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Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by Sith-I-5, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Fenlaka Zula, RPF Academy Reception

    Apparently, Fen?s assumption that the tall female before him was a Trianni, was a mistake.

    ?I'm afraid you still have yet to meet one, my friend. I am of the Felacatian people, not the Trianni. An easy mistake to make, and you are certainly not the first to make it. But as for my purpose he....?

    Her warm smile made the boy feel better, ensuring he did not feel bad about the mis-ident. Some species got quite offended when you mis-identified them.

    He wanted to repeat the name of her race, to make sure he had it correctly.

    ?Do you have security problems here? I was told this was a safe planet.?

    ?With an entrance like that, I would not be surprised if this human is my reason for being summoned here.?
    She spat, then turned back to him with such a bright smile that the young twi?lek felt a pang of disappointment when a Colgate ?Ring of Confidence? didn?t silently zip round her neck. ?Now where was I? Oh yes. I was sent here to rendezvous with one Cheznov. I was told you'd be expecting me, but from your reaction, I'm guessing they neglected to tell you...?

    ?You guessed right,? Fen smiled back at her, hoping that he didn?t sound too smug. These front-facing roles could catch speakers off-guard sometimes. He wasn?t trained for this sort of thing.

    The woman looked up, muttered something spicy about a Hutt and something beginning with ?G?. He decided he wouldn?t ask Dad what the words meant, as part of a cunning survival plan.

    ?Still, " she sighed wistfully, ?If this does prove to be a wasted journey, I suppose even an old feline like myself can stand to learn a new trick or two about roleplaying. Never too old to learn, I always say.?

    I bet you don?t, Fen thought, hoping that she wasn?t telepathic. Losing two Masters to Order 66, prior to being adopted by the twi?lek, tended to make one cynical.

    He had never understood the comment that ?you could have too much of a good thing?, but as the Felacat.......the cat thing beamed down at him, he discovered that she was starting to freak him out a bit.
    The woman was made of smile. It was with a bit of a wrench, that he was able to wrest his gaze from the woman?s and look over to the second person.

    ?Yes, about the security situation; I think you are confusing me-? with someone who gives a sith ?-with the Iskalonian Tourist Board. My only concern is the security of this academy; you have a problem with the rest of the planet, take that up with the government.?

    ?I'm sorry for sneaking in, it's a dirty habit.?

    The padawan had no idea what to say to that, but that was just as well, as the human went quiet, noticeably drinking in the form. Not the easiest species name to remember.
    He understood how the human felt though; he was exactly the same way round Crunchy Nut Rhylcate. The thought prompted Fen to lick his lips.


    ?'re going to be my..mentor??

    Ah. So that meant he must be this Cheznov person. So far, he did not recall the woman giving her name.

    ?Well...what're we going to be doing? I can already shoot pretty straight.?

    ?Well, in the absence of any straight answers, as a default, I can give you access to our training game.? Fen offered, sitting at Tosh?s computer to start dialling up the stargate. He stopped. ?Or, you have both had long journeys; we have the gate address for the [link=]Restaurant at the End of the Universe[/link] over on the Resource Forum, where you can eat, drink, interact with each other In Character, and,? he added, gaily stepping outside his authority, ?if there is an Imperial Seatrooper there named Sergeant Isk, tell him he?s fired!?

    Tag: Kira Shay, Jamton


    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    OOC: No worries, Sithy :)
    [b]IC: Nylen Siira[/b]
    [i]~Academy Reception, Iskalon~[/i]
    Feeling the human's wandering eyes on her, Nylen's otherwise calm demeanour was broken by her tail twitching in an agitated manner. In her peripheral vision, she caught a slight blush tinting the man's cheeks and the Felacatian couldn't help but glance round to see if she'd got something caught in her fur.

    [color=purple][i]"So... You're going to be my... Mentor? Well... What're we going to be doing? I can already shoot pretty straight."[/i][/color]

    With a pained sigh, Nylen lifted a hand to her eyes, rubbing them gently; this was going to a be a long, and difficult assignment. Before she had a chance to set things straight with the human, [b]Fen[/b] chimed in with some useful information regarding two possible places to begin; the training game or the restaurant, [i]Milliways[/i]. Taking a moment's pause to consider their options, Nylen nodded a silent agreement to herself.

    [color=indigo]"Firstly, I will assume that you are indeed [i]Cheznov[/i]."[/color] The Leopardess glanced down at the man briefly before pressing on without waiting for a response.

    [color=indigo]"Secondly, I was sent here to whip you into shape. Seems you've managed to upset some rather influential people with your... [i]Messanen[/i]?"[/color]

    Looking up at the ceiling, Nylen's eyebrows furrowed in frustration as her lips moved silently in search of the word in the Basic tongue.

    [color=indigo]"Antics? I think that is the word. As for your skills with a blaster, those remain to be seen. I prefer a more, [i]direct[/i] means of confrontation personally."[/color]

    Without bothering to clarify her meaning, Nylen turned her attention back to Fen.

    [color=indigo]"I think we will proceed with the training game for now Fen, although I am sure we will find ourselves able to pass on that message to your [b]Sergeant[/b] in due course."[/color]

    [b]TAG: Sithy, Jamton[/b]
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Nice attention to detail, Kira, your character getting self-conscious about her fur like that. Jamton, I like your posts too.

    Do you think you can adopt this format, Jamton?:

    IC: character name

    [b]IC: Fenlaka Zula[/b]

    [color=indigo]"[i]I think we will proceed with the training game for now Fen, although I am sure we will find ourselves able to pass on that message to your [b]Sergeant[/b] in due course.[/i]"[/color]

    "Gotcha", Fen carried on tapping the gate address for Hogsmeade into the computer, which in turn, activated the huge stone ring on the stargate behind Nylen

    [b][color=green]Chevron One - Encoded[/color][/b] appeared in the bottom right of the screen.

    He glanced over the flatscreen monitor at the Felacatian, "Over on the wall to your right, that rack of wrist chronometers?"

    [b][color=green]Chevron Two - Encoded[/color][/b] Said the screen.

    "[link=]Vortex manipulator[/link]."

    [b][color=green]Chevron Three - Encoded[/color][/b]

    "Sorry if I missed it," Fen changed the subject as he studied the readouts. "but did you tell me your name?"

    [b]Tag: Nylen, Cheznov[/b]>
  4. Jamton

    Jamton Jedi Youngling

    Apr 23, 2011
    OOC: Are we picking weapons or something?
    I'm not sure what's happening, post Sithy's last post? lol
  5. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Cheznov is making Nylen feel self-conscious, and Fen is multi-tasking - he is dialling up the stargate on the wall to Cheznov's right, and pointing the Felacatian to some items on a rack, called "vortex manipulators"

    He has not yet explained in character what they are, but out-of-character, the post contained a hyperlink for you to see what they are.
  6. Jamton

    Jamton Jedi Youngling

    Apr 23, 2011
    IC: Cheznov
    ~Academy Reception, Iskalon~

    I look to Nylen and wonder if she was trying to get to me with those remarks. It wasn't working naturally, as I only appreciate it when people recognize my ability to...upset things. Being ignored, I think to myself, is the thing I can't stand. Good thing nobody here can read minds...

    [color=purple]"As for your skills with a blaster, those remain to be seen."[/color]

    Oww. That one hit it's mark.

    [color=darkred]"Well let's just TRY it then! I can shoot better than a Wookie in a box."[/color] I feel the anger bubbling to the surface, but remind myself to breathe. I regain my composure, and acknowledge Fenlaka as a living being, with feelings, for the first time. [i]Damage control.[/i] I smirk to myself.

    [color=darkred]"My name is Cheznov, as you've probably overheard by now."

    "What is That bracelet?"[/color] I said that in my ignorance, having never stumbled upon one before. >

    KIRA-SHAY Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 16, 2007
    IC: Nylen Siira
    ~Academy Reception, Iskalon~

    Startled by a sudden sound akin to stone grinding on stone, Nylen spun round and, in the blink of an eye, transformed into a large Leopard-like cat. Her hackles were raised and teeth bared in a growl, as the large beast glared at the strange ring of stone revolving behind her. After a moment of sizing up the strange apparatus, Nylen huffed as her form melted back into her familiar humanoid figure. Jedi voodoo, no doubt, she thought to herself, taking a calming breath.

    [color=purple]"Well let's just TRY it then! I can shoot better than a Wookiee in a box."[/color]

    Nylen merely ignored the human's little outburst; she could hardly praise his skills without witnessing them herself. And, given her little shock, she was hardly in the mood to explain this to him.

    [color=purple]"Over on the wall to your right, that rack of wrist chronometers? Vortex manipulator."[/color]

    Walking over to the rack, Nylen tentatively picked one up in her hand. It looked like your average chrono, but that fancy name [b]Fen[/b] had given them led her to believe there was more to them than met the eye. More Jedi trickery, just what she needed. Reluctantly, Nylen wrapped the watch round her wrist, before picking up another for the human.

    [color=purple]"Sorry if I missed it, but did you tell me your name?"

    "My name is Cheznov, as you've probably overheard by now. What is a... Er. That bracelet?"[/color]

    Ignoring the second cheap jab from [b]Cheznov,[/b] Nylen gingerly handed him the device, unable to answer his question. Glancing over to Fen, Nylen offered him a concerned frown.

    [color=indigo]"I hope these are safe to use, Fen. I can't say I like the looks of all this," Nylen gestured broadly to the revolving rings and chrono on her wrist, "But I trust you. And no, I don't believe I did give my name; I am Nylen, daughter of Serass."[/color]

    [b]TAG: Sithy, Jamton[/b]
  8. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Jamton, that was better.

    IC: Fenlaka Zula, Academy Reception
    Location: Iskalon

    Fen caught the Felacatian's movement as she spun to the sound of the stargate behind her, then shrank from sight.

    "What the fr-" Fen stopped himself completing the outburst, checking visually that the older twi'lek was nowhere in earshot. He wasn't allowed to swear, regardless of situation. He pushed the wheeled chair back with a heel, and came round the counter to see the leopardess on all fours, snarling at the stone ring. "Okay, definitely not a Trianni."

    The human, apparently unperturbed by all this, identified himself.

    "My name is Cheznov, as you've probably overheard by now." Said Cheznov.

    "H-hi Cheznov." Fen managed a small wave before the woman metamorphosed back into humanoid form, growing before his stunned eyes.

    "What is That bracelet?" Cheznov put in.

    "We call it a 'vortex manipulator'," the twi'lek boy explained, his braintails moving over his shoulders of their own accord. "If you wear it, it can transport you through time, space, and between different threads on the RPF. Though of course, we would never suggest you jump into someone else's game without clearing it with the GM first."

    "I hope these are safe to use, Fen. I can't say I like the looks of all this," The shapeshifter gestured broadly to the stargate.

    "W-well you are going to hate this next bit," he muttered under his breath, noting other chevrons audibly snapping into place, though, away from his screens, he had no idea how far along the dialling sequence was.

    "But I trust you. And no, I don't believe I did give my name; I am Nylen, daughter of Serass."

    "Welcome, Nylen, daughter of Serass;" Fen greeted formally, "I am Fen, son of Mitch."


    Fen started at the suspicious monosyllable, and rounded the counter to see where that had come from! "Dad? Is that you? Have you been listening?"

    The disembodied bassy voice was a mite louder this time. "You are twelve and talking to strangers; of course I'm listening! Also, I can hear the stargate in the background; are the visitors behind the yellow line?"

    The monitor flashed [hl=black]Chevron Nine: encoded[/hl] which Fen recognised as the penultimate stage of the dialing sequence.

    No time for decorum, he Force-jumped to put his knees on the counter work surface, and his elbows on the top part, so he could see the carpet before the stargate. "Er, Dad? What yellow line?"

    Out of sight, the screen flashed, [hl=black]All Chevrons: locked[/hl]

    Tag: Jamton, Kira
  9. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    With no-one around needing the Academy's assistance, and no idea what to put here, the ultimate fallback is to re-paste my last written roleplaying entry.

    Mercs and Rebels on the way to investigate a wrecked Imperial frigate, for [link=]Star Wars: Intervention (a storytelling-style OT starfighter game)[/link] on our RolePlaying Forum.

    They are always taking new players. Taking them where, I couldn't tell you..., really, I don't want to know...[shudders]


    IC: The SpecForce Rebels(npcs), Chief Engineer Tim Williams, crew quarters of the Aura Noyclah
    Location: High. Waaaay. To. The danger zone!!!

    Tim and the team?s rebel protectors had chosen to stay in the crew quarters, on the beds or the floor.

    There had been an initial charge for the emergency fold-down seating in the cargo area that Captain Sylvano had told them about, until Ler had shown them where they had put the cargo?

    ?So why Corellian Sand Panthers?? Charlie enquired from the floor of the cabin, legs crossed, and his back against the wall where the room?s only door was.

    ?Because,? Bobby explained patiently, also from the floor. ?and this?ll surprise you, they are panthers. Who like our sandy deserts. And they only exist on Corellia.?

    ?My point exactly! Not like there are a plethora of other panther species on Corellia to mix ?em up with, so you have to differentiate them from, say, the Corellian City Panther; the Corellian Lawn Panther: well, we did say, ?keep off the grass?.? The ginger-haired Rebel quipped. ?Just Panther should be enough.? He raised a hand to punctuate his further point. ?And, as far as I know, all the other felines in the galaxy are sentient now. You got Trianni and Cathar, and they are both intelligent species.?

    Bobbi furrowed his eyebrows. ?There must be some felines besides Corellia. We cannot have a monopoly on cute furries.?

    ?Well, the Gamorreans have Morrts, but its not the same thing.?

    ?On a completely unrelated note, any idea where I can unload a couple hundred tons of Kiirium hull plating? In any case-?

    ?What? What did he say?? Captain Tidwell blurted, leaning forward off the other bed that he sat in the middle off, boots planted on the deck. He was stripping his weapon on his lap, the Blastech E-11 in pieces, and an oily rag, and small tin, beside him. ?Did the captain say he had some tonnes of hull plating to offload??

    Tim looked up from the bunk he shared with the still dozing Danni. ?I didn?t hear a thing.? She still hadn?t woken up, even though the burly engineer was leaning over, and plaiting her dark tresses into a style that an Alderaanian Princess would wear on Hoth in a few years, much as he still did with Rachel, if she was asleep outside her cabin. So far, far as he knew, she still accepted the existence of the Magical Hair Fairy. That thought brought a fond smile to his face.

    Tidwell gazed at the older man?s handiwork critically. ?Well, I guess you wouldn?t. The Alliance will gladly take that off his hands. We recently acquired an Assault Frigate that could do with some plating.?

    ?Oh yes? How big is one of those??

    ?Lengthways? Seven hundred metres, give or take.?

    Tim laughed, his engineer?s mind letting him find humour in the soldier?s assumption. ?Do you have any idea how much a couple hundred tonnes of Kiirium plating is? It won?t cover something that big! You?d do better, blaster-proofing your CAVs.? He referred to Combat Assault Vehicles, cousins of the E-Web-armed speeder the Mercs kept on Patch-4.

    ?I thought you said you didn?t hear anything!? Tidwell accused, spotting Williams almost quote their pilot verbatim.

    ?I didn?t. But Sandy did.?


    Pinching three dis
  10. TheGoodImperial

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    May 17, 2009
    Ah, this is the adoptions programm. Heard a lot good about your plce, Sith-I-5. I was looking for it and never found it before today. Well, without disturbing anything, just because I saw this is the commecial break for game advertising, I wanted to say the we got a game that is very open to newbies over there in the RPF called: [link=]The Old Republic[/link]

    For all those interested in the era between Kotor and the upcoming MMO The Old Republic, for those who just would like to play in a new, unexplored era or simply want to join a game that is still in the beginning of most of it´s plotlines . . . feel free to send me a PM. We are taking players and are more than happy to show new people around.

  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    That information has been PMed to my last two users.

    Any other GMs, you are free to post game information here, though I would prefer game npcs or characters to interact with Academy staffmembers.
  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    First up - somewhere to land

    In the RP game [link=]**Forces**[/link], my character is looking to resurrect his deceased former love with Sith magics, and using records, has found that she perished on Ciutric IV.

    The following bit of scene setting is formed by looking up [link=]Ciutric IV[/link] on SW Wookiepedia, and deciding to base my spaceport, which really would be the first structure of any note if you are visiting the planet by conventional faster-than-light (FTL) spaceship, on the Mayor of London's official building, The Gherkin.
    TARDIS, and teleport tech can make do with building interiors, or quarries, as their preliminary arrival points.
    [quote=Sith-I-5][b]IC: Air Guard Lephrine(npc)[/b], "Summer Platform", Northern Hemisphere
    [color=red]Location: Ciutric IV[/color]

    Bullet-shaped against the stormy grey skies, the Summer Platform was a tapir-pointed, bullet-shaped building about forty levels all told, with its surface composed of black and grey transparisteel diamond or triangle-shaped windows, so that it seemed to be made of glass, the surface shimmering and reflecting the changing weather patterns.

    The tip of the structure, equivalent to five floors, was really a hollow area where the side opened to allow visiting starships to enter, set down or dock, and the building would re-seal behind them.

    Lephrine could greet any visiting spacers, refuel their ships, collect any spaceport taxes, and generally be the first friendly face and initial guide that visitors would see.

    His rainproofs nearby, the wrinkle-faced [link=]Weequay[/link] stood at the windows in his pink and grey CTA (Ciutric Transport Authority) uniform, one grey hand on the handle of the datapad hooked to his belt.
    Behind him, a thousand square (well, round) metres of grey ceraglase decking, either flat or repulsor-accomodating dips, was largely empty.

    Rain battered at the other side of the windows, while he waited for his shift to be over.

    [b]Tag: no-one[/b][/quote]
    So, we have the rain from Wiki, a place for the player posting as pilot or ship commander to see, be directed to, and even fly into, so the story can proceed.

    More detail could have been put on, but I don't world-build that often, so I was a little daunted that my normal response post would have to feature this.
    This was enough for most roleplayers to work with, even if we have to work up to it, step by step, Traffic Control directing the player to this point.

    For instance, I [i]visualised[/i] a line of illuminated traffic beacons leading visitors to this spaceport. I did not post them, as I planned to have an orbitting space station - currently I am into the [i]Golan[/i] series of space defence platforms - to act as the initial meet and greet, to direct my players(s) towards the Summer Platform.

    Forget bow ties; [link=][i]Golan[/i]s[/link] are [b]cool[/b]! [face_cool]

    My responding player, and my predecessor here, [b]Ktala[/b], was able to run with this, do a post with her or her ship chatting to local computers, getting the weather report, and being directed to the Summer Platform, and [i]all on her own[/i], seeing the same directional beacons that I hadn't mentioned yet!


    That whole line about great minds thinking alike... That's just how good a roleplayer she is.>
  13. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002

    A large rolling cloud of darkness suddenly appeared within the main hallway of the Academy, as a female, with just a dark mood stepped out from the rolling cloud, wearing a long black dress and cloak. With a disgusted grunt, she THREW the metal bracelet that had been on her arm. It HAD been a teleportal device, used to get back and forth from the Academy quickly, but the bloody thing had malfunctioned. She gave a dark grin, upon seeing the thing disintegrate upon hitting the wall full force, a shower of sparks flying. The deviced had gone mad. One minute, she was at Hogsmead, listening to the howling of the wolves, and the next.. Well, it was better NOT to mention where she found herself next, except to say that she wasnt happy. And it had taken her quite a while, to find her way back to the Academy. Her mood was not good. But at least she was back to an area she knew.

    "Fething thing is like the TARDIS!" she growled darkly to no one in particular.

    With a dark look on her face, she turned and stomped down the hallway, heading for the meal area. She needed a drink. Then, she would find out just how much she had missed..

    TAG: Any who wish

    OOC: [face_blush]
  14. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    The base was silent, eerily deserted.

    The square white cushion with a smiley face marked on it, sitting in the Receptionist's chair instead of, say, a receptionist, told its own story.

    Everyone was at the Alpha Site, the backup area in case of emergency, or no students/visitors. It would likely be the last chevron address typed into the stargate's DHD (Toshiko's computer behind the counter): [link=]Milliways = The Restuarant at the End of the Universe[/link] on the Role Playing Resource board.
  15. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Just had to hunt this up from the old Academy thread to PM it just now, so putting it here for easier locating:

    [b]ROLEPLAYING ? the basics[/b]

    So what is a roleplaying game on the RPF, the Role Playing Forum?

    It is where someone comes up with an Adventure idea that they are want to see played out more dynamically than would be possible just doing it as fan-fiction.

    Whether based on Star Wars or not, note that these games, or RPGs, are only [b]based[/b] on the Source franchise. If you as a player or an observer, notice a variation between what is canon, and what a Games Master (GM) puts in his or her game, their vision trumps the source material.

    Getting a game to fruition is like baking a soufflé, any manner of things can go wrong, so although GMs will generally accept new players, even after a game has started, you will have to apply to be in their games.

    That process, most of the time, involves the creation of a [b]character sheet[/b] for the character that you want to insert into their game.

    Character Sheets, often shortened to CS, help the GM to decide if your character would be okay for their game, and since THEY know the ins and outs of their own game, they might ask you to change one or two things, or say your character is not allowed in.

    Refusal reasons can be because your character is too powerful for the game.

    For instance, if you want to play Garek Malen out of [i]The Force Unleashed[/i], that would likely be too powerful to drop into a carefully crafted game, and so the GM might err on the side of caution, and say, ?No way, José!?

    So, joining a game.

    [b]STEP ONE ? Read the very first post[/b]

    We call this the Intro' Post, or Introductory Post, and that is where the games master tries to sell his or her adventure to you.
    A paragraph of the story, couple pictures, copy of the game rules, and the above-mentioned character sheet.

    [color=blue][b]Salient points to look out for.[/b]

    - To be accepted into the game, do you need to send in a CS?

    - Does the GM want all CS? to be PM?ed to them for approval?

    - Sometimes the GM will specify what type of characters they do want, eg. ones that were around for the Hyperspace War (so you cannot play Luke Skywalker); no Force Users (again, Luke is a no-no); characters who have never been in an accident, whether or not it was their fault (...alright, is someone just picking on Luke now?); canon or original (OG) characters.

    - The type of game, or when it is set, can dictate what kind of characters can logically participate.[/color]

    [b]STEP TWO - Character Sheets completion[/b]

    A CS is the ?application form? that you create or fill in with your character?s details, and present to the GM.

    Introductory posts will generally feature an empty template for you to take away and fill in, for example, this one from the completed [i]Galaxy at War III[/i] game:

    -----Eye Color:
    ------Hair Color and Style:
    -------Skin Complexion:

    Most people simply copy and paste a template from somewhere, so GMs won?t be too worried if you don?t use theirs. It is the information provided, that is important to them.

    Alrighty, then. I am going to present my guest character for this presentation, show you his character sheet so you can see how it is done; then YOUR mission, is to make up a CS for a character suitable for the [b]Star Wars...007 series - Licence to Clone[/b] game I told you about, and gave you the link .

    [u]Master Rodge[/u] is a deceased jedi, a Force Ghost, introduced into [i]Galaxy at War III[/i].
    Based on Danny Glover?s [i]Lethal Weapon[/i] character to recreate a scene from the third instalment, when Jedi Kour tries to defuse a booby-trap bomb in a warehouse on Ryloth, and ends up telling Rodge to, ?Grab the cat.?

    [color=blue]Name: [b]Master Rodge[/b]
    --Age: 52
    ---Gender: Male
    ----Species: Human Force Ghost
    -----Eye Color: As much as translucent blue will allow, bluish-grey.
    ------ Hair Col>
  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    [Personal Ship
    -Name: n/a (not applicable)

    -Brief History: Jedi Watchman for Hutt Space. Dispensed what justice he could for the best part of fifteen years before perishing when Separatist droid armies first encroached on the region, apparently taking the ?neutral territory? signs as the extra-orbital equivalent of road-marking cats eyes, rather than the intended invitation to drokk off and bother someone else.

    --Military History: Raging ?Can?t you people read?!? at a hillside of battledroids and Baktoid AAT Armoured Assault Tanks.

    ---Traumatic Experiences: When alive, assisting at a difficult Hutt birth, where the mother?s life was in danger of being poisoned after the egg breached inside her.. Somewhere in Hutt Space, there is a young member of that race named for him.

    ----Anything else: Inexplicably, is sometimes confused with the Miralukan jedi who fell out the side of a gunship.

    -Lightsabre: n/a.

    * * * *

    Okay, then, the next stage is down to you. Using the empty template above, complete a character sheet of your own, then post it here for me to check and give feedback on.

    If you want to get some roleplaying use out of it, then pick a game that interests you, read the intro post, and complete the CS template I provided, with a character that would be suitable for that game.

    Then PM it to the Game Master. Ktala or I can review it first, if you want.

    If you have any questions, to do with this, or roleplaying in general, I will try to answer them here.

  17. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002

    The base was silent, eerily deserted.


    It gave her a chance to calm down, as she threw a perfectly SITH fit, without prying eyes watching her. After making great usage of the target range area, she ent to grab something to eat. It was coming back from the meal area that she saw it.

    The square white cushion with a smiley face marked on it, sitting in the Receptionist's chair.

    Ktala groaned.

    She then turned and glared at the Stargate. No...

    Then she groaned. She read the cheverons, and then looked it up.

    [link=]Milliways[/link] = The Restuarant at the End of the Universe on the Role Playing Resource board.

    Force help her.

    But at least she knew how to find THAT place. A positively dark grin came over her. She closed her eyes, and the same dark cloud that brought her here, closed over her once more....

    TAG: Any who would wish to join us...
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Deputy the Astromech, Squad Fourteen, M-3PO

    Deputy knew he had made a mistake as soon as he had opened the curved double doors to the called turbolift, speeding air coalescing into a coherently white vapour as it buffeted the back of his dome, and tried to force him into the yawning turbolift shaft before him, the escaping atmosphere sucked from his deck, split round his carapace, funnelled down the shaft and out the breached hull down on the command deck.

    Behind him, around the corner, the squad of Naval Marines had also noticed the atmosphere whipping past them at toornado velocity, and were hanging onto the bulkhead as best they could till blast doors between their position and the breach reacted to the change in barometric pressure, and rolled shut in an automatic damage limitation exercise.

    Doors sealed, the spar corridor calmed, and the soldiers climbed down off the walls, a couple sitting on the deck, and breathing hard.

    Magnetic claws kept the droid from toppling into the shaft, while he re-sealed the turbolift, the doors closing in front of it until it pinched off the deafening escape of air, the ear-battering volume silenced in an instance.

    [Frag that,] he blooped in the silence, released the magnetic soles to his two legs, and rolled off in search of the stairs.

    * * * *

    Blue-yellow cones of flame firing backwards from miniature rocket boosters, Deputy flew down the tight spiral staircase that he had found at the end of the deck.

    The steps blurring by underneath him were grey, as were the ceiling, the underside of the stairs he had already done; while the outer walls and discrete doors leading to other decks were white.

    The droid's telescopic comms monitor was still poking out the black dome, as he considered banking to increase the speed down to where One Flight had parked their fighters.

    What looked like a hand appeared from the right, as the droid flashed up to it, and then Deputy was tumbling, sparks flying as he impacted hard and sharp surfaces in his tumble down the steps.

    Everything went black.

    Static. Brightness,

    The light pouring into the astromech's primary photoreceptor resoloved into a mostly-white laboratory style environment, with a small group of revellers in front of it, clinking glasses, blowing streamers.

    One a woman in heels, black knee-length pencil skirt and a white lab coat to her knees, and oddly, cone-shaped headgear, looked towards his POV, nudged colleague, and staggered closer, bending awkwardly down to plant a soppy moist kiss on over his radar eye, before rejoining her peers.


    Blackness, like the lights had been switched off. Static. Brightness.

    A black-hued, protocol droid bobbed uncertainly in his line-of-sight, the familiar white-walls of the recent stairwell, were coming into focus behind the droid.

    "I am sooo sorry," The droid exclaimed. "I was just trying to stop you; if any of my circuits or gears will help-"

    Deputy took a moment to gather its thoughts. [Worst. Hitchiker. Ever. What the frag was that?] The electronic speech grew increasingly agitated as the diminutive droid lay where it had eventually settled. [Four generally accepted ways to stop a speeding object: put your hand up; lift your skirt and flash a bit of lower limb; laying down in the road, though I don't recommend this in the Ebla fields of Orron III; and then they're is you, Calamity Jake.]

    "I am Jester, Captain Pearce' personal M-3PO strategy droid."

    [Well, isn't that just peachy. Wait, did you say, strategy droid?]

    The droid waved a metal arm urgently, one whose hand grasped something that looked distressingly familiar. "That is not important right now. I need help initiating protocol 22-3A!"

    The military code triggered the astromech's investiga
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Kalka'tech the Wookiee, Johnny Boy hangar

    The hangar bay tech watched Taller's approach warily, keeping the X-Wing frame between him and the B2s while he judged the situation.

    His commander made no immediate mention of the incident in Medical, or any sign that he knew who had painted the soles of his boots, or that they had been painted.

    So that was cool.

    Next, were these established security droids, or new ones? The Mercs had cannily sewn trackers into their uniforms that allowed their battledroids to distinguish them from non-Mercs...but Wookiees generally had no use for clothing, which meant it was sometimes a toss up as to whether they had remembered to pack their tracker or not.

    Neither of the dark grey B2s raised their blaster arm to him, so he figured all was fine, plus Taller indicated the floor between himself and the Incom frame. "We need to go through storage supply, crate by crate."

    [Oh yes?] Kalka'tech came round the starfighter parts, and squatted to get his thick fingers under the embedded flap to reveal two chunky coloured buttons, one green, one red. The red one was iluminated.

    "The Gorlech had some unwelcome guests pop out of their cargo bay storage. I don't want the same to happen to us. You know how you store stuff...what we're looking for is mechanical parts, anything that a droid or organic could hide it for any length of time. You have an idea where to start in the storage supply?"

    The Wookiee growled at the idea that there could be an intruder under his hangar. [Well, it's not going to be organic.] He advised, knuckling the green button. One of Ler's innovations whilst in charge of the hangar, had been to depressurise the storage areas when not in use. [Unless it has big lungs, an atmospheric supply, or can withstand hard vacuum.] He looked up at Taller, [Okay, it could be an organic, but I'd be very surprised. Be a few moments while she re-pressurises.]

    Kalka'tech looked around for a weapon, a sidearm, anything, then his gaze alighted on the long white pole partially covered by the crumpled, similarly coloured sheeting. Ah-ha.

    While air pumped into the below-decks area, the technician quickly connected a thick coil of power cable to a blocky Eksoan generator off a captured E-WHB heavy-repeating blaster, and the other end to the white pole. He then whipped off the sheet, and with a grin so wide that his head threatened to come off, he lifted the pole off it's cradle, held it underarm, and as the green deck light turned on, and a square of deck suddenly split, and a yawning black line started to hum open into a slowly widening rectangle, Kalka'tech aimed the crystal-tipped end down into the hole.

    [Taim and Bak KT6 laser cannon,] he growled with some satisfaction, more for the benefit of any sentient intruders in the hole, than for his captain, [if you absolutely, positively, have to destroy everything in the room, accept no substitute.]

    He wasn't going to fire it, of course. This bastiche would breach the hull, but it should any stowaways surrender peacefully, and if they didn't, B2s tended to be very efficient.

    Tag: Captain Taller, B2s, any intruders [face_devil]
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    Aug 14, 2002

    IC: Colonel Sin, Captain Sohmer, Commander Merch, shipboard staging area Krayt?s Fire.

    The relatively fresh air of Imperial Centre?s spaceport breezed into the massive chamber, as the horizontal gash in the hull widened with the broad disembarkation ramp lowering.

    The crimson-clad Sith Marauder that was Colonel Sin, regarded the six-legged All Terrain Tactical Enforcer dubiously as they walked towards is, a phalanx of semi-armoured jumptroopers hovering above it.

    ?The Emperor?s remains are in there?? Sin commented, gazing up at the armoured behemoth. ?Wouldn?t a lartie be faster??

    ?I am not talking to you.? Sohmer groused, intending to ignore what else the buffoon had to say. He could not wait to hand him over to Skywalker. ?You are lucky we let you keep the towel.?

    ?And you have my undying gratitude, Captain. Hopefully, someday, I will have the opportunity to lend you a towel too.? Sin regarded the fluffy white number in his hand, blue aurabesh emblazoning the name of some star cruiser. ?The Byzantium??

    "She crashed." Sohmer supplied.

    ?Warp engines suffered a phase shift, according the the accident investigators.? Merch followed.

    ?Hello? Force Sensetive, here; I know you're fragging with me. What is it, some holoshow??

    ?Perhaps.? Sohmer reached up to haul himself up the ladder that would get him into the AT-TE?s hatch.
    Once inside, he paused to work out the way to the cockpit, then remembered that this was not one of those old tracked tanks with the two cockpits, and right at the moment, he forgot what they had been called.

    ?Lieutenant.? He acknowledged R?chael Yaer, who he had put in charge of organising the walker?s interior security. Outside was being taken care off by Doctor Hno, their Clawdite jumptrooper-cum-medic.


    ?Budge up.? Merch encouraged, half in and half out the airlock. ?I?ve got Sin staring at my choob, and I don?t want to find out why they called him that.?

    ?Not funny, Guys.?

    Sohmer chuckled and cleared the way, navigating the cramped interior to shuffle round the polished black medical cocoon containing the remains, and detritus from Kalee. It was draped in a black shimmersilk Imperial flag, emblazoned with the white, hexagonal logo.

    He nodded to the stormtroopers and ORIC agents standing guard, and proceeded to the cockpit, where the AT-TE drivers, in their grey coveralls, and white semi-armour, awaited his command.

    ?Someone smells freshly laundered.?

    Sohmer regarded the commander warily. Was the man going to flirt with him?
    ?I got changed on the way down. We are meeting with the provisional Emperor, so it seemed appropriate to put something fresh on.?

    ?So nothing to do with not believing that we can dock in a planetary atmosphere then.?

    ?Well if you know the answer, why ask the question?? The Captain huffed.

    ?What, did he sith himself?? Sin, King of Subtleness enquired cheerily. ?Ah, Lieutenant. You are on a commercial air transport. Oceanic Flight 121. Demonstrate the crash positions and life jacket, for the benefit of all the passengers.?

    ?Welcome aboard Oceanic Flight 121-?

    Sohmer exchanged a look with Merch and shook his head. Given what he figured was going to happen when the Executor took charge of the sopping wet Emperor?s Hand, he could indulge him one last Mind Trick.

    ?-nder the seat in front of you, you will find emergency instructions on what to do, should ?

    Sohmer leaned over the helmet of the nearest driver, ?Seal up, and lets get this show on the road.?

    ?-we need to ditch into the ocean.?

    ?Yes sir. Better
  21. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Want to know what annoys the Sith out of me?

    Players who completely ignore any security you have in place, to do whatever they want to do.

    Just had it today.

    Most of a game's main PCs (player characters) are in the mess hall of some space cruiser.

    Because of a recent intruder alert, the ship's hangar is guarded by a Wookiee. I put it there, and mentioned in a post, thus making it official within a game world (no use relying on information out-of-game where no-one can verify it) that he is armed with the landing ski off an unbuilt Incom T-65 fighter, to beat any intruders into unconsciousness with.

    Cannot say fairer than that.

    A player has had her character return to said hangar, to find two intruders in her fighter, rummaging through the cockpit.

    Hey, at least acknowledge that there was security in place; don't just ignore it. Or were you just not reading my posts?

    Now I'm left holding the baby. Good RP-ers maintain the narrative flow, so retconning what has happened is not an option. I have to explain how the Wookiee, that SW established have pretty good sensory perception, and don't shy away from much, completely missed, not one, but two beings entering the same hangar that they are in; breaking into a starship; noisily rummaging through the contents looking for something, without taking any action.

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    Aug 14, 2002

    The long-uninhabited Reception area brightened with an unexpected light, which, when it dissipated, showed the horizontal form of the Adoptions Coordinator stretched over three of the seats.

    I-5 rose, but aborted the attempt to rise, dropping back onto the chair.

    He had just imbibed a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster at [link=]Milliways, the restuarant at the end of the universe[/link] and his head was still suffering from that experience.

    Sithy put his head in his hands, and moaned aloud. He wasn't ready to meet and greet the expected GM for the [link=]Star Wars: Intervention[/link] game. Hopefully he would have some moments to recover, and perhaps seek out some painkillers.

    Tag: Any
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Yavscout, Deputy, Commander Hilton, King-class battleship, Sword of Justice
    Location: Chalactan star system, grid R-10

    Now where the frag did I park the Tunare? Yavscout asked himself as he jogged, visible and one-shoed, through the crowded hangar, between old Republic-era ARCs, shuttles, and even one of those big-tracked Nen-Carvon PX-4 Mobile Command Bases.

    He hadn't wanted to give the Jod authorities time to change their mind about letting him go, so he had not taken the time to put his boot back on. The ability to heal yourself made you willing to do things that most mortals baulked at.


    Paint can in one manipulator, Deputy's dome turned slowly as his audio sensor started to track an odd repetitive sound.


    Sounded like some biped trying to run with one shoe. It was a very short suspect list.



    Seconds later, the droid saw the elf emerge from between some Jod vehicles at the run, albeit a lop-sided run, slowing as he approached the droid, looking at...the starfighter.

    "What the hell have you done to my ship?"

    [Your ship?]

    "Alright then, what have you done to this official vehicle of the Naboo Security Force?"

    Deputy looked back round to their N-1. He had painted it black, put two cartoony eyes on the nose, and graffitti'd [link=]I'MA FIRIN' MA LAZAR!!![/link] in red along the right side of the nose. [You might have a point. Got any Swarfega?].

    Yav went and climbed onto his craft, grimacing as his palms came away covered in the dark paint. "You could have used quick-dry paint."

    [You've only been gone like ninety standard minutes; I didn't expect you to roll over that fast.]

    "Rollover? An SGIS undercover never blows his cover. I had to fight my way outta there." The elf waved a moistened palm at the new paintwork. "So how long is this sith going to take to dry? We are on a bit of a clock here."

    The droid noticed that Escape to Victory seemed to have stalled somewhat, but before he could say anything, the elf slid backwards off the right airfoil, the knees of his flightsuit patches of damp blackness now, and headed for one of the distant walls, looking for a communicator. He had an request concerning the Watava mission.

    * * * *

    Twenty minutes later...

    There were ten beings in the circular "Saber Tank" Tactical Briefing Room, only three of whom who really mattered, and were seated at the smaller circle of tables and comfortable black executive chairs, and served by open datapads and the thin bent necks of voice-pickups.

    Captain Timothy Stakes sat shivering under a pair of heavy tan-coloured blankets, his teeth chattering, and staring across at the elf with rhuemy eyes, while before him, steaming under a white towel bearing the ship's name in blue, sat a porcelain white bowl filled with hot, fruit-scented water.

    Chairing the meeting, Commander Timothy Hilton waited patiently while their Merc guest had his open palms cleaned by by a blue-uniformed member of Medical, down on one knee by the elf's chair.

    Everyone else in the room was a red-topped Naval Guard, with a DE-10 hand blaster drawn and aimed at the reclining elf.

    "So, the 'Saber Tank' room," Yavscout observed cheerfully, noting that his right hand, which the medical officer was patiently cleaning with the pungent cleaning spirit, was almost clean, though the skin on his palm was baby pink rather than its normal colour. "that's the best choob you could come up with? Name it after one
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Using my own thread to test a compatability issue that has been plaguing my posting on Windows 7 / IE8.

    Vader segment is Bravo-authorised

    Some time later?

    IC: Captain (Tactical) Aron Pauletti, Lord Darth Vader
    , Star destroyers Imperial Justice and [CLASSIFIED], respectively

    In the Imperial Justice' hangar bay, Pauletti stood before one of the hangar tech supervisors that had been welcoming surviving pilots back, and debriefing them. Following the problems experienced by the fighter pilots of the sister destroyers, being put down to jedi influence, their pilots were being questioned about unusual experiences out there.

    ?Yeah, about seventeen pilots said that they weren't going to say anything, but since we asked, they had felt a presence. And Major Wesston reported someone interrupting his thoughts with some nonsense about going up to Lord Vader and saying 'hi'.?

    Aron looked back. "That all? Not attempt to assassinate him or anything?"

    ?How would he pull that off? Unless there is an OFF button on that med-computer he wears on his chest.? The supervisor tapped at the datapad his held in the crook of his right hand. ?...Although, Blade Four reckoned Major Wesston asked if he had a comm code for Vader's location.?

    Aron mulled the development. He doubted any of the Imperial pilots involved in the battle, had physical access to the Emperor's right-hand man, or even knew where he was. But there were more ways of saying 'hi' than going up to the man. And tying a message to a hawkbat's leg was as impractical in space as that DRAGON PROTOCOL from earlier. So, comlink. Too short range. ComScan, same. HoloNet. Captain Yeller's holosuite would have a connection with the senior members of the Red Rock project. ISB Investigator Soal. Lord Vader.

    "And where is Major Wesston now?"

    ?He was heading to the bridge, sir. Wanted to report to Captain Yeller in person.?

    "Yeah, I bet he did. Uh, bye!"

    * * * *

    Lord Vader's Command Ship

    Darth Vader strode towards the door where his hyperbaric meditation chamber was, clutching with satisfaction, the framed certificate clamped under his right arm.

    He had just attended a gala event where he had been presented with the award, EXCESSIVE FORCE USED IN THE APPREHENSION OF REBELS, for his wanton destruction of that Star Galleon over Christophsis.

    True, this had been the Sith equivalent of Billy No Mates buying himself a Christmas gift; he had?.encouraged the ship?s command staff to throw him the soirée, and Mind Tricked someone into designing the certificate.

    He'd have to show it to Tarkin. Actually, maybe not; the Grand Moff had a bad case of One-Up-Man-Ship; probably blow up a planet or something to get the last word.

    The door slid aside at his approach, the top hemisphere of the black globe-shaped pressure chamber where he could safely remove his armour and breathing apparatus, rising towards the ceiling, and ready for him to enter.

    Opposite the main seat, a rectangular repeater screen was blank, but a small red diode flashed against it.

    Ah-ha, Call Waiting.

    Vader sat, and checked the messages. He would remove his helmet later.

    Looked like it was from the Star Destroyer Imperial Justice.

    Vader was already speaking as the life-sized column of light blue holographic imagery flickered into life before his chair, forming the expected bipedal silhouette, although a little bulkier than Yeller's usual form.

    ?Ah, Captain Yeller. I trust you have a report on your mission to Droxu.?

    The still forming silhouette raised their right hand in an obvious wave of greeting, before being roughly Limmie-tackled out of the picture! ?Hi An-?

    ?What?! Hyan? What?? The Dark Lord queried as the column dissolved a seconds later. What in the Original Light had that been about?

    Tag: no-one

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Toshiko Sato

    A white ball of light formed in mid air in the Reception Area nhear the landing pad, strtching up and down to form a white silhouette of a person, and resolved into the form of a young, pretty Oriental woman in black pencil skirt and white blouse.

    A look at her face would tell any observer that she was physically and mentally exhausted, and in the morning, when she awoke, refreshed, she would remember that she had left her laptop at Milliways, the Rastuarant at the End of the Universe, over on the Roleplaying Resource forum.

    Tosh staggered off to find her cabin, drawn by the memory of her nice warm bed.

    Tag: any
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