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Talon Squad- Chapter 5 Is there any hope for us now?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Talon Squad Leader, Dec 20, 1998.

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  1. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    If Mara hadn't been strapped to the table, she would have collapsed with relief. For a second, she hadn't been sure whether she'd be able to hold out against Carre any longer...

    Shaking all over, the young hacker closed her eyes, taking deep, if somewhat ragged breaths. She felt the sticky wetness of blood at her throat and more of it soaking her jumpsuit from her stomach wound, curtesy of a certain Sith Lord she could name. The ghost of a grin came across her face as she thought, I must look such a mess. That was the least of her problems right now...

    Hold out a little longer, Jade... they'll be here. They will.

    Mara bit her lip hard. She sure hoped so, anyway... because if they weren't, she wasn't sure she'd survive.
  2. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Mulder and Carre ran out of the room, leaving the three Talons helpless under the ysalamiri's Force-bubble that filled the room.
    Ty-gon managed to lift his head and looked at his two squadmates.
    Trika was obviously suffering from the stress of the Force Bubble, blood collecting in her face.
    Mara's throat was dripping blood, now forming a small clot to block off the wound.
    He looked back at his arm- the ysalamiri kept digging in, causing more and more blood. Without the Force, it was obvious that they were all in pain.
    "Are you okay, Mara? Trika?" He managed to say.
    Trika was able to say yes, Mara simply nodded.

    A commlink buzzed on the Hawk. It was an Imperial signal, but there was also a tone the Talons recognized. They let the transmission through, to hear Jaren's voice from the Herrenvolk.
    "Talon One, this is Jaren. Telia's here with me, we managed to get into stormtrooper uniforms. We think Kendrick is here too. We found the Skis and Reyanna- haven't yet found Ty-gon, Mara, or Trika."
    Obi-wan picked up the commlink. "Okay, we copy, Jaren, thanks for the update." He turned off the commlink, the turned to the pilot. "Get as close as you can to that thing."
  3. Mekial

    Mekial Jedi Master star 1

    Dec 9, 1999
    Mekial jumped as the ship got closer. Hopefully Mulder wasn't around to see this.

    "Incoming ship, please identify."

    "Uh, yeah, this is a cargo delivery for Darth Mulder. Permission to deliver?"

    "Drop off your shipments at the north end."

    Mekial moved around. This cargo box was not comfortable. She and about half the remaining squad were stuffed into various cargo boxes, waiting to be unloaded. She felt someone lift the box she was in.

    "Ugh, this is heavy."

    Mekial smiled. But it quickly turned to a wince as the Storm Trooper dropped the box.

    "We'll need the auto lift for these."

    The unloading time seemed agonizingly slow. But the Storm Troopers fianlly got them into the storage room. When the lights were dark and there was silence, the Talons climbed out of their crates.

    Hang on guys, were coming.

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  4. Idiots Array

    Idiots Array Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 3, 2000
    Jaren knelt with his helmet off in the outer security foyer and examined Reyanna. He wasn't sure how she had managed to escape from Agent Mulder, or why she had passed out, but was definately glad she was safe.

    Telia was in the adjacent room attending to Kevin and Kaiba. Apparently they had been drugged and Kaiba was bleeding.

    Jaren looked at Reyanna again. If she had been drugged like the Skis, he could probably revive her with some sort of antidote. He walked over to the large metal cabinet where the interrogation chemicals were stored. After a quick examination of the bottles and vials he selected a strong stimulant and injected Reyanna with the contents.

    "Reyanna, wake up," he said. "It's me, Jaren. You're with friends and we're here to rescue you."

    She opened her eyes and let out a soft groan, but looked to be quickly recovering.

    "We have to find Mara and the others. Are you well enough to fight?" Jaren asked as he helped her up.

    She nodded in response and he handed her an extra blaster.

    <<Just to reiterate, Jaren has no idea that Reyanna is evil. Aint it great?? >>
  5. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    The crates were dropped in front of Darth Mulder, and he looked at them. "Good, the ysalamiri are here. Put most of them in the other room. Put two on each person, throw whatever's left over around the room. I'll take two crates and put them in the Ski's room, just to be safe."
    Mulder took the loadlifter, and took Obi-wan and Stone's crates to the Ski's room.
    Jaren heard, and he, and Telia ducked behind a wall just in time, dragging Reyanna with her.
    Kevin began to wake up,, only to see crates labled "YSALAMIRI". But the Force was still speaking to him. Those weren't Ysalamiri- there were Talons in those crates!
    Mulder gave the General another dose of sedative. "Reyanna, where did you go now?"
    "Reyanna?" Obi-wan said to himself, only audible to Stone.
    "Talon Squad's Reyanna?" Stone whispered back.
    Jaren looked questioningly at Reyanna, who pointed her blaster at his face.

    Ty-gon screamed in pain as two more ysalamiri dug their claws into his other arm.
    He watched as two ysalamiri were thrown onto Mara's legs, and two more onto Trika. One shipment actually had come through. The ship rocked again, and an alarm sounded. The stormtroopers stopped before Bullwinkle's crate was opened, and left to pursue the one who had sabatoged the ship.
    Now Talons began to pop out of the boxes one by one. Each one pointed a gun at an ysalamiri, and shot. Nothing happened.
    "That's because there's a shield around this ship that only allows certain weapons to function," Carre said, coming out of the hiding shadows of the room with two of those certain weapons drawn. "Throw your guns outside the door."
    The Talons did, and an electric shield was activated in the doorway.
    "How do we know those guns of yours work?" Major Tecc asked.
    Carre shot a crate, instantly demolishing it. "Happy?"

    Okay, I don't really know how to get us out of this one. I hope someone else in our roster is a good rescue writer.
  6. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    It was strange to Kevin, having a conscious dream. He could manipulate the dream to fit his requirements, much in the same way a puppet master toils over his ware. He moved freely, from space to space, planet to planet, surface to surface, without bound, with restrictions on his physical person. The limitation was his mind.

    He dreamt he was in cell; a deep gray cell of tortuous spaces and mind numbing sounds. Drip here, a growl there. All resounded through the cell as they were right next to him. He looked around and saw nothing. Nothing at all. Strange, he thought, those sounds seem as if they are right next to me.

    What was even stranger about his dream was that after he had arrived in this cell, his hands and feet had been bound. Much like he imagined his conscious self to be. The Force was replicating a world for him to move about in. A world that would give him limitless abilities. He at once realized what was happening. He was a Jedi Master.

    He immediately broke the bonds on his feet and hands. He concentrated on a thought and was immediately gratified to see his lightsaber return to his hand. Now, to a fight to the death with Mulder.

    He moved forward, moving through walls as if they were nothing. He could battle Mulder from his world where he was invisible. Then he could defeat him in the real world. He turned on his lightsaber and turned away from his cell, and his real world body. His intent: destroy Mulder.
  7. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Sithspit! Well, I guess alot can happen in five days.

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here, I don't want to die,and I'll post soon. A long, long, one.

    I'm sorry- I've been on vacation.

  8. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Hey General, you can change the ranks- I'm Kaiba Ski now!
  9. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    Mulder gave a quick look around the room, and went back to the bridge to see why more alarms were going off. With the crates placed in the room, he would not have to worry about Kevin and Kaiba getting away.

    Reyanna pushed the tip of her blaster into Jarens temple - forcing him to slowly stand up as they rose from behind the crates.

    "Why Jaren, don't look so suprised...did you really think I would stoop so low as to become friends with Rebel filth such as yourself?" Reyanna hissed. "I hated every long moment I had to spend at Talon Base!"

    Telia made a quick move to disarm Reyanna, but she wasn't fast enough. Reyanna grabbed Jarens neck with her free arm and slammed him against the wall...keeping the blaster pointed hard on temple.

    "I wouldn't recommend that Telia, unless you want to become a widow this shortly after saying your back away!" Reyanna flashed an evil smile at Jaren and then tuned him around, pointing her blaster at the back of his head.

    "Why Reyanna? We trusted you...we let you into our could you do this?" Jaren asked...still tying to register the events that were taking place.

    "Shut up and move" Reyanna shouted, "I'm sure My Lord would like to say hello to our new too Telia - Now!"

    Obi-Wan and Stone had a hard time controlling their anger while they waited inside the crates. Stone could not believe what he was hearing...Reyanna? He had just been dancing with her last night at the could he not have known?.

    It was hard, but they must wait until Reyanna was gone. Kevin and Kaiba were still in the room and the General and Kaiba must be freed. Once done, then the four of them could get to the rest of the squad.
  10. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Kaiba awoke, feeling grogy, tired, and dizzy. Her body was sore. She looked down at her clothes- crimson blood was dripping down the front. Her thoughts started to swirl, and her head felt heavy. She was almost unconscious. It was a feeling she had never experienced before.

    Trust the Force! she heard a voice in her head call out. She opened her eyes all the way- she was in a dark cell. A dark figure was approaching-


    Another was near her. He was dreaming of a world in the Force-

    My husband! Kevin Ski!

    She turned her head to see him, just waking up. He had gathered the Force in his mind, and while awakening, was thinking of a way to defeat Mulder. A jolt of energy passed through the young Jedi woman's mind. It was the Force. She thumbed for her lightsabre, her husband doing the same.

    " Ahh, well, Reyanna- I will find you later. Now, to tend to the rebels. General Ski, your pathetic squad has failed. Now for the questioning. How much does this squad know about my organazation? Tell me!"

    Kaiba looked over at her husband- he didn't move. With a quick movement of his black-gloved hand, 'Spooky' gestured in two stormtroopers. They came in and took Kaiba's arms, and practically dragged her to Mulder.

    " Now then, if you won't talk, you'r Jedi wife will die!" With that, Mulder ignited his blood-red sabre and brought it up to Kaiba's face...

  11. RogueLead11

    RogueLead11 Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 19, 1999
    I'd like to add on, but let me get something strait before I do...

    So are the Talons still in the crates, like Leia B said, or are they out now, trapped in the electrical field like Ty-gon said?
  12. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    <<Don't ask me. I'm gonna kill Mulder. That's all I care about. >>

    Kevin could see Mulder threatening his wife. He could see the rage inside of Mulder, building up pressure inside of the body of the Sithly being. Kevin looked at his own unconscious body. He shook his and moved towards the Sith.

    Mulder turned around just in time to see Kevin materialize from his Force vail. He was surprised more than anything. He quickly slashed his blood red saber at Kevin. The blade went through Kevin like spear through a hologram. Kevin didn't die. He just stood there.

    Mulder slashed again, to no avail. He looked at Kaiba and then to Kevin's body. He gasped. "How could you-?"

    "There are a lot of things you don't trust about the Force. Including me. Goodbye, Mulder." Kevin quickly took a slash at Mulder. His lightsaber turned from an illusion to a real life object of destruction. He neatly killed Mulder. A slash to the stomach. The air smelled of ozone and cauterized flesh. Kevin returned to his body and awoke.

    Kaiba had passed out. He tried to wake her, but she was already deep into a shock-like state. He looked up. And a peculiar thing happened. He heard laughing. A loud, gritty laugh. The strange chuckle of Darth Agent Mulder. He did not know what to think of this as he carefully picked up his wife and fled to safety of his squad, leaving the body of the dead Darth Agent Mulder behind.

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  13. Darth McClain

    Darth McClain Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2000
    <<Sorry Talons-someone has to keep the bad guy alive!>>

    Darth Mulder smiled. The cursed Talons think I'm dead, but I'm not! Kevin Ski might of killed one of my clones, but not all of them!

    Mulder was inside the Swamper, a personalized Victory Star Destroyer.

    Talons-your days are numbered!Mulder thought.

    Kevin looked over Mulder's dead clone. "That was for all of the pain you inflicted on us Talons-for Ty-Gon and Obi-Wan and Kit and the rest of them. Mulder-you know when you mess with the best, you die like the rest!"
  14. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Geneva,Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>...And a peculiar thing happened. He heard laughing. A loud, gritty laugh. The strange chuckle of Darth Agent Mulder. He did not know what to think of this as he carefully picked up his wife and fled to safety of his squad, leaving the body of the dead Darth Agent Mulder behind.

    Uhhh, McClain, you might not have noticed the last paragraph of my last post. I did leave a hope for the return of the infamous Mulder. Sorry if you did not notice this.

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  15. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    When I said some got out, those didn't include Obi-wan and Stone, who were still in crates in the Skis' room.

    Stone and Obi-wan, through the slot in the side of the crates, could see General Kevin and Kaiba leave. They too had heard Mulder's laugh, but didn't see how it could be, as the dead body was lying on the floor. Obi-wan began to stand up, to push the top open, when both crates suddenly shattered. There was Reyanna with her blaster, who quickly pointed it at Jaren.
    "Reyanna! So that was what he meant!" Obi-wan said exclaimed.
    "Shut up!" Reyanna bellowed.
    Through a small crack in the wall, Telia managed to spot the Skis passing by in the hall.
    "General Ski!" she whispered.
    He and Kaiba ran back, to find the small party of four held at gunpoint by their former squadmate.

    Bullwinkle made a move. He dove for Carre's gun. It went off- hitting the ysalamiri on Ty-gon's left arm. Mekial grabbed the other one, and shot the two ysalamiri attached to Mara, then Trika. Bullwinkle wrestled the gun away from her, and shot the final two ysalamiri clinging to Ty-gon.
    The Force suddenly came back to the three, sufficent to heal their wounds and break the ropes. Three squadmates moved forward to help them up.
    Carre managed to deactivate the shield, escape, and reactivate it from the other side.
    Mara's throat hurt from being cut, but Jinn managed to get out a hoarse word- "Reyanna."
    "What?" Cobra asked.
    "It's Reyanna," Trika explained through heavy breaths. "She's how Mulder gained access to the Nest. She's how we were all drugged. She's involved with Carre."
  16. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    &lt;&lt;How to follow up on that one?&gt;&gt;

    Rebels. Ignorant, naive rebels. They never got anything right. Two could play General Kevin Ski's game.
    The Dark Side of the Force radiated from the "dead" body of the Sith Lord. It took several moments, but Darth Agent Mulder laughed as he did so. They think they've won.
    Becoming one with the Force wasn't just a Jedi trait, but was a Sith trait. As a part of the Dark Side of the Force, Mulder "breathed" life back into the torn body, reviving it in a mere few minutes.
    Darth Agent Mulder stood straight up, stretched his neck from side to side, and promptly walked out of the room.
    The crates weren't as he suspected.
    Two can play at this game.
    Losing himself into the Force, becoming more powerful than ever before, Mulder built up a rage of passionate anger. He peered into the room where the Jedi were, but now it held all of the Talons.
    Mulder laughed.
    General Ski's eyes grew wide. "I-"
    "Killed me?" Mulder finished for him in a mocking manner. "It will take more than that, rebel."
    Mulder turned to where Carre standing. Reyanna was still on the inside.
    "We didn't quite get to finishing our little investigation, did we, Lady Carre?"
    Carre flashed another token smile. "No, especially the ones I was looking forward to."
    The Dark Lord of the Sith gave a short whistle. A group of stormtroopers arrived promptly.
    "Same scenario, different scene. Take the Jedi to my flagship Scully." Mulder glared at Mekial from behind the shield. "The rest of the squadron will be left here to die when I blow this ship. Get to it, now! Lady Carre, Reyanna, you may assist on the Scully."
    Mulder smiled an evil smile as General Ski walked by, bound and led by stormtroopers. "Enjoy your stay with the rest of your Jedi friends."
  17. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    &lt;OK guys...this is great stuff. Since so much is happening...I wanted to sum up where we were just to make sure I am in the right place&gt;

    Mulder, Carre and Reyanna are heading to the Scully with Obi-Wan, Stone, Kaiba and the General. The rest of the Talons: Bullwinkle, Ty-Gon, Mekial, Mara, Trika and Cobra are still on board, behind some kind of energy shield...trapped
    Hope this is right...carry on
  18. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Oppps! I didn't see ya'll post- I'm not going to delete this, but we'll just see...

    Kaiba awoke in her husband's arms- he was running down the hall to find the rest of the squad. She had heard a call through the Force from him in her unconscious sleep- it had givin her strength and awakened her. She opened her eyes, he saw, and she hopped down. Then they heard a whisper.

    " General Ski!"

    They ran back to the chamber that they had come from, to find Obi-Wan, Stone, and Jaren and Telia Kai trapped by-


    But no, it couldn't be-

    " Traitor!" she heard Kevin yell.

    " You Rebel Scum! I will obey my fallen master and destroy all of you!"

    " Oh yeah?" Kaiba said. Reyanna holstered her blaster and ignited her stolen lightsabre. Kaiba felt for hers, but couldn't find it. She had left it on her nightstand!

    " Ahh, silly Jedi! Without your weapon, you are powerless!" She struck at the Jedi.

    " No!" Kevin yelled and brought his blue blade up to her's, blocking her attack.

    Kaiba watched the two battle, and helped her commrades escape out the door.

    Knowing she couldn't help her husband battle the traitor Reyanna, she ran to the room across from the one she had come from. She looked at her other squadmates, blood streaking a few of their clothes. Telia, Jaren, Obi-Wan and Stone followed, and they helped the Talons escape the room.

    Across, where Kevin was battling Reyanna, Kaiba ran. She watched in the doorway and nodded the team was alright. He swung his blade around his opponants, so as to switch sides. Then, as gracefully as a bird, and dashed out of the room, grabbed his wife's hand, and headed down the hall with all of the squad.

    Well, all that had come aboard the SSD.

    I miss Kit, thought Kaiba as she ran down the halls with the others. A gentle squeeze of her hand from her husband cheered her up. He had read her thoughts. He missed Kit alot, too.

    Finally, they were married.

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  19. Darth Agent Mulder

    Darth Agent Mulder Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 14, 2000
    Slight correction before I kill all of you all. I have taken all of the Jedi. Same ones: Ski, Kaiba, Trika, Mara, and Ty-gon. The rest are behind the shield. Carry on, or so they say.
  20. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    &lt;&lt;Dang... thought I was gonna get out of this one! Darth Agent Mulder, you just HAD to remember Mara, didn't you?&gt;&gt;
  21. Trika_Kenobi

    Trika_Kenobi Jedi Master star 6

    Nov 4, 1999
    "What?!" Trika's mouth dropped, along with her hopes. All that joy about the Talons being here and now she was in the same predicament and her fellow squadron members were going to be blown to smitherines.
    Carre roughly grabbed her and Mara's arm. "Let's go you two," she said, binding their hands behind their backs.
    "Enjoy your stay with the rest of your Jedi friends," she heard Mulder sneer at General Ski. Trika was quick to follow with a smart comment.
    "I hope you enjoy your stay in the pit of hell for what you're doing!"
    Trika got not only a stinging slap for it, but a laugh. "Take her away."
    Trika and the rest of the Force-sensitive individuals were carried onto the Scully behind General Ski.
  22. Han Soho

    Han Soho Jedi Youngling

    Oct 3, 1998
    Well... this is just too much fun.

    Mara Jade had never had exceptional balance. Now, with her hands tied behind her back, she found it difficult to even stand upright, much less walk.

    Carre gave her a rough shove and grated out, "Hurry up, would you? We haven't got all day..."

    The push made Mara lose her balance. Unable to stop herself with her bound hands, the hacker fell to the ground, bruising her chin. That was really graceful, Jade. You've got such talent...

    Irritated, Carre yanked Mara to her feet and gave her a slightly more gentle physical prompt. This time, the teenager didn't trip and fall. Carre flashed her an annoyed smile. "Much better. Your walking skills have improved."

    Mara had to bite her tongue to resist offering one of the hundred sarcastic comebacks that came to mind. Something told her that mouthing off to Carre was a very bad idea.

    So she kept her mouth shut and tried to come up with some sort of plan to extricate herself and her comrades from their current unenviable situation.

    Something caught her eye. A control panel.

    The girl's eyes lit up. Too good to be true... but it was! Subtly, Mara angled towards the panel.

    When she got close enough, she tripped and fell again... this time, however, it was on purpose. As she slid towards the ground, she managed to bump the control panel with her right shoulder.

    Shutting off the shield that held her non-Force sensitive comrades in check.

    Lady Carre gave her a dirty look and pulled her back upright again. "I guess I was wrong... you're still clumsy. Do I need to hold your hand or something?"

    Despite Carre's cutting comments and rather rough handling of her, Mara felt a wild elation. Her little stunt had gone unnoticed! Talon Squadron was free!

    Yeah... now all they have to do is come rescue us and get off the ship before it blows. Not much better... but it is slightly improved odds. Hey, I'll take that.

    Sondara Carre looked at her suspiciously. "What are you smiling about, Rebel?"

    Gotta get a better sabacc face... Mara composed her features and looked back at her captor. "What, is smiling at inappropriate times your exclusive right?"

    The girl didn't even wince as Carre backhanded her across the face. She'd deserved it, anyway, with that smartmouth comment. Shaking off the stinging pain, Mara lapsed into total silence and deep thought.

    This is it, then. I live or die depending on what happens next. I've done all that I can do for now...

    Mara sighed. Some of the exhiliration left her in a rush, leaving her feeling numb and exhausted. All I can do now is hope, and trust in the Force.
  23. Nomi Jade

    Nomi Jade Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 2, 2000
    Kaiba Ski walked in the back of the line of the Talon Squad Jedi. Mulder stood behind her, watching for any sudden strange movements that might be a threat. She looked ahead. In the very front was her husband, then three of her friends- wounded, scarred, and dripping with blood. They didn't make a sound, ecept sometimes Mara would fall and Carr would scold her. Poor Mara. Suddenly, she heard another clatter, and looked over to see Mara fall again, but this time, she fell onto a control panel...

    The Squad is free!

    She kept walking, trying hard to hide the smile. But she didn't feel like smiling much longer-

    " Alright, Rebels, listen up!" said the harsh voice of Darth 'Spooky' Mulder. " You will answer every question I ask you, or," he ignited his sabre blade, " certain death will come to you, or your friends!"

    Carr led Ty-Gon, Mara, and Trika over to a dark cell, where droids with sharp needles and truth drugs awaited. Mulder threw Kaiba into the next cell, her face hitting the wall and starting to bleed.

    " Now, young Jedi! You will tell me what you know about the Black Fire Mercenary or your husband will suffer!"

    Kaiba heard a screech from the other cell. Appartently, one of the others had been badly hurt. Kaiba kept her mouth shut.

    Aboard the SSD that was schduled to blow in twenty minutes, the rest of the Talon Squad cheered quietly as the shield went down. They hurried down the hall into an army of Stormtroopers, started shooting, and, as usual, Stormtroopers have the worst aim, so when they were all shot down, the Squad stole their uniforms...

  24. Talon Squad Leader

    Talon Squad Leader Former Manager star 5

    Dec 22, 1999
    &lt;&lt;Site and board rennovation begin tomorrow. New graphics, etc. I am...tired, but some of those banners, etc are driving me crazy. &gt;&gt;

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  25. Ty-gon Jinn

    Ty-gon Jinn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 12, 2000
    Ty-gon Jinn, now fully recovered from the effects of the ysalamiri, was noow shoved in the cell with Mara and Trika.
    He could feel the happiness radiating from her- that last fall had done something big.
    She smiled at him, and he knew. She had freed the others.
    Now he looked out of the cell to see Reyanna walk by with some of Mulder's most treasured possesions hanging from her belt- three lightsaber with the Talon insignia carved on the bottom- his, the General's, and Kaiba's.
    Reyanna must have felt pretty cocky, for she forgot to actvate the shield around the cell.
    Jinn caught her off-guard, and the three sabers lept into his hand.
    His emerald blade ignited, he chopped through the bars of the cell, severing them in one swift stroke.
    He grabbed Reyanna and Carre, now igniting the Skis' lightsabers, holding one at Reyanna's neck, one at Carre's, and one just waving between their heads. Trika and Mara stepped forward, and took the sabers that were holding the two ladies in place. Jinn moved to a control panel. He didn't know the code, he just punched it in. He then heard the charging up of his, Mara's, and Trika's guns.
    The two lady Jedi from the Talons pointed blaster rifles at the two lady Sith, tossing the Skis' sabers back to Jinn.
    "Go to the other Talons on the Herronvolk," he said. "Take those two with you!"
    He then went to the next cell, and sliced those bars, freeing the Skis.
    He handed them their sabers. "Come on, we don't have much time."
    General Ski summoned all his strength to get up- Kaiba helped him. He leaned on her as they ran from the detention block.

    Aboard the Herrenvolk, Mara, Trika, and the two prisoners ran into a platoon of stormtroopers, weapons drawn.
    But Mara recognized one without a helmet. "Obi-wan?"
    "Here," he said, tossing them uniforms. "We figured you'd be back, since you let us out."
    With much screaming and fighting (and several trooper rifles), the squad got Reyanna and Carre into the room, and activated the energy shield, changing the shield's code.
    Carre tried to deactivate the shield with the Force, but it wasn't working. Then she heard a scream and realized why the Force wasn't working- an ysalamiri had dug into Reyanna, and another wanted her.

    On the bridge of the Scully, Mulder prepared to break the dock with the Herrenvolk. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1," he announced, "And we're clear. Prepare to make the jump to light speed, Captain," he said.
    "Yes, Lord Mulder," Syynoff said.
    Mulder turned around to go back to the detention block, and irk Jinn. Get some retaliation. This time the Jedi would show the proper respect, as Syynoff had.
    But as he turned, he saw the forms of three Talons- Jinn, Gen. Ski, and Mrs. Ski, lightsabers ignited.
    He ignited his. This was three against one- but the one happened to be a man so evil he could revive himself from death, or regain the dark side by killing ysalamiri with the Force.
    The four began the battle.
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