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Before - Legends The Adventures Of Dooku Yran and Qui Gon Jinn Part 1

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ogilbyb, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. ogilbyb

    ogilbyb Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2003 is my first attempt at a Fan Fiction on this board I was just thinking of Qui Gons early days with Count Dooku and thought of a few stories recently though. I hope this one meets approval and its not too rusty.

    The boy had been without a Jedi Master for two years and he was now 10. He was passed a Youngling. He had been watching the thin wirey man for some time but was not sure whether he would take him as his apprentice now Qui Gon Jinn felt he had to know.
    Qui Gon walked up to the camp where Dooku was sitting crosslegged and eating a piece of smoked rabbit on a stick. Dooku looked up at him slowly. "Im not sure I have enough for you boy". He said. "I have been watching you I bet your a great Jedi Knight!" Qui Gon returned. Qui Gon realized he was beaming and stared down at the ground. The Jedi Knight scratched his orange beard and laughed "Well for a 26 year old looking for an apprentice I do allright". "Great" Qui Gon said "I need a Jedi Master, i'm 10 and I dont have one". "Yoda did not assign you one?" Dookus brown eyes were very surprized. "No" Qui Gon said "He could not find someone".
    "I will train you" Dooku said getting up "but I want to test you first to see where your abilities lie, a group of bandits have captured a settlers daughter, cowards but I have not caught them yet, I know that they are nearby though camped down the road west i want you to find them and rescue the daughter" Dooku picked up the sharp stick he was eating off of "use this". Qui Gon scoffed and he lost his cool "thats stupid, its just a stick". Dookus brown eyes hardened on Qui Gon and his face grew serious "no, this is more then a stick boy, its a powerfull weapon, remember Yodas training, the daughter must be rescued, oh and I should introduce myself I am Dooku Yran". "Qui Gon Jinn" the boy returned "May the Force be with you Qui Gon" Dooku said softly. Qui Gon turned his blue eyes to the sunset and began making his way to the road.
  2. ogilbyb

    ogilbyb Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 16, 2003
    Hmmm...ok heres PART 2
    It was morning when Anakin approached the bandit hideout. There were three of them Slocal orag was a scarred Toydarian, Bast Nidd was a tall grubby human and sediba was a Dug. "Ok time for me to remeber all Yoda taught me" Qui Gon thought as he approached the window of a small shack and saw Slocal sleeping by a rather beutifull woman who could only be the settlers daughter. Using the Force Qui Gon concentrated on a nearby rock and flung it through the window. It hit Bast in the head and he screamed which woke up slocal who promptly tripped over him. It also woke up the Settlers daughter who looked very startled "Its allright" Qui Gon said "im here to rescue you". Sediba grabbed for the woman and Qui Gon came at him brandishing the stick. Sediba reached for a club but Qui Gon acted as quick as he could and thrust his spear stick into Sedibas eye. Sediba blinded ran away screaming along with his buddies "cowards indeed" Qui Gon thought and beamed. The man who walked up behind Qui Gon beamed as well. "Congradulations, you are now my apprentice, im no longer a Ronin" Dooku said "as for you" Dooku said looking serious at the settlers daughter "I suggest you go as far away as possible from this place lest the Brutal Three return and slay you". "Oh thank you, thank you" the woman said as she left. "You fought well" Dooku said turning to Qui Gon. He reached into his pack and handed Qui Gon a blue lightsaber "this is for you, remember like Yoda said be carefull with it, very soon Qui Gon we shall finish off the Brutal Three and end there reign of terror here on Tatooine but for now lets head back to camp". "Yes Master" Qui Gon said feeling very relieved.
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