[Task 6] CIA World Factbook: Candyland

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    ----------------------------- Introduction - Candyland -----------------------------

    [link=http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/2249815/354330]map is located here[/link]

    Colonized by Americans in the early 21st century, Candyland was founded among two deserted islands near French Polynesia.

    ----------------------------- Geography -----------------------------
    16º South of the Equator
    139º West of Greenwich

    35 sq km

    tropical, but moderate

    Natural Hazards
    occasional cyclonic storms in January

    ----------------------------- People -----------------------------
    431,542 (July 2004 est)

    Age structure
    0-14 years: 23%
    15-64 years: 70%
    65+ years: 7%

    Sex distribution
    Males: 51%
    Femailes: 49%

    Median Age
    total: 32 years

    males: 33 years
    female: 30.9 years

    Population Growth
    0.87% (2004 est.)

    noun: Candylandanian(s)
    adjetive: Candylandanian

    English, French

    Ethnic Groups
    American, Polynesian, Chinese, French

    definition: age over 18 can read and write
    total population: 99.4%

    ----------------------------- Government -----------------------------
    Country name
    conventional long form: Queendom of Candyland
    Conventional short form: Candyland
    former: Carmen's Tropical Country

    Government Type

    Candlyand Major

    January 1, 2001

    National Holiday
    January 1 (Independence Day)
    September 7 (Queen's Birthday)
    May 15 (Star Wars Appreciation Day)

    18 years of age; universal

    Flag description
    the top half is blue, representing the sky and the ocean; the bottom half is tan, representing the sand; in the middle is a sugarcane, which is the main export
    [link=http://pictures.greatestjournal.com/userimg/2249017/354330]flag image[/link]

    ----------------------------- Economy -----------------------------
    The main export of Candyland is sugarcane, which thrives in the local climate. Other sources of income are pearl farming and deep-sea commercial fishing. In recent years, tourism has become a growing industry.

    Population below the poverty line

    sugarcane, pearls, tourism, handicrafts


    Currency code

    ----------------------------- Military -----------------------------
    There is a 1-year mandatory military service period for all students upon completion of secondary education, or turning 18, whichever happens first. With no major military threats, the emphasis on the military is defensive, rather than offensive.

    ----------------------------- Culture -----------------------------
    Though the name Candyland started out as a joke due to our main export, citizens have grasped on to the concept, and lived it to their full extent. Houses tend to be modeled after the "gingerbread house" concept, made out of adobe or wood, and trimmed with accessories that appear similar to candy. Oftentimes immigrants will go so far as to simulate snow, usually in an attempt to bring back memories of the white Christmases that they were used to when they were back in their home countries. Some examples of houses are displayed below.

    [image=http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/noel/imatges/epice1.jpg] [image=http://www.mandolinroad.net/Gingerbread%20House.jpg] [image=http://www.aspencountry.com/aspen/assets/product_images/product_lib/30000-39999/30206.jpg]

    below is the royal residence

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