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Talon Intelligence Squad - Chapter 9 The Changing Empire

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, May 29, 2000.

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  1. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    One planet in the Terma system stood out unlike any other. It was a bustling New Republic base of operations. Important business traveled concealed here, and Krycek could taste his desire to destroy it.
    Nope, not now, not right here.
    The Coruscant attack had gone very well. Whether Darth Greywolfe realized it or not, he had purposely helped their "alliance" and had expected a little more acceptance of his decision. Now, Coruscant was out of the unspoken question, and the Dark Stars could get on with their taking over of systems.
    The Captain approached the Sith carefully. "Yes, my Lord?"
    "You see that base down there?"
    Tooms stretched his head. "Yes, sir."
    "That's our next target."
    Tooms nodded, turning to his command station and typing a few commands in. "All systems ready. We have a lock on the base, sir."
    Krycek smiled. "Good. Release the 'TIE Mystician'."
    Tooms did as told. Within an hour, the whole base's supply of ships were either rendered useless or destroyed.
    Darth Alex Krycek just continued to stare at the base. One base down, at least twenty million left to go...
    "Tooms? Make a transmission to the Lady Carre. Tell her the planet Iposk 5 is ripe for the picking."
  2. Darth Homer 327

    Darth Homer 327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 24, 1999
    Homer walked into the hangar bay, where he saw CiCi working on her X-wing fighter. As she was struggling to tightenen a bolt with a hydrospanner, Homer slipped his hand around her waist, and leaned around her other side and kissed her. She dropped the hydrospanner and returned the kiss.

    CiCi turned so she could face Homer.

    "What are you doing?" Homer asked kindly.

    "I was getting my X-wing ready... I'm gonna need a ship you know!" CiCi laughed.

    "Well, I was thinking we could take our Y-wing instead." Homer said.

    "Our Y-wing?" CiCi asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

    "Well, yeah. It sorta is both of ours. We fly it together. I think we had better bring it instead. If I have to fly that TIE Mystician back here, I would have to leave my A-wing behind. Besides, I love having you with me." Homer said.

    "Thats true. Well, I'd rather fly with you anyway. And I love being with you." CiCi said.

    Homer smiled.

    "I came to this squadron looking for adventure, and I found love instead. I love you." Homer said.

    "I love you too." CiCi said.

    "C'mon, lets go get something to eat." Homer said, as he put his arm around her.

  3. Mara Jade Emperor's Hand

    Mara Jade Emperor's Hand Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 1, 1999
    <<Why, thank you, Krycek... but I'm afraid Admiral Sondara Carre may even be a little ahead of you...>>

    Taos D'Lars had to admit, Sondara Carre looked quite stunning in the attire of Dark Star's Admiral of Fleet. The jumpsuit, tunic, boots, gloves, and cap were an intense void black that matched the shimmering obsidian of her braided and coiled hair, and the dark royal blue and silver insignia and trim played up her icy beauty to its fullest. But the young woman was impressive for more than just her beauty.

    Under her command, the main Dark Star fleet had separated and moved to conquer several different systems. Their efforts had been met with little resistance; in the last half hour, four fleets had reported in that their objective had been secured. Ground troops were establishing garrisons on their new holds and instituting martial law to keep the civilians in line.

    Carre's section of the fleet was now in orbit of Iposk 5, which had been declared fully secured to Dark Star a little over an hour ago. The young Admiral of Fleet was obviously itching to move on to new conquests.

    As D'Lars watched, Carre gave a sharp, commanding gesture to Captain Aerok Belacqua. "Set a course for the nearest major New Republic military stronghold. I've had enough of toying with these little bases... I want a real fight."

    "My lady... er, I mean, Admiral Carre," stammered Belacqua, looking helpless. "Are you sure...?"

    The smile on Sondara Carre's lips was very cold and very frightening. "Quite sure," she replied briskly. "Now do as I tell you."

    "It will be so, Admiral."
  4. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    "First of all, your first question, Mara. Intel has no opinion on the appearance of the TIE Mystician and the appearance of Mulder?s fleet and his fake attack. However, I assume that he was just out to scare the New Republic, and that, to the best of my knowledge, he has control of this weapon. Perhaps he was going to use it here, on Coruscant, and later decided to kill the New Republic slowly in an antagonizing death. But all of this could be wrong. The New Empire is changing, and hopefully for the better. Perhaps we will finally win and be able to go home and stay. Any thoughts on this?"

    Mara had set her jaw in a terrible stubborn way; Kevin knew she was waiting for the answer to her second question. She slowly shook her head and put her hands on her hips and waited for his orders, his advice, or his reprimand. She looked scared; she had asked a question about his leadership and she did not know the consequences of this. However, it was Kevin who was really scared. Mara was a powerful woman, just as a crafty as the original one.

    Kevin looked in her eyes and braced for his answer, and perhaps a great injury that was sure to follow. "Mara, it goes like this. On all of the missions the Talons had performed, we have been together, and a few romances have gone on. I have tried to keep the whole thing professional, but I too fell into the trap of love and romance. I married, Jaren married, and you are to marry. CiCi and Homer will most likely marry. I must admit, marriage has been great, but it has put a great strain on my military career. On all of the missions, I had two objectives on my mind; the mission objective and my wife?s safety. This has put a great strain on my concentration and I believe that did not perform as well with my wife?s welfare on my mind. I was constantly worried about her, and what would become of her.

    "Now I realize how much a person can love another, but you must realize that in order to love a person in complete safety, we must perform our missions and get home alive. I do not need you or any other Talon to get killed in battle trying to be a hero and save your loved one. You need to concentrate on the mission and nothing else. Loss concentration gets people killed. You may not like my decisions, but believe me, they are for the better. I am in the same boat you are; I love my wife and can?t stand to be away from her. But for the better sake of the mission, I have put myself in the same position as you and Jaren. I am sorry, but I must stand by my decisions. Dismissed."

    Mare gave a smart salute and exited just as quickly as she had entered. Kevin shook his head. He hoped had done the right thing.


    Ric ran into the hangar and did a quick scan of the scene. Homer and CiCi were talking about the Y-wing. Ric decided to take a quicker look. He crept up the Y-wing and listened in. He had barely heard any words of the conversation when his brother stormed in, talked into his comm, and a large Imperial Landing Craft flew into the hangar and landed with a large thump. His brother proceeded to talk into his comm as he waved CiCi and Homer over to his location. Ric ran up and hoped he could be of some use to this meeting.

    His brother had already began talking when he had arrived. "- insertion team will be taking this ship. Homer, see if the controls are suitable for your piloting skills. CiCi, get some Talons and load the computer gear and ship transport material from Bay 2 into the cargo hold of this baby."

    Both Talons ran off to do their jobs. Ric stayed behind and surveyed the craft from his position. It was in perfect concition, a basic shuttle configuration with a large middle cargo bay and more weapons. It basically looked like a pregnant shuttle with an attitude. It still had it?s Imperial markings; it was from the Theta Cargo Hauling Group of the former Star Destroyer Beagle. The ship was coded as TCHG-124 on the side.

    "Kevin, what is it?s real name? What I mean is, she surely isn't 'TCHG-124.'"

    His brother, Kevin, lo
  5. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    Reyanna and Greywolfe looked out at the third planet in the Laron System, it was
    quite an impressive sight. The planet was totally evil in it?s appearance. It was covered partially by a dark purple dust cloud, which had a crystal sparkle when you tried to look through it to the planets surface. The surface, from space, appeared red and blue. It was perfect. The sensor readings on the ship could pick up one major settlement, however, Reyanna and Greywolfe could both feel the overwhelming presence of the force that was coming from the planet. Something very powerful was down there, that much was certain.

    ?I have never visited the Laron System before,? Greywolfe was saying, ?It is not well charted on any of the computers maps.?

    ?It is quite impressive, however, I am sure they are now alerted to our presence.? Reyanna turned to Daylek Skerro, ?Captain, shields up at once. Place all fighters on ready alert.?

    ?Yes, My Lady.? Dayleck bowed and began issuing commands to the flight crew at her

    ?We will enter the code clearance we retrieved from Mulders files.? Reyanna turned to Greywolfe,?Once we have permission to land, we will descend to the planet immediately. He will think Mulder
    is still alive, and we must not let him know otherwise.?


    It was settled, CiCi and Homer would take the Y-wing on the mission. It had been months since they had flown together, the last time had lead to his Homers capture by Darth Ash. She hoped this mission would turn out more successful.

    The General had given his orders. CiCi had found Ty-Gon and Obi-Wan. They made their way back to the hanger and began loading the equipment into the Raptor.

    "This ship is amazing." CiCi was telling Ty-gon as he lifted a heavy computer crate, "What do you think about the mission?"

    "Sounds interesting...and dangerous." Ty-Gon replied. "But, I am happy to be on the lead team."

    "Same here," Obi-wan added, "But I hate to be seperated from Mara." He looked in CiCi's direction, "You guys are fortunate."

    CiCi smiled and glanced at Homer who was working on the ships controls, "It will be a short mission...hopefully, if all goes well. We will need to focus all our energies on our assignment. I think the right people are where they need to be." She squeezed Obi-Wans arm, "You guys will be back together soon."

    They would be leaving shortly.

    <<Hey TSL, just a reminder that I will be gone thru June 21st. Homer is going to post for me. Hey you guys...don't even think about getting rid of Reyanna or CiCi - have a good week, see you guys soon!>>

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  6. Jedi-Jade

    Jedi-Jade Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 21, 1999
    Telia was in their bedroom closet standing and trying to remind herself what exactly she needed to pack for the mission. Plus, she had to worry about what Jaren was going to pack. Neither one of them were happy about being split up on the upcoming mission, and she figured that Jaren had gone to blow off some steam in order to get a clearer understanding of the situation.

    She moved to go and reach for her jacket, when an old picture fell from the pocket. Telia bent down to retrieve it and ended up sitting on the floor. She smiled to herself as she traced the picture with her fingers. It was a picutre of Telia and Jaren in their old squadron. They looked so young and full of hope. Neither of them knowing what lie ahead for them, it didn't even matter back then, just as long as they were together.

    She heard Jarens' voice call to her as he entered their small suite.

    "Tel, honey where are you?"

    She called back still looking at the picture. "In the bedroom."

    Jaren entered and looked down at her with a tired smile. "What are you looking at?"

    She looked up and wrinkled her nose. Jaren had obviously blown off some of his frustration by going to the gym. "You need to take a shower." She said with a half smile. "I am just looking at an picutre of us when you didn't look quite as old as you do now."

    He bent down to sit next to her. "But you've got to admit, the years have made me even more handsome."

    "Not to mention cocky." She leaned over and kissed him pasionetly. "Why are you so worked up?"

    "I ran into Mara and she had the same problem we do about being split up. She told me that she talked to Kevin and he gave her a lecture about not letting our emotions get in the way of our mission. So it looks like we can't go in and argue about that without getting clean-up duty for a month."

    "Speaking of clean-up duty," she kissed him on the tip of his nose. "You need to clean up yourself."

    "Oh do I now?" Miscevious shot into his words. He picked her up and carried her into the refreshener. "Maybe you need to do the same."

    Telia laughed. Leave it to her husband to lift her mood when she was feeling down. On their way to the shower, she remembered to throw the picture into Jaren's bag, just as a reminder that no matter how far apart they might be, they would always be together.
  7. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    <<Awww... >>

    Trika rushed around her room, straightening it up before she had to leave.
    Mom always said that if you make your bed, your whole room looks clean.
    Trika brushed back a stray braid and put her hand on her hip. It wasn't as if anyone would see it, but it did look nicer. She complied to the voices and finished cleaning. She hooked her lightsaber onto her belt and walked out into the hallway.
    The day had been long. Everyone was either happy about their team or saddened by it. General Ski was probably hearing every bit of it.
    Trika entered the hanger bay. Team One was surrounding a beautiful cargo ship, and looked as if Ric Ski had fallen in love.
    Team Two was somewhere...
    Trika found them and started to run over to their ship. Excitement was sparking as well as nervousness, but Trika was thrilled beyond words.
    "Hook me up to a computer!"

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  8. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    The viewscreen fizzled on, and Darth Alex Krycek's face filled Greywolfe's view. "I believe I owe you an apology, Krycek. I offer you my most serious apology."
    "You now admit that my 'insane attack' was a subtle way to lay groundwork for your next plan?"
    "Of course."
    "Good," Krycek said with a smile.
    This irked Greywolfe. "You've already shown yourself to be smart and trustworthy- now that you're on my good side, quit while you're ahead."
    "Fine," Krycek said, "I will." And with that, he flipped a switch, so the video feed died.
    He joined Reyanna at the window. "And the people below believe we are one of Mulder's ships?"
    "Actually, they've never seen Mulder. They believe you are Mulder."

    Obi-wan led Mara by the hand to the grand ballroom.
    He opened the door, and he said "Mara, before we leave, I would like to ask you something." He showed her a NR Justice of the Peace inside. "Would you like to get married here and now?"
  9. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
    "Really, Ken, it's no problem." Quis squeezed his hand reassuringly. "I'll be okay with the others."

    Kendrick glanced down at the floor, then tilted his head up to meet her gaze. "I'm sorry, Quis. I trust you and your skills - you wouldn't even be in Talon Squad otherwise - but I just don't like the way the General split us up for this mission, you know?"

    The two of them were in his quarters, having wanted to spend a few more minutes together in before departure. The General would cut them some slack for tarrying; all the other Talon couples were likewise saying their farewells and if Ken recalled correctly, Kevin Ski and his wife Kaiba were among them.

    "We're not the only ones," Quis reminded him. "The General is thinking of the mission."

    "I know, I know." Kendrick raked his fingers back through his hair. "Got to remember the mission."

    "I'm sure you can survive for a few days without me." She smiled.

    "That reminds me. I have something for you." He dug around in his jacket pocket, producing a tiny box. He pressed it into her palm and closed her fingers around it. "Don't open it yet. At least, not until you're on the ship with the others."

    "What is it?" Quis turned the gift over in her hands. The box had a hinged lid and there were several golden characters in Aurabesh enscribed onto one side.

    "That's for you to find out. Later."

    She punched him in the arm. "Why not now?"

    "I... er, I was hoping that when you see it, you'll remember me, even though I won't be there with you. So you won't forget me." Ken's eyes went back to the floor tiling and he shifted his booted feet sheepishly. "Kind of stupid, huh?"

    Quis only laughed and pulled him close. When the kiss finally ended, Kendrick looked considerably more at ease. "Be careful out there," he said. "When you get back, I'll take you out for dinner and dancing. Or..." He eyed her feet, wondering whether they had recovered sufficiently from their last ballroom escapade. "Or maybe just dinner."

    "With an offer like that, how can I refuse?" Quis kissed him again. "Don't worry, Ken. Everything will turn out fine. You'll see."
  10. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren lay next to Telia, luxuriating in her warmth and inhaling deeply the soft fragrance of her still-damp hair. I wish we could be here like this forever. Logically he knew they had a mission to accomplish and a million things to do to prepare. But he lay there wrapped in her arms, holding her as if they would never see one another again. We part now so that we may be together in the future.


    Jaren strode into the briefing room where the rest of team two was already waiting. He was dressed in a dark combat jumpsuit designed to hide him in a wide variety of environments. He returned the Talon's greetings with a crisp salute. I'm in command now, I have to make sure morale is good. "Ok, everybody," he began. "I know some of you are disappointed that you have been split up from your respective husbands, wives, whatever. Lets do our jobs and we'll see our friends when it's over. You have your simulator assignments. Get to it. The mission will commence in twelve hours."
  11. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    "Will the Talon Insertion Team please report to the hangar." The tinny voice of H-9 still rang through Kevin?s ears as he waited for his troops. Telia came running up, with a sniper rifle case in one hand, and a her other gear in another. She gave a smart salute and boarded the Cygnus Spaceworks Sentinel Class Shuttle, dubbed the Raptor. Homer and CiCi came running up, he with his gear, and she in her pilot gear. She would be taking their Y-wing on the mission to disable any TIE Mysticians and to offer a sense of security among the team. Ty-gon, Obi-wan, Quis, and Nash walked up and stowed their gear into the cargo ship, and strapped into the main hold.

    Homer and Kevin walked up into the cockpit. Ty-gon followed and took a station at the navigator?s console. Homer took the co-pilot?s seat, and Kevin took the command chair. They strapped up and looked out the main view screen. They could see the rest of the Talon?s bidding CiCi farewell as she boarded her fighter. Kevin strapped his headset on and connected to the frequency of Coruscant Main Control.

    "Coruscant Main Control, this is Talon 1123 Omega operating under official orders requesting clearance for departure under no, repeat, no official escort."

    "Talon 1123 Omega this is Coruscant Main Control, we acknowledge. Standby for clearance. Transmit order code now."

    "Roger that, Main. Transmitting now."

    Kevin waited for a couple of tense minutes. He wanted to get the mission off smoothly, and the first step was to leave the planet. He could only ask for the Force for assistance in his apprehension. He fingered his lightsaber out of nervous habit.

    "Talon 1123, this is Courscant Main. You are clear on all vectors. Good luck, General."

    "Roger that Coruscant Main. Talon 1123 out." He smiled at Homer and Ty-gon. "Homer, put it on full throttle, let?s go."

    Homer grinned. "Yes sir."


    The sky of Corellia was clogged with beat up freighters and luxury yachts. The high ion toxicity of the vacuum was enough to choke a space slug. To Hamlet, this was hell. He hated his job, and had even considered walking away and being a ship dealer on planet. His assignment was to identify local freighters and their cargo and direct them to cargo bays on planet. His old friend, Yuric, alas he knew him well, had just quit due to the boredom of the job. His assignment was to identify local freighters and their cargo and direct them to cargo bays on planet. This job required a long period of being stationed on a stationery space station with a single ion cannon and missile launcher for defense. After Yuric had left, it had been just Hamlet and his companion, a single droid that had the vocabulary of a child.

    Yet, today a new ship, brand new and a gleaming with a fine paint job appeared on his scopes and requested to dock with his space station. It was odd, though, because his station was not on the day?s routes for inspection. He denied the craft the docking procedure and was proud of his initiative. The ship, still approaching, gleamed in the light with an unwavering glare. Hamlet frowned, this guy was really persistent.

    HOR-AT0, the resident droid, asked him a question in it?s own gibberish. Hamlet dismissed the droid and concentrated on the problem at hand. The craft, now identified as the Raptor, a local merchant ship, looked to be heavily armed and dangerous. The named seemed to fit the ship.

    Hamlet reached for the communications console and tried to reach the main Corellia base for instruction. He came up with nothing but static. The cargo ship must have been jamming his transmissions. He got a chime from his local holo channel; it must have been the ship trying to reach him again.

    Hamlet became panicked . His only option was to destroy this behemoth of a ship and be on with his life. He armed his missile launcher and aimed the targeting brackets at the ship. He armed a single missile and prepared to fire.

    To be, or not to be, that is the question. Ha ha, too bad the cargo ship won?t ?be? here anymore. Hamlet
  12. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    <<For the record, that was hilarious, TSL.>>
    This "TIE Mystician" was creating problems for the New Republic, and Krycek knew it. It seemed as if Mulder's favorite rebel friends were even on some sort of a mission to try and locate a ship that had been hit by it. Nothing else was known about it; it was highly classified.
    Darth Alex Krycek had irked Greywolfe again. He really needed to knock it off. His smart mouth would get him somewhere someday, who knew where...
    But, despite all of his thoughts, all was well in the Empire. The Lady Carre was getting a nice chunk of power, and Greywolfe and Reyanna seemed to be running with the idea that Greywolfe was Mulder, as all of the rebels believed.
    A tapping on the door alerted Mulder to the fact that Tooms was probably bored outside and needed to bug him in order to find something to do. Krycek allowed him entrance.
    Tooms entered and froze about a couple of steps forward.
    "Gruesome, is it not, Captain?"
    Tooms swallowed loudly. "Quite lurid, if you ask me, my Lord. Fascinatingly repulsive."
    Krycek smiled. "This is Iposkii art, Captain. The natives there have a tendancy to overexaggerate their troubles in their drawings. Do you see the texture grow thicker through the War of Their People?"
    No, not really, no."Yes, my Lord," he said just to get this over with.
    Seeing the Captain's boredom, Krycek picked up the pace. "The Iposkii aren't going to sit and watch their planet be destroyed. Alert the Lady Carre that when she attacks her next system, she won't only be involoving the rebels, but also the natives. Tell her to use the old backdoor routine used by Risin's old force. They'll never see it coming."
    Tooms set the order up. "Yes, my Lord."
    Krycek turned the holo art gallary off. "What was it that you needed, Captain?"
    Tooms shook his head. "Nothing, my Lord. I'll inform the Lady Carre of this immediately."
  13. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Ty-gon looked around, keeping watch. Homer stood next to him, doing the same thing.
    Homer flexed his mechanical hand around a blaster, Ty-gon had his saber clasped in his hands.
    Telia came into the room.
    "I found this one- he calls himelf Hamlet."
    Kevin looked him in the eye. "What do you know about the TIE Mystician?"
    Hamlet kept his mouth shut.
    "Do you know anything about Darth Agent Mulder?"
    "Also known as Fox Scri'ne?" Ty-gon added.
    He got an odd look- one that obviously said "What was that for?"
    "Hey, you're covering all the angles, we might as well try all of them."
    Hamlet finally spoke. "Alas, poor Re'deis. I knew him well."
    "What?" Homer said.
    "This guy's nuts," General Ski said.
    "He was babbling something about his father's ghost earlier," Telia said.
    "Take him away," Ski replied.

    Ty-gon saw Obi-wan give up on one terminal and try another.
    "Where were you before we left?"
    Obi-wan smiled. "I was with Mara."
    Suddenly, Ty-gon remembered Obi-wan's plan. "Well? Did you?"
    Obi-wan smiled again. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

    Care to provide an answer, MJEH?

    The ship had almost landed. "You better put your hood up," Reyanna reminded.
    "I thought you said they never saw Mulder," Greywolfe said.
    "No, but they know his species. So unless you want to shave your head and dye your scalp blue, put your hood up."
    "Point taken."
    The vidscreen fizzled in the small transport unit, and Carre's face filled the screen. "I take it the planet will be secure by 2100 hours?"
    "Of course, My Lady Sondar-" Greywolfe stopped himself, "Pardon me- My Admiral Carre. And congratulations on your new position." The vidscreen died, and the the transport landed. "Come, my lady Reyanna."
    "The Laron system will have many well guarded strongholds," she replied. "Let's go this way."
  14. Darth McClain

    Darth McClain Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2000
    Ignore!!!! Sorry!

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  15. Darth Homer 327

    Darth Homer 327 Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 24, 1999
    Darth Ash stalked down the ramp of his shuttle, and onto the deck of this small building located not too far from the busiest part of Coruscant.

    Several stormtroopers followed Ash out of the shuttle, and kept their blasters ready, as they had been instructed by Ash moments before.

    Ash swallowed in his surroundings, and saw what could be no other than bounty hunters. 15 of them to be exact. An array of different ships filled the small hangar deck.

    "Bounty hunters." Ash thought.
    "Why are they bringing them into this?"

    A male twi'lek, no older than 25, Ash supposed, approached Ash.

    "Welcome, your excellancy." The twi'lek hissed.

    Ash nodded.

    "My master will be seeing you shortly. If you will just follow me, we will make the journey there to him." The twi'lek added.

    "The journey to him? How far away is he?" Ash asked.

    "He is quite some ways away. We will have to take an underground transport. It will take us a few hours to reach him." the twi'lek said.

    "Then lets be on our way, my time is very expensive." Ash said.

    As they walked towards the trainlike transport, Ash eyed one of the bounty hunters looking at him. Ash returned a "What are you looking at you pathetic, low-life scum?" look. The bounty hunter brandished his large black and silver blaster cannon.
    Ash ignored the bounty hunter and continued on his way.

    Ash entered the transport, and sat down. The stormtroopers followed him in, and stood by his side. Knowing this would be a long trip, Ash closed his eyes, and began to meditate. This crime syndicate he was on his way to see had better be legitament. He did not have time to waste on cheap imitations. And if this syndicate was the real deal, the trip would be well worth the journey.

  16. Mara Jade Emperor's Hand

    Mara Jade Emperor's Hand Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 1, 1999
    Mara felt detached, seperate and removed from the rest of the universe, as though she had stepped out of the normal plane of existance and into a little bubble of her own thoughts. She was oblivious to the people around her, lost in her own introspection.

    She could scarcely believe that she was married.

    It seemed very sudden, and it was. For all her Force sensitivity, Mara had not anticipated that her fiance would arrange for a Justice of the Peace to marry them before Obi-wan left on the mission. She had been surprised, very much so.

    But when Obi-wan had asked her if she was ready to go through with it then and there, she had not hesitated for one moment to tell him that she was. Not for a moment had she questioned what she had chosen to do. It had seemed to her that it was right, that it was meant to be... that somehow, she and the man she loved were intended to be joined in this impromptu and, for her part, wholly unexpected ceremony.

    It could not have been more perfect. Or more romantic.

    Mara sighed, so softly that it would seem merely a normal exhalation to anyone around her. If only she could be with him now, and not back here with the other half of Talon Squadron worrying about him.
  17. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    "Okay, people, we ready to go yet?"
    The rest of the second group Talons affirmed their stations, and their transport was off.
    Basically, the ride was nothing. The group was to stay a little further behind and pick them up: simple. Most of the second group were sitting in a corner worrying for their spouses. The ones who didn't have anyone specific to worry about were either passing the time on a sabacc game or talking amongst themselves.
    Or, if you were a lonely hacker like Trika, you were on the computer passing the time and thinking about nothing at all.
    Gosh, life was good after exams.

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  18. Ty-gon Jinn

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    Jan 12, 2000
    Darth Greywolfe peered at the viewscreen. The face of his commander filled the screen.
    "Are you in place?"
    "Yes, my lord."
    Reyanna stood next to him. They had infiltrated the planet successfully. It had not been hard to find a smaller building with fewer guards. They were able to convince the guards that Greywolfe was the late Darth Agent Mulder.
    Once inside, they had taken over the base.
    "Thank you for your help, Lord Greywolfe."
    "It is no problem, my lady." Then, he turned back to the screen. "You have my fleets poised to take the planet?"
    "Yes, my lord."

    Ty-gon Jinn looked over at Homer. A sound could be heard from down the hall. Homer cocked his blaster, and Jinn ignited his saber.
    But they didn't see anyone.
    "Hamlet" started screaming- his "dad" was there.
    Ty-gon rushed over, and tripped over something he couldn't see. Homer shot a laser bolt, and it impacted on empty space.

    Obi-wan was still trying to hack into the computer.
    The TIE Mystician was apparently designed by Sinear Fleet Systems, but that was all he could get so far.
    He stared down at his finger- the wedding ring resting happily on it.
    Suddenly, he heard the screams.

    Darth Greywolfe saw the vidscreen come back on.
    "We are in control of the system now, my Lord."
    "Excellent," Greywolfe replied. "Thank you, Commander." He turned. "My Lady Reyanna, would you happen to know the code to transmit the Black Star Destroyer?"
    "Of course," she replied, and punched in the code.
    Dark Star Admiral of Fleet Lady Sondara Carre's face fizzled on. "Lord Greywolfe, Reyanna," she greeted.
    "Admiral Carre, I've news for you. Reyanna and I have infiltrated the base."
    "Please say that's not news, I expected that."
    "No, that's not the news. Rather, My fleet has captured the planet Lysander (Continuing the Shakespeare theme, TSL)."
    "It is a New Republic stronghold. Years ago, I set up operations there for a shipping company, realzing it's importance to the New Republic. That one planet has controlled the entire Mid Rim for three years- I could sneak in many warriors and weapons without being noticed- now I have Lysander- and the Mid Rim- under Dark Star control. You are in command of them, my Admiral."
  19. Talon Squad Leader

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    Dec 22, 1999
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  20. Talon Squad Leader

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    Dec 22, 1999
    Hamlet was listening to his father. Avenge his death. Avenge. Vengeance. Death. Kill, maim, destroy. His orders were clear. He screamed and approached the man with the general?s patch on his shoulder. He grabbed his own vibroblade and launched himself forward


    Telia aimed her rifle at the spacer but considered the options. She had one clear shot, but at point blank range in close quarters it would go through Hamlet and strike her commander. She could only stand her ground and try to get the man physically. She dropped her blaster and launched herself through the zero grav atmosphere.


    Kevin saw the man fly through the air at him. He looked down and saw the crazed look in his eyes. He drew his lightsaber and sliced through the fiend. Trika had launched herself against the man, and knocked him into the ground, but was surprised to see she only had his upper half to deal with.


    "I got it!" Obi-wan exclaimed. "The Corporate Sector has a high activity rate with this new TIE. It is also an area of high New Republic commerce and many bases are around such as the Lysander Base."

    Quis closed her terminal and looked at his. "Here put it on this datapad. Let?s get out of here."


    "The Lysander Base?"

    Obi-wan nodded. "A high activity of this new TIE is there. We have reason to believe that this new weapon is now going after whole bases rather than fleets."

    "So that means we can go there and ask for some information. Or rather, steal it. We don't want them to know of this operation."

    "Yes sir. The base named this new fleet killer in the same way that all of the others have. It is a way mysterious occurance, and the act seems that it can only be accomplished by a new TIE, hence the name the TIE Mystician. So they don't necessarily know of it's real mission or it's real identity."

    Kevin acknowledged this and looked up information about this base. "According to this, Lysander Base is heavily fortified and supports a total of five-oh my Force."

    The whole insertion team looked at him. "What?" they said in unison.

    "Lysander Base has been captured. TIE Mystician attack. We are back to square one. Check with the downloaded database from that space station. Check Corellia for new contact points."

    Quis looked up from her own datapad. "Sir, their is a large neutral fleet of merchant cargo carriers going for the Corporate Sector. They are thinking of resupplying the Montegue Base, a base not affiliated to the Republic but a critical point for it?s traders."

    "What system is that in?"

    Quis looked puzzled by this but looked it up. "Elizabethan System. That is in the Corporate Sector. About five lightyears from the Lysander Base."

    "Then that is our prime target. The TIE Mysician will surely show up there soon. Ty-gon, plot a course for this system and base. We must get there first and plot a plan of action by the time the fleet gets there." Kevin touched the comm panel. "Baby Bird One?"

    Her voice sounded tinny, but CiCi sounded full of energy all the same. "Yes, sir?"

    "Dock with the Raptor?s hull racks and board. We going on a little trip."

    "Acknowledged. Baby Bird One, out"

    Kevin touched the comm again. "Crew, standby for docking and prepare for hyperspace." The crew left and Ty-gon, Homer, and he were left in the cockpit. They heard a bang and whoosh. The comm rang.

    "Baby Bird has docked. Cargo space ready for departure."

    Kevin nodded. "Cockpit acknowledged. Ty-gon, the plot?"

    "Bearing 123.5 at Vector Sigma."

    "Okay, Homer. You heard the man. Plot the course, and we are out of here."

    Homer punched in the comm. Just as he punched the engines and headed for hyperspace they could here the cry of the crew as HOR-AT0 jabbered in the back cargo hold. The capture droid had been more trouble than help, as the late Hamlet had noted. But Kevin has insisted that he would be of some service later in the mission. The crew had reluctantly added him the cargo hold's stockpilings.

    Ty-gon tapped Kevin?s
  21. Trika_Kenobi

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    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika looked out her viewport and sat up straight. "Hey, you guys! They're off planet!"
    Several sighs of relief could be heard.
  22. Nomi Jade

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    Jan 2, 2000
    I'm gonna be gone from Tuesday for about a week, so I won't have time to catch up in the next week. Sorry. I desperately want to participate again.
  23. Lilith Demodae

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    Oct 1, 1999
    Nashraak prowled through the small station, searching for any boobytraps that might have been placed there to prevent exactly what had just happened.

    There were none.

    Sloppy. There is no excuse for this sort of laxness. None at all.

    When she heard the shouts from the control room, Shadow raced back in that direction, cursing her foolishness in not making sure the prisoner was secure before starting her patrol. If anyone was injured it would be her fault.

    The Trianni was relieved to see that the only harm had come to the prisoner. He hadn't smelled quite right and from the look on his face, his mental state was what one might, euphemistically, call unsettled. She would just call him unhinged.

    "There were no traps, Commander," she reported and then foloowed the others back onto the ship and prepared for departure.

    On to the next stop.
  24. Idiots Array

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    Jan 3, 2000
    "Team two listen up," Jaren said as he strode purpusfully into the crew section of the Osprey. "I just recieved a coded message from the General. Team one has found a lead to the Mystican on a planet called Montague. Our orders are to proceed to Montague at maximum speed. Once there, we will begin our own search and prepare to assist team one in anyway we can. Questions?"

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  25. Talon Squad Leader

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    Dec 22, 1999
    Ric looked at his commander. The man was in the cabin, and had just received the comm from Ric?s brother. All seemed well. The General had ordered them to Montegue to mount their own investigation and to meet up with the team.

    He smiled at everyone in the cargo hold. They all carried their weapons and looked ready, but Mara and Nomi looked less than average. They sulked together in the corner of the hold, each holding their gear. Nomi and her computer pack, and Mara and her weapon?s bag. Ric frowned. The mission was really taking a hold on their ideas of their husbands and boyfriends. Jaren seemed unaffected, however, and it all seemed good. Ric sensed that he was just putting up a front to hide his inner feelings.

    Insei looked nervous as well. This was his first mission, Ric could bet that he did not know what to expect on a normal Talon mission. Ric considered this. Well, most missions of the Talon Squad type weren?t normal, per se. They had encountered crazed psychos, a Sith Lord, and his retinue, and a huge New Empire Fleet. And now this TIE Mystician. Ric leaned close to Insei.

    "Bored or just nervous?"

    Insei looked at him with a strange look upon his face. "What do you mean by that?"

    "Well, I was just thinking. Talon Squad is not a normal ?execute and come home? mission type squad. He are a highly trained squad of intel operatives. I was just wondering if what you are experiencing has bored you or just made you nervous. I am way nervous. This TIE Mystician makes me so excited. I want to see it and work on it. A new fighter of unimaginable power? Can you believe that?" Ric grinned at his thought.

    Insei smiled as well. "Yeah, well I am nervous too. But just how I will fit in and perform. These missions seem to be highly important."

    "Well, a lot of lives are at stake."

    "I know, but I just hope I can help."

    "You will, you will."

    Insei smiled again, but this time it faded into his expression of coldness and battle-readiness. "Thanks."

    Well, that went well. At least he talked. The Osprey lurched forward and out of the cockpit corridor Ric could see it following the Hawk out of Coruscant. With Jaren at the controls, the ride was smooth and beautiful, but he could see that the point shuttle ahead of them was having trouble. Captain Ken was at the controls of the newly repaired shuttle, but it looked like that it was still having some technical difficulties. Ric walked up to the cockpit and frowned. He had repaired that ship, and it was in working condition when they had left.

    Jaren was already on the horn with Captain Ken. "-Talon 6 to Talon 9. Ken what?s wrong?"

    "We have a stabilizer problem."

    Jaren looked at Ric. He shrugged his shoulders to convey that he had never heard of the problem and could not have induced any problems the shuttle was having.

    "Nine, repeat that again."

    "Six, we have a stabilizer problem. And tell Ric, if he is sitting there worrying his little head off that Melarn says that she doesn?t think it is his problem."

    Jaren looked at Ric. "Copy that. Can it be repaired?"

    "Melarn is working on it, and she is optimisitic. Wait, it is repaired. Some sort of malfunction."

    "How are the R2?s doing with H-9 in the cargo hold?"

    Ken sounded exasperated as he contemplated the right words to say. "Well, let?s just say that some of them have had some rough time-outs."

    "Roger that, Nine. We have one minute till we leap into hyperspace. Sending you the coordinates."

    "Roger that, Six. Seventeen says she is ready. Hawk, out."

    Jaren looked at Ric again. "Go to the hold and tell them to prepare for the leap. Lock everything down, we will be there in 12 hours."

    "Yes, sir."

    Within moments, the two cargo ships had cleared Coruscant?s heavy gravity well and had shot into hyperspace, leaving one worried government behind. The New Republic could only hope that the Talon?s would succeed again.


    "We are approaching the planet, sir." Ty-gon announced as the green colored planet loomed into view.

    "Okay, set it on autopilot, time f
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