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The Caring of Others

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by JediPhoenixKatie, May 12, 2001.

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  1. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hiya Guys!!!

    Here is a special little story I wrote for some very special people in my life and now I'd like to share it with you! Hope you enjoy!

    Title: The Caring of Others
    Author: Katie (
    Category: Angst
    Rating: G
    Spoilers: None
    Summary: Obi-wan is diagnosed with a common illness. But if it is so common, why isn?t it going away?
    DISCLAIMER: Star Wars and all publicly recognizable characters, names
    and references, etc are the sole property of George Lucas, Lucasfilm
    Ltd, Lucasarts Inc and 20th Century Fox.This fan fiction was
    created solely for entertainment purposes and no money was made from it.

    Authors notes: To Mom, Dad, Tana, Master Sio, Rael, Grand Master, and others.

    Note#2: BIG thank you to KnightObiWan for betat reading and being all around great!!! THANK YOU!!!


    Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn sat quietly as he watched his Padawan, Obi-wan Kenobi, drift into sleep. He never thought that getting his young Apprentice a few hours of restful sleep would be such a trying ordeal, but for the last few months it had been just that.

    Obi-wan was a strong, healthy teenager. He never had any trouble sleeping, and he certainly never had any trouble eating, especially after a day of kata and lightsaber sparring. He was one of the top-ranking Padawans for his age level, or at least he had been up until four months ago.

    It had been just after Obi-wan?s seventeenth birthday when it had started. Qui-gon had come home one evening after meeting with the council to go over some minute points in a mission he and Obi-wan had just returned from. It was not necessary for his Apprentice to be there, so he sent the boy to resume his classes and get caught up on any work he had missed. Obi-wan had been more than grateful to get out of reporting to the council and had happily trotted off to his classes that morning.

    When Qui-gon finally returned from the council, he had expected to find his Padawan sitting on the couch meditating or perhaps preparing their evening meal. Only, as he entered the apartment, Obi-wan was no where to be seen. He could sense a great unease coming from his Padawan, and it lead him to the boy?s room.

    ?Obi-wan?? he asked in concern as he eased the door open and looked in. The young Jedi was laying on his bed and had pulled himself into a tight ball. ?Obi-wan?? he asked again, and moved to his Padawan?s side. His concern grew when he got no response from the boy. Obi-wan finally turned his face to his Master, and Qui-gon felt himself breath a sigh of relief.

    ?Oh, I?m sorry Master,? Obi-wan said in a quiet voice. ?I didn?t hear you come in.? Qui-gon ignored his Padawan?s unneeded apology.

    ?What?s wrong Padawan??

    ?I, I?m not sure, Master. I felt fine this morning. It came on all of a sudden. My chest and ribs are causing me pain.?

    ?Did you injure yourself while in ?saber practice??

    ?No, Master. I didn?t go to ?saber practice today. It started earlier on, but it went away so I didn?t think anything of it. It came back a few times again but it always went away. Only now it?s back again, and it?s worse than before.? Obi-wan said the last in a quick gasp and clenched his eyes shut as another wave of pain came over him.

    Qui-gon?s immediate concern was that the boy had contracted an illness from the planet they had returned from. He needed to get him to the healers as quickly as possible.

    The Jedi Master placed a hand to the boy?s side and sent him comforting waves of the Force through their bond. Obi-wan relaxed to his touch and when the fire in his chest eased some, he sat up in his bed and looked to his Master.

    ?Come, Padawan. We need to get you to the healers.? Qui-gon heard his Apprentice groan.

    ?Do we really have to, Master? I?m sure whatever it is, it?s nothing.? Obi-wan hated going to the healers. Just the thought of the smell of disinfectants, chemicals, and medication was enough to make his stomach churn.

    ?Yes, Padawan, we really have
  2. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Great beginning! Can't wait to read more! What is wrong with Obi?
  3. JediKnightZarc

    JediKnightZarc Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 6, 2000
    Hi there Katie! I spotted this story and just had to tell you I love it! :)
  4. Jade's Fire2003

    Jade's Fire2003 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 12, 1999
  5. Seeker2

    Seeker2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 6, 2001
    Another story by JediPhoenixKate???????? *Swoons* Post soon, and post often!
  6. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hiya there peoplez!!! Glad you're liking whats going on so far! Here is the next part! Do enjoy and thanks for the feedback!!! Much loved!!!


    As before, after two weeks of waiting from a Padawan and watchfulness from a Master, Obi-wan?s condition showed no change. In fact he seemed to be getting worse. The pain was intense and constant. There was now added nausea and bouts of dizziness. Qui-gon?s concern grew with each passing day.

    They returned to the healers where Obi-wan under went more tests; after which he told his Master that if he was stuck with one more needle he would leave the order. Again, every test came back negative. Because of the results, the healers continued to believe it was Cosdierosles.

    ?What is Obi-wan?s stress level like, Maser Jinn?? Healer Darel asked the tall Jedi when Obi-wan was away being tested.

    ?Probably no greater than any other Padawan,? Qui-gon replied. He thought for a moment, then added, ?Do you think that it is a factor??

    ?It is very possible. A person?s stress level can have a direct impact on their physical self. It could be effecting his recovery rate and making his condition worse. You may want to speak with him about it."

    Qui-gon pondered this. Obi-wan did tend to worry about his classes at times, though his worries were not necessary. His scores in all of his classes were excellent. Qui-gon knew that the boy wanted to do well and advance. Obi-wan wanted to be a Jedi more than anything, and Qui-gon was proud to have a Padawan who desired nothing more than to learn the ways of the Force. However, if it was affecting his physical health, then that was a problem that must be dealt with.

    ?How are your classes going, Obi-wan?? Qui-gon asked as they entered the lift which would take them back to their apartment.

    ?They are going well, Master,? the young Jedi answered, but not before Qui-gon noticed his hesitation.

    ?You must tell me the truth, Padawan.? Obi-wan sighed, not looking up to meet his Master?s gaze.

    ?It can be rather hard to concentrate sometimes, Master.? Obi-wan knew he did not need to tell Qui-gon why.

    ?I think I may have to talk to your instructors about cutting some of your work down.? Obi-wan opened his mouth to protest, but Qui-gon put up a hand to silence him. ?Healer Darel informed me that stress could be affecting your recovery rate. I know how hard you push yourself, Padawan.?

    ?I only want to do well,? Obi-wan replied in a soft voice with his head lowered, feeling as if Qui-gon was accusing him of doing something wrong. His Master tilted his chin up, forcing him look into the sky blue eyes. Qui-gon put a comforting hands on his shoulder, letting the boy know he was not blaming him for anything.

    ?I know you want to do well, Obi-wan. I am very proud of all of your accomplishments. However, your health is more important to me than high scores on your exams,? Qui-gon pulled his Apprentice into a hug and held him tightly. ?I just want to see you well again, Padawan.?

    ?I want to be well again, Master,? the young Jedi said softly into his Master?s ear.

    ?You will be, Obi-wan,? Qui-gon reassured, giving his Apprentice one final squeeze as the lift doors opened. The two Jedi slowly walked to their quarters, Qui-gon?s arm around his Padawan?s shoulder. ?You will be.?

    After weeks of rest, reduced classes, tests, and treatments, Obi-wan?s condition continued to show no change and, at times, it appeared to be getting worse. Weeks soon turned to months and Obi-wan never showed improvement. Time and again they had gone to the healers who, after continued tests and a bacta treatment showed nothing conclusive, continued to believe it was Cosdierosles. However, they could still not explain why the young Jedi was not healing when the illness was so common.

    Qui-gon could not stand to see his Padawan ill and know there was not anything anyone could do about it. Obi-wan had stopped taking the pain kille
  7. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001

    Poor Obi & Qui. Interesting story. Its very very frustrating when something is wrong, and the doctors do test after test, with nothing conclusive in the results. (Yes, we went through it with my sister, with something much less debiliating than what Obi has. It took years for them to figure out the problems with her knees and hands was fibromengalis (spelling?) ) Hope the healers figure it out faster with Obi.
  8. Obi the Kid

    Obi the Kid Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 13, 2000
    KATIE! I am SO glad you are posting this story here!!!! This is SO good!
  9. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Thanks Obi!!!
    I was inspired hehehe!
  10. TrianaJinn

    TrianaJinn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 14, 2001
    Great posts, Katie! :)
  11. Jane Jinn

    Jane Jinn Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 12, 2000
    It's not only the sickness that wears you down, it's the weeks and months of uncertainty, of hopes that are unfulfilled, and sheer worry. You're showing that very well, Katie. Keep going!
  12. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Here's the next part guys!!! Do enjoy!!! Thanks for all the feedback!



    Qui-gon knew what had woken him. It was the same thing that brought him out of sleep almost every night. He stood from his bed and entered the living area; what he found there worried him, though it did not surprise him.

    Obi-wan was sitting on the sofa, eyes clenched tightly closed, with a pillow pressed to his chest. Only when Qui-gon came and sat next to him did he become aware of his Master?s presences.

    ?I?m sorry I disturbed you, Master,? Obi-wan said without looking up.

    ?You didn?t disturb me, Obi-wan. There is no need for apology.? A small nod was the only response the young Jedi gave.

    They sat in the silent darkness, no words passing between them. The darkness was only broken by specks of light filtering in through the window from the planet wide city, still abuzz with activity even this late into the night.

    Finally, Obi-wan?s pain left him and he brought his eyes up to meet those of his Master?s.

    ?Perhaps we should go back to the healers, Padawan,? Qui-gon was about to continue his reasoning, but was cut short by Obi-wan?s almost frantic voice.

    ?No, Master! Please no more healers! I don?t want to go back there again!? He then added in a calmer manner, ?They wont say anything different anyway.? Qui-gon sighed but nodded his head in agreement. Obi-wan was most likely right. The healers probably would not find anything different.

    ?Let me make you some tea,? Qui-gon offered. He entered the kitchen and flicked on the lights, squinting as his eyes readjusted to the brightness, and began preparing the tea for his Padawan. In the short time it took to make the tea and reenter the living area, Obi-wan had fallen sound asleep on the sofa.

    Qui-gon smiled sadly at the sight of his ill and tired Padawan. He put the tea cups down on a table and placed a gentle hand on Obi-wan?s head. He debated returning the boy to his bed, however decided against it.

    ?If Obi-wan is comfortable here then perhaps this is where he should stay,? Qui-gon thought to himself. He found a light blanket and wrapped it around his Padawan, who was still clutching the pillow to his chest.

    ?Oh, Obi-wan, what am I going to do with you??

    Obi-wan stood in the Jedi Temple Training Hall, only half listening to Master Geryen explain the finer points of footwork during lightsaber combat. Lightsaber training had always been Obi-wan?s favorite class and for good reason. The lightsaber had always felt so natural in his hands. Even when he was only a beginner, he moved the blade with grace and accuracy. Yet, in his favorite and best class, he was more than distracted, thinking about the past rather than the present.

    He had woken up that morning finding himself still on the sofa in the living area. Qui-gon had known he was awake before Obi-wan even remembered the events from the night before. When he realized that he was on the sofa because he had a particularly painful night, he wasted no time convincing his Master that he was feeling well and was in no pain for the time. Qui-gon only smiled warmly at him and gave his shoulder a tender squeeze. He then entered the kitchen and made breakfast, which Obi-wan ate most of, though he did not feel hungry.

    Although Qui-gon seemed cheerful and made only small talk for the rest of the morning, he could not hide the worry from Obi-wan, for he saw it in his eyes.

    Obi-wan hated knowing his Master worried about him so much. They had not been on a mission in four months because of Obi-wan?s condition, and he knew that Qui-gon had requested that. His Master was one of the highest, most respected Jedi in the order. The Council trusted him with dangerous and vital missions which could affect entire start systems. Obi-wan knew since he was still ill and unable to go on a mission, the council would send his Master on solo assignments until he was well again. That is, unless Qui-gon requested he not be
  13. Seeker2

    Seeker2 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 6, 2001
    Great stuff you have going here. Gotta love the angst.
  14. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hiya there!!! Mesa back! (I just wanted to say that :D ) Here is the next part!!! Thanks for all the feedback! Keep it comin' ;)


    When Obi-wan was a little boy, he would come to the Waterfall Garden if he were sad or troubled; things had not changed much when he became older. He sat with his back to a large tree blooming with white flowers. As the serenity of the garden enfolded him, he meditated quietly, slowly becoming in tune with the Living Force.

    Ever since he had become ill, the only time he could truly forget his pain and his worries was when he was one with the Force. He was meditating more and more lately and was becoming stronger in the Force because of it. However, as much as he tried to bring the peace he felt during his meditations out with him, after he came out of his trance things had not changed. This time was no different. When he opened his eyes and looked about him, all the unanswered questions remained.

    He sighed and pressed the back of his head to the tree he was sitting under, letting the mist of the waterfall spray gently on his face. He closed his eyes not in meditation, but in thought, pondering, once again, at the questions that ran circles in his mind until he thought he would go mad.

    Why wasn?t he getting any better if the illness was not suppose to last for long? Were the healers wrong? If they were, why couldn?t they find anything else? How long could this last? What would it do to his chances of becoming a Jedi? What did the other Masters think? What did Qui-gon think? Would they stop believing him? Did they still believe him at all? Did they blame him for what was happening? Was it his fault? Could he be doing something different to stop this? So many questions with no one to answer even one of them. It just didn?t seem fair.

    The one that concerned him the most was whether he was still believed by the other Jedi, especially Qui-gon. Obi-wan knew that many of the students in the temple did not believe him. He didn?t know how many of them knew, or how they knew for that matter. News seemed to travel quickly in the Jedi Temple whether he wanted it to or not. A number of the students, most of them being ones who didn?t particularly like Obi-wan, accused him of faking so his work load would be cut down. They didn?t understand how wrong they were.

    Obi-wan would give anything to be able to do the same work as everyone else like he use to. He wished things were as they once were. That wish pushed him into making unwise decisions which caused him more pain, such as sparring in lightsaber practice when he knew he wasn?t up to it. He wanted to hold onto the belief that he could still do all he had always done, when obviously that wasn?t true.

    Then there was his Master. Obi-wan knew he should not question Qui-gon?s belief and trust in him, but it was hard not to sometimes. Obi-wan didn?t even know if he could believe himself anymore. Oh, if only things weren?t so confusing! If only something would make sense!

    ?Oh, just stop it!? he scolded himself. ?Stop feeling so sorry for yourself! You?re lucky! There are a lot of people out there who are a lot worse off than you.? Yet, if he was lucky, then why did it always hurt so much?

    ?I don?t know,? he said quietly to himself. ?Maybe I?m just going crazy.?

    ?Going crazy, you are not.? Obi-wan almost jumped at the unexpected but familiar voice. He turned to see the small form of Master Yoda staring at him intently.

    ?Master Yoda, I?m sorry. I didn?t hear you approach.?

    ?Expected you to, I did not. Deep in thought, you were.? The ancient Jedi sat beside the youth. All was silent for many moments, the only sound being the wind in the tree branches and the rushing of the waterfall. The silence was then broken by the voice of an old but wise Jedi, ?Why question yourself, young Obi-wan? Know we all of your pain. Believe you, we do. Why believe yourself, you do not??

    ?I-? Obi-wan started to reply, but then realized he wasn?t sure o
  15. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Hi there everyone!!! Here is the next part! Hope you are still enjoying it! :)



    As Qui-gon entered the apartment in the Jedi Temple which he shared with his Padawan, Obi-wan was standing in the middle of the living area, as if waiting for his arrival.

    ?Padawan?? Qui-gon hurried to where the young Jedi stood and placed a hand on his arm. ?How are you feeling??

    ?Much better now, Master.?

    ?Are you sure??

    ?Yes, Master.? Qui-gon?s brow narrowed with concern and confusion.

    ?Master Geryen contacted me and told me you were not feeling well in class. But, that was some time ago. Why didn?t you contact me and let me know something was wrong??

    ?I...I just got home myself, Master,? Obi-wan said, turning away from his Master.

    ?Obi-wan,? Qui-gon?s voice took on a disapproving tone. ?Master Geryen said you were told to come right home after leaving class.?

    ?I know, Master and I?m sorry. But, I...I needed to go somewhere and think.? Obi-wan saw his Master?s gaze soften.

    ?Come, Obi-wan,? Qui-gon said as he led the boy to the sofa, and the two sat facing each other. ?Will you tell me what you were thinking about, Padawan?? Obi-wan nodded.

    ?Yes, Master. That is why I came back when I did. To tell you,? he paused, took a deep breath and started again. ?I was thinking about my fears, Master. My fears and my questions.? Qui-gon nodded, but continued to listen quietly. ?There are so many different things that I feel and worry about. I worry that no one believes me. I worry about what my illness is doing to you and the way it is making you feel. I worry that I am selfish for having these feelings, for I know that there are people out there who are dying and have no hope left. Then there is the feeling of being alone and thinking that no one knows how I feel,? he sighed and stopped for a moment. The Padawan had not realized he had taken to staring at his fidgeting hands rather than his Master?s eyes. He brought his eyes up to meet Qui-gon?s gaze, which held nothing but understanding and patience. Obi-wan smiled slightly. ?But, do you know what I realized, Master??

    ?What did you come to understand, Padawan??

    ?That I?m not alone and have never been alone. I?m not alone, because you are with me, and I know that you and many other people care about me,? he pulled his gaze away again. ?That helps to make things easier,? he looked up once more to look into his Master?s sky blue eyes. ?I just want to thank you, Master. Thank you for being here to help me though this. I know that there isn?t any way I could have made it this far without you. Thank you, Master.?

    ?You are very welcome, Padawan. However, you really don?t need to thank me.?

    ?But I do, Master!? the young Jedi argued. ?You?ve done so much for me! I know I haven?t always been the easiest person to deal with during this time, and I?m sorry for that.?

    ?Stop,? Qui-gon said quickly and put up a hand. ?I don?t want to hear you say that you are sorry. You have nothing to be sorry for. None of this is your fault.?

    ?But, I feel as if it is my fault that you worry so much, Master,? said the youth in a barely audible voice, his fears resurfacing. Although he knew what Yoda had said to him was true, he would not be able to fully believe the small Master?s words until he heard them from Qui-gon himself.

    ?Obi-wan,? the big Jedi gave a warm smile to his young Padawan. ?I am your Master. It is my duty to teach you the ways of the Force and protect you. Master and Padawan share a bond that is unlike any other in the Force. It is one of trust, caring, and love. This is why I worry, Obi-wan. What sort of a Master would I be if you were ill and I didn?t worry??

    ?I suppose I never thought of it like that.?

    ?Nor would I expect you to. You are worried about me and others and the way we worry for you. Because we worry you believe you have failed in some way. Only you haven't, Obi-wan. You worry because you care about everyone an
  16. TrianaJinn

    TrianaJinn Jedi Youngling star 1

    Apr 14, 2001
    Wonderful posts, Katie! :D
  17. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Thank you! Mesa glad yousa like :)
  18. JediPhoenixKatie

    JediPhoenixKatie Jedi Youngling

    Apr 12, 2001
    Here is the last part! Wasn't a very long story :) Hope you guys enjoyed!


    Obi-wan took a step back as he prepared to strike at his opponent again. When he did strike, it was met with a hiss of another lightsaber. The young Jedi then found himself taking a more defensive mode, blocking blow after blow. He could feel himself tiring. He could not help but think that he would lose this battle.

    ?What am I doing here?? he wondered to himself as he barely jumped away from his opponent?s lightsaber before the blade could catch him across the arm.

    It was the annual Padawan Lightsaber Tournament, where Master, Knights, and Initiates all came together to watch the Padawan?s show their ability and growth.

    Obi-wan had entered at the very last minute. He had wanted to enter the tournament, but because he hadn?t been sparring as often due to his illness, he didn?t feel he was ready. His Master, however, believed otherwise.

    ?Have you signed up for the tournament, Obi-wan?? Qui-gon had asked him.

    ?No, Master.?

    ?Why is that??

    ?I...I don?t feel that I am prepared enough, Master?

    ?Would you like to participate in the tournament??

    ?Of course I would, Master. I always enjoy it.?

    ?Then you are more than prepared, Padawan,? he said matter-of-factly. ?Now go sign up.?

    Obi-wan felt sure that if Qui-gon believed he was ready, then he was ready. Yet, now that he was here, he was not so sure anymore.

    Another two months had passed, and the boy realized he was beginning to feel better. The pain no longer consumed his life, and he could feel it leaving him, and he was getting stronger as each day passed. Only, it had just been recently that he began feeling well again, and he was sure his lightsaber skills were more than rusty. Qui-gon knew this, so why did he so strongly feel that it was right Obi-wan be here? At the moment, the Padawan thought he would rather be anywhere but here in, the center of the mat, sparring with Lon of all people. A Padawan three years years his senior.

    ?I shouldn?t be here,? he thought as he felt the eyes of everyone in the room watching as Lon continued to push him farther and farther to the edge of the mat. ?I?m not ready, I shouldn?t be here.? Just then, something Qui-gon had been telling him since he first became his Padawan came to mind.

    ?Don?t center on your anxieties, Obi-wan,? his Master would tell him constantly. ?Keep your concentration here and now, were it belongs.?

    The here and now. The Living Force. That was what he needed to use and understand. He was here. Nothing could change that. Therefore he would use the Force and do the best that he could. No one could ask any more of him than that.

    He opened himself to the Living Force and, in a new state of mind, continued the match.

    There were many more strikes and blows as the lightsaber continued to crashed together and hiss apart. Then in the blink of an eye, one Padawan was seen flying through the air in an acrobatical move, landing gracefully behind the other Apprentice. There was a strike to the neck, the symbol of a death blow. The match was over.

    Obi-wan had won.

    The young Jedi barely heard the cheers from the crowd of onlookers as he turned to face Lon, who looked somewhat disappointed in losing the match. Yet, he gave Obi-wan a friendly smile, and the two bowed to each other.

    ?Congratulations, Obi-wan,? Lon said to him, and he meant it.

    ?Thank you, Lon.? The two left the mat and came to stand next to their Masters as the next two Padawans prepared for their match.

    ?You fought well, Padawan,? Qui-gon said. Obi-wan had cranked his neck to look into his Master?s eyes. Even with the growth spurts Obi-wan had been having, his Master still seemed to tower over him and probably always would.

    ?Thank you, Master.?

    ?I am very proud of you, Obi-wan and not just for winning the match. You were up against difficult odds. Yet, you were able to beat those odds and come out stronger i
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