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  1. Darth_Furio SFTC Champion

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    Lumiya fought Luke at the height of his power to a stand still.

    That's Talzin and not Gethzerion. We never see anything like that from her.

    Granted it seems Lumiya has not faced a Nightsister before and lightning would be a problem, but she trained under Vader and Palpatine. You think they never mentioned Force Lightning to her? It's not a new concept. Her cybernetics also enhance her speed and strength. Her ligthwhip gives her the ability for ranged attacks. She uses it like a lightsabre, and would probably just get out of the way of the lightning.

    Why is Gethzerion's prep so much more than Lumiya's? Lumiya was a master at espionage, traps, bombs, and poisons. She can manipulate your perception with Force phantasms. I think she can think of something for a Dathomiri witch.
  2. Darth_Furio SFTC Champion

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    Darth Caedus vs. Lord Vitate

    "I tell you this: though neither he nor they yet know it, he is the greatest of all the Jedi. Jacen Solo is the living Jedi dream. Even without the Force, he is more dangerous than you can possibly imagine."
    ―Vergere, to Nom Anor

    Darth Caedus was the man. Jacen Solo is my favorite character and Darth Caedus should have been so much more. Stupid Del Rey :p I'm quoting from the wook and I’m sorry, but there is just so much on him.

    - - Jacen defeated Nom Anor and Onimi.
    - - Become one with the Force while living! Tionne Solusar described him as "briefly transformed into the most powerful manifestation of the Force on record."
    - - He took on the Sword of the Jedi twice and only lost to her the second time because he was distracted and she had Luke helping her.
    - - He stalemated Luke Skywalker and injured him severely, on the Anakin Solo.
    - - Owned Kyle Katarn and a team of Jedi.
    - - Defeated a PO’d Mara Jade Skywalker.
    - - Defeated a bunch of Mandos, which isn’t a big deal unless you're Karen Traviss
    - - His lightsabre skills second only to Luke IMO.
    - - Darth Caedus is another master manipulator
    - - Could break through mental attacks and influence others through the Force.
    - - Could be the focal point of Battle Meditation – Battle of Myrkr
    - - “Solo could use the Force to project a sensation of dread to others, driving them away, and exert a powerful mind trick that would could compel even a talented Jedi. He was also able to fool the perceptions of fellow Jedi and project a false Force presence.”
    - - “He also had a natural talent with those Force skills involved in the manipulation of the body. Solo was able to use the Force to dull pain. He was also talented in healing, able to skillfully put others into healing trances, among other healing powers. He could exercise precise control over his own bodily functions, manipulating blood flow and organ performance in order to modify his physical condition and adapt to his environment or wounds. Solo could also influence others, putting them to sleep or lending them strength.”
    - - He used the Force to see the future
    - - “As both Jacen Solo and Darth Caedus, he had more than merely the light side at his command. During his fall to the dark side while wandering on Coruscant, Solo instinctively summoned Force lightning and performed a Force choke as well. When he became a Sith Lord, Solo commanded both those powers, and he applied them quite liberally. After becoming Darth Caedus, he had access to Sith battle meditation, giving him an ability to anticipate events and understand and manipulate the battlefield. When furious, Caedus began to manifest physical effects of the dark side, turning his irises yellow. In addition, his time as a captive of the Yuuzhan Vong had taught him how to suppress his responses to pain through sheer willpower, though he still felt the sensation. Eventually, he became capable of virtually ignoring physical pain, shrugging off such wounds as an amputated arm or a lightsaber blade through his midsection.”
    - All the abilities he learned while on his five year trek. Flow walking, Blood trails, Fighting Sight etc etc etc

    So from Palpatine light (Vitate) we get an emperor who defeats Revan and manipulates Scourge into killing Meetra Surik. Revan in turn is actually manipulating him. This fight happened on Dromund Kaas which I am sure helped him and won’t help him here on Endor. Besides, Caedus could draw on the same power to buoy himself too. Vitate is defeated by the Hero of Tython who is another Revan type. I would argue that Caedus > Revan anyway. Some considered Darth Jadus as being the Sith to be worried about more than the Emperor himself. All rep I know, but Jadus was looming.

    Vitate destroys a world, granted, but he needed the Force presences of those on the planet to do it. He’s all evil blah, blah. Caedus kills Kashyyyk, Fondor, fires on his parents ship, tries to turn his cousin to the Dark Side, Kill his uncle and his twin sister. He’s pretty evil by the end too. :p

    Sith Lightning? Caedus has it too. Lightsabre ability? Vitate is a thousand years old. Caedus is faster. Force powers Caedus has Light Side and Dark Side techniques to draw from as shown above. Darth Caedus just looks badass too. To round this all off, he is a Skywalker.


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  3. Skywalker_T-65 Jedi Grand Master

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    Turns out I probably won't be able to get an argument up.

    I underestimated just how much time would needed to be put into final prep and finishing up my last papers. So don't feel like you have to wait on me to judge ;)
  4. CrazyOldHermit Jedi Master

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    Both Havok and Maladi were skilled with a lightsaber. He was a former Master with the Imperial Knights and capable of producing powerful force illusions. Maladi was an alchemist and skilled with Yuuzhan Vong technology and she engaged in lightsaber combat against Celeste Morne and Shado Vao. They both survived the events surrounding Krayt's death and joined with Darth Nihl after Darth Krayt was killed. Unleashing their strongest skills, perhaps a combination of Force illusions, Sith alchemy and powerful lightsaber attacks in concert, it may be possible to overwhelm her before she can get the upper hand. Prep would have helped.
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  5. DarthIntegral JC Comic Draft Commish/SFTC Winner

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    Mikaboshi's Heartbreak (2) vs. Redwood Originals (3)

    Gnost Dural (prep) vs. Lord Hoth
    K’Kruhk vs. Plo Koon/Qui-Gon Jinn
    Kyle Katarn vs. Kam Solusar
    Forfeit (Xaj/Dowmat/Lsu) vs. Forfeit (Jinn/Koon) - DRAW
    Vodo Siosk-Baas (prep) vs. Nat Skywalker

    Hoth is all rep, no feats. Hard to go with him against anyone with serous backbone. Plo Koon sucks.


    Heavy Metal (2) vs. Old Reliable (3)

    Darth Havok/Darth Maladi vs. Satele Shan
    Darth Maul/Savage Oppress vs. Forfeit (Horn/Solo)
    Darth Malak vs. Forfeit (Secura/Fisto)
    Forfeit (Savage/Maul) vs. Tholme (prep)
    Forfeit (Havok/Maladi) vs. Yoda

    I mean, is it possible the trump takes this one? Yeah, in guess so. But it seems like two dimes against a quarter. Sure, you've got two shiny coins, but that trick only works on toddlers.

    The Furious Sithish (3) vs. The Injustice League of Korriban (2)

    Lumiya (prep) vs. Gethzerion (prep)
    Darth Caedus vs. Lord Vitiate
    Darth Nihilus vs. Darth Bane
    Darth Krayt vs. Jerec
    Lucien Draay vs. Darth Plagueis

    Lumiya prepped is fantastically scary. In every sense. Good, top end losses, combined with enough wins puts her in another class from Gethz. Caedus, when focused and at his best is top five in the draft. Vitiate is not quite on that level. Nihilus is the Plo Koon of the dark side.


    Dynamo Coruscant (4) vs. Hooded Figures in the Dog Park (1)

    Saba Sebatyne (prep) vs. Arca Jeth
    Anakin Skywalker vs. Revan
    Forfeit (Solo/Veila) vs. Aryn Leneer
    Agen Kolar vs. Galen Marek
    Jaina Solo vs. Darth Nyriss

    Skywalker has enough if an edge with lightsaber skill to take it. Fantastic match though. Another reason why we need a proper remake of Masters of Terras Kai.


    Black Sabbath (2) vs. The Shatterpoints (3)

    Kaox Krul vs. Forfeit (Kuro/Mundi)
    Darth Sidious vs. Kol Skywalker/Wolf Sazen
    Lord Nyax vs. Forfeit (Kol/Wolf)
    Asajj Ventress vs. Ferus Olin
    Lord Kas’im vs. Shaak Ti

    I love me some Shaak Ti, but the style of Kas'im is a bad match for her.
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  6. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    @Jordan1Kenobi - if you want to put your case in for Vitiate, I'll hold my votes until this evening or tomorrow morning, since it's the weekend.
  7. Jordan1Kenobi Jedi Master

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    I'll get something up for Lord Vitiate in a few hours.
  8. Jordan1Kenobi Jedi Master

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    Darth Caedus vs. Lord Vitiate

    You say that Caedus is in the top 5 of this draft, along with Luke, Sidious and Yoda I'm guessing, but wouldn't Vitiate be in there as well? The only other ones could be Windu or Anakin, and surely Vitiate at his best is better than them.

    Caedus has a lot of impressive feats, and has shown to be really powerful, but Vitiate has been shown to be even more powerful. He doesn't have as many feats, but the feats he does have are more impressive.

    He defeated Revan and Malak and turning them to the dark side without even getting out of his throne. Revan and Malak didn't come to Vitiate unprepared, yet they didn't even manage to get near him, and they are both really skilled and powerful Force users. Is Caedus that much better than Revan and Malak combined? If he is, he might be able to actually start a fight with him.

    He defeated the Jedi strike team, which has the Hero of Tython in it, and turned them to the dark side without even engaging in battle once again. I honestly don't know how someone can be that powerful that they can not only take out a group of top Jedi without hardly moving, but also turning them to the dark side. I see that Caedus defeated a group of Jedi as well, but I'm guessing he had to engage in battle with them, where as Vitiate doesn't have to do this as his Force powers are that powerful.

    Yes he destroyed an entire planet and absorbed every living Force on it, and even if he needed the Force presences on other planets to do it, which I didn't know, I'd like to see Caedus try and do what he did. Vitiate was already powerful enough to absorb an entire planet, so just imagine how powerful he became after absorbing every living Force on it.

    He may be over a thousand years older than Caedus, but I wouldn't say that's a disadvantage, I'd say that's a big advantage, because look how much more experience he has. Just imagine how many Jedi and Sith he's dealt with over a thousand years and what he's learnt from all those encounters. Caedus is young and doesn't know nearly as much about the Force as Vitiate. Vitiate has a lot of powerful Force powers and abilities as well, probably more than Caedus, so Caedus wouldn't have the advantage there. Caedus may be better with a lightsaber, but they aren't equal on Force powers, so the battle might not even come down to their skills with a lightsaber.
  9. KenKenobi Jedi Master

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    Sithperor's not getting sliced, but Jacen is still leagues above him, ill when he speaks in tongues but...(that's a reference to Em as a rapper, somebody call Zooks)

    Agreed with Inty on all but one...

    With the aid of Jocasta Nu (who actually sucks even as a librarian but anyway)...

    Also was initially leaning Shaak Ti there, great argument @The Loyal Imperial. And good luck with your Finals @Skywalker_T-65!

    Amen brother.
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  10. The Great No One Jedi Grand Master

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    not hoth. he really doesn't have much that's actually... backed up by anything, despite what ken posted. you have him fighting no bodies. there's just more shown about shaak ti.
  11. KenKenobi Jedi Master

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    He's fighting Gnost Dural, but okay. Glad you read it so carefully.
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  12. The Great No One Jedi Grand Master

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    yay conflating things in my head...

    and i've read that particular post... five or six times at this point ken. i still wouldn't vote for hoth in most cases. i'd take him over lord kaan, since he's got even less, but they're both just rep. i don't respect just rep. i still like gnost over him.
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  13. KenKenobi Jedi Master

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    You've read that post five or six times? I've only quoted once, that's weird man don't be weird.
  14. DarthIntegral JC Comic Draft Commish/SFTC Winner

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    When you read KenKenobi's post six times, he thinks you're weird.
    When KenKenobi thinks you're weird, you rethink your life.
    When you rethink your life, you join a new cult.
    When you join a new cult, you end up at a crazy political rally.
    When you end up at a crazy political really, you get praised by Fox News.

    Don't end up getting praised by Fox News.
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  15. The Great No One Jedi Grand Master

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    it's more related to other drafts. i thought about drafting him, and decided against it after reading it simply because of how little there is. by the time i thought he was worth taking he was already gone. i've also referred other people to said post, so i had to find it.
  16. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    Sorry for the lull guys. We'll reset in the morning and move forward.
  17. Point Given Mod of Literature and Community

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    It's fine. I've been too busy to get an argument for Anakin up.
  18. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    You won't need to, he already won. Inty + KK.

    Round Results, no teams.

    Mikaboshi's Heartbreak (6) vs. Redwood Originals (3) (1 DRAW)
    Heavy Metal (4) vs. Old Reliable (6)
    The Furious Sithish (6) vs. The Injustice League of Korriban (4)
    Dynamo Coruscant (7) vs. Hooded Figures in the Dog Park (3)
    Black Sabbath (7) vs. The Shatterpoints (3)

    Real Boss Nass
    1. Old Reliable (Minch) 3-0 -- 18-12-0
    2. Mikaboshi's Heartbreakers 3-0 -- 17-11-2
    3. Black Sabbath (TLI) 2-1 -- 18-12-0
    4. Heavy Metal (COH) 1-2 -- 13-16-1
    5. Redwood Originals (WE) 0-3 -- 10-18-2

    Salacious B. Crumb FC
    1. Dynamo Coruscant (PG) 3-0 -- 20-9-1
    2. The Furious Sithish (Furio) 2-1 -- 15-13-2
    3. Injustice League of Korriban (Jordan) 1-2 -- 13-17-0
    4. Hooded Figure In The Dog Park (DarkEagle) 0-3 -- 11-19-0
    5. The Shatterpoints (Skywalker) 0-3 -- 10-18-2

    FREE AGENCY IS NOW OPEN, UNTIL FRIDAY, MAY 9 at 12 PM noon EST (or until all numbers are submitted). Please list your full, updated team once changes are made.

    Next round will take place in Cloud City, Bespin on a landing platform.


    Matchups are:

    Mikaboshi vs. COH
    TLI vs. Minch

    Furio vs. DarkEagle
    Skywalker vs. Jordan

    Whiteeagle vs. Point Given
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  19. Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master

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    Shouldn't I be in 2nd place in my division? Sure TLI has more individual wins than I do, but then again I did beat his team.
  20. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    Good grief, I edited that like 20 seconds after post. You're quick.

    FA List

    Adalric Cessius Brandl
    Adi Gallia
    Ajunta Pall
    Alema Rar
    Anoon Bondara
    Antinnis Tremayn
    Asaak Dan
    Atton Rand
    Bant Eerin
    Boc Aseca
    Brianna (Handmaiden)
    Bultar Swan
    Callista Ming
    Celeste Morne
    Cin Drallig
    Coleman Trebor
    Cronal (Blackhole/Shadowspawn)
    Dace Diath
    Darrus Jeht
    Darth Angral
    Darth Azard
    Darth Bandon
    Darth Baras
    Darth Chratis
    Darth Desolous
    Darth Jadus
    Darth Karrid
    Darth Kruhl
    Darth Maleval
    Darth Phobos
    Darth Scabrous
    Darth Talon
    Dasariah Kothos
    Dass Jenner
    Devan For'deschel
    Drake Lo'gaan
    Duron Qel-Droma
    Echuu Shen-Jon
    Eeth Koth
    Eldon Ax
    Elke Vetter
    Empatojayos Brand
    Etain Tur-Mukan
    Even Piell
    Exal Kressh
    Fable Astin
    Finn Galfridian
    Fortris Gall
    Foul Moudama
    Freedon Nadd
    Gavar Khai
    Halagad Ventor
    Jafer Torles
    Jaesa Wilsaam
    Jai Maruk
    Jastus Farr
    Jax Pavan
    Jeng Droga
    Jocasta Nu
    Joclad Danva
    Johun Othone
    Jolee Bindo
    Jon Antilles
    Jorak Uln
    Jorus C'baoth
    Joruus C'baoth
    Kai Justiss
    Kazdan Paratus
    Kenth Hamner
    Kento Marek
    Kerra Holt
    Kiel Charny
    Kira Carsen
    Kirana Ti
    Klin-Fa Gi
    Knol Ven'nari
    Koffi Arana
    Komari Vosa
    Lanius Qel-Bertuk
    Lar Le'Ung
    Lomi Plo
    Lord Adraas
    Lord Kaan
    Lord Kopecz
    Lord Qordis
    Ludo Kressh
    Mander Zuma
    Marasiah Fel
    Maris Brood
    Marka Ragnos
    Naga Sadow
    Nahdar Vebb
    Nejaa Halcyon
    Nelani Dinn
    Nico Diath
    Octa Ramis
    Olaris Rhea
    Oppo Rancisis
    Orgus Din
    Oss Wilum
    Picaroon C. Boodle (Pic)
    Pong Krell
    Qrrrl Toq
    Querdan Dei
    Qu Rahn
    Raana Tey
    Rachi Sitra
    Rasi Tuum
    Raynar Thul
    Relin Druur
    Roan Fel
    Roan Shryne
    Roblio Darte
    Rojo Trace
    Ronhar Kim
    Roron Corobb
    Rosh Penin
    Sa Cuis
    Saesee Tiin
    Saes Rrogon
    Sarasu Taalon
    Sayar Dun'La
    Sedriss QL
    Serra Keto
    Set Harth
    Sev'rance Tann
    Sha Koon
    Sharad Hett
    Shigar Konshi
    Shoaneb Culu
    Sia-Lan Wezz
    Sian Jeisel
    Sigel Dare
    Siri Tachi
    Stass Allie
    Tamith Kai
    Tavion Axmis
    Te Corso
    Teneb Kel
    Tenel Ka
    Tesar Sebatyne
    Thann Mithric
    Toki Tollivar
    Tol Skorr
    Tott Doneeta
    Treis Sinde
    Tresina Lobi
    Tr'a Saa
    Tsui Choi
    Tulak Hord
    Uthar Wynn
    Valenthyne Farfalla
    Valin Horn
    Ven Zallow
    Vil Kothos
    Vima Sunrider
    Visas Marr
    Viun Gaalan
    Voolvif Monn
    Vrook Lamar
    Whie Malreaux
    Xat Hracken
    Yarael Poof
    Ylenic It'kla
    Yuthura Ban
    Zayne Carrick
    Zett Jukassa
    Zez-Kai Ell
    Zule Xiss
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  21. Jordan1Kenobi Jedi Master

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    I'll swap Darth Nihl for Darth Talon.

    Injustice League of Korriban

    1. Lord Vitiate
    2. Darth Bane
    3. Darth Plagueis
    4. Darth Traya
    5. Lord Scourge
    6. Darth Sion
    7. Mother Talzin
    8. Jerec
    9. Darth Talon
    10. Gethzerion

    Also, didn't I only have 3 wins in the last round because of a draw?
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  22. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    Yes. I read the bolded draw as your vote in the first five. Will change on the next update, thank you.
  23. DarthIntegral JC Comic Draft Commish/SFTC Winner

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  24. heels1785 JCC/PT/New Films Manager

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    Only 2 sets of numbers in so far.
  25. Darth_Furio SFTC Champion

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