[Task 8 Thread] The Amazing Quest of the Intelligent Duck, Ducky McDuckerson

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    Suddenly, the Zartorlian WarShip S.S. Giggles en route to Earth from Jupiter shook violently. Ducky McDuckerson II gripped the edges of the holding chamber table to prevent himself from falling off, but the binds and wires were enough to keep him in place. Outside the suspension chamber, Peacepipe tripped and injured his Life Tentacle, collapsing into a gooey mass on the floor.

    Lord MalalaGorge was still in bed when the tremor shook the ship. He promptly choked on his cigarette and his spongy lungs quickly melted. The Zartorlian Emperor-by-usurpation ceased to be.

    Ducky II could make out the sounds of several large blasts that followed, and then all was eerily still. Before long, however, the wall to his suspension chamber burst open, and, magically, the binds and wires that held him in place were thrown off. Appearing in the hole that had formed was the spectral visage of a beautiful woman.

    ?The Fates!? Ducky II cried.

    Eroraf, Uryan, and Angela Lansbury hovered into the chamber and swirled around the Super Intelligent Duck?s incapacitated body, before lifting it among them in the air and carrying it out of the suspension chamber. Ducky looked in awe at his divine rescuers.

    ?Thank you,? he said, tears welling up in his eyes. ?Thank you, Eroraf. Thank you, Uryan. Thank you, Angela Lansbury. I dreamt of you. I knew you?d come.?

    The Zartorlian battle ship was on fire, the alarm was raging, and squid soldiers rushed to and fro, but all were too afraid to confront the mystical women and the duck they carried. The Fates proceeded to a hangar, in which their hot pink Sleek, Sexy Starfighter was located, and placed Ducky II in the main hold. They left him there, and returned a minute later with Robot Mally. Then Angela Neberium. Then Carl Jr. and Tracy.

    The Sleek, Sexy Starfighter lifted off of the hangar floor and flew out into open space just before the S.S. Giggles exploded in a rather fantastic fireball.
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    Unfortunately for Eroaf, Uryan, Angela Lansbury, Ducky McDuckerson II, Mally, Angela Nebrium, Carl Jr, and Tracy, escape would not be as easy as planned. A squadron of Zartorlian starfighters had escaped the ship in time and were out for revenge.

    "We've got company. Angela, Carl Jr, get on the turret guns!" cried Eroaf, who was controlling the ship. Ducky felt completely useless, having to lay there. But he didn't mind, Uryan was wearing a short skirt.
    "Nuts 1 to Nuts 2, do you copy?" said John Lennon over the comm, who was also the most experienced starfighter in the group.
    "Roger, sir."
    "We're going after that Sleek, Sexy Starfighter, attack pattern Spaghetti-o." John Lennon took the point, heading straight for the starfighter as it was trying to flee.
    "Light 'em up!" he cried, which was followed by a salvo of pink laser fire. The ship took several hits, but was able to recover. As two Zartolian starfighters were going under the ship, two gun turrets opened fire and they exploded.
    "BLIZYARK" cried Esmerelda Tolkien as she exploded into oblivion.
    "FARJOINK!!!!" cried Pickle as his starfighter melted.
    "Holy mushrooms! Evasive maneuvers, NOW!" but it was too late. Whoever it was manning those turrets were experts, and John Lennon's ragtag squad was no match. Two more starfighters took hits before crashing into each other. John Lennon was clipped in the wing and crashed into the planet before him as the rest of the squadron fled in terror.
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    Jeffery had taken his game boy to school with him several times. Never one had been caught playing it. He generally only played it during lunch or right before school and after school on the bus. But today was different. He had made it all the way to the end of the game. He had fought off hordes of villains and watched as his heroes in the game and become helpless and then they find a way to escape. It was quite amusing watching Jeffery play his game some would say. The facial expressions were enough to make anyone else want to play it.

    But he tried several times to get to the last boss and could just not figure out what he was doing wrong. So today he was playing it every chance he got, till he got caught in Math. He had finished everything early and began playing. He had seen other kids do it on their calculators and the such so he thought hey I can just pretend that this a calculator and the teachers won?t care. Boy was Jeffery wrong. His math teacher, Mrs. Woodsworth walked up to him and tapped on the desk.

    ?Jeffery what are you doing?? She asked with a look of disappointment.

    ?Nothing mam, nothing at all,? Jeffery said looking nervous.

    ?Let me have it Jeffery you know the rules. No game boys in school,? She told him holding out her hand.

    ?I?ll put it up. It won?t happen again,? Jeffery said.

    ?No it won?t, hand it to me and see me after class,? She told him he nodded and sighed and handed it to her. He then began writing up what he thought would happen next, then the bell rang. He sat there and waited for everyone else to leave before going up to the front of the room. He walked up there and looked at her as she handed him a detention slip.

    ?But Mrs. Woodsworth,? Jeffery began.

    ?No buts Jeffery. I?m calling your mom and we?ll have a little meeting this afternoon between the three of us. You?re my best math student and your grades have been slipping and I think this game is why. It?s not like you Jeffery and now I have to tell your mom. Now go before you?re late for your next class,? She had said to him.

    It was weird because as he was leaving he began to feel faint and sick all at once. He never did anything like this before its right. But he never made it to his next class that day. The next thing he remembers is being in the nurses? office with his father and the school nurse hovering over him. He could hear them both talking.

    ?He?s running a fever and he threw up on his way in here. The janitor got it cleaned up. But he then fainted when he stepped in here. Its unusual for anything like this,? The nurse said.

    ?It?s probably the flu,? His father said,? Ah he?s awake now. Is it alright if I take him home now??

    ?That?s fine, he needs to be in a more comfortable place,? The nurse said waving goodbye to him as they left her office.

    ?Dad, we have to go to Mrs. Woodsworth room before we leave. She has my game boy,? Jeffery said.

    ?Alright, I?ll take you to the car then go in and get it,? His father said. They reached the car and his father unlocked it and gave Jeffery the keys to turn it on. It wasn?t long till his father returned with a rather steamed look on his face,? We?re going to Toys Mart.?

    ?Why dad?? Jeffery asked confused.

    ?That old hag refuses to give back the game boy and I?m having you put into another math class. She has no right to treat my sick son the way she did. We?ll just get you a new and better one plus a few games to go with it,? He?s dad said with a deep heated anger in his voice.

    ?Ok, dad if you say so,? Jeffery said not arguing with getting new games. They went right into Toys Mart back to the game section. Jeffery picked up the newer version plus convinced his dad to pick up the console too so he could hook it up to his TV. And rest even more comfortable. He was so excited when he got home and hooked everything up. He rested comfortably in his bed. Soon his mom was home and was shocked also to hear his teacher say such things.

    ?Well maybe we should home school him?? He?s mother said.

    ?No, he?ll be fine. He?s a strong boy sweetheart,? Father
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    Sally sat across the classroom from Jeffery. She watched him every day, silently. They?d known each other since kindergarten, but only marginally. He?d never really noticed her; she was the girl everyone called ?weird? or ?oddball,? so everyone steered clear. Jeffery was no exception. He never called her names, but he kept his distance, cordially.

    She?d noticed him last year, when they?d had to do a class project. No one had wanted to partner with her, so he?d invited her to join with him and his friend, Brad. Brad hadn?t been happy about it at all, but Jeffery had made sure that he stayed polite and kept Brad in line. She figured he?d asked her to join them because he felt bad for her. Which wasn?t much, but she?d take it.

    Her fellow students called her names, and maybe she was weird, and an oddball. But it wasn?t her fault. She didn?t have control over everything she did. There was a power? higher than her, who controlled these things.

    She?d seen Jeffery with the locket a few days ago, and she knew it was time. But then, all of a sudden, she didn?t feel its presence on her. She wasn?t quite sure if it was that he didn?t have it anymore, or if he?d just chosen not to carry it. But nonetheless, it wasn?t with him at school. And that worried her. The locket couldn?t fall into the wrong hands. That would be disastrous.

    So she needed to find out where it was. She needed to ask him about it. It was time.
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    The old woman in the corner of the room, the one that had been singing vansished. It was not quite certain where she had gone or what had happened but she was now gone. The little boy and the British agents vanished a few minutes later.

    A smile appeared in the old man's wrinkles face. His teeth were repulsive. "As you have noted, they are fake. You may also think that you are onboard a spaceship. The squids do not exist. They are in your mind. If reality exists it is a grim one. There are those who are manipulating all of your thoughts. I highly doubt whether you have any control over your mind at this point. The fact is nothing is real. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will understand." The building faded away slowly and they were onboard a ship.

    It was an odd looking ship. The fisherman could smell the sea water around him. The gulls over head made the most peculiar noises. They must be close to land if the birds are still about. In time the sea vanished.

    As time passed, the sea was gone and the cry of the birds slowly drowned out. There was a strange electronic hum and the fisherman was once again in a building. What was that noise? A strange murmur that whispered across the room. Nothing could be seen. All he could see was black. There was no smell. There was no feeling in his body. Yet within a few minutes everything hurt in his arm. Something had been injected in. The needle was taken out. Within a few silent minutes he would be dead.

    Some say that before you die your whole life flashes before your eyes. As if time could compress like that. Not very pratical, it seems more like a concept from Hollywood. No, it would have been delightful if this gentleman had seen his life flash before him as he died. Instead his fate was much worse.

    The time it took for the needle of poison to enter and exist his arm seemed like centuries to him. During that time he explored the depths of space the the haunting realities of human psychosis. Reality was lost and an onslaught of squids were taking over the world. It was a grim reality yet it was never real. It was a vision in his mind. In actaul earth time, the whole matter took five minutes. Five simple minutes for the poison in the needle to kill him. Yet to him it was an eternity of torment.

    He never understood reality. These visions were nothing new to him, the poison just intesified them. He had lived with them all his life. In many ways they are what caused him to get here.

    The squids. Oh what ever happened to his life? The dark of the jungle. The lurking shadows. Was someone after him? One should not be paranoid of such things. Yet there was a rustle behind him. Eyes prying into his soul. What did they want from him. Oh what did they want?

    In five minutes he was dead. A life of torment was over.
    The audience released a gasp and a sigh. All was quiet in the hospital room. The needle was disinfected and put away.
    The technicians slowly put a blanket over the corpse.

    The victims families filed out of the room. Some had tears. Others felt that justice had been served. The news casters filmed their stories for the evening news. The journalists hounded the families for answers. Yet amid all of these people. Among all of them was one most peculiar character.

    A man with poor dental care. An old man of asian descent. He had an odd smile on his face and he wore no shoes. No one paid him any attention and he just kept on smiling.

    One must ask, were those visions real or not. Who was that old man and what did he have to smile about? The crowds finally went home. They went back to their apartments and houses and would soon forget the events of this day. Yet the old man sat on a park bench across the street from the building. That building where the "fisherman" had died in. He kept smiling and as the sun rose the next morning he was still smiling.

    An eternal display of his poor dental care. Eventually he left. No one knows when he left, they just know that on
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