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TCG Board Information and Game Descriptions

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by Bacabachaui, Mar 21, 2003.

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    Jan 24, 2002
    TCG Board Information and Game Descriptions

    There have been four Star Wars card games created; Star Wars TCG, Star Wars CCG, Young Jedi CCG and Jedi Knights TCG. The Star Wars Card games are each very unique games and are not compatible with each other in any way. See below for a brief description and history of each one.

    This board is for discussing the Star Wars Trading Card Game produced by Wizards of the Coast.

    The board for discussing Decipher's SWCCG, Young Jedi CCG, and Jedi Knights TCG is located [link=]here[/link]

    We hope everyone enjoys discussing the Star Wars Trading Card Game here! This post will be updated as needed with things such as F.A.Q.'s and more. Please PM [link=]Bacabachaui[/link] if you have any suggestions to add to this post.

    Brief description and history of each card game.

    [b][color=midnightblue][i]Star Wars[/i] Trading Card Game[/color][/b], also referred to as [i]Star Wars[/i] TCG, SWTCG, or the TCG, is the latest and newest [i]Star Wars[/i] based card game produced by [link=]Wizards of the Coast[/link].

    Released in April 2002, the premiere set featured content from [i]Attack of the Clones, [/i] giving players a chance to recreate the exciting battles seen in Episode 2. Expansion sets have added more cards to the game and feature characters, starships, and events from both prequel and classic [i]Star Wars[/i] movies. Future sets may be based on the Expanded Universe ([i]Star Wars[/i] comics and books). All sets are compatible with each other, meaning you can have Luke Skywalker and Mace Windu in battle together if you want.

    Using custom decks of cards that you create, your opponent and you face off on opposing sides. Dark Side and Light Side battle using the Force for control of three arenas of combat. These arenas are called the Space, Ground, and Character arenas, and battle takes place in all 3 consecutively.

    In SWTCG there are 5 card types:
    [b]Space units[/b]. Starships of all kinds that fight in the space arena.
    [b]Ground units[/b]. Infantry and vehicles that fight in the ground arena.
    [b]Characters[/b]. Star Wars characters that fight in the character arena.
    [b]Mission Cards[/b]. Cards that allow you to alter or enact special conditions in the game.
    [b]Battle Cards[/b]. Cards that give you a special advantage while in battle and can dramatically alter the outcome.
    [b]Location Cards[/b]. Cards that represent locals in the Star Wars universe that provide a permanent effect unless replaced by another Location or discarded through some other effect.
    [b]Equipment Cards[/b]. Cards that allow you to enhance a unit's abilities by granting, power or other special effects. Even if the equipped unit is discarded, the Equipment card is not, and may be equipped on another appropriate unit.

    Space, Ground, and Character cards, referred to as Units are the primary players in the Battles. They have 5 key elements:
    [b]Build Cost[/b]: Determines how much it costs to place the unit/card in battle.
    [b]Speed[/b]: Determines when that unit attacks. The fastest units attack first.
    [b]Power[/b]: How many six-sided dice you roll for that unit to attack another
    card. Every 4, 5, or 6 rolled causes damage.
    [b]Health[/b]: How many hits or damage that unit can take before it is discarded.
    [b]Text Box[/b]: Lists the special abilities a card may have and/or flavor text that highlights some aspect of the [i]Star Wars [/i] universe. Abilities help both in defense and offense. Some examples of these abilities are ?Evade? (blocking damage), ?Deflect? (blocking damage and sending it back to the attacker), ?Shields? (automatic reduction of power for anyone attacking a card with that ability), ?Critical Hit? (extra damage given when a die rolled is a 6), ?Stun? (reducing the power of select units you attack), and ?Accuracy?, (adding to a >
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