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Saga The Chosen One - MAJOR AU!! - A/P and O/S - future L/M and L/H

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lady_Misty, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Oooh! That is so cool about Anakin's parents!

    And Anakin and Owen are seeing each other and going to rescue Beru![face_dancing]
  2. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Hey everyone!

    The rescue takes place in this chapter and Anakin teaches the Raiders a lesson; but not the kind you're thinking of.

    I feel a little weird. This might be my last post for the Jedi Council Forums on IGN. I remember my first post back in '07. It was a review for a Dark Obi-Wan fic. It was quite good.


    Anakin sat with his family around the table, listening to the tale of how Beru had been taken by the Tusken Raiders.

    He swallowed back bile. He knew just how brutal the Raiders could be from his lessons with his parents. He wasn't going to leave Beru in their hands another day.

    He turned his plan over in his head before standing. ?Owen, you're with me.? he announced. Owen stood, curiosity written on his face. ?We are going to bring Beru home.? Anakin told the group.


    Owen mounted the swoop bike after Anakin had. Anakin would be driving since he would be able to sense where Beru was.

    Finally Anakin started the bike and off they went.

    They stopped only a few times to speak to Jawas and a few others.

    Late in the night they found the Tusken Raider village. Anakin led Owen a certain distance and then ordered him to wait.

    Owen laid flat on the sand, waiting for Anakin to return. After a few minutes he heard the cries of the Raiders. His heart was in his throat as he feared for not only Beru's life but Anakin's as well.

    The cries continued and then Anakin was with him, holding a battered Beru close.

    ?it's a good thing that we came when we did.? Anakin whispered to him. ?If we had delayed she would have died.?

    ?What did you do to them?? Owen asked, curious since he couldn't have killed all of the Raiders since there was lots of noise coming from their camp. ?I am making them live through the pain and suffering that they inflicted on Beru and others.? Anakin replied.

    Owen nodded and they carefully hurried back to the swoop bike.


    Padmé wandered the Lars' homestead part of the night. Her mind was too busy for sleep. Anakin's parents had told her that it was imperative that she listen to her heart on some matters and how she felt was one of them. If she didn't listen to her heart she would be lonely for the rest of her life.

    It was a really frightening prospect to be lonely for the rest of your existance.

    As she was wandering she ran into a droid that she remembered well from her first trip here: C-3PO.

    ?Oh my!? the droid exclaimed. ?Are you a visitor? No one told me that we had a visitor.? Padmé smiled a bit. ?Well it's been a bit busy. Maybe they forgot to tell you.? She reasoned with the droid.

    The droid was silent for a few moments.

    ?Well ever since Miss Beru was taken things have been out of sorts.? The droid reported.


    Beru Whitesun woke to dull pain but in a bed. The Lars family was all around her along with two people that she didn't recognize.

    ?What happened?? she asked slowly and softly.

    ?You were captured by Tusken Raiders and then tortured you.? Owen explained. ?Anakin and I rescued you; although Anakin did most of the rescuing.?

    Beru turned to look at the other young man and now she knew who he was: Anakin Skywalker. ?I guess that I should thank you for saving my life.? She told him.

    Anakin smiled gently.

    ?I did what anyone would do for their brother.? He told her ?Besides, I've known that Owen has liked you since we were small.

    ?Well, I guess that I am very lucky to have you a future brother.? Beru told him.

    ?Congratulations!? Anakin said, happiness evident in his voice. ?May you have many children so then I can tell them stories about all the adventures that we had on the Farm.?


    Next time they watch Obi-Wan's report and retransmit to Coruscant.

    In the meantime I am posting a fic on the Non Star Wars Fanfiction Board. It's an Animorphs AU.

    I guess I should stop talking, for now.

    See you guys either until the next post or when the Jedi Council Forums settles into It's new home.

  3. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    YES! They rescued Beru. :D [face_dancing]

    That went so much better than in canon. ;)
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Happy! about the rescue [face_relief] and that your Anakin is so un-sithly in the actual performance =D= =D= [face_dancing]

    See, heroics and courage don't need darthness to happen :p

    Yuppers, I'm looking forward to post move as well. I read so many stories and want to write like the energizer bunny plus C&G - [face_laugh] I'm more than ready o_O


  5. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Yea! Beru is safe![face_dancing] Excited to see what's going to happen on Geonosis... particuarly what happens in Obi-Wan and Anakin's duel against Dooku...
  6. Blue Ice Cream

    Blue Ice Cream Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 9, 2006
    Hi Misty. :) This is such a clever AU.

    I haven't caught up fully yet, but I just wanted to mention that the council scene truly stood out.

    ?Most of all you fear me.?

    Wow. A simple observation from an eerie Anakin. It proved to be a perfect line. I could picture your scene as part of a darker TPM.

    The truth can be powerful.
  7. Ocelotl_Nesto

    Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    A much better behavior from a Jedi and the chosen one. But it still means that Obi is going to need rescuing.
  8. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Beru Whitesun woke to dull pain but in a bed. The Lars family was all around her along with two people that she didn't recognize.

    ?What happened?? she asked slowly and softly.

    ?You were captured by Tusken Raiders and then tortured you.? Owen explained. ?Anakin and I rescued you; although Anakin did most of the rescuing.?

    Beru turned to look at the other young man and now she knew who he was: Anakin Skywalker. ?I guess that I should thank you for saving my life.? She told him.

    Anakin smiled gently.

    ?I did what anyone would do for their brother.? He told her ?Besides, I've known that Owen has liked you since we were small.

    ?Well, I guess that I am very lucky to have you a future brother.? Beru told him.

    ?Congratulations!? Anakin said, happiness evident in his voice. ?May you have many children so then I can tell them stories about all the adventures that we had on the Farm.?

    Loved this part! What a bright, beautiful alternative solution!


    And yes, hopefully see you after the move again!

  9. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Hey there Misty! Loving this story!
  10. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    The boards are back! Or 98% back at least.

    I am so glad that so many of you enjoyed the alternative fate of the Raiders. I did. :)

    Sadly there's not much of a duel between the two Jedi and Dooku.

    AzureAngel2, Hazel, Jade_eyes, Book-Geek, Ocelotl_Nesto and epithree The long wait is OVER!!! [face_party]

    Now I did post several chapters on but this chapter has some corrections to grammar and scene is missing that I put in the one on

    Chapter 19


    Obi-Wan felt uncomfortable with what he had learned. The Separatists were looking to start a war with the Republic.

    He hurried back to his damaged star fighter to contact the Jedi Council and let them know what he had discovered.

    A groan of frustration nearly escaped him when R4 informed him that it would be impossible to send a transmission to Coruscant.

    “Call Anakin instead, he should be closer on Naboo.” He ordered the astromech.

    After some time R4 whistled that Anakin wasn't on Naboo. “Broaden your search for him.” Obi-Wan ordered.

    He waited for a short time before R4 reported that it had found Anakin. “Hail him!” he ordered. After a few seconds the beeping of an astromech came through. “I need you to get Anakin. I have information for him that needs to be forwarded to Coruscant.” The droid beeped in acknowledgment and he began to relate his tale.

    Little did he know that his signal was being traced and that droids were closing in on his position.


    Anakin scowled as the message from Obi-Wan played. He already knew that the Separatists wanted war and that nothing was going to change their minds.

    He just wished that Padmé could see that.

    Most likely it was wishful thinking but something told him that it would change in the future. And that feeling was rarely wrong.

    “If you wish we can go and rescue him.” Anakin said after the transmission with the Council and who knew how many others ended.

    “And we must.” Padmé said. “They will never reach him in time if we don't do something.”

    Anakin smiled.

    “I will quickly say good bye to my family and then I will be back.” Anakin said as he stood and raced for the gangplank.

    He quickly hugged Beru, Owen, Cliegg and Mira. “I will be back one day.” He promised them.

    Then he turned and dashed back onto the ship.


    Obi-Wan scowled as Dooku came into his holding cell.

    “Traitor!” he nearly spat.

    “Oh no, this is a terrible mistake.” Dooku said. “This borders on madness, they have over stepped their bounds. I will see about getting you released as soon as possible.”

    Even though the Force was hard to access Obi-Wan didn't really believe a word out of the former Jedi's mouth.

    “Aren't you the leader here Dooku?” Obi-Wan asked, slightly puzzled.

    “Might I ask why a Jedi is doing all the way out here on Geonosis?” Dooku asked instead of answering Obi-Wan's question. “I'm tracking a bounty hunter called Jango Fett. He wears Mandalorian armor and has a young boy with him.” Obi-Wan answered.

    “If he's here he's not saying that he's a bounty hunter since the natives don't trust them.” Dooku informed him.

    “Well, I am sure that he is here.” Obi-Wan retorted.

    “Your Master always spoke so highly of you.” Dooku said, changing the subject again. “I wish that he was still here because I could use his help. He knew all about the corruption in the Senate.”

    “Qui-Gon would never have joined you.” Obi-Wan said, coldly.

    “But you forget; Qui-Gon was once my apprentice as you were once his.” Dooku returned.

    “What if I told you that the Sith are controlling the Senate.” Dooku said after a few seconds of silence. “That's not possible, we would sense it.” Obi-Wan said, feeling slightly panicked and confused. Anakin would have said something if this was the case. But even Anakin admitted that he didn't know everything.

    “At the moment hundreds of Senators are under the influence of a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious. The Viceroy of the Trade Federation came to me and admitted the whole thing and asked me for help.” Dooku continued

    Obi-Wan frowned. He remembered all too well what he overheard. Dooku told Nute Gunray that Senator Amidala would die. And even if the Dark Side was clouding everything they should be able to tell if there was a Sith Lord among the Senators simply because of their hatred towards the Jedi.

    “Join me and together we will destroy the Sith!” Dooku said a little too fervently.

    Obi-Wan fixed Dooku with a hard expression the best he could while slowly rotating. “I will never join you Dooku.” He told the former Jedi calmly.

    Dooku turned and headed for the door of the cell. “Then it will be much more difficult to secure your release.” The Count informed him.

    Figures, Obi-Wan thought.


    Jango Fett nearly shifted uneasily at the look the Jedi Padawan was giving him. There was a troubling air about him; as if he could bring the entire factory down on all their heads and be the only one to walk away.

    A slight smile came to the boy's face; as if he knew what Jango was thinking about. He even wasn't sure if he'd feel better with the boy wearing shock binders. But he led the young Jedi away quite sure that the Padawan would die in the Arena.

    He stopped long enough to collect the Senator and then lead them to where Dooku was waiting for them.

    He watched as the Senator sat down as gracefully as Kirosi Bird and the young Jedi take a place just behind her and slightly to the side.

    Jango walked with purpose to Count Dooku's side.

    “You have a Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi; I ask on behalf of both the Republic and the Jedi Order that you release him.” The Senator said calmly and regally.

    “I hear what you have to say but the crime he has committed is against the people of Geonosis. And as you know they take espionage very seriously. It is something that you face as well.” Dooku said.

    The Senator sat slightly straighter in her chair.

    “Then why might I ask why we are here instead of before the Archduke of Geonosis?” She asked politely but there was a slight edge to her voice.

    “I wished to speak to you before letting the Archduke pronounce judgment on you.” Dooku responded simply.

    The Senator stiffened.

    “If Naboo were to join the Confederacy I could consider your plea.” Dooku informed her. Indignation filled her eyes. “I would rather die a thousand deaths then sign my people over to a corrupt government that is controlled by greedy corporations along with deceived planetary leaders and senators.” She informed Dooku coldly.

    “Then I turn you over to the Archduke to deliver justice to you and your Jedi Protector.” Dooku responded.

    With that Dooku waved his hand and both the Senator and Jedi were led away.

    “Your Master will order your death Dooku.” The young Jedi called out just before they were led out of the room.

    Jango wondered for a few moments before following Dooku out of the room as well what in the name of the Galaxy the boy was talking about.


    Anakin stood with Padmé, his Master and the other Jedi survivors surrounded by droids in a circle in the arena where Obi-Wan, Padmé and him were nearly executed what seemed like a few minutes earlier.

    “Master Windu,” Dooku called from the private observation box high above the arena. “You and your Jedi companions have fought valiantly; worthy of recognition in the Jedi Archives. Surrender and your lives will be spared.” Dooku said with a slight mocking tone.

    “We will not be hostages to be bartered Dooku.” Mace called back calmly. “Then, I am sorry my old friend.” Dooku replied. Anakin rolled his eyes, the Sith scum wasn't sorry at all.

    As the droids got ready to fire at them again Anakin reached deep down inside of him; getting ready to unleash his power. He didn't really want too but if Master Yoda didn't arrive in time with the Clones then he just might.

    The whine of engines had him pausing for a second. The Clones were here, but they still needed a bit of a distraction to help them escape.

    Anakin sent a wave of Force Energy at the droids, throwing them back so that the survivors could get into the gunships safely.

    He leaped into the same one as Obi-Wan and helped Padmé in as well.

    The Gunships quickly lifted back into the sky and flew away from the arena.

    Anakin knew that this fight was only the beginning of a war that would span the galaxy. But in the long run the Jedi would win against the true aggressors in the war: the Sith.


    Obi-Wan leaned heavily on Anakin as they left the hidden hangar and made their way to the gunship that Padmé had brought with her to the Hangar.

    He was still trying to make sense of the fight. Dooku had dealt him a cut to both the left arm and the right leg. But Anakin had stopped him from landing what might have been a killing blow.

    At some point in the duel Obi-Wan could have sworn that Anakin had stopped Dooku's blade with a bare hand.

    The next thing he knew Anakin was being hurled into the wall behind him and knocked unconscious.

    If it hadn't been for Master Yoda's timely arrival both of them might have been killed.

    “Stopping lightsabers with bare hands is impossible Master.” Anakin stated, “for many creatures anyway.”

    Obi-Wan just shook his head. He didn't even bother to tell Anakin not to read his thoughts. Besides it had saved his life on several occasions.


    If Dooku and Obi-Wan's conversation felt forced I am sorry. I wanted to alter it and I was told in a review on that the conversation felt forced. I'll leave it for you guys to decide though.
  11. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Grr... Dooku! What a jerk.:mad:

    Love that Jango was creeped out by Anakin. Love even more that Anakin knew it and proceeded to creep him out even more with a small smile.
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  12. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    :) Very nice.
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  13. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I think only about 80% of the Boards came back.

    Anyway, very exciting chapter, Misty. Great job with duel and Anakin too.
  14. FuzzyWuzzy

    FuzzyWuzzy Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 2, 2012
    This is wonderful.

    Yeah, that's about it. You had good balance of emotions, your characters are human (well, as human as they were to start with), and you didn't throw it all away when writing action, like I do.

    Excellent work. I'm suffering from the symptoms of Star Wars withdrawal as well, so this was that much more wonderfuller.

    EDIT- not to mention making me grin idiotically at times..
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  15. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Hey Hazel, FuzzyWuzzy, Book-Geek, jacen200015, @Ocelotl_Nesto, @epithree, Jade_eyes and AzureAngel2

    Here's the next chapter! :)


    Padmé smiled as she pulled on her wedding dress. Soon she would be marrying Anakin Skywalker; Jedi Padawan and child of the Force.

    It was mind boggling on some levels to think that she would be getting married and that none of her family would be there to witness it. Yes R2 would record it so that in the future her family could see it.

    She stood and started to fix her hair when she felt another pair of hands helping her. She turned and saw that it was Anakin's mother.

    “We will be the witnesses seeing that you need people that won't blab to others about it.” She said with a smile.

    “Thank you,” Padmé whispered.


    Obi-Wan sighed as he plowed through everything the Archives had on creatures and beings that could block lightsabers naturally and have no damage afterword.

    Armorweave was slightly lightsaber proof but it could slice through it like a knife through a nerf steak. Mandalorian Ore was a joke. Yes, it could be harder to cut then armorweave but if it was refined too much then it was completely useless except maybe have Youngling use the pieces to dig holes with. On the other hand if it wasn't refined enough then it would shatter on contact with a lightsaber and had the potential to slice into the person that had it and/or kill them. It could only be used after a happy medium refinement and then it varied all between too much and too little; it all depended on where the ore came from and how deep and even then there were other factors.

    But Obi-Wan was pretty sure that Anakin had used his hand by the simple fact that Anakin had never come in contact with any of those ores. Add the fact that Anakin didn't have gloves on before or after the brief duel with Dooku.

    He read of a creature that had scales that lightsabers couldn't penetrate. However, there was no solid proof that this creature existed but in tales.

    Another legend was of beings that the Force was so strong with, or knew so many of its mysteries, that they could hold the blades of lightsabers in their bare hands. He found himself doubting that they existed as well.

    It was quite vexing that he couldn't find an answer to the puzzle. He had offhandedly asked Mace about people blocking lightsabers with their bare hands and Mace had responded that there was much about the Force that they didn't yet understand. Needless to say it wasn't the answer he was expecting.

    Sighing he closed his search and headed for his quarters in the Temple. He would need all the rest he could get with the possibility that he was soon going to be marching off to war.

    The last thing that he thought of before falling asleep was that he hoped that Anakin wasn't doing something that could or would come back to haunt them.


    Anakin held Padmé close as they watched the sun set over the water. It was a beautiful sight. His parents had departed a few minutes ago for home. Padmé and he needed some bonding time they had said.

    He could see in his mind's eye war tearing the galaxy apart and so many beings dying from the effects of the war.

    He knew that he needed to bring balance but how could he when the identity of the Sith Master alluded him like the scent of a Hapen Morning Blossom?

    A song came to his lips. He didn't know where it was from but it was a beautiful song and helped sooth his fears that he would fail the mission that his parents had given him.

    After awhile the sun disappeared for the night. He turned to Padmé and scooped her up and carried her to the bedchamber they would be using until they had to leave for Coruscant again.


    Darth Sidious frowned as he pondered the duel his apprentice had described to him. How the Jedi Padawan named Anakin Skywalker had blocked the blade of Dooku's lightsaber with his bare hands.

    There were many legends and tales about beings and creatures that seemed immune to lightsaber strikes. Sidious knew that there was always more to these legends. Many were true and time had dulled the memories of all; turned into children's stories and tales to make one's imagination soar.

    He would have this matter looked into. At the moment he had a war to not only plan but put the wheels in motion to take over the galaxy.

    His old Master, Darth Plagueis, would have been proud of his work to destroy the Jedi and take over the galaxy. Too bad the old fool wasn't around to see it.

    Yes, everything would go as planned and the Sith would once again rule the galaxy. It was something he looked forward to.

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  16. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Very nice scenes with Anakin and Padme, very sweet![face_love]

    Oooh, Sidious is up to no good![face_phbbbbt]
  17. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I loved the scene with Padmé and Shmi - very sweet and fitting. Of course Obi-Wan was puzzled, who wouldn't be.
  18. AzureAngel2

    AzureAngel2 Force Ghost star 6

    Jun 14, 2005
    Reading this was the only thing that made me happy today. And there are NOT many things that make me happy around here at the JC anymore. Thanks for saving my entire day & my mood.
  19. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Book-Geek Sidious is always up to no good. :p

    Hazel Obi-Wan is going to be puzzled for a long time. ;)

    AzureAngel2 I'm glad that I was about to lighten your mood. :)

    Next chapter!


    Three years later . . .

    Anakin Skywalker whooped as he flew through the battle that was taking place over the skies of Coruscant.

    He had always enjoyed flying, he felt so free and it almost felt like he was once again soaring the Galactic Plane with parents.

    He can back to the present and veered to the left to get into position to charge General Grievous's ship: The Invisible Hand. All he could think of as he moved more or less beside his former Master, Obi-Wan, was that The Invisible Hand was a silly name for a ship.

    “Get back to the present Skywalker!” A voice that annoyed him to no end said over the comm. Rook Nyss was a Knight a few years older then Anakin, depending on how you looked at it. Anakin had been around in some form or other before Yoda and maybe before Yoda's Master's Master.

    Besides, Nyss got on his nerves to no end. If he didn't know any better he'd think that Nyss was the Sith Lord that the Jedi were looking for.

    Anakin shook his head and let part of his true nature come out. He was a force of Nature. If the droids could feel fear they would be suffering it in staves. When he did this on the battlefield his men were in awe of him and any organics that came against him were idiots to think that they had any hope to stand up to him. He didn't kill them unless they truly hadn't surrendered to him.

    The only person that didn't seem to fear in this state was Dooku. Ventress failed on more than one occasion to hide her fear from him.

    There were very few people he felt sorry for and Ventress was one of them. She had died during the War and he knew that given some more time she could have left her Dark past behind; no she would have.

    R2 suddenly asked him if he was going to rescue the Chancellor why was he beginning to leave Obi-Wan and Nyss.

    Sadly Anakin pulled back and readjusted his course so that he was following Obi-Wan again.

    “Glad you could join us Skywalker.” Nyss said mockingly. “I know where you sleep.” Anakin replied simply.


    Sidious smiled as he sensed the Jedi get closer and closer. Soon it would be time to act like a frightened captive.

    He wasn't sure exactly how long later but the three Jedi appeared: the annoying Obi-Wan Kenobi, the curiosity Anakin Skywalker and the potential apprentice Rook Nyss.

    “Chancellor,” Skywalker spoke first. “Are you injured?” he asked as the group of Jedi moved forward with caution.

    “Dooku,” Sidious whispered instead. The three Jedi turned to see Dooku standing on the balcony that they had been standing on just moments before.

    Sidious had no doubt that this would be interesting.

    The duel was fascinating to watch as Dooku would routinely Force Shove either Skywalker or Kenobi back. Finally Obi-Wan was shoved pretty hard into one of the walls and Dooku pulled part of a pitten walk down on him.

    Skywalker made a noise that reminded Sidious as a creature mourning the injury or death of pack member. Rook on the other hand just pressed his attack on Dooku.

    Dooku use the Force to push Rook back, used Force Lightning on both Rook and Skywalker. Dooku used the Force to pick up Skywalker's fallen lightsaber hilt and then approached the stunned Jedi Knight.

    Skywalker lifted his head as Dooku activated the blade of the young Jedi. The lightsabers came down and Skywalker's hands went up; catching both lightsabers in his hands. Skywalker rose lifting both lightsabers as he stood and he redirected Dooku's red blade and yanked his own, by the blade, out of Dooku's hand.

    Sidious couldn't help but smile at the confirmation that Skywalker could indeed do as Dooku reported.

    Dooku then blasted Skywalker Force Lightning before using the Force to shove him into all wall.


    Anakin stumbled back to his feet in time to see Rook use the Force to unlock the bonds that were holding the Chancellor to the chair.

    He turned to see Dooku dead on the deck. Something was wrong with the body but it was then that Anakin remembered that Obi-Wan was injured.

    He called on the Force to lift the piece of pitten walk off of his friend and pulled him from underneath.

    They needed to get off of this soon to be deathtrap.


    Rook Nyss hated Anakin Skywalker with something that was a near passion. The Council allowed him to either bend or down right break the rules and they never punished him. They gave him the rank of Jedi Knight, a Padawan and place in the Army of the Republic as a general.

    He on the other hand had worked hard to become a Knight and had to wait before being assigned his own battle group and military rank. His Padawan had died during the war along with his former Master.

    It was injustice.

    The only thing that made him feel better was the fact that he had killed Dooku the man that had started this whole thing.

    But now because of the idiocy of Skywalker they were now on the Bridge of General Grievous's Flagship.

    He couldn't understand how Master Kenobi could speak so calmly to Grievous as if they had met in a cantina somewhere. And Skywalker like always had no tact; the Freak called a known Jedi Killer 'short'. That spice freighter's son was going to get them all killed.

    He was so deep in his thoughts that he nearly didn't act fast enough to get not only his lightsaber back but to start destroying droids.

    Rook was too busy protecting the Chancellor to even care what Skywalker and Kenobi were doing. He hoped that maybe Grievous would injure them and then flee like the coward did many times before.

    The Force then warned him of danger and he grabbed the Chancellor and a nearby solid object just as one of the front viewports was shattered.

    The air was sucked into the void of space until the damaged viewport was covered by a metal covering.

    The ship started to dip as gravity once again began to pull the ship towards the planet of Coruscant.

    The ship shuddered as a turbolaser hit the ship. “Contact the fleet and let them know that the Chancellor is on board with us.” Skywalker said as he examined the controls of the ship.

    The firing stopped and Kenobi shook his head. “All the escape pods are gone.” He reported from the screen he was examining. “Well then we will have to land this bucket of bolts.” Skywalker said as he took the pilot's seat.

    “Everyone strap in.” Kenobi said. “It's going to be a rough ride.”

    Rook took a step and did as he was told after making sure that the Chancellor was ready for the descent that could kill them.

    “Skepna ljóss og myrkurs be my guide. Nilalang ng liwanag at kadiliman calm my fears. Ashla/Bogden steady my hands. The Force is my ally.” Skywalker whispered as he worked the controls.

    Rook rolled his eyes. Here they could die and Skywalker was petitioning the Force and what other Force Users called the Force for help.

    The ship shuddered again. “We just lost about half of the ship.” Kenobi reported calmly.

    Rook saw the landing platform ahead of them and felt the ship connect with it and then slid across it.

    Finally the ship stopped sliding and came to a halt.

    “Another happy landing,” Kenobi said lightly.


    Padmé Amidala watched in relief as the shuttle bus that had the Chancellor and the three Jedi knights that helped rescue him landed.

    Anakin had come back soon. She really didn't know what else to expect any more. At first she thought that things would be normal but then she started to suffer from heightened senses and things started moving when she got uptight. Not to mention the strange dreams she was now having of the galaxy on fire.

    A familiar figure caught her attention; Anakin. She could barely wipe the smile off her face as she slid into a hiding place.

    She saw Anakin along with a Knight that she didn't recognize walk past. The other Knight walked a bit faster and passed Anakin while Anakin talked to Bail Organa a low and thoughtful voice.

    Come here, please. She thought at Anakin. “Excuse me Senator Organa.” Anakin suddenly said before bowing politely and then slowly moving towards her hiding place.

    Senator Organa continued onward and Anakin finally got to her hiding place and hugged her gently.

    When they broke apart Anakin gently laid a hand on her swollen abdomen and smiled at her. “They will be powerful and the Force will be with them.” He told her softly.


    I am sorry if Rook Nyss comes off wrong and the typical baddie. I am accepting advice on how to round out his character.

    See you all Saturday!
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    Rook Nyss is an awesome baddie! Amazing rescue scene, and loved Anakin and Padme's reunion! [face_love] Can't wait for Saturday!
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    Book-Geek thanks for the review! :)

    Next Chapter!


    Anakin stared out into the Coruscanti night. He could feel that a storm was coming but he couldn't see it clearly. It was frustrating.

    He felt pressure to do something about it but honestly he was getting tired of doing things on other people's timetable.

    He just wanted to be his own person and to do what he wanted for a change.

    He felt Padmé's touch and he turned to smile at her. He could feel how much she loved him and he found himself thinking that he would follow her to the end of the Galaxy and beyond.

    “Nightmare?” she asked gently. He shook his head. “No, I just couldn't sleep and now I mind as well get ready to return to the Temple. Ahsoka wants to hear about the battle. And I do need to train her to be the best that she can be.” He informed her.

    With that Anakin kissed his wife and made her way out of the penthouse.


    Ahsoka Tano walked into one of the training rooms of the Jedi Temple and waited as patiently as she could for her Master to arrive. He had commed her to let her know that they were going to working on their lightsaber technique and other Force abilities.

    She was proud to have Anakin Skywalker as a Master. She had been anxious when Master Yoda had first assigned her to the young Jedi Knight. Stories and rumors abounded and many of them grew more outlandish with each telling.

    She now laughed that she had believed as many as she had. Looking back on them it was clear that they weren't true or half-truths.

    She was brought out of her thoughts by the arrival of her Master. “Alright Ahsoka let's see how you have improved.” He said as he came closer.


    Darth Sidious stared out the large window in his office and tried not to frown. Skywalker was a powerful Jedi on all accounts but swaying him to the Dark Side would be like trying to move ships in space with the Force. Very difficult but it could be done. There were a few others that could be swayed to the Dark Side. Rook Nyss was one of them.

    He sat to contemplate who the best candidates were and how to discover which one would be the perfect Sith Apprentice.

    But he knew that somehow he would have to get rid of Skywalker before he could become a true threat to his plans.

    He would have to step lightly just so that Skywalker, if the boy was the Chosen One, wouldn't kill him before he could bring his plans into fruition.

    He would have to wait until after Skywalker was dead to kill Senator Amidala.


    Padmé was trying to listen to what Mon Mothma was saying but that was proving difficult as she was tired and hungry.

    Any other day she would have been honored to be in this meeting but today wasn't that day. It had been a long day in the Senate and her unborn children were due very soon; if not any day now.

    She knew that Palpatine had to be stopped but she could barely sleep at night because of the dreams she had ever since she felt her children move inside of her.

    “Something has to be done. The freedoms of the people are being ripped away more and more every day.” Garm Iblis said; the anger in his voice snapped Padmé back into the here and now.

    “If there are enough voices he could be swayed into backing down.” Padmé suggested. “It could work if enough influential senators were to ask it of him.” Bail mused.

    Padmé felt a new rush of energy as they talked about what to do and the best way to do it. Finally they decided to just let him know how many senators wanted this abuse of power to end. They would sign a petition.

    “Don't tell anyone that we met today.” Mon said after they decided on a petition. “We don't want anyone else to get hurt if this backfires on us.”

    Padmé felt her renewed energy flee. There was very little that her and Anakin didn't share the only things they tried not to share were the horrors that they had seen or deeply personal things.

    With that the group stood and one by one left Mon's Office. Finally she rose from her chair. “Thank you for inviting me to this meeting. It has been insightful.”

    She couldn't shake the feeling that they had just helped apply a sealant to a crypt.


    Anakin nodded in approval at Ahsoka as she completed her exercises. “Very good Ahsoka, you have come far since we first were assigned together.” He told her with the pride that only a loved one could have.

    Ahsoka bowed. “You have taught me well Master.” She returned. Anakin just smiled as they left the training room.

    They headed for the Archives next where they poured over battle reports to see if there were any good strategies and how to improve their own.

    Anakin could feel that there was something important coming; something to do with the Sith. But like everything that concerned the Sith Master he couldn't know for sure what awaited them.

    He did know one thing: he was tired of being what was expected of him. Yes, he wasn't the perfect Jedi but he never planned to be. His parents expected him to do what they tasked him to do but there were days that he just wished to be normal.

    He felt a pang when he didn't hear or feel one of his parents; letting him know that it was alright. He hadn't felt them in a while but he knew that it was nothing. They were silent to all their servants.

    Finally Anakin heard Ahsoka's stomach growl. “Alright Ahsoka, let's hit one of the Mess Halls.”


    Obi-Wan had a bad feeling about Rook Nyss going on this mission but he was the best one for the job. He hadn't known Rook for very long but he did know that the young Jedi was troubled in some ways.

    Rook had lost his Padawan, Angen Marr, in the same battle that he lost his Master, Ric Naidin. He had had no one to help him deal with the losses at the time. It probably didn't help that the Battle of Ryga VI was a bloody one; many good and loyal soldiers had died that day as well.

    If the Council felt that Rook Nyss would heal better on this mission than Obi-Wan wouldn't argue with them about it.

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    Yay! Ahsoka's in the house! And Padme's going to be having her babies soon! Eager to see what will happen with Obi-Wan and Rook on their mission. It should be interesting, to say the least.
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    Padme should have asked if a Jedi could be included in on the meeting. I have never liked Padme getting trapped in that kind of situation. There were a lot of assumptions made about Padme and not once did they think there might be a conflict that would affect her and someone else.
    Sorry, that part in the movie and book bugs me.

    Anyway good post :)
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    Book-Geek Yes Ahsokas in the house.

    jacen200015 yeah it did feel as if Padme had been backed into a corner and that might be why things got bad for them all.

    Just so you all know Obi-Wan isn't going on the mission. Should have been ore clear on that I guess.


    Darth Sidious stared out at the cityscape and pondered on ways to get rid of Anakin Skywalker. He needed to do it fast and quickly.

    He turned from the window and looked at the objects that filled the office. Many of them had connections to the Sith with a handful of others that were connected to other Force User groups.

    His eyes landed on a small group and found a smile coming to his face. The Seers, Philosophers and Priests and Priestesses; he could send Skywalker to one of those groups and then rain down turbo lasers on them.

    He sat down and closed his eyes in meditation. The Seers along with the blasted Priests and Priestesses would have to go and soon. The Philosophers on the other hand could wait and they wouldn’t hinder him too much.

    Rook Nyss was already coming along nicely seeing that the Jedi believed that he was dead. At the moment he was fighting for survival on a backwater planet that was of no importance. He had a feeling that Rook would emerge the victor in the fight and that was something that he liked the idea of.


    Anakin felt his guts twisting as he headed for the transport that would take him and Ahsoka to Eras to see how the Republic Base there was coming.

    Something told him that something horrible was going to happen while they were there.

    He wished for the umpteenth that he could talk to his parents about it. But he understood that things couldn’t be just handed to him so he would have to search for himself for the answers.

    Something told him that things were going to get much worse before this horror ended.


    Sayda Shadowfinder couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that was making its way into her heart and mind.

    Some Jedi had arrived a few hours ago to help build the Base that they were allowing for the injured and a staging ground. The Separatists didn’t frighten the High Priest and High Priestess or any of their people.

    “High Priestess,” a young student called out. “Yes Rica?” she asked gently, keeping face and aura calm. ‘The Republic Fleet left the system.” The young woman reported.

    Sayda nodded.

    She headed to a Mediation Room and sank to one of the mats on the floor.

    The Force had been clouded for the past thirteen years but the Kadesh and they could now and then see enough to know that at this point that there was death and destruction in the future.

    The Jedi seemed grim when they told them this and Master Windu admitted that they saw the same.

    The smell of smoke filled her senses and she could feel the heat from the flames. She could hear screams of fear and panic. She saw a complex that she knew all too well slowly go up in flames: a Monastery of Kadesh.

    The Seers were running everywhere, trying to escape the flames but it was futile.

    The scene melted away and was replaced with what could only be a firestorm. She had only heard of them in books but there were real.

    She saw people running; her people she realized in horror. Some fled into the river that was so close only to be boiled by the heat of the water. Some in confusion and panic fled into the flames.

    The scene melted away again and was replaced with the inside of a building. She could hear the panicked and fear filled cries of children. She saw some run passed and saw that they were Jedi Younglings.

    Right behind them were shadows that shot the children to pieces.

    Sayda gasped as she finally opened her eyes to escape the horrors that she had seen.

    She discovered that she wasn’t in a meditative position but laying on a bed. She looked around and noted that she was in the Hall of Healing.

    Caia Stardust was coming to her side.

    “What happened? She asked once the Chief Healer was by her side. “You collapsed during a mediation session. You have been out for days.” Caia informed her.

    Sayda could only stare. “How many days?” she asked trying to keep the fear out of her voice. “Four days High Priestess.” Caia answered.

    Sayda felt horror grip her as she tried to get out of bed; only to have her knees give out.

    “Sayda, you need to recover!” Caia cried out as she helped her back on the bed.

    At that moment her husband hurried in with a look on his face that said that he was distressed.

    “Darren, what is it?” Sayda asked as her husband reached her side. He took her hand and rubbed his thumb against the back of hers.

    “Sayda the Seers of Kadesh are nearly all gone. Their monasteries burned and so many of their cities were bombed out of existence.” He told her with tears in his eyes.

    Sayda stared ahead for a few moments. “Give the evacuation signals Darren, we have to evacuate as many civilians as possible. Send them to Inamerg; they will be safe there.” She ordered.

    Darren nodded and hurried off to start the evacuation process.


    Padmé put away her commlink. Anakin had called to tell her to get off of Coruscant as fast as she could and to go to the Lars’s Moisture Farm. She was to be as inconspicuous as possible.

    She quickly put a few things together.

    “Dorme I need you to take my place for a few days.” She said as she closed her carrying case. “Yes milady.” Dorme said.

    Padme quickly put on an outfit that wouldn’t stick out and undid her hair.

    She quickly grabbed a few things and then pulled on a cloak and walked calmly out of the apartment; trying to ignore the feeling that she wouldn’t see it again for a long time.


    Ahsoka stood on the highest point of the Temple of Ashla/Bogden just admiring the view that seemed to go on forever. It reminded her of the Jedi Temple and how you could see for miles from the towers.

    Her danger sense suddenly flared and she backpedaled from the baloney. A few moments later the ground shook in a way that wasn’t natural.

    She hurried back into the Temple to find her Master and see what was wrong.

    The further down she got the more she saw those that called the Temple home hurrying about with carrying cases.

    “Everyone head for the transports. We are under attack. I repeat: we are under attack.” A voice said over the Temple’s alert system.

    Everyone was hurrying about; adults and students were scooping up nearby children as they hurried off.

    It didn’t take Ahsoka long to find her Master talking to the High Priest. She wasn’t close enough to hear what was being said but it couldn’t be good.

    Her Master suddenly turned and pulled her Silka Bead Padawan Braid off and quickly made it into a necklace.

    Once he was done he put it around her neck.

    Ahsoka couldn’t stop frowning as he suddenly turned her so they were facing each other. “Ahsoka, you will get on one of those transports and you are going to run far away and never look back. You are to never tell anyone your past. I will contact you when it’s safe. But for now as far as anyone is concerned you were never a Jedi.”

    She didn’t have time to react as Anakin removed her lightsabers.

    ‘Run!” he told her.


    Darren Shadowfinder hurried away from the Balancer to help see to the evacuations of his people. Many had already been taken to Inamerg and they had been hoping that more ships would arrive before disaster struck.

    It seemed that they might not get everyone off

    He watched as several transports lifted off and headed for Space. He turned away and checked to see how many ships they had to use and to make sure that the ships weren’t leaving until they couldn’t take on any more passengers.

    He and Sayda would be some of the last to leave Eras.

    Darren turned away and watched as more people were shepherded onto another ship, a bulk freighter.

    He knew deep down that they were running out of time. He pled to Ashla and Bogden for a few more hours as the area emptied considerably of evacuees.

    A whine filled the air.

    Confused Darren stepped onto an Observation Platform. “Ashla have mercy on us!” He breathed as he saw Hyena Bombers fly over the city.

    The ground shook as they delivered their explosives

    Screams filled the air as the citizens fled in every direction.

    “Get our fighters in the air and get our air defense turrets up and running!” He yelled into his commlink as he leaped into one of the Hangar’s turrets.

    He kept the bombers away as well as the fighters that joined the fight.

    “High Priest!” a young Ashlan called out. “I’ll take over from here!”

    Darren hesitated for a second before jumping out and hurrying off to see if there were any invading droids.

    Pieces of buildings littered the ground; fires burned and dead lay crushed by debris.

    He stopped a checked on a young teenager lying in the street. She looked at him with unfocused eyes and blood coming from a sever wound on her head.

    “Is Doom upon us, High Priest?” she whispered as some blood seeped from her nose. “I pray that we will be spared.” He whispered as he carefully scooped her up and carefully carried her to a Healer.

    All around him small fires burned, injured people fled, buildings began to crumble and fighters zoomed overhead.

    Suddenly the Balancer raced by; heading for the outskirts of Asha.

    Darren gave chase.

    The closer they got to the city edge the smoke from fires got thicker. Thunder rumbled ominously as lightning flickered in the sky. He could feel the searing heat of a nearby fire.

    Darren froze at the sight of a wall of flames some distance from Asha.

    “Get as many people you can to safety.” The Balancer said as he gathered his power around him. “And make sure that Ahsoka gets away. Tell her that she can use the Twilight.”

    Darren just nodded before racing back through the streets; using his powers to amplify his voice. “Everyone head for the Hangar and the Temple!” He called out.


    Anakin reached out and held the flames back at the same time trying to divert them around the city.

    He didn’t want to experience another massacre of a Force Using group. The Seers of Kadesh didn’t deserve to die and he didn’t want another group to have to put their lives back together.

    He could feel himself giving way to the fire.

    Run Little One! His mother’s voice rang in his head.

    He hesitated; unwilling to let the city burn.

    RUN! His father’s voice exploded in his head.

    Anakin backpedaled and fell on his back; stunned for a moment. He jumping back to his feet and bolted for the Hangar. As he ran through the city he could see that so much of it was in flames. This would be the second home that the Ashlans had lost to the Sith.

    He turned and rushed into the Hangar where a ship was hovering in the air; slowly heading for the exit. An Ashlan Priest stood on the lowered plank holding out one hand with the other clutching the lifts.

    “JUMP!” he yelled.

    Anakin paused before sprinting across the falling apart Hangar and vaulted into the air with his arms outstretched.

    He could feel his hands grab the Priest’s hand and he was yanked into the ship.

    The plank closed and Anakin could feel the ship head for Space.

    He could feel the pain and sorrow of all those that were inside as they fled the burning city.

    Anakin vowed that the Sith would one day pay for what happened to Eras.

    He knew that the Jedi were next on the list of targets and that he had to destroy the Sith. But there had to be a way to help the Jedi without having to be told what to do.

    He quickly headed for the communications center and contacted the Jedi Council. He reported everything that had transpired on Eras and warned them to not only be watchful but to get off of Coruscant.

    They told him that things were being done to that effect. He just hoped that they were.


    I shamelessly took a scene in this chapter from something else Any guesses as to what?
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    The Last Air Bender?