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Saga The Chosen One - MAJOR AU!! - A/P and O/S - future L/M and L/H

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lady_Misty, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    *whimpers* This isn't good![face_worried] I hope Ahsoka and Padme are safe, and Anakin gets out of that mess alive...
  2. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I miss a few updates (D'oh! Sorry, i got lost here) and all hell breaks loose.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.
  3. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Hazel it's okay to miss updates. I missed one or two because of no access to the internet.

    Book-Geek Ahsoka and Padme will be fine.

    jacen200015 nope not The Last Airbender.

    This is mostly from Ahsoka’s point of view. I will admit that guilt was setting in again seeing that it’s been awhile since I posted on


    Dorme sighed as she walked through Padme’s penthouse; lost in thought. A noise suddenly caught her attention and she headed for it.

    She saw a figure in the shadows.

    She didn’t even time to scream before she was shot.


    Ahsoka sighed softly as she brought the Twilight down for a landing on the planet Inamreg. The planet was a secret from anyone that wasn’t either Ashlan or those that the Ashlans decided to share the knowledge of its location. She felt privileged that her and Rex were allowed to come.

    She watched as Ashlans slowly came off the ships. Many of them were holding each other as tears raced down their cheeks. Some were being carried off the transports on stretchers or in someone’s arms.

    She could feel the pain and suffering come off them. They had lost nearly everything if not everything in the attack.

    The smell of smoke and sweat was prominent in the air.

    Over nine million Ashlans lived in Asha and a few thousand in other places on Eras. Ahsoka could tell by just looking at the group there most likely only several million Ashlans had survived the attack.

    Her heart ached as she thought of how so many had lost a loved one in this madness.

    As she helped unload the Twilight with Rex she wondered why the Separatists would attack Eras. Yes the Ashlans were with the Jedi Order but the myths surrounding the Ashlans kept many groups that would do them harm away.

    Ahsoka personally believed that the Ashlans couldn’t curse beings but that didn’t stop the rumors about the fact that they could among the younger Jedi.

    The Ashlans that called Inamreg home were helping move everyone to their medical areas so that they could be tended to and so that the ships could leave as well.

    She found herself being gently being led to a center to be examined. So many Ashlans there were weeping and wailing for their lost family members and friends.

    Ahsoka didn’t know how to offer comfort. So many beings didn’t take it well when a Jedi tried to offer comfort.

    She could hear some of the more calm ones talk softly about what had happened. How the High Priestess could be among the dead. How the Halls of Oaths couldn’t be damaged so it would still be intact.

    She found herself being sent to someone named Abbi to put in her two credits as to what happened on Eras.

    Ahsoka did her best to avoid tripping or running into things as she made her way out of the center and towards what seemed to be a command center of some type.

    Ahsoka didn’t care for the language of the Ashlans. There were multiple meanings for words that were vastly different.

    It helped that the words were pronounced differently with emphasis on different letters. It also helped that the slight symbols over the words denoted how it was pronounced. Then there was how the word was placed in the sentence.

    Either way it gave her a headache trying to read it.

    When she entered it was organized chaos. Things were being moved around by hands and the Force. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, only pausing to let people get into the corridor or to a office area The Force was heavy with pain, sorrow disbelief and hints of anger.

    Ahsoka felt that this had to be why Jedi didn’t have families or have contact with them. The Ashlans were in so much pain and the Force reflected it.

    “When you have someone that you care for you are willing to die for them.” One of the workers said.

    Ahsoka turned to see an elderly man with sad eyes.

    “You can’t go through life without attachments. This is one of the many reason why so many beings in the galaxy frown on you. They see you as heartless, that you don’t care for those that died under their command. That you don’t even care for your fellow Jedi and don’t cry for them when they fall in battle.

    “They have come to believe that you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘love’ since you were taken from your families at such young ages. Maybe it’s true that you don’t know anything about love, but you feel it and refuse to acknowledge it as love.” He said.

    ‘What makes you think that?” Ahsoka asked.

    “I have seen many Jedi come and go on Eras. All of them gave the spiel that attachments are dangerous and lead to the Dark Side.

    “It is ironic that the Sith feel more or less the same about love. Except that they see it as a weakness and holds them back.

    “The Light Side flourishes where there is life. Physical relationships are how children are born. The Light Side is life; on the other hand the Dark Side is death.” He continued.

    The Force suddenly started to stir in a manner that seemed to upset everyone there.

    Screams suddenly filled the Force as hundreds of Force Users were killed. It reminded her painfully of Eras.

    Everyone stopped what they were doing and sank into the currents of the Force.

    “It’s the Jedi.” Someone, a woman, whispered.

    “But how?” another asked in confused horror

    Ahsoka suddenly remembered that she hadn’t seen Rex since she had been taken to the Medical Area.

    She told herself that an Ashlan would be able to tell him where to find her.

    She felt a vague warning in the Force but couldn’t pinpoint it.

    Suddenly she heard the snap of an unactivated Ashlan Lightwhip then a blaster discharged.

    Everyone ducked to avoid the shot. Ahsoka spun around, wishing that she had her lightsabers. She stared in horror as she took in the sight of Rex’s right hand being restrained with a Ashlan Lightwhip that wasn’t activated.

    “The Sith!” someone cried out.

    “The Clone Army!” someone else said in horror.

    The pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place. It all made sense now: the Sith had played them all.


    This has the scene I shamelessly stole

  4. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    They sure did. :-(

    Excellent scene with Ahsoka and the Ashlans.
  5. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Okay, so I silently screamed Dorme's name as I read that scene. And Rex betrayed Ahsoka?=(( You won't get away with this, Palpatine!:mad:
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  6. Ocelotl_Nesto

    Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    Rex betrayal is simple... he was programmed for it. But what next?
  7. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Hazel thanks :)

    Book-Geek I feel bad for killing Dorme but Sidious was desperate to kill Padme and the assassin thought that she was Padme :(

    Ocelotl_Nesto Rex is more or less conditioned to follow Order 66. :(

    In this chapter i hope that I did a good job explaining Rex's motivation for it.

    Ha ha! Misty 1 and Darth Real Life 0!!!!

    This chapter is a bit late because Saturday Evening I took a shower and deviated from my routine. I did something stupid and unknown to me knocked my glasses to the other side of the room.

    Because I couldn’t find them I couldn’t remember for sure what I had done with them. The glasses didn’t turn up until Tuesday evening. After I had gone and saw an eye doctor for a new prescription and bought a pair. Go figure.

    At least it forced me to get a new pair since I’ve had this pair for about two years..


    Sidious frowned as he read the reports that said that a few million Ashlans had escaped the attack on Eras and had headed for parts unknown. He vowed to find those blasted Ashlans and wipe them off the face of the galaxy.

    The Seers of Kadesh were nearly all but extinct and could be taken care of at any time.

    The attempted assassination on Padme Amidala had failed. Instead a handmaid had been killed.

    He had hoped to kill her while Anakin was on Eras but he must have somehow warned her to leave the Capital.

    Either way, he’d find her.

    However that would have to wait just a bit. It was time to fully take over the galaxy.


    Obi-Wan alternated staring at the wall, his sleeve and Bail. It was still surreal that the Jedi were gone.

    Bail had reported what he had seen. How a group of clones with markings that he didn’t recognize had refused him entry into the Jedi Temple. As he was leaving they had opened fire on a young Jedi that at the oldest was a Padawan.

    Obi-Wan had known when he had received news of the near destruction of the Kadesh that something sinister was on the move. The news of what had happened on Eras had just made him sure of it. Eras had never been a target during the War. Yes it had been threatened but fear of the Ashlans’ rumored powers kept many away, including the Separatists.

    The Sith had been behind the attacks just like they had been behind the whole War. They had destroyed those that posed the biggest threats to them before destroying the Jedi.

    “Are there any other survivors?” He asked, turning to Yoda. “Know that I not for sure. Signal from Temple there is. Return to the Temple says it.” Yoda said softly.

    “They’ll be killed if they do!” Obi-Wan blurted out.

    “Stop it we must.” Yoda commented. “But how?” Obi-Wan asked.

    At that moment an officer entered the meeting room. “Excuse me sirs but the Senator’s presence is demanded on Coruscant.”

    A slight smile came to Obi-Wan’s face. This trip to Coruscant would be the perfect opportunity go to the Temple and reset the beacon and warn the survivors away.


    Anakin’s mind wouldn’t stop reeling. He had failed to keep the Jedi alive. There were now only a handful of survivors.

    He should have tried to see if it was a good decision to leave Coruscant. Now he had no idea which Jedi had survived.

    If he hadn’t been so selfish about wanting to do things on his own terms this wouldn’t have happened.

    The guilt was heavy and he could feel that if he went to face the Sith it would be over.

    He sensed the priest that had helped him on the ship watching him with gentle eyes. “I bear no ill will towads you for what happened on Eras. The Sith destroyed our last home as well.”

    “Don’t go to Inamreg, it could be your death if you do.” Anakin said to the priest. “Warn everyone there to run. Scatter if they have to.”

    The priest nodded and hurried away to give the Circle of Elders of Inamreg what he had said.

    A few minutes later the priest returned.

    “They aren’t too keen on leaving but seeing that the Sith might know about Inamreg it might be better safe than dead.”

    Anakin nodded in agreement.

    “Where do you want us to take you?” the priest asked. “Tatooine is where I need to go.” Anakin said softly.


    Padme cried as she walked towards Anakin and hugged him tightly. She had been so afraid that she would never see him ever again.

    She had seen the announcement that made the Republic an Empire. She had seen the news of the attack on Eras and of the destruction of the Jedi.

    She had felt so lost until she remembered that she would know if Anakin had been killed.

    She felt Anakin hold her gently in his arms.

    “A time will come when things will be righted.” He whispered.

    Padme just cried.


    Obi-Wan felt like a failure as he watched the security holos and saw Rook Nyss kill some of his fellow Jedi. He couldn’t take his eyes off the holos. He didn’t know Rook personally but he felt guilt for not pressing the issue of the mission and speak his mind about Rook going that mission.

    The pieces fell into place when he saw the Sith that they had been tracking for so long appear and call Rook ‘Atrocios’ and then commanded him to bring peace to the Empire.

    Palpatine – no Darth Sidious had been the one to suggest Rook for that mission. He had planned the whole thing.

    “Destroy the Sith we must.” Yoda informed him.

    “We have no idea though where Rook is though.” Obi-Wan pointed out. “Without the Sith Master fall the Sith might.” Yoda said thoughtfully.

    Obi-Wan just nodded mutely.


    Bail Organa watched as the possible last two Jedi once again sat in one of the meeting rooms on his ship. Master Yoda had failed to defeat the Emperor in battle and Obi-Wan had failed to locate the Sith Apprentice.

    He felt sorrow for them. To loose so much in such a short period of time and then have no idea what happened to so many others.

    The pair was splitting up. Obi-Wan would be searching the Galaxy for surviving Jedi and maybe some potential future Jedi and Yoda would go to some planet and train the Jedi there.


    Ahsoka could barely hold back the tears as she and the Ashlans fled Inamreg.

    Rex had told them that he had transmitted the cordinances to the Sith before being ordered to kill her.

    He said that he wished to spare her the pain of being hunted down, shot and then left to rot somewhere.

    The Ashlans had executed Rex before they started packing. They couldn’t risk him trying to kill her again or alerting the Sith to their new location.

    She understood their fear but still it had hurt to see someone she had known for so long be killed.


    Anakin smiled as he held his newborn son close to him.

    It had been a hard labor but now both twins were here.

    He smiled at the thought that Beru would soon deliver her and Owen’s first child. Luke and Leia would have a playmate close to their age.

    He vowed one day to destroy the Sith and put all those that the Sith had murdered to rest.


    Okay, this is the last chapter that takes place during the PT. Next update will either be a bridge chapter or will be in the OT.

    If you’re new to my stories I have an account on and you can read the messed up chapters there. The pen name is Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay.

    I know, long name. But I’m not changing it until I get married. I see too many people there that change their pen names on a semi frequent basis.
  8. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    All caught up Misty - and tons of action :) and super characterizations and reactions. @};- Loved how you "fixed" the PT and kept the Skywalkers together [face_dancing] Always a good thing. :)
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  9. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Aw, sweet reunion for Anakin and Padme! And Anakin's now officially a daddy![face_love]

    I can't wait to see what happens in your version of the OT!
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  10. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I can't tell you what a relief it is to see Anakin holding the baby. I really like it when he doesn't fall.
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  11. Ocelotl_Nesto

    Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    No surprise on Rex... Obi should have helped Yoda against Palpy... Rook turning, did he help kill Mace?
  12. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Jade_eyes I am so happy that you have caught up. :) Aus are so much more fun since it's a whole new world. :)

    Book-Geek Yes, it was a sweet reunion for Anakin and Padme. :) We will see the OT in the chapter after this.

    Hazel it is always a relief when Anakin doesn't fall and gets to hold one of this children. :)

    @Ocelott_Nesto Rook could have helped take out Mace seeing that he helped kill those in the Temple.

    This is a bridge chapter just letting everyone know what is happening with the heroes.


    Ten years later, Napaj Prime . . .

    Obi-Wan held back tears as he held his eight year old daughter close with one arm and held his three year old son in the other.

    Siri Tachi, the Jedi Knight that he had admired for years, bad been killed.

    He had tried to talk her into either leaving years ago but she had said that she could be pretend to be his wife. He had considered telling her no but the thought that his daughter, Mara, no longer had her mother was an incentive.

    He had reasoned that Mara would need a female guide in her life. After a time he had considered telling Siri to take Mara and leave him; but when he had asked her Siri had refused. She had told him that Mara had already lost her mother; she didn’t need to lose her father.

    The thought of Satine pained him. He had taken refuge on Mandalore and they decided to rebuild their relationship. Mara had been born less than a year later.

    Obi-Wan had stayed there for nearly two years when the Empire came. It had been decided that they would take separate escape routes.

    Obi-Wan had reached the ship where the guard that had Mara was waiting: Satine was nowhere to seen. The guard had given little Mara to him and the guard had told him to board the ship with her.

    Shortly after they had boarded he had felt Satine’s distress than felt her life force start to dim. The gangplank was shut when he had tried to go to her aid and then the ship lifted off.

    “She ordered me to take you to safety if this was to happen.” The guard had said as they broke the atmosphere.

    A short time later Mara had started crying as Satine joined the Force.

    He had shed more tears than he remembered ever shedding for anyone.

    Siri and him had met on accident but he needed help watching her since the guard that had taken him and Mara to safety had taken the ship elsewhere in an effort to lead the Empire away from little Mara and him.

    “Momma?” little Rayvon whimpered.

    With tears running down his cheeks he led headed away; half dragging a shell shocked Mara.


    Shili . . .

    Soka Sci-Fi held her daughter Asha close as she walked through the streets of the village she and her husband, Tesel, lived. No one would recognize her as Ahsoka Tano; wanted Jedi Padawan. With face paint that barely came off and more conservative clothes no one would be the wiser.

    Asha was only a few weeks old but now Ahsoka understood that she would die to protect her little girl.

    A squad of storm troopers came around a corner and Ahsoka held her head up and showed a little fear as possible.

    After they passed she continued to peruse the contents of the open air market.

    She headed for a stall that sold things for babies and toddlers. After looking at a few baby quilts she selected a pretty yellow one with green flowers on it.

    With that she headed home.

    She loved Tesel but he had a deep dislike for the Empire and she didn’t wish for him to be injured or worse if he wasn’t careful.

    She thanked the Force the the Imperial big shot would be gone in a few days.


    Anakin watched as Luke and Leia helped organize boxes of produce with one of their cousins, Aryaih, in all ways that counted in the courtyard of the Lars’ Moisture Farm. Jinn and Riely were drawing pictures and giggling at something. Kai and Seria were playing with their dolls in the shade of a canopy.

    Anakin headed for the kitchen to kiss his wife before going back out to help Owen and Cliegg harvest some more crops.

    He smiled at the sight of Mikayla, Manish and Dayvyd in a child pen with some toys. They all smiled at him as he walked by.

    He planted a kiss on Padme’s forehead.

    “We’ll be back in time for the evening meal.” He told her.


    I know that it’s short but as I said it’s a bridge chapter so of course it’s going to be a bit on the short side.
  13. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Liked seeing what everyone's up to. Obi-Wan with his own younglings - awwww! A/P witht heir kids - always a good thing.
  14. Ocelotl_Nesto

    Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 29, 2004
    I believe the Jedi will be forced to confront the Empire and darkness that exists there very soon.
  15. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I feel so bad for Obi-Wan and his children. But Anakin seems to be doing well.
  16. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    The kids are super cute, and I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well even though the Empire is at large, but poor Obi-Wan and his babies! =((
  17. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Book-Geek Kids are always fun to write. Unless they aren't acting older/younger than they should. My friend Bryg went to school for early childhood development so she helps me with DAC.

    Hazel Yeah, Obi-Wan is going through a tough time and now has two small children take care of.

    Ocelotl_Nesto Oh ho oh they can run but sooner or later they will be forced to turn and face the Empire..

    Jade_eyes It is nice to see what everyone is up to.

    Wow, this was long in coming!

    Just so everyone knows Sandy just dumped a lot of rain where I live and as far as I know there’s no lasting damage in the area.

    Either way we are one chapter away from getting into the Original Trilogy!

    For your information I an doing NaNoWriMo this year so don’t get too upset because I will try to work on my fics when I’m taking breaks.

    Hopefully before the day is out I will have finished the first chapter of ‘Scavenger Hunt’ and then I will work on the next chapter of ‘Who am I?’.

    Either way enjoy!!


    Tatooine Nine years later . . .

    Nineteen year old Luke Skywalker sat in the garage of the Moisture Farm that he and his family called home.

    Beside him was his twin sister, Leia, and next to her was their oldest cousin Aryaih.

    They had been talking about life beyond the Farm and perhaps off Tatooine. Leia wished to help those that needed it. Luke wished to become a pilot. Aryaih wanted to get a higher education.

    They knew though that the chances of them doing this were slim. Their parents were leery of things and often told them that there would come a time where they could follow their dreams.

    As the suns set the temperature dropped and they headed down to the main house.

    Luke ignored his younger siblings and cousins are they either played or tried to finish their schoolwork.

    The advantage to living on a Moisture Farm meant that they didn’t have to learn in a classroom. They were taught through holo classes by a teacher and learned with other children that lived on other farms.

    Every so often they went to Anchorhead to take tests under the supervision of teachers. Luke didn’t see the point in these tests since most likely they wouldn’t help them get better jobs or what not.

    Luke sighed as he headed for the room he shared with his younger brother, Jinn. Jinn was a slob so his things were almost always everywhere. Luke walked into the room and headed straight for his bed.

    He gently moved Xing-Xing, an Anooba that his dad had found as a pup, off his bed. He crawled into the covers and drifted off to sleep.


    Mara Kenobi sighed as she pulled her blankets around herself as she got ready to sleep for the night. For as long as she could remember she had been on the run from the Empire with her father and little brother.

    She could hear Rayvon talk in his sleep and hear her father pacing the small dwelling that they had called home for the past year.

    She hated Tatooine but this was the best place to hide for now. The Empire wouldn’t think to look on a backwater dust ball for them; or so her father said.

    She found herself wishing that Siri was still with them. She was the only mother figure that Mara had known. Siri could be abrupt but she was kind to her.

    Mara didn’t really remember her mother since she died when she was a baby. But Mara did know that her mother loved her enough to die protecting her from the Empire.

    She could feel that her and her family’s time on Tatooine was coming to an end. She was honest with herself though; if they would be leaving soon it wouldn’t be time to find somewhere else to go but because the Empire had found them.

    Mara shivered at the thought of the Empire finding them. She knew that it would be certain death for her and Rayvon if the Empire captured them.

    And if they weren’t killed for what they were . . . Mara didn’t like to think about it too much.

    She could hear the animals of the desert call out to each other and wished that they lived closer to Anchorhead. But that most likely endanger those that lived near them if the Empire came knocking.

    Mara shook her head and started to think about the young man that she had seen in Anchorhead yesterday. He had hair that had been bleached by the suns and oddly shaded blue eyes.

    He wasn’t tall but he looked like a young man that was used to hard work.

    All in all he was cute.

    She wondered if maybe he had seen her and thought that she was cute. She couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped her lips at the thought. She didn’t even know the boy!

    “Sleep Mara!” her father called out.

    She sighed but used the Force to help her relax to sleep.


    Anakin Skywalker could feel that his self-imposed exile was slowly coming to an end. He didn’t like the feeling that soon he and his family would have to find safety elsewhere. For nineteen years they had been safe but for some reason they would no longer be safe.

    He caught himself reaching out to his parents to ask them for guidance. He shook his head; he had fled from his destiny; he shouldn’t be asking them for help after he hadn’t done what he had been born to do: destroy the Sith.

    He felt Saia brush against his leg. With a smile he reached down and rubbed the head of the Anooba pup.

    Saia was one of the Xing-Xing’s young pups.

    Xing-Xing had been found as a pup by one of the vaporators alone and whimpering not too far away was the body of a female Anooba. The female had died from wounds that appeared to be from a larger animal. The pup had shown no fear by coming to him to lick his hand.

    A quick discussion with Owen and Cliegg brought them to the conclusion to take the Anooba pup back to the farm with them and see to her needs.

    The children had bonded with her almost at once.

    Before the suns set the children decided that they liked her and had given her the name ‘Xing-Xing’.

    After living with them for a few years Xing-Xing fan off one day and didn’t return as the suns set.

    They all mourned for her loss; everyone loved her. She had been a source of comfort and protection on more than one occasion.

    After being gone for several months an Anooba had come up to Anakin one day. He was delighted and a bit surprised to discover that it was Xing-Xing.

    A couple months later she ad pups.

    Once the pups were old enough they had either sold or gave them to people; all except Saia.

    He sighed as he headed through the dwelling to make sure that every single child was in their room. He peered into Luke and Jinn’s room and smiled at the sight of Xing-Xing draped across Luke.

    Jinn was nearly falling off his bed and by some miracle was deeply asleep.

    From there Anakin went to check on everyone else. They were either asleep or getting ready for sleep.

    With the last bedroom checked Anakin headed off to his bed.

    The next few days would be long and they would have to decide whether or not to get a new astromech. Anakin slipped off his boots and slid underneath the covers of his and Padme’s bed.

    He pulled her close, closed his eyes and was drifting off to sleep when a tremor made its way through the Force.

    Something was going to happen. Like a large wave that was just moments away from crashing down on the shoreline it could destructive.

    He would need to keep an eye out for increased Imperial activity so he could keep his family safe.

    With those thoughts he slowly drifted off to sleep.


    Off to work on ‘Scavenger Hunt’ and ‘Who am I?’!
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  18. Book-Geek

    Book-Geek Jedi Knight star 3

    May 28, 2011
    Love Mara giggling to herself, thinking Luke is cute! Don't worry, Mara, he thinks you're cute too! I hope Anakin and Obi-Wan are going to run into each other soon.:) Great chapter all-in-all!
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  19. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 7

    Aug 31, 2004
    Woot great update - love Mara's musings ;) and of course he noticed :)
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  20. Hazel

    Hazel Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2010
    I loved Mara's daydreams too :), and also the puppies.

    Overall, a great chapter!
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  21. Ocelotl_Nesto

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    Oct 29, 2004
    A new astromech droid?! This sounds familiar, when in doubt get blue.
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  22. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    Something was going to happen. Like a large wave that was just moments away from crashing down on the shoreline it could destructive.

    He would need to keep an eye out for increased Imperial activity so he could keep his family safe.

    With those thoughts he slowly drifted off to sleep.

    Dang, missed updates here. But finally caught up, excited & worn out. I need to keep an eye on your updates somehow!
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  23. Lady_Misty

    Lady_Misty Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 21, 2007
    Book-Geek well Mara is a young woman and more or less in a regular environment so she is going to react that way to a cute boy. Oh yes, Luke would be an idiot not to notice a pretty girl like Mara and the icing on the cake is that she doesn't make fun of him.

    Jade_eyes Thanks!

    Hazel puppies are always so cute! [face_love]

    Ocelotl_Nesto Yes, a new astromech and when in doubt blue is the best! :) But R2 is with the Skywalkers.

    AzureAngel2 It's okay to miss updates. I sometimes miss updates for this or that reason.

    Hopefully all of you have bee tagged if not I will have to try a few different things.

    Sorry that I procrastinated the day of updating.

    It gets into ANH but not quite. Next chapter we will get deeper into ANH


    Luke sighed as he worked on the vaporator; it had been giving them some trouble for the past few weeks but they could soon replace it.

    Luke sighed and stared up in the sky and frowned.

    He thought he saw flashes of something.

    He hurried for the nearby speeder and retrieved a set of macrobinoculars. He carefully lifted them to his eyes and swept the sky for more flashes.

    Finally he saw a corvette and an Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit.

    He couldn’t see too well but the corvette appeared to be damaged.

    This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened here; with the exception of the pod race that his parents had taken the whole family to see.

    A dozen possible scenarios rushed through his head; anything from a battle to a resupply run.

    Finally Luke turned to the speeder and hopped in. He decided to share it with Biggs and a few of the others he, Leia and Aryaih hung out with.

    Leia and Aryaih would be a little disappointed that they had missed out on a visit but he had decided to say that he went on the supply run early.


    Cal Antilles shivered as he and a few of his fellow Rebels were marched down a corridor; prisoners to the Empire.

    He knew that they had come to Tatooine on Alliance business but what was on Tatooine that was important to the higher ups he had no idea.

    Cal sincerely hoped that Daren was safe for the time being.

    Daren had said something about getting something to someone but that was all that Cal remembered.

    Slowly they were led to the Imperial Star Destroyer and to a Detention Block.


    Anakin had been working on R2 most of the morning when he sensed a Dark Presence.

    He was pretty sure that if he wasn’t always Shielded that whoever it was might have Felt him.

    Anakin forced himself to remain calm as he continued to work on his droid friend.

    “We may no longer be safe here.” Anakin commented to the little blue droid.”

    Are you sure? R2 beeped at him.

    Anakin nodded.

    “Yes I am sure.”


    Mara walked down the streets of Anchorhead trying not to look around.

    Her father had sent her to the outpost for some supplies earlier that morning. It had been uneventful until she Sensed someone that used the Dark Side somewhere in the system.

    She had thought of herself unimportant and hoped it worked.

    Mara hoped that her father and Rayvon were safe but she wouldn’t know for sure and might never know.

    Mara was examining some native fruit when she heard voices that belonged to a group of teenagers a year or two older than her.

    She envied them for their normalcy; something that she would never have.

    She paid for the fruit and headed for a stand closer to the group.

    They were saying something about an Imperial Star Destroyer and how something had happened between the two or something along those lines.

    Mara shivered at the thought that the Empire was here but there wasn’t much she could do about it for now.

    She was about to leave when she once again saw the young man from the other day.

    Mara just stood there for a few moments just staring at him.

    She could feel that he was different but she couldn’t quite place why.

    Shaking her head she hurried back to her speeder so she could return to her family’s little hut.


    Leia sighed as she helped prepare supper.

    It had been a longish day and one that she would be grateful to see the end of.

    Her siblings and cousins were rushing around to clean up and set the table.

    As Leia stirred the Bantha Stew she wondered what had put her parents on edge. They seemed to always listening for something.

    The sound of an approaching speeder reached her ears and she noticed her mother reaching slowly for the blaster that was hidden by not only folds but a shawl.

    Leia shivered.

    She had only seen her mother this worried once and that was when the Empire sent someone to speak with Jabba about shipping lanes and something else that was unknown to everyone.

    Finally her mother took her hand away; looking relieved.

    “It’s just Luke.” Padme muttered to herself.

    A few minutes later Luke came hurrying down into the courtyard with a crate of supplies.


    Padme watched as everyone ate their evening meal and talked to each other.

    Owen and Anakin were discussing what would be the best type of astromech to get and they both decided to just wait and see what the Jawas had before making a final decision.

    Kai, Seria, Dayvyd, Mikayla and Manish were talking about what they were learning in school while Jinn and Riely talked about a swoop bike that they had ‘rescued’ from a junk pile in Anchorhead. They said that they were going to fix it and then find another so that they could go and visit their friends on the other farms.

    In truth Padme wondered if they really meant that they were going to race them with their friends.

    Leia and Aryaih talked about how they had found some real interesting things as they cleaned out some of a side room.

    The room had been used for storage but you never knew what lay hidden or forgotten in a place like that.

    The only of the children that was silent was Luke.

    “Luke, did you have any excitement today?” Padme asked her eldest son.

    “Just saw a Star Destroyer apparently picking up some supplies or something like that.” Luke said.

    Padme felt her her heart pound in her chest.

    If there was an Imperial Star Destroyer in the area did it mean that the Empire had found them?

    She glanced at Anakin and knew just by looking at him that they were still safe.

    For now that was.


    Daren Organa sighed as he paced the small cell he was in. Things could have been much worse than they had been. He just wished that the attempt to contact General Kenobi had gone smoothly.

    He hoped that Q3 made it to the famed Jedi General unharmed.

    Daren had no delusions of what Darth Atrocios would do to him. The Sith Lord wasn’t known for his mercy.

    He knew to expect to be tortured until he either talked or died.

    Daren paused long enough to send a silent prayer to whatever Entity that might exist somewhere in the vast Galaxy that he would never betray the Alliance. Their victory over the Empire depended on it.


    Just so everyone knows here is a list of the Skywalker Children


    This is the list of Lars Children.


    The only reason why Anakin and Padme have more is the simple fact that they had two sets of twins.
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