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[Task 8 Thread] The Amazing Quest of the Intelligent Duck, Ducky McDuckerson

Discussion in 'Big Brother 3: The Mods Strike Back' started by droideka27, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. droideka27

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    May 28, 2002
    **This storyline was created by nerf, and expanded upon by droideka **

    Please read [link=]the Rules and Instructions[/link] before beginning.



    It is the year 4267? Scientists on Earth have genetically engineered a super powerful and intelligent green Duck who's name is Ducky McDuckerson. Why scientists labored to create this super duck, we do not know?. yet. But the scientists underestimated the intelligence and resourcefulness of Ducky McDuckerson, and he escapes from the scientists and flees into the mountains of China. There, he encounters a wise man who aids him in hiding from the scientists that are looking for him. This wise man is very wise. After helping Ducky McDuckerson recover from his long journey to the mountains, and helping him obtain supplies so he can leave on a quest. As Ducky McDuckerson is preparing to leave, the wise man stops him and says to him that he is the Chosen Warrior who must save the earth from the Zartorlian Fleet. Ducky McDuckerson is confused, but brave, and begs the wise man to continue.

    ?The Zartorlian Fleet is a fleet of 10,000 hyperspeed WarClass IV battle ships, each carrying 30,000 Elite Zartorlian Warriors,? the Wise man explains to Ducky McDuckerson, ?They intend to conquer the Earth and use its resources for their Dark Empire.?

    Ducky McDuckerson believes him, as he somehow knew? somehow he?s always known.

    ?And the only one who can stop them is you, Ducky McDuckerson,? the Wise man finishes. ?Ducky McDuckerson , I will give you powers, sonic quack blasts and electro claws, to aid you in this Quest.?

    ?And what exactly is my quest?? Ducky McDuckerson asks.

    ?Why, to kill the Dark Emperor, Zeerton.? The Wise Man says. ?I guess you don?t know very much.? He sighs. ?I shall have to give you my robot to help you. His name is Robot Ally, which is convienient and easy to remember, as he is a Robot Ally.? He calls out for Robot Ally

    Robot Ally comes out, crying ?I am the Robot Ally!?

    ?Yes. Yes you are,? said the Wise Man. ?Say hi to Ducky McDuckerson. You will be traveling with him.?

    Robot Ally says, ?ok?

    Ducky McDuckerson says ?I am pleased to meet you, and eager to begin this quest.?

    ?The Seagull Does NOT agree.? Robot Ally says.

    ?Oh, just ignore him and the seagull talk. I think he thinks seagulls are some sort of god. But he is quite useful,? the Wise Man says.

    "DANGER APPROACHES ARRRR!!!!" Robot Ally cries.

    ?Oh no!!!!? the Wise Man cries. ?The police are arriving!!!! Quick, take my space ship and go!!!!!?

    Ducky McDuckerson nods and runs towards the ship. Robot Ally is close behind. He climbs in, but does not shut the door.

    ?By the way,? Ducky McDuckerson says, "Why is this robot primarily constructed out of celery and duct tape?"
  2. carmenite42

    carmenite42 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    ?Celery and duct tape?? asked Robot Ally. ?Celery and duct tape? the seagull does. Not. Compute. Please try again.?

    ?Oh, Lord,? complained Ducky McDuckerson. ?Am I going to have to deal with this the whole way? We?re going to have to travel over seven parsecs! And there?s no way that I am going to be able to attack the Zartorlian Fleet while you?re blabbing away about seagulls.?

    ?The likelihood of successfully attacking the Zartorlian fleet in a spaceship with these specifications and with your skill are one thousand one hundred and thirty eight to one,? countered the Robot Ally.

    ?Never tell me the odds,? snapped Ducky McDuckerson. ?I?d much rather thing that I have the advantage; it does better for my self esteem. Now. I need specifications of the kind of ships the fleet has.? Robot Ally said nothing. ?Hello? Celery duct tape dude ? are you in there? Mr. Seagull? Specifications. Now.?

    Robot Ally snapped to attention. ?Sorry about that? I was ignoring you.? He started yammering on about Omega class ship this and Waldo defense system that, while Ducky McDuckerson continued driving, making the occasional note on his Lisa Frank notepad, a relic that he?d found among the Wise Man?s things. However, the robot?s voice was soothing, almost hypnotizing, and Ducky started to nod off at the wheel?
  3. FateNaberrie

    FateNaberrie Jedi Master star 6

    Jan 31, 2000
    Far away in a cave on Zartorl, the evil Emperor Henry was plotting his evil plots. He sat at his desk and pulled the marble on the left farther to the left.
    He let go.
    The marble came crashing down with evil wrath upon its neighbor and the marble on the right rose into the air with ease. The one on the right came back down and crashed upon its neighbor in the same manner and the one on the left rose into the air. This continued for awhile until the Newton's Cradle fell off the desk. The strings were very tangled. This filled Evil Emperor Henry with RAGE. So much Rage that he formulated an evil plot.

    "Ahaaaaaa!" Says he "I have formulated an evil plot!"
    "Aha aha aha!"

    Evil Emperor Henry goes to his computer and turns it on. It is several minutes before he can use it because it is kind of an old model and takes a while to boot up. Finally, the screen lights up and says "EVIL PLOT-O-RAMA 3000"
    There are four options on the screen in ascending order of evilness

    There is also an option called

    Evil Emperor Henry chooses OTHER. He types in his plot. It takes a long time because the plot is complex.
    The Evil Plot-O-Rama 3000 beeps loudly.
    A light flashes.
    The screen of the Evil Plot-O-Rama 3000 suddenly proclaims "SERIOUSLY EVIL PLOT ALERT!"

    Evil Emperor Henry chuckles slightly and clicks the button to send the plot forward to his fleet.
    Very soon, the Zartorlian ships will have the details of the plot that will bring an END to the people of Earth!
  4. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    Somewhere in the void between the stars, a small space ship acclerated on its long trip toward Zartor.

    Within the small cruiser, was an odd looking duck and a verdant robot. Was he a robot at all? It was hard to tell from his strange appearance.

    "Seagull, I think I see one!" said Robot Ally in a louder than ususal voice. "How many times have I told you that there are no damn seagulls out here. We are in a vast ocean of vacuum, I can assure you there are no seagulls!" "Sir I am detecting one approaching in this direction at the speed...." The robots analysis of the situation was interupted by a sudden scream from the duck.

    Outside their space ship a large shuttle which appeared to be a seagull approached. The robot was obsessed with staring at this metallic bird. It was quite clear that the The Zartorlian ship had arrived.

    "We must get away before that thing catches us." Yelled the duck as he scrambled to the ships outdated control panels. It was far too late. The great metal bird opened it's mammoth beak and proceeded to swollow the entire space ship. Within minutes the stars disappeared and the ship was within the seagull.

    It was not so different in here. The darkness remained but the tiny pinpricks called stars had vanished, perhaps forever. Those great thermonuclear reactors of the night sky were gone. Well they were not gone, but they were no longer visible to the duck and the robot. They were now within a deeper, darker and far worse off place.

    How long had they been here?
    It was hard to tell time in this place.
    The ships computers were acting rather strange and the time clocks had been all messed up. Which way they were going? Nothing was known within the belly of this awful beast.
  5. Terr_Mys

    Terr_Mys Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 19, 2002
    Soon, however, the small spacecraft was jolted by some unseen force, and Ducky McDuckerson nearly tripped over his metallic companion. Robot Ally seemed prepared to protest, echoing the indignation of the divine gull, but Ducky McDuckerson placed his firm, webbed hand (his right one) over the robot?s voice speaker, just as the side door of the cruiser opened.

    Over the slightly illuminated threshold, Ducky could make out the silhouette of what he presumed to be a Zartorlian Scout Guard. Robot Ally let out the electronic equivalent of a gasp when he saw the unmistakable shape of a plasma rifle in the alien?s tenticular appendages. Ducky, however, was determined to avoid conflict at the moment, and hoped to solve the matter peacefully.

    ?Greetings,? he said.

    The Zartorlian started a bit, and turned his tetra-eyed head towards the Super-Intelligent Duck and his Robot Ally, but did not raise his weapon. Possibly because this would be very difficult with tentacles for arms.

    ?Euh?euh?bonjour,? he replied.

    ?Ahhh!!!? screamed Robot Ally. ?Their alien tongue, its sounds BURN my eardrums, I cannot BEAR this cacophonous gibberish!?

    The robot promptly jumped out of one of the shuttle?s windows.

    The Zartorlian and Ducky McDuckerson stood in awkward silence.
  6. Darth_AYBABTU

    Darth_AYBABTU Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 8, 2001

    Even as Robot Ally's momentum was just carrying him away from the Zartorlian shuttle, his internal processors were already sending alarms to all his diagnostic systems. His positronic strawberry jelly-based brain began to boil away due to the suddenly and drastically reduced air pressure. The cold vacuum of space instantly froze the water droplets trapped within his celery frame. Robot Ally's advanced systems began to shut down under the extreme conditions of space.

    His systems auto-triggered his vocoder to emit what would have been a shrill, sad scream; but in space no one can hear you scream. One by one, Robot Ally's systems started going offline. His liquid nourishment system flash-boiled and exploded from its reservoir. As it burst out his brittle celery skin, it destroyed Robot Ally's most important life-giving systems. Though it seemed like an instant to the mush-like brains of humans, ducks, and Zartorlians, Robot Ally's advanced processing capabilities actually perceived his impending doom slowly and methodically. As Robot Ally's visual systems went dark for the last time, he could not have imagined the horror that was taking place on board the Zartorlian shuttle.

    Back on the shuttle, chaos ensued as Robot Ally had taken his fateful leap through the shuttle window. In an isntant, the shuttle bay depressurized. Everything not firmly bolted to the floor was drawn inexorably toward the now open window to the void of space. Ducky McDuckerson accepted his fate just as his webbed feet lifted off the floor. He flailed wildly and fruitlessly in an attempt to take hold of anything solid. All efforts in vain, he braced himself for the impact he would soon feel as he slammed into the interior hull of the ship.

    The Zartorlian scout was faring no better. "Zut alors!!" he screamed in his alien tongue, just before a razor sharp shard of metal sliced through his torso on its way toward the compromised window. His now lifeless body flopped erratically through the open chasm of the shuttle bay, until it was torn apart against an exposed steel beam.

    Ducky McDuckerson reached the window violently. He slammed hard against the wall, with his tail feathers centering the open window to space. His smacked the wall and he lost consciousness immediately, sparing him the painful demise that was sure to follow. Individual feathers tore from his skin and were ejected into space. His spinal column buckled under the force of the depressurization, and his doubled over body squirted through the window and into space. Blood, feathers, and flesh were ripped from the broken glass shards and flash frozen in the void.

    On the bridge of the Zartorlian shuttle, the pilots fought to keep control of the ship. Outside, Robot Ally's momentum carried him toward the extended power array that jutted from the starboard side of the ship. As his lifeless celery carcass hit the array, sparks and electrical arcs sprayed everywhere. Systems on board the ship started to fail. Containment of the propulsion components shorted out, and the ship exploded in a dazzling sphere of light and debris.

    With the hero of Earth now dead, nothing could stand in the way of the Zartorlian fleet.


  7. PrincessKenobi

    PrincessKenobi New Films Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Aug 12, 2000
    Ducky woke in a cold sweat from the dream he had just had. Realizing now how dangerous his real mission was. He and Robot Ally had stopped at this Space Dinner on the way. He knew he shouldn't of ate the Ham sandwich, they always give him nightmares. He left his quaters in search of his robotic companion to see if all was in order for take off.

    Ducky wonder room to room and no where could he find Ally. He wonder if maybe the Robot had gotten lost or fallen down a hole. No he thought robots are not that stupid. Soon he came upon the middle of the ship where, he found Ally disassembled on the floor with a note:

    Dear McDuckerson,

    Please keep your robot out of our dinner, we do not appericate folk singing tap-dancing robots. If we see this thing in here again, the fate of the robot will be far worse then anything you could imagine.

    Angry Mob

    Ducky sighed and began to put the robot back together again. This time with a few more added in qualites. Not only would the uniquness have a celeray body, and be duct taped together. But now Ally would have an electric saw hand and a automatic retractable laser pistel in the other. Ally was truely a robot after anyones heart.

    After Ally came too, Ducky decided this would be the bes time to go. He was told of a Planet along the way where he could recruit some extra help. This was Planet E, also known as the top secret Rebel planet. Only know to such chosen ones as himself. The trip there took two weeks. Since he was in lurk mode trying his best not to be discovered on the way.

    Once to Planet E, he informed Robot Ally to stay with the ship that this would hopefully not be a long visit. After this he sought out a local friend, Trans Former. Ducky then knocks on the door to be greated not by his old friend but by a women who quickly bolts from the house and his friend standing behind her.

    "Brods who needs em," Trans said.

    "Good to see some things haven't chagned," Ducky replied looking at his half clothed friend.

    "What do you want," He said walking into his kitchen, Ducky walked in and closed the door behind him. Trans grabbed a beer from the fridge and offered one to Ducky who refused knowing he didn't have time for such plesantries.

    "I need your help. The galaxy its in danger," Ducky said.

    "And you need me? Ha! Thats a laugh. What do you want an old drunkard for anyway?" Trans asked.

    "Becasue your the best. And the best is what I need. Come on get dressed and I"ll explain on the way. We need to get more people," Ducky said heading for the door.

    "How about you explain now? Then I lead you to the right kinds of people afterwards," Trans said. Ducky nodded and spent the next hour explaining to his friends the perials of the universe. His friend nodded in agreement and led him to an old friend of his.

  8. carmenite42

    carmenite42 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    The Wise Man woke in a cold sweat from the dream he?d just had ? that Ducky McDuckerson wasn?t dead. He checked his information on Robot Ally. They showed what they had showed before his nap - that Robot Ally was, in fact, unoperational. His last visual sensors showed that he had flown out a window, and his positronic strawberry jelly-based brain had boiled away due to the suddenly and drastically reduced air pressure.

    Suddenly, there was a jolt on the systems. A sudden jolt of life, and then? nothing. It could only mean one thing. The ship he was on had exploded. Frantically, the Wise Man extended out his extrasensory powers, trying to find some sort of hint that Ducky McDuckerson was okay. That it hadn?t been a false dream, that it had been a sight into Ducky?s real world. He found none. He extended them again, further this time, trying to calculate how far away Ducky would have been. But to no avail. It seemed to be helpless. Ducky McDuckerson was, indeed, dead.

    And so, the Wise Man meditated. He had thought that Ducky McDuckerson was the last chance for Earth. He was sure of it. That is what the fates had told him. But maybe he was wrong. Maybe there was another?
  9. Darth_AYBABTU

    Darth_AYBABTU Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 8, 2001

    On the Zartorlian flagship, Commander Evil von Mean tapped his tentacle impatiently. The command from Emperor Henry was long overdue. He squeezed a lever just to the side of his resting mat, summoning Lt. Lackey.

    "What is your bidding, Commander?" Lackey hissed.

    "Contact the communications relay shuttle," ordered Mean. "Find out if they have received the order from the Emperor. The Flock of Seagulls fleet becomes restless. We are ready to attack Earth."

    Lackey tipped his head and slid out the door on his soft, slimy primary stump. Mean closed his many eyes and clenched his tentacles. "Earth will be destroyed!"


    Back on Zartorl, Emperor Henry sat silently before the Evil Plot-O-Rama 3000. He waited for the green indicator light to illuminate, marking a response from the comm relay shuttle. It was long overdue. He began to consider the possibility that something might have happened to the shuttle. Angry, he turned quickly to make his way toward the communications apparatus near his desk. His haste caused him to overlook his child's skateboard on the floor. He tripped over it and fell forward. His head caught the corner of his desk. Dazed, Henry lay on the ground motionless. He began to see red as the internal bleeding in his head began to seep into his eye sockets. He struggled to his tentacle, but his body was already going numb. He collapsed in a heep on the floor. As darkness began to overtake him, he began to cry. His last gasp for breath ended with a hollow, raspy gurgle. Emperor Henry died in a pool of his own blood and slime.


  10. Terr_Mys

    Terr_Mys Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 19, 2002
    * * *

    ?Yes!? the Wise Man exclaimed to himself. ?I did make another ham sandwich!?

    The old sage made his way to the fridge, removed the scrumptious luncheon item, and ate with great gastronomical pleasure.

    After he had finished, an old picture of the Wise Man?s late duckling protégé reminded him of the dire state of the galaxy. He quickly wrapped what remained of the savory sandwich in wax paper, and seated himself in Native American Style upon the straw mat of his hermit hut.

    Entering deep meditation, the Wise Man channeled the Fates so as to gain clarity on the issue of Earth?s potential doom. The hut itself was eliminated from his perception, and replaced by a black space, in which three spectral figures hovered sagely around him. The Fates, of course, were female, and the Wise Man was pleased to see them. Two of the three, at least.

    ?Wise Man,? said the Fate Eroraf, ?what is it that you desire to ask us??

    ?Fates,? replied the man, mustering as much a sense of divine potency in his tone as he could feign as a mortal, ?Ducky McDuckerson has perished. Is there another hope for Earth??

    ?Hmmm,? hummed Uryan, ??what does your heart tell you??

    ?I- I??

    ?You must search your feelings,? commanded Angela Lansbury. ?Then, all will be clear.?
  11. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    With the Emperor dead in a pool of his own blood, the rules of the state demand that his third wife's brother take command of the empire. Lord MalalaGorge was glad to be in command. There was even rumor that the old squid had planted that skateboard on the floor where Henry would fall and kill himself on it. That is just the rumor.

    The fleet was moving into position and was now in orbit around Jupiter. The great giant's colorful gases swirled around in a chaotic storm. This was the very chaotic edge, soon there would be war and conflict which the earthlings could never handle.


    With the duck dead, the wiseman was forced to do something he always knew he would have to do. He silently entered the underground laboratory to search for the correct one. Illuminated by bluish light and standing tall within a glass tube was a lifeless duck. Not just an ordinary duck, this one was identical to Ducky McDuckerson. A perfect clone who would be forced to save the planet. After handling the computers and within several minutes, the old duck was walking and talking and once again was sent on a spaceship with a robot to combat the forces of evil.

    As they blased away from the bluish planet, Ducky McDuckerson II was glad to be on this great journey. Soon he would be drowning in a ocean which he could not begin to control or understand.

    As they accelerated up toward the stars, the foolish Robot Mally began screaming about seagulls.


    Lord MalalaGorge smiled.
    Was it a smile?
    It was so hard to tell what these squids were thinking. It was almost sinister. "Je suis un pomme de terre!" He shouted and then bursted into a squid like laughing. Something terrible was about to happen.
  12. PrincessKenobi

    PrincessKenobi New Films Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Aug 12, 2000
    Ducky 2 sat back in his chair once his ship had settled on a steady less turbulant path. He was flooded still with the moments from that morning. That his predocessors funeral had been a sad one. Ducky 1 had been loved by all. He's heart sank thinking of his friend. They had went to school together. Ducky 1 always being the better of the two.

    He remembered this shadowy figure in the back. The wiseman who sent him on this mission, babbling on about how he was the only one now. But Ducky 2 knew that there was another, the real chosen one. The one not found yet, and he would find this person along the way to face the Army's massing off the Milky Way.

    There was another Ducky 1's sister, Twila. She wanted revenage for her brother. She gave Ducky 2 the most powerful weapon she knew of before he left. He didn't understand its power but it was a heart shapped necklace. She told him that he would know what to do with it when the time came. Soon Mally came up to the front of the ship with the diagnostics report.

    "The seagalls told me this would prove most useful about this ship sir," Mally said.

    "Thank you Mally. This was not necassary at least not right now," Ducky 2 said.

    "But it was, you see here if this problem wasn't fixed we would of faced the fate as the two before us. This ships hull is weak, and we need to repair it as soon as possible," Mally explained. Ducky looked at the robot with a bit of shock he never thought to examine the hull of the ship before leaving. He began to fear that he wasn't ment for this mission.

    "Thank you. There's a space shop along the way. We will stop there and get the nesscary repairs to the ship," Ducky said programing the course into the computer. Mally nodded and walked away.

    A few hours passed and they made it to the shop. He walked in and paid for the repairs before hand and went to the dinner next door. Mally sat across from him obessing again with the Seagalls. Ducky 2 ate a grilled cheese sandwich then headed back over to the shop to check on the repairs.

    "So I was wondering if it was almost done. I'm on a tight schedule," Ducky 2 said to the unseen mechanic.

    "Is that right? Well," The mechanic said walking from the other side of the ship, showing the most beautiful women Ducky had ever seen. She had long flowing red hair and curves to make her irreastible to any man alive," You're lucky you stopped here. If you hadn't your ship would of falling apart in a day or two and you would of been space dust. What do I have something on my jumpsuit?"

    Ducky's jaw had hit the floor," Oh no its nothing just," as he began Mally bursted into the room.

    "We must go Master they're here. We must go now," Mally said grabbing Ducky's hand heading for the ship. As soon as they made it to the door a couple soliders fired shots at all three of them.

    "There, the girl, the girl the master wanted!" A solider yelled. The girl looked and followed Ducky onto his ship. Actually she beat him to cockpit and set the ship in motion. Barely escaping the Emporers men.

    "Who are you?" Ducky asked.

    "Angela Neberium," She said smiling as she put the ship into hyperspace. Ducky recognized the name, not only was he now in charge of taking down the Emporer and saving earth. But now he was harboring a known fugitive to the entire galaxy.

  13. Terr_Mys

    Terr_Mys Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 19, 2002
    Angela Neberium had led an intriguing life.

    Neberium, of course, was not her Christian name. Her real surname was Miller, and she was born in Scotland, on the isle of Britain, on the planet Earth. She led a happy childhood in the Highlands and was a well-liked young lass by all means. How then, did she wind up in the outer reaches of the Milky Way?

    She married a Frenchman. At least, what she presumed to be one. His name was Gaston LeCalmar, and the red-haired bonnie lass was enamoured of him upon sight. After dating, seeing other people, dating, seeing other people, and finally dating again, the two lovebirds decided to wed. It wasn?t until their honeymoon, however, that Angela learned the truth about her husband.

    Gaston had told her that they were going to America for their honeymoon, but Angela began to doubt this when the private jet her husband had commissioned left the Earth?s atmosphere. A rather awkward wedding night conversation ensued, during which Gaston reluctantly confessed the truth: that he was a lithium-based organism from the planet Zartorl in the Omicron sector of the ?Lactic Road? Galaxy (a literal translation from the squidman?s tongue(s)).

    Angela, as you could imagine, was quite irate, especially because she had long assumed that her husband?s unusual appearance was simply due to the fact that he was French. By this point, she was rather determined to return to Scotland, but Gaston would have none of it. Instead, he intended to take her as his princess on one of the beautiful island principalities of Zartorl?s sulfuric seas. Angela would have to evolve the proper respiratory system, of course, but this was a trivial issue.

    The Scotswoman immediately killed her husband by strangling him with one of his own tentacles. She commandeered the vessel bound for Zartorl and instead settled it down on Ganymede, one of the moons of Uranus. It wasn?t long before Galactic Zartorlian Patrolsquid showed up on the natural satellite ? and thus Angela (Angela Neberium by alias), the galactic fugitive, was born ? as she lifted up the craft in flight and blew through the dusty rings of Uranus.
  14. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    It was another silent day in the fishing villages along the yellow river. The silt was most yellow at this time of year and everyone seemed to be in despair.

    Everyone in the village always stared at the silly duck talking to himself. It would be years before he was properly treated for his schizophrenia. He was having long conversations. He would shout out at the empty fields before him.

    What did he see?
    Who did he see?

    Insanity ran wild within his small brain. The children followed him, amazed by his abnormal behavior. The elders snickered and looked down on him. His peers tried to understand him.

    There was no understanding this duck.

    After years of going undiagnosed, he was finally brought in for treatment. During the last several years he had become most violent and the hallucinations were taking over his life and effecting the other villagers.

    Something had to be done.
    So he was placed in a nice cell which over looked the sea.

    The doctor would visit with him.
    They never understood him.
    What was reality?
    What was not?

    The doctor explained that there was no empire, no clones, no vegetarian robots that spoke of seagulls, there was no wisemen or clones. No war ships out at Jupiter.

    They never understood. That was reality.
    Whether it happened in his head or not.
    He was not a simple insane fisherman.
    He was the only duck who could save the planet.

    Sure enough out in orbit of Jupiter, the fleet continued to prepare. Lord MalalaGorge was excited.

    The time would come, for Earth to learn many things.
    And now that simple duck had been taken care of. The Empire had taken care of everything.

    The days went by, but it was hard to keep track of time in the prison cell. It was no longer a treatment facility but a prison. The doctor had grown bored and no long visited. No one came. No one was watching.
    Time passed.

    It was hard to distinguish if the empire existed anymore.
    Where was he?
    Was this all in his mind?
    Or was the empire all in his mind?
    What was more probable?
    Was it that he was taken prisoner by the empire and been given a mind probe to make him think it did not exist or that he was insane? It was impossible. If he was insane, he would know it. This must be an elaborate trick. That empire never stops with it's malice.

    Everything had become confused.

    After several years he learned the truth. There was no empire. It was all in his mind. There was no fugitives or robots or seagulls. He was just a crazy fisherman on the Yellow Sea.

  15. carmenite42

    carmenite42 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    The little boy sat in the waiting room, kicking his chair, waiting for his mum to come back. She had gone to the bathroom, and left him alone? it was kind of creepy in here. All of these people, just sitting there, waiting.

    He turned down to his Gameboy, playing a few more levels. He had almost beat the dark prince? so close? so close? but? no! The Gameboy was running out of batteries. Frustrated, he stuck the toy in his mum?s purse. Where was she, anyways?

    Oh? there she was! Coming back in from the hallway, with? what was that? Oh! A bag of Doritos! She remembered he liked Doritos. The cheesy kind, that left orange stains on your hands that you could lick off. And the taste stuck around forever. They were so yummy.

    He happily took the bag from his mum, popping it, and then opening, taking a bite of a chip. ?Why do I have to see this grandpa? I already have one? and that one isn?t crazy. I don?t want another one.?

    She rubbed her temples, closing her eyes. ?This Grandpa is my father. And he wants to meet you. Don?t be scared, he?s a really nice man.?

    He sighed, kicking his chair again. Whatever. He wanted to be playing with Bobby and George. Not stuck here, in this waiting room, meeting his crazy old grandfather.
  16. StarWars_Revelation

    StarWars_Revelation Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 5, 2001
    Yellow rivers and young lads with gameboys aside, Ducky's quest to stop the evil Zartorlian fleet was still under way, but was, at the moment at least, dormant.

    Little did he know (considering the fact that he had been unconcious for nearly a week), poor Ducky II and his cohort Robot Ally were imprisoned on the Zartorlian flagship the S.S. Giggles. Let's see how our hero plans to get out of this one...

    Ducky McDuckerson II awoke startled after feeling a painful shock that had effected his dream-like state.
    "Sorry, sir, you were depressing me again." was Robot Ally's excuse for waking him up from his trance-like state.
    "How long have I been out?" asked Ducky, scratching his feathery-white head.
    "Nearly a week." responded Robot Ally, in a calm HAL-like voice.
    "Why am I naked?" asked Ducky, looking around for his sportsvest and tight New Navy Quackers.
    "I got bored, so I took your clothes off."
    "...Why in the world would you do that?"
    "I don't think you want me to answer your question."
    "I guess not. For now, we have to think of a way to get out of here." replied a concerned Ducky whilst feeling around their cell block, after having obviously been imprisoned by the Zarltorians.
    "My Moses, we're trapped. There's no way out!" cried Ducky, giving up hope after 33 seconds.
    "What's that, Robot Ally?" asked Ducky, a little confused.
    "Many have gone to Cuba but never returned."
    " Our situation appears to be dire, my tinny friend. How are we going to save the galaxy cooped up in this cell?" cried Ducky while sitting down on his very-low to the ground bed, which wasn't very soft.

    ----------------plot thickening-----------------------

    Not too far from Ducky's own cell, two other indivuals were also prisoners aboard the S.S. Giggles, facing a similar fate but deciding to rebel against it.

    Carl Jr. and his extremely attractive, busty female companion Tracy had been captured by the S.S. Giggles for harboring illegal spices in Zartorl territory. After being held up in their cell for three days and having nothing to do but have [TOS].

    Once they'd gotten bored of that, the two devised a plan to go out guns a blazing, freeing all of the prisoners along with them and starting a revolt and maybe, just maybe, finding away out of this slimehole.

    The jailor would be coming by, any minute now, to deliver their food...the door opened...
  17. PrincessKenobi

    PrincessKenobi New Films Manager star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Aug 12, 2000
    As the cell openned there were three guards there. One with the food two with Angela. They threw her in there and the food behind her closing the door. She didn't move. Mally moved to her and checked her plus.

    "Life signs are still there but barely,"Mally said as the robot and Ducky moved her to the bunk.

    "She's going to be fine right?" Ducky asked.

    "Ofcourse, I have this vial of green stuff that could prove vital to her health," Mally said tilted her head and pouring it down her throat. Shortly after she began coughing and woke up. Pounded her fist on the wall.

    "We must get out of here," She demanded.

    "Well that doesn't seem quite possible right now. You might as well wait and see if the real chosen one ever shows up," Ducky said. She looked at him strange and raised an eyebrow, she had not heard of this chosen one.

    -------------------Waiting Room-------------------

    "But mom, I need some more batteray's," The little boy cried out.

    "No, you need to meet your grandfather!" His mother said. He began to tear up the way little boys do knowing that their mothers will fall to their will. She sighed," You promise to stay right here?"

    "Yeah, duh mom why wouldn't I," He said and she sighed again and got up and left him with his dorritos to return shortly with some more batteries.

    He sat like a good little boy waiting on her to return and she did. As she did it was time for him to meet with his grandfather. She took him into the room the man smiled at both of them. The boy thought it was weird that the room was all black except for the table and the chairs.

    "I'll be right outside sweetie. You'll be fine," She smiled and closed the door behind her. The little boy put the batteries in his gameboy and stared at the man across from him.

    "I'm sure your wondering why now out of all these years I've wanted to meet with you?" The old man said.

    "Your my grandpa you want to give me gifts or something," The little boy said.

    "I want to give you something better. I want to give you an adventure beyond anything you know. All you have to do is trust me. Becasue you have the power," His grandfather said.

    "What? What are you talking about?" The little boy said.

    "Jeffery listen to me, that machine in your hand has the ability to take you to a time far from here where you're the hero," The old man began to say," Look have you ever felt that you part or ment to be something bigger."

    "Actually yeah," Jeffery was intrested in hearing more.

    "Here take this, when the time is right in your game. You will know when to use this," The old man said.

    "Its a locket. I think you've lost it grandfather. Seriously," Jeffery said with a laugh.

    "Trust me, the future is in your hands now. You have to keep playing. Here's some money to buy all the batteries you need. Just beat it Jeffery, become part of the game," He said as someone enter the room.

    "Times up," The man said Jeffery nodded gave the old man a hug goodbye and walked out to his mother.

    "See that wasn't to bad was it?" She said to him.

    "I guess not mom, I guess not," Jeffery said wondering what all this ment.

  18. carmenite42

    carmenite42 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 21, 2003
    Jeffefery was sitting at his's desk he was righting in his's journal it was a school projekt that he had to do for his's teacher who told them that they had to right in they're journal?s all the time they did.

    Dear Diary,
    Today I meat my grandfather he was a wierd crazy old man I think he is in jail or something because he was in a room the room was dark and all black and there weren?t any windows and it was wired.

    He gave me jewelery what does he think that I am a girl or something girl?s our silly their all weird and I?m glad I?m not one because then I?d have to be icky like they are. It?s a weird locket and has sparkle?s and I think it open?s but I don?t know how so I have to figure it out and that?s what I?m going to do now.


    Jeffery sat back and examined the locket he wanted to know how to open it but he couldn?t figure it out he wondered if he could do it teleckeniticallie because his grandfather made it sound like he was a superhero or something and then he thought ?Wow! It would be cool if I was as fast as The Flash or something I want to be a superhero now!? But he wasn?t a superhero, he was?
  19. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    "It appears that his condition has grown dramatically worse over the last few years. The visions are taking over his life." Doctor Chensten had a grim look on his face. He stared at the glass window, a level down he could view the fisherman.

    The fisherman was screaming at the white walls. His fists pounded on the invisible hallucinations before him.

    "We will have to increase the amount of medication. For his own good." Chensten looked back at his colleague who nodded in agreement.

    "Mally you damn robot get over here! I don't give a damn! There are no seagulls. Do you hear me? I said do you hear me? How many times do I have to tell you?" The voice echoed off the walls and there came now answer. His screams were always followed by a long silence where Mally would reply.

    "We need a way out! Mally we cannot let the empire keep us here. We must get out. But how? We need one idea. One idea will get us out of here!"

    It had been raining all day long. Not the warm summer rains but a cold one, one that hits your skin like a bullet. The sting of the cold would attack you, as you exited the car. A strange looking old man entered the Beijing Psychological Institute. He was an odd looking man with a long face. The face had a hard life, one could tell by looking at it. The wrinkles were caused by years of living in the wilderness, in the mountains.

    The Secretary was on the phone when the man entered the office. "May I help you?" she asked him in Chinese. He was staring at the ceiling and at the walls. "Yes, I'm looking for someone."

    "Lord MalalaGorge, I should have known you would be behind this plot to take over this region. Only you would be so bold." To anyone watching there was no reply, yet the to the fisherman someone was saying something. "I will have to agree with Robot Mally on this one."

    The White Walls never responded.
    The fisherman collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.
  20. StarWars_Revelation

    StarWars_Revelation Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 5, 2001
    Lord MalalaGorge's 2nd in command, 2nd In Command, was pacing about his room thinking of ways to dishearten his captives.

    "How, how, how, can I strike fear into the heart of the universe's greatest champion, Ducky McDuckerson II" he said, kicking a fake plant over.
    "I've got it! McDuckerson...obviously Irish, Scottish, whatever. I'll wipe out the entire United Kingdom! Genius!" 2nd In Command reached for his comm.
    "Gunners, prepare to oblitate the UK."
    "Are you sure, sir? That's awfully spontaneous--"
    "Do it!" cried 2nd In Command, feverishly.
    "But, sir--"
    "Bomb, UK, DO IT."
    "Yes, sir."
    Kaine Damo, a strapping young Irish lad was out playing with his sheep and drinking a cold, hearty Guiness along with his bonny-lass, Molly McMartin.

    "Oi, Kaine, one of these days yer' drinkin' is gonna get yeh fired!" cried Molly.
    "Shut up wench, I'll do wha'ver I woont!" replied an angry Kaine, slapping Molly across the face.
    Molly fell to the ground in tears...but when she looked up, she saw something big and red coming their way.
    "Kaine! What's that?!" she said, pointing while standing up.
    "#$#% %#$!!$ #$%@^$*&$& %#%&#@&%#!!!!!!!!" replied Kaine, obviously frightened.
    "Hold me!" she cried.

    And with that, all of Ireland and the rest of the UK blew up into oblivion.
  21. FateNaberrie

    FateNaberrie Jedi Master star 6

    Jan 31, 2000
    Jeffery closed his journal and looked at the locket. He was turning it over and over in his hands when his mom walked into the room.
    "Hi Honey, I got you something!" She said.
    Jeffery tore his eyes away from the locket to see his mom holding a 24 pack of AAA batteries.
    "I know you're always running down the batteries in your game boy, and you're always asking for them, so I got you a nice big pack of them! Now why don't you put away that silly necklace and play some video games?" Jeff's mom lightly caught hold of the chain and tried to pull it away from him.

    "NO!!" He screamed, and yanked it back. He was too interested in the necklace now to let her take it, there was something sinister in her motives. Suddenly, all of Jeffery's trust in his mother disappeared. She wanted that locket and he didn't know why, but that was all the reason he needed not to give it to her. He decided to change the subject.
    "Besides," he said abruptly, "I said batteray's." After she gave him a confused glance, he elaborated. "Philip Batteray, the greatest comic artist of the century! He draws small portraits of the obscure comic superhero Ducky McDuckerson on trading cards! I want some more Batteray's!"
  22. Darth-Seldon

    Darth-Seldon Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 17, 2003
    "London is devastated and in ruin. The horror! The horror. The United Kindom a part of the past. Oh how terrible. They did it. They really did it now! Is there no end to their cruelty? Ohhh. Mally I had not an idea what to do from here!"

    It echoed several times before a new voice entered the room. It was slow, putting emphasis on each individual word. The fisherman looked around at all angles of the room searching for the source. In the doorway was an old man. The same man who had the clones, the one who had sent him on this great journey.

    "Hello there. The time has come to speak of many things." The old man grinned, displaying his poor dental care. Despite the missing teeth, his face had a kind look. There was a feeling that he was here to help.

    "Come with me, my friend and I will show you many things. Perhaps you will finally learn what is real. Or perhaps reality is false. I can see that you have issues with the understanding of what is real. The first thing you must understand is that nothing is real."

    The old man took the fishermans hand. The two slowly left the white cell. The halls were plain yet they were different. It had been many years since the fisherman had seen them. The secretary paid them no attention as they left the building. The doors slowly closed and they walked across the street and entered the park.

    The great trees were verdant towers. Their canopy left the grassy fields in shadows. A soft breeze was coming from the southwest and the rain had ceased a few hours before.

    "Where are we going?" asked the fisherman, but the old man just smiled as they continued across the park.

  23. Terr_Mys

    Terr_Mys Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 19, 2002
    The two men soon reached a building over which flew the Union Jack.

    ?Where are we?? the fisherman asked in a weary tone. It all seemed like a dream to him.

    ?The British Embassy, of course,? replied the man with poor dental care. ?You?ve been here before.?

    The fisherman knew not what to make of this, as he had no clear recollection of ever being in a British embassy before, but then again his sense of reality was slightly skewed. Before he had time to inquire further, however, he was ushered into the building by the old man, and subsequently taken to a small, nondescript room. It reminded him of his previous abode, except that the walls here did not speak to him.

    There was a small chair in the center of the room. The fisherman took a seat. The old man with poor teeth stood facing him.

    ?Now,? he began, ?you?re probably quite confused. But I guarantee you that everything makes complete sense. The thing to understand is? well? you?ve been injected with a rather experimental drug, you see.?

    ?Injected?? the fisherman gulped.

    ?Yes, well, it?s a rather untested brain control device. We knew we?d cause a brouhaha if there were a plethora of insane guinea pigs running around Britain, so we found our test subjects elsewhere. You?re one of them.?

    ?B-but? why did you do this to me??

    ?Oh, it?s a long bit of politics, I?m sure you?re not interested in the specifics. With the PM?s approval rating as it was, we had to think creatively. We got the idea from watching The Matrix at Buckingham one night, you know. Anyroad, the results of this experiment weren?t precisely as we?d hoped, what with your outbursts about talking ducks and seagulls and so forth.?

    ?Am- am I crazy???

    ?Not exactly. It?s not so much that the talking ducks and seagulls are the issue, but rather that you were conversing aloud with them. The goal was to create zombie-folk of sorts. The mental illusions themselves were actually crafted quite carefully, and cleverly engineered within the chemical formula of the drug. The person who wrote that nonsense about Ducky McDuckerson and the boy named Jeffrey is sitting in the corner over there, actually.?

    The fisherman turned his head to see an elderly British woman sitting at a typewriter in the corner of the room.

    ?Oh, hello,? said Angela Lansbury.

    The fisherman slowly turned his head back to face the British man.

    ?You...the did this to me...!"

    "Why did you think we made the villains French?"
  24. StarWars_Revelation

    StarWars_Revelation Jedi Master star 5

    Aug 5, 2001
    MalalaGorge was most amused by himself at the moment. He couldn't have thought of a better way to strike fear in the hearts of earthling everywhere. As he was thinking to himself Corporal Peacepipe was walking along the bridge of the spacecraft where others were working. Mmmm.
    Strong, tentacly build...very wet, yet warm. Perhaps the most attractive Zartorlian on the entire spaceship, the S.S. Giggles. MalalaGorge was hungry for some action.

    "Corporal Peacepipe, come to my quarters. I want to clean the circuitry in my computer, if you know what I mean." said MalalaGorge, with a wink.
    "Oh, sir, that sounds a little dangerous, does it not?" replied Peacepipe. He was an expert teaser by now, and new how to turn MalalaGorge on.
    "I like to live life dangerously...if you catch my drift." The other crewmembers seemed pretty disgusted by now.
    "I don't think I do...but I'd like to catch it."
    Malalagorge took his hand and led him to room. They removed their uniforms, then got right down to it. It was was passion men could hear for miles. Once it was all over the two lay in bed together, slippery tentacles wrapped around one another.
    "You were excellent. I needed that." said Malalagorge.
    "You weren't so bad yourself, cowboy. Do you think anyone on the bridge suspects our secret relationship?" asked Corporal Peacepipe, tickling him.
    "I doubt it."
  25. FateNaberrie

    FateNaberrie Jedi Master star 6

    Jan 31, 2000
    The Zartorlian commander rolled over and lit a cigarette. He offered one to his lover.
    "No thanks," said Peacepipe, "I should probably get back to the suspension chamber and see how the captive is getting along." He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on Malala's forehead, then slunk out of the room with the air of a very satisfied Zartorlian.

    Peacepipe was pleased when he appeared in the suspension chamber. Ducky II was still hooked in to the virtual reality machines and suspended in his dream state. He went to the console and punched a few buttons. Ducky's dream self was sitting at a table with some humanoids, they appeared to have poor dental hygiene. In the corner an old woman was hunched over some sort of humanoid contraption. She was singing softly to herself. He ignored the rest of the dream and tuned in more to her character. He recognized the song she was singing. He hated that song. It was one of his least favorite things about humanity. When she got to the part that went "Song as old as rhyyyyme" he unplugged the console.

    Ducky II suddenly jerked awake, very aware of his surroundings. Where had the nice dream about the fisherman and the British drug gone? All he saw around him was a cold Zartorlian holding chamber. No doors, no windows. He was bound to a table, wires were connected to his body. There was no escape.
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