Hi The binary code is created!

Discussion in 'Welcome New Users' started by Binary, Oct 4, 2013.

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  1. Binary Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 2, 2013
    Hiya. I'm Binary. I am a huge Star Wars fan. Seen every episode. Obviously.
    I'm currently reading the complete encyclopedia, (made before 1, 2 and 3) I am also watching Star Wars the clone wars. It's good, but confusing at times.
    Anyway, I also wanted to join a new community. I hope to be excepted into the community as well.
  2. A Chorus of Disapproval A Porg of Disapproval

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    @Binary: 000010001101001110010101 Failte Nua Duine. Thanks for checking in. Get involved, have a brilliant go of it, and should you require any assistance feel free to ask in here.
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  4. Skiara ~• Manager WNU •~ ~• RSA FFC •~

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    Welcome Binary! :)

    When I opened this thread I expected pure binary code to read. Glad that I don't need to look for a translater. :p

    You're loving maths, right? Or is it computing?

    Enjoy your stay! :)
  5. Sith-I-5 Jedi Grand Master

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    Binary, welcome to the Boards. I hope you enjoy your time with us.

    Spotted your query on how to roleplay.
  6. Jedi General Gelderd Jedi Master

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    Welcome to the Forum, Binary!

    Hope you enjoy your time here, just shout if we can help at all!

    See you around the boards...!

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