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    Here it is, the continuation of the epic tale of Talon Intelligence Squad. The Talons have just effected their daring escape from prison. They must clear their names of the false charges brought about by Darth Mulder and other members of the New Empire.

    Talon Squad is always looking for dedicated new writers to continue the story. If you wish to join, follow the link below to the EZBoard and write up a character outline.

    Talon Intelligence Squadron
    Talon Leader -General Kevin Ski - pilot (Talon Squad Leader)
    Talon 2 - Captain Deli "Cobra" Dix - mechanic, weapons - Assistant Executive Officer (Darth McClain)
    Talon 3- Lt. Mara Jade - hacker (Mara Jade, Emperors Hand)
    Talon 4- Flt Officer Ric Ski - mechanical prodigy (Talon Squad Leader)
    Talon 5- Lt. Kaiba Cloudrifter Ski - hacker (Nomi Jade)
    Talon 6- Captain Jaren Kai - sniper (Idiots Array)
    Talon 7- Lt. Quis Heartilly - weapons (Laguna)
    Talon 8- Lt. Trika Kenobi - hacker (Trika Kenobi)
    Talon 9- Captain Kendrick Quinn - pilot Executive Officer (Roguelead11)
    Talon 10- Lt. Insei Starborne - explosives (Jedi_Master_Insei)NEW!!!
    Talon 11- Lt. Mekial - technical spy (Mekial)
    Talon 12- Nashraak - security (Lilith Demodae) NEW!!!
    Talon 13- Lt. Telia Aris - sniper (Jedi-Jade)
    Talon 14- Captain Homer Starkiller - strategy officer (Darth Homer 327) NEW RANK
    Talon 15- Captain Ty-gon Jinn - pilot (Ty-gon Jinn)
    Talon 16- Lt. Obi-Wan Jinn - hacker (Ty-Gon Jinn)
    Talon 17- Lt. Major. Melarnn Tecc - biker scout
    Talon 18- Lt. CiCi Draven - weapons expert (LeiaB)
    Talon 19- open
    Talon 20- open

    Members of the B-wing unit - Salvo Squadron
    Colonel Jik Hawk
    Major Roshe
    Colonel?? Jack Thosan

    Leaders of the New Empire
    Dark Sith Lords: Darth Agent Mulder (Darth Agent Mulder)
    Darth Lord Greywolfe (Ty-gon Jinn)
    Lady Carre (Mara Jade, Emperors Hand)
    Agent Reyanna (LeiaB)

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    http://pub9.ezboard.com/btalonsquadbasethenestThe Official Talon Squad EZBoard

    As always, lmk any mistakes you find in the roster.

    P.S. It might be time to clean out the roster again. Some of the ppl haven't posted in a while.

    P.S. Post people!

    P.P.S. Go read my wonderful, exciting, etc, etc, story about the first meeting of Jaren and Telia. It is constantly being updated on the Histories thread. The link is Forum16/HTML/000133.htmlhere just in case you forgot. I would really appriciate any feedback you could give me as it is my first posted fanfic. thnx in advance!

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    I was at the board, Idiot's Array, and Alpha21 and Theta resigned.
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    (Yea, I haven't posted for a while and I am leaving. Here is my final scene.)
    "Commander," General Kevin Ski said. "We will miss you."
    "Thank you," the Togorian replied. "Master Skywalker wants Callisto and myself to train Jedi for the New Republic."
    "See you, General," Callisto said. He and Wincer, his R2, got in the Osprey with Tuurgh and left the Talon's base far behind. They had a new life as Jedi teachers.
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    Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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    <<Um, Trika, I think that will work, but go check out my last post in chapter 7. >>
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    Uh, Homer...I posted before you did.

    Just to be non-conflicting, however, I will erase this and post something else...

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    <<Thanks Trika, sorry about that. I didnt even realize there was a new thread when I posted that. Its been kinda confusing with the posts not showing up the past couple days. >>
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    I am back. Let's get this show on the road, peoples!
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    *O.k., you guys might have posted first, but I am the one who continued the story first!*

    Telia sat in the lounge with Trika. She didn't know what was worse. Having Jaren in jail, or having Jaren out of jail, but with no word as to where he was. She just hoped that word would be sent soon.

    "So you really said that to Mon Mothma?" Trika cut into Telias' thoughts.

    "Wh-What?" Telia was stunned. "How did you hear about this?"

    Trika just smiled secretly. "We hackers have our ways. That was incredably brave of you."

    "I know, I still can't believe I did that. I keep thinking that I'll wake up and it will all be a dream." Both women shared a smile.

    "So, have you and Jaren stated to think about names yet?" Trika changed the subject to lighter note.

    "Well, we haven't had much time alone to talk about it, but we do have a few in mind. For girls, we like: Lilly, Kalin, Balie, and Rogue. We also like Natalin.

    "Isn't Rogue from somewhere? Seems like I've heard that name before."

    "I remeber reading as a child about a mythical Jedi named Rogue. I brought it up to Jaren and he liked the sound of it."

    "What about boy names?"

    "Well, also in those stories, there was a male Jedi named Remy. Which is something unusual. We also like the names Logen, Samm, Blaken, Jackson, and--"

    She stoped in mid sentence. A blinding pain caused her to grab her stomach and double over. Trika jumped up from surprise and concern.

    "Telia! Tel, what's the matter. What's wrong?"

    Telia could only shake her head. Those pains which she thought were just morning sickness had tripeled in intencity. Something was definitly wrong.

    Trika was running to call for the nearest Med-Center, and quickly returned to Telias' side.

    "Tel, helps on the way. Just hang on."

    As the paramedics entered the room and proceeded to get Telia onto a strecher. Telia could only manage out a few words.

    "Trika, find Jaren."
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    The shuttle was ready to lift and still Telia had not shown. Jaren was starting to get a bit worried. The New Republic guards knew about their escape and were undoubtedly combing the entire area for any Talon squad members. If Telia had been cought, she would quickly end up in the same situation Jaren had just left: locked up in a nice cell, courtesy of New Republic Corrections.

    "Come on Jaren, we have to lift!" someone yelled over the noise of the repulsorlifts.

    "I can't," Jaren yelled back. "Some of the team is missing. Go ahead without me!" The shuttle ramp closed and Jaren left the hangar in search of Telia, Trika, and Homer. None of them had shown up at the rendezvous and Jaren had to help them if they were in trouble.

    Jaren pulled out his comlink and thumbed it on. "This is Talon 6 calling any Talons in the area. Please respond."

    To Jaren's surprise, Trika's voice came over the link. "Jaren? Come to the Medical Center immediately, it's Telia."

    Jaren's mind began to race. Telia, hurt? He had to get there; fast. "What's wrong Trika?" he asked as he started to run towards an airtaxi parked on the curb.

    Jaren yanked the door open and threw the driver onto the street. As he pushed the accelerator to the floor, he made a mental note to appologise to the driver later, when his wife wasn't in danger.

    "The doctors don't know," Trika continued. "They are still running tests. Just hurry."

    Jaren grimmaced. This was not sounding good. "Ok Trika, I'll get there as soon as I can." Jaren silently willed the airspeeder to go faster and hoped to the Force that Telia and their child would be all right.
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    <<<Oh, hmmm. I'm just sitting out for a few days guys. Exhausted from writing assignments, and not quite sure where we're all at right now.>>>
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    <<Thank you, Telia! I thought I was going to have to come up with another really cool post to advance my character.>>

    "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"
    Trika was grinding her teeth outside of the Med Center, wishing:
    a.) she would at least know what was wrong with Telia, or
    b.) Jaren would show up so she had to calm down.
    Telia had been complaining about morning sickness earlier, but Trika had a feeling this was more.
    To make matters even stranger, their ship had taken off. Considered the Talons were escapees, they probably couldn't land for quite a long time. Trika grimaced. They might be here for a while.
    Jaren came speeding up on his airtaxi, practically jumping off while still in motion and sprinting all the way to where Trika was standing.
    "Trika, what's wrong with Tel?"
    It physically pained her to think about it. A small tear welled up in her eye. "We were sitting and talking in the lounge and all of the sudden she grabbed her stomach and doubled over. She could hardly speak and I don't know anything else." Trika lowered her head. There was something that Trika felt close to in their child; she didn't know what it was yet. Perhaps it was because she was the first to know, or maybe it was because she had never had a family and had never experienced the excitement of a child being born. Either way, she was worried to death over the situation.
    Jaren started to pace when one of the paramedics came out.
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    Darth Agent Mulder, Dark Lord of the Sith frowned. Everything was going according to plan, except for the minute fact that they were all escaping. That was the whole plan, though, that they shouldn't be escaping.
    Mulder sighed. Did he really expect the New Republic to be responsible for them? He'd have to alert Frohike later to the fact that there should be a heavy price on all of their heads.
    That brought a smile to his face. The Jedi still had a bounty on their heads, and more and more of them were being slaughtered by the moment...
    Frohike glanced at his chrono. "So as you see, not only has Talon Squadron been charged with crimes, but they've now escaped, which proves they've committed them."
    "Your accusations are about as opaque and unclear as," Mon Mothma held up her glass, "the Coruscant water system."
    A few of the members laughed, others scowled. "Nevertheless, they're irresponsible and wreckless. All of them. Security should be tightened. I have a feeling not all of them made it to the ship. Some of them are still here."
    Mon Mothma sighed as she placed her glass down. "Fine. Beef security up and tell them to be on the lookout for any of the Talons."

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    Telia lay feeling small and alone in a cold room. She wished deperately that Jaren was there to hold her and tell her everything was going to be o.k. The doctors wouldn't even let Trika in the room. Coudn't they understand that she was feeling more isolated than any other time in her whole life?

    The doctors hadn't told her much. It seemed like they wanted to protect her from knowing the truth. But they really didn't need to say anything. Something had happened to her baby.

    The pain in which she felt, causing her to go to the Medical Center, was nothing in comparison to the pain and fear at knowing something was wrong with your unborn child. The fear multiplied when she thought about Jaren.

    When she first told him that they were going to have a baby, he was angry and very scared. But as time went by, Jaren became more and more excited about the prospect of becoming a dad. Although, the more excited he became, the more protective he became over Telia and the baby.

    Jaren. As much as she wanted him by her side, Telia felt a sense of gut wrenching fear over telling him that something would happened to their child. How would he react. He had told her to slow down, and get more rest. But, as usual, Telia was her normal defiant self and continued to do everything she used to do. With even more action than before. What would Jaren think of her now.

    Telia began to quietly cry, hoping that her cries would not disturb anyone else. She had already caused enough damage to others. She rolled over to lay on her side. Still feeling alone and small, she willed sleep to come.
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    Jaren was out of the airspeeder before it even completely stopped. There were probably a half-dozen Coruscant Police speeders after him considering he broke nearly every traffic law he knew - and probably a few he didn't. He had managed to lose them with a few quick turns and a near-collision with the Senate Building. He hit the ground and ran into the hospital, stopping only to find out which room his wife was in, and then he was off again.

    He approached the room and found Trika outside, sitting in a chair waiting.

    "Trika, what's wrong with Tel?" he asked frantically.

    "We were sitting and talking in the lounge and all of the sudden she grabbed her stomach and doubled over. She could hardly speak and I don't know anything else."

    Jaren checked the door and found it locked. Apparently, they didn't want anyone disturbing the patient. But Jaren wasn't just a normal visitor; he had to get in. A paramedic opened the door and Jaren pushed past her and into the room.

    Telia was lying on the bed, looking for all the galaxy like she was dead. Her hair framed her perfectly serene face; only the painfully slow movement of her breathing gave a sign of life. Jaren moved to her side and gently touched her face. He called her name and she slowly opened her eyes.

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    Telia stirred at a touch, and a calling of her name. She began to smile, knowing that it was Jaren waking her up. It had all been a dream.

    Thank the Force it was all a dream. Everything and everyone was o.k. The Talons were preparing for another mission, Telia and Jaren was still in bed, and their unborn child was o.k.

    Telia slowly opened her eyes and prepared to give Jaren a goodmorning kiss. But she was rudely shoved back into reality with the smell of chemical medicines, and unfamilar surroundings. Her nightmare had not been a dream.

    "Telia, I'm here." Jaren noticed Telias' eyes began to tear up. "Sweatheart, what's the matter."

    "Oh Jaren..." Were the only word Telia could manage to whisper as she collapsed into Jarens' arms.

    He held her, knowing something was terribly wrong. He was terrified, but wanted to be brave infront of his wife. He rocked her, whispering conforting words into her hair. "Shhh, everything will be allright. Shhhh. I'm here."

    "Jaren," She pulled back, and said the words even she had trouble comprehending.

    "What honey." His eyes bracing for her words.

    "We lost the baby."
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    The Salvo Shuttle slowly made it's way back to the Herron. CiCi sat alone on the bench lost in her thoughts. Mulder was the one responsible for all of this. He had taken Homer in the first place, causing her and the others to break orders attempting a rescue...and now he was responsible for most of their dismissals and these so-called court marshalls. Now, Homer may be dead. CiCi shook her head as if to rattle the horrible thought and break it in two. He is alive, I know it.

    The Generals commanding voice was a welcome relief, "We will not have much time once we reach the hanger. We have been given permission to use the Salvo Squadron B-Wings on board the Herron."

    There we several nods and looks of thanks toward Colonel Hawk. He steped forward with a grim look on his face, "My major has informed me of several distress calls to the New Republic in the last 48 hours. It appears that total chaos is taking place in many parts of the galaxy, entire planets have been destroyed."

    "It IS Mulder, this was his plan all along," Ty-Gon was now standing, "with us out of the way, he has had free reign on the republic!"

    A tense silence filled the shuttle as it entered the hanger of the Heron.

    "We'll be spread pretty thin," Obi-Wan added.

    "Doesn't matter," CiCi said quietly, "We can make it work anyway we have to. He must be stopped."

    She looked over at Mara and smiled. She was leaning against Obi-Wan, who had his arm tightly around her. It made her heart glad to see them happy.

    It had been a long time since CiCi had piloted a B-Wing. She was used to being a gunner, but these one man ships would have her doing all the work. It will be just like riding a bike, she couldn't wait to get in the air.

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    Jaren was silent for a long time. He just stood there with Telia's head against his chest, listening to the soft mechanical sounds around him and thinking of what might have been. First steps and birthdays that were not destined to be. Life that would not enter the galaxy.

    He stood there by his wife's hospital bed as she cried and he suddenly noticed that he was doing the same thing. Telia's hair was damp where his tears fell and he could feel her shoulders tremble occasionally.

    They were silent for the longest time until Jaren spoke the words that they both needed to hear. He dried her tears and looked into her eyes. His voice was quiet and more than a bit shaky and it took a few tries before he could speak. "Telia, I love you more than anything. What happened wasn't anybody's fault and we can't lose hope. All we can do is keep going. We can't give up."
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    Trika watched Jaren push his way into the room and figured it best to stay out here. "Have you finished running the tests?" she asked the paramedic.
    The other frowned, nodding.
    The paramedic sighed. "She's lost her baby."
    Trika just stood there, totally shocked. "Oh my gosh," she stood, shaking her head, forcing the tears to calm. This couldn't be true...
    The man looked at Trika and pointed a finger. "Aren't you one of those Talons that escaped?"
    Trika's head snapped up at the words. "No," she lied.
    The paramedic nodded. "Yeah, you just don't have your hair in a million braids. I'm sure it's you. And them," he almost went in-
    Trika grabbed his arm. "Force! Don't you have any feelings? Please don't disturb them right now."
    "I'm going to have to call security up here for all three of you," he said, thumbing his comlink and pushing the security button.
    Trika had the worst feeling that they couldn't just run from this one.
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    No, Milan, you've been killed by my worthless nerfherder of a brother, Darth Agent Mulder.
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    Homer slowly opened his eyes. His eyes darted around, trying to swallow in everything before his eyes could focus on all of it. He saw a medical droid on his right, who seemed to be working on his arm. Then Homer realized he was in a full body cast. Homer hoped it had been a dream, what had happened in the detainment center, but seeing this made him realize that it had happened. The next thing that popped into his head was CiCi.

    "Did she make it out of the explosion?" Homer thought.

    Then Homer looked at the medical droid again. It seemed the droid was attaching a robotic arm to Homer's shoulder.

    "Where am I?" Homer asked.

    The droid looked up, and spoke.

    "Ah, your awake. You are in the Corruscant Medical Facility, under critical condition." The droid said.

    "What day is it?" Homer asked.

    The droid told him. It was six days since the explosion. To Homer, it seemed like it had happened a few hours ago.

    "What are the extent of my injuries?" Homer asked.

    "One severed arm, 28 breaks throughout your entire body, 12 fractures, second and third degree burns, and countless cuts and bruises. You were pronounced dead on the scene, but you somehow were revived." The droid responded.

    "How soon will I get out?" Homer asked.

    "As soon as you are fully healed. Roughly three monthes." The droid responded.

    "I cant stay in here three monthes. I have to get back to the woman I love. After your done attaching that arm, leave me, I need quiet.... I will be using the Force to heal myself." Homer said.

    "Very well." The droid said.

    "Does anyone from my Squadron know I'm alive?" Homer asked.

    "You have been kept under tight security. Only the highest officials know of your existance." The droid said.

    Homer looked out the window. He reached out with the Force. CiCi was alive, he could feel it. But he couldnt let her see him like this. He would devote all his stregth to healing himself, and getting back to her.

    "I'll be fully healed and out of here in two days.... just watch." Homer said.
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    Cobra was sitting down in the Herron. Colonel Hawk and Mojors Roshe and Tericle and Captain Jack Thosan of Salvo Squadron had allowed them to use their B-wings. That was nice of them.

    Cobra felt somthing through the Force. Somthing concerning Telia or her baby. Even though Telia wasn't Force-sensative, Cobra could feel somthing wasn't the way it should be.
    "Cobra," Ken said. "Do you want to play sabaac?"
    "Sure, Ken," Cobra said. "Deal me in."
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    The power at his fingertips was incredible; the availability even moreso. Imperial-controlled worlds were now reaching the apex of the Old Empire's. They were now contesting with New Republic numbers.
    "It's only a matter of time, Tooms. With no one to interrupt our plans, we'll have control of the galaxy very soon."
    The Captain cleared his throat.
    "Yes, Captain? Objections?"
    Tooms shuddered. "Well, my Lord, with the Talons on the loose again, it's probably a safe assumption we won't remain uncontested in the taking over of planets." He hoped he wasn't treading in deep waters.
    "Excellent conclusion, Tooms. But the Talons have been inadvertantly split up."
    Tooms scratched his head. "What do you mean, my Lord?"
    Darth Agent Mulder smiled. "It's perfectly visible from the tape footage. Four of the Talons are on Coruscant. Soon, no doubtedly, they'll be placed under arrest. Two of them are Jedi, which gets them out of the way once I kill them both. The rest are with Salvo Squadron. But what's an incomplete squadron? They're without both snipers, one of their main strategy officers, and one of their best hackers."
    Tooms had a puzzled look on his face. "The snipers? Weren't they supposed to be on the ship?"
    Mulder laughed. "Yes, they were. The one named Telia Kai has lost her child, requiring her to stay on Coruscant."
    "Did you have any part in her loosing her child?"
    "Maybe," Mulder smiled, "but she should really watch what kind of water she drinks."

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    Might I say this:

    I haven't posted in a while becasue of teacher problems and busyness. I want to, I really do, but there's so much to read.

    I'll be catching up in the next week or two. I'm not makinng any promises, but I'll try to post within the next week. Please don't kill me, and certainly don't forget me.

    I love you my husband, and my fellow squadmates, I'll see you soon.

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