Before - Legends The Blue Side of the Force: Book I- Complements (6/14 -An unknown planet and an ACTUAL NEW CHAPTER)

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    ?I'm not going to hobble around on a cane that supports slavery!? Hahaha! What a great line. It suits her perfectly.
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    fantastic update!:cool:
    i loved when aiden told basila to stay behind and keep canderous out of trouble! and then leiraya's line about not buying a cane that supports slavery! a very interesting point, and a valid one, but the fact that aiden is trying his best to keep everyone calmed down and not doing a very good job of it makes if funny!
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    I'm dang lucky I wandered to Before. *mumbles* I"m on my ban period right now from the CT trivia challenge, and though it should be lifted by now, it isn't. Oh well... This is kotorchick, by the way.

    Anyway, great chapter. The bit with Czerka made me hate them even more, though I was never a fan of theirs. Go Big Z! He's definatly not a madclaw in my book. Bastila watching over a certain Mandolorian reminded me of From the Ashes (the fic with the Bastila/Cando pairing), bu that rougish wink from Aiden.... hm... :) Oh, I did love how Carth had to be thto watch out for Leiraya- so cute!

    The cane bit- absolutly perfect. The fight at the end was also excellent, and Aiden has no idea what he's messing with, especially witht he bits of Leiraya's past we've seen in your one-shots. Grrrrrr.
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    Again, your characters are just so gol'darn likeable.
    This whole exchange was wonderful.

    ?Well... we were rather trying to find a place that would sell a cane-?

    ?No, we weren't.? Leiraya was still glaring at Farsik. ?And even if this gentleman said they carried them, I wouldn't buy it if they paid me.?

    ?Leiraya, are you sure this is-?

    ?I'm not going to hobble around on a cane that supports slavery!?

    ?Slavery?? Farsik snorted. ?Inflammatory language. It can hardly be slavery when they're little more than brutes.?

    ?Brutes?? She replied incredulously. ?Let me tell you, mister-?

    I really liked Leiraya's comments about war--size doesn't matter, folks still die. Very true.
    Poor Aiden has his hands full.

    Who's the stowaway????

    =D= Eagerly awaiting the next update.
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    Striker: I have a low opinion of Czerka, and it's not just because I go to a happy hippie school. :p When you get around to playing, you'll see I'm really not exaggerating.

    Thanks! That may very well be one of my favourite lines of hers thus far.

    obi_webb: Glad you're enjoying. :)

    kotorchick in disguise: It's true, Aiden has no idea what he's dealing with, nor does Carth. More on that in my upcoming Dueling Circle challenge response... that I need to write soon. :D

    oqidaun: The stowaway is an enigma! For now. :) And yeah, Leiraya isn't responding well to the Czerka situation. Can't say I blame her, though.

    And now... I need to play Kashyyyk again to reorient myself to the situation. :p So good to be back with my own lovely desktop. *hugs computer*

    Minor Clarification!

    Since a couple of people have asked, this story is slightly AU, but not enough to make it a true AU since events still wind up as they ought to. So if you were wondering whether this was AU or canon, we'll stick with canon. :)

    Thanks all for your replies and continued support. It really does mean a lot to me to know people are enjoying my humble little endavour.
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    I just finished this and let me tell you, it is beyond a great experience. Playing KOTOR was good, but this is great. You have taken KOTOR and given it life beyond what many can see. i enjoy the seeing what goes on beyond the missions and what not.

    Your dialogue fits every Character and the situations are as I'd see them reacting. Very good. =D=

    I look forward to seeing more.
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    Poor Leiraya with her knee situation. Ouch.

    ?That could be potentially awkward,? Carth agreed.

    [face_laugh] Yay for understatement.

    Great posts! =D=
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    ?What I wouldn't give for a one day pass into his head...? she shook her head ruefully.

    Oooh, me too! [face_batting] I'm loving every bit of Leiraya and Carth's interactions.

    The Czerka reps make me very angry. I hope they get what they deserve! Who knows, maybe it'll be a "necessary" part of finding the Star Map. [face_mischief] And Bastila babysitting a Mandalorian - something about that is just too wild. [face_laugh]

    Can you PM me next time you update? I'd appreciate it!
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    Congrats DWH on your multiple noms! Hun, you totally deserve it.
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    I'll echo kotorchick... Congrats on your noms. Definitely deserved. This is a great fic with great insight into the character's personalities. Just great.

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    Holy cow, guys, I've gotta start with thanks for all the noms. This story is going into the awards with a grand total of seven nominations, and I can't tell you how honoured I am that you guys like it that much. :) I only hope that the story will continue to be equally as enjoyable for everyone involved.

    Zan: Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm glad that you can see the life behind the characters- the game's fantastic but you can definitely tell there's a lot going on beneath the surface.

    amidalachick: Understatement is one word for it. :p Glad you enjoyed!

    JadeSolo: Consider yourself added to the PM list of d00m! And as for Czerka, well... you'll see. [face_mischief]

    kotorchick and WyoJedi: Again, thank you so very much. :) It really is wonderful to see support for the KOTOR era, and I'm glad you can enjoy my little (or perhaps not so little) take on the galaxy as a whole.

    And now for an update! Hooray!

    Chapter Fourteen

    “Stowaway?” Bastila blinked twice and shook her head. “What do you mean, stowaway?”

    “I mean,” Juhani said with a hint of impatience, “that there is an intruder onboard. I think there has been since we left Dantooine. Someone's been eating the emergency food supplies, and I keep hearing noises.”

    Bastila looked over Juhani's shoulder, then back at her. “Come on.”

    The two women made their way back to the cargo hold where, sure enough, the seal on the emergency supplies had been broken. “Who do you think could have done this?”

    “I do not know,” Juhani shrugged. “Whoever it is must be very good at hiding.”

    “Camouflage...” Bastila mused out loud. “If I were trying to hide on a spaceship, what would I try to look like?”

    “Well, whoever it is did not choose to hide in the storage containers. I already checked them.”

    Bastila peered around the room and started to softly walk towards the supply shelves. At the bottom were several stacks of blankets piled rather sloppily. Reaching out, she pulled the top blanket away-

    -revealing a young girl, no older than nine years old.

    No jurkadir!” she almost shrieked, and Bastila backpedaled in shock.

    “What is she saying?” Juhani asked.

    “I wouldn't be the one to know,” Bastila replied, and turned back to the girl, speaking slowly. “We aren't going to hurt you.”

    Jetii? Dar'jetti?” The girl's eyes were wide with fright, and she pointed at Bastila's lightsaber, swinging from her belt.

    “It's a lightsaber,” Bastila enunciated. “I'm not going to hurt you. What are you doing here?”

    Tion verd?

    Bastila stood up straight and rubbed her eyes. “I have no idea what she's saying, Juhani. How are we going to deal with this?”

    Juhani opened her mouth to answer, but before she could, the voice of Canderous came behind them. “Udesil, ad'ika.

    Bastila whirled around in shock. “Mandalorian? We've picked up a Mandalorian child?”

    “I doubt it,” Canderous looked at the girl still hiding beneath the blankets. “Her Mando'a is fragmented and somewhat bastardized, so I imagine she was a captive of Mandalorians for some time, but she managed to escape. Ori midala,” he winked at the girl.

    “What are you telling her?” Bastila eyed the Mandalorian warrior suspiciously.

    “If you must know, I was telling her she should calm down, and that she was very clever.” Canderous knelt down and held out his hand. “Uldesiir, burc'ya.

    The girl looked at him with a good deal of fear still in her eyes. “Mando'ad! Shukur...

    Canderous smiled, perhaps the kindest expression Bastila had ever seen on the warrior's face. “Verd ori'shya beskar'gam.” He held out his hand once more, and the girl, after several long moments, accepted. He pulled her up gently and patted her on the shoulder. “Ori'jate,” he smiled. “Ori'jate.

    “So what do we do now?” Bastila looked at the odd sight of the Mandalorian with a child.

    “We take her back to Dantooine when we get the chance, I suppose” Canderous shrugged. “Can't think of anything else we can do with her. We certainly can't leave her here with the Wookiees.”

    “Are you going soft on me, Canderous?” Bastila crossed her arms and smirked at the older man. “I've never known you to take an interest in anyone.”

    “She's earned her way home,” he easily replied. “If she can escape from the warriors, she deserves a way to return to her own, and she's not going to get it here.”

    The girl seemed to sense what he was saying, and threw her arms around his waist. “Vor'e,” she said, voice muffled. Language aside, it was impossible to miss the thankfulness that poured off her in that moment.

    “I never thought I would see anyone hugging a Mandalorian,” Juhani commented.

    “Yeah, well, don't get too used to seeing it,” Canderous shot back. “This is a... special case. So don't expect any hugfests from me.”

    “Oh, we'd never expect that,” Bastila grinned.

    “Well, then let's find this girl a place to stay that's not in the cargo hold.” Canderous lifted the girl up and set her atop his shoulders. “I've reached my 'cute' quota for the day.”

    Bastila exchanged an amused look with Juhani before following him out of the hold. “Oh, I don't think you have at all...”

    * * *

    Nobody wanted to talk.

    Heading for the Great Walkway, tempers were flaring so badly that the Force was positively tingling with all the negative energy. This was not a good way for a team to work, not at all. Aiden would have spoken up a mile or so ago but for the fact that he had been the one to suggest moving the conversation to a private place. The only blunder in this plan was that they had no refuge but for the Ebon Hawk, and that was too far away to go back.

    “Some brilliant strategist I am,” he muttered under his breath.

    “What was that?” Carth asked.

    “Nothing, I-” Aiden broke off, spying an abandoned hut. “Into the hut.”

    “What?” Carth looked somewhat confused.

    “You know how I said not to have a fight in the middle of a public walkway?”

    “Well, yes.”

    “We're definitely not going any further until you two duke it out. So into the hut.” He pointed emphatically at the slightly dilapidated building.

    Carth looked at him dubiously, as did Leiraya, but they entered the hut, which appeared to have been abandoned some time ago. Furniture was overturned, and belongings were strewn about the room. Clearly, a Wookiee had lived there at one time, but had been taken captive.

    Leiraya looked horrified at the mess. “I am ashamed to be a human being sometimes.”

    “You've got no reason to be ashamed,” Carth sighed, clearly also disturbed by the sight. “It's because of people like you that things like this are stopped.”

    “I thought I was overreacting.” Leiraya sat down on one of the overturned baskets, and looked up in time to see Aiden leaving and closing the door. “Hey, what are you doing?”

    Aiden shrugged. “Do I need to be present for this conversation? Or are you two planning on killing each other in my absence?”

    Leiraya inwardly grimaced. She was never sure whether she wanted to give the pilot a hug, or if she wanted to kick him, but no, Aiden didn't really need to be there.

    The other Jedi seemed to sense this, and grinned. “Just let us know when you're done.” He started to close the door, but stuck his head back in as he remembered on last thing. “Oh, and if I hear that the shouting has stopped for fifteen minutes and I haven't seen you come out, we're coming in to check for casualties.”

    With that, the door closed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence,” she muttered under her breath.

    “So.” Carth stood on the other side of the room, arms folded. “What's your problem with Czerka?”

    “I told you.” She set her crutches down on the floor. “They fueled a war that could have easily been defused with a simple explanation.”

    “But that's not all,” he countered. “I know that look- I've been in too many wars and fought with too many people not to know when it's personal.”

    Her eyes shot up, narrowing. “And I've been a Jedi too long not to notice the same- it's not just Admiral Karath that's bothering you about this war. Fair's fair, flyboy.”

    The two stared each other down for several moments, until Carth spoke. “You first.”

    “Why me?”

    “Because I asked first.”

    She was silent for several moments before speaking. “We were twenty years old. It sounds so old when you're younger. You think, 'When I'm 20, I'll really be a grown-up.' Well, twenty's not old. Not old at all.”

    “Is this about Kylan?”

    “Only sort of. He went off to war,” she smirked and let out a small, rueful laugh. “Of course. It's what he does. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen. And neither would anyone else. Did you ever do anything really stupid to impress a girl?”

    Carth was thrown by the seeming sudden change in subject. “I, ahh... I guess. How stupid are we talking?”

    There was a long pause before she responded. “Really stupid. Like, getting yourself killed stupid. Not that you've actually gotten yourself killed, obviously, but...” she trailed off. “You know what I mean.”

    “Who was it?” The question was surprisingly gentle.

    “A friend.” She shook her head. “I had a hard time convincing him he wasn't actually going to be my one true love. He was adorable, and shy, and irritatingly persistent. I guess he thought that by emulating my best friend he'd be able to score some points with me or something.”

    “Sounds a bit naïve,” he commented.

    “A bit? How about a lot? We were twenty years old, Carth. To this day, I wish I could go back and talk him out of it, but he was young, idealistic... and now he's dead. Thanks to a 'benevolent' corporation merely trying to 'help' a species behind the technological times.”

    Carth sighed. “Listen, I don't like Czerka any more than you do, but they didn't kill your friend.”

    “Tell that to Skyler's family.” She crossed her arms. “Tell that to the family of every soldier who was sent home in a capsule. Without their ships, there wouldn't have been a war. Do you know how quickly the conflict ended once the Selonians had all the information? Almost instantaneously.”

    He started to protest that you couldn't blame weapon suppliers entirely, but he knew the argument wasn't going to get him anywhere. Still, he had to give her credit- she held herself surprisingly well for one who had lost her friends to a war, especially one that seemed to have no point. He knew people who had broken down completely over less, yet here she was, just trying to find her best friend.

    There were days when he wished he had that sort of optimism.

    “Listen... I'm sorry I trivialized your war, but you've gotta remember I've been in some pretty big wars, myself.” Carth shook his head at the thought of all the battles he'd been in. “The Mandalorian Wars were brutal... I'd never seen anything like it. And as bad as they were, these Sith are even worse. Your war may have done considerable damage within one star system, but as you may have noticed, we're losing entire planets here.”

    Leiraya sighed. “I know. And I don't understand it any more than I understood the Selonian conflict. Whatever could have driven Revan and Malak to turn on the Republic, I can't even imagine.”

    “Let's hope we have no reason to find out,” Carth replied wearily. “I've witnessed enough of what they've done to know that whatever it was, it had to have been nasty.”

    “Your homeworld, right.” She shifted her weight on the basket and continued. “I guess I can be thankful they never turned their ire towards Corellia.”

    “Not just my homeworld. If that had been all they took away from me, I might be able to live with it.” Carth paused, clearly trying to hold himself together. “I... I had a wife and a son on Telos when Karath attacked. When my task force got there, it was too late.” He continued, the words pouring out faster and faster, as though a dam was suddenly bursting within him. “I couldn't stop them. I held her in my arms as she died, I screamed for a medic, for anyone... but it was no use. I didn't know enough to help her, and even if I did, we didn't have enough supplies for an entire dying planet. Smoke, and dust, our home reduced to rubble...” he looked up, eyes filled with horror and sorrow. “I almost wish it had been me instead.”

    “Don't say that,” Leiraya immediately responded. “What... what about your son?”

    “Dustil? I looked for him everywhere, until it was unsafe to do so anymore. And even after we left, I tried to find information, any small hint of his whereabouts. But after about two years... I gave up.” He hung his head in defeat. “I couldn't do it anymore.”

    Leiraya carefully got up and made her way across the room to where Carth stood. Looking up at him, she simply said, “I'm sorry.”

    “You don't need to worry about me,” he waved her off. “I'm going to find Karath, and he is going to pay for what he did. And then...” he trailed off. And then what? He honestly didn't know, and before meeting with this particular crew, he hadn't really cared.

    His thoughts were broken by the sound of Leiraya's voice. “Can I give you a hug?”

    The question caught him slightly off-guard. He couldn't even remember the last time someone had offered to give him a hug. He'd never really allowed himself to get close enough to anyone who would. Not since Telos. But this crew... he actually liked them. Not just out of duty, but because they were really and truly good people, and weren't as scared of his rank as many of the other military people tended to be. For the first time in a very long time, he was just another one of the crew. He'd almost forgotten what it was like.

    Nodding, he accepted her one-armed embrace. “Yeah,” he smiled sadly. “Yeah.”
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    Hmm. A stowaway. Loved canderous there, too. A hugfest? LOL! I now have an image of him in tie-died armor. :p

    Aaw, poor Leiraya. And poor Carth, too. Damnable corporate slugs. Nice little convo they had.
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    great update commander! i thought it was cool seeing a gentler canderous for a bit! that suprised me!
    and it was a really nice moment when leiraya and carth hugged.
    another great piece of writing!
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    [face_love] :_| [face_love]

    Canderous lifted the girl up and set her atop his shoulders. ?I've reached my 'cute' quota for the day.?

    Canderous is adorable, no matter how much he tries to deny it!

    Having read your other vig, it just makes this post even sadder for me. And Carth lost his family! Please tell me you wrote something about that. [face_mischief]

    Your "We'll see..." means so much more now. :p
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    You kept refering to your other works. Obviously the vig about Skylar, but I also saw the AU you did that had Carth's wife in the army (forgive my memory- I keep wanting to call her Melena, but that's Wicked). I can see Carth and Leiraya growing ever closer through what seems to be totally opposite experiences. it' absolutly beautiful. Especialy how slowly they grow and become closer. Cando was still absolutly so CUTE here too! He put the little girl on his shoulders! AW!
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    Awww! So much love in this chapter! [face_love] :p

    Seriously, that was really great. The little girl, Leiraya and Carth getting locked in the hut to work things out, Leiraya and Carth's stories about their experiences...and the hug at the end. [face_love] I loved it all.
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    Canderous lifted the girl up and set her atop his shoulders. ?I've reached my 'cute' quota for the day.?

    Bastila exchanged an amused look with Juhani before following him out of the hold. ?Oh, I don't think you have at all...?
    [face_laugh] I liked the part with Canderous, I always suspected he was sweeter than he let on.

    I loved the hug at the end, especially how Leiraya asked him first. There's so much different about she and Carth and yet they've been through some similar experiences.
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    Emotional rollercoaster, that one was! Wow.

    I think I need a hug.

    You add so much depth to each of your characters with each passing chapter. Bravo, as always!

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    Striker: Someday, I am going to draw a picture of that, and when I do, I will post it in this thread first. :p

    obi_webb: Heh, no one-dimensional Canderous Ordos in this story. ;) Glad you're enjoying.

    JadeSolo: I haven't yet written about much of Carth's backstory, but believe me, I'm working on it. What little I have is sitting in a Word document on my computer, and I'm really looking forward to having the time to write it one of these days.

    kotorchick: The vig you are referring to would be [link=]A Pair of Sparkling Eyes[/link], the AU I wrote for one of the Fluffster's Ridiculous challenges. And yeah, that's basically how it happened for this story, but swap Carth and Morgana. Except I'm not sure I'm keeping the name Morgana, 'cause I'm pretty sure that's fanon and not canon, and I've never been a fan of the name. *shrugs* Whatev, I'll figure it out when I get there.

    amidalachick: I guess I was just feeling the love when I wrote it. :D Glad you enjoyed.

    Lovely-in-Orange: I have a suspicion Canderous is about to get a lot more fun to write. :D

    oqidaun: Aww, here, have a hug. [:D]

    As always, thanks to all for taking the time to review, and I hope to be not terribly delayed in getting the next post up. :)
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    Great update=D= I loved Canderous and the stowaway. That was so cute!
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    padawanlissa: Thank you much!

    And now, it's a little on the short side, but here I have another chapter for you.

    This chapter sponsored by the planning committe of the first annual "Where the Heck is All the Snow?" Ball. :D

    Chapter Fifteen

    Aiden sighed heavily as he closed the door behind him. He probably did need to be in there, if for no other reason than to make it clear that yelling at every Czerka official they met was not an option, but he had other things to worry about. That, and one can only listen to ranting about corporate oppression for so long. However, there were too many things that didn’t add up and weren’t making sense. He hoped that Zaalbar would be willing to talk if the others weren’t around, else he would be floundering around for quite a bit longer.

    Zaalbar seemed to pick up on this. “[You wish for me to explain things?]”

    “Yes,” Aiden paced back and forth. “There’s too many things that don’t quite make sense. Why are these people here? Why do the Wookiees put up with it? And what did you do to get yourself exiled?” Seeing the irritated glow in the Wookiee’s eyes, he hastily added, “No offense, of course. I just want to know what I’m going to be up against if I have to defend you.”

    Zaalbar sighed. “[It is a long story, but I will make it short. My father was the leader of the village when I left. I thought he was very strong, and very wise. I was wrong. My brother, Chuundar, held sway over him. He convinced my father that somehow, bringing these humans would be good for our people.]” He growled angrily. “[I did not agree. I told my father as much, but he did not believe me. I confronted Chuundar, and we fought. In my anger, I… I struck him with my claws.]” He hung his head. “[There are some lines you do not cross.]”

    “So you were exiled?”

    “[Yes,]” he nodded. “[Some madclaws live forever in the Shadowlands, but I did not wish to remain on the planet. I knew that, had I stayed, I would have been taken by the slavers. Chuundar would have seen to it.]”

    “And so you left, and found yourself on Taris.” Aiden nodded slowly. “They’re not going to be happy you’re back.”

    “[Not at all,]” Zaalbar agreed. “[They would be within their rights to kill me, I think.]”

    “Oh. Great.” Not only did he have to deal with the Big Bad Corporation, but now even the Wookiees were probably going to be against him. He really knew how to pick his companions, didn’t he? “Well, whatever happens, we’re on your side.”

    “[For that I thank you, though I do not think it will do much good.]”

    “A little support never hurts.”

    Zaalbar could only roar his agreement. “[That it does not.]”

    * * *

    Canderous sat in the Ebon Hawk’s lounge, trying to teach the girl to speak Basic. So far, he’d gotten her to understand “ship,” “food,” and “T3-M4,” and found out that her name was Sasha. Having never taught anyone a language before, however, he was having a bit of an interesting time of it.

    It also didn’t help that he could tell Bastila was watching him, and he knew the Jedi princess was very much amused by what she was seeing.

    Something about giving her that kind of satisfaction just grated on him.

    Sasha turned out to be a fairly quick study, though, and after a full afternoon’s work, she could skip about, introduce herself to everyone, and ask where the ‘fresher was, among a few more basic things. Cute as all hell, he would grudgingly admit. And bright as any child he'd ever worked with. Not that he'd ever worked with many children… mostly just the boys, getting them ready for training. Now there was a worthwhile pastime. It'd been years since he'd worked with the young recruits, but there was nothing quite like knowing that you were the one to start a great warrior on his proper path.

    His eyes followed Sasha as she peered into T3's receptor eye, and jumped back when he blatted at her. In retribution, she poked the small 'droid, who whistled in protest and tried to roll over her toes. Sasha yelped, ran across the room, and looked at the 'droid warily.
    Canderous sighed. "T3, don't antagonize the kid." T3 merely whistled innocently in reply, and rolled out of the room.

    Bastila entered as T3 rolled out, and arched her eyebrow curiously. "Having trouble with the 'droid?"

    "No, not at all." Canderous replied easily. "I think the 'droid is just a little over-sensitive. Can't take a good poking now and then, apparently."

    Bastila merely looked amused. He hated it when she looked that amused- to think of a Mandalorian giving a Jedi that sort of satisfaction. She shrugged and leaned against the doorframe. "Perhaps your little friend just doesn't know how to deal with 'droids."

    They both turned their heads abruptly when Sasha spoke. "I know 'droids," she timidly said. "Basilisks. Fires. Very big, not like little 'droid."

    "Basilisks?" Bastila gaped. "Those were… well, the most destructive ships in the Mandalorian fleet! What were you doing around those?"

    Sasha glanced nervously between Bastila and Canderous. "I…" she stammered, and then bolted from the room.

    "Good work, Princess." Canderous grunted. "Her Basic isn't that good, you've really gotta be a little more careful when you talk to her."

    "How is this my fault?"

    "Did you see me saying anything to upset her?"

    Bastila was silent for a moment. "All right, I'll watch my tone," she conceded. "I didn't mean to scare her off."

    Canderous stood and stretched before starting to move out. "Tell that to Sasha," he said over his shoulder, then left the room.

    "Right," Bastila said to the empty air, then simply closed her eyes and sighed.

    * * *

    Aiden turned his head as he heard the door open behind him. Carth came out first, holding the door for Leiraya as she swung out. "You two ready to move on?"

    "Absolutely," Leiraya replied. "Let's find this village."

    "And if we run into more Czerka people, do you promise not to go ballistic on me?"

    She looked sourly at him, but nodded. "I'll choke it down. But only because I like you, not because my opinion has changed."

    "I'd never expect it to." He motioned for them to follow. "Let's get moving- I think we can reach Rwookrrorro before dark."

    It was not long before they reached the gate to the Great Walkway, but of course, it was guarded by Czerka personnel.

    The guard on the right cast a bored gaze on the motley crew and yawned. "What brings you to this pit?"

    "We're just wishing to pass into the village," Aiden replied, hoping that both Leiraya and Zaalbar would manage to keep quiet in spite of the complete disregard the guards seemed to pay to the planet.

    "And why would you want to do that? You've already got a slave."

    Aiden could sense Zaalbar's wrath, he knew he had to move quickly. Reaching out with the Force, he planted a small suggestion, a mere nudge, really, into the guard's mind.

    "You really don't want to ask us any more questions."

    "I don't want to ask you any more questions," the guard agreed.

    "You want to let us pass," Aiden continued.

    "You can go ahead and pass," the guard nodded, and motioned for the guard on the other side to open the gate. "Let 'em through."

    "Thank you," Aiden smiled. "Pleasure talking to you."

    "Pleasure's all mine," the guard snorted. "You're the one who's going to have to deal with the Kinrath and all the other unnaturally large pests on the Walkway. We clear them out of the top levels, but once you pass through here, you're on your own."

    "We'll manage," he replied, then walked through the gate. It looked much like the walkway on the other side, though the signs of civilization decreased significantly. He turned back and nodded to the gate guard, who merely shook his head in disgust and closed the gate.

    "You'll be eaten by the bugs, and then you'll be sorry." With that, the gate closed, and Aiden slowly turned-

    -to find himself face to face with a black and grey robed figure, flanked by two other figures, seemingly identical to him.

    "Who are you?" he managed, knowing that he wasn't going to like the answer.

    In response, the trio lit blood red lightsabers. "Lord Malak was most displeased you escaped the destruction of Taris," the leader replied. "I think the bugs are the least of your worries."
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    great stuff commander! certainly no one dimensional canderous in THIS fic! i really enjoyed this bit..
    Not that he?d ever worked with many children? mostly just the boys, getting them ready for training. Now there was a worthwhile passtime. It?d been years since he?d worked with the young recruits, but there was nothing quite like knowing that you were the one to start a great warrior on his proper path.
    i suppose there's a REASON this was nominated for best ensemble! it certainly deserves that award! you deal with lots of characters, and you do all of them so well!
    now it seems aiden and the gang will have their work cut out for them next chapter! i look forward to it!
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