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San Diego, CA The Canadian Side of the Force (and what happened to Patrick anyway??)

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by PatGund, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. PatGund

    PatGund Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 7, 2004
    Hello everyone!

    I know the last time I posted here, I was stuck in Los Angeles having my brain eaten by a work contract.

    However, while you all were enjoying ComicCon, I was moving to Seattle to be with my fiance. (Yes, I'm engaged. :)

    I dragged up my TIE and Jedi garb too, which gave me a chance to troop across the border, as a guest of the Outer Rim Squad.

    The Pacific National Expo was having a "cartoon" theme. And for that day, the 501st (and Rebel Legion) were the Grand Marshals for the parade. PNE gave us free passes, food, and a changing area.


    (That's me on the left, the TI holding up the Imperial side of the banner)

    All the people save me came in from Victoria. It was VERY fun.

    The parade was a blast! The small kids especially loved us. As did the big kids - especially the "big kids" with the Canadian Military - CF members got a major kick out of us visiting their display area afterwards. (For this TIE pilot, sitting in the cockpit of a former "Snowbirds" jet was a rather fun treat).


    My Fiance went up with me and went wild playing shutterbug. You can see her pictures at:

    Patrick "PatGund" McKinnion
  2. me-gonk

    me-gonk Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 17, 2003
    Congratulations on your engagement!!
    Found myself looking at a lot of the other pictures there. A knitter :) Is that her stash or does she work in a yarn shop?
    Looks like a great time in Canada as well.
    Glad to hear your doing so well :)
  3. GreyJedi

    GreyJedi Jedi Master star 4

    May 16, 2002
    Congrats, Pat. Sounds like you're having quite an adventure in the Pacific Northwest. :)

    I love British Columbia; it's such a beautiful area.
  4. jawajames

    jawajames FF Pacific RSA / Chapter Rep San Diego, CA star 6 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 26, 2002
    congrats on getting engaged, patrick!
  5. PatGund

    PatGund Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 7, 2004
    Yep, knitter. :)

    Outer Rim asked her when she was getting into armor or costume, and she laughed and said "there's no real SW outfits for short fat women" (Laugh)

    - Patrick
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