The Bond Between (!Torture Warning!)

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    Summary:When three Padawans go missing. And when all the clues point to a twisted crook. Can Qui-Gon, Adi, and Sage find their Padawans before it is to late. Before their assailant get what he wants? To watch them fall apart piece by piece...

    I dont own n e one!

    It's finally here! And all the pain along with it... [face_devil]


  2. Siri_Z Jedi Youngling

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    The Bond Between

    ~The Distance between two people is largely illusion. Look past shallow differences and the truth in someone will be revealed~


    Siri Tachi and Zae-Non Sen walked stealthy down the dimly lit hall; their blond hair blowing out behind them as the stale air of the abandoned warehouse rushed past them. Zae-Non eyed Siri with her dark brown, almost black eyes and the two gave a slight nod to each other.

    They sped up their pace, senses on high alert. Something was wrong?

    A disturbance in the Force.

    Something or someone was there, and it was not their Masters.

    A ripple of darkness made them whirl around; eyes wide.

    A dark, tall figure stood at the end of the long hall they had just walked. The slender alien began to walk slowly forward towards the two Padawans; who were backing away just as slowly.

    With an unspoken sense of urgency they spun around and sprinted forward. Footsteps pounding behind?


    The girls dashed through an empty meeting room and onto a conjoining balcony. Stepping up onto the cold thin railing neither had to look at each other before jumping the long fall downwards. As they leapt into the darkness below them something on the roof across from them caught their eye?

    Landing in a crouch the two simultaneously jumped up, instinctively reaching for their lightsabers. But in that slip second of defenselessness they were caught.

    The scream of blaster fire roared toward them?


    The two tall, trim figures quickened their already fast run, although in two separate alleys, as a wave of distress and the sound of blaster fire came to them. Running towards each other after splitting up they raced into the same alley way as a land speeder rounded the opposite corner towards the street.

    They were too late.

    They stood motionless for a moment, peering into the darkness. The two Jedi glanced at each other and once again toward the street after the now vanished speeder.

    They would find them again.

    Wordlessly they followed the speeders trail.

    They walked?

    Their enemy was gone.

    They did not run?

    The enemy had their Padawans.

    They knew it would take time?
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    And the evilness has begun! I love this story, Siri! I just wish that there was a new post on

    I'll be here waiting, of course!!!

    KenobisGirl :p
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    Let the fun begin...

    [face_devil] [face_devil]
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    This is just as good as your trailer for TBB!!!!

  6. wanna_pierogi Jedi Youngling

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    Oh, you haven't seen ANYTHING yet my friend... [face_devil]

    I do so love this story... [face_devil]
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    Sometime FF.N doesn't let me in to the newest chapter. Now I have a dependable place to read this story :)
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    IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey, glad you all seem to like it so far... ;)

    Kenobisgirl: Well then, you won't have to wait too much longer now will ya?

    DOT: Better? but of course... this kind of writing is my speciality.

    Pierogi: You haven't seen ANYTHING yet my friend...

    [face_blush] sigh... only u.

    Padawankitara: much more dependable then FF. They ticked this grl off one too many times too look them in uc likeing n e more. But I'll continue there in a while as well. (u knew that though...)

    Sabercrazy: Yea... I luv u too... ;) lol I knew you'd be happy, but I think that was a major understatement...

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    It was all Obi-Wan felt. He moved his hand along the floor beneath him. Dirt? rocks? He was outside. He could hear the cold pounding rain falling all around him or was the pounding in his head? Above a distant rumble of thunder of a passing storm seemed to cue the rain to slow its heavy ascent from the black sky.

    He tried to roll over onto his back, but pain over powered him.

    Blaster wounds are always tricky. Obi-Wan thought trying to calm the pain.

    Blaster wound

    Memories flooded back to him. He was on a mission with his Master; they were to protect the prime minister on Calson. An assassination was attempted. They used an escape route on the roof of the meeting building they were in.

    He fell. It was not the initial fall that was bad. It was the abrupt ending to that fall that had taken its toll.

    Obi-Wan fought against the pain sneering his side and rolled over onto his back. Taking in the cool refreshing rain on his face he opened his eyes. Vision blurry he began to sit up, but his head swam.

    Closing his eyes to try and stop the vertigo just made the pain sharpen.

    A concussion the Padawan thought grimly. Just what I need.

    Peering around, trying to straighten the spinning alley way, a pang went through Obi-Wan.

    Where was his Master?

    Pushing away the wave of worry that was threatening to edge up his spine he looked up at the building he had fallen off of.

    Qui-Gon was not there.

    No one was.

    Slowly Obi-Wan stood up; a sharp gasp rewarded his movement. Swaying a bit the apprentice looked around the narrow alley way he was in.

    No one was out, or near by.

    At least that he could see, but the Force was warning him of something. Or someone.

    Looking down to the muddy ground he saw his lightsaber in a puddle a few yards away. Gradually moving toward it then picking it up pain splintered the boy reminding him the blaster wound was still there.

    Once again peering around Obi-Wan asked himself once more where his Master was. Reaching out into his bond he felt a trickle of relief as his Master responded to his call.

    Padawan, are you OK?

    I will be alright Master, but where are you?

    Before the answer could reach him a harsh voice called out behind Obi-Wan.

    ?Hey, Jedi. How does it feel to be betrayed??

    ?Excuse me?? Obi-Wan noticed his voice was raspy. Turning around he tried to look past the white dots that mared his vision down the alley at the voice.

    ?Oh don?t tell me you have not realized!? The voice taunted. ?I watched the whole thing. You fell. Your Master fled. Left you laying in the mud!?

    ?He wouldn?t do that!? Obi-Wan shouted anger boiling up inside him.

    How could anyone say that about Qui-Gon? His Master would never just abandon him!

    Or would he?

    Where was his master now?

    He had contacted him before. Reaching out into their bond Obi-Wan hit tight mental shields. Calling out with a wave in the Force he once again hit a wall.

    Was his Master blocking him?

    Master, where are you?

    No reply.

    Slowly the being in front of him stepped into the dim cast over of a streetlight. The Blood Carver, a hideous looking creature whose soul purpose was to kill, let out a chilling laugh before moving closer to the injured Padawan.

    Obi-Wan began to walk backwards keeping his eyes fixed on the approaching alien. His vision blurring with the pain that threatened to make him collapse on spot. The creature somehow looked familiar to the boy. But he could quite figure out why that was.

    The Padawan squeezed his lightsaber ready to ignite it when he remembered it wasn?t charged. The muddy puddle it fell in shorted it out.


    Turning back to the Blood Carver Obi-Wan met a crazed gaze.

    ?What do you want with me?? He asked in the most-calm voice he could.

    ?You of course.? The Carver said with another laugh. ?Your defenseless, injured and all alone. What more could I ask for??

    Fear shot through Obi-Wan?s b
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    HERE WE GO!!!!!

    SIRI: Oh you have no idea... :D
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    I gather I should be scared...

    Considering your reply on WTB I should run... :p
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    Something like that... [face_devil]
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    Sabercrazy: Yep.. offically scared and ready to sprint at n e moment.

    I need ta explain something about this chap for the new readers... if any. These What Came To Pass chapters are flashbacks, but a note for futher posts of them. They all evolve around our insane evil dude. Not mentioning any names cause that would give it all away... [face_devil]

    Till Later~
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    What Came to Pass: Part I

    Drice shook his head in dismay. ?I do not see who would want to do such a thing as this. Sure I know people hate me. All politicians have enemies, but this was just so random.?

    ?Maybe the assailant was trying to be random. So you would not have called on tighter security.? Obi-Wan suggested. ?Probably tried to get the element of surprise on his side.?

    ?Perhaps, and his plan worked too. Although I felt horrible asking your Council to send another team out here I felt it necessary. Not in a selfish way of course. If I am in trouble the people here are as well. You already sent two other teams together to look into the sabotages going on in our ports lately.? The minister looked out the window. ?Come to think of it I have not heard from them.?

    Qui-Gon followed Drice?s gaze out the window and listened intently as he went over the order in which everything happened during the attack that took place earlier that week.

    But the Master kept his senses alert. There was a tremor in the Force telling him everything was not as it should be. Something was misplaced and the misplacement was not a good thing.

    Padawan be mindful of the disturbance. I feel we should not let out guard down. Seeing that Obi-Wan was distracted by something else the Master sent a small warning. Padawan.

    Yes Master, Came the dutiful reply.

    A soft knock was heard on the door and Drice broke off in mid sentence.

    ?Who is it?? The security officer asked.

    ?Blake.? Came a muffled reply. ?I have urgent news for the Minister about the other two Jedi teams. They just reported in.?

    The guard opened the door just wide enough for a young man with light brown hair to slide into the room. He rushed over to Drice and handed him a piece of durasheet. He stepped back as the Minister read it and fidgeted in place waiting for a reply.

    Drice shook his head and let out an annoyed moan. ?This is not what we need right now!? He nearly yelled. Taking a deep breath he went on a little calmer. ?Tell the Masters I?ll be there shortly to help them with their search and that I am terribly sorry for all of this.? He shoved the sheet back at the boy and waved him out of the room.

    Qui-Gon leaned forward in his seat. ?May I ask what has happened??

    ?I cannot believe this. The two Jedi teams investigating the sabotages were just attacked. The Masters have reported that their apprentices were kidnapped!?

    Obi-Wan?s mouth dropped a bit. ?Who was investigating the-?

    The boy was cut off as blaster fire shattered the window?s glass and began to pang all around them.

    Instinctively Qui-Gon reached for his lightsaber and the hum of the green blade could be heard deflecting the rapid fire shooting into the small room.

    Out of the corner of his eye Qui-Gon saw a stray bullet sneer the Ministers leg. Drice fell to the floor with a cry. Rushing to the man?s side Qui-Gon helped him up and they made their way to the door.

    Padawan keep the blaster fire away from Drice!

    With a nod from the apprentice Obi-Wan walked backwards down the hall behind Qui-Gon and Drice deflecting fire from a probe droid following them through the maze off hallways. Making their way up a stair case to a ship on the roof the three made a sprint to the ship.

    Qui-Gon saw Obi-Wan stop and face the droid lightsaber ready, in fighting stance. The boy moved in a graceful dance deflecting the rain of fire coming from the probe droid in front of him. Backing slowly towards the ship the Padawan did not miss a step nor a blaster bolt passed his saber.

    The Master saw the movement a split second to late from the ship?s ramp. A creature sitting in the shadows on the ledge of the roof, waiting intently for the right second to strike. The figure held up its blaster and aimed at the concentrated Padawan.


    He was too late. The youth staggered backwards clutching his side. He stilled himself, but wavered before passing out and falling over the edge of the roof to the ground below?
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    Siri_Z - Nice post! I like the flashback concept. Is this posted on FF.n? Eitherway, waiting to see more. Especially the torture. [face_devil]
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    ::starters pistol sounds::

    "And they're off! SIRI_Z has a good lead but SABERCRAZY is quickly closing the gap..."


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    Ya know, some stories are like pringles. They're addictive. So, go ahead and post already. I need a fix!!! :D

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    Arldetta: Thanx! Yes, it is posted on FF.N but only a few chapters. The system there got kinda annoying for obviouse reasons so it's gunna be awhile till I post there again.

    Sabercrazy: ::spints faster tearing from view::

    Can't catch me! :p

    Lady_Panaka: Wow I feel so luved. My story is like a potato chip! yay! lol mind u, ur very rite about pringles... luv em! ;)
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    A wave of exhaustion, sickness, and pain swept over Obi-Wan as he opened his eyes. His ribs burned where he had been stabbed with the electro jabber. His ankle now numb and his blaster wound kept him from moving. Even the slightest bit of movement sent his body into a pool of pain.

    Laying down on his stomach Obi-Wan took in as much of his surroundings as he could. Sweeping his eyes around through blurred vision he could see he was in an all white marble room. A table in the corner, a chair, and numerous shelves with various items on them. It looked like a lab of some sort. At least from what he could see.

    Vision clearing a bit the Padawan noticed he was in some kind of clear cell. Energy shields as walls?

    There goes any hopes of escape.

    Obi-Wan sighed inwardly giveing himself a mental kick. That is if I ever get up.

    Obi-Wan closed his eyes and reached out to the Force? drawing only darkness.

    Fear shot through the boy. Where was the Force? From what he could tell he didn?t have a Force dampening collar on. Had his attacker injected something into him?

    Either way is was not there.

    His living Force was gone, like the water taken from a fish. He was left nearly gasping for what he lived for. Left to dry out without it. Left to find a way back to it?s serenity. Its peace and its light.

    Obi-Wan?s eyes darted to what appeared to be a doorway beyond the energy shields as a creek echoed through the room. A figure came into blurred view. A familiar figure.

    The blood carver.

    Now being able to see the alien in better light Obi-Wan noted the carver still looked familiar. He knew him from somewhere. The carver wore a black leather tunic, much like a Jedi?s. Along with a leather vest on top. On his hands he had black gloves and his boots where big and obviously steel toed. Around his neck hung a dirty gold chain with some sort of bracelet hanging from it.

    He gave the boy the same twisted smile from the alley, but this time he added a laugh that made a chill race up Obi-Wan?s spine.

    ?Believe me now Jedi?? He snickered. ?Where is your Master??

    ?Qui-Gon would never betray me!? Obi-Wan nearly yelled his anger once again boiling up inside. Letting that anger out in a breath out into the stale air the Padawan tried to change the subject. ?Where is this place anyway??

    ?Nice try. Clever aren?t we?? The Caver asked picking up the trick. ?If he would not betray you then why can?t you feel him? You have not been able to since the alley, and I did not do anything to you there, now did I?? He stopped and took in the shock on Obi-Wan?s face before continuing. ?And this,? he waved his arms around taking in the room. ?This is my own little hide out.?

    ?Looks expensive to be a ?hide out?.? Obi-Wan noted at the crystal white floors, walls, and ceilings. He tried to keep his mind off the reality that was just punched in his face? the Carver was right.

    Qui-Gon had left him

    Get a grip! You stupid Padawan! Obi-Wan yelled at himself. You are going crazy Kenobi. Stop talking to yourself.

    With the thought he betrayed his own Master. If he gave into that simple line, all the trust he and his Master had built up over these years would trickle away. Each word like a drop of trust falling down to darkness. Once a drop has fallen it cannot be regained. Once all gone, it cannot be rebuilt.

    ?Expensive you say?? The alien walked around the room admiring it. ?I would not say that. Just well built for what I have in store for you.?

    Obi-Wan?s eyes widened.

    ?Marble,? the carver went on. He rubbed his hand over the smooth surface of a wall. ?Don?t you love it? It echoes screams inside so well. And yet it muffles them from the outside world even better. One can scream as loud as they want and yet and person passing by may never hear it. Not that anyone would be out where we are anyway.?

    ?Screams?? Obi-Wan faded out as the carver?s intent hit him. ?Screams?? He repeated.

    The alien laughed, chilling the room. ?That is wh
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    Oooh this sounds really really good!
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    I kno...I kno...I've been neglecting my posting job here... but today I have a legit excuse. I was out. Let's just say I luv Borders and u r gonna be a VERY happy girl come Sunday. :D That is...unless u've been holding out on me... :p
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    Very good, this is.
    I likes. :)
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    OOOOOOH that guy is evil. Her mouth does though, doesn't it? <<Showdow: I have a bone to pick with you...>> Can I kill him? :D


    ::hops on a speeder::

    ::grins evily at retreating form of SIRI::

    Put your money where your mouth is, hot stuff? ;) :D
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