The Buried Truth (Pre JA Please Read)

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    This is a story I will be starting soon.

    Title: The Buried Truth
    Author: SiriGallia
    Time frame: Around 20 years before the first Jedi Apprentice
    Disclaimer: All recognizable charectors are either Jude Watson's, Scholastic's or GL. All the others are mine.
    Spoilers: Minor ones for JA, but they are more implied than actually stated.
    Summery: Apprentice, Eina Illis, goes on her first mission, with her worst enemy, to a corrupt planet that is hiding the truth.

    I promise to start very soon!

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    THANKS! Here's the first post!
    Chapter 1

    Eina Ilis held it close to her. It was so precious to her, and she knew she would keep it forever. She opened her hand and gazed down at the crystal. It was clear and cut into a point with wire twisted around it, a small cord running through the top of the wire. The crystal was of extreme beauty, and extreme value even to the average person. It was a Thesley Crystal. Thesley Crystals were very useful on the planet Thesle because they could illuminate the buildings, shops, and the mines were they were dug. Hers was very special though, it was a clear Thesley Crystal. Clear Thesley Crystals were different from the normal blue crystals, the clear ones could illuminate an entire dark room all on its own. But it was special to Eina for a different reason. She was thirteen today, she was thirteen and she was Kiana's apprentice. She had always wished to be an apprentice like every other girl and boy in the Jedi Temple, but she never knew how much she would want it until she came within a week of not having a Master that she realized how much she wanted one. Kiana was talking about their first mission with Yoda now.

    Eina continued walking down the hall until suddenly she heard a yell and other strange sounds coming from up ahead, it sounded like a fight. She turned towards the Room of a Thousand Fountains. She had a good idea who one of the participants of the fight was. She ran quickly, her feet hardly making a sound on the marble floor. She was a small girl which had served her well in combat. She had often been commended for her unintentional assistance in teaching students who fought her to be alert. No one could tell where Eina was in a blindfold test. They were compelled to reach out with the Force and their own technique. The students who had fought Eina were now some of the sharpest students in the Temple.

    She reached the Room of a Thousand Fountains and walked through the side door. The scene before her was much as she had expected. A group of students were swimming and talking oblivious to the fight. By one fountain there were two boys roughly the same size one was taller. The taller, Miro Daroon, was a student that hadn't become an apprentice and instead worked at the Temple. He had the other boy on the ground, and Eina already knew who it was.


    Xanatos had been the worst bully Eina could think of, but the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn had taken him as an apprentice. Xanatos often started fights, especially with one of her friends, Dixon, and he always seemed to pick on anyone who had something he could taunt or tease them about. When caught Xanatos always had some excuse "I didn't start it." "He wouldn't listen." "I simply tried to ask him something." . Dixon would always try and explain, but there was something compelling about whatever Xanatos said that would get him out of trouble. She knew he would do it again now.

    "Take it back!" Miro shouted. Miro wore a visor because of the planet he came from was underground, he was so used to the dark he had to block the sun from his eyes. He looked as if he might hurt Xanatos and Eina didn't want them hurting each other.

    "Never! It's true!" Xanatos called out. "You were no good! That's why you don't have a Master."

    " Take it back!" Miro shouted again. Reeling his arm back to hit Xanatos.

    "Stop!" Eina called running forward.
    "Xanatos, Miro is good at what he does, he is an apprenticed Technician!"

    "I do just as good as he does, and I have a master and do Missions too, stay out of this Eina!" With a shove, Xanatos pushed Miro off him. Getting to his feet he threw a blow at Miro... and then suddenly, without reason, Xanatos put his arms up defensively. Eina had a good idea why.

    "What's going on here?" The tall form of Qui-Gon Jinn appeared, his penetrating gaze shot over the two boys, Kiana was close behind. Miro did not hesitate.

    "Master Jinn, Xanatos said that I didn't have a Master because I can't do anything." Xanatos turned his dark eye
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    *sigh* Oh well, the show must go on! ;) I hope it will get more interesting for you all.
    Chapter 2

    The transport was nothing like the few cloud cars Eina had flown. She hadn't shown much talent at being a pilot in the simulator, but she still couldn't believe anyone could fly something this big. They boarded the transport and the pilot, who had offered to give them a ride to the planet Fayra Major, took off immediately. Eina felt a little frightened. "That is normal," Kiana whispered in her ear.
    "What?" Eina asked turning.
    "To be a little frightened. It is different from anything you or any other apprentice has experienced. Don't worry though, after several years little will surprise you." She smiled. How did Kiana know what she feeling? Jedi were able to read general feelings, but Eina realized that Kiana was much more perceptive than most.

    Kiana encouraged Eina to walk around on the ship. This Eina did, and found many interesting things to examine. Once, as she passed a lounge, she heard Qui-Gon's firm voice. "Xanatos, this is her first mission and Eina will need someone who knows what to do. You have been on a mission once before, you will need to help her with the things she doesn't understand."

    "Yes Master Qui-Gon." Xanatos replied. He didn't sound very happy about what Qui-Gon had instructed him to do.

    A little later Qui-Gon and Kiana called their apprentices to the lounge.

    "It's time we outlined the mission for you both." Kiana said. Qui-Gon began to explain.

    "There are two planets, Fayra Major and Fayra
    Minor. One, Fayra Minor, is a mining planet. It has veins of a great substance known as Lithiun." Xanatos threw Eina a glance. They had both heard of Lithiun. It was an extremely expensive mineral. "The Lithiun mines are what keeps Fayra Major prosperous. They are concerned about difficulties with peaceful trading transactions." At that moment Qui-Gon gave a very unreadable look. Eina thought it was almost as if he thought the mission trivial. She would have to agree. It didn't seem like a job large enough for two Jedi teams. Yoda must have some different reason for sending them all. "We must simply look over the problem." Qui-Gon concluded.

    Kiana was sitting erect with her hands in her lap. She was looking at Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon glanced at her, then turned to Eina and Xanatos suddenly. "You two need to go to the other lounge for a few minutes." Eina understood what he meant. The Masters had to talk over the mission. She didn't really want to leave, but she knew it was most likely something they would discover later.

    Down the hall she found the second lounge; it was smaller but she didn't mind. She wished she could talk with Kiana, but she was always talking to Qui-Gon. She stared out the viewport. Starlines was all there was to see. Soon though there would be a planet, a planet that wasn't Coruscant. That, in itself, was hard to believe. Suddenly she felt something slide around her waist and then heard the sound of her pouch sliding open as
    something-- she gasped and turned. "Xanatos!"
    He jumped back, and she saw it.. "Xanatos! You had better give me my crystal back!"

    "Come get it." Xanatos taunted her.

    Her dark eyes were angry. She knew she would have to get the better of him, but he was so much taller than she was... Stepping quickly forward she jumped for it, but Xanatos jerked it from her reach. "What a child you are." Xanatos said in mock disappointment.

    "Xanatos it's not yours! Give it back!"

    "You really want it?" He asked. "Then you can get it."

    "Xanatos!" She screamed. She knew her voice was carrying far. She didn't notice how far until she heard Qui-Gon's voice.

    "What's wrong here?" He walked up to the two apprentices. Kiana put her hand on Eina's shoulder. For the moment Eina had forgotten her shyness.

    "He took my crystal." She turned to Kiana. Kianas eyes were so dark that they had the ability to convey everything without words. She looked to Qui-Gon now. Qui-Gon looked at Xanatos.

    "Padawan, did
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    I'll post tomarrow...
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    Great so far! Looking forward to more.
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    What a little snake!! :mad: What did Qui-Gon ever see in him??
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    A very interesting concept for a story. There are a few Xani apprentice stories out there, but they deal more within an AU universe where he is actually a nice guy. It's a new subject to see him as an apprentice, but knowing what he becomes, kinda of like Anakin in TPM, you just want to yell at your computer (or TV depending on what you're reading or watching) and try to make the characters see the evilness...

    <sigh> If only that would work.

    Anyways, I look forward to more with interest!
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    p_stotts Thanks! I'm glad you're liking it!
    KSkywalker I know!! You really want to know that, the unfortunate thing is that Xani is a snake, so he's sneaky and get's away with it!
    JediSusie Thanks! I'm glad it's a little more unoriginal than I thought! I know what you mean too, I'm always sitting there watching TPM and say. "Come on Qui-Gon take a hint!!" ;)

    Well here is another...
    Kiana deep eyes sparkled with a strange perception. Eina was such a pretty girl, and she had such potential. Her skills were amazing, and her sensitivity to the Force was absolute, but that wasn't all there was to Eina; she had a loving heart that Kiana rarely saw in the other eager students at the Temple. Eina was different; she always tried to be understanding with everyone. She was one of Dixon Coev's only friends. She looked at Xanatos. The boy's bright features were almost dulled by the person he was. He had much potential as well, she had seen him fight many times. He was an exceptional fighter, and was quick and clever, but his feelings toward everyone but Qui-Gon seemed disagreeable. He was different; she never knew what to think of him. Today's happenings had been confusing, she wanted to believe Eina and Miro, but it was hard with Xanatos convincing explanations. Also Qui-Gon believed him totally and sided with him without fail. It was a very confusing situation. There was Qui-Gon himself too. He was a Jedi Knight to the bone and now he was a Master, but she wondered how he would do. She looked at Xanatos again and sighed. "Oh, Qui-Gon, you deserve better than this."

    "I'm sorry, Kiana." Qui-Gon spoke up from behind her. "Did you say something to me?" Kiana turned and looked at Qui-Gon a little startled, she hadn't expected to see him there.

    "Nothing Qui-Gon, just reminiscing out loud."

    He nodded, "I see."

    She looked at him closely, he looked almost as if he were tired, but Kiana had always thought that Qui-Gon could never get tired. She hadn't known him well at the temple, when he was a twelfth year she had still been a eighth year, but her friends had always said that Qui-Gon Jinn was indefatigable. She smiled, how different her opinion of him was now.

    "Cooperation is the cornerstone of a Padawan, and Padawan's relationships." She quoted softly.

    Qui-Gon sighed, "We certainly don't seem to have cooperation between these two."

    "No." Kiana said the word pointedly, but Qui-Gon missed it.

    "I am amazed at a Xanatos quick learning." Qui-Gon said suddenly, it sounded like a change of subject to Kiana. "He is so eager to learn. He is an excellent fighter as well." Qui-Gon's eyes seemed fixed on Xanatos alone. Kiana noticed the look of uncertainty in his eyes. Was Qui-Gon trying to convince himself of something?

    "And look at Eina." Kiana said, breaking into his thoughts, "She is a great fighter as well, and so honest, but she is small too; it is easy for others to prey on her I'm afraid, but I believe as she grows she will leave the shyness behind." Her deep brown eyes looked to Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon had caught her point and she saw his expression turn defensive.

    "Eina is learning like Xanatos. Xanatos doesn't lie Kiana." He turned and walked over to the veiwport at the opposite end of the lounge. Kiana let out a sigh.

    "She is learning, Qui-Gon." She whispered, "but not like Xanatos."

    "We are preparing to land on the planet Fayra Major. Please keep your seats until we land, and have a pleasant stay.

    "Eina," Kiana called. Eina came over and Kiana noticed that she was holding the crystal.

    "Xanatos," Qui-Gon summoned his Padawan, the boy made sure that his stride was surer and lighter than Eina's had been, and he said in a soft manner.

    "Yes Master?"

    "We are preparing to land." Qui-Gon said distractedly, he leaned forward and whispered something so quiet that Kiana couldn't hear. Xanatos smothered a sour expression.

    "We have landed on the planet Fayra Major." The speaker chimed out.

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    I agree with KS, Xani is a snake!
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    Jodiwent Isn't he? Oh, don't worry, he get's worse! ;)
    Chapter 3

    Eina walked along the left hand wall, running her hand lightly along it and allowing her fingers to drift slowly over the stones. She liked the feeling, the hard stones felt soft and cool under her touch. Xanatos walked along the opposite wall, his eyes straight ahead, his attention deterred by nothing. Wist walked down the middle, silently grumbling about having to watch after them. They reached the door, Xanatos hit the release and they walked out onto the grand stairway down to the streets. "Would you like to si'see the market, the musi'sium, the library--" Wist droned.

    "We want to see the parade." Xanatos broke in. Eina glanced questioningly at him and he gave her an impatient look. Then she caught it. Wist glared at them, the parade was obviously not his first choice. Eina put in a pleading note.

    "Please, I've never seen a parade."

    "Fine, fine." Wist grumbled. They started down the street. Xanatos was obviously not going to transfer any sort of plan to Eina, so she knew she would just have to follow his lead. She didn't like the thought of doing that, but she knew if she was ever to evade Wist she would have to follow someone more experienced. Suddenly the sounds of the parade washed over them, and just up ahead people were lining the street. Wist went to the side, and they followed, but stayed close to the end of the walkway. There were colors and sounds and lights everywhere, and beasts carried proud looking people around the square. Then a train of speeders with driver at the front started to pass. Without warning Xanatos leapt forward, landing in the speeder second in line behind the one that carried the driver. Though she had been given little warning, Eina managed to jump too.

    "Come back!" they heard Wist yell. Xanatos jumped easily to the next speeder and Eina tried, but she didn't know that the speeders would offer no traction and she nearly slid off the end.

    "Xanatos!" she called indignantly clinging to the back of the speeder. He turned and rolled his eyes. Then reached down, grabbed her arm, and yanked her up so hard she nearly stumbled off again. She decided she wouldn't be so clumsy next time. She wasn't either. As Xanatos jumped from speeder to speeder, she followed close behind.

    "Come back, you awful children!" Wists voice faded behind them. Suddenly, when they were on the second to last speeder, Xanatos leapt off, yanking Eina with him.

    "Come on." He hissed. They ran down an alleyway and didn't stop running until the sounds of the parade disappeared. They slowed to a casual walk and continued their way through streets that were mostly vacant, the majority of the people having gone to watch the parade. "You're pathetic!" Xanatos exploded in disgust. "You were only half ready to jump, you almost slipped off the speeder, and I had to pull you down so we could get to that alleyway before it was too far away!"
    She glared at him. "Well it would help if you would share the plan with me!" She snapped.

    "I don't have to do anything for you!" He shot back.

    "Then why did you keep me from falling off the speeder?" She demanded.

    "Because Master Qui-Gon told me to watch you." He looked as though he had just said Qui-Gon had told him to pull a cart of rotted fruit.
    Eina continued to glared at him. "Well I'm not pathetic." She said in a quieter tone. "But this is my first mission, and you have done your best to ruin it."

    "It's my mission too." Xanatos argued. They had reached the middle of the market place.
    "I wish we could split up. Why did Kiana tell us we had to stay together?" He said half to himself, but Eina heard him.

    "Because she knew you would get me lost and then leave me there." She replied. Xanatos gave her a look that showed he thought that wouldn't be such a bad idea. "Were do we go first?" She asked as a change of subject; she didn't really feel she should always be fighting with Xanatos and if they were to ever get anything done they w
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    No, no! It's good! Keep posting. You're building the suspense nicely!
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    Not Good? Tisk tisk...have a little more faith will you! Your story is being set up quiet interstingly and, hey, you have my interest so you better keep posting!
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    AHHH! I have a sneaking suspision one of the appretices will get in trouble for this! And I doubt it will be Xanatos! :eek:
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    p_stotts Thanks, I'm glad you're liking it! ;)
    Jedi Susie I don't have a lot of confidence in my abilities, but I'm glad you are enjoying it! It really gives me more confidence in my abilities! :)
    Knight Maria Oh I wish he would! ;)

    Here is another post...
    It was a long and tiresome journey. The girl, who said her name was Wolra, said she was scared and comforting her gave Eina something to take her mind of the problem they were in. Xanatos was angry. Their lightsabers had been taken, his hands were bound in front of him and his tone was sharp.

    "Serious crime." He murmured angrily. "How serious is dropping a data pad or nearly hitting someone with a speeder?" For once Eina shared his feelings.

    "Where are they taking us?" Wolra whimpered.

    "To the mines of Fayra Minor." Teereev said softly. "Storms, I wish I could get my hands on those guards up there."

    "Son," His father chided. "You must not be so violent in front of your sisters."

    "I'm so scared." The other girl, Jioy said.

    "Don't be scared dear." Pleisa said taking the girl in her arms with the baby.

    "I feel numb." Teeveer said simply.

    "It'll wear off." His father assured him. Eina noticed the only one who hadn't said a thing was Ovik. He had been silent and was staring out at the sky. She moved over to him.

    "Don't blame yourself." She said softly. "No one could prevent them from doing what they wish no matter how outrageous." Still he said nothing. "I can't believe how horrible the laws are here, why do they do it?" She said this half to herself, but still she heard a reply.

    "Money." Ovik was looking at her now. "Money is everything to them, their life, their legacy, their past, their future."

    "What life is that?" She asked.

    "One that means pleasure, and comfort." He paused his green eyes flashed a strange light. "Until now."

    "What do you mean?" Eina was confused.

    "Soon they will all be set free, by the rebels." Eina wanted to ask about the rebels, but Ovik returned his gaze to the sky and she changed her mind. She looked thoughtfully at Xanatos and suddenly, she was forced to see him in a different light. He was her companion now, until they could get back to Qui-Gon and Kiana, and she knew they would have to depend on each other to survive and to complete this mission. She didn't have to like it, but it was the truth and she knew she was going to have to get use to it. She leaned back against the seat staring out at the sky.

    "Get out!" The leader of the security guard was standing over them. They were pushed prodded, and half carried on the part of Teeveer. Before them was a transport. They were pulled up the ramp and thrown into a closed in chamber with many others. Xanatos was let out of his bonds and thrown on the floor with the rest, but he sprang to his feet instantly his blue eyes flashing.

    "They aren't being fair." He said under his breath. "We weren't even friends of this family."

    "Sit down Xanatos." Eina said. "It doesn't do anyone any good to hear you grumble." But Xanatos didn't sit down, and soon the ship began to move under them. They were going to Fayra Minor; how in the galaxy would their Masters find them now?

    Chapter 4

    Kiana and Qui-Gon were seated before Governor Iquise. Kiana had already decided to let Qui-Gon do the talking, but at first she wasn't sure if anyone but Iquise would do any talking. He started by elaborately thanking the Jedi and telling them how pleased he was to see them. "As I am sure my loyal advisor has informed you, our real dilemma is actually a little more difficult then the original plea for assistance. We no longer have much difficulty with peaceful transactions themselves, though we did at first, now our difficulties are peace with our penal colony, the smaller planet of Fayra Minor. I should inform you that we did not, by any means, wish to trick the Jedi into coming to our aid, but this is a serious problem and for political reasons it would be disastrous for anyone but the loyal Je
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    AHHH!! Cool! Poor Eina, being stuck with a complaining Xanatos! :eek: And Masters, go find your padawans!!! :D

    More please!!! :)
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    Knight Maria Thanx glad you are liking it!
    Sorry this post is kind of short...
    The remainder of the trip was tiring. Eina kept trying to sleep, but she had never been so terrified in her life. She tried to use her calming techniques that she had been taught a hundred times at the Temple, but she couldn't get past her emotions long enough. Pliesa was trying to calm the crying baby. Viessi was comforting the girls, and the boys were solemn and did not speak a word. Another man was holding his crying wife and daughter, and sitting across the room in a dark corner was the man who had dropped the data pad on the street. His arms were wrapped around his legs and his forehead was resting on his knees. Other men, woman, boys and girls were sitting around the small hold and there were no smiles that she could see. Xanatos was in a corner, staring straight across to the opposite wall and saying nothing.

    Suddenly she felt the ship lurch beneath her. A few minutes later several guards came back to where the prisoners were. "Come on." One said. Everyone followed them out. None dared to try and escape. They all came down the ramp, single file. Eina was the second off the ship after Xanatos. She was instantly struck with a strong feeling of despair. A gigantic mine stood before her. She had never seen anything but pictures of mines before and she had never thought she would see a real one. Even so, the sight itself wouldn't have frightened her, were it not that there were guards everywhere. They would strike with a force pike at anyone not doing his or her work fast enough to satisfy them and that was only those who were above ground. Einas group were soon all within a few feet of the mine itself. "Now!" A guard called above the noise of the mine. "Anyone who tries to escape will hit the electric barrier. The barrier is invisible, except for a bluish glow that you can just see from here, however, there are markers. If you try to pass the markers you will be electrocuted."

    "Stick close to us." Pliesa said kindly. "We have never worked in a mine either, but we do know how the work is done." Xanatos and Eina and the Teu family were all sent to core 3. Eina had always been a quick learner, and soon understood what she was supposed to do. Though the work was hard, she managed to avoid being hit with a force pike the whole first day. Xanatos did get hit once. He was a quick learner as well, but he had the disadvantage of appearing as a threat, being both tall and also strong. The guards were all quints and they didn't like any kind of threat. When he was hit again later in the afternoon, Teereev offered him a hand, but Xanatos wouldn't take it.

    "Storms I wish we could get out of here." Teereev grumbled. The only member of the Teu family that was not working was the baby. There were only two female quints, and their job was to handle and more or less raise the babies until they were old enough to work. That night all the girls were sent to one room, the boys sent to another. Eina went to her designated sleep mat and flopped down onto it. She was tired. She was so small that the labor had taken it's toll in a serious way. She tried to have courage but it was hard.

    "Oh Kiana." She whispered. "I need you. Xanatos and I are in trouble... please hurry." She tried to fall asleep but she couldn't. She continued thinking of what to do about their plight for nearly an hour, but finally sleep overtook her.
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    Boy didn't think it was that bad! Oh well, here's another one...
    A thumping awakened Kiana and she sat up. It was the sound of someone knocking hard on the door. She groaned, in the Temple being a heavy sleeper had always been a problem, but she couldn't help it. She came from a planet where days were short and nights were long and it had caused her to be instinctively sleepy when others weren't since she was four. Shaking the sleep from her eyes, Kiana stood up and walked to the door. Noting that it was pitch black outside, she opened it to find Qui-Gon standing in the hall. Kiana could see the worry in his eyes. "What is it?" She asked.

    "Our apprentices still aren't back. They have been gone for ten hours." Kiana turned, it was true Eina was no where in sight.

    "We have to find them." She said, starting for the main hall, but Qui-Gon touched her on the arm and she stopped. He gave her a hard look.

    "I think we should sneak out." She didn't have to ask why. They started down a smaller adjacent hall. As they walked Kiana turned to him with her inquisitive stare.

    "Qui-Gon, it could be that they had trouble with criminals."

    "No," Qui-Gon said gently. "I think something else is wrong here." There was silence for another moment. Then Kiana whispered.

    "What if we don't find them?"

    "Then we are heading for Fayra Minor, or anywhere else we have to until we do find them." he said firmly. And Kiana suddenly realized that the only other reason for the apprentice's absence was something neither of them wanted to face. Treading quietly, they found a back door that led out onto an alleyway.

    "Where do we start?" Kiana asked.

    "I would say that it would be wise to follow their footsteps; in which case we should head for the main street." They had a difficult time finding a main street, but they past a man heading for a tavern and Qui-Gon called to him softly. "Pardon me," the man turned to look at them. "We wanted to know where the parade was today."

    "Two blocks down." The man said pointing down the street. "On Fayro street." He looked at them. "Cleaners at this hour?" Qui-Gon simply smiled and he and Kiana started down the street. When they reached Fayro street they walked down it for a while. "I don't know where to go from here." Qui-Gon admitted. Kiana looked at the clutter along the street then turned.

    "Well," she said slowly. She walked down the street further, "they had to escape their guide before they could do anything else. So, they would have most likely gone straight to the parade, realizing it was the best crowd to disappear into. And since we know they were heading for the main door, and therefore came out the front. Then after losing him in the crowd--"

    "They would have go~e down an alleyway." Qui-Gon finished. "I didn't even think of that fact."

    "The first alleyway would have been this one." Kiana crossed over the street and walked down it a few yards.

    "Let's go." Qui-Gon said. They walked quickly down the ally, Kiana wasn't sure her idea was a good one, but it was something to go on. The ally ended in a small residential area.

    "What now?" Kiana asked slowly.

    "Now," Qui-Gon turned, "we look for a witness who may have seen our apprentices." No one would be awake at this hour Kiana knew, but if anyone was, they would be the only way of finding their apprentices. Kiana looked up and down the street, her dark eyes probing every corner.

    "There seems to be much unemployment." She said quietly. Qui-Gon nodded.

    "'Help wanted' signs are everywhere."

    "And so many places have gone out of business. Look, Viessi Communications Center just closed earlier today."

    "Curious." Qui-Gon said softly.

    "Yes." Kiana agreed. "I can't see why a communications specialist would go out of business, most planets can't even get a communications specialist." Qui-Gon nodded and Kiana glanced down another street, "I think there may be a certain amount of manipulating going on here." "We will put it to the Governor tomorrow and see what he
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    YYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This is fantastic, SiriGallia!! Even though I just found this, I absolutely LOVE IT!! Post more soon! *Arwen settles down into her seat with a bag of popcorn in one hand*
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    Great posts! :D I like seeing Xanatos as a Padawan. *Leans back in her chair happily*
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    Jedi_Arwen HI! It's great to see you! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it!
    Aralna Hi! Yeah it's fun writing a young Xanatos! (even if he is infurirating!)

    Here's another!
    Chapter 5

    Eina woke with a start. She tended to be wide awake in an instant, and as she sat bolt upright and looked around her, she knew exactly where she was. On a filthy cot in the female convicts living quarters. Everyone else was still asleep, but she decided that it would be wise to get ready now so that by the time the quints came, they would have nothing against her. She looked out the window...and did a double take. "Wonderful." She mumbled to herself. "Now you're going delusional." She looked third time just the same. It looked to her as if the misty blue shield was shivering, as if it was losing power. She stood on the edge of her cot. The window was high up, but she could still see out of it. The misty blue was going lighter and seemed shaky in places. She shook her head. "I wonder what that could be."

    "What?" She turned and realized that Teereev was standing behind her.

    "What are you doing in here?" She demanded ignoring his question.

    "My father said to come make sure my mother and sisters were alright, storms, you don't have to be so mistrusting!" He climbed up on the edge of her cot with her. "What are you looking at?"

    "That." She pointed to the shield.

    "Hmmm," Teereev studied it. "What do you mean?"

    "Look at the way it's wavering." Eina said turning to him.

    "Oh, you're right. Why is it doing that do you think?"

    "Well I--" Eina didn't finish her sentence
    and Teereev suddenly went white.

    "Storms!" He breathed. "Look at

    "Gone." Eina finished. She looked out in amazement, the misty blue dome that cover the mine had entirely disappeared. Suddenly there was a noise from further down in the males compound. Men were shouting.

    "The shields gone, it's gone!" They all began clambering towards the door. Chaos ensued.
    Soon all the men and boys were awake, which woke up all the girls and women. And before long almost everyone knew that the shield was gone, and were trying desperately to get out the door. The quints had all woken up by this time and were trying to figure out what the miners were so excited about. When they discovered the shield was gone, they all began to panic. Miners and quint guards ran everywhere. Pleisa and Viessi were trying to gather their children and Eina ended up colliding with Xanatos. She tried to say something to him, but he disappeared in the crowd. She then tried to stay with Viessi. They all ended up outside, with all the other miners. She saw Xanatos and called to him. He pushed his way through to her.

    "What is going on?" He demanded.

    "The shields gone." Eina explained.

    "I know that." Xanatos snapped. They were pushed and prodded along. Suddenly a new figure appeared next to them.

    "Come on, don't dilly-dally." He urged. "We need to get all the children." He was a gangly looking man with a silly grin on his face as if all this was turning out to be quite a funny joke. "You are one of Viessi Teu's children right?"

    "Actually--" Xanatos began, but was cut off.

    "Oh, pardon, pardon." The man apologized quickly. "I have a difficult time keeping you all straight, there are so many of you. Come on now; we're loosing your family." They surged forward and when they reached the Teus, they saw two gruff looking men with them. A small woman with bright blonde hair tied up in a loose knot came running up with Pliesa's baby held tightly in her arms.

    "Disor, we have them all." She said breathlessly.

    "Let's go." One of the men said. And they bolted with Teereev holding to one sister, Teeveer holding tight to the other, and Xanatos and Eina following along as they quickly escaped from the midst of confusion.
    When they were a good distance away Eina and Xanatos' rescuer, the gangly man, chuckled. "What did you think of that performance?" The woman's bright eyes shone, "I always sa
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