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Talon Squad - Chapter 3 The Saga Continues

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Feb 21, 2000.

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  1. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999

    The other thread was getting to be quite large so here is Chapter 3 of the story. If you want to join, please write yourself in. We have five spots in the actual squad but if you want a temporary or permanant position in the story, please say so.

    Here is the current roster:

    Talon Intelligence Squadron
    Talon Leader -General Kevin Ski - pilot
    Talon 2 - Kithera - mechanic, weapons
    Talon 3- Mara Jade - hacker
    Talon 4- Milan-Kenobi - explosives
    Talon 5- Kaiba Cloudrifter - hacker
    Talon 6- Jaren Kai - sniper
    Talon 7- Quis Heartilly - weapons
    Talon 8- Trika Kenobi - hacker
    Talon 9- Kendrick Quinn - pilot
    Talon 10- Ruby Jade - intelligence officer
    Talon 11- Mekial Yrisar - spy dead???
    Talon 12- Stone - corspman
    Talon 13- Telia Aris - sniper
    Talon 14- Rinin - medic
    Talon 15- Ty-gonn Jinn - pilot
    Talon 16-20?
    Talon Squad Cook and Drill Sergeant: Bullwinkle

    Leaders of the Black Fire Mercenary Group
    Dark Jedi: Jane Jinn - dead????
    Dark Sith Lord: Darth Agent Mulder

    And here are the links to the last chapters. They will serve as a synopsis of the action taking place.

    The Original Talon Intelligence Squad Forum9/HTML/001764.html Forum9/HTML/001764.html

    Talon Squad - Chapter 2 http://= Forum9/HTML/001829.html= Forum9/HTML/001829.html

    Forum9/HTML/001829.html Forum9/HTML/001829.html


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  2. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    I'm leaving for this whole week, and I need someone to play the evil Sith Lord while I'm gone. Any volunteers? I'll be back soon.
  3. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Kaiba snuck through the halls of the SSD Verticle Edge. The squad, or save for the Kevin and Ty-Gon, who were speeding around the place. Telia, Jaren, and Trika were also gone from the group- she had to wonder about their dissapearance.....

    But for now concentrated on finding the tractor beam, and shutting it off so they could all escape.

    She walked as lightly as she could, waving her hand and using to Force to colud the minds of suspicious stormtroopers, who turned away.

    She finally found a bridge where the tractor beam was, crept over to turn the switch-
    What? It's already turned on? But how-?

    "Stop!" she heard a stern voice say.

    She froze, turned around, to see four stormtroopers with their blasters pointing at her. She pulled out her lightsaber, ignited it, and let the yellow blade repell incoming fire. When she thought the stormtroopers were all dead, she extinguished her weapon.

    She turned around, and fell to the floor as a stun beam hit her.
  4. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
    Kendrick was scouting ahead as the rest of Talon Squad made their way to the star destroyer's bridge. Whatever crazy scheme the General had cooked up for them taking it, he could only imagine. But he wanted the way to be clear. All they needed was a bunch of trigger-happy stormies on their hands while storming the bridge of the SSD.

    Creeping through the silent halls, he tilted his head to the side. He could just make out a familiar hum, fairly distant, rising and falling in pitch. The eerie noise echoed off the walls all around him, an ethereal wail that filled his ears and sent a shiver down his spine.

    The sound of a lightsaber.

    It was coming from his right. He changed direction, heading that way. Some members of the squad were Jedi, or at least trained in the art of the Order, he remembered. Someone else had to be scouting ahead too. After turning a few corners, Ken found himself at the end of a long corridor. On the other end, he saw Kaiba mid-way through an intense-looking confrontation with a squad of stormtroopers.

    He raised his blaster to fire, but lowered it almost immediately again. Too far out of range. He began to run toward her. Ken saw Kaiba's lightsaber flash, a deadly hum. Even as he approached, he could see the stormtroopers falling around her like ten-pins.

    Nothing like having a Jedi on your side to even the odds, Ken thought grimly as he pelted closer.

    However, before he had even come within fifteen meters, all the Imps had been dispatched. Kaiba was surveying the carnage. She didn't seem to see him. Ken drew in a breath to shout to her.

    Then he saw the stun-bolt take her down.

    He ground to an unceremonious halt, scanning the corridor. Kendrick frowned as he paused, listening intently, before continuing on at a slow trot. Careful... But there seemed to be no one there. Glancing about, Ken knelt down next to Kaiba, felt her neck for a pulse. Steady.

    That was a relief. She was simply unconscious - he had feared much worse. Sometimes stun-bolts had strange - and occassionally lethal - effects on their victims.

    He gently shook her shoulder, whispered, "Kaiba? Are you all right?"

    "No," another voice behind him spoke up, deep and foreboding. "And soon, you won't be either."

    Ken had his blaster halfway into firing position before something struck him hard on the back of the head. He was thrown forwards by the force of the blow, barely caught himself with his hands. Stars popped before his vision. He started to struggle into a standing position. The heavy object clouted the back of his skull again.

    And this time, he couldn't catch himself.

    "Sleep tight, rebel scum," the voice crooned as his head slammed into metal deckplates. "Sweet dreams."

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  5. Kit'

    Kit' Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 1999
    Kit had manage to get up in the ventalation shafts it made work a lot quicker and she didn't have tbe constantly on the look out for Imps. They also kept them in pretty good shape compared with some she had been in. The noise of blaster fire alerted Kit and she hurried down the shaft trying to make as little noise as possible. Peering through the ventalator she saw Kaliba taking down some stormtroppers and then the blaster bolt appeared out of no-where. Kendrick appeared in her limited view.
    What? Kendrick took Kaliba out? Is there something I don't know? Kit wondered for a second the next minute that particluar thought was vanquished as she saw Kendirick collapse onto the floor. She couldn't make out the attacker. As the mysterious figure began to drag them away Kit weighed up the pros and cons, she could attack the person but that was only likely to get herself killed too, Or she could follow them. Likeing her current position Kit followed the attacker and his victims taking sneak peaks whenever she could to determine where they were. A metal bolt in one of the walls cut her arm and Kit let out a small whimper.
    Oh force, please can he have not heard me. she thought
  6. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    Kevin saw Ty-gon start the lightsaber fight the reincarnated Jane Jinn. She had died, what, three times? That Darth Mulder must have some type of cloning facilities around somewhere.

    He ran up the ramp of the Eagle and booted here systems. She failed twice, flaming out each time he punched the fuel injector. Something was wrong. He looked around at Ty-gon. He was busily booting the weapons systems. Kevin looked around once more and noticed something...his lucky charm wasn't in place. In the confusion, he had left his lucky laser rifle in the cargo bay. He ran back to get it and attached it to his utility harness that ran across his chest and back. His commlink was attached to it as well. Much better, he thought.

    He ran to the cockpit just in time. The ship lurched forward. Ty-gon was at the controls. His lucky charm had worked after all...

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  7. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Ty-gon Jinn moved close to the Hawk. The Eagle was still having a few mechanical problems- but that was to be expected if they needed a lucky charm to get it to start.
    He docked the two ships at their top hatches, and boarded the Hawk. He freed Jaren and Telia, then moved them to a bacta tank. He went to the controls- only to find empty seats. Neither Mulder nor Trika. The ship had been flying without an operator. He looked at the scopes- they had jetisonned an escape pod.
    He radioed General Ski. "I'll go back to the Vertical Edge- you follow that escape pod! I mean- with your permission, sir."
    "Of, course, Jinn."
  8. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Kaiba woke in a dark, cold chamber. She looked around, but could see nothing exept a dim light across from her. She could also see that she was locked behind bars. She walked up to them, probed the room for guards, but she sensed someone guarding the room. Sithspit!, she thought. She wanted to cut through the bars with her saber, but didn't expect to be able to without someone seeing her. They were probably made of Mandolorian Iron, anyway.

    She looked around the cell, and found Kendrick lying on the floor. She walked to him and sat next to him.

    "Kendrick?" she whispered?

    No answer.

    She closed her eyes, and through the Force searched him for life, then found his heart. He's conscious, but he's asleep, she felt. She shook him, and he opened his eyes and arose.

    "Kaiba? Where are we?" he sounded groggy.

    Yes, it's me. We are on the Verticle Edge in a cell. We were stunned, remember?"

    He shook his head yes.

    "We've got to get out of here." she said, and brought her comm to her mouth, punched in Commander Ski's code, and waved the trooper away with the Force that was guarding the dungeaon, and spoke.

    "Commander Ski?" she said softly.

    No reply.

    Her comm was jammed. What should she do?

    Then, she remebered the great art of Jedi Battle Meditation, that millenia ago Nomi Sunrider had mastered. She closed her eyes, reached out with the Force, and invisioned the gate infront of her opening- freeing her and her friend. She invisioned the Stormtrooper stunning himself- then- then she heard a blast and saw a blue beam! It worked. Suddenly, the cell began to open- freeing her and Ken!

    "What did you do, Kaiba?" he asked.

    "Jedi Battle Meditation, Ken. An ancient Jedi trick. Now hurry!"

    They ran out of the dungeaon, and up to the higher levels. Imperial troops were everywhere, but they were no match for Kaiba's Force power and Ken's gunmanship.

    They then arrived at the hangar bay and searched for the Eagle or the Hawk, but no sign of them.

    "The ships are gone!" Ken said- just then, Kaiba felt they were sharing the same thought- and they headed for two shiny, black TIE fighters, but on helmets and vac-suits....... They were off!!!!

    **********<<the fast-paced theme from ESB that was in the Battle of Hoth and Bespin plays>>

    "Ken, you all set?" Kaiba called through her comm.

    "Affirmative, Kaiba. So, where are we headed to?"

    "The Force will guide us, just follow my TIE."

    They headed off into space. Just them, she heard her comm crackle.

    "Kaiba! I think I've spotted the Eagle! Look!" Ken said.

    She looked out her window, to see the Eagle right there infront of her and Ken.

    <<onboard the Eagle>>

    "Incoming TIES!" yelled Commander Ski.

    "No, wait!" Ty-Gon said as Kevin prepard to fire. " I sense a presence on them- Ken and Kaiba!"

    Kevin looked at Ty-Gon," Your right, I feel it to!"


    "Ken, we're coming up on the ship, so be careful- they might think we're Imps and shoot us down!"

    "Yeah," Ken said, "Do you think we should contact them?"

    "Probably-" Kaiba started, but stopped when her fighter was hit from behind. Sithspawn! These old sensors didn't warn me! She thought as she tumbled planetward.


    Kaiba put the thrusters on full-throttle, atleast those worked. She landed surprisingly soft on the planet below her. She got out of her TIE, took off her helmet, and examined the place around her. It was very desolate. She looked around some more, and discovered an escape pod near her on lying in the sand. She went over to it. Just then, she heard a shout behind her.

    "Freeze!" it said. She turned around. It was a Twi'Lek alien.

    "Lt. Kaiba- I've heard about you-" he said. She then saw 'Spooky' behind the Twi'Lek.

    "Ahhh- perhapse you'd like to join me and my friend, Kafal the Hutt, for a little chat
  9. Kit'

    Kit' Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 1999
    "Boo!' a dark shape rose from one of the grates in front of her and Kit backed hastily away. Her arm was leavin a nice trail of blood easy for anyone to follow let alone that thing. She saw something move at the end of the tunnel and the there was a flash of light and a pain in her arm. Everything was swirling before it blackened.


    Kit woke in a cell by herself, she could hear Kendrick and Kaliba in the cell next to her and then everything went quiet. Her throat felt horrible and her sleeve had attached itself to the cut on her arm, there was a burn on her other sholder.
    "hello, excuse me." she whispered next to where she had last heard her two team mates.
    There was no reply form that quaters but suddenly the ddor opened and a storm tropper walked in.
    "The Rebel is awake." he said inot his commlink. It crackled and the stocky mechanic could clearly hear it's reply.
    "Sedate her and bring her up."
    "Now, it's time to have some fun." The soldier spat and leveled his stun gun at Kit's head.

    For the second time that day she fell into blackness.

  10. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    <<Hmm... everyone seems to be getting captured of late...>>

    Shavit, cursed Mara Jade silently. Why is it that every time the squadron is in the middle of some ultra crucial mission I end up getting lost? Must be my infallible sense of direction.

    For the second time in not very long, Mara found herself hopelessly lost on a hostile Star Destroyer. However, this time she wore no disguise. Any fool could see that she didn't belong here... and this ship's crew did not appear to be fools. It was only a matter of time before someone found her.

    Still, she planned to forstall the inenvitable for as long as humanly possible.

    Ducking into a shadowy corner, Mara braced her back against the wall and rested her hand on her blaster. She was becoming more and more accustomed to using it; after all, she'd twice killed Jane Jinn with the weapon. Not a common occurance...

    Mara stretched out with the Force, trying to locate her comrades. The results of her mental scan were not promising. Many seemed to be in enemy custody, and most of the others weren't anywhere near.

    It looked as though she were by herself for awhile. Well, she could deal. She knew how to take care of herself.

    And maybe find a way to help her fellow squadron members, as well.
  11. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren Kai floated in the bacta tank, unconcious.

    <<I'll post more as soon as I can get Jaren back into the story.

    Also, please be sure to stop by the Talon Histories thread and check out the continuing adventures of young Jaren Kai, before he joined Talon Squad. thnx>>

    mtfbwy all

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  12. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    Trika Kenobi woke to motion...a humming, but soft noise...
    ...a Star Destroyer...oh Force what have I gotten into...?
    After fluttering her eyes a bit, she sat up, only to lay right back down because of the pain in her head.
    I must be on the Technological Terror... She had heard plenty in the time the suspicious figure had pointed the blaster at her neck. In fact too much...he seemed to ramble about destruction and he had some facination with them both. Trika had the oddest feeling that he was more than just an Imp, but something more...something dark radiated off him.
    A Sith Lord? Really, Trika, you should think before you assume killed Darth Assistant Director Skinner, remember?
    Those same voices!
    Yes, I did...I killed him with the help of my previous squadron...Shaia and I problem...
    Then where in the name of the Sith am I?!
    A bright light from the corner of wherever she was blinded her momentarily, keeping her from seeing the figure standing in the doorway...
  13. Laguna

    Laguna Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2000
    <<<To be perfectly honest I've no idea where everyone is, who is and isn't captured, what the escape pod is, why Ty-Gon and Ski are escaping and why Telia and Jaren are in Bacta (*again*). I did write a post, but after taking another look at what's going on I've decided to wait for things to straighten out a little before writing Quis back in.>>>

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  14. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Laguna, I'll see if I can help you....

    Commander Ski and Ty-Gon Jinn are aboard the Eagle with Jaren Kai and Telia, who are in the bacta tanks because they were thrown in the cell after Mulder escaped.

    Kit, aparently is in the dungeaon where Kendrick and I were, until we got in the TIE fighters. Kaiba, is now prisoner of Darth Mulder, who are both on a hot planet under the SSD's and the Talon ships, and Kafal the Hutt, a villian that was introduced shortly ago, (We're looking for someone to play him, and I hope he proves to be a good villian). So, the two villians and I are now on some planet, and I am prisoner.

    Trika is just out of the escape pod, but we'll find out exactly where she is soon.......

    Everyone else, I think, is aboard Verticle Edge.

    I hope that helped,

    slave of a Hutt (for the time being, anyhow)
  15. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Nomi Jade-
    I'm actually on the Hawk.
  16. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    oops redface.gif
  17. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Okay, I thought you had boarded the Eagle when you spotted it, and the two ships were conected. Oh well. What do ya'll think of the idea of our new villian? I you like the idea I'll write some more, now atleast- I don't want to screw things up
  18. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    I had the impression that Mulder was going to be picked up by the Technological Terror...that's why I'm on board...uh, besides that...I don't exactly wanna post twice in a, people! Go with the flow! Forget about it! Whoohoo!
  19. Laguna

    Laguna Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2000
    <<<OK. To make things a little less confusing for everyone I'm going to make a post here. Like you say, go with the flow. If it doesn't suit, let me know and I'll do the appropriate editing.

    Before I begin, here's a run down on what's going on. Ski is aboard the Eagle carrying Telia and Jaren in Bacta tanks. Ty-Gon is aboard the Hawk. Kendrick has comandeered a TIE Fighter, while Kaiba has been shot down and captured by Mulder and the Hutts. Trika has escaped, while Mara Jade is presently in search of the rest of the squad aboard the SSD. Kit (Talon Squad's commanding officer during this mission) has been captured, presumably pending interrogation. The remaining Talons (Quis, Ruby Jade, Mekial, Stone and Rinin) Have been taken into custody by Stormtroopers aboard the Vertical Edge.>>>

    "Hands on heads. Move it!" The stormtroopers herded the five Talons down the corridor. "I said move it, Stocky!" The trooper slammed the butt of his blaster rifle into the back of Stone's head. The corpsman didn't flinch.

    Quis meanwhile had problems of her own. Her nose was beginning to itch dreadfully, and she didn't dare move her hand to scratch it.

    Just put up with it! Look at Stone, be like him!

    It was no use, the irritation was unbearable for her sensitve skin. She slowly drew a hand from her head and brushed the end of her nose. She sighed with relief, however the relief was short lived. Her arm was yanked down and twisted behind her back.

    "Hands on heads," said the commander, twisting her arm a little more before releasing it.

    Quis would have spit in the smug face she knew was behind that helmet if she could, but her mouth was so dry she could barely speak. All she knew was that they had to get out of here somehow.

    As they progressed down the seemingly endless corridor, the party encountered a computer terminal. A lonely feature on the characterless wall. As the rear of the group passed the terminal, it began to spark wildly. The two troopers bringing up the rear looked at it quizically through their helmets, trying to determine the cause of the malfunction. Their questions were never answered as the terminal exploded in front of them, sending their limp armoured bodies sprawling back down the corridor.


    An alarm sounded. Quis was really beginning to hate that sound.

    The coridor, thick with smoke and confusion was penetrated by several precise blaster shots. Through the smoke Quis could make out the form of Mara Jade approaching them.

    "Mara!" Quis cried.

    Jade didn't reply to her relieved cry, instead she sombrely surveyed the dead troopers that littered the floor.

    "Let's get out of here," she said eventually.

    "Here," Stone pulled the helmet from one of the troopers and tossed it to Quis. "Get geared up, all of you. Let's find Kit and get back to the hangar."

    The other Talons nodded in agreement and set about removing the armour from their former captors.

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  20. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    May I ask where I escaped? Am I still on the planet? That means I'm worse off considering its climate! I'll be posting more this afternoon pending the answer...
  21. Laguna

    Laguna Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 26, 2000
    Oh. Well I was told you were aboard an escape pod. Where you wound up is anyone's guess However if you like We can simply scrap that idea, I'll edit my last post and make you a part of our escaping party.
  22. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    I thought you Darth Mulder used the escsape pod to escape and get you to the Technological Terror, but he's on the planet, so.....
  23. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
    So I'm not the only one that's confused!
  24. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    I am confused as well. eek.gif Maybe this is all a bad dream. eek.gif
  25. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    <<Here. This will get everything in order.>>

    General Kevin Ski sat in the pilot ready room. He stared at all of his squad members. All members had survived the last ordeal, some in worse shape than others. Some were captured, only to be released a couple hours after capture. Some were hurt, some were not.

    This did not make him happy. The last mission had ended in a failure. A plain failure The squad moved apart and acted on their own whims. He was not a good leader, either. He was the one who sent them on their own. He frowned. He had much to learn about leadership. He stood up and paced up and down the line of seats.

    "You are a group. You are a squad. You all are Talon Squad. So basically, you are all family. What does a family do? It sticks together. They don't spread out. If there is problem that needs to be solved, they stick together. The lean on each other for support. Once a great while a single member must go out, but he or she doesn't come back, the whole goes looking for him or her. We did not do that. Yes, we avenged the bombing on Jane Jinn, but we let the big fish get away. This Darth Mulder person. We will train more and then we will set out as a team and try and find him. In the mean time, you all are assigned to either kitchen duty or cleaning duty. Your pick. My R2 unit, Stumpy, will supervise all of you. Dismissed."

    Kevin heard the groans of all members of the squad as Stumpy rolled in and started beeping orders to them. He rolled his eyes. The only person able to withstand his horrible temper was that little droid.
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