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    Title: The Blue Side of the Force: Book I- Complements
    Author: DWH
    Characters: The usual K1 crew, OCs
    Genre: A little bit of everything, I reckon.
    Timeframe: Knights of the Old Republic
    Summary: The story of Knights of the Old Republic, from the eyes of a barefoot, rather hippified Jedi.
    Notes: Rewrite of Complementary Colours, consoldiating the Taris experience into a prologue. The interesting part of the story doesn't start until after Taris, anyway.

    Awards: Best Action, Best Female OC (Leiraya Moran) - Winter 2006

    Okay, a few of you might've noticed I stopped updating The Blue Side of the Force and Complementary Colours. This is because I've been restructuring, and this is the result. Well, some of it. The first Blue Side thread will just be edited slightly, unless I make bigger changes. But Complementary Colours required a complete scrapping of the beginning (it may end up being short story fodder later, but it's really not that important to the overall story). So, yeah... new beginning, and stuff. :D

    PMs are available upon request- just post saying you'd like to be added, and I'll happily keep you in the updating loop. :) Similarly, if at any time you wish to stop receiving PMs, just let me know and I'll remove you.

    PM list of d00m

    Dramatis Personae:

    The Good Guys:

    Aiden Star- Human male from Deralia, Republic soldier, Jedi
    Leiraya Moran- Human female from Corellia, Jedi
    Carth Onasi- Human male from Telos, Republic soldier
    Bastila Shan- Human female of Dantooine, Jedi
    Mission Vao- Twi'lek female of Taris
    Zaalbar- Wookiee male from Kashyyyk
    T3-M4- astromech 'droid
    Canderous Ordo- Mandalorian male
    Juhani- Cathar female of Taris, Jedi
    Jolee Bindo- Human male, Jedi
    HK-47- assassination 'droid

    The Bad Guys:

    Darth Malak- Human male, Sith
    Darth Bandon- Human male, Sith Apprentice
    Calo Nord- Human male, bounty hunter
    Saul Karath- Human male, Admiral of the Sith Fleet
    Dead Sith #3- Human male, favourite character of the BioWare KOTOR boards




    It seemed like a somewhat odd place for anything extreme to happen. An immaculately kept city that stretched to the edges of vision, and spotless citizens walking the streets. On the surface, at least, it seemed like a rather innocuous place. Oh, some might tell of the swoop gang wars taking place in the lower city, or the rakghoul infestation of the undercity, but no self-respecting person would tread below the surface anyway. Such problems were, quite literally, beneath them. The inhabitants of the world were content to ignore such problems, and ignore the rest of the galaxy.

    A shame, then, that the rest of the galaxy was not interested in ignoring them.

    It all started with the attack on the Endar Spire, a Republic ship carrying a party of Jedi. Most notable of these was the young Padawan Bastila Shan. Despite her young age and relative inexperience, she was considered to be the key to the Republic war effort. This largely had to do with her rare ability of Battle Meditation- the power to strengthen the wills of her allies, and sap the fighting spirit from her enemies. Quite often, that was all it took to turn the tide of the battle, and the Republic and the Republic used her wherever they could.

    The Sith, of course, were not about to let this pass unnoticed.

    Darth Malak, the leader of the Sith since his betrayal of his master Revan, had never been known for his subtlety. Even in the Mandalorian Wars, before he and Revan had turned to the dark side, his brute-force tactics had given many pause. Of course, Of course, as the galaxy was getting smashed flat by the Mandalorians, there were few objectio
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    Well bless my curcuits, another KOTOR story, wonderful. :D

    Even if it is ressurected, it's still wonderful.

    Can't wait for another re-update Commander-DWH ( Salutes [face_flag] )
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    Wow, nice setup! Is the bit about Malak and Revan from the KOTOR game? I don't know anything about it. [face_blush]

    Dead Sith #3- Human male, favourite character of the BioWare KOTOR boards

    [face_laugh] I can't wait for this guy to show up. :p
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    I'm so glad you are working on this again! I read the original threads of both a while back, but it looked like had stopped working on them. I'm looking foward to seeing more of this being written.
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    Aiden_Sanic: *salutes back* Here's to KOTOR stories! May they spread like gizka. :p

    JadeSolo: Thanks! And this is, in fact, going to end up being the story of KOTOR, but with some extra characters thrown in, and from a slightly different perspective.

    And Dead Sith #3 is quite the character, just you wait... ;)

    Iryla: Thank you! I hope you will enjoy what I come up with, but I have no plans of abandoning this any time soon, so expect more. Hopefully soon, I still need to hear back from my beta. :)
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    Woo, updateage! I'm off to Canada in the morning, and this just recieved my beta's stamp of approval, so on with the new stuff! (Actually, it may look slightly familiar, it's a revised version of an old OC Dueling circle piece, but hey, it's part of the story).

    Chapter One

    Leiraya Moran sat alone in her force cage.

    Not that this was a new state of being, as Davik?s thugs had rather ingloriously tossed her in there a few days ago, and nobody showed any signs of letting her out. Or letting her sleep. Or really letting her eat, for that matter. She didn?t really think her daily bottle of water counted as eating, but at least she wasn?t dehydrated. Yet.

    Of course, she thought, I really only have myself to blame. Step number one to toughing it out: admit responsibility. It was true that, had she remembered to perform all the security checks when she was hacking into Davik?s system, she never would have been caught. It was a novice mistake, and she was paying for it. I at least got the codes? for all the good they?re doing me.

    She sighed and tried to make herself more comfortable. It was a nearly impossible venture, as force cages weren?t designed for comfort. Her frustration, however, was curbed by a distraction.

    The door was opening.

    She quickly stood and straightened the icy green skirt that hung in voluminous folds to just below her knees, and brushed the dust from her fitted, sleeveless navy top and matching gauntlets. If it was another set of guards, she did not need to look as miserable as she felt.

    Three people entered. One of them she recognized- Canderous Ordo, Davik?s top man. It was odd, however, to see him with, well? anyone. Canderous, she had heard, was a loner. Too good to work with anyone else, or maybe the Mandalorian considered himself more honourable than the typical mercenary scum. His companions, however, were completely unfamiliar to her. There was one male, about six feet tall, she guessed. Dark hair, fair skin, overall decent looking. The female was shorter, also with dark hair, creamy skin, and brilliant blue eyes, and carried a lightsaber.

    Ah. Jedi.

    This was going to go over wonderfully.

    It wasn?t that Leiraya didn?t like the Jedi. In fact, she was one of their Order, strictly speaking. It was more of a case of the majority of the Order disapproving of her particular branch of it. This disapproval could range anywhere from the shaking of heads to the outright disowning of her kind. She had no idea which school this one belonged to, yet, but things could get interesting.

    Not seeing any point to continue with the staring competition, Leiraya spoke. ?So, who are you, and what brings you to my humble abode??

    The male spoke first. ?My name is Aiden Star? and we were told that you could give us the codes to the shields to the Ebon Hawk.?

    ?Well, you sure jump straight to the point in a conversation. My name is Leiraya Moran, and I do, in fact, have the codes.? She crossed her arms. ?But you?re going to have to take me with you if you want them.?

    The Jedi frowned. ?Why is that? Can?t you just give them to us, while we let you free??

    ?Are you kidding me? I want off this planet. Davik will have all his thugs after me regardless, and I?d like to get some space between me and him.? She smirked. ?Besides, I don?t have them written down, only memorized.?

    During this exchange, Aiden had taken the liberty of shutting down the force cage. ?Now, I don?t see any particular problem with bringing her along??

    The Jedi?s eyes narrowed. ?We do not need to have even more people tagging along, and I do not think-?

    ?You do not think what?? Leiraya?s eyes narrowed, mirroring her expression. ?That I?m trustworthy? That I?m worth the time??

    ?Listen here, you?? the Jedi?s hand dropped to her lightsaber, but Leiraya was faster. Quick as a flash, the lightsaber was in her hand.

    ?You know, people keep waving weapons around and expecting everyone else to comply.? Leiraya looked
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    I like Leiraya! She's got moxy. :cool:

    It was more of a case of the majority of the Order disapproving of her particular branch of it. This disapproval could range anywhere from the shaking of heads to the outright disowning of her kind.

    Because she's a pacifist? That would certainly cause tension, considering what's happening in the galaxy at that time. [face_thinking] Or is it because she goes barefoot? :p

    Have fun in Canada! :D
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    Nice story. So where are you going to in Canada? Have a nice time there.
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    JadeSolo: Thanks! I like her, too. :p She's a fun one, you don't even know the half of it yet... :D

    padawanlissa: *concert musician bow* ;)

    Crazydan: Thank you! And I'm kinda near Toronto, visiting grandparents. And writing stuff, since I can apparently type on my laptop once more! That's exciting. :D Long story why, but trust me, it's happy.

    And I'll probably update before the week's end... lots of writing to be done, and 'tis my week OFF. :D
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    Nice. What Toronto is like? I never had been to East Canada. Oh, and if you like Canada, I suggest you go to British Columbia, and especially Vancouver, the city. It's a very beautiful city, and BC is just an amazing place and a great vacation place.
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    :oops: Oh darn, I just missed you leaving.

    Well I still like where this story is going, I never read The Blue Side of the Force.

    Or Complementary Colours, but I'm sure this story will have plenty of fun stuff about.

    Here's to Canada! [face_coffee] Cheers.
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    Victoria is much nicer than Vancouver. Toronto is awful. A hour or so away from Toronto is fine though.
  14. Crazydan Jedi Knight

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    Mmmm, why you would say Victoria is better than Vancouver? Through, they're both good, and I'm been to Victoria too.

    What you think of the province Alberta, and the city Calgary?
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    What's this? My story is bombarded with inquiries about this strange Canada place? [face_shame_on_you]

    The quality of comments on these boards, these days... :p
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    Shush, you. We'll get back to posting about you soon enough. :p

    I always rather liked Toronto, it's just as nice as Chicago, and I love Chicago. Thinking of possibly going to grad school there, too. In any case, I'm about an hour away, just outside Oshawa. And maybe someday I'll make it over to western Canada, I've been told before that I have to go there before I die. :D

    Anywhoo, since I'm posting anyway, I might as well give you an update. I was gonna hold off until tomorrow, but eh, why not?


    Chapter Two

    All around them, Taris erupted into flame.

    Turbolaser beams cut through ships, buildings, and people. The Ebon Hawk dodged shrapnel as it crazily soared to the Upper City South apartments. They made it with just enough time to hover above the walkway as Zaalbar tossed everyone, one by one, up to the landing ramp. He pulled himself up last, and the ramp closed even as he ran.

    Carth sprinted immediately to the cockpit, where Canderous relinquished the pilot?s seat to the more experienced pilot. He immediately punched the drive as fast as it would go, and they hurtled out of the burning remains of the once glorious Upper City.

    They made it to space, but departure codes were not going to get them out of this mess anymore.

    ?Sith fighters coming in! Aiden, man the laser cannons, this is going to be a rough flight out!? Carth pulled the ship into a maneuver that most pilots wouldn?t even have dreamed of attempting, and it definitely had Bastila hanging on to the co-pilot?s chair for dear life. Aiden sprinted to the laser cannons and strapped himself in.

    The targeting computer registered six targets. He was unfamiliar with the system, but he didn?t suppose he had much of a choice, either. Immediately, he started blasting as fast as the cannons would let him. This took out two of the ships fairly quickly, but the remaining four were much trickier to catch. Between Carth?s breakneck maneuvering, and the Sith fighters zooming every which way, it was near impossible to get a lock on them. Aiden swore it was merely dumb luck that allowed him to hit any of them.

    Or, it might be the Force? not that I?d know the difference if it hit me over the head.

    Finally, Aiden was able to dispatch the last of the fighters. ?Got ?em!? he shouted into the ship?s comm system. ?Now let?s get out of here before they decide to send something with even more teeth.?

    ?Copy that,? Carth agreed wholeheartedly. ?Course set for Dantooine, and we?re heading to hyperspace. Punch it!?

    With that, the Ebon Hawk winked out of sight, leaving the charred remains of a planet behind.

    * * *

    Aiden returned to the cockpit once they were in space, where he found Carth intently fiddling with the controls. ?Having fun, there??

    Carth gave a half-smile. ?Give a pilot a new ship to play with, and he?ll have plenty of fun. This baby?s got a lot of modifications, it?s going to take a while to figure out what all of these controls do. I think I?m going to spend some quality time with her, if you don?t mind.?

    ?Not at all,? Aiden shrugged. ?What else are we going to do? and what?s our ETA, anyway??

    Bastila spoke up. ?Dantooine is a two day journey from here, so you will have plenty of time to rest before we arrive.?

    ?Works for me. I think I?m going to go find some food? I can?t believe a crime lord like Davik wouldn?t have a food synthesizer on his ship.?

    Carth chuckled. ?Yeah, if nothing else, he?d probably keep his stomach in mind.?

    And so Aiden ambled off in search of a food synthesizer. During his search, he noted the layout of the ship. It seemed they had a swoop bike aboard, which Canderous was intently tinkering with, and several bunks available. Mission had retreated to the bunks near the landing ramp. He had rather hoped that she would set up shop on the same side as Leiraya, but he could also understand her need to be alone at the moment. Her home had just been blown to dust, and hanging out in a room with a sl
  17. Aiden_Sanic Jedi Knight

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    He he he, that Carth is quite a player isn't he. Using the old blast you when you wake up trick, yeah that never gets old. ;)

    Wasn't that sweet of me to leave some food for Leiraya? :p ;)

    Seriously though, I can't believe I didn't notice the original version of this story. Can't wait for more DWH. [face_praying]
  18. Crazydan Jedi Knight

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    Well, Carth is changing for good, eh?

    Hooray, another new update! It's good to hear that you're having a good time in Toronto. Any problems with this city?

    Chicago sounds like a cool place.

    Now, I have a question about one sentence from this story:

    "He had rather hoped that she would set up shop on the same side as Leiraya". Why did Aiden hopes Mission would be in the same room as Leiraya?
  19. JadeSolo Manager Emeritus

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    Aiden started chipping away at the walls, and Leiraya?s spoon had hit at a fracture point. Even Mission had managed to squirm her way into his good graces, and he didn?t entirely mind.

    Awwww, what a big softie. [face_love] I liked those little sparks flying between Carth and Leiraya, too. [face_batting]

    And hey, spoons are useful and painful weapons! Especially when they're rusty. :p
  20. Commander-DWH Shiny Costuming & Props Manager

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    Aiden_Sanic: Ahh, if I had a dime for every Aiden S. who's been nice to Leiraya... ;)

    And I'm kinda surprised you didn't recognise this section, but I guess you came to the Dueling Circle right after this one. Don't be surprised to see OCDC pieces show up in here from time to time. :p

    Crazydan: Well, personal quirk of my characters, there's two sets of bunks on the ship and it's just simpler to state "girls on one side, guys on the other." Especially when you really don't know the people you're travelling with all that well. For a default setting, it's quite functional. :)

    And the area's lovely. No problems at all, though tomorrow's my last day.

    JadeSolo: Just don't tell Carth that to his face. :p And yes, spoons are ridiculously handy. Especially lightsaber spoons!


    Yeah. The spoon was completely inspired by a cereal box toy. [face_blush]

    And now for a chapter that may seem somewhat familiar, if you've been reading the Quotation Roulette pieces. :D

    Chapter Three

    Bastila found Aiden in the main lounge, attempting to make the holoprojector run a game of dejarik.

    ?Well, we should arrive on Dantooine before too long, and I expect we can drop off a few excess people.?

    Aiden looked up at her in surprise. ?Excess people? I wasn?t aware we had any.?

    Bastila smirked. ?Oh, I suppose they?re all useful in their own way, but really, do we need a Mandalorian and a rogue Corellian Jedi along? Not to mention the Twi?lek and the Wookiee??

    ?Every single one of those people has helped get us where we are now, Bastila.? Aiden continued to fiddle with the console. ?And what makes you think Leiraya is a rogue Jedi??

    ?You must be joking.? Bastila laughed derisively. ?For starters, all Corellians are rogues in their own way. Besides, the Corellian Jedi never leave their own system. What she could possibly be doing so far from home is beyond me, but she is definitely Corellian, and definitely odd.?

    Aiden was not about to argue that, her accent had given her away almost immediately. He did not, however, know much about the Corellian Jedi, or how they would be any different from any of the other Jedi. He suspected he would be finding out.

    ?Think what you will about them, but do keep in mind they?re people, too.? Aiden closed down the console, giving up on dejarik for the evening. ?Even if they don?t happen to have Force powers- or use them in the same way as you do.? Bastila looked like she was ready to spit back a scathing reply, but she held her tongue.

    ?Lectures are something I do not need from you, thank you. I get enough of that from my Masters, and they at least have the rank to back it up.? She spun on her heel and left the room without saying anything further. Shrugging, Aiden stretched and headed off to his own bunk. Interpersonal relations could wait until they all had a good night?s rest.

    * * *

    It had taken Leiraya three circuits about the ship to find the ?fresher.

    One would think that a ship that had belonged to a crime lord in the Exchange would have had a nicer shower. This ?fresher unit, however, was so tiny that anyone larger than she would have to turn sideways to get through the door, and there was barely enough room for her to stand between the ?fresher itself and the shower. It was apparent that Davik valued economy of space over comfort in this particular instance.

    However, she hadn?t had a shower since before her imprisonment, and covered in sweat and debris as she was, she felt a shower was required. A cursory look at the system revealed that it was, at least, a high quality system that was unlikely to run out of hot water quickly. Better than nothing, I suppose. She located the soap compartment, pulled the curtain around her, removed her slightly charred clothing, and commenced the cleaning process. It was going to take a good bit of time, given the sheer volume of hair she ha
  21. Crazydan Jedi Knight

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    You been to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto? That's one of the places I would like to visit if I goes to Toronto at all.

    Spoon being powerful? Ha, a spoon is weak compared to the powers of.... a spork!

    I challenges you to a spork/spoon lightsaber duel, and see who is the most powerful.
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    Yep, I saw that post in the Dueling Circle.

    And seeing it again makes me smile just as wide as when I saw it the first time. :D

    Good posting Commander.

    Oh by the way, are you in that lightsaber spoon picture? :confused: [face_thinking]
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    Crazydan- No, I have not, in fact, been there. I've been to the zoo, the Science Centre, and Skydome, though. :p Next stop: The World's Largest Bookstore. We were going to do the Royal Ontario Museum, but it was under renovations. :( Oh well. If I go to grad school there, I'll be right down the street.

    But I'm gonna stop thinking about grad school for now. Scares me to death, it does. [face_worried]

    Yeah, I'm the dork in the Padme costume. :p Costuming is my other hobby. I have too many time-consuming hobbies.

    I'm probably not going to make another post until I'm back on campus. Tomorrow is packing day, and Tuesday we're driving down. So... Wednesday or Thursday. :D
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    Okay, I promised an update, so update I will.

    Chapter Four

    ?So, I had the strangest dream last night,? Leiraya related over her breakfast. Zaalbar looked up in mild curiosity, and T3 trilled inquisitively.

    Aiden had just entered the room. ?Yeah, me too? I was back on Deralia running one of my ocean patrols, when the water suddenly froze, and I was surrounded by Jedi who were ice-skating and having lightsaber duels.? He scratched his head. ?It was really weird.?

    Looking up from her food, Mission raised an eyebrow. ?Ice-skating Jedi? Sounds like something out of a bad holovid.?

    ?Yeah, you?re telling me.? Aiden nodded to Carth as he entered, and sat down with his breakfast. ?Could?ve been worse, I guess.?

    ?So what was your dream?? Mission turned back to Leiraya. ?Was it weirder than ice-skating Jedi??

    ?Well, it mostly involved people walking in on me while I was in the shower.? Glancing up casually, she took note of the way both Carth and Aiden?s faces were turning different shades of red. ?Oh, wait? I forgot. That actually happened.?

    Mission?s eyes went wide, and she had to keep herself from giggling. ?Oh, man? you guys ever hear of knocking? I mean, sheesh??

    ?It was an accident,? Aiden said defensively. ?Why would I try to walk in on her??

    Zaalbar wuffled innocently. Only half the crew could understand Shyriiwook, but everyone present caught the gist of it. ?And here I thought you didn?t talk.? Aiden looked slightly disgruntled. ?Besides, judging from the colour of Mr. Pilot?s face over here, I wasn?t the only one. So why don?t you go bother him for a while??

    ?Because you were the one to get defensive.? Mission shrugged. ?Nothing personal.?

    ?Besides,? Leiraya interjected, ?It?s interesting to see how many different shades Carth?s face will go through before we find one that matches his jacket.? At this, his face flushed bright red, clashing horribly with the bright orange of his flight jacket.

    ?I personally don?t see what?s so funny about it,? Bastila spoke, finally deciding to enter the conversation.

    ?Funny about what? The incident, or his jacket?? Leiraya grinned wickedly.

    Bastila narrowed her eyes and waved her fork in Leiraya?s general direction. ?You should not be so quick to torment the other crew members. This is still my mission-?

    ?-and we?re in this together, right?? Carth interrupted, finishing the sentence for her. ?At least until we get to Dantooine.?

    ?Well, I suppose we are??

    ?Then can we please knock off the disparaging remarks? Personally, I?d like to keep everyone together, especially if there?s going to be more fighting.?

    ?Whoa, whoa.? Leiraya looked up sharply. ?Back up the freedom trolley. I?m not interested in fighting.?

    ?You?re? what?? Aiden looked slightly confused. ?But you?re a Jedi, right??

    ?Not all Jedi are into this whole fighting deal,? she shot back defensively. ?I?m a pacifist.?

    Carth looked at her incredulously. ?Do you think you can honestly avoid fighting these days? The galaxy is at war, in case you hadn?t noticed.?

    ?And for what?? Her arms crossed over her chest, and her eyes narrowed. ?Some Jedi?s dream of power. Revan should never have left for the Mandalorian Wars in the first place, and fighting isn?t getting the galaxy anywhere!?

    ?And what, precisely, do you propose?? He looked at her angrily, fists clenched. ?Sending them cookies??

    ?It?s better than trying to blow them up,? she retorted. ?No one deserves what we?re doing to the galaxy.?

    ?No one?? Carth looked as though he were on the verge of explosion. ?You?re trying to tell me that no one deserves to be destroyed??

    Leiraya looked him straight in the eye. ?No, they don?t! What could anyone do to deserve that??

    ?Revan and Malak destroyed my homeworld- my family- my LIFE!?

    Shocked silence followed. Carth?s face fell, and Leiraya?s face lost all its colour. They just stood there for several seconds, both unable to say anything. It was Carth who broke the silence first, mu
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    I got to read two posts at once! Woohoo! [face_dancing]

    I love the banter among the crew! But I guess it was only a matter of time before someone slipped, the way they're going.

    ?Not all Jedi are into this whole fighting deal,? she shot back defensively. ?I?m a pacifist.?

    Good for her! :cool:

    ?Revan and Malak destroyed my homeworld- my family- my LIFE!?

    :( As if having his face clash with his jacket wasn't bad enough...

    Yeah. The spoon was completely inspired by a cereal box toy.

    [face_laugh] Hey, it worked, so that's something to be proud of. :p

    Well, can't wait to see what mischief they all get into next.
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