Beyond - Legends Tell Luke (Mara angst) - complete

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    Very nice ending. I agree with Ceillean that the author messed up Callista. To me it was the bodysnatching. If she was pulled out of carbonite I may have warmed up to her. If you noticed in my fanfics where she doesn't body snatch I am nice to her.

    Excellent story. I actually didn't see that ending. You did a good job.
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    Tarsier, hello! And squee! You gave this L/M lover a great ending! @};- [:D] [:D]
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    @mavjade Thanks so much for your comments! I'm glad you liked the end. Mind if I ask how you did see it ending?

    @Ceillean Thank you! Yes, Callista had so much potential that wasn't even touched on. (In case it isn't obvious since I often kill her off, she is one of my favorite characters.)

    @Jedi_Lover Thanks! I'm glad you liked the end. Just curious, how did you see it ending?

    Hi @Jade_eyes Thank you for commenting, I'm glad you liked it!
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