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  1. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    This is a Closed, Invite-Only RPG!

    The Children of Camaxtli I: Prophecies and Covenants

    Sands will shift, winds will blow, and a group of people stumbling upon Aztecs who should be dead will be thrust into the most amusing situations. As a secret, always on the move, society called New Morelos, they aren?t too trusting of outsiders but change their ways when they come upon and capture some interesting Americans. Arriving in the correct number and time as a prophesy had once stated...and through possessing a lot of dumb luck...they are soon declared Children of Camaxtli, a God of fate and luck. Ones who will be able to help them and begin their rebuilding.

    And with such a cast as the reluctant and suave gunfighter Leon Jacobs(played by Darth_Elu), the kind-hearted but very slow-witted Shiloh Keith(played by Darth_Elu also), a second mysterious gunfighter who seems to have too much around the chest area(spacelady), and a scaredy-cat chef that?s caught in the action (as played by Reynar_Tedros), plus know things will get interesting with their journey to help the Aztecs or lose their lives instead!

    Yet in the end, will they join their captives for good or be destroyed by them?

    With such scenes as ?tests of spirit,? good ol? west style poker, scamming through a Showdown, amusing interactions with Voodoo, and interesting fears with cows, you?re in for a barrel full of laughs and a slap on the knee. Prepare yourself for the Old West like you?ve never seen it before. Cry, smile, laugh, yell in outrage, and be speechless: you?ll do it all!

    Hope your trigger finger is fast. Cause the comedic and other events will be flung at you in rapid procession.

    [copyrighted by Darth_Elu 2007] I loudly proclaim First North American(/International) Serial Rights on this...despite others writing this too.

    Get over it. :p
  2. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    GM and Co-GM (obviously :p ) Approved!

    Character Sheet ?

    General Information?
    -Name: Kathleen Harrison (Know as ?Hunter?)
    -Sex: Female
    -Age: 25
    -DOB: September 14, 1846
    -Birthplace: Virginia City, Nevada
    -Blood Type: A+
    Physical Appearance?
    -Physical Build: Slender but curvy at hips
    -Skin Tone: Fair
    -Hair Color: Silky Brown
    -Hair Style: Long straight
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -Height: 5?6
    -Weight: 130
    -Scars and Birthmarks: A long straight scar across the small of the back
    -Clothing: Brown tunic and pants, black bandanna across face and brown leather hat that covers hair and almost rest of the face
    Other Information?
    -Reason for Being in New Mexico: Traveling to help those in need
    -Weaponry: Two revolvers at hips, with a belt full of extra ammo
    -Tells when playing Cards: A concentrated look when handling a bad hand, and an increase of posture when handling a good hand
    -Current Profession: Gun fighter
    -Weaponry Skill: Revolvers: extremely good, a quick draw, rifles: Not as good, slow reload, and hand-to-hand combat: above average, prefers to use it only when in tight spots
    -Strengths: Gun fighting, reading people
    -Weaknesses: Socializing, tying knots
    Random Information?
    -Current Family: Father; Sam Harrison, and Mother; Kate Harrison (deceased), younger sister; Anne, and younger brother; Jim (deceased)
    -Family Ancestry: British and German
    -Favorite Food: Chili and bread
    -Best Trait: Kind, warm-hearted side (though that is hard to get to)
    -Worst Trait: Mysterious side
    -Quirks: Fists clench when angry, tends to breathe faster when irritated or stressed, grasps gun when slightly frighten, cocks and uncocks revolvers when bored or tired of waiting for something, and tends to talk to herself
    -Fears: Snakes, heights, and people finding out that ?Hunter? is a woman
    -Personality: Mysterious, quiet, protective, yearning to be social while hiding as ?Hunter?, sweet, kind, and warm-hearted as Kathleen
    -Bio: Kathleen was born in Virginia City, Nevada, and was an only child to Sam and Kate Harrison. When she was four years old, her mother gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. For a year the family was struggling to make a living, and when Kathleen was five, she began working around in saloons for money, and anywhere else she could.

    Finally, when she was nine years old, a small group of bandits held her family up, and as incentive for her father, Sam, to give up their money, the gun fighters killed his wife, Kate. After being completely robbed of all jewelry and money, Kathleen and her younger brother and sister began working even harder in the saloons to earn the money.

    The next winter, Kathleen?s younger brother came down with Yellow Fever and passed away a week later.

    After working extremely hard until she was thirteen, her father finally decided it was time to stop having her be a slave practically and sent her away with some money so she could follow her dreams. Soon she found herself with a group of runaways and began to teach her some gun tricks and tips. Kathleen stayed in the group for about five years before they gave her a new alias, known as Hunter.

    Kathleen, now Hunter, gained money by helping the group with bounties and soon enough bought herself two brand new revolvers and a belt filled with extra bullets. Not long after, the group even bought her a new outfit to hide the fact she was a woman, which seemed to spread doubt that she could actually do anything.

    At the age of 23, Hunter left the group and went on her own, helping those in need, and spreading fear to other gun fighters?and it showed. Now at the age of 25, Hunter is a skilled gun fighter and known throughout small and big towns alike, but is she ready for the adventure ahead of her?
  3. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    My other character I'll post later.

    General Information--

    Name: Leon Jacobs
    Sex: Male
    Age: 25
    DOB: July 22, 1846
    Birthplace: Petaluma, California, United States
    Blood Type: B+
    Physical Appearance?
    Physical Build: Buff (But not Muscular)
    Skin Tone: Tanned, White, Caucasian
    Hair Color: Brown with some Gray
    Hair Style: [link=]This[/link]
    Eye Color: Green
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 179 lbs.
    Scars and Birthmarks: Diagonal scar in right palm
    Clothing: Brown cowboy hat that has a red stripe, simple pants and dark shirt, and a dark brown coat.

    Other Information?

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: A wanderer and so he is wandering...or perhaps lost and won?t admit it
    Weaponry: Two 1871 Richards-Mason .45 Colt Caliber Revolvers, one 14 inch Combat/Hunting Knife, & one small bag of glass marbles (don?t ask)

    [image=] (1871 versions looked the same)


    Tells when playing Cards: Eyes dart to each other player in succession when he has a bad hand, stares at his cards with a blank expression if he has a good hand
    Current Profession: Gunfighter/Mercenary for Lawmen who need extra hands or tracker for families in need
    Weaponry Skill: Revolvers -8/10, Knife -5/10, Unarmed -6/10, Marbles -9/10 (don?t ask)
    Strengths: Persuasion and Combat Psychology (through experience)
    Weaknesses: Physical Endurance and Shiloh?s Stupidity

    Random Information?

    Current Family: Mother and Father [In Petaluma], Brother [Works for Post Office in San Francisco], Grandfather [Currently resides in Santa Fe]
    Family Ancestry: Great Great Great Great Grandfather from Great Britain and Great Great Great Great Grandmother from Spain
    Favorite Food: Ribs drenched in spicy sauce
    Best Trait: Niceness and Ability to create Friendships(sometimes without meaning to)
    Worst Trait: Gets irritated fairly easily...especially by Shiloh
    Quirks: When angry and irritated, his eye will twitch. More radical the angrier he gets. His face goes whiter instead of going red the angrier he gets as well.
    Fears: Water(not showers or anything, but oceans, lakes, rivers...) And White Rock(Quartz).
    Personality: Suave, charming, nice, and despises the greedy. Close to a ?Goody Two-Shoes?. Is irritated easily however and that makes conversations with him hard until he settles down.


    Bio: Leon was born in Petaluma, California on July 22, 1846. He had a pretty decent and normal childhood. Became enamored by cowboys and gunfighters at an early age. And eventually became one as was previously stated. Due to a bad incident in his life though, he tries to block out some certain memories and hardens himself in determination when it comes to other certain things. In the process, it began his fear of ?White Rock?, quartz.

    Due in large part to his persuasive skills and natural charm, he?s gotten very far in life and made some travels on pretty cheap fare. Comes in handy when he?s doing his job and trying to get around in unpredictable ways.

    Five years ago, in the year of 1866, he came across Shiloh Keith in Chloride, Arizona. At the time he did not know what he was in store for when it came to young Mr. Keith?s intelligence level. Not completely anyway. He just saw an orphan in need of help, that happened to help him in the most interesting of ways while there...and so took it upon himself to allow him to travel with him and become his best friend. Yet, despite their good moments and the help he gives...he does seem to provide more of a nuisance than help thanks to his intelligence level. In the process, he frustrates, irritates, and overall stresses out Leon on levels Mr. Jacobs never knew he could reach with stress.

    Currently however, he is lost...oh, excuse me, is ?wandering? around New Mexico in search of Texas as he heard of a lot of good job opportunities there. He has no idea what he is about to get into...
  4. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    GM & Co-GM Approved

    Name: David Spearman

    Sex: Male

    Age: 27

    DOB: 1/19/1844

    Birthplace: Valencia, NM

    Blood Type: B+

    Physical Appearance?

    Physical Build: Tall and slender

    Skin Tone: Caucasian, tanned from the sun

    Hair Color: Brown

    Hair Style: Short, generic

    Eye Color: Green

    Height: 6? 1?

    Weight: 185 lbs.

    Scars and Birthmarks: Small scar just above right eyebrow

    Clothing: Generic cowboy attire

    Other Information?

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Home

    Weaponry: A rifle and a pistol

    Tells when playing Cards: Smiles gleefully when he has a good hand, and pouts when he has a bad hand.

    Current Profession: Chef

    Weaponry Skill: Rifle - 2/10

    Pistol - 3.5/10

    Strengths: Cooking, carving

    Weaknesses: Weaponry, toughness

    Random Information?

    Current Family: Charlotte Spearman (mother), Boss Spearman (father)

    Family Ancestry: Italian

    Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes

    Best Trait: Cooking

    Worst Trait: Scaredycat

    Quirks: When he?s nervous, he can?t stop blinking his eyes. Can?t play poker for his life due to being unable to keep a poker face.

    Fears: Indians, storms, wild animals, many others

    Personality: David is a very fearful and worrisome man, though he is a kind and caring person as well


    Bio: Known for his special dish of steak and mashed potatoes (pretty generic sounding, but he can make it taste better than anything you?ve ever eaten), David Spearman is an esteemed cook in Valencia. His parents moved to Texas after they retired, but he decided to stay behind to pursue his culinary career.

    After starting his own restaurant called The Greasy Spoon, David?s finances began to flourish. Customers flooded into his restaurant one after another, demanding all types of food.

    But one man named Red Foxx demanded David to pay his medical expenses when he fell ill after eating a cheeseburger. David had no choice but to pay the man, who later revealed that he was faking his illness, and his finances took a hit.

    Now, after rebuilding his bank account, David continues to manage The Greasy Spoon in hopes of one day expanding his restaurant throughout America.

    FORCE-WIELDER1 Jedi Master star 5

    Nov 8, 2004
    GM Approved :D

    Name: Cesar Quintana

    Sex: Male

    Age: 19

    DOB: 08/06/1852

    Birthplace: Monterey, Mexico

    Blood Type: B+

    Physical Appearance?Fairly tall, thin and defined body, has great posture for being a Ranchero?s son, has a thick neck from all the farm work, chiseled jaw, long black eyelashes, very thin eyebrows, and deep, somber eyes

    Physical Build: Thin, athletic build, well defined

    Skin Tone: Light tan

    Hair Color: Black

    Hair Style: Messy, somewhat long

    Eye Color: Light brown

    Height: 5?10? (6? with boots)

    Weight: 160 .lbs

    Scars and Birthmarks: tiny mole-size birthmark dead center on his forehead right beneath his hairline, small mole on the right side of his lip

    Clothing: Weathered pair of dark jeans, brown and off-white plaid shirt, light brown leather belt, rustic belt buckle of the family emblem, good ?ol aged rust-colored cowboy boots, traditional Mexican Caballero hat, and a buffalo hide coat (for cold weather)

    Other Information? Cesar?s means of transportation is his horse, Esperanza

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Work, to support his mother and two sisters

    Weaponry: His stepfather?s pistol, a lasso, and a rifle that was given to him by his grandfather when he became an ?hombre?

    Tells when playing Cards: Scratches between his eyebrows when he has a bad hand, chews his lip when he has a good hand

    Current Profession: Cattle herder

    Weaponry Skill: Capable of handling a pistol, rifle, and surprisingly a lasso. Exceptional marksman with both the pistol and rifle as far as hunting goes (On a scale he?s a 5/10). His real talent is with a lasso (definitely a 9/10).

    Strengths: Selflessness and heart

    Weaknesses: Selflessness and a quick temper

    Random Information-- Cesar has never actually shot to kill a person.

    Current Family: Jose (his step-father), Erika (his mother), Andreia (5 year-old sister), Tatiana (14 year-old sister), Sebastian (12 year-old cousin), and Christopher (22 year-old brother)

    Family Ancestry: His mother?s family was from Guadalajara, Mexico and his father?s family was from Chimaltenango, Guatemala, however his great-grandfather married a Japanese immigrant so there is a hint of chinkyness in his eyes, he also has some vague Mayan heritage

    Favorite Food: Enchiladas, and arroz con frijoles

    Best Trait: Headstrong

    Worst Trait: Impatience

    Quirks: When he?s in deep thought or happy he has a habit of curling the hair above his right ear with his index finger

    Fears: Failing his family by not being successful in providing for them

    Personality: Cesar is very independent, and at the same time he is dependable. His loyalty must be earned and his selflessness is what causes others to befriend him. His responsibilities are to his family, but at times they overwhelm him. His fiery temper has been known to get him into some intense arguments with his parents, and friends, however in the end he is the first to admit his error and apologize.

    Bio: Cesar was born and raised in Monterey, Mexico. He was born Cesar Narro but eventually took the name of his stepfather. At the age of two his father abandoned him and his mother, but eventually a real genuine man stepped into his life. Jose Quintana fell in love with Erika Lima and little Cesar. He became the father Cesar never had and he loved him for that. Jose was hardworking and sacrificed much to provide for his growing family. As a young boy Cesar grew up doing farm work and tending cattle and horses. His stepfather was very firm on him when it involved work on their ranch and this firmness helped mold Cesar into the man he would become. Tatiana was born and Cesar became a big brother. Eventually, Christopher, Cesar?s cousin, would join the family after his abusive stepfather drove him away from his mother Ana. Jose and Erika took Christopher in and he became Cesar?s big brother. For years it was perfect, Cesar had his two heroes, his father and Chris. Eventually Andreia was born and she brought even more joy to the Quintana family. Little Sebastian, Cesar's c
  6. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Here's my other character. ;)

    General Information--

    Name: Shiloh Keith
    Sex: Male
    Age: 20
    DOB: January 19, 1851
    Birthplace: Chloride, Arizona, United States
    Blood Type: B-
    Physical Appearance?
    Physical Build: Lean
    Skin Tone: Fair skin, White, Caucasian
    Hair Color: See Picture Below
    Hair Style: [link=]This[/link]
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 152 lbs.
    Scars and Birthmarks: None
    Clothing: [link=]Pretty much this[/link]

    Other Information?

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Best friend to Leon and so is currently traveling with him
    Weaponry: One 1860 Richards-Mason .45 Colt Caliber Revolver and one 1866 Yellowboy Border (Lever Action) Rifle


    Tells when playing Cards: You?ll know. Trust me.
    Current Profession: None
    Weaponry Skill: Revolver -4/10, Rifle -7/10, Unarmed -3/10
    Strengths: Rifle Reloading and Dumb Luck (when it appears it?s in full force)
    Weaknesses: Intelligence and Horse-Riding

    Random Information?

    Current Family: All unknown(barely remembers), was an Orphan
    Family Ancestry: Unknown, but seems to have a bit of Irish blood in him through his fair skin
    Favorite Food: Lamb
    Best Trait: Willingness to Help
    Worst Trait: See Above...You?ll Understand In Time
    Quirks: The most blank expression you?ll ever see when confused...and that is often
    Fears: Cows
    Personality: Nice, willing to help if you?re a friend or an ally, and lucky, but doesn?t have many lights on upstairs. If any.


    Bio: Shiloh Keith, a man destined to be an orphan, was born in Chloride, Arizona on January 19, 1851. From that moment he was raised well, though not with much comforts and getting below average nourishment from his parents. They were poor and actually did not care much for their son as he had been an accident child; they had never intended to have one. Not then at least.

    His prize possession in his very early childhood was his beloved Teddy bear that had buttons for eyes(one was missing though) named ?Rocks.? He was easy going as a baby and toddler, yet his parents continued not to care much for him and eventually they came to a decision.

    It was on one lonely and depressing October night in 1854, where Shiloh fulfilled his destiny to become an Orphan due to his parents? actions. They gave him one last meal, handed him ?Rocks?, and then walked right out the door. There they left him and it was then that they abandoned him, only three years old, while he stood on their now abandoned home?s doorstep; clutching his teddy bear and crying for mommy. His toddler cries fell upon deaf ears as she and his father continued their trek east. Without him.

    He eventually curled up on that dusty doorstep outside with Rocks that night and fell asleep. Shiloh never moved from that doorstep, waiting for his parents to come back for nearly a week. He never ate or drank.

    It was on another night that one passing man that was out for a walk spotted him asleep on the doorstep with a small pack of coyotes slowly approaching his slumbering form. Dumbfounded by the discovery, the man managed to scare off the coyotes and rescue the young child. From that moment on, Shiloh lived a more normal(and love-filled) life in Chloride.

    When he was nine in 1860, right before the American Civil War began, he was dared to climb the large water tower of the town by one of his friends. Not one to back down from a challenge, no matter the risk, Shiloh climbed the tower. However, as he scaled closed to the top and almost completed his dare, he lost his grip and fell to the ground. Lucky again, Shiloh Keith survived and continued on with his life, though much medical expense was covered over him on the situation and his friend reprimanded. It is this event
  7. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Hello everyone, GM & Co-GM. Here's my approved character sheet. This here is terra incognita for me, so I have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I just hope it turns out well. ( with a lil' help from my friends, I have no doubt it will) ;)

    Character Sheet -

    Name: Ismael 'Lazaro' Santa Fe-Cadwell

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    DOB: December 24, 1850.

    Birthplace: El Paso, Texas

    Blood Type: B+

    Physical Appearance: Unasumingly handsome, workers attire

    Physical Build: Slim and athtletic

    Skin Tone: tan

    Hair Color: dark brown

    Hair Style: shag

    Eye Color: green

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 145 lbs.

    Scars and Birthmarks: several, mostly on hands from manual labor.

    Clothing: Workers attire. Cotton shirt and pants, belt, worker's boots. Bandana, Hunting Knife and canteen. Messenger bag with provisions.

    Other Information? Ismael is of mixed parentage. His ill father is a former minister and missionary. His mother is mexican. Hence, he is bilingual and fluent in both spanish and english.

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: In search of an herbalist who is said to have travelled to New Mexico. He needs better medicine for his ailing father.

    Weaponry: Ismael is quite capable with his Hunting Knife and his faith.

    Tells when playing Cards: Ismael does not gamble, but he enjoys watching a good game. Very intense.

    Current Profession: translator and all around help ( to his parents )

    Weaponry Skill: Ismael doesn't like guns. Although he avoids violence, he is quite capable with his knife, due to his hunting and survival experiences.

    Strengths: His faith and his intellect.

    Weaknesses: Temper and Temptations of the flesh. ( Sometimes he can be naive )

    Random Information: Ismael likes to draw, though its discouraged by his strict father.

    Current Family: Father ( Simon Cadwell ) and his mother ( Esperanza Maria Rosa Santa Fe ) He is an only child and is often lonesome. Has a hard time making friends.

    Family Ancestry: His green eyes could be construed as a hint of some irish blood, his tan skin clearly marks his indigenous heritage.

    Favorite Food: Empanadas

    Best Trait: His stuborn alturism, or his out of the blue sense of humor, usually involving a play on words. At least he thinks they're funny.

    Worst Trait: His temper or his brooding bouts.

    Quirks: Tends to daydream. He'll get that 'far away' look in his eyes.

    Fears: getting caught sinning.

    Personality: Ismael is just shy of complex. He is generally friendly and courteous, which is required of a translator. However, his strict upbringing makes it difficult for him to fit-in with his peers. He hasn't experienced alot of what the world has to offer. He dislikes liars, thieves and betrayers. He often turns red around pretty ladies and gets tongue tied.

    Bio: Ismael is also nicknamed 'Lazaro' or Lazarus, because it was believed that he was still born. His Father prayed for a miracle, and as he finished, the little baby began crying. For most of his life, Ismael has been travelling with his father and mother as missionaries, preaching and helping out spanish speaking immigrants. Sometime after Ismael turned 17, his father became mysteriously ill. His health has been declining ever since. By the time he was 19, Simon Cadwell was forced to stop his work, due to illness. Ismael has continued his job of translator in order to support, provide shelter and pay for his father's medicine.

    His beautiful mother has never wavered in her supporting role, even through the adversities they've gone through.

    His mission now is to find that medicine man.


    I hope this is close to what you need.
  8. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Thank ye to all those posted and hopefully I can get this thing started soon enough. Lets see if the others will start posting sheets soon. :p
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    Dec 13, 2003
    [hl=black]Darth_Elu[/hl] Approved!

    General Information--
    Name: Ciro Del Olmo
    Sex: Male
    Age: 47
    DOB: March 11th, 1824
    Birthplace: Unknown or undetermined, speculated to be Mexico City
    Blood Type: O-
    Physical Appearance?
    Physical Build: Medium muscular
    Skin Tone: Dark tan
    Hair Color: Jet black
    Hair Style: Worn in a long ponytail that reaches the middle of his back
    Eye Color: Almond brown
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 176lbs
    Scars and Birthmarks: many small scars litter his face; one large scar runs down from the left side of his forehead down to the right side of his face down to his cheek
    Clothing: Wears a large sombrero that frequently covers his face, making it extremely difficult to read his facial features at times; wears a traditional poncho of Mexico over his dark clothing; wears black jeans and a black ranchers shirt
    Other Information?
    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Looking for work, wandered in by accident
    Weaponry: Two rifles mounted in slings on his back along with a trusty black-iron revolver worn in a holster on his waist
    Tells when playing Cards: Doesn't play cards. Shoots first, asks questions later. If anything, he would furrow his brow.
    Current Profession: Wandering gunman
    Weaponry Skill: Extremely skilled with a longarm acclaimed to "shoot the tail off a Gila lizard at 200 feet", not the quickest draw, but a damn accurate shot with a sidearm
    Strengths: Fluent in the English language, has an eye for detail
    Weaknesses: Not very fond of meeting or speaking with new people, highly suspicious of others
    Random Information?
    Current Family: Guadalupe Del Olmo-Juarez (Mother), Hector Del Olmo (Father, deceased), Paco Del Olmo (Brother, presumed dead)
    Family Ancestry: Spanish and Mayan
    Favorite Food: Spicy chiles
    Best Trait: Honorable
    Worst Trait: Smokes cigarillos
    Quirks: Has a tendency to spit his cigarillo from his mouth when taking aim with his revolver, rubs his moustache twice before walking into a building
    Fears: The death of his mother above all else
    Personality: Not particularly quiet, Ciro would not be known to spark conversation at the drop of his sombrero. He is often taking in the details of his surroundings, especially in case a gunfight would break out and he needed to find a strategic vantage point. Ciro is quiet, calm, collected, and rarely starts a confrontation. Ciro rarely backs down from a fight, but knows when to run when he is beaten.
    Born to Guadalupe and Hector Del Olmo, Ciro and his twin brother Paco grew up during the turn of the century for their country. The two learned the ways of farming from their father, also learning how to hunt the indigenous species around their homestead. Ciro, being the better gunman, gained the envy of his brother, who attempted to hone his skill during one of their routine outings. Paco, given his impulsive nature, practically destroyed his right eye when the rifle butt flew back and broke the bones around his eye.

    Blinded and disheartened, Paco conceded victory to his older brother, although no contest had been made. Ciro continued to care for his younger sibling for many years, until the death of their father when they were only 15. Ciro left his homestead in search of work, and has not returned since. His mother thought to have abandoned him, and his brother was rumored to have been killed by a group of bounty hunters who claimed he stole from the local sheriff in a Texas town.

    Taking it upon himself as an "avenger", Ciro has traveled the landscape in search of work, food, and those who may or may not have killed his brother. His skills have been honed to near-pinpoint accuracy, giving him a deadly range with his rifles and an even deadlier aim with his revolver.
  10. spacelady

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    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: *sighs* Up!
  11. starwarsbeauty

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    Feb 1, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Genevieve(Genny)Changey
    Sex: female
    Age: 19
    DOB: August 28, 1852
    Birthplace: New York City, New York
    Blood Type: B+
    Physical Appearance?
    Physical Build: Petite but she stays thin and curvy.
    Skin Tone: creamy white
    Hair Color: Reddish brown
    Hair Style: waist length, either pulled into a bun or just left hanging
    Eye Color: Stormy blue
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Scars and Birthmarks: Scar on her right wrist
    Clothing: a pale pink morning/afternoon tea gown with almost half of the skirt cut off
    Other Information?
    Reason for Being in New Mexico: got lost on her way to find a ranch
    Weaponry: a pistol she stole
    Tells when playing Cards: Genny?s body gets quite stiff when she has a bad hand but relaxes when a she holds a good hand.
    Current Profession: companion
    Weaponry Skill: none at all
    Strengths: Can befriend almost anyone
    Weaknesses: Men
    Random Information?
    Current Family: Mother and Father (Suzhanna and Charles Changey)
    Family Ancestry: Her grandfather and grandmother on both parents sides came from France
    Favorite Food: Petite Fours
    Best Trait: Sweet
    Worst Trait: Stubborn
    Quirks: giggles when she is nervous
    Fears: Spiders and snakes
    Personality: Genny has a sweet personality. Normally bubbly but always ladylike. Unless you make her cross which is hard to do but possible. When cross she can be stubborn and sometimes a little rude.
    Bio: In 1852, Charles and Suzhanna invited a beautiful baby girl into their wonderful family of 5. The girl was doted on by her parents and older siblings considering she was the youngest of them all. When Genny was five years old she began her education. She learned to speak Latin, do all sorts of math, and became well versed in etiquette. During her schooling, the young girl read many books of ranches in the west and she decided that she would one day go there and live on a ranch. She would get away from the formal life she now lived. At the age of thirteen, she had learned all she could in school and her mother began to teach her the ways of wife. When she had reached the age of sixteen, Genny was of age to be married and her parents immediately began to look for a suitor. Genny did not want to be married yet, so she decided to become her aunts companion and put some of her schooling into practice. After only a year, her aunt passed away. Genny had no trouble finding a new employer and soon she was wisked away to France, England, and Ireland. Genny?s employer, an elderly woman, decided she wanted to see her daughter who had moved west, so Genny had to follow. Genny learned many valuable skills at this time such as cards and riding a horse. They stayed with the woman?s daughter for almost 6 months when the woman decided to go home. Genny had become quite attached to the west and decided she wanted to go a little farther south and find a ranch to live on. A family she had befriended was leaving soon and they decided they could take her. On the way there the family had come to the conclusion that they should go home. Genny didn?t want to and so, they gave her a horse and let her continue. That is how she arrived in New Mexico.
  12. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Thank you all for joining! :D Sometime tomorrow, probably late afternoon or early evening, this adventure shall begin.

    The wait is coming to a close. ;)
  13. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Wait until after my next post that is coming later, before you yourself can post.

    A gate shut its doors and the only thing to showcase its happening was the displacement of some sand. A form slipped through and nodded toward something before moving off to a different part of some type of walled in town turned fort.

    Another form slowly moved from one main building to greet it and hushed tones spoke to each other. One feminine and the other male, with an authorative tone.

    ?I have spotted those close to our territory.?

    ?How many in number??

    ?I have spotted three, but I feel there are more that I did not see.?

    One of the forms shifted uncomfortably. ?And yet you returned??

    ?They seem to be heading here, whether knowing it or not.?

    ?I see...then we must do what we will to protect ourselves. They must not reveal our presence here. Not now.?

    ?Of course. I shall get the Captain of the Guard and some warriors to get rid of them.?

    ?I shall accompany you as well.?

    ?Are you sure, Chieftain??

    ?I am certain. I feel I must...?

    ?As you wish, I will ready the others.?

    ?As you will.?

    The first form slipped off gracefully and quickly yet again while the other stayed a moment before heading back into the main building it had come from. Many eyes, unseen, could be felt having watched the interaction. And to those watching, it felt like something ominous was approaching.

    Was Fate about to hand them something? And was it for Ill or for Prosperity?

    Soon, all without making a sound, the two forms followed by at least twenty others made their way out of the gates and toward a place that would soon become an unexpected congregation of lost wanderers. And not long after that, they would be descended upon without the slightest clue of what was to happen...

    None knew what was to come.
  14. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: The wait is over.

    Chapter 1: Meeting of the Fates

    Leon Jacobs & Shiloh Keith IC:

    With a sound of a doom slowly creeping closer, a vulture circled overhead during one hot day, kicking off the month of June and subsequently, summer. The crunching of rocks was heard underfoot and the feeling of being stuck in the middle of earth and air was complete.

    ?I?m tired, when are we going to stop for Hell?s sake??

    ?I am not going to stop in the middle of nowhere, Shiloh, not yet anyway. And it?s Heaven?s sake.?

    ?But what about Hell??

    ?It?s bad, Shiloh. You know about it.?

    ?But why does it not getting any sake for its own? Feels like we?re there too.?

    ?No comment.?

    In fact, it did feel like they were in Hell from a poetic point of view. It was hot, it seemed endless, it was uncomfortable land, and it was one real large pain in the...

    ?Hey Leon??

    That was another thing too. As nice a guy as Shiloh Keith was...he was as smart as a bag of rocks. And, without meaning to be(and Leon did realize this fact), was as irritating as the land itself. However, with a large sigh, he responded to his friend.


    ?Think we?ll ever find where we?re going? Being lost ain?t all that fun.?

    ?For the last time, we?re not lost. We?re...we?re wandering.?

    Shiloh stopped a moment and Leon did as well to turn to look at him, watching the older man?s words hit him. It was a sad thing to watch really, as it registered within him at an incredibly slow rate.

    ?Oh. Right. I forgot, Leon, I?m sorry. Well, wandering ain?t fun then.?

    ?I know, but it happens.?


    In truth, they were not wandering, they were lost. But Leon?s pride would never let him admit that, not even to Shiloh. In fact, he barely admitted to himself.

    He looked left and saw endless New Mexico desert. He looked right and saw endless New Mexico desert. He looked ahead and saw endless New Mexico desert. Leon even wheeled around to look behind them(Shiloh turned to find out what he was looking at, poor man). What did he see? Endless New Mexico desert of course. It was the same sights he and Shiloh had been seeing for the past five days.

    Closing his eyes in irritation and upturning his face to the sky, he quietly took a moment to try to calm himself and talk to the one person he thought could help him. Again.

    Please Lord, if you could only point me in the right would be really nice right now. I confess my growing irritation and so I turn to you to show me the way. Thank you, oh Holy Lord and Creator of Heaven and Earth. Amen.

    ?Are you talking to God again??

    ?Yes, Shiloh, I was talking to God again.?

    ?What did he say??

    Leon went silent for a moment and finally opted not to respond to the question and instead continued the course they had been going on.

    ?Come on, we?re pressing ahead.?

    ?Ahead he said? Smart God.?

    Leon smiled despite himself. Poor man.

    After another couple of hours, he swore he saw some other forms in the distance. They were all heading for each other. Wonder who they were? He was hesitant on who they could be and yet...

    ?Hey look, Leon! I think I see other people!?

    Thank you, Lord.

    Tag: Everyone

    OOC: For clarification, the other people are all of you. We see each other in the distance.
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    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Kathleen Harrison

    Walking and time for resting. Not now anyway. The dark figure continued on, dragging and trudging the boots onward. The mind wanting, needing to go on, but the body needing to stop.

    Kathleen Harrison slowly walked on, currently wearing a brown shirt, pants, a black hat and bandanna covered most of her face, the only thing showing were the brown eyes. A brown horse walking by the woman's side. As she continued on quietly, an object hit the ground behind her with a soft thud. Stopping immediately, she turned and found her bag lying still on the ground.

    Not. Again...

    The woman sighed and walked back after giving a small whistle to signal to the horse to stop. She headed toward the brown bag and leaned down, grabbing and yanking it back off the sandy ground. Slumping her shoulders down heavily, she trudged off back toward the horse. When she reached it, she tied the rope back onto the saddle and then decided to mount him.

    Getting on the saddle, Kathleen started the horse off and held onto the reins as he slowly trotted. As soon as she heard another thud, she made the horse come to a complete halt and cocked her head to the side, finding the bag back on the ground.

    "I...can...not believe this!" Letting out one long sigh, she hopped off and marched back to the bag and yanked it clear off the ground. Sighing she returned to the horse and tied it for even longer than what she did the first few times, and then mounted again.

    Starting off once more, she rode for a few more minutes before she could notice several forms appearing in the distance...Was...was that mirage? The sun, the heat, and the incredibly hot wind...and the desert made everything blurry and hard to see.

    Kathleen lifted up the rim of her black hat to get a better look at the group approaching.

    ?Hey look, Leon! I think I see other people!?

    Jerking her head to her right she saw two men standing not far away from her side. One had brown hair with a few strands of gray hair and green eyes, and the other had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

    Hearing a thud, Kathleen very slowly removed her eyes off of the two men and hesitantly looked back...once again to find the brown and dirty bag...on the ground behind the horse.

    Tag: Leon, Shiloh, and Everyone
  16. Zedd-Vega

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    Dec 13, 2003
    Ciro Del Olmo

    Somewhere in the New Mexico desert

    [blockquote]Ciro continued walking in his stoic, stiff-mannered gait throughout the desert. Several days had passed since he had seen a settlement or town, and he was beginning to wonder if he had been going in circles the entire time. With that thought ricocheting through his mind at a zillion miles an hour, he paused and looked behind himself as if to question his initial route. With several grumbles and a swig of water later, Ciro headed off in the direction that he came, determined to find his way towards a settlement.

    "I've seen that cactus before," Del Olmo stated, eyeing the prickly plant. His eyes narrowed in anger as he kicked the thick-bodied trunk, cracking it heavily where his boot connected. The ten-foot tall cacti began to lean in the opposite direction of Ciro, which gave him mild satisfaction for the time being. He decided it was best to walk away from the falling aguaro and began going southeast instead of northeast.

    The sudden blockage of the sun caused Ciro to turn with enough time left for a horrified expression to cross his face. The cactus had returned. Its revenge was sweet, crushing the rifleman flat beneath its spines and weight. Ciro screamed aloud and struggled to get out from beneath the planet-version of an iron maiden. With the struggling finally over, and the spines slowly being pulled from his backside, Ciro approached what he thought to be three people, or images of people, gathered in a small group. Ciro, never being the one to initate conversation on his own, felt the need to express that he had been attacked by a cactus on the road back there. For some odd reason, he felt it followed him.

    "A little help, por favor?" The Mexican asked, his accent apparent. He waved the three down as he spoke, hoping to at least garner their attention for a moment before the evil cactus returned.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kathleen, Shiloh, Leon, anyone else
  17. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Ismael 'Lazaro' Santa Fe

    New Mexico

    Ismael had lost all sense of time. How long had he been in this accursed desert, he did not know. He couldn't quite recall. All that he knew presently was his need for survival. If he failed in his mission, he'd condemn his father to an untimely death.

    But the desert eait was cruel and relentless and the dust was as always, ever present. It was in his hair, his face, his clothes, his hands, everywhere. His bandana was so drenched with sweat and caked with dust, he didn't think he'd ever use it again. Ismael was so hungry and tired that his empty bag of provisions felt like it weighed a ton.

    What was worse, was his canteen.

    Ismael was certain that he'd drain the thing of it's last drop of water, so why did he keep hearing it slush around with a little bit of the precious liquid. For what seemed like the five hundreth time, Ismael shook his canteen...dubiously, yet, there it was-that liquid sound. Sighing to himself and driven by an undeniable thirst, Ismael opened his canteen yet again and turned it upside down. He placed his hand right under it........and nothing. Not a single drop of water flowed forth.

    Ismael snorted as he felt his growing frustration turning to anger. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to remain calm. Why did his canteen seem to have water when it didn't?

    It had to be a trick.

    A trick from the enemy.

    "Salte de aqui Diablo!" he said in spanish as he crossed himself, which was a gesture he got from his mother. His father was not so keen on it.

    "Dios en los cielos, Le suplico...necesito un milagro."

    As Ismael fell to his knees and asked for a miracle,movement caught his peripheral vision. The youngman turned his head and could hardly believe his eyes.

    "Un espejismo?"

    As he considered what he saw to be a mirage, it slowly dawned on him that it wasn't. What were the odds that other people would be lost in the same desert as he was?

    It didn't matter. This was obviously a miracle.

    "Muchas gracias mi Señor..." Ismael said looking up to heaven. A smile of relief came over him as he got up and dusted himself off as best he could. His canteen shook as he did so, and the liquid sound was no longer there. He made a mental notation that he was no longer being 'harassed' by the enemy.

    "HOLA!!! Over HERE!!"

    Ismael waved as his voice craked. He was surprised at the strength that surged through him at the moment. It was quite uncanny.

    Not worrying too much about it, Ismael took his dust covered self and proceed forward to greet the others he had so miraculously found.

    Tag: Desert people
  18. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    IC: David Spearman
    New Mexico

    David continued to watch the small round compass that he held in front of him, the arrow pointing east just as he wanted. Judging by the map that he'd looked at earlier, he should have already been home by now, but instead he was sweating under the scorching sun, standing amongst an endless stretch of hot desert sand.

    "What do you think, Haas?" the young chef asked the mule that he pulled along with him. The animal "hee-hawed" a reply, and David nodded. "I agree. We're lost."

    He sat down next to the mule, not minding the awful smell that it produced. He grabbed the cantine that hung off his belt and took a swig of water, letting the refreshing liquid wash down his throat like the Mississippi River. He wished he was there right about then.

    And just then, he looked up and saw several figures in the distance. "Travelers?" he said to himself. He stood up quickly, stumbling back slightly and regaining his footing. "Hey!" he shouted, waving his hands frantically. "Hey! HEY!"

    The chef began to lead Haas to the group, hoping and praying that what he was seeing wasn't an illusion.

    Tag: Any
  19. starwarsbeauty

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    Feb 1, 2005
    IC: Genny Changey

    Looking at the hem of her skirt, and wondering what she looked like, Genny hopped back onto her chocolate colored horse. She wasn't sure how long she had been wandering. The young girl was beginning to think that it was a mistake going off on her own. She should have waited till someone was willing to go with her. How could she have been so stupid?

    The scenery was all the same. There was lots of sand and cactus. Letting out a sigh, Genny placed her head down onto her horse. Her long hair falling down on each side mixed into the horses mane. Her pink dress wrapped around her legs and she could feel the dusty hem rub against her body. She needed sleep terribly but wasn't willing to stop until she found a town or at least a human.

    Genny's blue eyes opened and she quickly sat up. Had she heard voices? Looking into the distance, the girl thought she saw figures walking.

    "Hey! HEY!"

    A smile spread across her face.

    "Come on boy." She said as she tried to get her horse to move faster. "There are people out there and they might be able to lead us into a town!" Coming closer to the figures, Genny decided to make her presence known.


    Tag: all
  20. Darth_Vaders_cousin

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    Nov 12, 2004
    Character Sheet -

    General Information--
    Name: Jayson "Ace" Bryce
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    DOB: 4-12-1841
    Birthplace: San Antonio, Texas (Lone Star Republic)
    Blood Type: O+
    Physical Appearanceâ??
    Physical Build: Thin but muscled
    Skin Tone: White/Tan
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Hair Style: Short, trim
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Scars and Birthmarks: Bullet scar on upper right arm
    Clothing: (Black)

    Other Informationâ??
    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Too many debts to pay in Texas

    Weaponry: (x2) (x3)
    Two Throwing Knives

    Tells when playing Cards: Very few tells as a pro-player. Tends pile his cards into a single stack when has a good hand, and play with his chips on a bad one.
    Current Profession: Gambler
    Weaponry Skill: Derringers (Excellent), Peacemakers (Good), Lever Action .30/.30 (poor)
    Strengths: Sleight of Hand, Lying
    Weaknesses: Liquer Addiction, doesn't know when to quit
    Random Informationâ??
    Current Family: None, all dead
    Family Ancestry: English
    Favorite Food: Carne Esada
    Best Trait: Gambler's Sense (Seems to be able to predict things, and tell someone's emotions by reading them)
    Worst Trait: Drinks too much
    Quirks: Jumpy, draws his weapons for apparently no reason.
    Fears: Someone is always lurking around the corner. His debts will catch up with him. And spiders, hates the buggers with a passion.
    Personality: Happy go lucky, but can turn serious in an instant. Finds humor in every situation.

    He was born in San Antonio just a few years after the Massacre at the Alamo. He learned to play cards and shoot from his dad. Being the only child, he was well cared for, and forced to mature at a young age when his father was killed at the local bar one night. The circumstances were never reveiled, but it appeared that one of the two men was cheating, and some how either of them landed a slug in the other. Death was inevitable.
    He grew up, determined to not fall in his father's path, he practiced quick draw for years, but never was quite fast enough. But he could gamble, and, against his better judgement, followed in his father's footsteps after his mom's death due to old age. He journeyed all around Texas, making a small fortune, and a large debt at the same time.
    One night, in Houston, he found himself in his father's shoes. He was caught with metal card handler up either sleeve, and after laying down a Dead-Man's Hand, took a Derringer bullet in his right arm while reaching for his cross draw. After that, he devoted himself to not only being a good cheater, but also a good shooter. He modified his card-handler's to each hold a Derringer, which is thrust into his hand when he curls his arm. He also perfected the art of throwing knives, one held in a tight sheath on either forearm, which can be released with a heavy flick of the wrist.
    Eventually, he racked up a large bounty in Texas, not to mention his debt, he left his home land with jus tth eclothes on his back and a pair of Canteens, one whiskey and the other water, and made for a new life in New hind sight, he should have taken a compass and a map...

    PRENNTACULAR VIP star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Dec 21, 2005

    General Information--
    Name: Elias Norman Hemingway

    Sex: Male

    Age: 26

    DOB: 6/2/1845

    Birthplace: A trail in the midwest

    Blood Type: AB-

    Physical Appearance?

    Physical Build: Slim, but strong, and in good shape,
    good muscle tone

    Skin Tone: Light Brown

    Hair Color: Sandy Brown

    Hair Style: Mid-length, stylishly disheveled

    Eye Color: Dark Blue

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 210

    Scars and Birthmarks: Scar on back from where he got in
    a fight with a man with a whip, scar on wrist from a nasty knife fight

    Clothing: tight brown, plaid, button up shirt, light brown leather jacket, jeans, brown boots, black hat

    Other Information?

    Reason for Being in New Mexico: Elias has nowhere to go and no one to see...he has taken to wandering around the states looking for quick cash, he got a tip that there was some to be found in New Mexico

    Weaponry: Medium sized knife, two revolvers, a rifle with his horse

    Tells when playing Cards: Usually none, but a really skilled player will notice a slight increase in the blinking speed of Elias when he is bluffing

    Current Profession: Roaming around and getting into trouble

    Weaponry Skill: Elias prefers to use his twin pistols, with which he is quite competent. In a pinch, he's got skill with the blade as well. And all around great fighter.

    Strengths: Fighting, Lying

    Weaknesses: Women, feelings

    Random Information?

    Current Family: Elias has a brother in St. Luis who he never talks to, and a mother and father in Boston who have disowned him

    Family Ancestry: German and Australian, though Elias' family has been here since the revolution

    Favorite Food: Jerky

    Best Trait: Elias has a big heart, and is a great leader, but to get to those, it takes a lot of working through his 'tough outer skin'

    Worst Trait: Elias is addicted to women, gambling, and alcohol

    Quirks: ALWAYS has jerky or tobacco in his mouth. Always

    Fears: Commitment and feelings

    Personality: Elias is your average ranger. He is tough, distant, rowdy, dirty, and apathetic about a lot of things, but under all of that he is a good guy. He just doesn't let anybody know that


    Bio: Elias was borne on the trail to a prominent Boston mother. His father was a wandering tramp, with whom his mother had a fling. It would have been rather unfitting for a lady of her stature to keep a bastard son, so she gave sold in Oklahoma before arriving back in Boston. Elias grew up the 'apprentice' of a Saloon owner, where he learned to fight, cuss, smoke, play cards and shoot. At the age of 16, Elias' 'owner' lost the bar in a poker game, and the two were put on the streets. His guardian having more important things to worry about, Elias was left to fend for himself. Since then he's been roaming the trails, looking for women, drinks, card games, cash, and the occasional injustice.

    FORCE-WIELDER1 Jedi Master star 5

    Nov 8, 2004
    Cesar Quintana


    The Desert, New Mexico

    The New Mexico summer afternoon was unrelentingly hot as ever. It wasn't just any heat, it was dry, arid, desert heat. The kind that could kill a man, if not drive him mad. Only a fool would travel in such dangerous conditions. Cesar Quintana was no fool, he was man driven by purpose. However with the sun smiling down on him, it was easy to forget why he traveled to such a god-forsaken land in the first place. This wasn't exactly what he had in mind. He was looking for good work that paid well to support his family, but in order to find work he had to find civilization. Apparantly he took a wrong turn somewhere. The toothless smiling old man that had told him to keep going north-east must have known what lay ahead for the lone ranchero, maybe that's why he was smiling so much as they parted...

    "Dios mio, can it get any hotter?" Cesar thought to himself. A slight breeze blew little comfort and lots of dust to further inconvenience the lone Mexican rider. His lips were parched and his throat was dry but for some reason a slight smile fell across the young man's tanned face as thought of how cliche his situation was, a lone traveler with his horse, lost in the middle of the desert, and with no idea where he was going and what the future had in store for him. All these thoughts were processing in the young man's mind and he almost didn't hear the sound of people calling out.

    "Am I hearing things?" Cesar looked in the distance and saw what looked like actual people. Suddenly realizing that what he was seeing was no trick of his eyes, he stirred his faithful steed on toward the people, "Vamonose Esperanza!"

    Tag: Everyone
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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: Bad time for this, I know. But this is a casual RPG I least, compared to most others. I'll be leaving in an hour for a week long trip. I shall be back and ready to post again either the 21st or 22nd.

    spacelady will be on this trip with me, so she will be gone as well. Leon, Shiloh, & Kathleen will be NPCs that you can control if you feel you absolutely need them around. At least post acknowledging their presence still so they are not ignored.

    Continue with your postings of your characters meeting and beginning to get to know each other out here in the New Mexico desert. No one will notice the mysterious people approaching them all.

    See you all later, take care! :)


    FORCE-WIELDER1 Jedi Master star 5

    Nov 8, 2004

    OOC: I think we're better off waiting for you buddy.
  25. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    OOC: Looks like that happened already. :p Sorry for the delay everyone. :)

    IC as Hunter

    Kathleen stared at the two men. Why did she not see them there in the first place? Her senses were dulling...just great. Then again, after being in a desert that could drive any sane mind insane for over...what was it? Over a week now? She could not tell for the desert makes anyone able to lose all track of time. Well however long she had stayed in the mind-numbing seemed almost common sense for her senses to waver their strength, as she did not have company to watch, and no one to talk to...except herself...which she did quite a bit of the time.

    Blinking in confusion, which was almost covered up by the bandana around her face and the black hat hanging down low in her brown eyes, the woman, or the "man" in everyone else's eyes suddenly jumped when yet another man approached. She looked down at him and found cuts and punctures through his clothes. Cactus. Though he was lucky enough to avoid getting their sharp needles in him.

    Hoping down, Kathleen approached him and with the maniest of voices she could produce, she spoke to him.

    "Careful now. Looks like a cactus got you...I have some medicines to help with that...if you would allow it, Sir?"

    Meanwhile, Kathleen kept looking back at the two men, watching for anything and for their reaction. While scanning around for a moment, she saw a few others approaching.

    What was this? A party?

    Tag: Ciro, Leon, Shiloh and Everyone
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