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Clone Wars TCW Fanon Thread

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by AkashKedavra_93, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. GGrievous

    GGrievous Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 6, 2005
    I'll do better than that. ;)
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  2. Cary_the_Brave

    Cary_the_Brave Jedi Knight star 3

    Sep 5, 2012
    *Evil chuckle*
  3. TaradosGon

    TaradosGon Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 28, 2003
    I had thought of the possibility of one clone, or a small group, pursuing the AWOL group and discovering what they really are and getting killed.

    The idea stemmed from a desire to see the gap in power between Jedi and soldier reduced. It just seems like a Jedi with a lightsaber in his/her hand is worth 20 soldiers, while the soldiers have all kinds of blasters, armor, grenades, training in military tactics, etc. And I would just like seeing the Republic's finest getting sent against Dooku (or Grievous, but Dooku seems like it would be more interesting IMO).

    Also, Jango's DNA is apparently degrading and it isn't going to last indefinitely from the sounds of it. In real life weapons manufacturers compete for defense contracts. I don't know that much about it, but I recall reading about for instance the US military thinking about replacing the standard M4 carbines with the XM8 rifle, though the latter was abandoned due to technical issues and political resistance. And how new weapons from new manufacturers can win contracts either because they are better and/or cheaper. But in this case the weapons are people - the clones. So in this instance the clones are more blatantly being treated as nothing more than a manufactured weapons - as they were by Lama Su in AOTC - rather than people. However, due to the degrading DNA of Jango, it would be a rival cloning group that perhaps can grow clones quicker, cheaper, and more skilled trying to persuade Palpatine to sign on with them. Or alternatively, instead of a rival coning institution, it could simply be a military academy (though I think rival cloners makes it more eery that humans are being treated like nothing more than a weapon, no different than the rifles they carry).

    So the head of this academy or cloning corporation would be meeting with Palpatine, giving the sales pitch of how much of an improvement his "units" are as opposed to those of Kamino and this assassination mission would pretty much be an unannounced field test that the Jedi and Jango-clones would be unaware of, but also Dooku as well.

    Where it goes from there I dunno. They could get a weapons contract and we start getting a new generation of clones and get a glimpse of the future stormtrooper ranks as the Jango DNA continues to deteriorate. Or Kamino might step up and hold onto its contract through political resistance or coming up with their own generation 2 clone.

    Note that this would be in regards to stopping future cloning of the Jango DNA. Rex, Cody, etc. would remain in service and those Jango clones already in production would be completed, but the contract would fall to this other group to supply any required troops beyond those and see a gradual transition to the next generation.


    "Those particular two guys that you're talking about — which I know about, which is a very good performance — the idea is that over time, there were new clone strains introduced, and then they even conscripted guys to be Storm Troopers. So it's not just purely clones: It started out as clones, but then it got diluted over the years as they found out they could shanghai guys [more cheaply] than they could build clones."​

    Impressive, as Darth Vader might say — most impressive. So then, if many of the Storm Troopers are indeed photocopies of Jango Fett, does that mean that when Boba was on Cloud City, he could have turned to any of them and asked them to take off their masks, only to find his dad standing there?​

    "Well, there's like a 50/50 chance," Lucas answered. "Not necessarily — he could be anybody, he could be the Mock 2 or the Mock 3, or he could just be some poor guy who got shanghaied."​

    Apparently Filoni has supported the idea that conscription doesn't begin until post-Imperial Declaration. So if it were other clones, this could be the transition to "Mock 2" [sic]
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  4. AkashKedavra_93

    AkashKedavra_93 Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 8, 2011
    Just finished writing a trilogy with a female Republic Captain that involves Zygerria. Should have the whole season up sooner than later.
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  5. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011
    Looking forward to this. Did you name her after me? =D
  6. TaradosGon

    TaradosGon Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 28, 2003
    For some reason the idea of Talzin and Maul ending up as allies and slaughtering the CIS senate appeals to me.

    No idea where that idea came from, other than I was originally thinking of them going into the Republic senate and cleaning house to make a display to Palpatine - who I assume Maul knows is a Sith. But that can't really happen to the Republic Senate. But the CIS senate is up for grabs. That creates a crisis for Dooku if it shows that he cannot provide his people protection, which in turn hinders Palpatine's plans.

    Then I'm reminded of The Patriot in which Cornwallis criticizes Tavington (who is shown to be particularly brutal against the rebelling Americans) that the Revolutionaries were once subjects of the crown and the intent is that they will be again once the war is over, and so being cruel and slaughtering them is not productive and that they should be treated civilized. And so the CIS senate is made of peers that once served in the Republic senate (which hasn't visibly downsized not that I think of it) and so those former friends in the Republic might still feel utter sadness for the bloodshed, even if they were on the opposite side of the war.

    Which then makes me think of something like 9/11 when the populations of foreign nations made displays of sympathy and condolence, and whether the Republic would do something like that to reach out to their enemy and show a feeling of solidarity, which of course Palpatine cannot have as Sidious and Dooku have to drive a wedge between the CIS and Republic and get Maul and Talzin out of the picture ASAP.

    There would be sort of an "enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing going on, which is unacceptable to Dooku and Sidious who have to keep the hate mongering going between the Republic and CIS to escalate Palpatine's power, which would involve attacking each other and not cooperating to take on Maul and Talzin.
  7. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011
    This is a really cool idea, brilliant as always TD. That is dark and far out. Clone Trooper 2.0 could work with the senate voting to create more troopers which would obviously be needed in a shorter amount if time. Changes would have to be made. There might be another contractor who would step of the the place saying they can do the outrageous and grow near super human strength clone troopers in a ridiculously short amount of time and produce quality 'products'. I can only image what existing clone troopers in the service like Rex and Cody would think of that. How much further that would degrade the Jedi order. So many places to go with that.

    Further more this could get really sick if they did something kinda like how new fighter jets are picked for service. Say like how Northrop and Lockheed each designed the YF-23 and the YF-22 and only one went into production with the Kominoans actually competing with cloning firm B to keep there contract and get clone trooper 2.0 into service, so to speak. The Kominoans trying to compete by stretching the degraded Jango DNA could even produce more deformed clones like 99 that go public and then that somehow gets blamed on the Jedi trying to push the limits. The same with any steroid junked up monstrosities produced.

    It could be like the skunk works and you could do an arc where folks find out about it or die. Or these guys could go on a test run with an existing clone like say ARC Trooper Fives and things just get jacked up.

    The two groups of clones could get racist against one another and kill one another. 2.0 just treats the old ones as worthless. Are superior enough to make the old clones worry they'll get replaced. Then a guy like Fives comes up with a plot to prove they are two dangerous and get them out. So many possibilities as I said. That's another great way to create a situation where the republic causes an atrocity to befall some poor planet caught in the war.

    I recall both DBB and Dave Filoni made mention of how new troopers would start to muddy the waters at the start of season 4.
  8. JackG

    JackG Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Aug 15, 2011
    Adi Gallia isn't killed by Savage Oppress is my fanon.
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  9. TaradosGon

    TaradosGon Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 28, 2003
    Cross posted from the series discussion thread:

    No, they probably won't. But one thing that is kind of weird IMO was that Palpatine just had this set of armor sitting around properly fitted for Anakin. He had everything on hand ready to turn Anakin into a cyborg in case of injury. Even as a well thought plan that took into consideration that Anakin could be morally wounded, it's still a little odd given that Anakin was Palpatine's apprentice for like a day.

    They probably won't, but I could appreciate a somewhat convoluted twist like that from the video game Jade Empire in reference to the character "Death's Hand."


    The Jade Empire is ruled over by Emperor Sun Hai who is treated as a villain with Death's Hand as his enforcer. Sun Hai has two brothers, Sun Kin and Sun Li. Sun Li is your master at the beginning of the game and presents himself as a good guy who stood in opposition to his evil brothers and Death's Hand. And he tells the story about how Sun Hai, Sun Kin and Death's Hand slaughtered the village of monks from which the main character (that you play) is from. In the flash back while he tells the story, you are led to believe that the character that rescues you as a baby is Sun Li. Sun Kin is said to have been killed. Later on you learn that Sun Li was Death's Hand and had a role to play in slaughtering your people but chose to spare you to use you as a tool in a plot to overthrow his brother. However, Death's Hand is still around which confuses things, since he is shown to be a separate person from Sun Li.

    And the twist is that Sun Li was Death's Hand, but he eventually left his brothers and became a martial arts master and presented himself as a good guy to use you in a grand scheme to overthrow his brother and become Emperor. However, Sun Kin is killed and his spirit is bound to the Death's Hand armor and he becomes the new Death's Hand.


    I would actually think that pretty clever if they did something similar with Darth Vader. If for instance Dooku take's on a new apprentice who wears the Vader armor but is killed, then when Anakin is injured, Palpatine has the technology on hand to pass onto Anakin. Or if Sidious attacks Maul and Savage but refuses to let one of them die and keeps Maul or Savage alive via the armor to be used as a secret enforcer only to have that armor then pass to Anakin when he becomes mortally wounded.
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  10. Seerow

    Seerow Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 7, 2011
    More cool idea Tarados! It would be cool to see an original for Vader's armor and get something from the Zillobeast. We don't really need a clone, just use the one dead one they got. I can only imagine it'll take years to grow one. Babies might have soft armor.

    I'm not certain about seeing someone else in Vader's armor or pieces of it. The Vader suit should be like Gizmoduck's suit and a bunch of folks have a change to wear. Yeah, there is Maul but another cyborg character, like an inbetween for Grievous and Vader would be cool to see in the show. I'm seeing visions of Savage in a suit unfortunately.
  11. TaradosGon

    TaradosGon Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 28, 2003
    I'm not wild for the thought of Vader's armor consisting of random pieces that other people wear that are scrounged together and just conveniently look like they're all belong together.

    I was thinking more in terms of the armor becoming a symbol, not just to the audience but to Anakin himself. Kind of like - hypothetically - if Luke had killed Vader, but had been mortally wounded himself in the process which made it necessary to put Luke into Vader's suit. That would just be psychologically awful for Luke. He would have seen how his father lived a pitiful existence, and then as he lay on the table dying and sees he's father's helmet being lowered onto his head, he would know that awful existence awaits him and that he doesn't have the strength to get off the table and do anything about it. He's being bound to this miserable existence and he knows it.

    That someone else had this suit before Anakin. Anakin got to see it and realize how pitiful of an existence that person had. But then after his fight with Obi-Wan he lays half-dead on the table fighting in vain to stop the droids from what they're doing as they begin to put him in a familiar suit and he realizes that his life as he knew it is over.

    It's a symbol he'd already be familiar with.

    The idea actually came up because I was originally just thinking if it would be possible to add more truth to what Obi-Wan initially tells Luke about Anakin's fate. The best I could do was say that the suit (the most powerful symbol associated with Darth Vader) existed independently for a time from Anakin, and if Luke cared to look back at the history of the Clone Wars it might appear that Darth Vader showed up prior to Anakin's death (since Luke would be unaware that there were two different guys wearing the suit at different times) which would make it "impossible" from Luke's perspective that Vader could be his father. And if the guy in the suit were some fallen Jedi that becomes Dooku's next apprentice and was close to Obi-Wan, the initially person could be a "pupil of his before he turned to evil... from a certain point of view."

    That last part I'm not partial to. But I maintain it would be neat IMO to play with the notion of Anakin's identity and psychology like that, as well as show this technology as being something in use and not sitting in a med lab somewhere conveniently to save Anakin's life when he was unexpectedly defeated by Obi-Wan.
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  12. Swashbucklingjedi

    Swashbucklingjedi Game Winner star 5 VIP - Game Winner

    Oct 3, 2010
    Someone else than Anakin using Vader's armor don't like something GL would do.
  13. AkashKedavra_93

    AkashKedavra_93 Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 8, 2011
    I am trying to tie in Umbara, Ryloth, and character development for Rex, Fives, Boil, Ahsoka, and Barriss in one arc. Hopefully this works.
  14. AkashKedavra_93

    AkashKedavra_93 Moderator Emeritus star 4 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 8, 2011
    I've worked hard on this, rewriting some episodes three, four, five times over, and I earnestly hope you guys/gals like it!

    Return to Zygerria Arc: I love the Slaves of the Republic arc and I thought it would be interesting to see Atai Molec's government crumbling apart under accusations that he murdered Miraj for power as the deal he made with Dooku goes against him in the classic Sith Lord fashion. And there's an invasion commandeered by a female Republic Captain, I couldn't resist adding that. Dark Lord Tarkas

    The Shadow of Zyrigav: Atai Molec’s government is falling apart. Riots have been erupting all over Zygerria as rumors that Molec had murdered Miraj Scintel flow throughout the capital Zyrigav. The new slave trade is not flourishing as Atai had hoped – Count Dooku is taking most of the profits to fund the Separatist war machine, leaving Zygerria poorer than it was under the previous Queen. An armed rebellion group known simply as the “Cloaks” are terrorizing Molec’s government, assassinating random officials and destroying government properties. Their leader, the Shadow, plans an assault on the Palace the day Count Dooku’s droids come to collect the profits from the slave trade. The day arrives and the Shadow rallies his group. As the streets empty out in the evening, Dooku’s henchmen arrive into the throne room. As Atai Molec orders the profits brought out, the Cloaks strike.
    Key Quote (The Shadow): "Let him sit upon the throne of Zygerria, the traitor, let him breathe in the fires we set across the city, let his wine stream down his chin like the blood of the Queen's. Tonight the puppet of Tyranus falls."

    Odmadova's Gamble: The news of the Zygerrian Palace’s destruction reaches Captain Ahkmaya Nikita Odmadova of the Republic. Hearing the news of the Zygerrian capital in turmoil, she decides to launch a strike at the planet, forever crippling its slave trade and the Separatist profits. Separatist commander Mar Tuuk’s surprised at Odmadov’s gamble but he ferociously fights back. A fierce space battle ensues. He goes down with his ship and Odmadova prepares for ground landing.
    Key Quote (Captain Ahkmaya Nikita Odmadova): "I don't enjoy battles. I relish them. To see traitor men die of the shock that a female defeated them, there's nothing, nothing, that gives me more satisfaction."

    Curtains of Zygerria: The Republic troops land in Zyrigav, battling the droids throughout the market streets. The main droid casern begins to release more and more droids as the clones near it. The Cloaks fight the droids as well as the clones, trying to capitalize on the fight. The location of the main garrison is revealed to the commanding officers and Odmadov tacitly decides to bomb it. Another officer protests, citing that the destruction of the main garrison would destroy parts of the capital as well. Odmadov replies coldly: “They are slavers and it is the job of the Republic to deliver justice.” The clone officer says to himself: “We are slaves as well”, remembering the news of Umbara. The bombers lift off and the casern explodes. The surrounding parts of the city are decimated as well as the force of the explosion begins to crumble the plateau. Screams ring throughout the air as half of the city disappears into smoke. The fleeting shot is of the Shadow scowling, scratching his hands angrily at the edge of the plateau.
    Key Quote (Captain Ahkmaya Nikita Odmadova): "They are slavers and it is the job of the Republic to deliver justice."

    The Genocide of Ukio: I always wanted a follow-up to Umbara and I thought it would be neat to mix that in with the Republic fighting to restore full power to a shady character because of the resources his/her planet offers. The same shady ruler uses the war as a backdrop to commit genocide and when the truth is unveiled, will Rex follow orders or will the memories of Krell force him to do what is right? And how will the Jedi react? Will they quietly accept Rex's actions and arrest the war criminals or will they bend their morality even more? QuangoFett

    Parach's Paradox: The planet of Ukio has been divided into a civil war. The anti-CIS government led by Prag Sukova has been on a propaganda war, depicting mock horrors of the misery of being occupied by the droids. Droids shooting innocent civilians stamps the war for Sukova and he decides to ask the Republic for help if the pro-CIS government led by Myaz Parach does not agree to come to terms. Staging a bombing of his own capital, Sukova implores the Republic to help. Eager to gain control of Ukio’s vast food production, the Republic quickly agrees. The news of the Republic’s impending involvement reaches Parach. Infuriated, he decides to send out his own troops, unaware of the deeper plot being hatched by Sukova. As Parach moves out of the palace, his guards turn towards him and blast him out of the windows.
    Key Quote (Myaz Parach): "Is it a crime to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems? Is it a crime to wish the best for your people, to wish that they are not ruled by corporations? If it is, then I am glad to be branded a criminal."

    The Enyaks' Predator: Sukova addresses the population under the CIS-controlled area, telling them loudly that unless they move out of the area towards the Republic-aligned areas, they will be annihilated. Sukova privately addresses the CIS populace as enyaks, the native beasts of Ukio, wild but easily subjugated. He looks down upon them, accusing them of “eating the scraps thrown out by Count Dooku instead of standing up to him”. Meanwhile, the Republic lands the 501stBattalion, commanded by Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano. A fierce battle begins between the clones and the droids. As the battle occurs in the Nightlands, the true intent of Sukova is revealed. The guards that murdered Parach signal their accomplishes around the CIS-area capital of Sashasa, dragging civilians out towards the camps that Parach had built much earlier as refugee camps. Screams fill the air.
    Key Quote (Prag Sukova): "They betrayed Ukio. They did not fight for the Republic, they were out there, eating the scraps thrown out by Count Dooku instead of standing up to him. And I have no remorse, none at all, at provoking war against the enyaks. They're wild, easily subjugated, if they were worthy, we wouldn't be at war in the first place. They are inferior, and they will always remain so."

    Nightlands of Ukio: Hailfire droids roll through the Nightlands from Sashasa, decimating Republic forces. The 212th Battalion under General Kenobi lands near Sashasa, their goal to cut the capital defenses. The genocide goes underway in the Sashasa camps under Sukova’s direction. Captain Rex and ARC Trooper Fives devise a plan to get behind the Sashasa walls. The walls of the city are too heavily fortified and the two decide to use the sewers. Ahsoka gets heavily injured and the battle’s weight falls upon Barriss, who must overcome her fear and learn to believe in her command. Meanwhile Rex and Fives are through the sewers and they stealthily sneak into a droid tower. A battle droid blows up the panel Rex and Fives had intended to use to destroy the tower – they have to improvise. Rex and Fives try to repair the panel but to no avail. Fives then has an idea; he shoots a grappling hook onto a nearby tower. He takes a look at a droid jetpack and yells at Rex to jump onto the hook line. Rex protests but Fives yells at him and Rex reluctantly agrees. Fives shoots the jetpack after he climbs onto the hook line. A bombastic explosion erupts behind them as Rex shoots the droids on the next tower down. A droid shoots Fives’ leg but before the droid could shoot again, Rex shoots him down.
    Key Quote (Barriss Offee): "Ahsoka, we destroyed the foundry on Geonosis. We can do this."

    An Indigo Flame: Barriss’s battle plans with General Kenobi against the hailfires work well as Ahsoka recovers – the Hailfire droids were destroyed, albeit at a great cost to the Republic. However, the gates of Sashasa open just as the tower is destroyed and a swarm of droids come out. Fives and Rex in the tower find a record of camps at the edge of the city and decide to investigate. They find the vestiges of a concentration camp in their midst, skeletons lying throughout the abandoned camp. As Barriss continues to fight, Rex and Fives walk through the wreckage, the sights of the intricate camp come into view. Boil comes running; “General Kenobi...” he pants as Captain Rex contacts Sukova to inform him about the camp, but Sukova informs them that it was his camp all along. As Sukova talks, a pounding hears. Rex and Fives find survivors who hadn’t been reduced to bones yet. Sukova orders them to kill the survivors, explaining that the war was a cover to reduce the specific population known as the Ukian Galovites. “They don’t accept the Gods of Ukia,” he explains, “they are not us, they are not equal to us. The only way to remove these heathens was to cover it in a war. They are wretched, subservient to us, for they follow the evil. Now soldiers, kill them.” Rex looks upon the faces of the captives. Boil sees a small girl clutching the door, her big eyes reminding him of when he and Waxer had comforted Numa on Ryloth. “Sukova wants them killed, it’s genocide...” Fives explains. Boil removes his helmet, motioning for the girl to come forward. She touches his face as Rex and Fives watch. “Waxer,” Boil says quietly and he looks up at his fellow clones. “Once I listened, and my brothers fell at the hands of their own. I can’t do that again. I cannot see another Waxer lying underneath the clouds. I can’t bear another pair of eyes asking me ‘Why?’ I can’t.” Rex says in finale, tears forming at his eyes. He closes his hologram device and begins to evacuate the camps. Night falls as the camp’s empty echoes sound. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Rex says quietly, looking at the starry indigo sky of Ukio. “Torch it,” he says and he begins to walk away as clones begin to burn the camps down. He takes one look back with Fives and Boil, watching the eerie indigo sky alight with crimson fires. The same fires reaches the eyes of Sukova, who watches in horrors as General Kenobi, Barriss, and Ahsoka arrive to arrest him and his compatriots for war crimes.
    Key Quote (Captain Rex): "Once I listened, and my brothers fell at the hands of their own. I can't do that again. I cannot see another Waxer lying underneath the clouds. I can't bear another pair of eyes asking me 'Why?' I can't."

    The Shifters of Stennaros: I've been quite fascinated with these Force-users who were nearly exterminated by the Jedi in the Old Republic era. The native Stennes are hunting them down at random intervals and I wanted to see what their position in the Clone Wars would be like, how their customs have changed, etc. A Mace vs. Dooku duel is added and a bit of character development for both. Barriss_Coffee

    Shifters: On the planet of Stennaros, there lies a population of Force-Sensitives known as the Stennes Shifters. They cloud themselves under the cloak of the Dark Side so as to keep the Jedi’s influence away. A new Force-Sensitive is discovered in a Stennes village. The news travels to the Shifters, who decide to kidnap the child before the child is murdered by the native Stennes as per tradition. As night falls in the walled city of Viras, a trio of Shifters (Syçmera, Azsov, and Yina) plots their intrusion. The one thing they want to mind is not to cause destruction, that would only affirm the fears of the native Stennes that the Shifters were an unpredictable and dangerous sect that must be eradicated. They jump effortlessly over the walls, no alarms sounding. They Force run through the snow, looking for the right house. Azsov senses the right house and Force jumps in. He sees a small child lying tied in the room, seemingly unconscious. There are red markings all around the walls, spells used by the Stennes priests. Aszov snaps the binds, disgusted. The binds snap but the door opens to Stennes priests. “You don’t hunt us because we are a threat,” Azsov retorts, “you hunt us because you fear us. You have chosen to cloak your ignorance and bigotry in fake righteousness.” The priests try to attack the child and the Shifters with whips, but they fall flat against the use of the Force. But as they get ready to jump out the window, the priests commit suicide, yelling “Shifters” as they die. The three Shifters escape with the child, looking back at the city once with fear.
    Key Quote (Azsov): "You don't hunt us because we are a threat, you hunt us because you fear us. You have chosen to cloak your ignorance and bigotry in fake righteousness."

    An Unexpected Invasion: Rumors have spread to the Jedi that the Stennes Shifters are rising an army to overthrow the native Stennes. At the Jedi Council meeting, a debate heats up about the Shifters. “They are a population, hunted down by the natives for no reason. We should not be furthering this practice, we should rather be bringing the Stennes to justice for these attacks!” Master Aayla Secura says, her voice strong. Jedi Master Windu disagrees. “We are not talking about furthering genocide, Master Secura, we only wish to confirm rumors, and if the rumors are true, then we negotiate.” Aayla is disgruntled, and meanwhile Count Dooku has landed on Stennaros, offering the Shifters’ leaders to join with the Sith, as the Jedi were going to attack them. Azsov refuses, saying that if the Jedi attack, then and only then would he consider an alliance. The news of Count Dooku landing on Stennaros is confirmed and Master Windu decides to lead an invasion of the planet. A ritual begins to adopt the child into the Shifters. Healing herbs are poured over the child to ease his burns and injuries as a steam is produced to ease the pressure on his lungs and throat. A Shifter healer leads a chant of light and dark as the child falls asleep. As his troops land, the Shifters attack, using their speed to viciously attack the clones. Count Dooku arrives at the scene and Master Windu ignites his lightsaber.
    Key Quote (Jedi Master Aayla Secura): "They are a population hunted down by the natives for no reason. We should not be furthering this practice, we should rather be bringing the Stennes to justice for these attacks."

    Falling Dusk: The duel between Windu and Dooku begins. The native Stennes arrive to aid the clones, cherishing this opportunity. “The Republic will help us!” they cheer and scream. The native Stennes use everything in their power, from guns to bombs, but the Shifters keep on pressing their attack, undaunted. The duel between Mace and Dooku gets darker and darker as Master Windu is pushed ever closer to the fragile boundary between the light and dark side. As the native Stennes fall back, Yina whispers “We embraced the shadow of the Dark Side so out children wouldn’t be taken from us to the Jedi Temple. We didn’t know that we had embraced war instead.” Azsov shook his head, “The Jedi betrayed their own principles long ago, but they have aided our enemy in their genocide. They may not see it, but that is the truth.” The Shifters press their attack and the native Stennes make a full retreat. “Use your anger, Master Windu,” Count Dooku taunts, “you can get rid of me and bring the Clone Wars so much closer to its end”. Mace growls and presses the attack, but Dooku tricks him and escapes in his Solar Sailer. Windu closes his eyes in anger and frustration. He recalls the few Republic troops left through a hologram so that the Shifters can see the message as well. Mace stares out into the forest, sighing and breathing deeply. He inhales the air and an expression of shame overcomes him.
    Key Quote (Yina): "We embraced the shadow of the Dark Side so our children wouldn't be taken from us to the Jedi Temple. We didn't know that we had embraced war instead."

    The Battle of Pammant: Just a good old-fashioned Star Wars battle, centered around a massive shipyard controlled by Tikkes and funded by the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Throw in some Shadow Troopers as well, why not? Dan_Grievous_Tikkes_Fan

    Shipyards of Pammant: Investigating Senator Tikkes stands in front of an exiled Quarren Council, unveiling the new shipyards being built from the waters of Pammant to space and promising an attack of revenge against the Republic on Mon Cala. Generals Kenobi, Skywalker, Unduli, and Mundi convene to discuss this troubling development.General Mundi suggests the use of shadow troopers to infiltrate the central Quarren ship. General Kenobi suggests risky, but Luminara points out deftly that doing anything about the shipyards was risky to an extent. The shadow troopers are given cosmetic plates to filter them through sensors and to alter their appearances. Landing in the hangar of the Quarren ship, the shock troopers, using Muun cosmetic plates, present themselves as agents of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Tikkes welcomes them inside, suspicious, even though he doesn’t know why. The troopers use their omni-directional jammers to shut down Tikkes’ comlink. Tikkes explains the role of the shipyards, too construct a powerful army to retake Mon Calamari for the Quarren. When Tikkes retires, the troopers contact the Republic to inform them of the shipyards’ true purpose. General Shaak Ti instructs them to lower the defenses to make the station vulnerable to the oncoming Republic assault. The troopers begin their mission of sabotaging the shipyards and lower their defenses. They are successful in turning the shields off by using Quarren plates to alter their appearance. However, as they celebrate the success of their first mission, a sudden blast within the carbonite walls consumes them. Behind the smoke came Tikkes’ voice: “The Republic is coming. Prepare the blockade.”
    Key Quote (Senator Tikkes): "The Republic is coming. Prepare the blockade."

    Tikkes' Combatants: The Republic begins the space attack under the command of General Shaak Ti and Eekar Oki. CIS Commander Milaiyr Zavark is placed in charge of defending the blockade that protects the central Quarren ship and the shipyards behind it. Zavark had been studying Jedi tactics and Republic maneuvers around other Separatist blockades. He predicts their every move correctly. He decides to draw out the fighters, believing that the Jedi had fallen into a trap. Tikkes tells him no – he was not going to risk his prized Quarren fighters because of Zavark’s over-confidence. Zavark fights back, pointing out the weakened Republic force as proof of his tactics working. Tikkes still protests but Zavark overrides him and sends out the fighters anyway, lying about Tikkes’ approval. The Quarren fighters launch and battle fiercely with the Republic space forces, but Republic reinforcements arrive behind the CIS blockade and join the battle. Tikkes and Zavark are astounded – they had jammed the Republic communications long ago. Unknown to them, a Republic spy had infiltrated the central blockade ship and sent the signal to the Republic forces. He contacts General Ti’s ship, asking her if he was expendable and if anyone is coming for him. General Ti tells him he is not expendable and promises to send someone to the ship to rescue him, but before she could complete her promise, he is gunned down by the droids. The blockade is successfully broken.
    Key Quote (Jedi Master Shaak Ti): "You are not expendable. You are a living being, a part of the Force, how can I throw you away? I promise, someone is coming. I - "

    Fire at the Docks: The blockade broken, the central Quarren ship becomes the main target. On the surface below, the massive central shipyards are like a sprawling Senate complex, vast tunnels shooting out like rays from the sun. News of the Republic successfully breaking the blockade reaches the slaves working at the shipyards. A group collects at the end of the mess hall, cherishing the idea of the Republic coming to save them. One of them points out that the Republic’s main function is only to destroy the facility, not to save their lives. The smallest one in the group suggests that they begin a revolt, gather the slaves together and create a ruckus that would reach the Republic. They agree and the next day they pass the message on to the other slaves. As the sun begins to set, the revolt begins. The armory is blasted apart and armed slaves begin destroying the internal systems of the shipyards. Meanwhile the central Quarren ship is under assault from Generals Oki, Ti, Tiin, and Unduli. Zavark takes a Quarren speeder for himself, seething at the death of the blockade and wishing to take on the Jedi himself. As irony would have it, his reckless pursuit of the Jedi lands himself in the pathway of a Republic Venator cruiser and his ship shatters in the darkness of space. The revolt continues on the surface below. With a thundering roar, the slaves set fire to the docks throughout the shipyards. In space, the central Quarren ship is destroyed and the Republic fighters get ready for their descent to Pammant’s surface below.
    Key Quote (Milaiyr Zavark): "Like Jedi are going to stop me."

    Annihilation: Tikkes orders the CIS fighters on ground to go all-out on taking the Republic ships down. “Annihilate” he commands quietly, fury burning in his eyes as the dream of recapturing Mon Cala for the Quarren was slipping away, bit by bit. The Republic X-Wings dive in and begin to destroy the pipes. The full CIS ship artillery was brought out in force, Droid Starfighters, Gunships, and Tri-Fighters storm into the Republic forces along with the CIS Strike Bombers. Fierce dogfights ensue throughout the massive pipes.The Jedi storm the shipyards, fighting through vast numbers of droids to reach the central chambers. Most of the Republic fighters are decimated – Senator Tikkes nearly gets his wish – but the Republic emerges victorious. The Jedi arrest Tikkes for crimes against the Republic.
    Key Quote (Senator Tikkes): "Annihilate."

    Charge of Saleucami: I wanted Cut to return (after all, we got freakin' Clovis again out of all people...), and I created a set of circumstances that would force Cut to return to the battlefield, not to fight for the Republic, but to protect his family. I also wanted to portray the plight of how much refugees suffer in war and the sheer chaos and panic that ensues when refugees become targeted in battle. Oh, and Ki-Adi Mundi, Stass Allie, and Quinlan Vos are thrown in as well for good measure. Seerow

    Clandervna: The Republic has managed to capture the capital city of Saleucami, Clandervna. As the clones relish their victory, a scanner reports back with disturbing news, a Separatist freighter has been found. Two scouts are sent to survey the freighter. They hurriedly contact Commander Bacara with news of a very active droid army set to re-launch at any moment. The scouts looks up and see battle droids before they are shot down. Cut Luwquane is hurrying home with news of the droid re-launch. He tells them of the new attack launched and that the re-launch is coming from the southeast and their farm lies on the path. Sue makes a point that the droids’ path is not definite but Cut brings up another farmer who was moving his family to the capital for the refugee ships leaving the planet. “Sue, you and the kids, I can’t afford to lose you. The farm, we can do something else, anything else, on another quiet planet. But here, we will die and burn with the farm, Sue. I’m sorry, but we have to leave.” On the battlefront, the droids are launching massive spider walkers to destroy the Republic’s front lines. General Mundi leads the attack against the droids, pushing the few clones into the barrier of the city. Engineer clones fix the shields and as explosions ring around the city, the red shield shimmers against the night sky.
    Key Quote (Cut Luwquane): "Sue, you and the kids, I can't afford to lose you. The farm, we can do something else, anything else, on another quiet planet. But here, we will die and burn with the farm, Sue. I'm sorry, but we have to leave."

    Allie's Oasis: Jedi Master Stass Allie lands with her troops on Saleucami in a spectacular aerial sequence. An enemy ship comes close to her transport but she uses the Force to crash it into another CIS ship. After the fierce aerial battle, her forces land at the edge of the droid field and they begin battling their way through, led by General Allie and Commander Neyo. Cut is in line with his family to reach the refugee evacuation ports. The clones are scanning everyone before allowing them into the evacuation sites. As they scan the Luwquanes, they momentarily stop at Cut, but allow them to pass. As Cut joins the refugees, his eyes travel to the clones, swarms of guilt passing over him as he hears the clones reporting the number of casualties from the droids’ attack. On the battlefront, Master Allie has made a breakthrough through the droid siege alongside Master Mundi and now the Republic lies in wait of the droids’ next move.
    Key Quote (Commander Neyo): "I am a solider, and I follow orders."

    Charges of Vos: Jedi Master Quinlan Vos arrives to aid Master Allie’s efforts to destroy the siege. Allie seems to mistrust him but nevertheless puts her mistrust aside to focus on freeing Clandervna. The CIS targets the refugee camps and the intel of the impending attack reaches the Republic as the three Jedi are battling outside the city. Master Mundi takes the responsibility for the siege attack. Masters Allie and Vos run towards the refugee stations to ensure their safety. In order for them to do that, however, they needed to destroy the defoliator tanks lying in wait to destroy the refugee stations. Vos makes ambitious plans to take the defoliators out, but Allie slows him down. Meanwhile in the refugee stations, panic ensues as people try to push others out of the ways to get to the transports before the attack by the Separatists. Sheer panic and chaos take over the refugee camp as Cut and Sue struggle to go to the transports while keeping their family safe. As screams of the refugees increase in the air, blasts sound louder and louder in the air and Cut glances at the skies, Sue glancing at him with sorrow. Masters Allie and Vos meanwhile infiltrate the main compound, but as they reach the central computer system, they are discovered by the droids. Quinlan distracts the droid as Allie sets the system to self-destruct. Quinlan yells at Allie to make her escape and she jumps through the window. She looks back up with a worried expression and jumps as Quinlan lands right beside her. They give each other a little nod with a hint of a smile and run off as the compound begins to blast behind them. Their comlink informs them that the 501st has joined the mission under General Skywalker.
    Key Quote (Jedi Master Stass Allie): "We are together in this fight for the Republic, but it is hard to completely trust you, Master Vos."

    A Haunting Caldera: Cut glances ahead at the transports. The last batch has left and there was a wait for the next batch to arrive. “You feel guilty,” Sue said quietly, sorrow filling her eyes. Suddenly an airstrike hits the refugee stations located at the area known as the Caldera, destroying the landing pads for the refugee ships. Screaming, Sue scrambles up, and to her relief Cut and the children are safe. Cut then leaves for the battlefield, promising his children and Sue that he will protect them at all costs. “Your father is not a coward, and he’s not a hero. You are my children, and I will do whatever I can to protect you. Anything” he says and he leaves to fight alongside the clones. Anakin takes command of the skies, but leaves Captain Rex to head off the operations at the refugee camps. There he meets Cut getting ready for battle. “My family,” he explains to Rex and the captain nods his head in understanding. Rex’s comlink beeps and a hologram of Anakin tells him to sabotage the secret Separatist communications array, which would make it much, much harder for the CIS to coordinate attacks on Caldera. Rex and Cut infiltrate the array building without disturbance. Suddenly battle droids swarm but Rex and Cut manage to destroy the array with bombs. “We did it,” they breathed and the sound of a massive explosion followed. There was a terrible silence and mass screams ensued. “Caldera,” Cut breathed. When they arrive, they find a scene of devastation awaiting them. Refugees lay scattered as the remains of the refugee ships crackled loudly, aflame. Suddenly human colonists allied with the Separatists begin firing as the battle droids smash through Caldera’s walls. Sue runs with the family, Cut and Rex fighting together to provide cover for the fleeing refuges. Sue stop for Cut but as soon as she turns around, a battle droid shoots Cut in the leg. Sue screams out, but Cut yells at her to run. He gets back up again, his eyes wincing as pain as he continues to fight. The battle droids shoot again and Cut’s leg begins bleeding. Republic troops begin attacking the other side under Generals Allie and Vos. Commando droids spring towards Rex and Cut but as they’re shot down, one leaps and strikes Cut. Cut falls, taking the commando droid with him as he falls to the ground. Rex yells “CUT!!!!!!!!!!”. He runs over to Cut. “You’re going to be fine, I swear, you’re going to be fine. I’ll get a medic.” Cut shakes his head slowly, his breathing becoming more and more ragged. “I’m not a coward,” he breathed. “Tell my family I wasn’t a coward.” He breathes his last, his empty eyes staring at the darkened, flaming sky above they could not see.
    Key Quotes (Sue Luwquane/Cut Luwquane): "You feel guilty."/"My family."

    The Republic Prison: Brings the Zygerrian arc and the Stennaros arc together as a task force of Jedi are forced to defend against Acolytes whose task is to free the CIS Council. Vhar Tampird, Eekar Oki, Shaak Ti, Aayla Secura, Ilać Musavakh, Plo Koon, Luminara Unduli, and Bi'yuk Cieh Xzinyuv versus 7 Dark Acolytes.

    The Devious Encloaked: Captain Xamivuy Mayeur’s police are torturing Separatist leaders in the secret levels of the Capitol prison. Pu Nudo after waterboarding agrees to give information on Republic Senators conspiring with the CIS, but he plans to give them wrong information. The police bring Pu Nudo before the Senate, appearing before the Galactic Republic in chains through a hologram to give names of current Republic senators who were conspiring with Aqualish leaders to feed Republic plans to the CIS. As Pu Nudo begins to speak, the hologram begins to splinter. Jedi Master Bi’yuk Cieh Xzinyuv arrives and just as he enters, with shock Captain Mayeur looks out the gleaming clouds outside of the Capital to see Separatist fighters flying through the clouds. His shock turns into a fierce scowl.Republic fighters take to the atmosphere as Captain Mayeur activates the ray shield around the Capitol. The Separatist fighters are decimated but as soon as the Republic dogfighters cheer in victory, Separatist dreadnaughts appear and unleash a torrent of fighters on them.
    Key Quote (Captain Xamivuy Mayeur): "The Jedi doesn't agree with torture, but I am not a Jedi, a pacifist wielding his lightsaber. I want to win the war."

    Jail Break: Chaos ensues within the prison itself as the inmates began to get rowdy. The Republic fighters continue to engage desperately under the command of Master Xzinyuv down in the prison. Captain Mayeur argues with Master Xzinyuv about the treatment of the prisoners. Out in space Jedi Masters Eekar Oki, Vhar Tampird, and Saessee Tiin lead the space assault as a Republic guard manages to sabotage the shield system enough to the point where the north wall’s shield is lifted. Master Xzinyuv begins to meditate and foresees a greater danger beyond the CIS. A guard within the prison manages to sabotage part of the shield before being gunned down. Boarding ships crash through the northern wall. Droids are unleashed and the top cells with the Separatist Council are released.
    Key Quote (Jedi Master Bi'yuk Cieh Xzinyuv): "You say torture wins wars and defeats monsters. Can you ever torture yourself?"

    Celegian Sabotage: A taskforce of Jedi arrive but the shields around the prison are completely compromised. Changing their plans, they board the Separatist dreadnaughts, determined to impede further destruction of the prison. Master Plo Koon and his new Padawan Ilaç Musavakh land in the prison to help Master Xzinyuv fight the droids in the prison. Ilaç has a difficult time balancing his fear and will to fight, demonstrated by him not being able to completely finish off the super battle droids. The Jedi manage to destroy the Separatist dreadnaughts and make their way towards the prison. Master Xzinyuv infiltrates the boarding ship meant to rescue the CIS Council and destroys it. The ship’s destruction reveals a bigger threat, however, a tall ship comes out of nowhere, blasting the northern face of the prison to bits. It uses its extended hooks to dock, revealing a long, dark tunnel. “Surprise,” says a quiet voice as seven red lightsabers light up the darkness.
    Key Quote (Jedi Master Plo Koon): "You must learn balance, Padawan. The light and the dark are insperabale from one another. Never wield your blade for more power, that is not the Jedi way."

    Acolytes Assault: The Acolytes attack, among them the Shadow and two Shifters of Stennaros. The Jedi are immediately put on the offensive as a mass, chaotic fight ensues between the fifteen combatants, their weapons not just lightsabers, but the Force as well. formidable with lightsabers, the acolytes were nevertheless at a disadvantage when it came to their knowledge of the Force, which the Jedi manipulated greatly. Chameleon droids with the acolytes take advantage of the chaos and carry out the council prisoners into the ship through a secret entrance. The female Shifter (Syçmera) engages Master Tampird and Padawan Musavakh. She dispatches Tampird and proceeds to dispatch Musavakh, who fights back with more and more strength, recalling Master Plo’s words of balance. He falls. The Shadow engages Master Eekar Oki and Aayla Secura. Sensing Aayla too powerful to defeat, the Shadow strikes down Eekar and then escapes. The male Shifter duels Master Xzinyuv and Plo but as the combatant next to him falls at the hands of Aayla and Shaak Ti, Xzinyuv dispatches him, the Shifter’s double-blade lightsaber becoming his weakness instead of his strength. The beeping of their comlink signals them to escape into the ship. The surviving acolytes run and begin to pilot the ship, but the Jedi Masters use the Force collectively to bring the ship back. Realizing what was happening, the acolytes quickly drag the council leaders into the escape pod on the side of the ship, setting off the self-destruct on the ship as they make their escape. The episode and season with the Jedi rushing to pursue and regain their prisoners.
    Key Quote (Syçmera): "The Jedi are losing control Padawan, you just don't see it. When your Master spoke of balance, did he not see how fast the Dark Side is rising? How fast we shall take control of the galaxy and exterminate the hypocrisy of the Jedi? How unfortunate."
  15. Dan_Grievous_Tikkes_Fan

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    Sep 3, 2012

    You sure do know what a TIKKES-fan like myself would love to see... sooooooooooo much Tikkes-y goodness!
    I hope that such an arc with Tikkes does exist, cause your writings put such a big smile on my face. Such an arc must happen!

    All hail TIKKES, Tikkes forever!

    PS: such an arc could also introduce us to the creation of Grievous's personal ship... The Invisible Hand! ;)

  16. AkashKedavra_93

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    Jan 8, 2011
  17. Seerow

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Wow AkashKedavra_93, that must have taken forever to write. I wish I had your attention span and skills. Honestly, I wish the TCW writers had them. You should be on the team with Michnovetz and Friedman.

    I loved the Slaver arc as well. I really hadn't thought much about the aftermath of that on for Zygerria, likely because I was satisfied with it. The idea that without Queen Miraj causing the state to fall apart causing rioting in the street and then basically a republic insurrection to try and cripple the slave trade once and for all. That's wonderfully dark. Really a Republic insurrection to try and stabilize the Zygerria, a separatist planet is awesome another awesome idea. I see paralleled with Team Republic World Police but I'll stear clear. Why does Nikita sounds familiar? She sounds like the strong female character. I would like it better if she did throw it out there that a female defeated some males but she is still pretty awesome. I love it.

    Oh, I love the idea of somebody actually overblowing the droid army as a reign of terror when they are not. The droids seemed pretty harsh on the world Mina Bonteri was on in HOBS but they weren't exactly shooting each other and the planet still looks anything but third world. Sukova seems like the kind of real bastard TCW needs to be pro-republic basically using the republic to get what he wants regardless of consiquences to the population. I like that, a character who is a bastard driven by fear. Get em Rex and Fives.

    I wonder if TCW could really depict a brutal genecide like this, particularly one of religous origin. Child shot in the head off screen. I guess we recently saw skeletons for the first time in Void. I hate to admit if but I actuall teared up reading Indigo Flame. OMG, bro. Boil and Rex. (;.; ) I am trying to imagine Rex admiring a starry sky however. Cool idea to have a planet with an aurora or perhaps that is in a nebula or in the energy jets of certain kinds of stars.

    Expansions of the mythos with new factions of force sensative sounds cool. Cool duel!

    X-Wings? Cool! Following up and fixing the Mon Cala arc is cool. More space battles would be awesome.

    Defoliators! Oh no! I'm torn on if I want to see Cut again. I kinda think it cheapens "The Deserter" if he isn't a one shot but on the otherhand, I'd like to catch up again and find out what happens to him. If he didn't leave after "The Deserter" the war will catch up with him. When I think of Cut I think of 'awesome dad' rather than soldier and he should be all about keeping his family safe then if he has to laying is life down for him. That's what makes him a 'good soldier' to Rex. He's got alot of stuff to actual atone for and I like how you tackled both Akash. I imagine this guy going out was one of those heroes who keeps gettig back up even when brutally injured until finally his family is safe. Its only then that he'll die. Okay I need a hug now. ;.;

    Awesome tie together Akash. It would be really cool to follow a regular old police man into a prison riot at a prison. It would be really cool to hear meet some folks who are just more or less regular Joes. See how they relate to Jedi and some of the more fantastic characters. Still loving the use of characters who can actually give the Jedi trouble.

    Once again awesome job Akash! -fist bump- Sorry some of this replay is kinda meh. A little of this went more over my head. That's on me not you.
  18. Dan_Grievous_Tikkes_Fan

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    Sep 3, 2012

    Such a story would be awesome in TCW! :D

    I mean when Filoni said that CIS leaders are tricky to do, this is how you do a story with or about a CIS villain.

    I can already see this as an episode. Tikkes: Undercover
  19. Seerow

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    Jun 7, 2011
    Lol, that news feed is hilarious. That's how the news reels should be done. xD
  20. Dark Lord Tarkas

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    Apr 29, 2011
    AkashKedavra_93 Kudos for having the dedication to write all that! Some thoughts:

    The Shadow of Zyrigav:
    - nice play on words considering the Shadow is a character
    - I like the nickname the Shadow, it has a very old school serialized pulp feel
    - good quote, if I had my way he's usually be referred to as Darth Tyranus and only rarely as Count Dooku as opposed to the opposite

    Odmadova's Gamble:
    - good idea having a female commander in the Republic
    - an episode that's mostly space battles would be great, haven't gotten that since S1 really

    Curtains of Zygerria:
    - seems like it would make the audience question whether the Republic is the "good guys" or "bad guys" which I think is a great idea
    - good ambiguous ending for the Shadow

    Parach's Paradox:
    - the Republic so quickly agreeing to something so morally shady for its own gain is a really interesting idea to explore
    - Sukova's propaganda war is another interesting idea

    The Enyaks' Predator:
    - Sukova is an intriguing extremist
    - not a fan of two Padawans being put in charge of the 501st
    - sounds like a very chilling ending

    Nightlands of Ukio:
    - Sukova loses all ambiguity and starts to feel like the first real Republic-supporting "bad guy"
    - sewer scenes feel reminiscent of the micro series
    - the Fives/Rex stuff at the end sounds really exciting

    An Indigo Flame:
    - wow, didn't see that coming from Sukova - he wasn't really a blind anti-CIS fanatic but a blind religious bigot using the war as an excuse - great twist
    - very cool scene where memories from Ryloth and Umbara come into play and the clones refuse to commit genocide

    Remarks on the other episodes to come.
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  21. AkashKedavra_93

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    Jan 8, 2011
    Previous ideas, trying to resurrect this thread...

    The Kalee Quintilogy:
    1. Bitthævrian Attack: Qualaas Kiwsi Lara is the chief of the Bitthævrian people on Kalee. A band of his scouts come back with three Bitthævrian warriors dead at hands of the Kaleesh. A seething Qualaas decides to attack the Kaleesh. Near the Jungle of Banthime a fierce battle ensues and the Kaleesh force their enemies to retreat deep into the jungle. Qualaas takes another look at the situation and decides to approach the native enemies of the Kaleesh: the Huks. Qualaas arrives at Bankesmi, the capital of the Huks, who have slowly recovered from the near decimation at the hands of the Kaleesh in the earlier war at the hands of the non-cyborg Grievous. The Huk leader, Si Tansouv, readily agrees, eager to avenge his near annihilation.
    2. On the Edge of Kalee: Si Tansouv contacts the Republic with Mace Windu, speaking of the Battle of Banthime and making it sound as if the Kaleesh were on the move. Mace, wary, nevertheless talks with the Council and they agree to go and defend the Huks and the Bitthævrian against extinction. Mace Windu, Saessee Tiin, and Luminara Unduli are dispatched by the Council to go settle the dispute. The Kaleesh under Qaileev Jauen Magaous meanwhile contact the Separatists and Count Dooku and General Grievous leave for the war torn planet. Both fleets collide above the planet and a fierce space battle ensues. Saessee Tiin takes command of the space forces and Luminara and Mace travel to the surface below.
    3. The Firing Huks: Having no choice but to fight, the Jedi lead the clones towards the towards the Kaleesh capital of Kaleela, fighting the droid army as quickly as they can, trying to make sure that the war stays between the clones and the droids and not the natives. The Huks however use their own weapons and begin firing upon the outlying Kaleesh villages. The Bitthævrian choose to attack with the Huks.
    4. Sacrilege of Abesmi: The war continues to rage down on the surface below. The Huks charge into the battlefield, leading the Kaleesh towards Abesmi, a scared temple site. The Bitthævrian charge from the other side, trapping a horde of Kaleesh warriors on the temple site. They are massacred after a brutal and lengthy fight and then the Huks and the Bitthævrian turn on one another.
    5. Kunbal Offensive: The Kunbal jungle is overrun with carnage as the three sides began to fight. Count Dooku engages Mace Windu as Luminara Unduli engages General Grievous. As Count Dooku fights Master Windu along the jungle’s outlines, Master Unduli duels Grievous and during the duel her lightsaber maneuvers nearly decimate Grievous. Master Unduli cuts Grievous’ limbs but her attack causes him to fall off a jungle cliff. He is found by a group of Kaleesh warriors. Count Dooku escapes from Master Windu and the Jedi retreat into space, leaving behind a burning war.
    The Corellia Duology:
    1. A Smuggler on Corellia: A smuggler named Miya Zakhami is working around the shipyards orbiting the planet of Corellia. She picks up an assignment to smuggle firearms cargo to Jabiim and travels down to the underworld of Corellia to grab her cargo. There instead she finds a mysterious figure who hands her the most dangerous assignment she could have received: murdering the Chancellor, who was going to arrive at Bela Vistal for a Republic conference hosted by the Corellian government. She sets off from the capital.
    2. Smoke on Bela Vistal: On Bela Vistal, Miya is following all of the steps she was given by the figure and she feeds him Paplatine’s activities. She sees him sending a transmission to Count Dooku and immediately sends a message to her benefactor, who is none other than Jedi Master Eeth Koth. He had a suspicion that Palpatine was the Sith Lord and before he could send a transmission to the Jedi Council, he finds himself facing Darth Sidious, lightsaber in hand.
    The Republic Goes Rogue Quadrilogy:
    1. Acclamator Sabotage: The CIS strikes back! The pivotally positioned world of Haui’Mayugthaur was won over by the Republic in one of the bitterest fought campaigns of the war. Jedi Master Sayeinau Akoiya led her personal militia and the clones to a hard-fought victory for the Republic despite her mistrust of Jango Fett’s DNA. But now Mar Tuuk leads a massive Separatist offensive helped by a CIS mole in the Republic’s ship.
    2. Tarkin Rising: Captain Tarkin lands on the glacial city of Thaurmayue, the capital of Haui’Mayugthaur. Immediately he clashes with Master Akoiya, but as she leads an attack on the southern slopes of the city, Tarkin puts his own plans for the planet’s defense into action. Meanwhile Master Akoiya and her personal militia obliterated the CIS land forces that lay north of the equatorial zone.
    3. Nightmares of Haui'Mayugthaur: The Karkarodon Commander Iqov Sanomt is leading the CIS forces. They have managed to secure most of the southern hemisphere, battling fiercely and destroying the Republic tanks. The reports of this have reached Captain Tarkin and he immediately decides to release a deadly bioweapon in the form of toxic incinerator bombs on the unsuspecting Separatist forces, despite the fact that the cities in the CIS path would be destroyed as well – the chief reason Master Akoiya was not willing to use them yet. The Republic bombers take off from the capital Thaurmayue, unaware that Master Akoiya’s forces are reaching the equatorial zone.
    4. Phantoms of Akoiya: The bombers unleash their fury upon the southern zone, burning cities and millions of people in their path. The once lush boreal forest…all the flora and fauna die in quick succession. Master Akoiya reaches the equatorial city of Ba’Neis’Me. Scouts run up to her and inform her of the nearby city of Glamusgix being wiped off the planet by Republic bombers. Master Akoiya orders the scout to take her to the city. She sees the charred remains of what once was a magnificent city lying burnt, its surrounding lands a charred wasteland. Master Akoiya then recalls the words of Count Dooku, who told her of the Republic’s corruption. She immediately contacts Tarkin, but then she sees him executing Sanomt in cold blood, despite his pleas. Master Akoiya meditates amidst the wasteland and makes a major decision: she could not support the Republic anymore.
    The CIS Purge Quadrilogy:
    1. Upasene: Ikotechri is a planet torn by warfare, both sides fighting over its massive fuel reserves. A Republic strike has left the outskirts of the city of Upasene in shambles, filling up the refugee camps set outside. Shiri Kushi, Senator Kerch Kushi’s wife, leads a CIS medical humanitarian delegation to Ikotechri from Raxus. She meets Senator Riyo Chuchi from the Republic and the two set aside their differences to work getting the Ikotechri medical attention.
    2. The Rivers of Ikotechri: The CIS leads a missile strike region into the Upasene region, hitting the refugee camps. Shiri Kushi dies and her last words to Riyo Chuchi are: “Peace will arrive, but make sure the peace lasts, Senator.” Riyo is struck as these are the same words that Obi-Wan had uttered to her over a year before on Orto Plutonia. She realizes more than ever before that there are good and evil people on both sides of the war and she promises to pursue peace no matter what.
    3. Kerch's Charge: On Raxus Senator Kerch Kushi finds out about the strikes and as his wife lay dying he receives a message about her death and her last wish from Senator Chuchi. That added onto the grief on his chest since Mina Bonteri’s death and Kerch decides right then and there to make his wife’s last wish true. After a rousing speech by Count Dooku to the people of Raxus against the Republic, Senator Kushi meets with other Separatist Senators who voted for peace back when Senator Bonteri introduced the bill inHeroes on Both Sides. He goes before the Separatist Congress to deliver an impassioned speech and once again they pass a bill to extend peace negotiations with the Republic. This however, attracts the attention of a very worried Separatist Council…
    4. Raxus Watershed: The Separatist Council convenes on Serenno, worried about the vote. As the leaders squabble amongst themselves, Shu Mai makes a proposition: a purge. Count Dooku disagrees initially, but after Shu Mai presses, reminding him that this Parliament voted twice to stop the war, he relents. Darkness enshrouds Raxus as Dooku’s agents go around Raxus, murdering one senator after the other. The closing shot is of the Parliament building burning in the darkness.
    The Mygeeto Quadrilogy:
    1. Striking Mygeeto: The Republic makes the InterGalactic Banking Clan a key target of the war and strikes at one of their “Axis of Evil” planets: Mygeeto. Jedi Master Eekar Oki leads a strike team along with fellow Masters Aayla Secura and Shaak Ti to break the outer defenses of the planet and of the city of Iguesiou, where the heaviest garrison of the CIS lay.
    2. The Pawns of San: The governor of Iguesiou contacts San Hill fervently, worried that three Jedi were too much for his city to handle. San calms him down and subtly threatens him along with other governors: Mygeeto is too precious for the IGBC to lose. The Jedi blast through the Iguesiou defenses and meanwhile Jedi Masters Eekar Oki and Agen Kolar arrives with Republic air reinforcements, leading the space battle above.
    3. Iguesiou Bombardment: The city of Iguesiou falls under heavy artillery attack from aerial bombardment. The Jedi struggle to overcome the CIS attack but Master Ti breaks the droids defending the citadel tower overlooking the central plaza as Master Kcaj leads the ground assault and Master Secura leads the aerial assault. Admiral Yularen devises a tactic to destroy the CIS capital ships but Master Oki has infiltrated one of the capital ships. As the space battle nears an end and even Master Kolar is worried about their chances, Admiral Yularen decides that he cannot sacrifice any more of his capital ships.
    4. Fires of Yularen: Admiral Yularen decides to order fire on the CIS capital ships. Carnage rages across Mygeeto as the Jedi race to secure the key sector. The city of Iguesiou nears falling and the governor falls to the clones as the CIS capital ships began to fall one by one to Yularen’s brazen decision…
    The Ahsoka/Wolfpack Trilogy:
    1. Corvala Burning: Corvala, the capital of Shili, is under attack. Ahsoka, Jedi Master Plo Koon, Captain Rex and the 501st, and the Wolfpack all come to the city’s defense. The Togrutas fight back bravely against the slavers who had accompanied the Separatists, destroying the slavers’ transports in the process.
    2. The Heart of an Akul: Ahsoka and a young Togruta is taken by one of the slavers deep into the jungle. She fights the slaver off and takes his life, but at that point she is too lost to find her way back. She finds solace in the comfort of the natural prey of the Togruta: an Akul. With darkness closing around them, the two bond and in talks Ahsoka realizes that her family had died in the original CIS attack on Shili. Meanwhile as Master Plo and the Wolfpack fight, Captain Rex goes to search for her, despite an argument between him and Commander Wolffe of where clones’ priorities lie.
    3. Wolfpack Showdown: Ahsoka races out of the city, her companion in hot pursuit. They are discovered by Captain Rex. As they reach the city, they discover a secret CIS compound. She contacts Commander Wolffe but he has strong misgivings about attacking the compound directly without an authorization from Master Plo, who is fighting droids with the city’s militia defenders and clones. They ignore Commander Wolffe and begin their attack. Commander Wolffe, furious, races towards the compound’s coordinates and begins to face off with the Separatists. The compound is destroyed and as the trio walks off, Rex and Ahsoka talking quietly to each other, Wolffe looks angrily at their backs.
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  22. Dark Lord Tarkas

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    Continued thoughts on ideas by AkashKedavra_93:

    - more "third-party" Force-users, huzzah
    - sounds anthropological, feels Ep. IV-ish in that respect
    - it's great how they sense the baby through the Force

    An Unexpected Invasion:
    - very cool intra-Jedi Council intrigue
    - very cool Republic/CIS Jedi/Sith intrigue
    - I'm sure the space invasion would look great

    Falling Dusk:
    - Windu/Tyranus duel would be freaking sweet
    - Windu getting close to the dark side of the Force while dueling makes sense with how he looks while dueling in the films
    - sounds like it would have a conventional clones/droids battle, which at this point even I have to say would be refreshing
    - I wonder how Tyranus tricked Windu

    Shipyards of Pammant:
    - connecting the Mon Cala battles in the Genndy micro series and TCW rules
    - shadow troopers sound like possible precursors to Dark Troopers, at least in appearance
    - I was going to complain that Tikkes should have been monitoring communications, but then you went ahead and incorporated that, nicely done

    Tikkes' Combatants:
    - don't recall ever having an episode title with an apostrophe in it
    - space invasion, huzzah
    - I like the use of the spy

    Fire at the Docks:
    - I enjoy the slaves' mixed reaction to the Republic seeming about to win
    - I enjoy the slave revolt
    - shattering spaceship, huzzah

    - sounds like a visually stunning space battle
    - sounds like a visually stunning ground battle
    - I wonder how Tikkes got captured instead of killed
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    Jan 8, 2011
    He's in the central control chamber where the Jedi reach towards the end. He had left during Tikkes' Combatants, dreading the result of Zavark's charge.

    Dark Lord Tarkas: I'm anxious to see what you think of the season finale!
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  25. Spazmatron

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    Nice concept there.

    I'm guessing by your username that you made this in blender? correct?
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