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Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Darth Rozic, May 6, 2017.

  1. Darth Rozic

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Hello there, and welcome to the Chaos Eternal: Age of Ruin resource thread. Here you can find/post NPC character sheets, ship profiles, extended bios and other bits and pieces of useful information.

    Character Sheets will be posted here for notable NPCs by myself and my fellow GM ConservativeJedi321:)

    However, please keep general chitter chatter in your factions PM as this is not an OOC thread. If you have any questions concerning the Age of Ruin please feel free to contact myself or ConservativeJedi321
  2. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017

    Name: Malevik Vonn
    Darth Title: Darth Hatred
    Species: Zabrak
    Home World: Dathomir​
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Weapons/Lightsaber: 2 Dual-Bladed lightsabers, 1 force-imbued Katana
    Form/Technique: Form I-VI​
    Starfighter: NONE​
    Appearance: Sith Tatoos, long flowing black robes, armour hidden beneath robes
    Personality/Traits: Sarcastic, Impatient, Extremely Irritable​
    Master: I have no master​
    Apprentice: I will take on when needed[face_devil]
    Strengths/Weaknesses: STRENGTHS- Very Muscular, Strong, Sharp horns and teeth. WEAKNESSES- Several wounds on chest, 1 leg is a mechanical leg​
    Relationships: Hah, I killed them all​
    Base Location: Ord Mantell
    Bio: Malevik lived on Dathomir for a long time, leaving to join the sith, He killed his master and took his place, he now has several location on Ord Mantell, but the largest is hidden underground.
  3. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Relevant Jedi Faction NPC's

    Major NPC
    Name: Reth Voquen
    Age: 36 standard years
    Species: Lannik
    Home World: Lannik
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Acting Grand Master of the Jedi Order
    Lightsaber: Blue
    Form/Technique: Form IV Ataru
    Appearance: Stout, young, long brown hair which he ties back. Green eye's, and pale skin.
    Attire: Brown Jedi Cloak
    Personality/Traits: He is not very confident, unsure of himself as he has just been thrust into the role of leadership. He is quiet, and speaks with a soft voice usually. Though he greatly cares for the Jedi, and longs for the return of the peace.
    Master: Orya Yulan (Former)
    Apprentice: None at the moment. Though often participates in the training of Younglings who have yet to be assigned a Master of their own.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: He is generally peaceful, and diplomatic. Though his lightsaber form is very aggressive, and lacks a proper defense. He also lacks confidence.
    Relationships: Leader of the Jedi order.
    Base Location: Ach-To
    Bio: He was one of the junior members of the Jedi Council before the fall of Coruscant, he often participated discussion, and made a name for himself fast as a calm and reasonable man. He led the evacuation of Coruscant, and to his surprise since then others have looked to him as the leader of the order. He never wanted the role, and often relies heavily on his advisors to make decisions. Whether he wants it or not, he is now the face of the Jedi. Now he simply is doing his best to earn the title that has been bestowed upon him.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Alan Trossik
    Age: 32 standard years
    Species: Togruta
    Home World: Togruta
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Master of the Order
    Weapons: An emerald-bladed lightsaber
    Form/Technique: Soresu
    Starfighter: Delta-class Jedi Starfighter
    Appearance: Tall. Orange-skinned. Blue and white head tails. Muscular.
    Attire: Light-brown Jedi robes with red leather torso armour on top
    Personality/Traits: Alan is kind and caring. He tries to be as selfless as possible however, Alan can find it hard to control is desire to find his biological family.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Alan finds it easy to overcome lust for credit or women but he finds it difficult to just ignore that his family ever existed.
    Relationships: Alan prefers to keep away from friendships because of what happened to his family but Alan is generally charismatic so friends usually find him, but Alan makes sure to never have a close relationship with anyone.
    Base Location: Ahch-To
    Bio: Alan stayed on Togruta with his family until he was five (much longer than most Jedi). During a Zygerian slaver raid on his village he was forced to run away from home- leaving his family to be sold to slavery. A Jedi adventurer found him unconscious in the wilderness several days later and took him to the Temple where it was discovered he had a strong connection to the Force.
    When Ruin invaded Coruscant Alan was the one to suggest that the Jedi move to Ahch-To.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Jottha'rul'dorrao (Goes by Jotth)
    Age: 55 Years old.
    Species: Chiss
    Home World: Csilla
    Faction: None at the moment
    Weapons: DC-17 hand blaster
    Form/Technique: Is well versed in various forms of hand to hand combat.
    Appearance: Pale Blue skin, long black hair, and striking red eye's. All of which he usually keeps hidden under a helmet.
    Attire: Scavenged armor, and helmet.
    Personality/Traits: He is greedy, and power hungry. Only cares about himself, and disliked people who move in on his "turf" Has delusions of ruling the entire galaxy with an iron fist.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: He is skilled in both weapons and unarmed combat. He is also very observant, picking up on otherwise small details. But he is cocky, arrogant, some might say crazy.
    Relationships: Deceased parents whom he inherited his pirate empire from.
    Base Location: Illum
    Bio: He and his parents were exiled when he was very young. They fled to Illum, and from there they began to build a pirate empire. It was a scattered, and unofficial control network throughout the unknown regions, and the rest of the Western Quarter. Wherever they could build up, they did, until they were the chief force in the area, and nobody cared enough to stop them. His parents died several years ago leaving him in command. When the Jedi fled to Ach-To, bordering his area of control he very much disliked that. And is plotting to rid himself of what he views to be a parasite leaching off his territory.
  4. Dioskouros

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    Mar 16, 2017
    ~GM Approved
    Main Character Sheet

    Name: Aras Vilion Adasca, 'Adas' (assassin alias)
    Darth Title: Darth Infernus
    Age: 50 (looks 25)
    Species: biomodded Arkanian
    Homeworld: Arkania
    Faction: New Sith
    Rank: Darth
    -Lorrdian gemstone/Dragite crystal powered purple Curved-hilt Dual-phase lightsaber,
    -Corusca gem/Qixoni crystal powered red Curved-hilt Dual-phase lightsaber
    -M-316 Particle Beam Needler (DE-10 blaster pistol look)
    -Beskad katana (Beskar/Songsteel alloy)
    -Verpine shatter gun, Verpine sniper rifle
    -G20 Glop grenade, 2 CryoBan grenade, 2 Plasma grenade

    Form/Technique: Soresu & Shien/Djem So hybrid as Jedi, Makashi as Sith
    Starships: Acheron (Harrower-class dreadnought), Phlegethon (Fury-class Imperial interceptor)
    Appearance: 1.9 meters tall, chiseled fit, fair skinned, white haired and eyed
    Ultrachrome-coated Beskar/Sith Alchemy armoring with Biorestorative underlay (Mark V) and Crushgaunts,Armorweave hooded cloak, Shadowsuit
    Phrik/Stygian-triprismatic polymer armoring with Light exoskeleton and Cortosis-coated vambraces & greaves,Armorweave hooded cloak, Shadowsuit
    ~both sets have a Sound dampening belt that incorporates a Stealth field generator and a Multishield generator (Mandalorian power shield & Verpine prototype shield)
    Personality/Traits: Passionate, Driven, Resourceful. A man of excess and absolute charm, a lover of beauty and pleasure. Cultured, Vicious, master Strategist. The consumate noble, one dedicated to perfection.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Darth Styx. His love for himself. A Duelist without equal, one given over to the Dark Side. A virtuous pilot and technology expert, an accomplished Force wielder. A Master of Force speed, Sith Magic, and Unarmed combat.

    Sith Master: None--he is one of the Lost Twenty
    Sith Apprentice: Darth Styx
    Relationships: Lord of the House of Adasca. Darth Styx, his lover (and his cloned self)
    Base Location: Kuat

    Born in Arkania, heir of the House of Adasca. Found to be greatly Force-sensitive, he begins his Jedi path by the age of 5.

    Adopted as Padawan when 12 by a Jedi Council master, then made Knight by 20, he earns the rank of Master at 25.

    Being 25, in his prime, he's granted a voyage to Arkania where he reunites with his family and is heavily modified via biocybernetics;
    initially because of this, then for his often revolutionary or even Grey-ish ideas, and the fact his heart is forever divided after this re-encounter,
    he's never given entry into the Jedi Council, being worthy by far nonetheless, so at 30 he secures the title of Jedi Battlemaster.

    Firstly a prodigal student, then a virtuous Force user, he's little more to learn by this point--it is thence he begins a curious, mentor-adherent relationship with Phanius, a charismatic master and his elder by 10 years.
    After lengthy debates, spanning months and even years, they begin delving into Bogan through their Potentium and Unifying Force beliefs (Vilion is 35) discovering the knowledge to be found in the Dark Side to be immense; they both decide to study it, and by Vilion's 40th year they engage Sith Magic itself.
    At 45, they engineer the defection from the order of other masters, orchestrating and carrying out plots, massacres and total war against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, dealing them both serious blows by unleashing a Great Schism and its following New Sith Wars; he is instrumental to Phanius--now Darth Ruin--in the unification of the Sith and their alliance with the Mandalorians, having another 50 Jedi Knights join the new Sith order, co-founding thus the New Sith Empire.
    During this time, he ascends in the underworld to become an assassin that reaches the Elite Circle itself, as he comes into his inheritance of Adascorp, crushing or outright murdering galactic competition until it achieves monopoly and its absolute finest point: its first Force-sensitive clone,
    --of Aras himself, given birth as a woman he consequently names Styx,
    initially his Sith Apprentice, now a full-blown Sith Lady;
    his very shadow,
    or to him, his only light.

    Their victory is complete by Vilion's 50th year, now an infamous Darth by the name of Infernus,
    the Galactic Core is theirs.
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    Mar 16, 2017
    Hello everyone,

    'D' here :-B

    One of the things that really excites me about this Galaxy-spanning game is that it will allow us to delve a little into galactic History;
    The powers that be, politics, technology, will be different from what we've seen in the movies or series, giving room to the richness of the EU--I Love It, as I am given to exploring old books, comics, guides, games, and the excellent Wookiepedia.

    As I retake my research into the New Sith Wars era, here's first, as bit of an intro,
    some useful, contemporary starship profiles:

    The Jedi-specialized one:

    A wider class, used by Jedi and others

    The X-wing of the time:

    Notable Republicans:

    The widespread middleweight:

    The time's Lambda:

    The time's Imperial:

    Other fine Imperial ships:

    The time's TIE:

    The time's TIE bomber:

    --Master Trosik pilots a Delta-class--since in the movies we see Delta-7's (Obi Wan), we can easily say he pilots a Delta-1 haha--I did notice the blanket name you so-appropriately listed

    More on Imperial ships:

    More on Republican ships:

    Mando ships (they share many with the Hutts btw):

    Hutt ships:

    And Corellian Engineering for more common ones:

    Finally, for heavy research:

    Surely, by exploring these pages, we may find many a contemporary ship,
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Name: Scale (Alias, Real Name Unknown) The Name is a pun referencing his Reptilian skin and his tendency to switch sides in the middle of an engagement if the other side can provide payment in riches that (metaphorically) outweighs his current contract
    Age: Unknown. At least Mid 30s
    Species: Trandoshan
    Homeworld: Trandosha
    Faction: Hutt Clans
    Rank: Mercenary Commander
    Clan Loyalty: Nominally Desilijic (But in truth his loyalty is to his bank account)
    Specialty: Scale is excellent at capturing slaves and making them obedient. He is strong enough to engage a Wookiee in melee and come out on top. He has also has experience fighting Jedi. On one occasion he even killed a Jedi Knight in single combat. It was a tough fight and he lost an arm in the process but Scale did not worry to much.Thankfully for him, a trait of his species is that Trandoshans re grow all severed limbs.
    Weapons & Armament:
    - Cortosis Sword,
    - Wrist mounted Flamethrower,
    - Slugthrower with depleted Baradium Ammunition
    - Sonic Pistol
    -Class A Thermal Detonators
    - Stun Net (Slaving operations only)
    Starfighter: Scale is not a very good pilot and does not fly a personal star fighter in combat although he knows enough of the rudiments to fly a ship in an emergency. Instead he is always found on his pirate command ship, surrounded by a cadre of his most loyal associates.
    Attire: Heavy Body Armor and Blast Helmet (with built in Vacuum suit)
    Personality: Greedy and Violent, Quick to Anger and lash out violently at slaves and prisoners.
    Very Brave. He is the kind of commander that leads from the front and can behave honorably if he respects his opponent as an equal in warrior status. Deeply religious, he takes his belief in the Scorekeeper very seriously.
    - Can Re Grow lost limbs
    - Reptilian Eyes can see well into the infared range. Scale can see perfectly in pitch darkness
    - Has a Terrifying reputation. Sentient who know of his exploits are afraid to face him
    - Terrible Pilot
    - Has a Terrifying reputation. His Slaving activities and his betrayal of former employers have made him many enemies across the galaxy who seek revenge on the Trandoshan Merc. Also any Light side faction would surely execute him for his crimes if he is ever captured.
    Base Location: Scale is currently stationed on Ryloth to oversee valuable Twilek Slaving operations and Ryll spice mining.
    Allies: Scale's Reptilian Reavers (His Slaver Gang. Membership is restricted to Trandoshans, Chistori, Barbarel, Saurin, Rodian, and Falleen bandits. He is very affable and caring towards the members of his inner circle and he has won them much profit so he has earned their loyalty. He considers his slavers as his clan mates.)
    Desilijic Clan: The leaders of the Desilijic consider him a valuable and reliable employee and they lavish him with wealth to make sure he stays in their service. His services for them have created a good relationship between Scale and the clan elders.
    The Besadii Clan: The main rivals of the Desilijic for power in the Hutt cartel. Scale used to work for them until the Desilijic elders enticed him to change sides. When the Hutt clans were forced to work together, the Besadii were prevented from moving against Scale because the collective Hutt council in charge of the entire Cartel considered him too vital to the war effort for the Besadii to attack.The Besadii are furious at his betrayal and although they can not act openly against him. they do everything in their power to sabotage his operations.
    - Jedi Knight Korwin Firka'ag. The sole survivor of the Jedi mission sent to arrest Scale and stop his slaving operations. Korwin was only a Padawan at the time of that fateful mission, but her actions since have now elevated her to the rank of Jedi Knight. She is still haunted by the horrible death of her master, whom Scale had murdered and devoured right in front of her eyes. The Council is worried that Korwin is skirting dangerously close to the Dark Side in her determination to force Scale to answer for his atrocities.
    Background: Scale started out as the most successful of the Wookiee Slavers on Kashykk before going independent. Eventually his slaving operations were so big that they drew the attention of the Jedi Council. Scale really became notorious when he and his crew slaughtered and ate one of the Jedi who had been sent to apprehend him. This event was what earned him a contract as the primary “recruiter” for the Hutt defense force. The Hutts hired him because they needed someone to capture and control a vast number of slaves that they could conscript in a great slave army to protect their wealthy territories.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Relevant UUW Faction NPC's

    Major NPC
    Name: Prena Masorna (Formal Name) Thama Pttini (Birth name)
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Home World: Naboo
    Faction: UUW
    Rank: Supreme Commander
    Weapons: S-1 Heavy Blaster
    Form/Technique: Various forms of martial arts.
    Appearance: Youthful, though her formal attire makes her appear older.
    Attire: Queenly dress, and formal makeup.
    Personality/Traits: Somewhat naïve, though very passionate about her people. She tends to choose the most practical route to help the most amount of people which her political opponents try and portray as cruelty though nothing could be further from the truth.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: She is very observant, and is also a fast learner. She is a relative newcomer to the political arena, which concerns many. She is also capable in hand to hand combat.
    Relationships: Mother: Wova Pttini Father: Threll Pttini Both live in Theed, though rarely visit due to her preoccupation with leadership.
    Base Location: Naboo
    Bio: She participated in the legislative youth program like most people on Naboo, though she led a rather subdued life, not provoking any scandals, or making any controversial remarks. This was probably the primary reason she was elected as Queen of the Naboo so easily a year and a half ago. though many have tried to trip her up Prena remained competent and capable, and because of this her reign has to date been a prosperous one. She trusts her advisors completely, and always takes their idea's into account. When the Sith invaded she knew there was no avoiding war, and immediately requested the UUW assembly begin prepping for it. Many disapproved of this action. though as the galactic wide conflict picks up steam, she remains confident in her decision. Especially with the increasing number of pirate attacks on their boarder.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Nablé Aldrich
    Age: 42
    Species: Human
    Home World: Naboo
    Faction: UUW
    Rank: Sergeant-At-Arms
    Weapons: Standard light blaster pistol
    Starfighter: Nubian Yacht
    Appearance: Latino skin, relatively tall, muscular, black hair.
    Attire: Standard military uniform for a Naboo soldier except with several badges and medals indicating rank
    Personality/Traits: Stern and untrusting. Often under estimates his own men’s abilities and is not fond of the idea of no martial law during the war time. Nablé can also be quite creepy and unsettling at times.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Cunning military taction although he often views Naboo’s soldiers as weak fools.
    Base Location: Theed, Naboo
    Bio: Nablé’s parents were killed in a hyperspace accident when he was very young so he was adopted by a young aristocratic couple. They lived in their manor in Theed were they would keep their priceless artefacts that they collected from their galactic travels.
    Nablé was never allowed on these trips so he would remain alone with nobody but the housekeeping and tutor droids for weeks at a time. He would always examine books from his family’s vast library or watch old holo-documentaries. Nablé’s favourite book genre was ‘wartime’ and before he knew it he had signed up to the Naboo Military Cadets program where he underwent basic training.
    When he turned 18 he was finally old enough that his adopted parents would let him leave Naboo. However, he didn’t want to go to boring places like Dagobah and Boz Pity, no he wanted to see the most interesting things he could. So he brought his own one person spaceship and travelled the galaxy for five years.
    When he finally returned to Naboo he joined the army’s ranks and at the age of 39 became the Sergeant-at-Arms.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Ford Ohnaka
    Age: 28
    Species: Weequay
    Home World: Nal Hutta
    Faction: N/A, his own pirate gang Weapons: DL-44 blaster pistol and bo-rifle
    Starfighter: Weequay Pirate Ship
    Appearance: Grey skin, muscular, in good shape
    Attire: Fancy red coat and pants as well as a grey shirt, all stolen
    Personality/Traits: Greedy and borderline psychopathic. Strangely charismatic.
    Base Location: A secret space station in UUW space.
    Bio: Ford was born into a pirate family. Since he was a child he’s been stealing and conning people. When his father died of a dangerous plague he inherited the small pirate empire that his father ran.
    Once the war started he moved his base to UUW space so he and his crew could frequently intercept supply shipments or go down to the surface and raid the UUW’s store houses.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Relevant Hutt Faction NPC's

    Major NPC
    Name: Gysor
    Age: 262
    Species: Hutt
    Home World: Nal Hutta
    Faction: Hutt Empire
    Clan Loyalty: Desilijic/ Quiisilli
    Specialty: He is very 'in the know' when it comes to some of the less savory parts of the Hutt Empire, including every dance club and bar this side of the Hydian. Though he is also the 'official' leader of the Hutt council, and as far as he is concerned the one in charge of his joint Clan. Though everyone knows it is his wife Gluttony that calls the real shots.
    Form/Technique: He can hit people with his tale if he wants. Though he is more likely to hide than fight.
    Personality/Traits: He is a fat slob, a cheat, and crook, he was known for decades as somewhat of a player, and still has a habit of ogling the help. And above all he is ambitious, though of course lazy enough to demand others do his work for him.
    Master: Does Mama count?:p
    Strengths/Weaknesses: He weighs enough to crush a mans back, but is too cowardly to even try.
    Relationships: Gluttony the Hutt, supposedly the last in his long line of lovers, and his wife.
    Base Location: Nal Hutta
    Bio: Once the youthful Heir to the prestigious Desilijic clan, and a player like no other, Gysor has lived a life of luxury. He was often bored, never finding anything fun to do, and wanting to free himself from the controlling hand of his elders, until his fathers mysterious passing two decades ago. It was then he took command of his clan, an made it serve his bidding. He built it up, and mostly through luck and betting, managed to double his fathers fortune. Increasing his prestige on the Hutt council. A decade later the galaxy was stunned when he settled down with a little known Hutt called Gluttony, from a lesser clan. He affectionately called her 'Mama' and the nickname stuck even to those unrelated to her. Through deception and assassination the two worked their way up the Hutt hierarchy, until their joint clan assumed leadership of the Hutt council about three years ago. Though there remains dissent in Hutt space, such as the consistent Slave revolts weakening their domain, when the Sith invaded they saw an opportunity to increase his power base, and prove himself. The two of them began plans for expansion

    Major Character
    Name: Mama the Hutt (formerly Gluttony the Hutt)
    Age: 394
    Species: Hutt
    Home World: Nal Hutta
    Faction: The Hutts
    Clan Loyalty: Desilijic/ Quiisilli
    Specialty:Mama’s half of the Hutt Empire is mostly associated spice and illegal gambling
    Appearance: Giant. Fat. Ugly. Although to Hutts she’s stunningly beautiful and one of the most beautiful women.

    Attire: None
    Personality/Traits: Mama is selfish and doesn’t care for anyone else’s lives. She just wants to get bigger and bigger (her Empire that is :p)
    Relationships: Papa the Hutt is her beloved husband who she’s desperately ‘in love’ with although that’s only if you count in love as using your partner for personal gain.
    Base Location: Nal Hutta
    Bio: Mama was born into a wealthy crime family in southern Nal Hutta. Her father was assassinated by a bounty hunter when she was just 82 years old and her mother was later diagnosed with a terminal disease. Mama travelled to northern Nal Hutta in order to find out who hired the assassin and left her in destitute after she failed to properly control her newly inherited criminal organization.
    What she found in northern Nal Hutta was a male Hutt who she quickly seduced and planned to poison. But after a few days of knowing him she decided to keep him alive as she found out he was very rich and the son of a Hutt on the Hutt Council. Within time she was married to the man and started a family. Soon enough they found themselves heading the Hutt council and in control of a very large Hutt Empire.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Amorr Donnan
    Age: 29 years old
    Species: Twi'lek
    Home World: Ryloth
    Faction: N/A Various Slave Revolts
    Weapons: Blurrg-0905 holdout blaster
    Attire: Tattered vestments, and whatever armor he can scavenge,.
    Personality/Traits: Gruff, rude, not very trusting, compassionate, spiteful.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Physically fit, though is somewhat paranoid, and doesn't react well when cornered.
    Relationships: Wife who is still enslaved by the Hutts.
    Base Location: Wherever the wind takes him.
    Bio: Once sold to the Hutts as a slave, and murder his masters and began stirring up trouble for them, trying to undermine their empire and free as many slaves as he can. He has seen far to much combat in his life, and his mind is beginning to break down from being on the run all the time. He also misses his wife dearly, as she was separated from him early in their enslavement. He refuses to give up the fight until he finds her.
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Relevant Sith Faction NPC's

    Major NPC
    Name: Phanius
    Darth Title: Ruin
    Age: unknown
    Species: Umbaran
    Home World: Umbara
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Rank: Emperor
    Weapons: Red bladed lightsabers, the Sith army
    Starfighter: Numerous
    Appearance: Light blue skinned. Average height. Yellow eyes (and teeth).
    Attire: A burgundy robe held together with golden belts
    Personality/Traits: Ruin lacks a moral compass and is commonly referred to as a psychopath who only cares for himself and his pursuit of power
    Base Location: Galactic City, Coruscant
    Bio: Ruin was once a Jedi, however after being refused the right to investigate ancient Sith texts he abandoned the order. He went to Morriband and learnt the secrets of the dark side and within time he was a fully fledged Sith.
    After the Great Schism fifty Jedi Knights pledged their allegiance to Ruin and he created a new Sith Order. Within time he and his fellow dark Jedi were conquering isolated worlds, building up their Empire, until the day came to launch an assault on the Republic. The assault was a success and now Ruin works to obliterate the Jedi and seize absolute power

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Gerden Bale
    Darth Title: Darth Discord
    Age: 46 standard years
    Species: Human
    Home World: Corellia
    Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith; Grand Vizier of the Sith Advisory Council.
    Lightsaber: Single Standard Red blade
    Form: Form IV Ataru
    Starfighter: A Blade-class Starfighter
    Appearance: Human man, his once tanned skin has paled from his dark Side corruption. He has black hair, and his normal brown eyes have turned a bright glowing red.
    Attire: A Black Sith under tunic, overcoat, and gloves
    Personality/Traits: Once a jovial, who enjoyed making the best of life, he has grown sullen, and depressed. With his only joys now coming from growing and expanding sense of conflict in the galaxy. He takes a perverse pleasure in the suffering of others.
    Master: (Formerly) Darth Ruin
    Apprentice: None as of now
    Strengths/Weaknesses: He is very agile, and strong, though he is not very intelligent, and the finer aspects of the force allude him. He prefers to just bulldoze through his enemies.
    Relationships: He hates everyone. Though tolerates Ruins presences as he feels there are still things his old master has not taught him.
    Base Location: Stationed on Coruscant at the behest of Ruin.
    Bio: Once a Jedi knight, and best friend to Jedi Master Phanius before he left the order, Gerden was always the more free spirited of the two. He never liked to take things seriously, and preferred to live rather carefree. Though he was somewhat envious at never having been made a Jedi Master, he remained steadfastly loyal to the Jedi Order. When his old friend first resurfaced over ten years ago, Gerden was one of the first Jedi he approached with his plans. The Knight was concerned for the Umbaran, and tried to get him to see reason. But then Ruin turned his new dark powers on him, Gerden was left speechless, both in pain and awe at his power. It didn't take long for the Sith to play on his weaknesses to turn him, and from there Darth Discord was born, as the first in a new Generation of Dark Lords of the Sith.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Thalia Idiorr
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Home World: Alderaan
    Faction: N/A Various Rebel Groups
    Weapons: DL-44 XT Blaster Pistol
    Appearance: Average Human Female, brown hair and green eye's.
    Attire: White undershirt, black vest coat, and pants. Civilian Clothes. Informal.
    Personality/Traits: Serious, devoted to freedom and justice. Hates Sith, also dislikes criminal elements though willing to work with them to survive.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: She is physically fit, and very intelligent. Some might say her excessive compassion is her weakness.
    Relationships: Has a husband and child whom she has not seen for years.
    Base Location: Various, unknown.
    Bio: Once a simple business owner on Coruscant, she fled as a refugee following the Sith invasion, and has traveled through out the core and mid rim since. She considers herself a freedom fighter, and has connections with various rebel cells in old republic space. She has fought every day since to liberate these worlds from Sith control.
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    Relevant Mandalorian Faction NPC's

    Major NPC
    Name:Yage Kelborn
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Home World: Mandalor
    Faction: Mandalorian
    House: Kelborn
    Clan: Kelborn:
    Weapon: Two Webstar blaster pistols
    Starfighter: Kom’rk-class Star Fighter
    Attire: Durasteel body armour with Mandalorian markings that signify Kelborn is a Vizsla
    Personality/Traits: Yage is generally chilled but when combat is involved he gets really serious
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Yage is a military genius and skilled fighter, unfortunately he is too quick to come to conclusions on who is a friend and who’s an enemy
    Base Location: Mandalore
    Bio: Since a young age Kelborn had been a great military strategist and at just 14 years he led his first campaign , which was a complete success. Other people became jealous of him and between the ages of 16 and 20 over 200 attempts were made on his life.
    Because he was such a target he had to learn to defend himself and in time he was a cunning fighter knowing several martial arts, being able to wield blades and of course being a crack shot.
    When he was 30 he became the leader of Mandalore and pledged to get revenge on the Republic and Jedi for what they did to the great Mandalorian’s all those years ago.

    Secondary NPC
    Name: Ada'ra Kelborn
    Age: 20 years old
    Species: Human/Mandalorian
    Home World: Mandalor
    Faction: Mandalorians
    House: Kelborn.
    Clan: Kelborn
    Weapons: Mandalorian Assault rifle, and vambraces specifically designed to combat the powers of the Jedi.
    Form/Technique: Knows various forms of unarmed combat.
    Starfighter: Kom’rk-class Star Fighter
    Appearance: Young, dirty blond hair, and brown eye's.
    Attire: Traditional Mandalorian Armor, customized green to represent her devout duty to her Uncle and her world.
    Personality/Traits: She is known to be somewhat hot headed, and arrogant. She has a short fuse that isn't hard to trigger. Though Yage is trying to teach her to calm down and use logic. She holds great respect for him, and despises each of his lieutenants for different reasons. But the feeling is entirely mutual.
    Master: Her Uncle Yage Kelborn
    Strengths/Weaknesses: She is fast, and agile. Not very physically strong, though it makes little difference to her in combat. Her arrogance often undermines her, but when she takes a moment to think she is actually very intelligent.
    Relationships: Tasor Kelborb (Father Deceased), Ruv Kelborn (Mother Deceased) Yage Kelborn (Paternal Uncle)
    Base Location: Mandalor
    Bio: Ada'ra was raised on Mandalor, her father the expected heir to the title of Mand'alor, but when she was only twelve her parents were killed and everyone agreed she was not suited to be the primary heir, as her firebrand tendencies shined even then. So instead her Uncle Yage became the knew heir, and for some time she resented him for it. But by the time he actually ascended to the role of leadership two years ago she had matured enough to put her petty feelings behind her, and without hesitation Ada'ra swore loyalty to her uncle. This surprised many, though rumor is the reason she did so was because she knew she was the most logical successor should anything happen to Yage, as she was his only surviving kin.
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    We were planning on putting this in the OP but Rozic has been busy so I'll drop it here so it can be found and used as necessary by players.

    The Three Categories of NPC's
    Major NPC's: Faction Leaders. These Are GM restricted characters that no other players can use.

    Secondary NPC's: These are the Second in Commands as well as the NPC Antagonists. Only GM's Can move them drastically, hurt them, or kill them. Though Players can give them dialog, move them across the room, or use them to advance their own character arcs as long as they don't do anything long term or permanent.

    Minor NPC's: These characters basically exist in filler roles. Consistency must be maintained, they can't be in more than one place at once, and players can't maim, kill, or give them life changing events. All else is alright, move across the galaxy, or put them in certain situations to benefit your story, give them dialog or whatever else as long as that basic criteria is met.

    Any characters that do not appear in thread are practically irrelevant and may be used however is necessary as long as GM's are consulted first.

    Minor NPC's

    Sith Advisory Council

    Seat One: Darth Discord, Human Male, Grand Vizier,Base Coruscant, Secondary NPC
    Seat Two: Darth Purge, Quarren Male, Base Botor
    Seat Three: Vacant
    Seat Four:
    Darth Carnage, Human Male, Base Mrisst
    Seat Five: Darth Butchar, Human Female, Base Teyr
    Seat Six: Darth Slay, Iktotchi Female, Base Ghorman
    Seat Seven: Darth Liquidite, Male Ish Tib, Base Tepasi

    Sith Lords
    Lord Levi, Human Male, Based on Vakkar
    Lord Impost, Dressellian Male, Based on Fedalle
    Lord Grisly, Falleen Female, Based on Kattada

    Sidni Isel, Human Female, Apprenticed to Lord Levi
    Kon Farel, Givin Male, Apprenticed to Lord Grisly
    Wacten Plus, Human Male, Apprenticed to Darth Slay
    Jestar Yin, Gotal Male, Apprenticed to Darth Carnage

    Eden Yull, Human Male, Captain of The Prevalence

    Jedi Council
    Seat 1: Reth Voquen, Lannik Male, Grand Master,Base Ach-To, Major NPC
    Seat 2: Alan Trossik, Togruta Male, Master of the Order, Base Ach-To, Secondary NPC
    Seat 3: Een Gor, Human Female, Base Zaddja (Blue Blade)
    Seat 4: Iress: Rodian Male, Base Cerea (Blue Blade)
    Seat 5: Vacant
    Seat 6: Vacant
    Seat 7: Vacant
    Seat 8: Vacant
    Seat 9: Vacant
    Seat 10: Vacant
    Seat 11: Vacant
    Seat 12: Vacant

    -Most of the Council was lost during the Sith invasion of Coruscant

    Ki-Hon, Sullustian Male, Based on Codia (Green Blade)
    Korwin Firka'ag, Human Female, Based on Ach-To (Green Blade)
    Do Bill, Human Male, Based in the Red Nebula (Blue Blade)
    Jia Hiss, Caamasi Male, Based on Gorrix Minor (Blue Blade)

    Jiga Tull, Human Female, Padawan to Knight Ki-Hon (Blue Blade)
    Bibi Jenso, Bith Female, Padawan to Knight Do Bill (Blue Blade)
    Kes-Yun Thane, Cerean Male, Padawan to Master Iress (Green Blade)

    Oragilatonias, Lasat Male, Captain of The Republic
    Jintor-Valez, Klatooinian Male, Captain of The Ice Breaker

    At the start of the game their are five/six clans that rule on the Hutt council, one of which the players who join this faction will be expected to pledge their allegiance or service to.
    1. Desilijic/ Quiisilli: The leaders of the Hutt council, they exist in their current form as a joint clan. Gysor Desilijic Tiure, once a bachelor for Hutt ages, married the sole surviving member of the Quiisilli clan, Gluttony Quiisilli Thoma, whom he affectionately calls mama. With their combined assets they are amongst the most wealthy of the Hutt families, and their future children will likely have a fame all their own. Feared and envied by the other leaders, few have the bravery to go up against them.
    • Relevant servants:
    • Vuro Wilt, Twi'lek Male, Major Domo
    • Jiggren Tralli, Siniteen Male, Financier
    • G'espetan Mon, Kadas'sa 'Nikto, Chief War Strategist
    1. Etstorra: An especially bloated and ancient Hutt, Visha Estorra Huck is the sole heir to a long legacy. She is also addicted to death sticks so few actually expect her to last long, but she is a crafty slug, who likes getting her own way.
    2. Besadii: The Desilijic's strongest rival the Besadii are one of the oldest members of the council, and their current leader Jissi Besadii Kirr, isn't planning on letting that end soon. He is determined, and stubborn, willing to go to any lengths to further his own ends, and more importantly undermine Gysor.
    3. Illip: Perhaps the most reasonable, and least corrupt member of the Hutt council (Though that isn't saying much) Ruvven Illip Ogreg is more curious than anything. He has no hostility towards the other factions, though he is rightfully weary of his fellow Hutts. He is more concerned with survival than fortunes, though fortunes would be nice too.
    4. Ptiinii: Lociini Ptiinii Russ is very charismatic, and good at getting his way. He rarely has to work behind the scenes to convince people he is right and is perhaps the closest the Hutts have to a chief diplomat. Often using compliments and flattery to further his end, he has no qualms about getting his hands dirty when necessary. He is also willing to switch his loyalties at the drop of a hat as long as he sees the end result going in his favor.
    Hutt politics is complicated, and throughout the game membership of the Hutt council may shift more than once, so it is always best to be ready for anything in this faction.

    When entering the game, members of the Mandalorian faction will be expected to choose their Clan, and House. The clan you choose may be any one that existed in the old or new EU, or even one of your own design. Though you are expected to choose one of the three primary Houses to pledge your clans allegiance too.
    1. House Kryze: A relatively new house, led by Sargi Kryze they are known for their near obsession with honor, which some say they hold higher than reason. They care little for expansion and war, but are very devoted to the Mandalorian people, and will fight to defend their home. They are particularly hostile towards House Viszla, who's bloodlust they fear may end up destroying their culture and heritage. Their symbol of leadership is an ancient beskar shield.
    UUW Minor Characters

    Relevant Handmaidens
    -All female humans around the same age and appearance as the queen.

    Millitary Personnel
    Joan Feen, Human Female, Admiral of The Lake Country Capital Ship
    Tomas Wokan, Human Male, Admiral of The Independence
    Venerwaalk, Wookiee Male, Captain of The Tree Dome
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    Name: Karolus Rexx Sheelal
    Darth Title: Darth Grievance Vexx
    Preferred Ambiguous Identity: Overlord Vexx
    Age: 77
    Species: Kaleesh
    Homeworld: Kalee
    Faction: Sith
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Weapons/Lightsaber: Four lightsabers total, all crafted by Vexx in Kaleesh design. Two dual-pronged red blades (dubbed The Reprisals), two single lightsabers, one red-bladed (The Cold Blood), the other white (The White Death).
    Combat Form(s): Makashi, Soresu
    Starfighter: Customized Belbullab-22 (dubbed the Coup De Grâce)
    Appearance: Krath-style cyborg Kaleesh with stark-white armor engraved with several Sheelal tribal markings and Sith tattoos; amber reptilian eyes.
    Attire: Armor-quilted cloak bearing the Sheelal tribal symbol.
    Personality/Traits: Vexx is reclusive unless provoked; then he becomes confrontational. He prefers to keep to himself and live what is left of his life in peace among his own people, but he still enjoys a good brawl when the opportunity presents itself. He is honor-driven and honor-bound, a courageous warrior greatly respected by his people.
    Master: Darth Draconis
    Apprentice: None at this time
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Ability to utilize Sever Force to temporarily (or permanently, depending on his mood) block other Force-users from using the Force. Highly skilled in lightsaber combat and confident in that skill, he rarely turns away from a duel. His trust and loyalty is priceless if it can be obtained. His greatest weakness perhaps is his reluctance to use the Force. He is also extremely vulnerable to electricity due to his 95% metal body. His self-imposed obligation to protect his people and his planet make him fairly easy to coerce into cooperation and is quite possibly the only way to break his stubborn will.
    Relationships: None beyond friendships and alliances.
    Base Location: Kalee
    Biography: Transformed into a metal monstrosity after being discovered as a Force-sensitive Kaleesh, Vexx spent most of his life enslaved by others. His earliest years were stolen by war and slavery, then he spent decades devoted to his Sith master, but when the opportunity arose, he went AWOL and headed back to Kalee where he willfully shut down the majority of his Force abilities, choosing to lie low for the sake of maintaining his freedom. His ability to Sever the Force from others was a power coveted by the Sith and they sought to gain control over him and, by extension, his power. Determined to die in freedom, he fought off many pursuers and cloaked himself from the rest, returning to Kalee to guard his homeworld from future invasions in whatever time he had left. He still aligns himself with the Dark Side, but remains neutral unless provoked and he will forever despise the Jedi for their part in his history. Now he lives as a recluse in the mountains of Kalee, watching over the sacred burial places of his ancestors and monitoring any threatening activity occurring in the Abbaji Minor System and surrounding Wild Space. His lair is occupied by himself, his medical droid, a few Roggwarts and Guarlaras, and a host of reconstructed droids he has crafted himself from salvaged parts.
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    GM approved

    Name: Cebara Tusaak
    Species: Mandalorian
    Home World: Mandalorian
    Faction: Jedi
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Specialty: Force Push
    Weapons: Rapid Fire Blaster and Blue Lightsaber
    Form/Technique: I mastered them all
    Starfighter: None
    Personality/Traits: Brown hair, blue eyes, white skin
    Apprentice: Bahood Sirah
    Strengths: Fast, strong, and smart
    Weaknesses: Force Lightning
    Relationships: None
    Base Location: Hoth
    Bio: Unknown, doesn't remember anything accept his home world
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