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Discussion in 'Raleigh, NC' started by TallonKaardgamer, May 19, 2005.

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  1. TallonKaardgamer Jedi Padawan

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    In the speech I gave just before Ep 3's premiere, I had neglected to acknowledge one very important person.

    Stacey haa done a herculean job keeping things so organized and on time. She did what no one else could have done. Everyone needs to send her a big thank you here for all her hard work and efforts.

    Stacey did the following activities to make our premiere a complete success:

    1. Purchased all the t-shirts up front and picked them up from Spectrum Graphics.
    2. Paid for all the prize support by going to Party City, Toys R us, Target, Mitchells, WalMart, and several other stores in the Cary area.
    3. Went to the Mitchells craft store and paid for the origami paper for the xwings.
    4. Travelled to the copier 2 times to print the xwing template how-to, the lightsaber base project listing.
    5. Purchased the demos starter kits for SW miniatures and TCGs from Fallen Orc.
    6. Stacey kept me on task and well organized - not an easy job at all.

    As a result, Stacey executed what I needed from my team and she made me look great.

    Please congratulate her on a job well done!

  2. Psycho_Jedi Jedi Youngling

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    Word, I knew that Stacey had done a lot, but that was a lot more than I was expecting!! Thank you for all your hard work Stacey!!!
  3. LlorchTHX Jedi Youngling

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    That was some awesome logistic work. All my congratulations and thanks for your incredibly effort (and the little details too).


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