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    Boise, Idaho. One of the most secure places to live in the country. It's defense budget is somewhat lacking.

    But since the formation of regional hero teams, due to the Superhero Reparations Act, the squeeze has been put on the villain community in the larger and more wealthy regions of the world, and they have begun to set up shop elsewhere. Crime rates in Boise have jumped exponentially. Something sinister is settling into the secure and serene Boise. The B.P.D. is stretched to it's limits, and Boise needs help.

    The Mayor is seriously reconsidering increasing the budget, but until then, he'll have to rely on:

    The Boise Freedom Force

    1:00 A.M. Just outside of Julia Davis Park. Two days before the Discovery Center of Idaho's opening of their new exhibit: The Future of Man, featuring inventions and exhibits from the leading gene researchers in the world. It is a big draw for the DCI.

    It is also a big draw for the black market, and a group of certain individuals who have decided to let themselves into the DCI after hours.

    Alarms sound. The police come. But these guys mean business. They aren't run of the mill thugs. This group came prepared. Someone spent a lot of money on them. Special ops type stuff. Sam Fisher and all that. The police have their escape blocked, but they can't get into the museum.

    The call comes in around 1:30. Boise's newest crime fighters spring into action.

    IC: Technomancer

    It was the first week on the job, and Reed was already getting sick of it. Nothing happens in Boise. But money is money, and there's really nowhere else for a cyborg who talks to machinery to find work.

    It wasn't so bad. No rent, no responsibility, and best of all, no one who remembered his career so far.

    Their headquarters was located in the warehouse district. An old, run down warehouse(go figure). On one end of the wide open space sat a UH-1 Helicopter. The Huey(his real name was Charlie. He had had a rough time in 'Nam. Reed heard about it often) was painted blue, with BFF in goldenrod letters on the side. Charlie hated it. Next to Charlie was Sam. Sam was the Ford Econoline Wagon the team used for ground transport. Sam was sensitive about her size. Do NOT park her next to a compact.

    Reed sat in front of the team's 'super computer', his feet kicked up on the conference table that sat on a platform on the opposite side of the warehouse from the vehicles. It was a Gateway. But don't tell him that. Technomancer was on night watch. Again. Being a cyborg meant he didn't really need sleep, so the rest of the team decided they would sleep for him. Besides, he was the 'leader', they said. Why shouldn't he be the vigilant one?

    "Reed!" said Gary(that was the Gateway), that to anyone else would have sounded like a warbling siren. "Reed! It's the police band. They need help at the DCI!"

    "Gary," said Reed. "I've been in this town for a week. Do you really think I know what the DCI is?" He sighed, and got up from his chair. "It doesn't matter. Charlie will find it." He walked over to the intercom on the wall.

    "Good morning, campers" he said less than enthusiastically. "We have some criminals to beat."


    Game on!

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    IC: American Eagle

    Albert Lee Johnson sat bolt upright in bed and let out a yawn that sounded more like a screech, much to the chagrin of the "superhero" he'd been forced to share this tiny apartment with. He reminded himself to be optimistic - it was all part of serving a greater cause. Al rubbed the sleep out of his avian eyes and stretched his limbs and...wing. He ambled over to the sink, gargled with some Listerine, and stepped into his super-suit. The coffee maker was already going. Good. He'd need some before heading out. There might be a crime going down, but there was never any excuse to foregoing a balanced meal.

    TAG: All.

    OOC: I wonder who the poor sap in the apartment with me will end up being...
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    IC: Blood Shadow,BFF Headquarters

    "Good morning, campers! We have some criminals to beat."

    *Declan Kirby, known by and large as Blood Shadow, had been having a particularly good dream. He had been back in Chicago, drinking with his old friends and teammates, and occasionally punching an old headache in the face who had been tied up.

    So when Technomancers' announcement had come over the PA, Shadow was less than enthusiastic to say the least. He wiped the spittle away from his mouth and chucked the empty whiskey bottle into the trash as he woke up, cursing his aching head, partly due to his own machinations but partly due to American Eagles screech that was audible down the hall, despite his being passed out on the rec room couch.*

    Waking up to this godforsaken podunk middle of nowhere burg *he thought to himself* I swear, if this is another case of some idiot kid out late and over at a local party, I'm gonna drag them from whatever we take there.

    *Groaning and holding his head, he said the prayer he usually did when he forgot about what happened when you drank with The Ace of Spades (never do that again, EVER!) and earned the resulting hangover. Grabbing an auto-injector he kept for such events, he pressed it to his arm and activated it before throwing the used cartridge away and donning his boots, belt, mask and jacket to complete his costume.

    Stumbling into the kitchen for a second to grab a tall thermos of coffee, he sauntered into the room where Gateway was, the likely location of Technomancer as well.

    "What is it now, oh static-brained leader. Did another gas station get knocked over? Or is it yet another cat up a tree?"
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    IC: Luke Fer, The Freedom Fan
    "Good morning, campers! We have some criminals to beat."/>

    Almost as if on a poorly synchronized stage cue, Luke sprang to his feet, his horns nearly scraping the ceiling above his bed. "This looks like a job for the Boise Freedom Force!" he exclaimed enthusiastically, quickly tossing off his pajamas and putting his regular clothes on. As a junior member, he didn't wear a superhero costume, however he did have to wear specially made pants to let his tail out. As a result it was nearly five minutes before he had managed to wriggle into his jeans and dash down the stairs at top velocity.

    "The Freedom Fan reporting for duty!" he almost cheered. How he managed to have so much energy at such an odd time in the morning was anyone's guess. "Gee whiz, Technomancer, what's all the hubbub about? Super villains? Bank robbery? World destroying aliens?!" Luke's expression was akin to a kid in a candy store.

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    IC: Technomancer

    "What is it now, oh static-brained leader. Did another gas station get knocked over? Or is it yet another cat up a tree?"

    Reed narrowed his eyes at the younger superhero. He hid his sneer with a cigar, and lit it, rolling his eyes at 'leader'(ok, so mostly at static-brained). "Looks like armed robbery. Julia Davis Park. If we take Charlie we can be there in five."

    Technomancer looked out over the hangar suddenly, as if someone had sad something to him. "What? Flashbacks? Sunova...I don't care about your flashbacks! You're flying!" His gaze held for a few more seconds, as though listening. He sighed heavily. "I need a drink."

    "The Freedom Fan reporting for duty!"

    Now with this. Reed rolled his eyes again. How the kid managed to have so much energy at such an odd time in the morning was anyone's guess.

    "Gee whiz, Technomancer, what's all the hubbub about? Super villains? Bank robbery? World destroying aliens?!"

    Technomancer groaned and rubbed his forehead with his hand. "Kids..." he mumbled under his breath, grinding his teeth. Who let kids on a superhero team anyway? Especially this kid.

    "Oh, it's nothing like that" he told the boy. "I just thought now was a good time to take everyone for a picnic. Just get in the chopper and shut up!"

    His head snapped back over towards the helicopter. "I said you're flying!" he screamed. And marched in its direction, yelling profanities the entire way.

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    IC: Juli, The Diamond Pixie
    BFF Headquarters

    Jerking awaik at the noise from the PA, she slowly raised herself from her bed. Why couldn't crime happen on a normal time schedule? Wait until a more descent hour? Now she had to struggle back into her cloths and lace up, luckily only her top needed lacing otherwise she wouldn't have been done and down in just seven minutes.

    Walking in as she finished lacing up tail still dragging behind her, she looked at them all assembled. About to go out in the field, oh joy, "Now unless you have a cup of coffee Ole Huey's going to have to carry one more and another in a strecter-stretcher, whatever you call those things. Catch me up on the way either way after the Joe kicks in my black hair might seep back into my brain and push out the blond."

    Slumping she leaned against the supercomputer, her tail helping to hold her up. Maybe the wildnerness wasn't so bad after all, no one ever woke her up this early at least.

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    IC: American Eagle

    Albert descended the stairs, mug o' joe in hand, reflecting on how difficult it was to drink from a mug without lips. Most liquids you could just open wide, pour into the beak, and bolt back. That wasn't an option with steaming hot coffee. Julie passed him groggily on the way down. She was an odd one, like one of them goths but a fairy. Good, well behaved Christian girls didn't get tattoos like that. The only women who got tattoos were pagans and liberal college students.

    When she reached the assembled group, she spoke. "Now unless you have a cup of coffee Ole Huey's going to have to carry one more and another in a strecter-stretcher, whatever you call those things," she said, "Catch me up on the way either way after the Joe kicks in my black hair might seep back into my brain and push out the blond." Al shook his head as if to clear his ears. He was sure he didn't understand any of what that, but chalked it up to her being tired. And probably on the marijuana, he thought.

    The only one downstairs that appeared to be any sort of bright eyed and bushy tailed - literally - was Freedom Fan. Al looked the young boy up and down. He seemed to be just like any other sweet, all American, good natured kid with a strong upbringing, but there was something off about him. Al couldn't quite put his finger on it. Oh well. Shrugging, Al patted the boy on the head, careful to avoid hurting himself with his horns.

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    IC: Luke, The Freedom Fan
    "G'morning Mr. Eagle," Luke quipped cheerfully, still glancing sidelong at Technomancer. He was shouting a bunch of words at the helicopter that, in all honesty, Luke had never heard before meeting him. He nearly asked one of the other team members what the words meant, but he decided it was probably technical babble. After all, if the team member who dealt with technology was always yelling them, they must be technology-related. He grinned slightly, wishing he, too, could someday know as much about technology speak as Technomancer did.

    He darted off towards the helicopter, hopping into a spot in the middle, which he figured was as good a seat as any. Most kids his age never even got to ride in a helicopter, much less a helicopter owned by a superhero team, so he wasn't about to complain. Readjusting slightly after sitting rather awkwardly on his signature pronged tail, he quickly positioned himself to get a better view outside of the "****ing Chopper" as Technomancer referred to it (More techno-speak, Luke noted). He was still bubbling with excitement, eager to go on the mission. He wondered if his dad was proud of him. Surely fighting crime fell under... what was it again? Slu-gterin' the ino sentients? He needed to get that one run by him again.

    "Those bad guys won't know what hit them!" he boasted confidently.

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    IC: Blood Shadow, BFF Headquarters Helipad

    *The coffee had not yet begun to pool and actually wake him up when Technomancer had delivered the news*

    "Looks like armed robbery. Julia Davis Park. If we take Charlie we can be there in five."

    *Shadow growled and rubbed his temples. The Helicopter was temperamental at best when flown, and the last time it apparently had "objected" to flying on a rainy day and had nearly crashed on him. Still, he knew where this was going, and he thought that maybe if he played nice, he could get back to Chicago all the quicker. For now, he played along...somewhat*

    "Gotcha. Ill start it up."

    *he started to jog ahead of Technomancer, but turned back to him one more time*

    "But tell "Charlie" that if he gives me the same crap that he did last time, ill make sure he ends up rusting away in front of some army reserve base!"

    *As he turned around, he noted that in addition to the red blur that had streaked past him and Technomancer earlier, American Eagle and The Diamond Pixie had made their ways down, most likely with Pixie complaining and Eagle evaluating everybodies patriotism.
    This still left The Ace of Spades and Ghost Emperor unaccounted for.
    He would have lumped The Freedom Fan in with them, but he had a sneaking suspicion that the little creep was lurking around somewhere near Technomancer.*

    Just more rejects in this cesspool of sub-mediocrity... *he thought to himself* ...and that's on a good day. If they actually were in real trouble, Ms. Emo would get a new attitude and featherhead would convert to Islam in a hurry if it saved his life, and those would be the better reactions.

    *Vaulting into the pilots seat, he started the rapid activation and start-up of the old helicopter. The old UH-1M Iroquois, known the world over as a "Huey", groaned and shook but complied, letting the jet turbine activate with a whine.
    He was almost through initial checks before starting the rotors when a voice that should not have been that chipper at this ungodly hour chimed in*

    "Those bad guys won't know what hit them!"

    *Shadow winced again and looked in the back. Sure enough the little red freak of a kid was sitting smack in the middle of the rear compartment, almost bouncing up and down giddy with excitement. He turned back and took away the headset microphone he had for a second to address the over-eager youth*

    "Look kiddo, shut up for a second okay? I need to get everyone on and fly there without killing us all, and high-pitched noises that are way too awake at this hour tend to distract me."

    *Hoping to hell that his non-threat had worked, he flipped his intercom jack over to a loudspeaker which had been a staple of the helo since they had received it. He then punched the button to activate it, nodding to Technomancer as he jumped in the helicopter in the seat opposite of him*

    "Train leaves in 30 seconds boys and girls. Anybody left behind has to walk, so hurry it up!"

    *With that, Shadow unplugged then jacked in to the normal radio, clicking over to the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) channel*

    "Boise flight control this is Freedom Rotor One, requesting emergency clearance for low-altitude flight over."

    *When he got no response, he uttered...*

    "Screw it, they can fine me later."

    *...over the helicopter intercom, then started the rotors themselves. Soon enough, they were chopping the air furiously, creating a windstorm on the launching pad as Shadow waited for the rest of the team to jump on board*

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    OOC: Sorry if I did a bit of character-stealing, thought id add some incentive to get aboard the helo and get there lol
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    IC: American Eagle

    Al stretched his wing. There was always a lingering instinct, a need to fly, that he knew came from deep within the eagle parts of him. If only he'd ended up with both wings, he wouldn't be filled with such a sense of loss and sadness whenever they filled the helicopter's berth. As he approached the chopper, he allowed the wind from the rotors to flow over his flight-feathers, delighted in the feeling and the slight lift he'd get on his right side if he angled his wing just so.

    And then it was over. He was hopping into the seat next to Freedom Fan and giving the others a quick nod.

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    IC: Juli, The Diamond Pixie
    BFF Headquarters

    Noticing that no-one had brought her coffee and that the huey was about to leave she ambled over, crawling the last bit of the way to stay more on the ground before hoping onboard. She scooched past American Eagle and Freedom Fan Boy, an odd pair if their ever was one, and took a seat on the other side of the boy leaning in toward him.

    She had to sit that way onboard, with her tail and wings between the seat and the door, and frankly the kid seemed too innocent to take advantage of her situation or ogle her too bad. Even if he did look like a little devil and had too much 'heave-ho let's go!' this early in the morning.

    Leaning a little close she gave the kid a pat on the arm, "Morn'n Sunshine. Could you fill me in on what we're doing up this early?"

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    IC: Ace of Spades

    Taking, screeching, groaning, grunting, whining, complaining and a general air of animousity woke Ace out of his slumber. Of course, that was usually what woke him up around here. It'd only been a week, but he was already starting to get used to it. He opened his eyes, and took in his surroundings.

    White...cold...towels...Bathroom. Good, he knew where he was, he felt around, grasping a large glass bottle, he lifted it and a smirk crawled across his face. Still a bit left.

    He sat upright, reaching back and finding his hat, which he placed squarely on his head. He knocked back what was left of the bottle, then stood, drawing his pistol. He kicked it open with the flick of a wrist and checked that it was loaded, it was. Finally, he stumbled out of the bathroom just as he heard the chopper...Charlie that mental case Technomancer called it....blades began twirling in the air. He picked up his pace a bit, springing aboard the chopper just before they began to leave the ground.

    "Sorry I'm late ya'll...had ta figure out where the hell I woke up. So who'm I killin' today...and just let me say, if this is another false alarm or podunk job, I am still shootin someone."

    Tag: All aboard Charlie
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    IC: Ghost Emperor

    "Good morning, campers" The voice coming from the intercom said less than enthusiastically. "We have some criminals to beat."

    Ambrose sighed as he moved the rook into place on the chess board in front of him. The local thugs in this town could wait, culture came first. Glancing into the book in his left hand, Ambrose made note of the move made by the player using White in the classic game he was studying. With a little flair, even though no one was around, he moved White's last pawn into position. This game hadn't really been all that close, and Ambrose could discern the winner when he first read the opening moves. The man using black had always been more aggressive and always on the offensive. White was a smart player, but he was simply overwhelmed by superior tactics. The game was close, but never really in doubt to someone who had known chess as long as Ambrose had. Guessing correctly black's last move, he positioned the piece and silently declared "Checkmate."

    Gracefully, he closed the book and set it upon the shelf in his quarters before stretching to loosen his body a little. Glancing at the clock, he noted it was around 1:30 am, and about five minutes since the call went out to gather in the hangar. The others will probably have to pull themselves out of bed, unable to take advantage of the night life this modern world affords them, he thought to himself as he pulled on his gloves and boots. Placing his cellphone in his inside jacket pocket, he glanced down at his chess board. Quickly, he lifted the Black King and slid it into his left jacket pocket. He would need that later.

    Seeing that it had been nearly ten minutes since the call went out, Ambrose retrieved his helmet from the desk and slid it onto his head. With a hiss, the head gear locked itself into place. With a twist on his heel, he swiftly left his quarters and began walking smoothly down the hall.

    The door to the hangar slid open, behind them revealing a man cloaked from shoulder to foot, his face hid behind a helmet. With a flourish, the man's arm pushed foward, swiftly sending the cloak behind him like a flag blowing in the wind. With grandiose movements, the Ghost Emperor entered the hangar and made his way towards the helicopter.

    "I am here." He stated, calmly and with confidence, his voice reverberating through the voice amplifier of the helmet. "Now, we may begin."

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    IC: Blood Shadow, pilots chair of the "Charlie"

    *As the team piled in, Blood Shadow got more impatient. Not one good reason was apparent as to why they didn't act like real superheros and bolt into action, instead they all meandered in, all except for the kid of course, which mean he might actually have the stuff to be a superhero eventually.

    As he sat and waited for the team to eventually find the gumption to get into the helicopter and do what they were supposed to, he unscrewed the thermos cap and took a swig of coffee, then leaned out of the open side of the huey and spat, his taste buds offended at the liquid. He made no bones about voicing his displeasure either.*

    "Just who in the blue hell brewed that crap in the coffee maker?! I've vomited and gotten a better aftertaste than whatever the hell that is! When we get done with this minor emergency i'm going to have to train the slob who made this sludge how to actually make coffee!"

    *He resigned to fuming, his bad mood worsening by the second. Chucking the thermos forcablly out of the side door, he vowed to verbally assault the next clod who made a stupid move
    Diamond Pixie actually made the first point, albeit in her own emo/goth way that was just irksome enough to make him not really care about what she said*

    "Morn'n Sunshine. Could you fill me in on what we're doing up this early?"

    *He was about to say something sarcastic, but Technomancer filled her in. Instead Shadow tuned him out, knowing full well that Technomancer probably wouldn't remind her to ask the team leader about the situation rather than the kid who knew nothing.
    Besides, she at least had some entertainment value. It was interesting to get her worked up when she was touching something useless, like a linoleum floor or a stress toy, and to watch her reaction to the change.

    Next up was Spades himself, who was most likely nursing a massive hangover himself, like Shadow had been previously*

    "Sorry I'm late ya'll...had ta figure out where the hell I woke up. So who'm I killin' today...and just let me say, if this is another false alarm or podunk job, I am still shootin someone."

    *Shadows grim sense of humor took over*

    "I'd ask you to shoot me, but its well established that bullets don't like me and tend to hit other people Spades."

    *Sick of waiting, he started slowly applying power to the collective, feeling the helo lighten ever so slightly.
    Somehow, Ghost Emperor had made his way on to the pad and hauled himself into the helo with enough stuffy holier-than thou down-the-nose poise to irk any american-born individual within a 20 mile radius, made even worse by his sniveling statement*

    "I am here. Now, we may begin."

    *Shadow gritted his teeth and yanked on the collective, violently heaving the huey upwards. He didn't care if it wasn't smooth, it was too early to care, and since the motley crew claimed they were superheros, they could take it.
    However, he beat Technomancer to the punch and laid into Ghost*

    "Well lookie here everybody, the Spook Duchess has graced us with her regal presence, how fortunate of all of us, we're all safe now! Take some notes sport, I was gonna leave your old decrepit rear at the HQ, AARP platinum member status or no. Now buckle in everybody, we're live in 5!"

    *With that, Shadow heeled the Helicopter over, jostling anybody who was not buckled in, then nosed it down and rammed the collective forward, pointing the nose towards Julia Davis Park, giving thanks that the helicopter didn't give him trouble, as well as for his own foresight and getting a general lay of the land in and around Boise.
    He addressed Technomancer over the helicopter intercom*

    "Whats the brief Tech? Ill listen in as I get the skinny from the boys in blue, I'm sure they have an earful for us."

    *Shadow clicked the radio over to the general poli
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    IC: Technomancer

    Reed stared in disbelief at Ghost Emperor, his mouth slightly agape. You gotta be kidding me, he thought.

    He flicked away the stub of his cigar into the hangar, and looked GE up and down one more time. He rolled his eyes for the somethingth time this morning.

    "Just get in!" he screamed over the whir of the blades. "Can it" he yelled to Blood Shadow, who had decided he was going to pilot tonight, for some reason. It suited Reed just fine. He'd rather not struggle with Charlie and the rest of the team. Blood Shadow hardly acknowledged him, and they started into the air.

    Reed looked at the clock. Ten minutes! Ten minutes for the team to assemble in an emergency! Something told him it didn't take the JERCS that long, and they were in orbit.

    He decided, as leader, that he should let them know how he felt about that. He turned around in his seat, ignoring Blood Shadow's questions about the situation. Asserting his leadership was far more important.

    The rest of the team couldn't hear his yelling over the whining of Charlie, as they flew out into the night.


    The chopper came in low and landed inside the park. They met with the police. The captain in charge of the barricade let them know what was up:

    14 men. Heavily armed. Live ammo. And some kind of weapon that had small, needle like projectiles that delivered about 10,000 volts each. Fully automatic. There were about six policemen lying outside the door. A few convulsing, a few charred beyond recognition. The police guessed they knew karate, although if this captain knew the difference between karate and jazerscising, there was no way to tell. It had reminded one officer of Jason Bourne, if that was any help. It probably wasn't.

    Oh, and could they please be careful with the exhibit pieces, they're awfully pricey. That would be great.

    The DCI has a large, two story, open lobby, with an information desk and a few statues and models. The west wing is filled with small exhibits, nothing really special. Giant fake dinosaurs. Whales. Etc. Two stories of kid stuff. The east wing has several new inventions dealing with genetics.

    Trash it. Do as much property damage as possible. I don't care what kind of inventions you make up, or if you even make up any, just cost the city some money.

    There are 4 men in the lobby, 4 men in the west wing, and 6 men in the east wing.

    I'd like everyone to partner up. There are 2 villains for everyone, so it should be 2 heroes in the lobby and west wing, and 3 in the west wing.

    IC: Technomancer

    "...so that's the situation. We've tried going in through the front, as you can see, but..."

    It was too late.

    "Let's go!" said Technomancer, as he charged up the stairs and smashed through a lobby window, the rest of the team behind him.

    A burst of submachine gun fire hit him in the chest, and the momentum took him to the floor.

    "Don't let them take anything!" he directed. "Split up!"

    Tag: Everyone.

    So pick where you want to go. The first people to post their location will be there, and remember it's 2 characters in the lobby, 2 in the west, and 3 in the east.

    Have at 'em.

    OOC GM note: Keep in mind that this is the team's first mission, and really their first interactions together, besides meeting a day or two before.

    Also, I wouldn't go around calling a helicopter 'Charlie' just because some crazy person was doing it, but that's just me. I mean, the guy sounds a little schizophrenic, if you ask me. But if you guys are embracing that kind of thing, so be it.

    Also, sorry about brushing off your post, PT. I had already had this written when I checked the thread. Just attribute it to Technomancer's incompetence in leadership. He is nearly senile, even if he doesn't look it./>/>/>
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    OOC: Its ok, it was kinda reaching anyway. Ill put some filler in

    IC: Blood Shadow, DCI West Wing.

    *For once he had a shred of respect for Technomancer. He put a stop to ALL Jaw-jacking, including his own. Now if he could just follow up on the other aspects...

    He would have been lying if he said the landing had been smooth. The police had picked out a decent landing spot, but the helo did not want to cooperate, stalling out the last foot and making for a rough landing. Still, all limbs were attached, at least he assumed so.

    After the quick (and non-informative) police brief, plus the headlong charge, Shadow opted to break off from the group and hunt on his own. If somebody else wanted to tag along, so be it. He would be a team player, but this was not grade school square dancing, you didn't pick partners, you showed initiative. With that, he made his own statement.

    "I'm taking the west wing. Feel free to follow me if you dare!"

    *The door to the wing had been shut and bolted, and would have detered all but the Idaho National Guard had normal humans been in charge.
    However, the BFF was no set of normal humans, and Shadow had blown over blast doors before. However then his powers had been working normally...

    With a silent prayer/threat that his concussive forces would work appropriately this time, he drew back and threw a hard punch at the door.
    The result sounded like a muted loud thud combined with a sudden drastic change in pressure. His powers had semi-worked. The doors were blown open and slightly off their hinges, but that was about half of what he had used. The other half had thrown him back into the information desk, turning it into scrap.

    Getting up slowly, he shook his head, and started running back into the west wing, all while muttering rather audibly*

    "I hate Boise, I hate Boise, I really f...."

    *He stopped as he ran in. Assuming that the bad guys were armed with high end guns, he moved with confidence and purpose, confident that his near-immunity to physical impact would throw them off.

    He didn't have to wait long to find the first bad guy. He rounded a corner and instinctively ducked away as a burst of assault rifle ammunition tore through the space he occupied. In that split second he had produced an impact bo-shotokan, then went into his own offensive motions.

    Darting out from behind the corner, he noted the position of the enemy, rolled, then threw the shotokan at the wall. It ricocheted off of an exposed beam and struck the assault rifle, knocking it away from his hands. Rather than retreat, he charged at Shadow, yelling and getting ready for a strike.

    Shadow shifted his stance accordingly, and when the complex strike came in, he bent the guys arm over and tripped him up. Then with a neat pivot and this time a fully working concussive shove, he hurled the man like a Frisbee headlong into what looked like a fake supermarket for kids, getting a chuckle as he crashed into a faux deli.

    He was striding over to finish the job and put him down when he heard the click. Looking down the hall, another one of the criminals had leveled an AT-4 rocket launcher in his direction. The tube shot a gout of fire and smoke, and the rocket streaked towards Shadow at a breakneck pace.

    With a very audible curse, Shadow dove for cover. The impact would hurt a little, but the heat would hurt a helluva lot more, since his suit was the only thing that protected him from that.

    Pressed up against some odd board about nutrion or something of that nature, he again started yelling.

    "Great shot bozo, you almost missed me by five feet! Just make sure you account for the rest of the team thats lurking around!"

    : West wing partner

    OOC: Question for the GM, do we get to control the fight entirely, or do you want to handle it? If so, ill quit the godmodding from here if I mis-interpreted.
  17. Ramza Administrator Emeritus

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    IC: Luke, The Freedom Fan
    The East Wing

    Luke was practically ready to explode with sheer excitement. He was ready to kick some serious bad guy tush, and he wasn't going to go easy on them either. They would pay for trying to steal these fascinating museum exhibits. Take this dinosaur fossil over here:

    Edmontonia longiceps

    It had a very fascinating curved armor plate, sort of like a giant prehistoric armadillo. Only there had actually been prehistoric armadillos, so Luke concluded that it was like a prehistoric Edmontonia. He started reading the information plate, eagerly soaking in every detail. After all, you never knew when a super villain could theoretically revive a dinosaur. That'd be the bee's knees. He wished there were dinosaurs around now, maybe if he asked his dad really nicely he could have one for a pet.

    He sighed, that was unlikely. Or it'd end up like that puppy Dad'd given him a year or so ago... But some things were better left unsaid.

    Anyway, there was the Edmontonia to concern himself with for the moment. He still had time before the others caught up, and, like any tween boy, he had an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs. Okay, so maybe most of his acquaintances were more concerned with their algebra homework, but that wasn't the point. The point was, Luke loved Jurassic Park I, II, and III, and there was no way he would skip out on a free chance to see a dinosaur exhibit.

    "Gee whiz, I wish I could go to Jurassic Park. Even if chaos theory does say that they eventually break lose and start reproducing."

    Yeah, Jurassic Park, that would be sweet. Especially if he got to ride a triceratops. Those were pretty awesome, to be sure. Maybe after he was done "Fulfilling his destiny" as Dad put it, he could major in paleontology. Then he could work with dinosaurs all the time.

    But first, there were bad guys to take care of...

    In a minute.

    TAG: East Wing Group/>
  18. EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master

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    The fight with your two bad guys is completely up to you. But we are going to lose. At least two of them are getting away with what they came for. But that's in the East wing. If the team beats everyone else(thus giving themselves a false sense of victory) then so be it.

    Just break stuff, or get broken for the time being. This is a heist, and the point is that they get away with what they came for.

    I think Luke is lost. The dinosaurs and stuff are in the West wing. East wing is for the new invention stuff. No big deal.
  19. Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master

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    IC: Juli, The Diamond Pixie
    East Wing

    Hoping out behind the kid she charged up toward the large museum, focusing intently. "Gotta change into something usefull. Diamonds should work. Bullets won't be a problem then."

    Putting words to actions she drew her sword and focused while pressing on the tiny stone in the grip. Slowly it spread accross her body as she became a living inbodyment of a diamond, now to put it to use.

    Lifting off with her wings she flew high before coming down in a bombing run dive through a second story window, sword first, and impaled herself into some piece of machinary that she immediately stuck on by her head as her and it both went sliding across the floor.

    Feeling herself falling still stuck in the machine she began clinching her teeth, this was not going to be good! And then it hit her, slowly at first then faster as bullets and painful shocks accosted her system, she hardly cared which way she was oriented at the moment, but knew it was bottoms up. The machine she was stuck in pulling her down, then it hit something followed by more crashing as she rolled and continued to get hit as she bumped along.

    She was scared, she was trying to contain it but it was little use, she needed out or in or something and she was scared and stuck.

    She could feel herself shrinking with each near hit, ping, or electical jolt. And at the rate they were coming she quickly shrank from an adult to a small child size to a doll sized diamond pixie.

    As the shots stopped for a second, her attackers most likely thinking she was either fried or had moved off began moving about their business carefully again, she couldn't really care which. She was just glad it had stopped for a moment. Peeking out she saw the destruction she had caused by her actions and the shots of the attackers, she sincerely hoped she wouldn't have to fork the bill for any of it. It spread from the entry window to the bottom floor and into the stuff on the opposite side of the expanse, wrecking all that lie between into broken shards and small sizzling fires.

    Taking a few careful steps out she lifted off heading for the nearest goon, who unfortunately saw her coming, and engaged him close up. The guy definately was no master of kung fu, but he definately wasn't a slack jaw in a fight as he kept her from landing any serious hits. At this rate it was going to be a defeat by a thousand nicks over several days instead of a quick fight, she needed to focus and be big, had to be big she couldn't do anything like this. She needed help, "Any tips on how a five inch person with a sword can take down a guy?"

    TAG: East Wing
  20. Ramza Administrator Emeritus

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    OOC: Oops. Guess I missed the "In the west wing". So am I still in the east wing then or do I just go with being in the west wing?

    EDIT: Luke's still in the East wing.
  21. EmpireForever Jedi Grand Master

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    OOC: You can be in whichever one you want to. You didn't have a confrontation yet, and not everyone has posted, so you can pick still.

    IC: Technomancer

    Guns are difficult to talk to. They are created for one purpose, and are extremely single minded. Reed never did get on with guns.

    A few more bursts of ammo sprayed over his head, and he lay on his back as the rest of the team flowed into the DCI. The machine guns cackled madly(guns are extremely ticklish, and most go into fits of hysteria when their trigger is pulled).

    His chest plate was dented a bit. These were pretty high caliber.

    He heard a voice, human, over the guns:

    "I'm taking the west wing. Feel free to follow me if you dare!"

    He didn't. He got to his feet, and made a dash for the cover of the information desk. It exploded. Blood Shadow pulled himself out of the rubble, and ran back for the west wing. "I hate Boise, I hate Boise, I really f...."

    There was a crash from the east wing as a massive piece of machinery went falling to the ground. It was very upset about being disturbed. It called Diamond Pixie several names before being smashed to bits.

    He triangulated two of the thugs positions from the laughing of their machine guns, rolled out from what was left of the information desk, and sprinted to their location, head covered by his arm, which deflected most of the bullets. He rolled again, slightly in front of one of them, and sprang into a tackle.

    He missed. He flew into a display piece, some sort of stem cell generating machine. He didn't go in too much for biology. It cried out, before being smashed to bits.

    The entirety of the DCI buzzed with the din of outraged and confused machinery, their slumber disturbed by the sudden and violent impact the BFF was having on it. The noise drowned out the approaching thug.

    Technomancer had managed to roll back into a standing position, and was swinging around for another pass when a foot connected with his jaw. He staggered, and the same leg swept out his feet. He hit the ground with a metallic thud, rolled in time to avoid a couple of the electronic stingers, and was back on his feet swinging.

    Technomancer wasn't much for martial arts, but several decades of street fighting had led to his own unique brand of fisticuffs. Still, this guy was fast. He couldn't land anything. He had to keep pressing him in close combat to avoid the needles, but because of the noise, had forgotten about the rest of the baddies in the lobby.

    A needle caught him in the arm. The resulting shock caused him to black out for a brief second. Enough time for Thug #1 to connect a few more kicks. He went sprawling, the use of his left arm gone. Thug #2 was up the stairs, and had since turned his attention elsewhere, thinking Technomancer was being dealt with.

    From the ground, Reed extended his right arm towards the feet of Thug #1. From his hand, his fingers telescoped outward like metallic snakes. They wrapped around The baddie's legs, and pulled them out from under him. Technomancer leaped on the downed thug, pinning his arms with his knees, and began to bash his face in with his good arm.

    When he was satisfied, he jumped off and headed for the stairs, and Thug #2 who was currently taking aim at a few of Reed's teammates from on high, unaware in the din of the approaching cyborg.

    Tag: Lobby

  22. PTMurphy84 Jedi Youngling

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    IC: Blood Shadow, DCI West Wing

    *Taking quick stock of his situation, Blood Shadow went over his situation in his mind*

    Okay, so theres one baddie in that kid-sized supermarket that is messed up but not out, another bad guy around the corner in the narrow hall with a rocket launcher, and according to the police there are a gazillion offenders here.
    The bad guys have advanced body armor, vision enhancing optics, and high-end weaponry, plus they've been trained in spec ops warfare and some form of hybrid martial arts, the likely candidate being the Keysi Fighting Method judging by how the last guy tried to hit me.
    I'm one person that has superpowers that have a questionable reliability at this point, and without any known backup. Granted I have tools and weapons, but getting in a jam would be all too easy here.

    So, where do we go from here?

    *He asked that question as he heard a noise coming from around the corner. It jogged a memory. There had been several glass display panels for the kids, all thick high-tempered stuff. Some had been broken, but there were enough panels left to give him an opening.

    Grabbing seven more blunt shotokan, he welled up his power then released them in another concussive blast, aiming all of them at an angle for a column. They all bounced away off of it at a right angle from him, and ricocheted around the hallway. The reward was when they struck glass. Their momentum was transfered to the shards of glass, eliciting a bellow and a stumbling sound, meaning rocket-boy had either been blinded or been thrown off his game.

    That was enough of an opening. With more confidence in his powers, Shadow performed a horizontal leap and dove into the kiddie super-market. The bad guy that had originally been tossed had somewhat recovered and was drawing a pistol of some sort. He had started to aim and backpedal when Shadow set on him. Grabbing his wrist and jamming his thumb over the trigger finger, he angled the criminals gun down to his own foot and yanked with his thumb, shooting him through the foot.

    The criminal started to hobble and curse loudly, effectively imobilized.

    Shadow could have used a smaller blow, could have put him down with little collateral damage. However, he had the upmost respect for police and felt that they deserved a measure of revenge through him.
    Taking a step back and doing a few motions that were uncannily like those that Bruce Lee had performed back in the day, he performed a thrust kick that would have made his Jeet Kune Do master cry with joy. However, the mere thrust of his body wasn't the only thing behind it. Even more concussive force had been generated behind the kick, and the bad guy must have felt like he had been struck by an out-of-control semi truck instead of a rather forceful kick.

    Observers outside saw and heard the glass shatter, followed by the criminal surrounded in a veritable cloud of plastic toy foods, containers, glass shards, masonry, mini shopping cart, broken bits of display cases and coolers, and other debris. The criminal himself slammed bodily into a burnt out crusier, debris falling around him and into the gathering crowd.
    The hoots, hollers, and cheers indicated that the crowd had grown and loved the show, and most likely the media had caught that particular display.

    It was only then that Shadow drew one of his combi-sticks, twirling it slightly before striding back out into the hallway.
    The criminal that he had earlier surprised with glass was still picking himself up. No blood was apparent, but something had happened to his eyes and his balance. In addition to that, there were obvious slashes in his gear, meaning he had dodged some rather large chunks of plate glass.

    Shadow wound up and brought the combi stick down with a full swing, as well as imparting more concussive force behind it. It wasn't that much, relatively, and he rationalized that since he was wearing protective gear, he could get away without too serious of an injury.

    He got away with none. Once again, Shado
  23. BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus

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    IC: Ghost Emperor
    DCI West Wing

    Ambrose had ignored most of Blood Shadow's comments, there would come a time when the ingrate would be thankful to have a tactical genius such as himself on the team. It wasn't really worth arguing with the man over now, he barely knew him and that's really the way he wanted to keep it personally. Ambrose didn't have much use for personal relationships, for friends, and certainly for enemies. Sometimes he found himself surprisingly reaching out for companionship, but largely he kept to himself. It had served him well over the years and he wasn't about to change it.

    As it turned out, the mission they were on was to thwart a robbery of some kind at a local museum. Inwardly, Ambrose shook his head. This was horribly beneath him. Robberies happen daily and it was futile to think that any amount of super teams could stop them all. This was a job for law enforcement, not them. Regardless of the weaponry involved, unless the thieves somehow found a way to control an experimental prototype exoskeleton of some kind, but what would that be doing in a museum? Even if the museum did have experimental tech.

    Ambrose had actually visited this museum several times, as he loved museums. This, however, was only a museum in the loosest of terms. It was a novelty for children. Dinosaurs, fake Egyptian artifacts, fake Roman artifacts, exhibits based solely around...educational writings on the walls. The whole place reeked of mediocrity. He hated this particular museum. He did, however, have to recognize its importance to the scientific community. He had known the East Wing's secrets for quite some time before the BFF were ever considered. It paid to be able to sense people's fears and incapacitate them. It was for those experiments that Ambrose had secretly planned to protect this place, the East Wing at least.

    Knowing that the most heavily armed and trained members of this thief squad would head to the East Wing, Ambrose decided to head in the opposite direction and followed Blood Shadow to the West Wing. Not one for combat, Ghost Emperor made his way silently up the stairs whilst Blood Shadow dealt with the two thugs down on the grond floor. He had to admit, watching the man in action, that while he was a pawn in all this...he was at least an apparently useful pawn.

    "Got two perps upstairs, likely on the move! Get up there and take em down!" he heard Blood Shadow call out.

    That was precisely what Ghost Emperor noticed as he made his way to the top of the stairs. They were getting ready to fire at Blood Shadow and Ambrose quickly calculated where they were located in regards to his plan. No good, they were too far from the Roman Phalanx diorama. It couldn't be helped, he'd have to get messy.

    With a flourish he appeared from the stair way. "Greetings!" he announced, his voice reverberating through his helmet. With grandiose flair he extended both arms before bringing them back to gesture to himself as the two thugs turned to him, confusion on their faces. "I am the Ghost Emperor. And, tonight, I am your destruction!" As he finished he held out his right hand, extended to gesture at the thugs.

    The two men took one look at each other, nodded, and then pumped Ghost Emperor full of lead from their automatic rifles. As the bullets pierced through Ambrose's body, riddling him with holes, he blacked out and hit the floor with a not so grandiose thud.

    TAG: West Wing

    OOC: I've still got a plan to take those two out, I just wanted to give you a chance to react.
  24. Darth_Vaders_cousin Jedi Knight

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    IC: Ace of Spades
    DCI East Wing

    Ace, bandanna tied around his face to protect his identy, had already burst through the door...behind the others...and made his way to the East Wing of the building, where he found himself surrounded by very expensive looking things. Which he had the strangest feeling of stealing. They looked like they might fetch a pretty penny on the black market, which would take care of that money he owed the Mexican Mafia. Of course that would leave three or four other crime syndicates to pay off and he'd probably lose this job. Still the thought was going through his head when one display shattered into a billion peices, hit by a bullet meant for him.

    In a split second his revolver was off his hip and he put a few shots off in the direction the shooter was, then ducked behind another, larger display. Bursts of automatic fire filled the air, followed by an explosion from the other wing. It was getting far more intese than he had expected. He holstered the pistol and pulled the sawed-off rifle from his back, cranking a shell in. Let the party begin.

    Tag: All or none
  25. BartSimpson-SithLord Manager Emeritus

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    IC: Ghost Emperor
    DCI: West Wing

    He hated getting shot. Of all the inventions created by mankind that he'd witnessed evolve, guns were the things he hated most. They hurt, they made him bleed all over his costume, and it took forever for the exit wound to finally close. Well, it seemed like forever when the pain hurts as bad as a gunshot wound. And here, Ambrose was the lucky recipient of many gunshot wounds. He hated guns.

    Opening his eyes, Ambrose immediately noticed that the thugs were truly stupid. The only reason he'd fainted briefly in the first place was because of the sheer amount of bullets they'd unloaded into him and the blood loss and pain. They hadn't been shooting to kill, or his head and chest would have more holes. As it stood, his helmet's only scratch came from the face plant onto the floor, and his chest wasn't so much swiss cheese as his abdomen was. What further confirmed their stupidity was that they had moved closer to him as if to confirm that their target really was dead.

    Come on, Ambrose thought to himself. I expected them to be stupid, but not this stupid. No bother, this only makes my objective easier to accomplish.

    "What the heck was this guy thinking?" one of the thugs asked the other, as they moved closer to Ghost Emperor's prone body.

    "I don't know. Maybe he was just plain stupid. Maybe he had a death wish. Maybe both." the other man stated matter of fact. "But we should worry about the other one down there. Forget the dead one."

    "Who is dead, you simpletons?" Ghost Emperor announced as he rose to his feet dramatically.

    "No! But you'se dead! We shot you like fifty times!" the first thug screamed as he fell to the ground.

    "I'm not having any of this!" The other one said as he fired off a couple rounds that Ghost Emperor blocked with his left hand. The thugs watched in horror as the bullet wounds closed quickly.

    "What...what are you?" the thug on the ground asked as he was frozen in fear, the other now frozen likewise.

    "That is not important." Ambrose stated as he reached into his left pocket and retrieved the chess piece shaped object. The Black King. His remote. "It's not important because you'll be dead soon." Making a wide gesture that rippled his cape with the wind of his movement, he held out the remote in his right hand. "Checkmate," he said as he pressed the button.

    Without warning, and around the entirety of the west wing of the museum, explosions racked the walls around the level of the second floor. The explosions grew in ferocity as they shook the whole building with their force. It soon became all too apparent what was happening as the walls began to lose support for the second floor of the wing. The ceiling made snapping noises as the floor below it buckled and pulled it down. Tiles began to come crashing down, one smashing in the skull of the large central dinosaur fossil. The window skylight shattered as the pressure became too much. The shards rained down amongst all not underneath the second floor's shadow.

    The ground beneath the thugs made a horrible roaring noise as the metal supports twisted under the weight of the exhibits and the collapsing ceiling. The ground began to quake around them as the floor began to succumb to the same pressure that was causing the ceiling to fall all around them. The dust began to rise as plaster, marble, steel, glass, porcelain, sheetrock, fossil, and other materials were crushed and kicked into the night air. The exhibit wall beneath the thugs only served enough to tilt their floor at an angle too steep for them to keep their balance on before it, too, was crushed. The thugs, unaware that this was were Ghost Emperor had been leading them too, tumbled face first into the waiting spears of the Phalanx diorama. Their blood filled screams ending with a sickening snap as the floor Ghost Emperor stood upon also gave way. As the delayed stairwell charges went off, and that wall too began to fall, Ambrose was knocked out by the breaking of several bones and a large slab of marble th
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