulder said. "We'll save that for a later time."
    "Yes, my Lord. If I may return to my duties...?"
    Mulder raised a blue eyebrow at Commander Jeremiah Smith. "Of course, of course. Back to training."
    Smith bowed deeply and returned to his work.

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  23. RogueLead11

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    Aug 19, 1999
    ?Should I call in the medics yet??

    Quis laughed, watching Ken peer anxiously at her feet as they departed the dance-floor. ?I?ll survive. You?ve improved since last time.?

    ?I had a good teacher.?

    She smiled, not opting to reply. They went over to the bar and took a glass of champagne each. The door to the nearby balcony was open. Kendrick glanced at it, Quis nodded, and they went out together. Drink in hand, Quis walked over to lean on the railing. After a moment?s hesitation, he joined her there and they took in the glittering Coruscant cityscape below.

    After a few minutes of silence, she finally spoke. ?I hope you?re having a good time, Ken.?

    ?Of course I am!? he said, a little too eagerly. Ken mentally hit himself and amended himself, ?I mean, this is really nice. Thanks for inviting me.?

    She nodded and went back to the scenery. For once, Kendrick allowed himself the indulgence of staring. The moonlight was hitting her face just right. The dress Quis wore was beautiful. She was beautiful. He couldn?t take his eyes off her.

    ?Quis?? It was little more than a whisper, yet she heard it, and turned round. He gaped like an idiot. There were a million things on his mind he wanted to say, that he wanted her to hear. ?Quis, you?re??

    Then, as usual, his tongue failed him.

    ?? a good dancer.?

    Had he been carrying a blaster, Kendrick would have put it to his temple and gotten himself out of his misery right then and there. However, the shame of it all was eased significantly as Quis leaned over and took his hand, giving it a squeeze. ?Thank-you anyway, Ken,? she murmured.

    After a moment, he returned the squeeze, then offered her his arm with a grin. ?Well, Miss Heartilly, you?re feeling particularly brave tonight. Care to risk another dance??

    Quis smiled back and linked her arm through his. ?I don?t see why not.?
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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>I gotta really good question. Some of the original Talons haven't posted in a while, right? Since none of the regular posters obviously don't want to die, why not let me kill the non-posters in a later scene? I'd give them ample time to respond by e-mail, etc. Pretty please? Look at my cute, evil little smile. How can you resist such a face? I'm practically begging here.
    - Darth Agent Mulder

    Give them 7 days Mulder. Then you can go ahead with your plan.
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    &lt;This is Theta Kappa. I lost my email password and TFN password!&gt;
    "General," Marhl said. "I need to tell you about my past. My name is Tuugrn, not Marhl Kahn. I used a Force-generalted shield to disguise my Togorian body. I grew up on Corellia and joined the Rebels. I was the leader of Grey Squad, from the Liberating Force, a Star Destroyer from the admiral's fleet, until my transfer."
    "Thank you," General Ski said. "I don't mean to intrude, but why the shield?"
    "Well," Tuugrn said sheepishly, "I was afraid that the Talons wouldn't like me if I was the only alien."
    "Thank you," Ski said.

    Tuugrn left the room feeling much better.
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