Talon Intelligence Squad - Chapter 9 The Changing Empire

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    (Hey, can someone give me a short description of what's going on? I want to know what's happening so I can post and then I'll go read it all, the stuff I missed. In what chapter did Obi-Wan and Mara decide to get married?

    C U soon)
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    Nomi Jade-
    Obi-wan and Mara decided to get married a while ago- I guess it was Chapter 6 or 7.
    After Homer was pardoned by Mon Mothma, he and CiCi began rebuilding the squad with the two new officers, Insei Starborne and Nashraak (sp?).
    Jaren and Telia, staying in a hospital after their breakout, learned someone had injected Telia with poison and caused her to have a miscarrige.
    The old Talons, after breaking out of jail, heard of Mulder's Hover Sphere, a space station that can blow up entire planets. It was very similar to the Death Star- and only half finished. With the stress of being Darth Agent Mulder, Fox Scri'ne (Redeis's twin, who Mulder possesed after his last death) went insane. Carre, Reyanna, Greywolfe, and Ash realized how bad this could be for them, and went after Mulder.
    At the same time, the old Talon Squad and the Salvos went after Mulder as well.
    Reyanna origianally went to confront Mulder. Ash took over, and stabbed him in the back of the neck. Greywolfe came to rescue them from the Hover Sphere.
    When they got out, the Talons managed to
    blow up the Hover Sphere, the SSDs inside.
    Now a new Sith, Darth Alex Krycek, has taken command of Mulder's crew and seeks to form an alliance with the Dark Stars.
    In the meantime, the old Talon Squadron confronted Frohike before the New Republic Senate, and were pardoned. General Ski now has control over the squad again, and Insei and Nash joined.
    Now Obi-wan and Mara are planning the wedding. The Dark Stars still have Luke Skywalker in their possesion, giving them control over Mara Jade Skywalker, and they possess plans that Reyanna and Ash stole from Mulder, and Krycek wants to blow up Coruscant.
    Hope this helps!

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    <<Thank you. I like being a kick-butt chica.>>

    "So good bein' home!"
    Trika agreed. So good bein' home with everybody safe; so good to be watching the Phantom Menace.
    Trika was sitting in her room, soaking her arm in some sort of liquid solution. One of the medics had prescribed it to her; the Darth Maul band-aid just wasn't working like it should have.
    A knock suddenly came from her door.
    "Ransi'ocil," she unconsciously answered before changing it so they could understand. "Come in."
    The door opened just as quickly, and Rosche burst in the door. Trika looked up from her arm and grabbed the remote, pushing the mute button and smiling. "Hey, how's it goi-"
    Rosche was regretful that he had to cut her off. "You've got to come see this."
    Trika stood and walked with Rosche to the end of the hallway. The Talons' temporary residence on Coruscant was nothing but a hallway; what a way to treat your guests. The large window opened to the sky, showing the traffic, the clouds, the skyscrapers, and...
    Force, it's a couple of SSDs.
    Trika turned to meet his eyes. "Do Coruscant officials know about this?"
    Rosche nodded. "They just exited hyperspace a minute ago. Radar should have picked them up."
    Trika disagreed. "We can't rely on that right now. Not with jamming technology like it is. Alert the General and the squad to this." She started to jog down the hallway.
    "Where are you going?" Rosche called after her.
    "Someone's got the job of alerting the war room. Might as well be me."

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    << Sorry that I havent posted in awhile, guys. I will be very soon. Please dont think I've abandoned this fan fic, its one of my main priorities. I've just been kinda busy with RL stuff. Again, my apologies. >>
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    <<I'm a little confused about where we are. I had originally thought that we were on the Heron, but I will default to Trika's last post.>>

    Jaren watched as Obi-wan and Mara talked quietly in the corner and remembered the day he proposed to the woman sitting next to him. That had been one of the best days of his life. And one of the scariest. He had laid his heart on the line with that question, and for the briefest of moments, was afraid of what her answer might be. Now Obi-wan knew what that felt like. He knew the rush of pure joy when the answer had come back 'yes'.

    Jaren slipped his arm around Telia and pointed in the direction of Mara and Obi-wan. She turned her head and he could tell she was smiling as she too remembered. "Seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?" she asked.

    Jaren took her hand and kissed it softly. "Sure seems that way sometimes. After what's happened to all of us."

    Telia nodded. "The squad has been through alot lately, but we've managed to keep going despite everything the Empire has thrown at us. And now that Mulder is gone and we've been reinstated, we can get back to what passes in Talon Squad for normal life."

    "Speaking of being reinstated," Jaren said. "Have you meet the new members of the squad yet?"

    Telia shrugged. "We've met and I of course see them at morning PT, but with all the excitement of getting moved back in, I haven't really spent much time with any of them. They seem competent enough. Why do you ask?"

    "Competent, yes. Did you see Lieutenant Nashraak come in?" Jaren asked, changing the question.

    Telia looked around for a moment before noticing the feline Talon standing in line waiting to be served. Telia's eyebrows knitted in surprise as she spoke. "No, I didn't. Did you?"

    "Only about thirty seconds before you did. She made it all the way to the serving line before I spotted her. She's good alright."

    Telia raised an eyebrow and grinned as she looked at Jaren. She had seen this happen before in their old unit. "So you have to be better right? A noghri wasn't enough of a challenge for you?"

    Now it was Jaren's turn to smile as he remembered his days in the Skifters. "A little healthy competition between squadmates never hurt anyone," he said. "Rashka and I honed our skills through our little sneaking contests just like you and I compete on the shooting range."

    "Speaking of which," Telia began, standing up and finishing the last of her caf. "It's time to get out to the range and see if I can beat my husband for the third day in a row." She playfully jabbed Jaren in the ribs and he too stood and fell into step beside her.

    They had only made it a few steps, however, when they suddenly heard the loud blaring of the warning sirens. As they raced out the door, Jaren was aware of other people abandoning drinks and joining the rush to duty stations as the base braced for an attack.
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    Nashraak growled in frustration when the alarm sounded. She'd been looking forward to a little time to relax and settle in. She didn't yet know all of her squadmates, by face or by scent, nor did she know their skills and how hers could fit in and augment them. It was unacceptable.

    She hadn't even been given a duty station for an alert of this type yet.

    The Trianni sropped her tray on the counter and raced out after the others. She would simply have to find a place to fit in as the opportunity arose. She quickly checked to see if her comlink was fully charged and tuned to the right frequency and hurried along with the rest who were headed toward the command room.

    Once she knew what was happening, or had been given orders, she could decide where she needed to be. Whether it was in the air, or on the ground.
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    Coruscant was worried.
    "Set all incoming SSDs into a Graft Set Attack formation on mark 1175," Krycek ordered. "Mulder's favorite line of attack, I might add."
    Tooms nodded. "What do you plan to do now my Lord? The planetary shield will surely-"
    Krycek interrupted. "Mulder kept the capabilities of his Star Destroyers under wraps. Couldn't let some other power-hungry idiot grab a hold of it. Prep the bombs in the hanger bay."
    Tooms was taken aback. "Bombs, my Lord?"
    "It was an operation with the code name 'End Game'; it was kept under wraps, as stated before. Obey orders, Captain."
    Tooms punched the orders. "Yes, my Lord," he checked his console, "they check ready."
    Krycek nodded, looking out at the SSDs forming their set pattern. Coruscant probably thought the reincarnation of Darth Agent Mulder was at hand. "Drop them at the exact locale I've told you about. I want several bombs dropped near the Jedi Temple as well as the Senate chambers and I want one right in Mon Mothma's front door. You may launch when ready."
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    Ty-gon heard the siren and lept from his room.
    When he got to the end of the hallway, he reached the platform where all of the Coruscant sky could be seen. Something was obscuring the sun.
    It took his eyes a moment to adjust, but he could hear the frantic whispers of his squadmates, the screams of the people in Monument Square. They were SSDs, moving in to attack formation.
    Inside the building, red lights began blinking and the sirens grew steadily louder.
    Obi-wan and Mara, who were back in the lounge, were the last to get to the platform. Two SSDs, each bearing Darth Agent Mulder's insignia, were descending on the planet.
    "I thought we killed this guy!" he screamed over all the noise.
    "We did-" his brother yelled back, "Three times!"
    The SSDs were now inside the atmosphere. he wind had kicked up and was now howling, and no-one could hear a thing over the noise of everybody else running and screaming.
    The Talons all thought they heard someone screaming, trying to get their attention, but they weren't sure over all the noise. They turned around to see General Ski flagging them into the hangar.

    The SSDs just kept descending on Coruscant. Several bomb bay doors opened.

    "WHAT THE SITH IS HE DOING?!" Greywolfe bellowed when he saw the bomb doors open on his viewscreen. "SUBTLE MY FOOT! HE'S PICKING UP RIGHT WHERE MULDER LEFT OFF! HE'S INSANE!"
    "Calm down, Greywolfe," Carre said. "I'm sure he has a reason."
    "You're right, Sondara. I'm sorry. But my alliance with him is off. I hope he dies in this attack."

    The fighters launced from the mouth of the Nest- just as the first bomb dropped.
    "Try and get it before it impacts!" a screaming Talon said over the comm system. "It's headed straight for Mon Mothma!"
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    "Mon Mothma!" Admrial Hiram Drayson said as he ran into the Inner Council room. "You must evacuate this building!"
    "Why?" Borsk Fey'lya asked. "Because you Intel people think you know everything?"
    "Councilor Fey'lya," Mon Mothma said. "Why don't you be a good Bothan and shut up for once!!!!"
    Way to tell him, Mon Mothma! Drayson thought.
    "Come with me," Drayson said, and he and Mon Mothma walked out of the Chamber, followed by the other Councilers.
    "Here, Councilors," Cobra Dix said. "Those are SSDs. They are headed directly for you!"
    "Me?" Mothma asked.
    "Yes, you. Ty-Gon Jinn sent me down here to warn you!"
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    <<It seems I am mistaken. Sorry, must have missed that part. I would change it, but it looks to be too late now.>>

    The SSDs were closing in on Coruscant. Trika was rushing to the war room, but to her minor relief, people were already there.
    The Jedi pushed her way through the thick crowd to get to the main command station, where several high-ranking officials were giving orders. Trika got a clear look out the window and gasped.
    "Holy Sith monkey crap!" she shouted. "What type of formation is that?"
    One of them turned and repeated what was coming off the computer screen, then he did a double-take. "What are you doing in here anyway?"
    "I'm New Republic Intelligence and those are my squadron members up there!" she pointed.
    "You and your Intelligence team seemed to have missed this one," he said.
    Trika was trying to control her emotions. They were getting the best of her. "Because he's dead! Mulder's dead! He couldn't have survived!"
    Another one snorted. "Well, he's back, and he's bombing Coruscant."
    Trika looked up into the sky, and sure enough, bombs started to drop. She still couldn't believe it. "But-" she started, unable to put the pieces of the puzzle together- "we killed him three times."
    A horde of people in the war room started screaming. A bomb had just gone off near the room and the ground started to shake. Trika braced herself by grabbing a panel on the wall. She looked out the window and could only send silent wishes to her friends fighting up there.

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    Flight Officer Sath Kaytorn frowned. He was not happy. Only a short time ago, Kaytorn had been moved into Talon Squad, before they had been cleared of the charges brought against them, but now, he was out of that squad.

    His captain, the one-armed Homer Starkiller, had said that he, and 2-4 would be joining the origional TIS, and the rest of them would be left out. Fortunatley, there were lots of squads in the New Republic. He'd join another, for sure.
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    "Close up. All TIEs to their proper hanger bays," Krycek ordered.
    Tooms stood shocked. "We're just going to leave?"
    Krycek turned and shook his head. "Our objective is completed. Follow orders, Captain."
    Darth Alex Krycek walked over to the communications console and prepared a transmission to a certain Sith Lord. The communiqué sharpened from static to picture.
    "Ah, Greywolfe," Krycek greeted the other. "A pleasure as always."
    Greywolfe stared at him incredulously. "You're just as insane as Mulder. You're picking up right where he left off."
    "Precisely the point I was trying to make," Krycek said almost in a bored voice. "If I pick up right where he left off, the rebels have no way of knowing that Mulder was ever dead. Fear of his survival will control the New Republic for now. I've done enough damage to keep the Republic off your backs for quite a while. Insane enough for you?"
    Greywolfe wasn't impressed with the smart words coming from the other end of the transmission. "I still don't trust what you're doing."
    Krycek laughed. "Nor should you have any reason to. It's just one way of me showing you how our beautiful," Krycek smiled to show his knowledge of Greywolfe's words, "alliance will work."
    Greywolfe nodded curtly, silently signaling that their conversation was terminated.
    "As for my death, Darth Greywolfe," Krycek said with a smile, "I think I'll pass on that one. Contact me in the Terma sector if need be."

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    <Here I go, guys, a new plot for the "secret plans" and a way for Krycek to be confronted. Just work with me, I have been coming up with this for a long time now.>

    The lead had come over the holocomm and had been received in conjunction by H-9, the Talon military protocol droid and Stumpy, Kevin?s R2 unit. They had both been so eager to get back to work that they had practically fought over the datapad as they transported it to Kevin?s office.

    They ran in, or rather tumbled in, and landed square into a pile of paperwork Kevin had been working on. As the dust and papers had settled, the one good eye socket of H-9 could see Kevin?s anger. He remained calm, however, and proceeded to move to and pick up the mess. H-9 stood in a rather clumsy way and snatched the datapad from Stumpy?s flailing robot arm as he tried to retrieve the information, and the glory that went with it. As the datapad was given to Kevin, Stumpy kept up his moaning to be picked up, but Kevin could tell that a small fraction of his sadness was that he was not the droid that had given him the news.

    "Sir," said H-9, "shall I leave the room? Is it important?"

    Kevin?s eyes widened just as H-9 had said this for the news was terrible. It was apparent, according to recent fleet operations and happenings, that a new TIE was in operation. Not just a regular Defender or a Missile Boat, and not even a normal Phantom TIE. The news was staggering. A new fighter, one of incredible destructive power, was systematically destroying each and every New Republic Fleet it came across. A single fighter, as was reported, that could render a ship helpless, slave their circuits, and turn them against themselves. The fighter was being called the TIE Mystician, although it was not known if this fighter was an actual TIE or not.

    Kevin looked up, the report ordered Kevin?s group to split up, eight to be counterinsurgents behind enemy lines and steal the new fighter. The other twelve would follow closely behind, acting as a pirate band. The twelve would take the Eagle, Hawk, and Osprey, and would retrieve the fighters at a later time.

    Kevin thought about this for a second. This same scheme sounded something like the New Empire would do. Well, that was when it was under Mulder?s command. But still their were some of Mulder?s subordinates still alive. Kevin whistled. One could have grabbed a new title and have replaced Mulder. Perhaps it was that Greywolfe; he liked fleet ops. The others Kevin had heard about, Carre and the other, seemed like they would be more interested in more complicated matters of destroying Coruscant and the New Republic. Kevin hummed the Rebel theme and his own Talon Anthem. It was time for a briefing; the Talons had 72 hours to launch.
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    <<<Nice plot line, TSL >>>

    Quis and Kendrick met outside the briefing room. Slowly their squad mates filtered through the doors, Kendrick leaned against the wall outside.

    "Do you know what this is about?" asked Quis.

    "No. But I'm betting it has something to do with the rapid loss of allied ships over the last week."

    "They still don't know what's causing it?"

    Kendrick shook his head. He looked at her and appeared as thoug he may say something else but he was cut short by Ski's arrival.

    "Let's go people, we have a lot of ground to cover," he said.
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    Ty-gon walked back inside the Nest- the bombs had been destroyed before impact. Now Ski was calling them back for a new Intelligence mission.
    Several other squads had been assigned to the bombing, they weren't supposed to worry about it.
    It was supposedly an isolated freak incident. Someone had used Mulder's image to take the New Republic by surprise, but some people still believed Mulder had been reincarnated again.
    "This is odd," Ty-gon remarked to Obi-wan. "I'm just glad to get on to a new mission."
    Obi-wan looked back at him. "Only the second normal mission we've ever been on."

    Greywolfe snapped off his viewscreen. Krycek was really getting him steamed. There was no way he could call the alliance off now- Krycek was so strong with the Dark Side, the best thing for Greywolfe and everything he was dealing with was to stay clear of Krycek- give him free range. If he was as insane as Mulder, he was also just as powerful. Besides, Reyanna supported their alliance, and he couldn't afford to lose his allies in the Dark Stars. He stopped. \\Ugh. I'll just let Krycek do whatever he wants. He can lay groundwork for future schemes, handle damage control, whatever the sith he said, or go totally insane. I don't care, we'll have an alliance as long as he stays clear of me and my thoughts.\\ Somehow he knew Krycek heard every word.
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    The whole bombing incident was over, thank the Force, and Coruscant was saved. Rumors were flying, though, one: that Darth Agent Mulder had been reincarnated; two: that someone was using his name and style of war to cover his own up. Besides that, all she knew was that she had to get to the briefing room right away or else be in danger of being left again.
    Trika stepped inside and brushed her multi-braided hair back with her right hand. Kendrick and Quis were sitting over to the far left, Ty-gon and Obi-Wan were sitting in the far corner. General Ski was pacing, and the rest of the squad was rushing inside in a mad attempt to be on time.
    So this was what passed for normal around the Nest.
    Trika took a seat near the front and waited for the meeting to begin.

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    <<Sorry I've not been posting; I've got finals all this week and I'm REALLY behind in some of my classes. Minimum day today, so I'll try to post this afternoon for all three of my little personality splits... particularily Mara! I've let that gal go too long without an update!>>
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    I know what that's like- I just took my finals. Fortunately, I only had two, so I could still post here, but I haven't been posting on anything else!
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    Cobra Dix and Mara Jade walked into the breifing room, and Mara immeaditly walked towards Obi-Wan Jinn, her future husband. Slowly, the other Talons walked in.
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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having trouble with up coming finals. I take mine next week, so you probably won't see too much of me until then.
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    Nash prowled into the briefing room and seated herself. The crisis was over, without her ever seeing a bit of action, but from the tense atmosphere of the room, she could guess that that would change very soon.

    The Trianni leaned back in her chair and glanced around the room. The sniper, what was his name? J-something, he wasn't there yet. She watched carefully. He was the only one in the group so far that she had seen who moved nearly as gracefully or quietly as she did. She might invite him on her next hunting trip, just to see what he could do.
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    <Good luck on your finals Mara & Mekial >

    CiCi was sitting with Homer in his living quarters when the call for the briefing came over her comlink.

    "Seems we're not going to get a break today, first the attack...now, perhaps, a new mission." CiCi smiled at Homer as she spoke. The two had just sat down for a bite to eat, tring to steal a little time alone together.

    "Never a dull moment." Homer stood up and flexed the fingers on his mechanical hand. He was still getting accustomed to working with it. However, his reflexes were still just as sharp as ever.

    CiCi and Homer made their way to the briefing room. They were apparently late, so they quietly took a seat beside Mara and Obi-Wan.

    "Anyone know what's going on?" CiCi whispered to those sitting around her. However, she was answered only with puzzled looks and shrugging shoulders.


    Reyanna sat at her computer in the study off her living quarters on the Black Star. She ship was in route to the Laron System and should arrive there within two hours. Travleing in hyperspace was when she spent her time resting or updating her personal records, but not this trip. She had been reviewing the information on the third planet in the Laron System. It appeared a certain General had been feeding Mulder information on the movements of Republic Squadrons for several years. It also appeared that he lead a sort of training facility for young and upcoming Sith agents. Why she and her companions did not already know this information puzzled her. She intended to see the facility and talk to the General herself. She was suprised at how many secrets Mulder seemed to be hiding.

    She was interupted by a knock at the door.
    The small viewscreen showed Greywolf outside.
    "Enter." Reyanna commanded and stood to great her friend.

    "My Lady, I am sure you are aware of Krycek's activities today...near Corruscant." Greywolfes' eyes were gleaming with anger, "I want it known that I do not trust him, less so now that he has acted in this manner."

    Reyanna nodded, "He is unstable, that is certain." She smiled, "but quite brilliant as well. He has actually helped us quite a bit. With all of Corruscant doubting Mulders death, it will keep the alliance off our backs."

    "Yes." Greywolfe agreed, "perhaps this visit to the Laron System will go unnoticed by the Republic."

    Reyanna smiled and took her companions arm, "That is what I am hoping. Now tell me your thoughts on how we should approach General Mears."

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    Kevin stood as the pilots and other members entered the briefing room. He scowled at the datapad that he held in his right hand. It was not an easy decision, splitting up his group and making some go on ahead. He had already chosen the eight members for the insertion strike. He hoped they would be grateful for their important mission.

    He cleared his throat and spoke up. "Okay, people. This is our new mission. As some of you may or may not know, the New Republic Fleets near the Core Worlds and on the Outer Rim are under attack. Whole fleets are being destroyed daily by a new fighter code named the TIE Mystician. It is not known whether this ship is an actual TIE or not; no fleet has been known to get a good sensor scan on it. However, what we do know is this: it is very deadly. So deadly that Fleet and Command Ops have personally asked for our assistance. They have proposed that an insertion team be taken into a known region affected by the TIE Mystician and steal one of the fighters for close inspection. This mission is highly classified; no one must know about it. The insertion team will go on ahead 14 hours from now and will be led by me. Homer, CiCi, Telia," Kevin looked at his wife. She looked saddened by this news but grateful to be chosen all the same. "-Ty-gon, Obi-wan, Quis, and Nash will be on the team. The rest of us will follow in to pick up the insertion team. We will also secure the vehicle aboard the Osprey and will discourage any pursuit."

    Kevin looked up again. He could see that Telia and Jaren were unhappy to be split apart. He hoped they realized that some sacrifices needed to be made.

    "As for the insertion area and time table, the system is the world of Corellia. I hope we have time to find a fighter on that ship infested world. The time table is this: the insertion team will be taken in and will hack into the main computer system of the world. It is believed that a nearby planet or system harbors the fighter, and we will find it, if possible. If we are compromised in any way, I will give the abort signal, to be decided on a later date, and we will evacuate the planet and rendezvous with the pickup team. If we succeed in finding the fighter, Homer will fly it rendezvous and I will lead the insertion team to a secure pickup point on Corellia."

    He spoke again. "As for any equipment we might need such as ID cards, they are being supplied by Intel Ops. Any questions, wait till later and ask Jaren, being that he will be leading the pickup team, or me. Insertion team will have approximately one day to secure a vehicle; the team?s job will be to find it, and Nash will do the rest. Ric can repair the ship if needed once it is secured on the Osprey. The pickup team will have two days to find us, in case of trouble. If they do not succeed in recovering us, they are to return to Coruscant and call the mission a failure. Any questions? No? Dismissed."

    <<A good plan? Yes? No? Tell me.>>
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    Nash sat impassively as Kevin outlined the bare bones of a plan. It sounded dangerous and the plan was loose, sketchy at best, but with as many uncertainties as there were involved in this mission, the more flexible you were the better off you were. Something else she had learned during her early years in the Rebellion.

    When the meeting adjurned Nashraak waited where she was. She had plenty of time to prepare for the mission, she didn't have much to pack and there was no one to say good-bye to.

    No, now she sat and pondered.

    Questions? No, she had no questions. Once the others had found the fighter she could get to it. It was that simple. It had to be that simple. Her entire life, since the Empire had taken both of her families away from her, had been based on that. If she couldn't get the job done she was no longer hurting the Empire. That was all that mattered. If she wasn't helping, then she shouldn't be there and she couldn't conceive of what she would do with herself if she didn't have orders to follow.

    The Empire had made her angry and then the Rebellion had made her useful, made her a skillful, highly trained, highly successful killer. Nash knew instinctively that she would not be an asset to civilian life, that she was ill equipped to handle it. Before the Rebellion had been the gang and they had robbed and stole and fought their way through life. Then there was the Rebellion and now the New Republic and she was robbing and stealing and fighting to keep her life.

    There was nothing else.

    I succeed or fail on my own, by my own merits or lack there of. Shadow rose slowly to her feet and padded out into the hallway, headed toward the gym and a little more exercise. If I fail, I will take as many Imperials with me as I can before I go. I owe my families that much.
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    <<I hate math. I HATE math. I HATE MATH!!!! Did I mention that I hate math?

    Hmm, can we all guess what finals MJEH had to take today? As a result, she is cranky, and her characters will be likewise. BTW, it's a great plan, TSL, but as a result of finals and having her character seperated from her fiance, Mara's gonna hafta whine a little... >>

    Mara Jade's jaw clenched tight as she listened to General Ski's words. She tried to keep calm, but even reminding herself that a Jedi should not let anger get the better of her didn't stop her from feeling a surge of annoyance and frustration as she realized that she and Obi-wan Jinn were going to be split up.

    Why exactly is this necessary? she wondered, then reproved herself. She was being a little selfish. It was the general's call, not hers, and it wasn't like being apart from her fiance for one mission was going to kill her.

    But still...

    Well, she could ask the general later, anyway. She had another question, as well, so it wasn't like she'd be calling on General Ski expressly to whine about the assignment.

    A while after the briefing, she found her way to General Ski's office and knocked on the door. "Who is it?" she heard from inside.

    "Lieutenant Jade," she answered. "I've got a question... well, two, actually."

    The door opened, and Mara entered. "Uh, sir, I hate to bother you, but..." She paused, unsure of which question to ask first, then decided it was of little importance and rushed on. "First of all, there's this matter that's been eating at my mind a bit... this new fighter. Does it have any relevance to the appearance of..." Again, she paused. "...Mulder's fleet near Coruscant? And second," she went on without waiting for an answer for the first question, "um... well, I was wondering..."

    A third pause. "Um..." She wasn't quite sure of how to word it. "Er..." Out with it, girl! She found a train of thought and travelled with it, "I was wondering why you had us separated, me and Obi-wan. I mean, was there, like, a reason...? Or was it just...? I mean..."

    She ran out of steam and finally shut up. "Uh, don't answer the last part if you don't want to," she added lamely.


    She's truly a work of art... one that even the great Thrawn himself would put hard pressed to properly analyze.

    Taos D'Lars contemplated the black-clad woman standing on the bridge of the Black Star, arguably one of the most powerful women in the galaxy at the moment... and if she had her way, for the rest of her life.

    She was so young, barely out of her teens, and very beautiful, but it was the beauty of ice, cold and unyielding. There was no warmth in the smile she wore like a mask, no emotion in those lovely silver eyes. She radiated a cold, ruthless power, and displayed intelligence and cunning beyond her twenty-two years.

    She is like no other woman I have ever encountered... almost inhuman in her lack of visible flaws. The male bounty hunter's lips curled into a thin sneer. But she has them... and I know of at least one that could prove useful to me in the future.


    Sondara Carre carefully studied the Black Star's map of the galaxy, the tiny points of light that represented star systems reflecting in the silver of her eyes and making them glow unnaturally.

    So many, many stars. And so be it, they would be the Empire's.

    Carre did not feel like putting off the day in which they would belong to the Empire any longer. Life did not last forever, after all; she was not such a fool as to think herself immortal. She had no wish to die, but she knew the possibility always existed.

    And she had no wish to lose her life before regaining power.

    Tomorrow, she decided. Tomorrow she would officially declare herself Admiral of Fleet- an unprecedented event in the history of Dark Star, but it was her authority. Tomorrow she would begin her conquest into the outer edge of the New Republic.

    Their attentions would be elsewhere; they would not know what hit them.
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