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    ~The Art Requests Message Board~

    This new Art Request message service for all art requests to be held. Special thanks to HanSolo29 for assisting in the development of this thread.

    Rules for Requesting:

    • Only ONE post per user. This is to be your own dedication space to manage and can have more than one request within that post.
    • You have the ability to edit that post and update your requests.
    • If a request is taken by an artist, it is your responsibility to update the status.
    • If a request is no longer required or expired, it is your responsibility to remove it.
    • Individual request threads outside of this thread is not allowed and will be locked.
    • Please keep in mind that this thread does not guarantee that the piece will be created. The artists that participate are taking time out of their own personal time to volunteer so please be understanding.

    Rules for taking a request:
    • Just drop the requester's username a PM for further details and let them know if you are taking the request.

    Request Template:

    Status: (Open, Taken, Time limit[If applicable])
    Category: (Fan Fic, Roleplaying, Avatar, Other)
    Type: (Vehicle, Character, Animal, Scene, Portrait, Other)
    Detailed Description: Please provide characters or vehicles involved, details of said characters, layout/composition, clothes, accessories, the background, text - anything you can think of! The more the better!
    Any Other Information:

    Example of Request Formatting:

    Request: X-Wing
    Status: Open till 25/12/13
    Category: Avatar
    Type: Starfighter
    Detailed Description:
    • Classic T-65 X-Wing Starfighter.
    • Red Flight group.
    • Markings for Red Two.
    • Red and Silver R5- series Astromech droid.
    • 3/4 view in Landing position parked on Mon Cal Hanger deck.
    Any Other Information:

    Example of Request Taken Formatting:

    Request: Luke Skywalker
    Status: Taken by <Artist username>
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Character portrait
    Detailed Description:
    • Luke Skywalker
    • Tatooine desert garb
    • Holding electrobinoculars
    • Serene pose
    • Next to moisture vaporator, twin suns setting (optional).
    Any Other Information: This is to accompany a passage in my story:
    <small paragraph excerpt of scene>
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    Request: Mos Eisley (Scum and Villainy)
    Status: Open
    Category: Logo for Podcast
    Type: Scene
    Detailed Description: Looking for a logo for a newly launched podcast. The logo needs to capture the scum and villainy aspects of Mos Eisley and the Star Wars Universe
    Any Other Information: More information on the podcast can be found here.
  3. Padawan Fangirl Jedi Master

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    Request: Jango Fett and OC Jessica Yissin
    Status: CLOSED.
    Category: Fan fic(will be cover for my story on
    Type: Character sketch
    Detailed Description: Basically, the scene where she hires Jango and gets him to show her his face:
    Any other information: Jessica is my brand-new OC, and I can't draw for the life of me, so she needs to be brought to life by someone else(for the moment, at least). She is about the same age as Padmé, and this scene is about 4 years before AOTC. Jessica is the same height as Padmé. She has very long, thick, wavy auburn hair that she styles and piercing blue eyes. She is thin, but "athletic thin", not "creepy thin", so she does have a good figure. She is a strong, brave, opinionated woman who is growing up very quickly. She is still young here, so I want a good expression of surprise/awe/curiosity/love at seeing Jango's face. This will be her first serious relationship, so....FYI this isn't urgent, just something nice for my fic. I might also use it as my icon here. Also drawing tips and reviews of my story are always welcome! :p :D
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  4. Jonathan91939 Jedi Youngling

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    Request: First OC
    Status: Open
    Category: Role play and other.
    Type:Character sketch
    Detailed description: My character well be a human jedi, brown hair similar to obi-wan's hair in phantom menace but without the padawan braid. Blue eyes,tunic and robe would be the same as Qui-Gon's, and the under shirt would be black,pants brown, and boots are dark brown almost black. Lightsaber would be blue and belt would be the same as Obi-Wan's in Attack of the Clones. the jedi would be middle aged with Qui-Gon colored skin. The background would be courosant I am not exactly sure how the background would look exactly but im sure I or the artist well find something. There might be more to add.
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    Request: First OC
    Status Open
    Category: Avatar and other
    Type: Character Sketch
    Description: My character will be a Ryn with gray-white robes and a white lightsaber (pictured in my current avatar). His pose should be relaxed and calm (not aggressive) with the demeanor of a Jedi Consular. His hair and mustache should be white, with the tail not pictured. He could be standing or sitting, with a relaxed stature. Other than these perimeters, I am open to creativity. Thanks! :)
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    Request: OC
    Status: Open
    Category: Roleplaying
    Type: Character
    Detailed Description: He wears a modified version of the uniform used by Imperial Navy Troopers. He wears a black/REALLY dark grey trench-coat over his uniform. In additon to this, he wears a black version of an Imperial Scout Trooper helmet. He is a lean-figured person, so he would not look too beefy. This is optional, but if you wish to have him in a "battle pose", his weapon of choice is the SE-14r blaster pistol.
    Any Other Information: If you want to include a name to him, he is referred to as "The Black Baron".

    Request: Lord Valorum
    Status: Open
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Character
    Detailed Description: Without revealing too much on the story, he appears to look like Anakin as he did during ROTS and the 2008 Clone Wars series, but with a beard. He wears an attire that is a fusion of his armor as Vader and the Jedi armor he wore in The Clone Wars (2008). Most of the Vader influence is in the shoulder armor and he does have the Vader chest panel. The rest of his uniform appears like the TCW armor, on with black or dark greys instead of reds and browns. He wields a blue-blade lightsaber.
    Any Other Information:

    Request: The Commander
    Status: Open
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Character
    Detailed Description: Essentially, his outfit is a pristine Sandtrooper armor. However, there are modifications to this. His pauldron is a 501st dark blue instead of orange-red. The same dark blue is painted on the armor in a pattern seen most Phase-I ARC armor. This includes a black kama with the same dark blue as trim.

    His helmet is a different matter, however. His looks like a normal Imperial stormtrooper's at first. However, there is a rangefinder attached on the side of the helmet in typical ARC Trooper/Mandalorian fashion. The helmet has been painted with the dark blue around the "face", similar in style to ARC troopers. Finally, on the dome of the helmet, there are Jaig eyes in the same blue as before.
    Any Other Information: N/A
  7. SavageCabbage Jedi Youngling

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    The fanfic I am writing will have some concept art to start each chapter. I am looking for an artist to cooperate with my writing of the fanfic and bring life to my ideas in colour.
    The fanfic involves an Area 51-esque conspiracy thriller setting in the Star Wars universe. Basically all about hacking computers, terrorism, civil war and perhaps some force action is needs be. To get an idea of your work, please find three sample characters from one of my earlier drafts. Happy to hear from all contenders via message.
    Good luck!
    Request: Maso Hilava
    Status: Open
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Character
    Detailed Description: Portrait shot of a secondary character in my fanfic. This guy shoots first asks questions later. He is a bulky, muscly, jock-like soldier character. He was dismissed by the imperial academy for being overly-aggressive; something very telling in itself. He would have ammo belts, utility belts, a big gun, maybe a cigar of some kind. If possible, it would be great to have him in action to give some context; maybe him after kicking down a door with a stormtrooper underneath it, with him, gun-in-hand looking pretty menacing.
    Other Details: A good idea that I have is taking the character Lt. Surge from Pokémon and going on that premise.
    Request: Ante Nahn
    Status: Open
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Character
    Detailed Description: Portrait shot of a secondary character in my fanfic. Okay this guy is (best put) the Lester (of GTAV) of the Star Wars universe. He is a computer nerd who is very brave when hacking into foreign systems, but hides like a coward when faced with any confrontation. He is a conspiracy nutjob too. When designing him, I'd like you to think about what the Star Wars equivalent of the UFO cover-up is and suggest some ideas. He loves talking about blasters and spaceships and armor but when he is given a gun, he basically falls to pieces so maybe to put context on this character, you may be able to set him in a computer terminal environment looking pretty stressed as shots fly by.
    Other Details: When I say similar to Lester in GTAV, I don't necessarily mean physically. He can be on the chubby side, maybe try and make him look nerdy but stay away from too many terrestrial references (nerds in Star Wars don't wear glasses for example). Open to him being another alien race too; so long as the race speaks Basic natively. He is the opposite to the above description of Maso Hilava
    Request: Lab Zombie Monster
    Status: Open
    Category: Fan Fic
    Type: Other
    Detailed Description: My fanfic involves an underground biological base, where mutant/zombie test subjects have broken free. I was hoping to get a general portrait of this creature. I am totally open to any creative influences you may have. I would emphasize perhaps the Amnesia Monster as a quasi-influential reference point, but experiment with it.
    These creatures are humans who have been victims of experiments gone wrong. They need to look like they are both in agony and in a violent rage. They can have melee style weapons like a broken pipe or a vibro-staff but they need to look ferocious and animal-like. Tattered clothes is a good point to mention.
    Other Information:Try to refrain from copying general zombie skin tones. I'd like this to be very organic and original; something that stands out from other zombie creatures so get your creative juices going!
    Full credit guaranteed if used in this fanfic
    More to come and PLEASE REPLY WITH ANYMORE SUGGESTIONS. I want my fanfic to have contributions and ideas from others so as to inspire me further.
    Thanks in advance,
    Savage Cabbage.
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    Dare I poke this sleeping dragon of a thread?

    Ahem. Yes, please, I could use some help [face_blush]

    Request: Cover art, OC
    Status: Open
    Category: Fanfic
    Detailed Description:
    • I'm describing the OC I need a portrait for in the first and second chapters of the fic, which can be found here. It's a woman in her late 20s, Mediterranean type (olive skin, black eyes, black hair), cute but not particularly beautiful, with a bit of tummy fat, you know? I spent a lot of time on avatar/3D character generators and I have some images already, but I don't know how to tweak them. I'd be ecstatic if one of the amazing artists on this forum wanted to create a portrait from scratch, but I understand that it's a lot of work, so I'd be really happy with someone who's willing to edit images I would provide.
    • About the cover art, the story is in three parts, with one OC and Thrawn as the protagonists. Part 1 takes place on Coruscant, part 2 in the Unknown Regions and part 3 during the Thrawn campaign. There again I have some ideas to start working from, if one of you has time only to edit existing images.
    Any Other Information: My OC is an artist herself :p so one idea for a fan artist with a bit of extra time on his/her hands would be to create some of her pieces for the cover art.
    Errr... That's pretty much it, I think. Thanks!
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