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NSWRPF Archive The Beltaintes War: Rise of the Necreás

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Master_Dmentae, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    IC: Matthais

    Matthais walks around the forest that they currently made camp in and hears the order to suit up and looks at himself. "well im suited up.." and walks towards dmentae's camp to go talk to him "i hope we move out soon and about 3/4 of the way there he smells blood in the air and it starts getting his thirst flowing. "hmm looks like someone couldnt wait.."

  2. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Frontline

    Dmentae watched as the Torch-Squad approached, and then realised one of them was carring a number of bodies, Human, he had to lash out an arm infront of Matthias to stop him instantly draining them "Get the most hungry ones, then bring them here, I want them to lead the fight, these men will be restored" he looked over to Grogotus "Captain, i said to plant the torches, not kill all the humans you happened to find, besides, the humans will know that they have lost a squad and send a larger party to the torches, probably getting there before the Mercs do" Dmentae told the Brute carrying the bodies to lay them down, healthiest in the middle, most messed up at the edges "for all these that it dosent work for, you can drain them, Matthias" Dmentae knelt over, seeing one man infront of him, with a bleeding temple "That was the last one, we interrogated him, then he was put under the hammer" Grotogus said proudly "You did well to interrogate, or question, but a simple" Dmentae stopped, turning to a Brute of Grotogus and nipping his collar bone, slightly above, the Brute fell to the floor "pinch" he finished "hes only asleep, besides, if you look under his fur, he was injured" Dmentae knelt to the men, and sent a few bolts of Lightning through them, his eyes going cyan, but he hid them, no-one knew about his eyes changing color when using his power. He stood, watching as the charge jumped from man to man, bringing life into all but two "Mattias, drain all those alive from their skull, but only a fraction of their current supply, that will eradicate their short-term memory after reaching he torch position, and then Grotogus, take them back to the torch area, plant a tree on them and then leave, keep the torches lit, but them facing the other way" Dmentae looked around, searching for a shadow, he found one "Please contact Animagos, ask him to come here" he said to the shade, who hissed aknowledgingly, and then dissapreared "Good thing this is at night, Shades would be useless, as would half our other army" he said, glancing to the science hut in the distance, where they were rapidly and effectively curing species of their natural hinderance, like sunlight for shades, but it was only temporary, and Dmentae turned round to see a Tree Spirit approaching, her white hair blowing in the slow breeze "Temari, please gather your kin, we will need your natural healing methods, but for you i need to bring to life Rentakillan Benthrakes (basically a fly trap, but kinda like a fence, it impales someone, injects them with acid, burns em and they are digested...)

    Tag: Necréan
  3. Alexanderlagrande

    Alexanderlagrande Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 16, 2007
    OOC:Wait Im not being kick off the game am I?
  4. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: No alexander, i think he did something to one of your packmates, not you, I would reread it carefully.
    IC: Yuul Shamar

    "Contact any non-military but combat-lived Necréan, we will need everyone for this"

    Yuul set about his task. A task for the side he opossed. He had been working like this disguised and pretending to be an elf for months now. He was sick of it. Supposedly it wouldn't be to much longer but they always said that. He was the very leader of the Mages Guild and he was being treated like a common spy! When he volounteered to aide in what way he could he had pictured a more, advisory roll. So much for that.

    He reached the shatered remains of the city and began to find and rouse the various mercenary groups, groups he should have been slaughtering. But no, instead he was taking mental counts and telling them it was time to mobilize.

    Tag: Tog, any other mercs who havent post character sheets.


    IC: Anareth Silverwind

    Anareth watched as Dmentae permitted Matthias to feed. Her own hunger pulsed in her mind, threatening to grow into some beastly monstrosity. It stopped as if it ran into a wall, and in a way it had. Anareth had a great deal of control over her own hunger, more then most vampires or part vampires. She excercised it now, sending her instict into a mental barrier, and trapping the temptations it brought before sealing them away, for now.

    Anareth turned to follow Dmentae and waited until after he spoke to the tree spirit before saying, "What's the latest count on the enemy numbers mi'lord? I have heard from our scouts that they have brought in additional units but it is hard to get a precise count, I was wondering if you might have heard something more recent?"

    Tag: Dmentae
  5. MoonlightsAngel

    MoonlightsAngel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 13, 2006

    Name: Temari
    Species: Forest Spirit.
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown. Looks to be between 15 and 17, but her eyes say otherwise.
    Rank: Captain


    Hair: Snow white and straight, falling right under her shoulder blades. Usually tossed up in a messy bun.
    Eyes: Left: Emerald green. Right: Vibrant blue.
    Face: Delicate and fairy like.
    Body: Stands proudly at 5? 3? and weights 108 lbs. (1.63 meters and about 49 kg)
    Shape: Shapely. Muscled although nothing chunky, lean athletic build.
    Clothes: Her forearms, wrists shins thighs and torso are bandaged heavily. Under that she wears a light, long sleeved sand coloured dress over brown leggings that reach down half way down her thighs. Bandages are light brown. She wears a soft, light, yet concealing dark brown cloak over all this.


    Armor: If strictly necessary she will wear chain shirts and leather protection, but this is extremely rare.
    Weapons: Staff, throwing needles, a medium sized, elaborated fan, a small although very sharp fine dagger.
    Extras: Water, money, an old temari ball strapped to her waist along with several pouches filled with thousands of different seeds.


    Skills: Spiritual Strength.
    Natural Prowess: Flora and Wind control.
    Physical Prowess: Accuracy and speed.


    Family: None, most of her fellow Forest Deities have either died, been enslaved or fled.
    Personality: Calm, serene and often even cheerful, she has a deep air of innocence about her. She cares deeply for those she fights with. She can be mischievous at times and even cruel to her enemies. Has a deep sense of respect and justice.
    Habits: Humming absently when concentrated, mocking those she dislikes, ignoring others.
    Likes- The forest and anything within it, music, animals, kids (even if they are humans), those she thinks of as ?her people?.

    Dislikes- Humans, the destruction they caused, alcoholic beverages, ropes chains or anything used to bind someone else.

    Companion: A black lesser werewolf the size of a pureblood horse with bright orange eyes. It has no special powers or abilities except for his sheer size and obvious strength.

    Repellant Move: She stood straight, abnormally still, her face pulled into an merciless cold mask. A cruel, bloodthirsty smirk crossed her face, pearly sharp canines bared threateningly. A violent wind whirled around her, ripping her hair from it?s binding as she lounged forward viciously, a sadistically spiteful chuckle escaping her lips as the sudden need of blood fueled her forward.

    Bio: Despite what one may think, Forest Spirits do have families and children and overall normal lives. This Spirit was taken from her mother as soon as she could eat on her own.

    She was never meant to be caged, or a slave. She accidentally hurt a human once, on self defence. By her species standards she was barely a toddler, but they didn?t care, she was since deemed dangerous.

    Forced into the heaviest work load and chained since she could remember, the little Spirit was never given a name, or even addressed to properly. Her life was all too simple: Eat, work, eat, sleep and start over again. The chains and ropes and bindings were never, ever taken of or even loosened slightly, soon overcoming her body?s natural ability to heal those areas.

    Once a human toddler came by where she was being kept for the day and babbled on in his incompressible language to her for at least an hour until his mother took her away, scared of the Spirits supposed violence. The boy tossed her a colourful temari ball he had been playing with, squealing the name along as he was dragged away.

    Years later, the ball is now faded in colour, and strapped to her waist, and she adopted the name as well. The little boy died of decease 17 years later.

    She was found by Dementae after she escaped and has since stayed by him. She has thick, bracelet like scars around her wrists and ankles, legacy of her life as a slave.


  6. Alexanderlagrande

    Alexanderlagrande Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 16, 2007

    The necrean made Grotogus angry nocking out one of his packmates like that, in his land that was worthy of execution, but never mind he had humans to kill.
    He ran back toward the forest and began setting a small camp.
    "Maccebus you are to secure the area let no human in or out of the area."He said
    "Very well then my lord."He said walking away

  7. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Gathering

    As the officers gathered around him, sending others to do their tasks, a purple oval appeared in the air suddenly, and out-stepped a Blue-Skinned Devil "Hello Animagos, please could you determine the amount of Humans that are in the army that will fight us?"
    "Certainly" came the reply, and he dissapeared in another oval-shaped hole that he made, Dmentae turned to the Tree Spirit "You're the plant expert, put it where it will serve best and still live for itself, so near water and dark places - for that plant - am i right?" Dmentae then turned to Grogotus "he was pained, look under his fur" he part counsled, part ordered, he wouldn't have the newly formed Necréan army fall so quickly. Animagos arrived back "They have 20,000 men, plus a backup of 3,000. We have 10,000 and no backup, other than the mercs" Animagos finished, knowing full well he hadn't been told about the mercs, and the others showed confusion in their faces "Im a psycic..."

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  8. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Anareth Silverwind

    "They have 20,000 men, plus a backup of 3,000. We have 10,000 and no backup, other than the mercs"

    Anareth thought for a moment thinking carefully. "I knew we were outnumbered but that was a bit more then I expected. My reccomendation would be for a defensive front and counterattack when we see an opening, however I will do my best regardless of what your plan is mi'lord."

    Her hunger began to encroach upon her mind again, and again she sealed it away thinking, Wait, there will be ample oppurtunities in that conflict that is before us. A distant booming roll of thunder sounded in the distance, almost like nature's own drums of war...

    Tag: Dmentae, those nearby
  9. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    IC:Matthais Velothi

    "yes sir, it would be my pleasure." Matthais says as he licks his lips and bites and drains the specific fraction of blood from the live ones bodies on thier skulls "mmm it tastes soo fresh." Matthais says as he cleans himself up and wraps up the humans and for Grotogus and leaves a note for him. The job is done you know what to do. Matthais walks away and walks past Anareth and looks forward towards the battle feild. "hmm well this battle will be enteresting, they have twice as many forces as we do and and somewhat organized warfare, meantime we have half the amount or so they do and powers also more will, and determination." Matthais smiles with anticipation and utters something under his breath "this will be fun..."

  10. MoonlightsAngel

    MoonlightsAngel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 13, 2006
    IC: Temari

    ?Au contraire m?lord, they will drown if placed too close to a water source. They take all they need from their prey.? Answered the petit deity after being addressed to ?Nevertheless, you are right about their need for darkness. Worry not, they?ll be fully grown and mightily hungry by dusk, which can pose a problem for us...?

    Temari fell silent, her eyes stumbling on the two corpses on the ground, freshly killed, still warm. She smiled triumphantly, finding a solution before even explaining the problem properly.

    ?Excuse me, my lord? She said, her eyes still studying both limp bodies. ?Will you be needing those corpses? I just thought of a way to prevent any mishaps, and I only need a limb, two at the most.?

    She listened to the blue skinned demon?s report, blinking her jewelled eyes thoughtfully, turning to look the same way Matthias did., her mind racing.

    ?23,000 humans then? she thought, turning around to face Dementae once more, waiting to be dismissed while going through all the traps and death she would literally sow for the humans to admire.

    Tag: All
  11. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Meeting

    "Yes, You tan take all of the bodies, but remember, its not nightlihght these plants can take, it is the real shade...or absense of light, put them underground, in channels, and when they hear the footsteps overhead, and smell" he pointed to the bodies "they will rise, satisfactory?" he turned to Anareth "Anareth, go see that our spy is returned home safely" he meant, referring Yuul, and nodding to Animagos to relay it into her telepathically, so she knew who it was "As for the rest of us, prepare the Lagarians" he said, as another shadow moved over them.

    Tag: All

    OOC: lagarians are small, like earth kamelions, but are shaped as dragons, and breathe lightning other than fire, they also are black-scaled with cyan tummy and head pattern, the shadow was Dmentae's Lagarian, but his is huge, its like an elder one, only the elder is a sub-race so Charcol is young (his lagarian) and everyone can have a lagarian if they like, just for this battle.
  12. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Anareth Silverwind and Yuul Shamar

    "Anareth, go see that our spy is returned home safely"

    As Dmentae's familiar sent the name into her mind her brow furrowed in anger. She took off, heading towards the charred remain sof the city. Halfway there she saw Yuul on his return trip a sour impression on his face, he noticed her and raised his hand in greeting but she would have none of it. In a burst of motion that continued her previous run she lept onto him, knocking him into the ground baring her fangs as she did so. During her leap she had drawn her sword with the saphire set in it and the lightining silouhette. It now was pressed lengthwise against Yuul's neck.

    "I should drain you right here, regardless of Dmentae's orders spy!"

    Yuul's faked friendly disposition now turned into an angered one. "Off me necrean filth!" He yelled as a supernatural force slammed into Anareth sending her flying nearly ten yards. Anareth stood and as Yuul prepared to send a ball of fire at her a thunderbolt from the approaching storm slammed down between them, guided by Anareth's mind. A deafening crack, followed by a deep, shattering rumble could be heard for miles around, the light visible from even further.

    Yuul stared for a moment, caught offguard, his studies had suggested elves were unable to use such offensive abilities, perhaps it was because of her being only half elf? He would have to study that later. The two stared at each other for what seemed like several minutes before Yuul turned and headed for the human camps and Anareth head for the necrean ones.

    Tag: GM(for Yuul's arrival in the human camp), any(for the thunderbolt effect)
  13. hitokiri-black

    hitokiri-black Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 8, 2005
    OOC: Sorry for the late post.

    IC: Rtune Human Army Encampment

    Large hands rose above a glossy shaven head and Rtune heaved a yawn. The smile that flicked across his face spoke volumes about his demeanor as he moved to take a quick scan of the camp before him. Despite the apparent ease that had settled around him, Rtune could feel the underlying shiver of fear that passed throughout the camp. He wondered if any of his fellow human?s would consciously admit how great of a threat the Necreans posed.

    With the smile still pressed across his face, Rtune took a few more moments to place the small finishing touches on his one-man hunting tent. It was clearly military issue and had taken meager minutes to erect. Running his fingers lightly over his head once more, Rtune gathered himself together and meandered his way towards the current human ?HQ?.

    As of a few days ago, he had been stationed away from the chain of command and did not have very specific orders. Straightening his worn attire, Retune positioned himself outside of a large tent that he hoped held personal such as Commander Adoul and his subordinates. Rapping the stiff supporting beam that held the canvas together with his knuckles, Rtune waited quietly for permission to enter.

    Tag: Master_Dmentae, Humans
  14. MoonlightsAngel

    MoonlightsAngel Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 13, 2006
    IC: Temari.

    Temari?s sweet, patient disposition faltered slightly as the Forest Spirit heaved a small, impatient sigh.

    ?Yes milord, I know.? she said bluntly ?Now, if I may be excused?? she added, smiling gently as the huge canine that was her companion trotted up to them.

    Temari knelt by the bodies, examining both of them. She chose the one who had died last, looking over to her companion, giving out her order without a word. Chandrakant walked forward as Temari introduced a hand in one of her pouches and dropped some small seeds on the ground. They grew into long, powerful vines that tied around the corpse and gently picked it up, placing it on the canine?s strong back carefully before receding to seeds once more.

    After the body was secure with the vines around it and the roots and seeds safely in her hand, Temari bowed her head respectfully before Dementae and turned to climb on Chandrakant?s back. Just then it happened. Loud and threatening, a thunderbolt struck the ground, not too far away from where Commander Silverwind was supposed to meet that human Dementae trusted so. The petit deity held the body on Chandrakant?s back with all her body weight, as the black canine turned briskly, baring his fangs soundlessly.

    The werewolf recognized an attack when he sensed one, and Temari knew this. His muscles were tense in alert, yet not like they were before attacking himself, and his eyes were thoughtful. Both Forest Spirit and Werewolf sniffed the air. No blood had been shed.

    ?I will report back once I am done with my task, milord? Temari stated softly, looking back at Dementae before bowing her head once more, to all those who were higher ranked than herself. She then whispered a word in her native tongue and the creature she was riding started a powerful yet silent sprint, both of them being swallowed by the forest.

    Tag: Anyone.
  15. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    IC: Dmentae - Encampment

    Dmentae saw the lightning, and heard the noices in responce "Do your tasks" he ordered, suddenly, his wings burst from their respective holes in his clothing, and he sped off toward the bolt, he landed at the site, seeing Yuul in the distance with his half-elf sight "Silver, are you ok?" he asked, knowing full well she wasn't very content with him at the moment. He heard the reply, nodded and then turned and took off, the force from his wings beating down the smoke and steam from nearby, as well as Anareth's Hair, he looked round, noting that the sun was setting over the Mountains, and small shaped sould be seen passing the low light from it "Lagarians" he muttered to himself, and his secret companion suddenly appeared beside him from the thick layer of clouds. "Charcol, ready the dragons, it is soon shall begin"

    Tag: Necrean, Yuul, Anareth
  16. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Anareth Silverwind

    "Silver, are you ok?"

    "I'll be fine." There was a cold detachment in her voice as she replied before continuing into the necrean camp. Upon entering the camp she made her way up and into her own large tent. Definately not as big as Dmentae's but it did not need to be. It was set up on the slight hill near Dmentae's own and there were other various high ranking officers tents around as well.

    Just as she entered the edges of the storm arrived showering the ruins of the city, the necrean camp, and the human camp in a downpour. She moved to the only unused section of the tent before drawing her twin swords and began to twirl and spin and slice in an almost effortless dance. She always used this corner for practise as she had thought of nothing to put here.

    After her swords she switched to practising with her throwing daggers...

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