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Story (Terminator) Jungle Warfare(All OC's, used prior knowledge of Vietnamese language and culture)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by KnightFr0mOssus, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. KnightFr0mOssus

    KnightFr0mOssus Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 26, 2009
    Title: Terminator: Jungle Warfare
    Characters: Long Tran(pronounce long chan), no one major as of yet other than him
    Genre: Dystopia, war drama, sci-fi.

    Judgement Day, 2004, Near Nha Trang, Vietnam
    A group young woman were walking up a pathway with rice hats on carrying produce from a market. They were returning from a little trip to a produce market with food. They had children with them as well, young children, toddlers. They were skipping and laughing with the hubris of youth. Then there was a very loud rumble. Looking in the direction of the sound, the group could see an enormous mushroom cloud rise above the treeline. Nha Trang to the east had been hit with a nuclear warhead. Quickly, the women began grabbing up their children. None hesitated as they were crying hysterically. Well, none except little Long Tran. The three year old boy was standing stiffly staring into the mushroom cloud. Desperately, his mother tried to pick him up but he fought with such strength that it took some time to get him into her arms.
    In the middle of a large stretch of jungle, there was a small bunker from the time of the Vietnam War. It was a minor outpost for the Vietcong, but now, it?s only purpose was to house refugees of the apocalypse. It was small but very well hidden. The refugees were from many places, but especially from Cambodia, Laos, China, and Vietnam itself. They were hiding from the computer AI Skynet which triggered the nuclear holocaust of 2004 and subsequently began a pogrom to eradicate what was left of humanity. Even insignificant places like Vietnam were crawling with Skynet?s Terminators and Hunter-Killers. But like the Vietcong and the Army GI?s, the Vietnamese, Khmer, and Laotians were very well accustomed to their environment while the Terminators occasionally had trouble with it. Also, there were many Vietnam war era weapons and bunkers still in the jungle. Saboteurs were so common that Skynet gave up trying to sending treecutters and instead began sending aerostats to find and report fugitives. Then, either terminators or HK?s would root them out.

    Kinh mung Maria,
    day on phuc. Duc chua troi
    o cung ba. Ba co phuc la
    hon moi nguoinu, va giesu,
    con long ba, gom phuc la
    thanh Maria duc me chua troi
    cau cho chung con, la ke co toi khi nay
    va trong gio lam tu. Amen.......

    "Pham Minh, turn that song off! This isn't time to remind us of old Vietnam." It was captain of the guard Anh Tran. *(Le, Tran, and Nguyen[pronounced win] are the most common surnames in Vietnamese and so many people have them as their las name so you shouldn't identify relatives by their last name. I will indicate someone is related or not)
    "Aww, but captain, I love this song. It reminds me of going to church as a kid with my parents. My parents had this song playing during their wedding."
    "Pham, I don't care if it's uplifting, it brings pain to those who hear it. I'm sure many others are reminded of old Viatnam when they hear that song. The last thing we need is a guard sobbing on the job. We're grossly understaffed so we need everyone's cooperation."

    The two guard were sitting at the door of the outposts, ak-47's in hand. They were wearing rags with leaves and such glued to the cloth. The rags were dyed green.All guards and soldiers in the South-East Asian resistance wore this type of clothing.

    I'll add more when I have the time. Till then peace.
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