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Clone Wars TCW Fanon Thread

Discussion in 'Star Wars TV' started by AkashKedavra_93, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. BlenderWars

    BlenderWars Jedi Padawan star 1

    Feb 20, 2013
    Yes. Blender improoved a lot in the last Years. It is nearly on a level with Autodesk Maya which is used to create the weekly Animation of TCW.

    I am planing to create a TCW Hommage Show or at least a 1 Minute Sequence to honor this great animationshow.
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  2. Darth_Poe

    Darth_Poe Jedi Padawan

    Feb 20, 2013
    Just a quick idea for a standalone episode,
    • Stalemate: For the past few months, the Republic and CIS have been locked in a stale on the planet of Verdai VI, both sides are locked in brutal trench warfare. Both sides seem to be unable to break the line, as well place anti-vehicle weaponry and mines left over from a previous war, make vehicular assaults near impossible, horrific month long lighting storms make air assaults not an option, in fact it's revealed at one point in the episode that both sides lost many of it's troops and equipment while arriving on the planet. The only option either side has is infantry charges here and there, but many attempts are almost failed because of the previously mentioned minefields. The episode follows members of an unnamed battalion, they've been on the planet since the start of the battle months ago, their once white armor is nearly completely brown from all the dirt and mud from the trenches, and the episode focuses on a last ditch effort in attempt to break the line by using a recently discovered underground tunnel, however it's nearly hard for these characters to even get along and are very hostile towards one another as order throughout the clones on the planet is breaking down as their Jedi commander died a few weeks prior. Generally this episode would be very dark, almost as dark as the Blue Shadow Virus episode.
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  3. BW2

    BW2 Jedi Padawan star 2

    Feb 26, 2013
  4. TaradosGon

    TaradosGon Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 28, 2003
    This has more to do with the Sith/Dark Side in the greater Star Wars universe as a whole as opposed to just TCW, but ever since I took a parasitology class 3 years ago, it made the most sense to me to start viewing the Dark Side as a parasitic relationship to those it affects (e.g. Sith).

    There are degrees of that being represented here and there, but I look at it more literally.

    IMO the Dark Side is generally represented more like a drug. It gives the user power and the individual gets high off that power, corrupting them to want more and more. But the parasitic idea made more sense to me, primarily when it comes to the notion that the Sith fear death and want to live forever (as was Plagueis' aim), yet they seek out apprentices that will one day kill them and seem completely idiotic for not recognizing the pattern of apprentices killing their masters, and not only failing to recognize this pattern, but downright encouraging it.

    Those seem like two entirely incompatible notions.

    I didn't know much about parasites at all before taking the course and I was amazed at how disgusting and yet remarkably complex life cycles some of them have as well as how they can impact their host.

    For instance, some have complicated life cycles in which they have to infect several animals before they can reach maturity.

    For instance, the parasite eggs might be consumed by a snail. The eggs hatch into larvae in the snail. The snail is eaten by a bird where the parasites then grow into a new stage of development, and then finally the bird is eaten by a cat where the parasites grow into adults, attach themselves to the cat's intestine, lay eggs that are passed out with the cat's feces, and then the process begins again when a snail consumes the eggs.

    Not only that, but some parasites can affect the host's behavior/appearance remarkably to maximize the chances that they will get to where they need to go. For instance (I forget all of the species names), there was one parasite that infects mice and makes them attracted to the sent of cat urine as opposed to avoiding it, which enhances the odds that they will encounter a cat and be eaten, and therefore the parasite will pass into its next host. Another parasite affects ants and inspires them to climb to the top of a blade of grass and bite down on it, maximizing their chance of being eaten by a cow, etc.

    I viewed this kind of relationship as being the one between Dark Side and Sith. The Sith are just greedy individuals that feel like they are in control and call upon the dark side to give them power. They have no intention of dying, they want more and more power and use the Dark Side to give it to them. But the Dark Side is a parasite, it degrades them physically but mentally as well. It turns the individual into a puppet and corrupts their mind so that they will take a course of action that maximizes the power of the Dark Side and continues to tip the balance against the light side.

    Rather than an individual calling upon the Dark Side to give them power, the Dark Side corrupts them to follow a course of action, perhaps even one that is self destructive (like falling into an endless cycle of taking on new apprentices and being killed by them) all because the new individual will be stronger yet and be a better servant of the Dark Side.

    That's how my fanon views the character of Palpatine. That Chancellor Palpatine/Sidious and "Emperor Palpatine" are like two entirely different people.

    That Sidious himself is something of a tragic character, though not in the same way as Anakin.

    Sidious wants more and more power and is willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc. to get it. He is using the Dark Side as a source to power. But then he calls upon it too much and is transformed into a monstrous abomination, with a raspy voice and yellow eyes, someone that in behavior is far less composed and relishes in slaughter and killing. Palpatine seemed to be enjoying his fight with Yoda at times, whereas with Mace he was far more composed and in control of his emotions. And then we have Sidious tell the story about how all those with power are afraid to lose it and how Plagueis went so far as to seek a permanent solution to holding onto power forever.

    Meanwhile, Emperor Palpatine is here pleased that his apprentice will one day surpass him, and when Vader fails to do so, Palpatine looks to Luke to try again. Witwer has said that Sidious is looking for the perfect apprentice that will one day be able to kill him and take his place, this runs consistent with how the Sith are trained in the EU. Dave Filoni however insists that the Sith are incredibly afraid of death.

    My fanon interpretation is that Dave Filoni's comments represent the rational side of the Sith. Very coherent goals that the Sith use the Dark Side to accumulate power with the ultimate goal of cheating death. But that in the end the Dark Side is a parasite that corrupts the user physically and mentally, and like the parasite that causes the mouse to behave irrationally and sacrifice itself for the benefit of the parasite, the Dark Side corrupts these Sith to behave irrationally and seek out stronger apprentices to strengthen the Dark Side, while the previous vessel (i.e. Sith Master) is sacrificed in the process like the mouse.
  5. Darth_Poe

    Darth_Poe Jedi Padawan

    Feb 20, 2013
    Your idea of the Dark Side is just, wow I can't even explain how fascinating it is.
  6. Starwarsfan9000

    Starwarsfan9000 Jedi Knight star 3

    Feb 24, 2012
    There are some ideas I've thought about some involving original tales and the returns of other characters who haven't been back in awhile along with new ones. This is just a shortlist of ideas of how I'd handle them because I would have to do more thinking in order to plan out a series of episodes:

    -Dooku origin story for how he became a sith: While the comics revealed it as the show has done time and time again they ignore the comic lore and assume the general audience doesn't read them and as a result the general audience doesn't know this story and yeah it's true. Dooku shows up in Episode II and he's mentioned to be a former Jedi but never explained. So now I think it is time for the general audience to learn that story. The good thing is this story could be told whereas General Grievous it works to just show hints of it and keep him a mystery which they did in Lair of Grievous. This could also potentially bring back Qui-Gon for flashbacks in full body form with Liam Neeson reprising his role from Mortis. It'd give more weight to Dooku who I feel has been pretty one dimensional in this show and didn't do anything but sit on his ass until Season 3 when Ventress betrayed him and he was forced to take action so this could make him more interesting since now we know why he did what he did and could possibly seen as right in doing so and not just saying "I'm evil because I'm evil." I don't think I've formatted that well but you get my point.

    -The Separatist Council reform the story of breaking out Wat Tambor and Poggle the Lesser: Nute Gunray has become sick of the war and the CIS' constant losses and is annoyed on how two of it's main leaders have become captured and have yet to be rescued. The remaining leaders call upon Dooku and Grievous to discuss the situation but Dooku tells them that in time they will be rescued. Nute Gunray angered reveals his frustrations and wants out of the war but Dooku reminds him of their deal and he must honour it. With Dooku and Grievous gone out of the room San Hill suggests that they shouldn't rely on Dooku to get Tambor and Poggle out and that they are an independent party and own the droid army and suggest taking matters into their own hands by freeing them themselves. Gunray is unsure but Tikkes convinces him to do so as they should be feared with their army not cowards who bow before another master and they begin organising this behind Dooku's back while Gunray fears the Count's wrath if this doesn't go well. It'd be an interesting story for the Separatists and serves as a way to get them all assembled again for Episode III and could be the reason why Sidious orders Vader to kill them as they betrayed his trust and they were no longer needed. Not the best explanation I know.

    -The Mutant Drug the return of Doctor Vindi: Vindi is broken out and he begins serving the CIS again and designs a drug that can give it's user inhanced strength, agility and other things almost like the Super Soldier serum belonged to Captain America. Dooku wants a test subject and wants to use this person's DNA and clone them so that the drug is in their bodies and they have an army that is stronger than the droids and rivals the Clones and outnumbers them in strength. They choose a man who is struggling to afford for his pregnant wife and has gone through many jobs and has been forced to do many horrible things to get a scrap of cash basically his life is hell. So he sees this ad and agrees to take it as he will be payed and it uses it's propaganda to convince him he's doing something worthwhile but in reality it isn't. In the end it backfires and he is transformed into a monster who can transform at will to his regular self but only for a short period of time and would need a cure or something to stabilise it or else he'll decompose and die. He tries to see his wife but she can't look at him. Sad and angered he goes to Vindi and Dooku for a cure but they don't give him anything as his DNA is needed Dooku deciding a mutant army would be better but it would need to be stabilised. Angered at what he has become the man lashes out and betrays Dooku and escapes promising to use his powers to take revenge while trying to find a cure and reunite himself with his wife as the Republic hunt him down. The story I would want to come out of this would be dark and unforgiving and to give an idea what this character would be like he'd be based off of the Batman the animated series version of Clayface one of the best villains of that series in my opinion. Don't know whether or not I explained it well but there you go and I hope you know what I'm going for.

    More to be added in time...
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