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Ottawa The 2nd Annual NE Fanforce Awards

Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by Minder, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. Minder

    Minder Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 28, 2002
    I was asked to post this so you wouls all know about it.

    The 2nd Annual NE Fanforce Awards

    Date: Saturday April 21st
    Time: 6pm-midnight
    Where: Pittsburgh Comicon, Pittsburgh ,PA

    All Chapters in the NE region will be judged in the following categories:

    1. C3P0 award - (most talkative) This award will go to the chapter who has the most active forum on the FF boards.

    2. R2D2 Award - This award goes to the chapter with the best website.

    3. Chewie Award - This award goes to the Chapter with the best Fanfilm. This will be viewers Choice. The voting will be up to the members in the NE region. Please PM me a link to your Fanfilm where it can be viewed so I can link that to the boards once this is announced on FF.

    4. Luke Award - Goes to the FF chapter who has grown not only grown in numbers by member count but has shown an overall improvement in their group as a whole.

    5. Padme Award - This Award goes to Best Chapter Rep in the Region. This Cr must show strong leadership skills and overall great communication amongst their chapter and is an active voice with FF.

    6. Leia Award - Goes to the Chapter who has been actively involved in charity events within their own community and has contributed to their Chapter hometown in some way.

    7.Queen Amidala AWard - Best Costuming group. Goes to the Chapter with the best costumes overall as a group. In order to compete for this you will need to submit a group costumed photo.

    8. Vader Award - This goes to the chapter with the best Forum Banner.

    9. yoda Award- (service award)Our highest Award. This will go to the chapter /person in the NE region who has shown exceptional dedication to their love of Star Wars. Consistently has contributed in the FF community in some way.

    Now on to our rules:

    1.Anyone can nominate a chapter/Person in the NE region for a specified award.
    2. All AWards will be voted upon by FF GSA's/RSA's with the exception of the Fanfilm award. That is viewers choice.
    Please do not post your votes or nominations on the boards. We would like to keep this a suprise for the awards

    4. Deadline for group photo submissions is April 6th.

    All nominees will be announced on April 7th.
    Voting will close on April 14th @ 9 pm.

    Fanfilms. Please PM me links to this so I can have a special thread for all of these. Please do not post your links.
    Thank you.

    This is going to be alot of fun! This is the Second year doing this and we continue to be the first region to do so as well. Im very proud of the NE region and you guys should be too!

    Good Luck to everyone and May the force be with you !!!!

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