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Tatooine TV Retrospective needs YOUR Feedback PLEASE

Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by yourbuddybill, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. yourbuddybill

    yourbuddybill Jedi Youngling

    Feb 2, 2007
    {posted by YourBuddyBill for Jeff Roney}

    Hello all,

    For the last few years, Jeff Roney has put together an award-winning Star Wars audio parody show called, Tatooine TV, and I am now putting together a retrospective show, and it needs your input. So, this is what I need you to do (Pretty, pretty please):


    What is your #1 Favorite Tatooine TV Episode and Why?

    1. Visit my [link=]Tatooine TV download page[/link], and listen to at least 5 of them (They are short. 2 to 5 minutes- I promise.). Now, of course, you can listen to all of them (I'll find a prize for you, if you do.), but a few would be really nice.

    2. Let me know what your favorite Tat TV episode(s) ("All of them," is quite flattering, but not realistic), some feedback on the show (Again, be somewhat specific, please), so I can play it on the Tat TV Retrospective episode I'm planning. Based on your preference, here are some choices for your feedback;

    Leave a voicemail: 1-714-656-4026
    Voicemail on Skype. My name: jroney
    Morse Code: Never learned it, sorry, so this won't do.
    Sky Writing: Its too windy for that in the OC, so this won't do either.

    Please hurry! Contest Ends February 13th!

    My email is almost finished, but there's a little more...

    Announcing- the Tatooine TV Reunion TalkCast Chat Party!

    For those of you who were; 1. Uber fans (Ok, any fan, really) or 2. Vocal actors/actresses on Tatooine TV, I would like you to attend a live show (On TalkShoe) for interviews, thoughts on the show, laughs and chuckles, etc.

    Here are three dates for the live show to choose from:

    March 3rd, March 5th or March 24th

    The Choice is yours, but choose the live show date by February 13th!

    More links:

    [link=]Our Google Groups page[/link]
    [link=]Our Yahoo Groups page[/link]
    [link=]RoneyZone Productions[/link]
    [link=mailto://]RoneyZone Productions Email link [/link]

    That's it. Thanks for putting up with the long post. If there are any others who you think would enjoy Tatooine TV, please forward this onto them. The more 'Best of' lists, feedback and well wishes I get, the better. Thanks again!
    Jeff Roney -
    The RoneyZoneRadio podcast will interview Disney animator, Chris Sonnenberg (who attended CalArts with Genndy Tartakovsky) this February. Don't miss this show! Subscribe Here!

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