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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by greyjedi125, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    I had a dream...

    Tears of Scarlet

    A cough. A deep sigh that shook when it was taken. And there was the figure laying in a comfortable bed, wrapped as comfortably as possible in blankets. A fireplace going on the opposite side of the room, casting an attempt of cheer across the room through its ember glow. The glow succeeded, the cheer failed.

    The man?s brown hair was messy and disheveled. His skin was clammy. His blue eyes were alert, but a little unfocused. A sword with an eerie light green blade lay across the bed over him, his left hand still gently grasping the handle.

    Another figure sat in a chair next to the bed, watching him quietly. Another man. Blond hair and blue eyes. If one looked hard enough, you could see they were related on some level or another. The man sitting looked to be in his early twenties, while the dying man in the bed looked to be in his early forties, at the oldest.

    ?The line is about to die...yet begin again...? a cough, ?how funny...?

    The man sitting shook his head gently, laying a hand on the man?s shoulder. ?Don?t talk like that, Nassau.?

    The one in bed, apparently known as Nassau, slowly turned his head to look unfocused at the other man. ?Why not? It?s the truth isn?t it??

    Silence greeted this.

    ?See,? another cough and a rattling sigh which resulted in a few more coughs, ?I...I knew it. can continue what I failed to accomplish.?

    ?You did not fail,? replied the other firmly.

    ?Did to,? responded Nassau quietly, ?I sired no children, was helpless as my wife died, and now here I am...the last of the Elyse bloodline...dying. Should only be a few more moments before the disease finally takes over...?

    The other man?s voice took a hard tone despite his apparent age, ?You did not give up. You did your job well from what I can see. You are...passing away...from disease and not enemies, so you had to have done well. Your wife and children are not your fault. And you resurrected me to continue the Elyse family. You have done something far from failure. You have succeeded in ways many others could not have.?

    A smile and one smaller cough than normal, ?Perhaps you are well...grandfather anyway.?

    An uneasy chuckle came between the two.

    ?You are...tired, Nassau Elyse. Rest. You deserve it...? came the wavering voice of Cavan.

    ?Thank you...for everything...?

    And when those halting words were just barely whisking quietly from Nassau Elyse?s lips...his soft grip on his sword?s handle disappeared and the blade slowly slid across its angled position on the bed and tumbled off...clanging onto the hardwood floor, right next to the carpet under the bed.

    Would have been so much softer a sound and easier to take had it landed on the carpet. An idle thought from a now idle survivor.

    Cavan slowly stood up and closed the man?s eyes which had remained open, fixed the blankets around him again for a moment, then knelt and picked up the sword.

    ?Thank you, Iniabi,? he whispered to the blade, ?For bringing me back. For aiding Nassau. And for giving my family another chance.?

    Taking the belt with the sheath from off a wall, Cavan Elyse put it on and sheathed Iniabi. He would only be wearing it for a short while, to give it some final time in the spotlight. Then he would retire it to the Hall of Blades that Nassau had told him about.

    There he would get his own blades back. All of them. And he and the Rei-Swords would again strive for justice and to protect the world.

    A new era, from the old, was at hand.

    The year is 2810. Much has changed on Earth in the last 800 years. Aside from flying cars being the main mode of transportation for the everyday citizen now, the current state is...

    There are only ten nations left, each with a strong government in position. The United States which controls all of North America and nearly all of Central America and the Caribbean. Venezuela which controls all of South America, as well as the regions that were once known as Panama, Haiti,
  2. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Quick Note - Gold, Silver, and Crystal are not available colors for Rei-Sword Blades

    My Sword and I:

    Prowess in battle can be attributed to continuous training. This is a proven fact. With the addition of a Rei-Sword, this factor is multiplied.

    A Rei-Sword grants its wielder the standard enhancement of increased speed. The Rei-Warrior is able to dash short distances and seem no more than a blur and become nearly untrackable by the naked eye. He is able to dodge most standard projectiles if he sees them coming. This holds true for horizontal movement. In addition, the Rei-Sword grants its wielder special powers and abilities, plus its fierce cutting edge.

    However, vertical movement is not as easily enhanced, and is more challenging to employ without applied acceleration.

    Such deadly capabilities are only entrusted to those with the self-discipline to wield them. Those who follow the way of Bushido.

    The Seven Virtues of Bushido are:

    Benevolence, Courage, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty, Rectitude and Respect.

    A famous warrior once said; "A swordsman's path shall never end nor will the code of Bushido as long as there's someone to protect as long as there is someone to carry on the code of Bushido it will not die there will always be injustice and suffering and one swordsman can't change the world no matter how strong her or she is but I can always protect those in my sight I will always protect the weak and helpless for that is the true code of Bushido and I shall achieve this without taking a single human life there will be someone who will carry on my will and hold the sword which I hold and carry on the code for it is something that needs to be pure and true not altered by greed or evil so if one billion people follow it wrongfully or just a handful follow it righteously it is the handful that are the true and strongest of all."

    Finally, training and guidance with 'The Legend': Cavan Elyse, will lead to greater understanding and deeper knowledge of the Rei-Swords and their abilities.

    For example, upon initial reception of a Rei-Sword, the blade actually speaks with its wielder. This is a short lived occurrence. Though still connected and bonding as time goes by, the sword will speak again only in times of need and finally once again, when its wielder acquires sufficient experience it'll be a permanent connection.

    To be lethal without killing. To be Just without bias. That is the badge of honor of a Rei-Sword wielder. Wear it well, wear it proudly.
  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    ~Name: Kassim Xenerxerxes
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Nationality: Egyptian-American
    ~Birthplace: East Coast Metroplex
    ~Date of Birth: May 1st, 2789
    ~Age: 21
    ~Hair Color: Dark wavy hair
    ~Eye Color: Hazel
    ~Other Appearance: 5'11", athletic. Martial Arts training.
    ~Personality: Loyal, Brooding, Vehement, Noble.
    ~Fighting Stances: Wu Su
    ~Sword Name: Djehuti (Thoth)
    ~Sword Gender: Male
    ~Sword Type: No-Dachi Katana
    ~Sword Style: Senpuuken-do (whirlwind sword)
    ~Blade Color: Purple
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Insight. Anticipation/ Air Slash
    ~Sword Personality: Advisorial. Sage.
    ~Bio: As far as he can remember, Kassim had always admired the Cavan. He looked up to the Family and their role as guardians in a declining society. Kassim emulated the Cavan and his code as best as he understood it and studied martial arts as well as Kendo and later, more advanced sword forms. He began his own inspired crusade against criminal elements of society before his 18th Birthday.

    A life changing incident came when he was ambushed by a pack of thieving gang members he had been dealing with. The encounter became unpleasant real quick and not only would Kassim have killed out of anger and self defense, he would have probably been killed himself if it were not for Cavan's sudden appearance and intervention.

    As usual, the Cavan saved the day.

    Bolstered by this encounter and chance meeting, Kassim continued in his ways, only to run into the Legend once again some months later. Ironacly, almost like on their previous encounter, they got attacked. But Cavan and Kassim repulsed the would-be criminals in a display of surprising and effective teamwork. After some indepth conversations and the like, a friendship between the two warriors developed, culminating in Cavan's commissioning of Kassim's own bona fide Rei-Sword.

    This led to Kassim pledging himself to assisst in Cavan's mission.

    A year later, Kassim would persuade the Legend to adopt and continue the work of the Family.

    ~Plot Seeds: Kassim becomes a trusted friend of the Legend and helps him rebuild some of what was lost. Loyal, ever brooding and watchul, he trains incessantly to remain a top contender amongst the best warriors in the world. He can feel a storm brewing in the near future. He's not certain what it is, but he knows the least he can do is try to be ready for it, whatever it might be.
  4. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    ~Name: Cavan Elyse
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Nationality: American
    ~Birthplace: San Francisco, United States, Earth / Resurrected at Madrid, France, Earth
    ~Date of Birth: February 7th, 1988 / Resurrected on - October 30th, 2808
    ~Age: Body - 22, Mind - 102, In Truth - 822
    ~Hair Color: Blond
    ~Eye Color: Blue
    ~Other Appearance: 5'11" tall and a lean build, his strength and speed coming from his blades
    ~Personality: Nice, Caring, Noble, Depressed
    ~Fighting Stances: Krav Maga, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do
    ~Sword Name: Personal - Aleron / Patriarch - Ginjiro-Ryu / Matriarch - Seraphim / HoH - Thanos
    ~Sword Gender: Personal - Male / Patriarch - Male / Matriarch - Female / HoH - Androgynous
    ~Sword Type: Personal - Unique Broadsword / Patriarch - Katana / Matriarch - Bastard Sword? / HoH - Claymore
    ~Blade Color: Personal - Red / Patriarch - Silver / Matriarch - Gold / HoH - Crystal
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Personal - Invincibility / Patriarch - Uncannily Precise Attacks / Matriarch - Protective Shield Dome / HoH - Mysterious
    ~Sword Personality: Personal - Caring and Protective / Patriarch - Aggressive but Calculating / Matriarch - ??? / HoH - Mysterious and Ignored
    ~Bio: Cavan Elyse, the originator of the ?Legendary Lineage,? and a legend in his own right. He was born in 1988 as a simple man. No one of importance. But then, he walked into a Military Facility at the right time one day, some years down the road, volunteering to be of help to his country in any way possible. They referred him to fill out some forms...until they had another idea. Giving him an experimental sword, not sure of what it could do. A Rei-Sword. The Silver Patriarchal Katana of great power. Thus did he become the first Rei-Sword Wielder and effectively establish the lineage as it is known popularly in the year of 2008.

    He saved the world countless times, stopped many crimes, married a wife and she became a wielder as well. Eventually they had six children: Two sons and four daughters. All growing up to be fine people...and Rei-Sword wielders themselves of course. The Gold Matriarchal Sword was created and given to his wife and the Crystal Claymore that belonged to the Head of Household alone was created and given to Cavan himself. They were unstoppable.

    In the year of 2088, at the age of 100 years, Cavan finally succumbed to old age and died peacefully with his family around him. His eldest son inheriting the Silver Katana not long before. His eldest daughter had already been given the Gold Sword before that as well. And with his death, the Crystal Claymore was passed to his wife who survived him for some more years.

    As the ?Legendary Lineage? nearly came to an end in 2808, the last surviving heir finally used his unique power that he had never used the sword had never notified him of it due to no need until then...and resurrected Cavan to continue the legacy...from the beginning.

    Happy to do so, but saddened at being the last of his family, torn away from his immediate family that he knew, and being thrust nearly eight hundred years in the future...things would prove difficult for Cavan. Not only this, but he learned that the lineage had eventually and slowly become political pawns amid the Ten National Governments. Outraged, he reacquired the Crystal blade from them and announced he would work with but no longer for them.

    After one year of working solo, he came across a man known as Kassim, rescuing his life once. And then running across him a second time a couple months later...during that resulting conversation, they got attacked and fought back the would-be criminals. They forged a friendship, and due to his loneliness and seeing his new friend was worthy of it, he had a Rei-Sword commissioned for him...the first and only Non-Family member to use one. Knock-offs had been used by others, but never a true one.

    Another year later, in 2810 where the present lays currently, Kasim has persuaded Cavan th
  5. Jedi_padawan_leigh

    Jedi_padawan_leigh Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 13, 2003
    GM Approved! :)

    ~Name: Willow (Elyse)
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Nationality: French-American (Canadian)
    ~Birthplace: Grenoble, France, Earth
    ~Date of Birth: 19 September 2793
    ~Age: 17
    ~Hair Color: Auburn red
    ~Eye Color: Pale blue
    ~Other Appearance: Pale Caucasian, 5ft 4in tall, Average weight and build for her height. Eyebrow piercing - Left eyebrow
    ~Personality: Loyal, Protective, Hard-working, May come across as hardened and serious a lot of the time but is also caring in a big sister type way
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Krav Maga
    ~Sword Name: Karla (Latin)
    ~Sword Gender: Female
    ~Sword Type: [link=]Artillery sword[/link]
    ~Blade Color: Orange
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Limited mind Manipulation/Transfer
    ~Sword Personality: Fiery, Confident


    Willow has been in the orphanage system since the age of 2. Born in Grenoble France, her father was a high flying accountant working with many prestigious companies and her mother was a home-maker. Her father was offered a promotion to work at his companies international headquarters in America, in the area that used to be known as Quebec Canada. The family moved to America, became American citizens and settled in the city of Montreal when Willow was just one year old. Tragically, after just one year into the families new life, both her mother and father were killed in a tragic accident and Willow was made a ward of the state and placed into an orphanage after attempts to contact distant family back in France were deemed fruitless. Apart from doing odd jobs around the orphanage, she also has a part time job as a waitress in a nearby café. She can speak good English and fluent French.
  6. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Greyjedi approved!

    Name: Junova ("Juno") (Xing)
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Kusanagi
    Birthplace: Azure Isles, Kusanagi, Earth
    Date of Birth: 07/12/2794
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Black with bright red streaks, shoulder length and messyish
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Other Appearance: Short (5'2"), wiry build, sunburst tattoo over left shoulder blade
    Personality: Acts wild and rebellious, but that's all it is - an act. She's kind and generous to those she likes, and once earned, her respect and loyalty are not easily lost.
    Fighting Stance(s): Krav Maga

    Sword Name: Caliburn
    Sword Gender: Male
    Sword Type: Sabre
    Blade Color: Dark blue
    Unique Ability/Power: Ability to see and target shatterpoints
    Sword Personality: Calm and rational - Juno's opposite. It complements her personality nicely.

    Junova, or Juno as she calls herself, was born to a young Kunasagi couple in the Azure Isles. Hers was a happy family, but only moderately successful - so when she was a toddler, her parents decided to move to America in search of a better life. Tragically, within months of their move, they were killed in a road accident and Juno was sent to an orphanage.

    Juno chafed in the orphanages. She was a naturally gifted child, used to a loving home, and the series of orphanages she grew up in were not equipped to provide either challenges or affection. The gifted child grew to be a fierce, wild and rebellious teenager, a girl used to distrusting authority and depending on nobody but herself.
  7. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    General Manager Approved!

    ~Name: Mugen (Elyse)
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Nationality: Russian-Egyptian
    ~Birthplace: Tianvia, Mars
    ~Date of Birth: July 3, 2793
    ~Age: 17
    ~Hair Color: Reddish-brown
    ~Eye Color: Red
    ~Other Appearance: Mohawk, multiple ear piercings. Monkey tattoos on his feet, ankles, wrists, hands, and a large one on his stomach.
    ~Personality: A wild, hard headed, quick tempered intellectual observer.
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Muay Thai(kickboxing)
    ~Sword Name: Fao-Long
    ~Sword Gender: Male
    ~Sword Type: Dao
    ~Blade Color: Obsidian-dark red
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Charged particle blasts, no defence, just extremely powerful attacks.
    ~Sword Personality: A gutsy, competitive, borderline psychopath. Acts like he doesn't care about Mugen, but the feeling is mutual.
    ~Bio: Mugen is, and will always be, a hothead. Born on Mars during the latter half of the exploration age, Mugen gets his brains from his biochemist father and his psychologist mother. They wanted him to pursue a career in science, because he has a knack for it, but he instead wanted to be a traveling warrior/adventurer. The monkey tattoos were ceremonial with the many cultures he has encountered. His father always told him that he could be anything he wanted to be if he was willing to work for it, so Mugen works extremely hard to become a successful and courageous icon for his people and eventually he wants to become Pharoah of the Egypt colony on Mars. His parents are both dead.
  8. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Small correction: my character's name should read Junova "Juno" Xing (Elyse). Didn't catch that detail until just now, so Xing will be her original last name (and later middle name), and Elyse will be the one she adopts when she's, well, adopted.
  9. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    ~Name: Gabriel Gideon Nisroc

    ~Gender: Male

    ~Nationality: Egyptian/Martian

    ~Birthplace: Skylane Towers, Egyptian Colony, Mars

    ~Date of Birth: 2785

    ~Age: 25

    ~Hair Color: White-Style: Buzz Cut

    ~Eye Color:Ice Blue, almost seems to glow

    ~Other Appearance: He stands over 6 feet tall and is built like a pro wrestler. He generally is seen wearing black fatigues, black body armor with a long black trench coat to hide his guns. Guns are in Shoulder Holsters. He also has a gun/utility belt.

    Photograph of [link=]Gabriel Gideon Nisroc[/link]

    ~Personality: Cruel, calculating, manipulative.

    ~Fighting Stance(s): Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Kendo

    ~Weapons: [link=]Dual Beretta M93R-AG Modified[/link], [link=]Taurus_PT145B[/link]

    ~Bio:Gabriel Gideon was born on Mars into a wealthy family. As far back as his family could remember his families history stretched into wealth and nobility. Being Oil Barons back on Earth, they survived the various changes to government and power. They were able to remain relatively untouched by the changes and in the end, prospered even more so. Gabriel, as a youth was not a normal child. As he grew, his size increased as well, until by the age of twenty he was over 6 feet tall and was built like a body builder, or someone equally big. As he grew up, he took a liking to Martial arts. He chose to study, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Kendo. All of them forming into one fluid Martial Arts fighting style, each complimenting one another. He later began to devote his life to creating peace, until his Father was murdered, his Mother framed for it and his entire Families fortune was removed from them.

    From that day forward, he chose to exact revenge on a society whose rules were meant to help the innocent, yet corruption still existed. His anger towards the wielders of the Rei-Swords was even more so, it boiled into sheer hatred. He decided the word would be better without them, or without the corrupt individuals. It was his job to replace them.
  10. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    Character sheet approved by Darth_Elu

    ~Name: Sophie Delphine
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Nationality: French
    ~Birthplace: Lyon, France, Earth
    ~Date of Birth: March 20th, 2785
    ~Age: 25
    ~Hair Color: Brown
    ~Eye Color: Brown
    ~Other Appearance: 5'5" tall and slender, a small tattoo on the left side of her stomach
    ~Personality: Stubborn, nice, shy at times, caring when she?s not having a stubborn streak
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Krav Maga, Kickboxing and boxing
    ~Sword Name: Venus
    ~Sword Gender: Female
    ~Sword Type: Longsword
    ~Blade Color: [link=]Moonstone Blue[/link]
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Can put up protective shield around her and her friends and heals any wounds they may have. The effect can be different for how she is feeling with that certain person: ie, if she?s happy with another friend, it?ll heal him/her more, if she?s angry with a friend, it?ll heal him/her less.
    ~Sword Personality: Protective over Sophie and curious, can ?feed? off of Sophie?s emotions and personality
    ~Bio: Sophie was born to the Delphine parents in the year of 2785 in Lyon, France. Two years after, her sister, Fleur was added to the family. Their mother and father both owned and worked at their family-owned French restaurant. Having pretty much grown up there, both sisters inherited the cooking skills and the management sensibility from both parents.

    While enrolled in high school, Sophie had mainly focused on getting through school work while her sister, Fleur, mainly focused on joining the old-fashion cheerleading squad and increasing her reputation...especially among the boys, to her sister?s dismay. After graduating, Sophie went on to go to a four year college to continue her education in both culinary and management studies, with hopes of making a second restaurant somewhere else on the planet Earth.

    Two years after she had graduated from college, she had been scouting around the city of Lyon for another location for her restaurant and had taken a short cut to her apartment in France, when she had been cut off by a small group of no-good thugs. After they had taken her money and belongings, they had attempted to rape her, though that was the meeting between the Legend Cavan and Sophie Delphine. He quickly took out the gang members and escorted the French woman back to her home safely. Her sister had been more than eager to listen to the tale of bravery.

    Now, a year later, she is in America, searching for the perfect place to put her restaurant, with her younger sister tagging along.
  11. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007
    Grey and Elu Approved

    ~Name: Elealah [Elyse] Pronounced: ee-lay-lah
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Nationality: Egyptian
    ~Birthplace: Delai, Egypt, Luna
    ~Date of Birth: January 1st, 2793
    ~Age: 17
    ~Hair Color: Blue-black
    ~Eye Color: Amber with gold flecks
    ~Other Appearance: Elealah is impossibly beautiful, with delicate features. Her skin is a perfect bronze and she lightly muscled. She had large, piercing eyes. She has rough soles on her feet, from going without shoes. She wears a tight top fashioned like a bikini with a short, ragged and slightly translucent skirt. She occasionally wears a scarf over he face and head to protect her from more intense sun rays. Her hair is usually kept in a ponytail. She stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall and is perfectly curvaceous.
    ~Personality: Very aggressive, but extremely care-free. She disregards her safety to accomplish her goals, big and small. She enjoys jokes and loves music. She is arrogant and self-confident to a dangerous level. She is very flirtatious, but has never had a real relationship and she doesn?t understand others feelings. She is a proven rule-breaker and is irresponsible and immature.
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Jeet Kune Do
    ~Sword Name: Thera
    ~Sword Gender: Female
    ~Sword Type: Two Butterflies
    ~Blade Color: Pure White
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Unparalleled speed (Except for Cavan)
    ~Sword Personality: One is aggressive and reckless, the other cautious and thoughtful.
    ~Bio: Elealah is the daughter of a police officer. Her father died the years after she was born. Her mother?s fate is unknown. She lived for sixteen years in the orphanage, before being adopted, strangely, when she was seventeen.
  12. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    ***APPROVED AT LAST!!!!****

    ~Name: Nyoni (Elyse)
    ~Gender: Female
    ~Nationality: Zimbabwe
    ~Birthplace: Harare, Zimbbabwe, Old Home, Earth
    ~Date of Birth: June 1st, 2788
    ~Age: 20
    ~Hair Color: Dark Maroon/Black streak, braids
    ~Eye Color: Brown
    ~Other Appearance:
    ~Personality:Quiet, but friendly, but cold and deadly in battle
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Mani, Tae Kwon Do
    ~Sword Name: Nhema rufu (Black death)
    ~Sword Gender: Male
    ~Sword Type: Shotel
    ~Sword Style: Iaido
    ~Blade Color: Black
    ~Unique Ability/Power:Crimson Kiss (Dancing sword), Whirling Lash (attack/defense increased speed. Sword also increases Endurance).
    ~Sword Personality:proud, dark humor, vigilant, very protective of her. Could almost be considered jealous...
    Nyoni was born on what she calls (Old home)..meaning Earth.
    She traveled with her parents extensively, and visited the
    far flung places that people from her original home had moved
    out to. Zimbawana outpost on the moon, the Shona province on
    Mars, and a few other planets. Her parents were into
    technology, and looking ahead, but Nyoni felt more drawn to
    the older ways, and to Earth in particular. She seemed to
    feel more drawn to it, more than any other place so far. She
    went back, to attend the ceremony of adulthood, earning
    herself a dark tattoo of a swirl pattern on her left
    shoulder. Nyoni had just returned to earth, to collect some
    rare seeds for an outline colony, and when she returned, her
    parents had disappeared, and no one could tell her where they
    had gone. She has been on her own every since, learning new
    skills, as she travels, learning new fighting techniques as
    she does.

    Nyoni considers herself a bit of an amateur historian, as she
    prefers learning about the past of a place, more than the
    very non personal, technology that is now.
  13. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    OOC: CS approved

    ~Name: Thutmos Aken?Set?Rasheph (Elyse)
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Nationality: Egyptian
    ~Birthplace: Cairo, Egypt, Earth
    ~Date of Birth: August 25th 2791
    ~Age: 19
    ~Hair Color: black
    ~Eye Color: blue
    ~Other Appearance: 6? 7, muscular, tanish skin, a tattoo of the eye of Horus picture on his bare chest. Normally wears khaki shorts and military boots.
    ~Personality: Aggressive, Ruthless towards his enemies, kind and generous to his friends, otherwise as harsh as the Egyptian deserts, doesn?t reveal all he knows in a conversation, arrogant being a descendant of Ramses 11 (i.e. the Great)
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Bottou Jutsu, Wing Chun
    ~Sword Name: Naja haje
    ~Sword Gender: male
    ~Sword Type:
    ~Blade Color: green
    ~Unique Ability/Power: the wielder can speak to snakes, when the sword thrown to the ground it turns into a snake under the wielder?s control for about a mile. The snake is an Egyptian cobra except the snake is metallic gold with ruby colored eyes. When the wielder picks up the snake it turns back into the sword. When the snake dies, it turns back into a sword and can?t be used for 48 hours.
    ~Sword Personality: cunning, smart, gives his owner tips in a fight, bloodthirsty
    ~Bio: Thutmos was born to a clan of Egyptians that still followed the Egyptian gods. When he was 5, the entire clan was massacred by several radical believers of another religion due to their ?pagan? behavior. Left alone to survive in the world, he learned to be street smart and ruthless. However, when he was 13, he came across a shrine dedicated to two Egyptian gods. Set, the violent storm god of the Nile and Rasheph, the Egyptian god of war. There, he had a dream that the two gods told him he was a descendant of Ramses 11 and it was his right to rule Egypt. As homage to the dream, he named himself Aken?Set?Rasheph meaning ?servant of Set and Rasheph? to remind him of his destiny. Soon after that, a member of the orphanage came up to him and offered to take him in by saying he had potential. Thutmos accepted the offer, but still hadn?t forgotten his dream of restoring Egypt to the Pharoahs.
  14. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    Generously Approved by the Almighty Ones

    ~Name: Tandie (tan-dye) (Elyse)
    ~Gender: Male
    ~Nationality: American
    ~Birthplace: Sigma-17, American, Lunar Colony
    ~Date of Birth: 12/15/2792
    ~Age: 17
    ~Hair Color: Black
    ~Eye Color: Aqua (Blue/Green)
    ~Other Appearance: Stands at 5? 10?, slim build, hair falls to about shoulder level, and has a tattoo on his upper left arm of a supernova with the ancient Omega symbol in blood red in the middle.
    ~Personality: Introverted and shy, he tends to keep to himself and his friends. While he likes to keep quiet, he has no problem with telling someone what he thinks of them. He tends to offend people with his supposed apathetic attitude. Yet whenever he is with his friends, his attitude changes completely. He?ll crack jokes, make suggestions, tease, and generally act normal. He marks it down as extreme paranoia and low self-confidence, or maybe an extreme dislike of the majority of humans.
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Kendo
    ~Sword Name: Sotiris
    ~Sword Gender: Male
    ~Sword Type: [link=]Jian[/link]
    ~Blade Color: Sage
    ~Unique Ability/Power: Sheath in flame, small projected shield (4 ft diameter)
    ~Sword Personality: Cheerfully morbid. Chipper and easy to like, but just a little too eager to solve any situation with a couple cuts to the throat.
    ~Bio: While he was born on the Lunar Colony, for the first five years of his life Tandie was not raised in any one place. His parents were scientists who were part of the effort to place a floating city in Jupiter. For the most part, whenever they were on the station orbiting the planet, he was left with random friends and the like. He has visited most of the planets, with the exception of Pluto and Saturn. He does not remember much of any of them, of course. His parents died when the third and ultimately final attempt to place a floating city failed rather drastically. He was five at the time and was taken to the orphanage in Sigma-17.
  15. pashatemur

    pashatemur Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 21, 2004
    OOC: Many thanks to Darth_Elu, for his encouragement, and to Greyjedi125 for their approval of this character!

    ~Name: Genevieve Callas L'Abbeye (Elyse)

    ~Gender: female
    ~Nationality: Venezuelan and Resides in Caracas, Venezuela, Earth
    ~Birthplace: Caracas
    ~Date of Birth: December 5, 2793
    ~Age: 17
    ~Hair Color: Waist length dark brown/black
    ~Eye Color: medium brown
    ~Other Appearance: pale cafe au lait complexion, wears hair in a twist, always slightly rumpled,
    ~Personality: ?and yet, she can't stand things to be messy - straightens place mats and cups, utensils, etc. on the restaurants table.
    ~Fighting Stance(s): Gumdo and Kumdo both Heidong and Daehan
    ~Sword Name: Shoushi ? meaning ?Right Thought.? Right thought is one of the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Right Thought, along with Right View constitute the path to Wisdom and in Buddhism, Right Thought in simple terms means to free oneself from having ill-will towards anyone or anything, suggesting you have an attitude of compassion and no harm toward living things. There?s a story behind this?.Aye!
    ~Sword Gender: Male
    ~Sword Type: Buke-Zukuri Koshirae katana
    ~Blade Color: Deep violet
    ~Unique Ability/Power: The sword?s basic power is to provide the owner, battle precognition.
    ~Sword Personality: Clarity of purpose and resolve toward enlightenment are the hallmarks of this sword and it will resist use if the intent of the wielder is compromised, though she to whom the sword is given may not always abide it. The sword carries with it an encoded reflection that can upon occasion allow Genevieve to ?remember? past memories from what may be a previous life or lives.

    ~Bio: Genevieve's middle name is "Callas" after the famous operatic legend, Maria Callas from Earth's 20th century! Her mother disappeared during a zoological survey of the Venezuelan Pampas and has never been found. A cultural catholic, she lost a brother in a nasty marital split early in life and her father to cancer later as an adult. She is a painter, an artist and works in a museum doing restoration as an apprentice to her a friend of her father, an artist, is restorer. She lives with him and he is an inveterate carouser but very protective of her. She loves clothes and fashion, but can't stay neat to save her soul. She wears little make up, except for red lipstick. However, when the occasion requires, she dresses up well!

    ~Plot Seeds: Genevieve?s life, though not without loss, has been a good one, surrounded by art, and generally even and provided creature needs, she begins her journey unknowing of a darker past with which stain she must reconcile and contend.
  16. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    "And then there were Twelve..."

    First of all, thank you everyone for your exceeding patience. I, rather, we, will endeavor to make it worth your while. Now that we're all accounted for, the opening scenes are soon forthcoming *ahem*. So yeah, what's an extra few days?[face_praying]

    Anywho, let's do this already and rock this RPG. :D
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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: Up! CHA!
  18. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Sorry for the extremely long wait. But finally, at long last, here it is! The wait is over. I hope you're all still interested! :D :cool:

    spacelady and Zandoran_Celix, your characters (Sophie & Gabriel respectively) will be given their own individual starts very soon. Due to their natures, they begin separate from the others. :)

    Last Note: Try not to post until our other GM, greyjedi125, makes his first post! Thank you. :)

    Cavan IC:
    Location ~Arranged Orphanage, Boston, United States

    ~~Flashback to Old Elyse Manor; Madrid, France: October 30th, 2808~~

    ?You think,? a cough, ?I?m lying??

    Cavan was shaking his head to the location of the voice, while he sat on a chair by a fireplace, ?No, not at all. It is just...?

    ?Hard to swallow? Yes...I understand...?

    Cavan?s eyes hardened and he looked to the person apparently in front of him, ?Nassau...?

    Nassau Elyse, the last of the line before resurrecting Cavan watched him back, a feverish face upon him. He smiled with difficulty before settling back onto the bed.

    ?It will pass, Nassau. Just hang in at peace.?

    ?Yes, it will pass. When I do,? he looked over at Cavan who winced at the words, ?Most diseases have been treated and can be defeated now in these days....but this one...this one is new and so far incurable. It?s...?

    Nassau stopped for a moment and closed his eyes, running a hand over his face, ?It?s what took my wife you know.?

    Cavan said nothing, but looked heavily apologetic despite Nassau not taking notice of it.

    ?Protect...the you...used to,? the sick man began haltingly, ?it was always said you were the best.?

    ?I was the first, so future generations put a romantic, mythical, and reverent tone upon it. Exaggeration is all it is.?

    ?That?s what you say,? Nassau replied, ?but I call your words modesty.?

    ?Probably you mean,? Nassau smiled at him and stayed that way a moment before continuing.

    Cavan merely watched his many times great grandson quietly, still overwhelmed by it all. He had been resurrected of all things! And flung eight hundred years into the future...Eight hundred years!

    He hadn?t even truly left the room yet except to get a snack and go to the bathroom once before...and even then he kept silent from servants and never glanced outside. That trip even amazed him with the household things he saw. So much different from even his time!

    ?Looking at you,? Nassau?s words jolted him back to the conversation, ?brings me hope.?

    Cavan merely smiled, albeit uneasily. Nassau coughed a bit then closed his eyes, resting them for a moment as he continued to speak some more.

    ?Beware of these times though, Cavan. Political figures will try to use you, the military will keep badgering you to help with certain things, and there always seems to be someone who will still fight you just to say they did...crazy ones those are.?

    Cavan nodded, he knew all about things like that already. They were bold enough in his time as well, all three of them: Politics, Military, and Crazy Enemies.

    ?Just be careful...of...the cult,? Nassau said slowly as well, cryptically too.
    ?The Cult? What cult??

    The ill man shook his head dreadfully slow, ?I don?t remember the name in full. But it is a cult. They?ve been quiet for some years now, but I know they?re still out there somewhere...?

    To please him, Cavan nodded and said he?d be wary of any cult he came across.

    ?Just...protect the people, Cavan. Get friends to help...get married if you want...start a family though...the Elyse lineage must prosper again...if there is one thing I know, and...and I?m not trying to sound arrogant, vain, or superior,? he paused to cough, ?It?s that we?re needed. We can?t perish yet...not yet. There?s too much left to do.?

    ?I promise you, the Elyse family will not disappear.?

    Nassau nodded, took a sigh, and then suddenly fell asleep and took an uneasy nap. Cavan stayed in his chair the whole time, watching him,
  19. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: For some reason the link in Sophie's profile for her sword color changed, so I found another picture, it's not the exact same color, but it's close enough. [link=]Moonstone Blue[/link] Just for future reference. :p
  20. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Assembled Orphanage, Boston, United States: March 12, 2810. Secret Observation Room.

    "It feels quite surreal, this moment." Kassim noted in conversation with both Nyoni and Thutmos as they waited for Cavan to meet with the would-be new recruits. How long had this moment waited to be realized, He wondered. Two years, maybe? But it felt more like a lifetime.

    "A funny little story comes to mind..." Kassim said to his two compatriots, before begining his tale.


    New Alexandria, Egypt. July 21, 2809

    I remember that day as if it were yesterday. After many months of harrassment and sabotage, I finally managed a showdown with the leaders of the Black Scarab Gang outside the slums of New Alexandria. The Black Scarabs were a vicious and dangerous organization that had plunged the slums and the neighboring areas into nightmarish terror. What passed as law enforcement in the area had been polarized by corruption and fear. Someone had to do something about the rampant criminal element, and I had volunteered for the task with impassioned vehemence.

    Alone, I waged war against the Black Scarabs, and was always thankful that my Rei-Sword provided me the necessary advantage I needed for my campaign. Then the fateful day came. The showdown.

    I knew I was walking into a trap, but I didn't care. I wasn't thinking clearly then. All I knew was, that the cycle of suffereing needed to end. And so, I fought. All of them. I don't recall ever having to fight that hard in my entire life. Ever. The Black Scarabs must have re-filled their ranks specifically for that moment, as I had been thinning them out for many months. They came at me with everything they had. Knives. Swords. Fists. Guns. Grenades. You name it, they had it. At first, it seemed that I had a clear advantage, but as the battle raged on, that advantage began to wane under the sheer number of my enemies...and the injuries I began to accrue.

    I don't recall seeing him arrive. I hadn't asked for any help, nor had I planned to. As far as I was concerned, it was either them or me. Silly of me not to think there would be a third option; but then again, I wasn't thinking too clearly then.

    Suddenly, when things looked darkest for me, Cavan Elyse was there, figthing at my side. Silently. Efficiently. Systematically. I don't know how he found me. I never asked. He never told me. But somehow, I was bolstered by his mere presence. I fought on with renewed strength, and before I knew it, it was all over.

    I labored for long moments as I tried to regain my breath, eyes gazing at the bloody battle ground, filled with the moans of the wounded and fallen. Cavan stood there, calm and focused. A Sentinel. A Guardian Angel. I turned to regard him and his blue eyes stared back at me. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I thought I read a question in his silent expression.

    Why? Why do you do it? he seemed to be asking.

    "I want to end injustice in this world..." I declared firmly, almost defensively. Cavan simply continued to look at me. I thought I saw something else in his expression, but I couldn't quite interpret it. The rush of adrenaline was beginning to ebb, and the pain of the wonds I'd suffered made themselves acutely known as they began to throb all over my body.

    " know..." I said, wincing in pain between breaths. "We can't do this alone. Just the two of us..."

    I paused for a moment as I took in air and regulated the pain I was feeling. Simply ignoring my wounds was not going to be enough. Yep. I was going to need medical attention, and soon.

    "We need to....get others. To join our cause....y'know..."

    The rest I don't quite remember. I believe I began to fill dizzy after that, and is quite likely that I fell and passed out.


    "But that was many months ago. And now we are here. Recruiting others. I can't help but smile to myself. Cavan is finally doing it, and perhaps now, the world can stand a chance."


  21. blubeast1237

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    Apr 10, 2007
    IC: Mugen (Elyse)
    Boston, US

    [blockquote]The place was extremely boring and maybe it had just been him, but Mugen was pretty sure that he had received some long stares when he wasn't looking when he had first arrived. That didn't really bother him, but he was starting to feel awkward and out of place with all the stiffs around him. It was like being put in another orphanage where he didn't know anyone and didn't care to.

    After the people in the room failed to excite him in any way, Mugen began to admire the room itself. A low, prison-like ceiling seemed to make the room smaller than what it was: a common trait in orphanages. There were many chairs and some couches and an antique, large clock was anciently placed in the center of the room that made Mugen nauseated because of its oddball cameo in the room.

    In general, the place and the people there, failed.

    Mugen, in despair, hung his head back in the chair with boredom, but in only a matter of seconds he heard the door being pushed open with the stereotypical *eeerrrrr* sound. An unassuming man was what appeared in the doorway and an even more disappointed Mugen stared heavily. If there ever was a time where he would've killed someone for fashion sense, or lack there of, it would be now because of the stark contrast between sheathed weapons and...jeans!

    Cavan Elyse was a fashion don't, personified. Though Mugen couldn't talk.

    At least the weapons were hints as to what they were here for and undoubtedly what the future held for them within the next couple of hours. Standing up and stretching, Mugen looked around the room with furrowed eyebrows.

    "The name is Mugen." He thought his confident personality would help him through the introduction but Mugen became terrifyingly aware of how...different he looked from everyone else. Rubbing a hand through his mohawk and grinning wildly, he did the only thing that felt right and gave everyone a thumbs up(LAME!).

    "I hail from Mars."[/blockquote]
    Tag: Orphan Central
  22. KraytDragon90

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    Apr 1, 2005
    IC: Tandie

    Only one thing was on Tandie?s mind. Ever since he had been drug all the way from the Lunar Colony back to Earth. The only thing he could think of was: why was he here? No one adopted kids his age. He was 17, almost old enough to be let out of the place and off on his own. That?s what he had been talking to Genevieve about before the man with the swords burst into the room. An interesting girl, to be sure, but Tandie was just too distracted by the situation to really talk about anything else.

    Tandie listened to the man?s introduction speech with half a mind. His thoughts went into overdrive the minute he saw the swords. A man with swords had gathered a bunch of nobody orphans together for some purpose. If it was to adopt them all, the man was probably psychotic. A dozen kids? No way in Chaos would that work. But if he was there to adopt them all..he had swords. Maybe he would let Tandie play with the swords, learn to use them. The stupid orphanage didn?t allow weapons, a fact that annoyed Tandie to no ends. Maybe this was an early end to that particular restriction? And if he didn't let Tandie around the swords...well no one was awake all the time. Maybe Tandie could sneak a few minutes here and there with them. But what if he locked them up? Tandie would have to find a way around that...

    Tandie closed his eyes for a second to clear his thoughts before steadying his cool gaze on Cavan. ?Tandie. From the Lunar Colony. Why am I here??

    TAG: Any and all
  23. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Juno Xing

    Orphanage, Boston, United States

    Juno kicked back and forth on her chair, a small smile on her face. Willow was beginning to look frustrated; she had been trying to make small talk, to 'get to know each other' ... but it hadn't been working. Or rather, it had been working, just not in the way she'd intended. Juno could be an incredibly aggravating conversationalist when the mood struck.

    And the mood had definitely struck. Being shipped from New York to Boston had been nothing new - Juno had gone through several orphanage transfers already - but upon arrival she had been immediately hustled into this room without any explanation whatsoever, only a "Wait here." She was wary and bored, and the other kids here weren't helping. Although verbal fencing with Willow had been entertaining for a while.

    This Cavan Elyse guy, though - so he was the one who'd arranged for them all to be here. Why? Juno's gaze flicked around the room - surely he wasn't going to adopt all of them. Most of them looked to be her age or older, which meant they were already past the usual age for adoption; a couple of years and they'd be out of the stupid orphanage system entirely. What was his deal?
    And what did he need with four swords?

    "I'm Juno," she announced, when it came to her turn, "from Kusanagi originally, but I grew up in the States." She crossed her arms and added, echoing Tandie's question, "Why are we all here?"

    TAG: Elu, Grey, Orphanage gang
  24. Jedi_padawan_leigh

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    Feb 13, 2003
    IC: Willow (Elyse)
    Orphanage, Boston, United States

    Willow rubbed her temples as she sat at the table in the orphanage, a slightly frustrated look on her face. She had no idea why she had been summoned here. Only that it made her feel slightly uncomfortable. One moment she was returning to her orphanage after a day of serving bossy customers at a café in Montreal, the next she was in Boston, along with a bunch of other kids who also seemed to have no clue what was going on. One such kid, a girl named Juno, she had struck up a small conversation with in an attempt to try ease her discomfort . Just general small talk for the most part, but it didn?t seem to be working, ending up more like a verbal sparing match than anything else.

    She didn?t really like not knowing what was going on. Was this some sort of short-list for a possible adoption? ?Pfft? she thought to herself. She had been in the system since the age of 2, if someone didn?t want her then, why would they want her now as a teenager? Her thoughts were interrupted at the sight of somebody entering the room. A man stood in the room with them now, and Willow?s eyebrows furrowed a little as she took in the mans appearance. Blue jeans, a white cloak jacket looking thing?and swords!? Then he began to speak

    Hello everyone. If you?re wondering, I?ll let you know right now that I?m the one who got your Orphanages to send you all here and so I?m the one you?re to meet.?

    ?So he?s the one behind this? Willow thought to herself as the mans eyes looked over them all. Willow shifted slightly in her chair

    ?My name is Cavan Elyse and I?m most curious about all of you and pleased to meet you. Would you all care to introduce yourselves??

    A few of the other kids began their introductions. She waited until after Juno finished speaking before addressing the heavily armed man

    ?My name is Willow?

    She said simply.

    TAG: Elu, Grey, Orphans
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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Sophie Delphine
    Lyon, France: March 12th, 2810

    The young woman, Sophie Delphine, sat still and motionless as she let out a happy sigh, watching the scene unfold before her. A man, a handsome and wonderfully kind man, lowered himself until he was on one knee, a little black box in his hands. With a nervous smile, he cracked it open to reveal a sparkling diamond ring nestled safely within the soft velvet material. "You're the best woman I could ever ask for...will you marry me?" he breathed out, a grin quickly spreading across his amazing features.

    The brunette sucked in a breath to utter her answer in reply, but before she could another voice sounded behind her. A feminine voice. "You're obsessed. You know that?"

    Sophie leapt up in surprise sending various snacks to the ground and a small book that resembled a diary. She turned from the television (much more advanced) to stare at the intruder. "Fleur! I told you not to sneak up on me!" She hissed a in rich French accent.

    Fleur who stood behind the worn couch, looked very similar to Sophie with the same brown hair, though longer and brown eyes like her sister. She rested her hands on her hips and shook her head in amusement. ?Sneak up on you? I?ve been here for over an hour now, you just never noticed.? She replied with a laugh. ?Anyway, I actually need to talk to you about a plan I have.?

    ?A plan? I better sit down for this, then,? Sophie murmured and turned off the TV. She settled herself back on the couch and draped her arm over the back of it, watching and quietly waiting for her sister to explain this little ?plan? of hers. This should be interesting...she thought.

    ?Alright, you know how you and I have wanted to open our own restaurant? Well, I got back from talking to mom and dad about my idea and they say it?s a great idea.? She said and leaned against the back of the couch as well, pausing to let the suspense in her sister rise...though failing. ?Okay, here?s my plan. We go to America and open it there!?

    Sophie blinked in surprise, not quite sure what she was expecting in the first place. ?America? Open a shop in America? Why America? They?re all snobs over there.?

    ?Well, I?m sure they think the same of us. Come on, Soph. The only French restaurants they have there are the American-born who think they know French food. We?ve got mom?s recipes, we?ll do great over there...and besides, wasn?t it you who just said you were tired of living here? It?ll be a new life for us! Don?t you want that?? Fleur began batting her eyelashes, which were lengthened considerably by makeup.

    She shook her head and furrowed her brows. ?That?s the craziest idea I?ve ever heard, Fleur! If we stay here, we won?t need to worry that no one will be there to get us out of trouble.?

    Fleur reached out and took her sister?s hands into her own. ?But you went to college for this, Sophie! Why waste the time and the money that went into that and actually use what you learned! I bet grandma would be proud of us if she were still around. Remember what she did? She saved up every bit of money and moved to Indonesia in Australia when she retired and when grandpa died. We could do what she did.?

    Sophie sighed and stared at Fleur, seeing the determination flare up in them. "I don't know, Fleur...Do we even have enough money for a flight over there? Plus accommodations and food?"

    "That's why we take at a look at everything we have and decide that way, you never know until you try! And you know as well as I do, we can't spend the rest of our lives working for mom and dad. We need to finally spread our wings and see the world for what it is."

    The older brunette promptly shut her mouth before accepting and quirked a brow up to the best of her ability. "And how do I know you're not just wanting to go to America because Cavan Elyse lives in America?"

    Fleur leaned back in surprise, blinking in confusion a few times. "Cavan lives in America? I didn't know that!"

    "Sure, you didn't." Sophie said and rolled her eyes at her s
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