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Saga The Battle of Endor, As Seen By Gray Leader

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jonno_Fett, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Jonno_Fett

    Jonno_Fett Jedi Youngling

    Jul 18, 2003
    This is my first post ever here at TFN, so please let me know if I messed up somehow. I've read several FAQs and take part in a Lord of the Rings forum that is very similar to this one, so I think I've got the basics, but please tell me if I break in rules.

    From my understanding of the abbreviations, this is not an OC, as Gray Leader is mentioned once or twice in the fighter pilot chatter in ROTJ, but nothing else is known about him, so I had lots of room in writing this.

    It's already finished, but it's fairly short.

    The Battle of Endor, as Seen by Gray Leader

    "Pull up! All craft, pull up!" The words of General Calrissian, flying the Millenoium Falcon as Gold Leader, filled me with fear. General Solo?s strike team was supposed to have the Death Star?s shield down! Pulling up on the yoke of my Y-Wing so hard my R5 unit squealed for fear that I?d break it, my Head?s Up Display showed I?d barely cleared it. As I pulled away, I looked at my HUD: All my squadron had made it.

    "It?s a trap!" The voice of Admiral Ackbar filled me to the brim with fear. I almost turned around and jumped to hyperspace. But I?d made a vow to the Rebel Alliance, and I meant to keep it. Besides, there were Interdictor cruisers all around.

    Forming Gray Squadron, a Y-wing elite, into a trailing wedge behind the Millenium Falcon, we were soon engaged in a roiling dogfight with TIE fighters and interceptors. I sighed. Y-wings weren?t the best at dogfights, they were a little too slow to respond to the yoke, and not quite fast enough. I was bound to lose some people.

    "Gray Three, watch your tail!"

    "I?m on it, I?m on it . . ."

    The comm was filled with chatter as I pulled out of a loop right behind the TIE Interceptor chipping away at Gray Three?s shields. I let go with the swiveling ion cannon, and soon instantly the TIE?s course turned into a spinning, ballistic course. He quickly crashed into a TIE fighter, the pilot of which had been looking over his shoulder at Gray Ten, who had been lacing him with laser fire. Pulling up and away, Ten escaped the fireball. My Gray Squadron was doing well.

    That wasn?t to last.

    "I?m HIIIT!!"

    "I?ve lost Nives!" The voice was that of Gray Nine. His wingman had just been vaped. "I can?t shake ?im!"

    "Just hold on-" My voice trailed off as I flew through some debris, which bounced me around in my cockpit. "-hold on, Nine! I?m on my way." Too late. Nine exploded.

    R5 showed a rotating picture of Eight? and Nine?s killer. My breath caught in my throat as I saw the red stripes on the pylon of the Interceptor. The Imperial 181st Fighter Group had arrived.

    The 181st Imperial Fighter Group was the best fighter squadron out there. Captained by Baron Soontir Fel, it was deadly. About the only Rebel squadron that would be able to take it one-to-one was Rogue Squadron.

    "Reform! All Grays, reform!" I shouted into the comm. The remaining ten Y-Wings looped, rolled, and dived until they were into a defensive sphere, where each starfighter could blast the attacker off of the one in front of it. "This is Gray Leader. I could use some help here. I have three Imperial squadrons attacking, and one of them is the 181st!" My call for help went out over broadband. I didn?t have much hope though--we were already badly outnumbered.

    A TIE Fighter drifted onto my tail, and started shooting. The hiss of his lasers on my shields came through my cockpit?s speakers. I inverted and dove, while slowly rotating my ion cannon. Before it went all the way around, my wingman vaped him.

    "Nice shot, Two!"

    "Just doing my job, Lead."

    All the TIEs were reforming a distance away, into a arrow. I wondered what they were doing, and then it hit me: They were going to blast through us! "All Grays, start taking potshots now! They?re gonna charge!"

    Gray Squadron slowly turned and lost it?s form as the sphere, and began shooting the TIEs. Only one Interceptor exploded though. The distance was just too great.

    Suddenly, through the center of the formation dove a Corell
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