The Book of Paths: The Chosen Path (AU/Tagged) Complete

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  1. TheFallen Jedi Padawan

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    Nov 27, 2001
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    You just quite literally ripped my rug out from under me. You just created an end of an era! :_|

    My legs are still tingling from the sudden belly-drop sensation.

  2. Nicky Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    :_| OBI! :_| Well, at least he could see to Bali's training until his knighthood... and he died in peace, if alone... :_| Is Bali now ever going to know that Obi in fact was his father, not only in spirit and emotion but also in blood?

    Wonderful chapter - but you really should provide your readers with lots and lots of tissues! ;)

    BTW, are you going to do the AU from The Book of Paths where Bali died at the end part 2? And what about an AU in which Obi died but Bali lived back then?

  3. Sugar_Bear Jedi Master

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    Dec 14, 2001
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    A superb penultimate post, RRK! Beautifully poetic.

    It was apropos that Obi-Wan's passing happened when he was peacefully content at the flourishing of Bali and the rebuilt Jedi Order. Tragic for him to die when only middle-aged, but Obi lived a hard self-sacrificing lifetime plagued with physical and emotional pain. His legacy lives on in the luminous spirit of Knight Tiro.
  4. Flashbacca Jedi Padawan

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    Jun 11, 2002
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    *shocked speechless*

    That was beautifully done red. A wonderfull legacy. In the end I think it really did not matter that Obi and Bali were related by blood. The were instead bound by mutual love and respect, which grew up without the fetters of any blood ties.

    *proceeds to cry like a baby Wookiee*

  5. ROGUE_49 Jedi Padawan

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    Apr 14, 2002
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    It came with the sense that the Force had gained what he had lost.

    Darn- I'd hoped he'd died in those "other attacks" on Jedi in the field. Oh well- as least he's miserable now.

    And that ending was just phenomenal. The end of a dream. The end of a story.

    Hope to see your new stuff popping up on the boards soon RED.


  6. PaddyJuan Jedi Master

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    Nov 15, 2002
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    That was absolutely perfect. I loved the ending. very fitting.

  7. Lurkalidth Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 5, 2003
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    Wow. That was so poignantly (yet subtly) written. ::sob:: So much for a final reconciliation.

  8. Jovieve Jedi Padawan

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    May 19, 2002
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    :_| :_| :_|

    Very very sweet that Obi-Wan died with good dreams, very sad he died relatively young.

    :_| :_|

    This is really killing me as well, Red. He has such a sad and tragic life. I'm SO glad he had some measure of happiness with Bali, some wonderful times with Bant. I'm even glad he was able to find some peace with Qui-Gon.

    Can't take this...he deserved SO much better.
  9. Psycho-Freak Jedi Padawan

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    Jun 30, 2002
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    :_| You did it. You killed him! :_| But it was perfect the way he passed on. He got to see his apprentice knighted and he died at peace.

    You killed the little green troll too! :(

    It's good to see that Bant is back to her old self.
  10. Padawan_Travina Jedi Padawan

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    Aug 5, 2002
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    That was a wonderful chapter Red...

    It brought me to tears.....great job...and I know this means we have like one more post to go which i know is going to bring me to tears once again...

    But I look forward to reading it...

  11. Sheila Jedi Master

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    Oct 6, 2002
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    I almost don't know what to say. ?[face_plain]

    That was one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read and even though I am quite dismayed that Obi-Wan died, he had lived a life full of suffering and in the end, he died peacefully with wonderful images of those he loved dancing in his mind. A fitting end for such a noble spirit.

    ** runs off thread once again sobbing uncontrollably **
  12. PadawanKitara Jedi Master

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    Dec 31, 2001
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    I have tears rolling down my face as I try to type this. That was so beautifully written- I honestly don;t know what else to say other than it has been an honor to read this from begining to end.
  13. Just_Jill Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Very well done.

    Not much else to say, I just saw an excellent movie and my eyes are raw - can't cry anymore.

    Just Jill
  14. fanofewans Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 14, 2001
    ::whimpers::: you did it ! :~ (

    Knew it was going to happen but still was not prepared :(

    Poor Bali loosing his master, and yes i actually feel bad for Qui...losing both of his ex padawans and not being able to bridge the gap with Obi before the end.

    Beautiful story Red..took me this long to get the darn boards to cough up my password again.

    I look forward to the next section of this wordfully weaved story :)
  15. naw ibo Jedi Grand Master

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    Mar 18, 1999
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    You've really done it this time RRK, I'm sniffling like a two year old right now.

    That was simply the most beautiful post I've ever read. If Obi-Wan had to go before he had gained old age, I'm so glad he went like this, immersed in thoughts of those closest to him, his padawan now a young knight of the highest quality, and at peace with himself. Such a fitting end for such a truly noble spirit.

    I can't believe Qui-Gon never came back but I guess it is fitting for him as well.

    I can only imagine what the next post will be, the last post in this magnificent epic, but I'm sure it will be most fitting.
  16. Phoenix_Reborn Jedi Master

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    Feb 23, 2003
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    Honestly, I wish I had bought stock in Kleenex today...

    WOW...just WOW!!!

    It was a beautiful post...and Obi's at peace...prehaps thats all that truely matters...

    *joins the masses running off the thread crying*
  17. ObiLegolas Jedi Youngling

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    May 15, 2002
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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obi's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp* :_|

    I loved the description and details you gave of Obi's final years and moments. Very touching. I also loved how Qui-gon could tell that Obi had died. Great job, Red! I can't wait for the last book! Although I was kind of hoping that this story would never end! [face_hopeful] :D 8-}
  18. ca_tron Jedi Youngling

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    Dec 6, 2002
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    *swims to floaty while crying*
    Thanks red. But did you have to kill Obi? At least he lived long enough to see Bali's kighthood eventhough he didn't reconcil things with Qui. :_|
    *floats off looking around for new thread to cling to*
    Help red!
  19. jedi7 Jedi Padawan

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    Jan 8, 2002
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    Oh my... continues to cry... rest in peace Obi-wan. 7
  20. LuvEwan Jedi Master

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    Mar 24, 2002
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    **crys for hours, then goes to yell at red for killing obi, only to find her voice is gone**

    It would be a relief for Obi-Wan to be lifted from his pain and constant weariness, if only he could have reconciled with Qui-Gon. But his true joy was Bali, as you have written, and Obi-Wan knew his apprentice was content.

    But.... :_|

    It's not fair! He didn't deserve such a short life!!!

    (I wonder if the crying face has hit a record number after this post. :confused: )

    There should be so much more to say. I mean, this is such a huge epic...I...

    **runs off to read first two fics in series, refusing to believe her sweet Obi is gone**

    Terrific, red.
  21. Kelly Kenobi Jedi Padawan

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    Mar 23, 2000
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    In a word Red BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    That Obi?s last moments were filled with such peace was wonderful to read, the man has had his share of pain and deserved to find peace. It makes up for the fact that he was alone. It even seemed appropriate that Qui-Gon was aware of Obi-Wan?s passing. I was wondering if we were going to see what fate had dealt the buckethead since the siege on the temple. I should have known he was off brooding somewhere, or at least that I what I imagine he was up to. I was thrilled to see that Obi-Wan was there to see his beloved Padawan Knighted, I was really worried that he wouldn?t be there. I am sure that Bali will do Obi-Wan proud, he is an extraordinary character. I was really shocked to see that Yoda died, I wasn?t prepared for that one :_| you always seem to catch me off my guard :D

    Only one post to go :_| I first discovered this story in September of 2001 and have been a devoted fan ever since. I have read books I and II each several times and plan on reading the entire trilogy again as soon as the last post is done. This is the only way I know of to ward off the awful withdrawal I am sure to suffer the moment this epic is over. I look forward to reading your next project. I really hope that you are still planing to post the AU?s of this story, you know the one?s were Bali or Obi dies.

    If they gave a Pulitzer Prize for FanFiction Red you would have my vote!!!! Your skill is awe-inspiring and I find myself very fortunate to have been able to enjoy your gift!!!!

    Thank you for the wonderful ride, it?s been one of the best I have been on!!!!!
  22. Katya Jade Administrator Emeritus

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    Jan 19, 2002
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    It's over?! :eek: [face_plain] :( :_|

    As always red, your story took me to another place and kept me there. Kept me wanting to know more about these characters that I thought I knew so well.

    Brava, my dear. I look forward to the next kernals of brillance that will eminate from your wonderful brain! :)
  23. windengo Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 21, 2002
    Wow! Anytime I need a good cry I'll just have to read this post again. The first part about the temple and Obi-Wan's life of the past 7 years was beautiful and a little wistful towards the end. But the part about Qui-Gon really caught me and was absolutely heart-rending!

    Count my vote in for any award to Red!
  24. JadeSolo Manager Emeritus

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    Sep 20, 2002
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    Speechless I am. Especially that very last line. Oh Red, don't do this to us! Can't you just make the story go on for ever and ever? Or at least do more snapshots--I loved those!
  25. CYNICAL21 Jedi Padawan

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    Jul 8, 2001
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    "There is no death; there is the Force."

    I'm speechless, Red- and kneeling in homage to the Master Story Teller.

    Roses, champagne, and Godiva chocolates to you. It was perfect.

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